Friendly Observer
Since lockerooms are gender specific, and most men don't have a problem showering together (and I assume women don't either), why is it that there are still doors/partitions separating the toilets in the lockerooms? Why is it that so many things in our society is so contradictary?
Does anyone know of general areas of the country (USA)in which it's common for restrooms/lockerooms to not have unnecessary barriers? Thanks for answering in advance, if you do!

Just Curious

Hi Gang,

Yay! I seem to be finding my way through subspace again!

SANDRA: to answer your question, I think it's all a matter of what you're used to, how your system sets itself up. For myself, I ususally poo twice in the mornings between eight and ten if I get up early, or between 11 and 1 if I sleep in. But other times of day can occur, depending on diets and such. Constraints of work or college can help set a pattern, though for myself I can say I've rarely, if ever, emptied my bowels at college, simply because I've done so before leaving home and that's carried me through.

STEVE & LOUISE: Hi! It's great to be communicating. Yes, please, tell us more ales from the nudist beach! Re your message to Claire, it sound like Louise and I dress very similarly -- in warm weather I'll often go to college in a minidress and thong, and it's super-easy to use a urinal when dressed this way. The first time I ever used one was this way, as it was the neatest,! with the least chance of me making a mess if my aim was off. (Seeing Louise's Mom doing a standing wee, and very unabashed about it (!) probably answers the question of how Louise is so good at it! It's a family thing!

Yes, the steel wall type is great, and lots of fun. The type with the floor grating has privacy screens in a couple of places, which also help one relax and open up. Yes, certainly I'll tell you about the time I first weed with an audience!

It was late in '98, and at my local cinema complex the ladies' was out of order before the movie. I needed to go rather a lot and didn't fancy walking right to the other end of the complex (it's a megaplex, thirty screens). Wondering what to do, I noticed several other women had decided to commandeer the men's room, so I went with them. It was a smallish place with only two stalls, and a wall-type urinal with two screens. There were about four ladies ahead of me and I was starting to go from foot to foot wi! th need, and eventually I just couldn't wait. I remember saying something about it to the next person in line, and just stepping up to the urinal.

It was the turning point in my life, really, as I had always suffered paruresis (difficulty in urinating in company, an anxiety thing). But this was need, and I just studied the wall and concentrated on ignoring everything in the universe, and before I knew it, I was going. I was wearing a little dress, thong and sandles, and just lifted the front, drew my panties aside and spread my lips, thought about anything else, and heard the wonderful crackle as I started to wee on the steel wall. It was the most fantastic wee I ever had, a pretty good emptying, and I kept thinking to myself, "I don't believe it, I did it!" The amazing thing is, with the line being long, before I was finished, another lady stepped up by me and started to do the same!

You can believe I was walking on air to have had an experience like that. I! n fact, after the movie the ladies' was still out of order, the plumbers had arrived, and I used the urinal again for what I call a "post-desperation wee." I did it again, and was very proud! Again, there were only ladies present.

Since then, the only other time I've done it with an audience in close proximity was Melbourne Cup Day, 1999, I was up in town and the whole of Australia was partying in its best attire. I stopped by a city hotel for a drink because I needed a wee rather badly, and found that the line for the ladies' was so long the staff had put on a waitress to act as door-person and allow the ladies to use the men's in a roster with the guys. Same thing, a long line, so I used the urinal for a major flow. The amazing thing was other women used it too, and while washing my hands at the sinks I had a view through a mirror of another lady where I had been, short skirt riased and a perfect stream descending between her legs into the floor drain. What an exper! ience!

I agree, it's strangely romantic when you and your lover's wee mingles in the gutter! I remember a lovely young lady I corresponded with for a time, a cheerleader from a Colorado college, who used to use the men's room with her boyfriend after every game. They stood side by side and weed into the trough-type, and once took part in a foursome.

Amazing times, eh?!

I had an unusual dump today -- a bit constipated, I found myself doing the rocking back and forth routine, and when it finally dropped it wasn't that big, and must have exited my bum like a torpedo, as when I looked it had shot right round the S-bend, and a disappointing nugget that plopped out after it was all there was to see. LOL!

Happy weeing (and poops!),


Jack: I poop three to five times a day - well formed, solid poop. I used to think it was odd, but for I guess its normal for me.

to Sandra on the subject of pooing times, I can safely say that like clockwork I have a large poo each morning before having a bath, there is nothing more relieving than an early morning poo. At work however its a different matter, by mid afternoon most days I usually feel the need to poo again, this is usually brought on by drinking excess amounts of coffee so are usually large in quantity but can be delivered at good speed. We have two seperate toilets at work a downstairs on the same floor as the office (usually used for peeing only due to the large numbers of people using it, however a sly poo can be taken if you pick the moment. The upstairs toilet is the one for pooing and its most afternoons I find myself heading for it to unload. Judging by the sounds, smells and noises which come from the cubicles most others follow my lead. The upstairs work toilet is the perfect quiet place to contemplate while squeezing out a large firm poo

I've been meaning to address this issue for a bit and now i will--observer is totally correct in what they say about loose vs hard movements... Hey whatever floats your boat.i enjoy just about all the stories on this forum,ahthough i Do enjoy the sausage type BM's on the soft side myself( sounds like i'm talking about a cheese omelette!)Hard movements really hurt and when i was a kid, i had quite a few of those type and it wasn't fun at all,but the hell with all that-you don't like the story -skip over and read on. Keep all the stories coming,folks!
Had a nice Bm this a.m. For about the last 10 days or so,my system has been out of sorts for what i don't know.Anyway,i haden't pooed in 2 days and i got up and did some stuff for a bit and went to the gym.When i was at the gym for about 45 mins i felt the need the poop,but i could hold it till i was done with my routines.I went to the bathroom and sat down and for the 1st time in quite a while i let out a big pre-poop fa! rt.It felt good and the guy in the next stall farted just as loud and really started to shit up a storm.As he is shitting, i feel a knobby turd start to open up my anus,and it came out slowly and with a lot of pushing.After a bit i looked between my legs and saw this long,hard poop hanging out my butt and touching the water,so i decided to let it hang there for a bit till i got another cramp.It looked about 10 inches long!Then i got another cramp and relaxed my asshole and this poop continued to come out and drop silently into the toilet.I turned around and looked and it must have been( now i'm guessing since i didn't have a ruler) a foot and a half and about 2 in wide!WOW.I"m sitting there admiring this thing when i felt like i had to do more.I pushed slightly and another long turd came out pretty quickly followed by another long fart.This one looked about 8-10 inches and smooth like a sausage and wrappped around the big poop in the bowl.I pushed my anus out for a bit and n! othing else came out but a couple of farts and i was done.I almost wanted to take a picture of this,it was so mush poop and it felt great coming out too!!I think i'm back to normal now and had a easy wipe.hardly had to wipe at all! Almost a religous experience!To me, that's why i love to poop!! BYE

Anne (bus driver). Glad to see you're posting here again although I had rather hoped you'd respond to my last post specifically for you. I fully understand if there are things you'd rather not say. You're wise not to use laxatives. I think there is a place for them though, but it's by way of exception and in extreme circumstances. That said, I sometimes had liquid parafin as a child and didn't suffer any ill effects. I'm surprised that it's still available though - I thought they'd banned it or at least taken it off the market.

Equally, you're right to express concern about the misuse or, should I say, over-use of Imodium. Used correctly and sparingly it is one of the most effective means of controlling 'the runs' I've come across, but I can see the dangers of inappropriate use as with other medicines. For a few years now I've had occasional IBS (Irrritable Bowel Syndrome) and I've found Imodium helpful in controlling the symptoms as I'm apt to get 'the runs' as part of that condition. I never go anywhere without a small supply of Imodium - just in case I need it, although most of the time I don't.

I understand and respect your position with regard to the having clean underwear daily, and I would certainly change mine daily if it was what a partner or spouse wanted and expected of me. That said, I would assume that she enjoyed doing laundry if she expected me to change clothes every day. To put my practice into some sort of perspective I would say that if there's a good film on in the evening I often take an early shower and get into my pyjamas before it starts, so it's not too uncommon for me to spend 10 or 11 hours in pyjamas, during which time underwear isn't required. Hope to hear again from you soon.

John (Edna's husband). My advice to you is don't worry. So long as your motions are healthy and not persistently abnormal you should just accept them as they are. If you are concerned about the consistency, type and frequency of your motions though, you should get medical advice.

I have a good motion occasionally, but most of the time I don't do anything special. My guess is that that's the experience of most people most of the time. It's good to compare notes, especially in a forum like this but, at the end of the day, it's primarily about sharing experiences. It's not, in my view, about competing to see who can generate the biggest or the most satisfying dump. I hope this helps.


A couple of years ago, I went to an outdoor event where they had mobile toilets. These were on a trailer with 8 self-contained unisex toilets in 2 rows of 4, back-to-back. The dividing wall was made of chipboard and there were a few small spy holes! My favourite was under the cistern (tank) and gave a back view into the toilet behind, exactly level with the top of the bowl. Most of the toilets had seats but no covers, so there was nothing to obstruct the back view.

Some women sat on the seat to wee but most hovered a few inches above the seat to relieve themselves, giving me a fine view from underneath. A few were not a pretty sight, like one middle aged and rather fat woman. As she pulled down her panties and bent over, it reminded me of the back side of an elephant! I also saw an Indian woman who lifted the seat and sat her pretty brown butt straight on the bowl but I couldn't really see what she was doing. She took quite a long time and used quite a lot of paper so! I guessed it was #2.

Very few women pooped and the only one I saw was a girl of about 20 who came in and quickly pulled down her green shorts and white panties. She sat on the seat and I could see underneath the seat, through the gap between the seat and the bowl. I saw the end of a thick brown turd start to appear. Although her anus was hidden from view by the seat, she opened it full bore and I could just see the edge of her sphincter under the seat as it stretched to release a big, smooth, light brown turd. It slipped out effortlessly and plopped into the blue chemical toilet fluid.

college gal
Hi again everyone! Sorry I havenít posted anything in a while but Iíve been really busy getting ready for midterm exams but now that Iím off on spring break for the week Iíve got time to post again. This time Iím going to write about something that happened to me very recently, in fact, it happened yesterday ^_^!

Spring break is finally here and Iím back home in the suburbs at my momís house for a week. Two days ago though I decided to take the car and drive into the city to visit my good friend Alyssa (sheís Asian) who I donít get to see very often being away at college and stay for a night. She was at home with her boyfriend when I got there (heís so cute), but he needed to go home so I went with Alyssa when she went to drive him home. There was some traffic on the expressway and my stomach was beginning to bother me and I really wanted to fart but I just couldnít with Alyssaís boyfriend in the car so I struggled to pack it in. When we got to his house she w! alked into his house with him and I got out of the back seat to sit up front. As I was sitting down in the front seat I accidentally let out a long warm fart, it smelled so bad that I was praying the smell would be gone before she came back, but no such luck, she joked about the smell and I was very embarrassed. Anyway, we had so much fun hanging out at her house, watching movies, and talking. My stomach still hurt that night but luckily I didnít get sick with the runs in her bathroom. In the morning though Alyssa, who is not on break yet, had to be at a class early in the morning so she left soon after I woke up leaving me with only her mom and her grandmother in the house. After Alyssa had left the house I went back to bed to get some more sleep, but as I was dosing off again I heard Alyssaís mom walk past the room I was sleeping in and head into the bathroom. She is in great shape and in her early 40ís so I just couldnít resist sneaking over to bathroom door to listen! to her going (no watching, just listening). It wasnít long before I heard her pull down her panties and take her seat to do her morning business. She was wearing a long t-shirt so I assume she just pulled it up and held it. First she began to pee a weak sounding but steady stream into the bowl it wasnít very long before the stream ended and she squeezed out her last squirts. At that point I thought for sure she was done but she stayed seated, I was really excited! It was quiet for a few minutes more before I heard a PLOP! cut through the silence, it sounded like she must have dropped a smaller ball shaped turd. It was all silent again until I could hear her begin to scratch herself, after that I heard the crackling of a soft long poop slowly emerging. It made a quiet splashing noise as it fell in the water and she exahaled softly. As she began pulling off toilet paper to wipe with I made my getaway and went back into Alyssaís room. I couldnít sleep after that great ! performance so I picked up the Cosmopolitan magazine sitting beside the bed and began reading. As soon as I heard Alyssaís mom leave the bathroom and walk back downstairs I ran in there to smell what she had done. The light smell of a fresh bowel movement hung in the air but it wasnít very strong. I then went back to reading in bed. About a half hour later I was absolutely dying to have a bowel movement myself, laying on my stomach reading was making it that much worse as well. By then Alyssaís mom had gone off to work and I was left with her grandmother only and I think she was still asleep in her room, I knew I had to shower and hit the road soon, so I put the magazine back on the floor. I couldnít remember where I had put my overnight bag so I ran downstairs looking for it; the urge was getting stronger and I couldnít wait to let it all out. Then I remember that I had put it down next to the bed way back upstairs, stupid me. I took a t-shirt, jeans, clean panties, a! nd my toiletries bag out of my overnight bag and headed for the bathroom. I put all of those things down on the counter in the bathroom and proceeded to undo the blue jean shorts I slept in and pull them down so I could take my long awaited dump. Just as I pulled my shorts down to my ankles I realized I had forgotten to get a towel and washcloth! I had to pull up my shorts all over again and get the towel that Alyssaís mom had left out for me on my bed, it seemed as though I would never get to dump my load. After I finally had everything it was FINALLY time. I pulled my shorts and panties down again sat down on the toilet. I hadnít gone all day yesterday so I first began to pee a strong stream into the bowl. The fan in their bathroom is really weak so everything I did was rather loud, but there was no one around so I felt relaxed. Even before I was done peeing the big load began to push its way out of me so I spread my butt cheeks far apart with my hands. I could feel! that the poo was soft and warm as it slid out through my sensitive anus. Since the poo was soft and warm the terrible smell was strong and it filled the bathroom very quickly. I could tell this was a messy one and I would have to wipe with many wads of paper to clean up afterwards, but I just leaned forward with my forearms on my legs and relaxed with my head down and my eyes closed. It took very little pushing. After I had dropped the first longer turd with no splash, two more shorter, fatter turds slowly came out making louder splashes in the bowl. But I wasnít done yet there was a small piece of poop clinging to my butt hole and it refused to drop (I really hate it when that happens). So I began to shake my hips to try to get it loose, which I did successfully. I then stood up to wipe and I made sure to look at my creations. I was surprised at the abundance of my poop floating in the bowl. There was one long turd that had a dark knobbly patch on the end but was a ! lighter brown and smooth for the most part it was about 5 and a half inches and tapered off at one end but you could tell it had broken off from a much bigger turd at the other side. The other two turds were all smooth and light brown but were short and fat, about 3 inches and neither side was tapered on both. Then there was the little piece floating along side its big brothers in the yellow water. It took about 8 or 9 wipes to get clean and even then I still felt dirty back there I knew I would have to wipe more when I got out of the shower. I then flushed my masterpiece but a small chunk shot back up out of the hole at the bottom of toilet, guess it couldnít handle it all. Sorry if this story was too long but I wanted to include every detail to the best of my ability. Best wishes to everyone at this great site!

Yesterday morning at work i was feeling really gassy and was letiing out little toots all morning of which some were kind of smelly but not really what you could call sbd's.
Most days i take a dump after lunch along with a few of my girlfriends,it's just a routine around here i guess,but today i knew i wouldn't hold out that long and sure enough i got the urge around 10:30 and as soon as i walked into the ladies room the smell of someone on the pot doing a serious shit hit my nose and as i walked towards the end stall the one i allways use if available i could easily see through the space between the stall door and frame that the source of the smell was a girl named Anna i got a quick glimpse of her jeans around her knees and white blouse and saw that she had her hands on her knees and i guess she was pushing.
I went into the next stall and as i lifted my skirt and started to pull down my pantyhose and panties i farted and Anna said you too huh,and i said oh yea,and as! soon as i sat i felt my butthole open up and a firm log start out with no pushing at all and a second later it made a little plop and that was followed by another even bigger one and quite a few little ones and some noisy gas(i hadn't gone at all the day before)i could hear my neighbor grunting and straining and she said she had been on the pot for fifteen minutes and she couldn't remember the last time she pooped this bad(oh i forgot,this girl Anna looks just like the actress sandra bullock)well anyway by now between the two of us the room really didn't smell very nice and wa heard the bathroom door open and someone start in and then turn around and go out and i don't blame them.
We kept up our talk for a few more minutes and Anna said oh yes,finally and i heard a big plop so i guess she had one hanging all the time we were talking and then i could hear the tp being pulled and the sounds of her wiping,but i was still doing little plops and didn't fell empty for a few mor! e minutes and when i started to wipe i had to sit back down and do some more (very strange for me)and that was about it but did i ever feel better when i was done.

On the subject of pooing together, my girlfriend and I were on holiday in Thailand, the night before we had enjoyed a great spicy meal and were exploring the following day, at about the same time we both got the feeling for a mass evacuation, being in a busy Bangkok street is probably not the best place to find somewhere to poo, luckily we found a local hostel and crept in and found the toilet. The toilet was basically a huge hole in the ground. We both dropped our shorts and pants and squatted over the whole, quite unexpectedly we both produced good firm long logs which slipped smoothly out with just a little burning sensation, the whole act did take about 20 minutes of moaning, farting and yells of pleasure will we both squatted and pooed. Please write if anyone has experienced similar on their travels.

I was wondering why it is that teenage boys and men in their early 20'ss produce more shit then adults? I saw it on a page saying that sientist have discovered that teens produce more fecal matter with eating the same amount of food as an adult

Thursday, March 16, 2000

I was in the main office in my High school yesterday waiting for the Principal to get back from lunch, (I kind of got in a fight) and one of many hot girls I hae a crush in walks in really sick-looking. She told the Secretary the nurse gave her permission to go home and she had to cal her Mom. So she does and then sits down. She clutched her stomach and looked really sick. I was turned on big time. Call me weird if you want but that's how I am. I couldn't help wondering if she had maybe diarrhea or puking, which would be even better.

Hi, Im back from a business trip to Australia. I must say those "ockers" can sure shit and I saw some real "barrier reefs" in the "dunnys" as they call toilets out there and did some myself, nice big fat solid turds. In one case one of the Aussies said, "that pom has blocked our dunny!" I also found that one of the terms used for an outside toilet is a "Furphey" I think this comes from a maker of toilet in Australia.

On the Firm stools Vs Mushy I of course agree with my wife Moira, and others, that loose stools are not normal and I also dislike reading about them. Im not saying that people should not post about them, (although this would personally suit both of us), but I agree with Moira that recently there have been far more tales about diarrhea and loose stools, than about good solid motions and Moira was hoping to encourage more about firm jobbies, while asking if there as a difference between the UK and USA on this arising from diet and culture. Unless this web p! age is split into "FIRM" and "LOOSE" then both types of post will be there, and yes, one can ignore those one doesn't like. I do this, as I do with those about peeing only, (yawn), but its a bit boring when you find only one post you want to read.

I change my knickers every day as I have done since the age of five, that's over 40 years now, and I dry my penis after urination. I also shower or bath at least once a day, in the morning usually when I get up, and when I come back from work in the hot weather. I dont see the point of doing so before going to bed as you will get all sweaty and other things there and need to shower or wash again anyway in the morning and if I shower before bed I cannot sleep properly as the shower wakes me up. To me its taken as read, clean undies every day. All of my close friends of either gender do likewise. I would feel lousy and unclean wearing the same panties more than one day. Each to their own but I dont need nor use deodorant and! wonder if some people who do have recourse to roll ons or sprays, wouldn't need them if they changed their underwear every day? Just a thought.

On the (occasionally recurring) subject of celebrities pooping, I think it would be great to watch female wrestler Chyna squat and slide out some big brown logs from her hard lovely butt.
By the by, I have a lady friend (enthusiastic pooper) who has hair on her butt- not thick, just a bit hairier than down; but it shows real obvious because it is dark. She is thinking of depilating it as she has trouble getting her anus clean and hates how it looks. The hair is not just in her crack it is all over her butt cheeks. Any advice for her? She has no computer but uses mine when she visits and she likes this site but is afraid to post.

Hi, i have been looking for a site like this. I'm not really interested in bowels unless they are taken outside. I really really love pissess on bushes in grass etc.If anybody knows about a site with pictures please let me know.
One time i was coming from somewhere when i had the sudden urge to pee so i pulled over the car onto a grassy area got out and took a nice long wizz. Oh boy that felt so good. Another time was when i was fishing with a friend it was a nice little wooded area with some trees. My friend said he had to use the bathroom. I told him i did to. It was a nice buddy piss.

Nicola. I'm flattered at being described as intelligent and cultured. It's not very often that compliments come my way and that's high praise indeed! To be honest, I have a mental picture of you as being highly intelligent, warm and personable. I don't want to be immodest but I like to think that I'm reasonably clued up, at least so far as the things which really interest me are concerned, and I do enjoy some of the finer things in life, classical music being one of them. So far as the hygiene issue is concerned, I don't smell (at least not of anything bad, only deodorant and aftershave)and I'm not sweaty either. I do have a shower every night and I'm about as meticulous over cleanliness as it's possible to be. I don't have a problem with making underwear last for 2 and, on rare occasions, 3 days and it presents no difficulties whatsoever. That said, I do respect your view and Tony's. If you're not comfortable with wearing the same underclothes for more than one conse! cutive day, of course you're right to have fresh ones daily. It would be a mistake to do otherwise. I don't wipe when I wee by the way.

Chris. It is absolutely outrageous that you should even contemplate putting that laxative in your mother's punch - even if only for a laugh. What has your mother done to you other than love you, care for you, and do her best to bring you up properly? Certainly here in England it's illegal to administer a noxious substance to anyone, and has been since 1860. Nicola was right to warn you about even considering such a foolish course of action.

American motions topic. On the subject of American motions being predominantly runny, or so it would seem, I'm inclined to suspect that this is not unrelated to the richness of the American diet and the large meals served over there. Would any American contributors care to comment on this theory?

For John - Edna's Husband, I am almost 34 years old and I still sometimes have very satisfying dumps but I have many dumps that are kind of lame. I had more enjoyable dumps when I was in my 20's and teens. Last nite (see previous post), I had a very good shit with some good gas except no was able to enjoy it with me. I was wanting to enjoy it at a new friend's dorm room bathroom but I couldn't stay too long since he had a prior obligation.

On my divorce, it might be done real soon. After a year has gone by after the divorce, I will start dating women again and I have a much better idea who I want. One requirement is she is open to going to the bathroom in front of me and I would do the same for her. Others is she is easy going and also enjoys the outdoors. Well this is not quite germane for the forum.

Hi all this is my first post here. I have been reading all the posts, and the posts by Alan and Lynn inspired me to write this post. I had a similar experience a few months ago with my friend Bill. I have been friends with Bill for over a year. We did have a one night stand over the summer, but we are only good friends. We had gone out to the Pub99 together after drinking for much of the night. We split an order of Nachos and spicy Buffalo wings, and more beer. We headed back to my apartment (Bill was staying over)and we both head a bad case of beer farts. I really felt a large bowel movement coming on. As we headed up to my apartment, Bill said "I got to go to the bathroom really bad". I had to fight the urge to let out a loud fart for fear that I would shit myself. When we got into my apartment, I said "Bill I am gonna have an accident, if I dont go now". Bill said "lets use the bathroom together". Like Alan and Lynn, we didnt have much of a choice. Bill and I both pulled our pants and underwear down and sat on opposite sides of the toilet. We both let it rip, and our shit was watery and squirting onto each others asses. As we were squirting our shit I could feel a large log rolling out of my ass. Bill was also dropping a big log from his ass. We were both moaning and farting on each other. My farts were hot and a little painful. We dumped for about 20 minutes, and were both pretty embarrassed. The toilet had several of our brown logs on top of each other. I would describe this as a messy shit, as we both shit on each others asses. We cleaned each others asses up and took a bath together. Even after we took this massive shit, Bill and I continued farting all night. It had to be all those nachos and wings. I would be interested in hearing about other couples experiences shitting together.

Anne (The Bus Driver)
Like most of the Scots and English here I dont like diarrhea and mushy poos, not a problem often for me Im glad to say, so the more stories about good solid turds being passed and big logs stuck in the toilet the better and the converse is my outlook.

I havent ever taken Feen a Mint, I dont use laxatives, but assume this one uses a repetative stimulant laxative as its main ingredient. There are some which are absorbed through the wall of the intestine and get back into the liver and again excreted into the bowel causing another attack of diarrhea until it is all excreted. Solution, DONT USE LAXATIVES unless under a doctor's orders. Try drinking more fluid, eating bran, more fruit and veg if needed and if you do have to use something to help you go I would suggest what you Yanks call Mineral Oil (Liquid Parafin in the UK) its a lubricant and doesnt cause diarrhea, merely lubricates the bowel and makes it easier to pass a solid motion. You arent the first person to be c! aught out by the hidden power of laxatives. What the manufacturers describe as " natural gentle action" is not usually the case, but they could hardly advertise their garbage by saying "...runs the shit out of you causing painful griping cramps and may make you have an accident in your panties". Hope you have learned your lesson! Stick to the suggestions I have made above, use a glycerine suppository if needed. I also advise you not to use Laxatives then Imodium as you will then get your bowels into a vicious circle and lose their natural rhythm, being dependent on medications to defecate.

On the how often to change your underwear, I go with the clean panties every day lobby. Working on a bus I have to out up with the smells of the populace and worse other drivers. While most of my fellow drivers are clean and wholesome there are a few who do have a nasty niff and I dread taking over a bus they have driven as the cab is partly enclosed behind a plexiglass safecty scr! een so not the best ventilation. There are couple of male drivers who I would think wear he same underpants more tha one day and have a bit of a smell in hot weather. We try spraying air freshener and in one case various drivers male and female did have to complain about one bloke as his sweaty pissy smell made us sick. Management did investigate and having found he had no medical problems did tell him to be more attentive to personal grooming. I just dont see the problem, about changing into clean clothing including underpants every day as most of us have washing machines or access to a laundry, and can have regular showers, baths or strip washes. I do however feel very sorry for the homeless who dont have communal facilities and cant keep clean. Local authorites should provide cheap facilities for their needs.

Hey all! I dont have a whole lot of time, but I have to brag, this morning I got up and went in for a shit, and I did and clogged the toilet it was 1 13"er and like 3 lil 3"ers. It didnt go down and my girlfriend showed up to go school, she said she had to go pee, I figured I wait for her to say "What the.." but she came out just like normal and said nothin later on the way to school she said you can unclog my poop later too, I havent went since 2 days ago in the fields, and we kissed, I thought that was tricky It was like 2 10"ers on top of mine with salad in them!LOL

Bye everyone

Here's a question for the ladies. I would say that 4 days out of 5 I poo at work during lunchtime. That is my daily time and if I ignore it I usually end up having to go in a public place. Anyway, the ladies room at work is always very busy at lunchtime and I would say, judging from the sounds coming from adjacent stalls, that most women seem to poo during this time. Maybe 3 out of 5 women that come into the stalls seem to poo. Is this just my office or is lunchtime in the workplace the most common time for a woman's poo? I know a lot of women poo in the morning before they shower so I'd very much like to know this one!

I usually need three or even four bowel movements daily. Does any one else go that often, or am I an oddball in that regard?


What happened to you girl? You're posts were always cool and I miss reading them.

hey bryian
are you from ct, too? i hear gary craig on a ct station...
anyway...he's pretty funny/ i didn't hear that one. i remember one station used to have bathroom talk where they would go into a men's room in thew morning and start weird conversations with the person in the next stall. That was pretty funny. =)

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