To the moderator... this is an edited repost of what I submitted on Monday. I must admit that the original, when I re-read it, did seem a little 'off-topic' and in parts, inappropriate for posting to this forum. Apologies for that, and I'll try to answer the questions put to me while keeping to the point! Enough said!

Claire... Hi there. Louise does know I've been telling the world about how she has wet herself. She is happy for me to tell all, and has been reading my posts. I've been trying to get her to write her own, to tell things from her own viewpoint, but so far she seems to think that I've explained these things far better than she can. I think that at the moment she is just enjoying being reminded about her embarrassing moments. She has sometimes gone red-faced at my descriptions of her accidents, but at the same time she is enjoying it immensely.
If we are going out at night, she loves to dress to kill, and mostly likes black clothes as they contrast wit! h her tanned skin and long blonde hair, and also of course it is a little easier for her to hide any damp patches if an accident happens.
She has a bum to die for, and she likes tight trousers, long and short skirts which show off her legs, and often wears little g-strings underneath which are easy to pull aside when she wants to wee. Alternatively, it's tee-shirt jeans etc, which can take an effort to pull down in a hurry!
Thanks for telling me about how you sometimes wee when out in the country. If ever I'm out in the country myself and I see an isolated puddle, I'll be wondering if you've been there ;>
At one time, just like yourself, Louise was very careful not to let anyone see her when urinating outdoors. She lost a little of that shyness after the first time I saw her do it when we were out together one summer afternoon. I think some girls are now more casual about when and where they urinate in public, perhaps loosened by alcohol slightly. On Saturday, w! e saw a group of girls waiting for another girl
in an illuminated telephone box. She was not making a telephone call, she was instead squatting with her trousers around her knees. When approaching to walk past, Louise and I could see the girl's bare bum as she had her back to us. A powerful, slim jet of wee was blasting the floor of the telephone box, and a giant rippling puddle was forming. Louise and I smiled amused smiles as the girl's friends broke out into giggles, the girl herself shaking with laughter at being discovered. I think another one of the girls used the telephone box to pee in, but we couldn't really stop and watch. That night, Louise herself did not allow herself to get really desperate, and due to her very short black skirt and g-string, was able to pull the
g-string aside and discreetly let out little short spurts without anyone noticing. Normally, she can stop herself doing a flood, but if she is really bursting, once she starts to wee she can't he! lp but keep on doing it until she's almost empty.
Thanks for telling us about your New Year's Eve episode. It sounds like your friends can't keep their pants dry ;> Louise occasionally has spurted in her knickers, but tries to avoid it, as she worries about the smell.

PV... Hi again.
Glad you enjoyed what I told in the other post. The mother of the teenage family was a lovely lady, and Louise was very happy about what happened, as the mother had been complaining of being alone for a few years.
By the way, there are a number of other memories of people going to the toilet on the nudist beach that I will have to write about in due course.

In response to your wall urinal question, the answer is yes.
Quite recently, Louise has several times used a continuous wall type steel urinal. In fact, the last time was only last week. Our local swimming bath has rather substandard toilet facilities for ladies, and she doesn't like to use them. When w! e go to swim, we usually go for a wee before heading for the pool, so when possible she comes into the Men's toilets with me if no-one is around. The first time, I stood guarding the doorway while she removed her swimsuit completely for comfort and stood naked in front of the urinal. While peeing, she told me she rather liked the wall urinal, and said she would not mind using it again. The other times, we have stood side-by-side, Louise just pulling her swimsuit aside at the crotch and using her fingers to aim.
We agree with you about the noises the streams make on those things, and we've found it strangely romantic to watch each other's yellow streams blasting the steel, our urine sheeting down and mixing in the trough below to drain away down the grid. You're right, you can't miss!
I was interested in what you said about weeing with an audience while at the steel urinal. Do you want to tell us any more about it?

I have a relevant tale to tell from when I was! about 20, and I was in that men's room at the baths. I had taken out my penis from over the top of my trunks and I stood ready for a much needed pee before I went for my swim. There was then the unexpected entrance of a girl aged around 13 years with a small boy of about 5 who seemed to be her brother. I had just got started, and the girl took her brother to stand in front of the steel urinal. The boy urinated while the girl supervised. She looked across at me, and must have seen everything, watching me until I finished and put my penis away. I didn't mind much really, as even back then I was quite relaxed about weeing in front of girlfriends, but some guys would have dried up.

Alan & Lynn... What fascinating stories. Louise and I have never dumped together like that. The next time we both want to go at the same time, we'll try it and let you know how
we get on!

Bye for now,


This is my last "observation", I promise.

MOIRA: Don't you think having to strain and go "UNN NNAAH" is also a sign of something wrong? Isn't being constipated for days at a time a problem? Now, I don't mind one bit if people post those types of stories. I just scroll past them and move on to nice, loud, messy ones. No harm done, and that's all I'm trying to say. Poop and let poop.

EVERYONE: Sorry for this ongoing discussion, but I just know I'm not the only one who likes to hear about gassy, messy poops, and I want to make sure they are not discouraged.

Wednesday, March 15, 2000

Hi, I have been away on a training course so have been looking through recent posts. Chris, I could tell you a first class and very powerful laxative which would be undetectable in the punch BUT I WONT! such behaviour is out of order, if you did this to me you would get a punch alright, the sort that would break your nose! Think about it, unless you hate your mother and she perhaps forced you to take laxatives as a kid, there is absolutely no justification for such an action. In the USA you could be sued for quite a lot as a consequence and administering a noxious substance can also be criminal in some jurisdictions.

Fat Woman, I liked your story. As I said my mum is more open than yours about such matters, she accompanied me and vice versa, commenting both on her own jobbies and mine.

Adrian, I had formed a mental picture of you, intelligent, quite cultured and Im sure you are, but when you say you see nothing wrong in wearing the same underpants for 2 or 3 ! days, YEUCH! They must get smelly with sweat, urine dribbles, ( I assume you are not one of the alas far too few men who dry the end of their penis after peeing), fart smells and even the odd skid mark that we all suffer from time to time. As a teenager I was attracted by some boys but repulsed when I encountered the pissy smell a few had from pee stained underpants. I was born in the 1970s and myself, mum, dad and brother all wore clean underpants every day, sometimes changing them more often in hot weather and of course as I play a lot of sports I change regularly. Im glad to say my husband in similarly careful of his personal hygiene and grooming. A shower at least once a day, and clean panties, socks, shirt/ tee shirt etc. I honestly cannot see why anyone these days apart from those unfortunates who have to live on the streets in shop fronts etc and dont have access to baths and showers, laundries etc, should have to wear the same intimate garments for more than one day. T! ony of Scotland, this isnt an England V Scotland issue. I am English, (mum is from Ulster originally), and to me it has always been the done thing. Each day,when getting up in the morning a shower, ( I cant see the point in having one at night before going to bed), bath or strip wash all over, clean knickers, bra, vest and or blouse, socks, stockings or tights (pantyhose). Its not a class thing either, we are not a rich family. Anyway, if you are comfortable wearing the same underpants for two or three days Adrian, that's your business but think about your partner, those you work with, etc. Perhaps you have BO but they dont want to say.

I also agree with my fellow Brits that I do not like diarrhea and mushy loose stool, stories. Shit happens, as they say but to me diarrhea and loosness are usually signs of something wrong, as the bowel rushes its contents through without the proper absorbtion of water etc. If it persists dehydration will occur. The human digestive sys! tem was designed to pass solid stools. Now I agree that the solidity naturally varies in many people from formed soft paste to hard lumpy turds, mine are usually on the firm to easy side 2 to 3 on Moira's jobbie hardness scale, with the occasional type one (hard) at the time of my period. Other people would consider a 3 to 4 motion, easy to soft formed as their norm, but once it becomes a load of formless mush or worse still watery, many would consider this as abnormal. Of course diet plays a big part, as does drink etc. Diarrhea / loose stools to me is like vomiting, nosebleeds, painful periods, an outbreak of boils. A natural symptom, not usually too serious but unpleasent. I wouldnt write a story thus "I ate a meal then 5 minutes later felt nausea and threw it all up in the sink..." (I believe there IS a Forum for this) and wouldnt want to read about someone doing this.

I did some nice big solid ones when on the course. The toilets had quite a powerful flush at t! he hotel but I still had to pull it 3 times on one occasion when I did one 12 inch carrot and an 8 inch and 6 inch sausage on top of it and they all stuck.

Fred Limp Bizz Kit, thank's for explaining your "tag", it had me puzzled too as I havent heard of this rock group.

TONY: I did not mean to try to take over the moderator's job. I was only making sure posters knew that someone here likes the sound of messy poops, to make sure those postings are not discouraged. All I was doing was "balancing" out Moira's observations, if you will. I think we'd all do better if everyone refrains from criticizing differnt kinds of poop from now

ON the subject of Americans, I must say I've lived in several different countries and visited tons more (including the U.K.) and it still seems to me that diarrheah is by no means only an American phenomenon. Again, I think its a matter of Americans not minding to discuss it.

Hi all,

Had a few problems getting posts to the board -- trying again tonight. My keyboard may be constipated...

Did a nice smooth ten-incher today, may have been more, dang thing was soft and broke off after a while, but it seemed to be issuing for ages. Not a bad one, I'm getting larger poos more often now. Must be good diet!

CHRIS -- please don't do the laxative trick in the punch. It isn't funny to mortally embarress and distress other people, soil and ruin their clothing, and present them with difficult questions from family or maybe even employers. If I was at that party and found out you'd done that to me, before I was through you'd regret the day your mother gave birth. Enough said.

ALAN & LYNN: Well done! What an experiment, this is something I've often wondered about -- it seems to work!

SANDRA: Good one! You got quite a lecture there, and I guess there's always a risk factor in our culture, but I think there are a ! lot of women (and men) who wish they had your simple ability to DO it when the need arrises. Is it a qustion of viewing the requirment in proportion to the risk, or in proportion to the basic nonsense of a society that has outlawed some of its fundamental functions? Whatever, you do quite a job!

ALTHEA: 20"? That's healthy 14-year old bowels for you. What an operation to evacuate that lot, you must have felt pretty pumped by the end of the performance. It just makes some of us ol' folks know what we missed! (self-mockery, there...)

SUSAN-STL: Stunning. What an experience, an enforced buddy dump for two generations at once, and all the evidence on-hand. I can imagine the smell must have been pretty overwhelming, but it ended up being what I guess is a pretty strong female bonding experience, therefore a very positive thing. The alternative, getting out and going in the road, would have been exactly the opposite, a mortification, but I guess a few folks in that! trafiic jamb found themselves in that predicament, more's the pity.

STEVE (ENGLAND): Hello out there -- I'm not ignoring you, my last two reply-posts failed to make it through the wormhole to! Any more standing pee adventures for you and Louise?

Best to all,

(saving this message to repost if needed)

To ALAN & LYNN-I love your stories-i Have to find some woman to do that with.that was the best story so far from you guys!Keep it up!!TO LISA-Don't you love pooing like that?i have poos like that one you discribed on your last post-nothing like a big,long dump!Great story!TO PORTLAND-real glad to hear you and your wife got it together.From here on it olny gets more fun-and take some tips from this forum,,i know i have and it's made things more fun than ever!keep us informed!Good luck!!To smartboy-Cool story about you and your aunt.Wish i had an aunt like that.TO SANDRA-Boy,girl you sound like you can really your stories!Feels good when you poop like that?TO ALTHEA-Always enjoy your pasts-wish i could see you go-you sound like you poop a bucketful!love to see and hear some of that!To JOE K-Had a sushi dump yesterday a.m.told you i've been going a lot lately and it's a bit different too.Usually i do a pre poop fart and do a long sausage and then sit there for a bit! and let out some soft mush and squgglies and then take a break and fart again and let out some mucus and i'm done but lately i sit down and this long ,soft bunch of mush comes out for about 30 secs along with hissing gas and i mean a LOT of shit and then i'm done-strange.anyway i got up yesterday a.m.and headed right for the bowl and sat down and the poop was coming out my ass as i was sitting down and it went on as one real long snake of sausage like poop and as it fell out at the end i did and 5sec long loud fart followed by a ball followed by a 2 foot long squgglie and some mucus.My anus felt like it was going to fall out!Sushi really makes me go a lot!Great stories all!Please tell me more!BYE

Claire, PV... I did reply to your questions and comments in my last post, but it does not seem to have appeared yet. Perhaps the moderator thought I told too much about certain things, in which case I would like to make my apologies. If the post does not appear in the next day or so, I'll answer again, as I think you both made some important points. Enjoy your weeing, the pair of you.

I must tell everyone about something that happened last night. It's very fresh in my mind of course, and was a hell of a surprise, and not just for me.
My girlfriend Louise's mother, who is pretty much a very well preserved early fifties version of her daughter, came by to see us. I had been out at the back of the house for a moment, and had left Louise and her mother chatting. I went back into the house to the toilet upstairs, thinking they were both still in the lounge. When I reached the bathroom door, I heard a noise which made me think the water had been left running in the sin! k. Anyway, I pushed open the door, and I had a stunning back view of Louise's mother doing a standing pee into the toilet. Her skirt was lifted up, her knickers were pulled aside and she was obviously aiming with her fingers. Unavoidably looking at her bare bum and between her legs I caught a quick glimpse of her private parts and short blonde pubic hair, but the most obvious thing was her yellow urine stream squirting down noisily into the bowl. The shock of the door opening made her jump slightly, and when she turned around I muttered an apology, but she just laughed, still weeing as I left the room and closed the door. When she came out with her clothes adjusted, she told me, "Your face was a picture!" and giggled as I went in and closed the door behind me. She hadn't flushed, and her urine and wipe paper were still there in the bowl. I wondered if I would have an intruder while I was weeing, as Louise's mother sometimes is a bit of a joker. Louise has been teasing me about! it and thought it was hilarious that I was so abashed.
Due to my experiences on the nudist beach, I'm not at all shy now about urinating in front of an audience where socially acceptable, but somehow not with Louise's mother, and certainly not my own!
Louise had always maintained she learned her standing pee technique from a women's magazine, but I think I've just found out otherwise!

Bye for now,


Line: Trainspotting is my favorite movie, so needless to say I've seen it about a million times. My interpretation of that seen is that he's still kind of high off the heroine and he's hallucinating.

Also for all of the people that look for movies w/ women peeing on the toilet, the new Eyes Wide Shut has a scene with Nicole Kidman on the toilet. It's a bad movie, but I thought I'd let y'all know.

John / Ednas Husband.
I've a question of the forum and would appreciate if some of you would try to help me with some answers. When I was in my teens and twenties, taking a shit was a soul-satisfying experience. I am of slight build and never was a big eater, but I used to expel good-sized, solid turds. Not huge, but big enough to really be felt as they came out, solid enough to really massage the spincter walls, and long enough to be proud of if someone was watching. I used to deliberately hold my poop if I would be going somewhere, preferring to take a crap in the woods or some other secluded spot rather than on a toilet, and I was never bashful about it. My companions, male and female, often would somewhow (power of suggestion?) be encouraged to imitate my actions within a few minutes. Very enjoyable all around. Now in my late thirties and married, things are different. I still am small, but I eat quite a bit more than I used to and yet I am disappointed because pooping is not the experience it once was. My movements are kind of mushy and can hardly be felt as they expel, and in size are nothing compared to what I used to routinely do. And I would not care to have someone else see them, because they really dont look like a pile of poop ought to look. Yet I enjoy a good diet and appetite and am in good health medically. Edna is just a bit younger and if you've been reading our posts, only recently have I been able to examine closely her beautiful handiwork which puts mine to shame. Do our bodies undergo some kind of biological change as we age? Is there some way to restore the satisfying bowel movements of my "youth"? Everything else on me works okay. I am too embarassed to discuss this aspect with a doctor, but hopefully you folks on this forum are more inclined to being understanding, and offer some suggestions or information. Ciao. By the way, I just watched Edna poop out some beautiful logs before she left to go grocery shopping, they really made! me jealous of her, and that is what finally prodded me into this post.

To Althea - You said that railway terminal toilets were not fun! Actually, i found that one to be very clean and well kept, and it also served a really useful purpose in that before, I had always been way too embarrased to have a BM in public - god knows why, but i'd always do it at home, or hold it till I got home. But having to go so desperately the other day kind of got me out of that habit, and I must say, I rather enjoyed the experience! So today, when I was getting ready for work I had the urge to go, but I thought I'd hold it in until I got until the station again. So I went in and sat down, and I really felt like I needed to go bad, but nothing happened. I guess I must be constipated or something. I sat there for about 10 minutes trying to push it out, and while I was taking a breather, I heard someone come into the next stall and sit down in silence for a few minutes, and then she also started to go! Now ive always been excited by listening to other people dump, it ju! st feels so naughty to be listening to something so private! I listened as she let go about 5 plops in rapid succession, then heard some frantic wiping that seemed to go on forever! I was still trying to get mine out, and I was grunting a little and making some noises under my breath trying to do it. I suppose that put her at ease and then she started again, plop, plop, plop, i heard about 10 more good sized turds fall into the bowl. She wiped 11 times, flushed twice and left. Well, mine was definately not happening, although I had managed to produce one small one, which seemed to leave quite a mess as I had to wipe about 9 times. All in all I was in there for 18 minutes - for nothing!!
Later on in the day, I was at work when my stomach told me that it was ready to go, so I made some excuses "Im going out for lunch" cos there was no way I was going at work! I still havent quite got that liberated. Anyway, I hurried to the nearest rail station, and I really do mean hurried! , and when I got there, oh no, the toliets were closed for cleaning! What the hell do I do now, I could feel it starting to come out! I legged it back to the tube station where I found some toilets, rushed into the end stall, pulled my pants down and sat down, I just made it and I was so relieved as 2 huge ones just fell out of me, hitting the water with loud splashes. I stood up and looked in the bowl and they were about 8 inches long each and 2 or 3 inches wide. I still felt there was more to come, and after about 15 minutes of sitting there another 6 incher came out of me. It felt so good! It was that horrible shiny paper so I had to wipe 15 times. There was an attendant in there for the whole time! I was in there 20 minutes, and then I went back to work.
I had some really strange dumping experiences today, i can tell you! Later on, on the way home, I really felt like I had to go again, I suppose it was the litre of orange juice I drank at lunchtime. So I found another! toilet and sat down, and this time nothing happened, but i knew i really had to go. I was straining really hard for about 12 minutes until one plopped out. I was just about to wipe up and go when I heard someone come into the stall next to me and let off the most massive load I've ever heard. About 20 large, firm, loud plops echoed around the room in about 2 minutes and I sat there trying to go and listening to this other person shitting their brains out. I'm not kidding, they must have done about 30 or 35 in all - i lost count after 24. This loosened me up a little and I felt some more turds start to slide out of me, each hitting the water with a resounding plop, i think there were about 7 or 8 of them which took me another 15 minutes to do. I finally got done after a total of about 30 minutes, wiped about 12 times and left - and when this other person came out, it was a guy!!! Wierd.
I really feel like I still need to go though, but I think I'll save it up for the sta! tion tomorrow morning and tell you all about what goes on in there!

Hi everyone! I am a frequent visiter here, I mostly just read the stories, but occasionally I have one to tell, and I have one today.

Last week, I realized that I had not pooped for five days, and that I was pretty constipated. I strained really hard, but I couldn't get anything out. My mom, being a nurse reccommended that I eat popcorn and carrots for breakfast, and take a Feen-a-Mint tablet. I did as she said, and waited all day for it to kick in. Later that evening, my friend was over at my house (we were supposed to be working on a project) and I felt a rumbling in my stomach and I knew what was coming. I made a quick dash to the bathroom and blasted out a river of diarrhea with some chunks in one long, loud fart. I kept going, and when I was done, i thought that I had been cleared out, there was so much shit. The next day, I was fine for the whole day. Then we had a meeting that night for a trip that I'm going on with my high school. About halfway ! through the meeting, my stomach started to rumble like it had the night before. I farted, but it wasn't just butt had squited a little bit of diarrhea into my underwear. I got up, and trying to be subtle, went to the washroom. The stalls had no doors, so I prayed that no one would come in as I was squiting a pure liquid bowel movement. My prayers were unanswered as another girl came in, but she was sick too. She puked all over the floor in front of my stall. Maybe it was the smell. It was so gross in the bathroom when I left.
My alarm clock went off at six the next morning, and I woke up with cramps. I had diarrhea again, a lot of it. I didn't know that one laxative tablet could do this much, the diarrhea had lasted for over 24 hours. I didn't want to be squirting at school, so I took an Imodium. It's like a vicious cycle! I thought I was constipated again, but I pooped two days later and it was normal. Is it common for a laxative to cause that much ! diarrhea for that long? Post your findings.


Hi Everyone...sorry i haven't been posting as much, not much to say. I've like Fred_Limp_Bizkit's last 2 stories, that last one was sooo coool you got to poop with a bunch of your friends.

To Smartboy: I liked your story, but there is no way i could let my aunt, or any family watch me poop. I don't know how you did it.

This morning on this local radio station, they had the cranky cranky phone call. This morning show is called Craig and company. It airs or several radio stations in the east coast(usa only). Any one listen to it/heard of it? The main announcer,Gary Craig called Frito-lay(potato chip company). To comment on the "Wow" product(Olene) and how it had an effect on his bowels. He wanted to sue the company cause he was in such pain, he was talking to a representive and you heard gary craig fart and poop. All this was fake of course, im sure they wouldn't actully record someone really doing this. I thought this was really funny.

Harry (Pacific Northwest U.S.A.)
Chris>> If I were you, I wouldn't even think about doing such a thing as spiking punch with a fast acting laxitive. You may do more harm than good. Why I say that is about 20 years ago I was at summer camp (I was 16 at the time), when one of the kids at camp that worked in the mess hall kitchen, snuck a box of Ex Lax into a batch of brownie mix that was being made at the time. Shortly after dinner that night, as the brownies were served for dessert, several kids and counselors suddenly had to leave the chapel service unexpectedly (this was a church camp) to use the bathroom. It was later learned who did it and that kid was sent home and banned from returning to camp in the future.

Well, I have quite a few things tonite to talk about. The first item is I like Sandra's story about taking a dump in the parking lot and one woman's reaction. I thoroughly enjoyed it :)

2nd, I was informed that the rule here bars the giving of URL's and I found a good movie file. It shows an MRI of a person taking a dump. However, a search engine will have to be utilized to find it.

3rd, for Adam from Canada, you and I have similar attitudes towards dumping around older people. I prefer to dump around people younger than I preferably college and HS kids. They seem much more fun to joke with the older people even though I am getting into that territory now. I turn 34 next month. I myself have taken a couple of dumps at the local HS but with the shootings at Columbine, I myself like you are not too comfortable in walking into a HS and would be out of place. A college campus is different since older people are accepted and are known as non-traditional students. !

Tonite, I had class and afterward, I needed to take a good healthy dump. I met a kid a couple of days ago who is into computers like I am. I went over to his room for a while to shoot the bull but I never ended up taking a shit there because he had to take off. I went to a classroom building to take my dump and it was enjoyable except no one to share it with except afterward, more in a moment :) After I finished and flushed, I was walking to the sink when an old guy came in. He walked into the stall I just used and I am sure he got a whiff. Pretty bad. Something that Adam from Canada doesn't want ;)

For Adam from Canada, I feel the same way about hesitating in using the facilities as in dumping around older people. I am in my early to mid 30's and most people I work with are in their 40's and 50's. As for my high school, it is a 1000 miles from where I live but I myself gone to a local H.S. a couple of times and taken a dump but I feel that I don't belong there because of my age and also because of the paranoia because of Columbine shootings and also HS's becoming more like prisons compared to when I graduated in 1985. I do prefer to take dumps around HS or college kids than older people.

I posted the other day but somehow it didn't make into the forum. Here is a URL of an MRI of someone taking a dump. It is located at

Tuesday, March 14, 2000

I had a great poop this morning. I'd been up for a couple hours & had eaten breakfast. Was lounging around watching tv when I started farting. Several samll ones & finially a big one. It came out like an explosion went off in my ass..very loud & it even kinda hurt. Anyway I knew there was no more time to waste. I got up & as I was walking to the bathroom I felt it starting to slide out my hole. I pulled down my pant & a medium sized nugget immediatly. I felt the next one slide into position & with only a slight push out came this monster turd. It opened my hole as wide as it would go & came out in a long solid piece. When it finially tapered off & fell out I looked to see & it was about 5 inches around & at least 10 inches long. I quickly sat back as I felt more coming. I let out couple more small logs of 4 inches or so & around a dozen good sized nuggets. This was occompanied by much farting & ended with a long loud one. I only! had to wipe a few times as it was a pretty clean shit.
About an hour later I felt the need to crap again. This is very unusual for me. I returned to the toilet & sat. I let out a couple normal farts. You know the ones that kinda go
"PPFFFOOOTT" Then I felt the turd start to just popped out. I expected to see a little nugget but instead was surprised by a very long skinny snake. It was only about an inch around but about 6 inches long. That was it. I didn't have anymore waiting. What a funny shit. I've never had one like that before. I almost didn't feel it leave my ass.

PV, We got it this time. About the buttons, if you drive and queue on the left is anything else normally on the left?

I finally went away with Lynn last weekend, and have to tell you about our experience. We went to Foxwoods casino for the weekend. Our relationship has been steadily progressing and we can now openly discuss anything. We had discussed the idea of sharing a toilet again, and decided to try it this weekend. We had two experiences which I will describe. Lynn and I checked in Friday and did some gambling. We then went dancing and drinking before returning to our room. We both had to take a dump and decided to try to shit together. We had a huge elegent bathroom to enjoy. We had both changed to our night clothes. Lynn and I entered the bathroom and lifted the seat. I was nervous and I think Lynn was too. The first time we dumped together, it was out of necessity, this time we planned it. We both pulled our underwear down and sat on opposite sides of the toilet, back to back and cheek to cheek. We both let out a series of farts and Lynn began pushing out a medium size log. I was abl! e to push out three small nuggets of shit. Lynn and I continued straining and moaning, and we both dropped a few clumps of shit. We both reached back and grabbed each others hands and leaned forward and groaned and pushed, as we both released a small log, each 3"-4" long. We each continued releasing farts. We finished and cleaned each others asses. We were both disappointed by our production. The next day we gambled and caught a lounge show. We had a large breakfast and both had a steak for lunch. We both peed several times during the day, but didnt dump. Lynn and I had a late dinner and hit the buffet. We had eaten lunch 6 hours earlier and were starved. Lynn and I both made three trips to the buffet, and later had a dessert plate. After having a couple of drinks we both began letting out farts in the lounge. Lynn looked at me and said "lets go back to the room". We changed into underwear and t-shirts and snuggled on the bed. Both our bowels were filled and we were both cutti! ng loud farts. After about 20 minutes, Lynn said "I'm ready" as she looked at me. I said "Lets give it a try". We would have much better success than the night before. We decided to try a new technique. We lifted up the seat and I pulled my underwear down and sat as far back on the toilet as I could. Lynn pulled her underwear down and sat in my lap on the toilet facing me. We held each other tightly in a bear hug for balance. This position made it easier for us to pee. We did pee on each other a little. After we both started peeing, Lynn and I looked at each other and we both let out a fart. Our bowels exploded and we both began pushing out gigantic logs (probably from all the beef we ate)from our asses. Our shit briefly bound together on the way to the bowl. After just a few minutes, we filled the toilet up with big brown logs. We flushed, but the toilet began to clog. At this point we continued our assault on the toilet bowl. This was a very messy shit, as we each dropped fi! ve large logs into the bowl. Both of our asses and cheeks were loaded with shit. The toilet bowl resembled one of those porta-toilets, when they get filled up. We both began cleaning each others asses and soiled our hands. We almost gagged from the smell. Lynn and I climbed in the shower and washed our asses off. We had to have hotel maintence unplug the toilet. He looked at the toilet and shook his head. He asked which one of us did this, and we said "both of us". This was definately the messiest of the three shits we have taken together. I will update everyone, only when we use the toilet together or in front of each other. Alan & Lynn

I am a boy of 17 years. I am very much thrilled by this site. Here is one of my own experience. Once I was visiting my aunt who is 38yrs who lives in a hilly place alone. On the very first day my aunt told me that since they are not having any toilet facility, I have to do my shitting in the woods nearby. I was afraid of snakes and other creatures in that place. Therefore I asked my aunt to accompany me on my trip to the woods. At first she was shy to come with me. Then she agreed and came with me. There was a heavy load in my stomach. We entered the woods and when we reached a small bush my aunt told me to squat behind it. I told her to hold my pants and brief. I went behind the bush and squatted. Immediately on my squatting I let out a short hissing fart and started to pee. I could see the face of my beautiful aunt through the leaves of the bush. She was looking to the opposite direction with her back to me. When I let out another long cracking fart I saw a smile in her face! . When the smell of the fart began to spread, I saw her covering her nose with my pants. A big turd was coming from me and it landed in between my legs with a thud sound and the next log started coming. After passing around 5 or 6 long and thick turds, they touched my ass. Then I began to raise my ass to shit. Suddenly my aunt turned back and looked at me down between my legs. With a blushing smile, she told me to move over to the backside so that I can continue pooping without the turds touching my ass. I obeyed her. After some time I finished pooping and asked her whether she want to poop. She said no and we came near to the well. She draw some water and put it near to me and asked me to clean it. I done it infront of her.

When I was having my breakfast, I noticed my aunt going out with a small bucket in her hand her face was tensed. I saw she walking fast to the woods. I followed her without her knowledge. She went inside the woods passing the bush behind which I ! pooped. She went near a big tree next to which there were some stones. She turned her face to all sides to see whether anyone is there and I hide behind a tree. After looking around she climbed on a flat stone and stood on the edge and slowly started to raise her skirt and to pull down her blue panties. She squatted showing her huge ass towards me. Suddenly I heard the sound of a stream. It was her peeing sound which was flowing down from the stone. The I heard a prrrrrrrrrffffffttt farting sound. She let out another smelly fart and started pushing out turds. Fisrt one was a long one and it fall on the sand as a coil. Then she stood up for a second and again squatted and let out some small bullet size turds. She was continuosly dropping turds after turds for around 20 minutes. After that being tired of squatting she stood up and looked at the turds she passed and spitted on it. Then she came down the stone and washed herself with the water in the bucket. When she turned around! to leave that smelly place, I ran back home and after few minutes she came home. I acted as if I was in the house doing some thing. Even now I feel so nice to remember her pooping session. I will continue to send my stories. Happy pooping, Smartboy.

Adam from Canada

I think that would be a good idea, except I have a full time job and it is from 9-5. The school is open from 8-4. Sometimes it is open in the evenings. The college idea is better, because it is open from 7-7 during the week. I could pass for a student at high school. All I have to do is carry a backpack, wear jeans with a shirt and a Nike baseball cap.

Paul 2
To Adam from Canada
Next month I am returning to my old boarding college for a reunion and we are staying 2 days on the campus using the dormitories that we used to live in. Unfortunately the college will be on a break but I think that there are at least 35 of us from our year attending - plus most of us will have partners with us so it SHOULD BE GOOD FUN in the bathroom department. Let me know if you want any details on my return.

J Jr.
Hi, I'm back once again.

I had a really good dump just now at work. Normally I would hold it in and do it immediately when I get home, but
since I'm meeting up with a friend tonight immediately after work, I figured I'd better do it now -- besides, I felt pressure on my insides to do so. I figured it would be an uneventful, routine one, but when I pushed it felt like it was going to be a big one, and lo and behold, when I was finished I looked at my nice, 9-incher with some smaller pieces surrounding it like a mother ship! I rarely can do these, but it must have been the food I ate at a party I went to this weekend (I did eat more than my fair share) that did the trick. Now I can feel lighter the rest of the evening.

This is my first post here so don't judge this story too hard. Anyway a few days ago I went to school feeling really sick. I thought it was just the flu and that I could make it through the day. I did manage to make it but when I got home I threw up. I thought that was the worst of it but man was I wrong. My girlfriend who I told earlier in the day that I was sick came over to see me. We were in my room lying on my bed when my stomach started rumbling again. I thought I was just gonna puke again. "I have to get up" I said with all the voice I had left. She knew what I meant too so she moved. I got to the bathroom and kneeled in front of the toilet and puked not even realizing poop was shooting out in liquid form with her right behind me. I had tan pants on and it was very easy to see. When I finished both ways I felt better. (a little) I took my pants off and put them in the garbage and got new ones. She said her ???? hurt too so she went to the bathroom and I f! ollowed her because i had the urge to squirt again. She got on one side of the toilet and I got on the other. We both had diarrhea and I could feel both of ours splattering. When we finished we returned back to my bed. It was an experience I'll never forget.

FAT WOMEN on what page was Nicola s buddy dump with her mom. I just think that is so cool. Also does anyone know of a fast acting lacsative. My mom is planning a party and i thought about spiking the punch with it. It will have to work with in 2 hours. catch you later.

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