Portland resident
Here is how things have turned out after Jan my wifes sister helped with some family problem things last week. My wife has never wanted me in bathroom when she does a poop. On camping trips she used to make sure she did her bus. in private. You can see why if you read what happend last week. Friday after work we took off for a weekend on the Oregon coast. We stayed in Astoria and had dinner and went to movie. She used bathroom at theater but only gone a minute so I was sure it was just to pee and she didnt poop in our motel bathroom either. Next morning we left early, and I had use bathroom to shit and gave her a chance to go first, but she said no need. So off we went for the day. At one oclock we had stopped along the ocean beach and went for a walk. We walked almost a mile down the beach. There were some rocks and trees farther ahead of us and a house near them. She started looking worried and said she needed to use a bathroom (result of walk and a big breakfas! t - and wondered if she shoud turn around and go back to the van so we could drive and find a gas station, or if she should try to make it to the trees and rocks. She always has been open about talking of these things, just would never allow me to be near when she did the deed. This time i think the house worried her and she said that we shoud turn around and head for van so that is what we did. After about a quarter mile she said she couldnt hold it any more and she started looking around for a place to hide but there wasnt really any. We could still see the house way off in the distance and it looked like some people had showed up on beach near it. People had also showed up way off in the distance in the other direction. 'I gues I have to go here, you stand in front of me so nobody can see' she said. I said, 'you dont want your bare butt showing. Get in front of me with your face toward those people, they will not be able to see what you are doing and the people on t! he other side will not be able to see past me to your rear end. She looked at me kind of funny. a strange smile like her sister did, and then she undid her belt and lowered her pants and undies, and she squatted real low. I am sure that nobody could have seen her anyway but my excuse sounded good and gave me a view. she started to pee and I was a little too close so I took a step back. Then she started to poop. Out it came, three long glistening turds. Her little butthole looks just like her sisters, if you wonder. Both of them are gorgous back there. After she was done she had nothing to wipe with. She wasfumbling thru pockets while still squatting and started to get up. I put my hand on her shoulder and told her to stay there. I took a kleenex out of my coat pocket, and with the hand on her shoulder, gently wiped her with the other hand, two swipes front to back with tissue folded betweeen wipes -mmmmmmm- and kissed her on the cheek. She got up and hitched up! her pants, she was very quiet. She only had some nikes on but I had clodhoppers and with my heel Knowing how she used to like to take and use a shovl, I scratched a hole in the sand and kicked her poop into it and covered it. We started back to the van. Finally she stopped me and said, 'Jan was right...'I have been wrong to be such a bitch to you about the bathroom, I see now that it would not have mattered if you were in there, and what you did for me just now was really sweet'. Then she kissed and hugged me. I said nothing, just hugged her back and smiled at her, I think that was the best way. We had a really great day, stayed in Newport Saturday night, and drove home today. She had to poop about noon today but she used the ladies room at a nice restaurant. Darn. Well anyway everything has come out okay if you know what I mean. I might not have any more to say about this, on here, as the problem is resolved.

Adrian, as you say,each to his own but I would feel most uncomfortable if I had to wear the same pair of underpants for more than one day. I even change them twice a day if the weather is hot and sticky. On the odd occasion I have gad to wear the same panties for a long time, say if I have been working overnight, I have had a shower as soon as I can and have changed into clean briefs, socks and shirt or tee shirt. I dont wear pyjamas I never did like them, too loose for me. In really warm weather myself and my wife sleep maked otherwise we wear a pair of briefs. Most of my close friends of either gender change their panties every day and were surprised that there are some who dont. Is this a difference between Scots and English? Certainly my motjher always wore clean knickers every day and out out clean underpants for my father and I every morning. I would be interested in other people's observations.

Fat Woman, WOW! Seems your mom and mine to have had a lot in common! , indeed yours could have been my mother's American sister if she had one! Both seemed to like discussing the details of their large bowel movements with their offspring but denied us the chance to actually be present when they did their motions. The closest I came was similar when the toilet paper had run out and she shouted to me to bring her a roll from the kitchen. I was about 10 at the time. I had been outside the door listening as you did and had heard the "PLUNK! KUPLONK!" sounds of the smaller hard balls as she had told me she was a bit constipated before she went into the toilet that morning then after some "OOs! and NNNs! the three big solid jobbies plunging into the pan with resounding "KER-SPLOONK! KUR-SPUL-LOOSH! KA-SPLOOMP!" sounds, then I heard her say "Oh, that's better!" then I heard her exclaim, "Damn, the toilet paper's run out!" then shout to me "Tony there's no toilet paper, bring me a roll from the kitchen quick!" I was only too pleased to oblige and s! he told me to open the door and hand her the roll. I saw her sitting there in majesty, her black skirt round her waist and her big white cotton briefs up at the top of her thighs protecting her modesty. The smell of a good solid motion hung in the air . I had to hand her the roll of tissue she didnt get up off the pan. She then told me to go and close the door as she had to wipe her bum, but as I backed out there was a "PLUNK!" as a little lump or "mick" as we call them in Glasgow dropped into the pan. That was the closest I came to seeing her doing a jobbie. Afterwards I did see the 3 big turds she had passed as they jammed in the pan when she pulled the flush. They were 2 fat knobbly logs and a big carrot shaped jobbie which was knobbly at the start but smoother at the tapered end. Did you see your Mom's jobbies after the big constipated dump you describe, I bet they were big! Anyone else UK, American or other have a mother who was this open about her bowel movements?

On Saturday I had been shopping and was walking over to my car in the parking lot. Suddenly I felt the urge to poo and when that happens I have to go right there and then. I walked up to my car, put down my groceries and decided to poo between my car and the one next to me. I hiked up my skirt (I wasn't wearing panites) and squatted. After a loud, long fart, I could feel a big poo oming out. There was a lot of coming and going and I could see the odd person passing by looking at me. I dropped about 4 poos (as usual, the first was fat and long - about 7 inches with the others thinner and smaller) and as the last one was dropping a woman passed by, looked between the cars and said (words to this effect) "that is disgusting. I should call the police. Dogs making a mess around here is bad enough but a grown woman defecating in public showing off her privates is obscene. What if a child came by?" Wow, I'd never experienced an outburst like that! She was loud too and I thought a cro! wd would form. Happily she walked away and let me wipe in private. I got up, pulled down my skirt, put my groceries in the car and drove off. I left behind 4 healthy turds!

I have a very attractive teenage step-daughter, Naomi, who often goes out drinking with her friends.

Last Saturday I had given Naomi and her attractive friend Jo a lift to where they were going, Naomi was wearing a little beige miniskirt, and Jo a very short red minidress, both girls were wearing sheer tights - wow, I thought! Jo's dress was so short I couldn't help but see her black knickers as she got out of the car.

Much later, back at home, there was a ring on the doorbell, the girls had forgotten their key. As I let them in, they both looked a bit sheepish, and I noticed a distinctive smell from Jo, she did look rather embarrassed.

To Jo's horror, Naomi blurted out that Jo had pooed herself as they walked home, to which Jo retorted that she wasn't the only one, and that Naomi had wet herself on the homeward walk! The effects of too much alcohol!!

Later on I did notice two pairs of knickers on the bathroom floor, one pair of soggy pur! ple cotton knickers (these must have been Naomi's), and a pair of distinctly soiled black silky ones!


Adrian and Tony: I change my underwear daily, sometimes 2-3x's daily, if I go to the gym. I have been caught without underwear. I forgot to pack my briefs for a weekend. But, I refused to pay outrageous prices for a 3 pack. I lasted by taking baths.

Freddy LimpBiz: As I continue, my friend Jean from Jamaica was a cheerleader. Daily, she would "jobbie" around 2PM, before practice. She used the term from her homeland. Sometimes, she would be in her street clothes or her cheerleader uniform. Her bowel movements were explosive. One afternoon, we entered the bathroom on the field. It was two stalls with no doors. Jean lifted her black skirt, pulled her gold panties to her ankles over her saddle shoes. With her legs spread, she released about 3 five inch pieces of brown doo-doo. Then, she started to piss, when a gaseous fart broke out with a wave of brown mush. She was surprised, thinking it was just gas. She said, "Girl, I can't run with this mess in me."

Jane: I ! have dep't store story for you. This store in NY is defunct. It was Christmas Eve. I had pancakes and bacon with my male cousin and a boy classmate. I was 14. They were 17 and worked in the store. I went shopping for my mom's gift. I needed the toilet at 11AM. I found the ladies room filled, with a line. Girls and women waiting and in the stalls. One girl about 16 next to be was pacing with her finger on the front of her dress. She asked me to let her go in front. I had no objection. I got the stall next to her. She peed for almost 60 long seconds. I took off my school windbreaker, lifted my green skirt, white nylon slip, dropped my pink panties to my ankles. I wanted everyone to see. My 14 y/o bowels started to move. Truly. This was a thick masterpiece. I had to break off this sucker 4 times. It was 20 inches of solid doo-doo. I was straining and gasping for breath. After, the strain was over, then I urinated by surprise, then I suddenly evacuated a load of thick mush. I was ! rolling of paper to wipe front and back, like there was no next day and spreading my ankles to wipe. But, I was in no hurry. After, that I sat for almost 30 minutes. The lady behind me about age 50 entered the other stall, lifted her dress and slip, lowered her navy panty hose and panties and I heard an "OH" and a release of mushy doo-doo, then another such outburst and release. She was panting for breath. Then, I heard "Ohhhh". "Sloshhhhhhhh." She said, "Two days before Christmas." I had already wiped. I pulled up my undies, lowered my dress and slip, then flushed. As I washed my hands, she came to the sink and said on sale days there are more shitters than pissers.

I dont have much time right now so Ill just explain my tag as some people have asked me to. First Off, my name is not Fred and I dont walk around with a Limp Dick all day :)
Fred Durst is the lead singer of a popular rock group called Limp Bizkit which I like to listen to, he is a really down to earth guy which has said on camera "I gotta go take a shit, Later" and I chose Fred Durst because I think he sums me up perfectly at this kinda stuff

Hey everyone! I have a pretty cool story to tell tonight, Im pretty sure I already explained my tag, so Ill go right to the good stuff, today at school Kristin asked me If I would go on a nature walk with her, Jennifer(A cheerleader from last post), and Keith(Jennifer's Boyfriend/One of my best friend's), she said she wanted to go walking through some of the cleared unused fields after school, so I said "Yea, sounds fine" and thats what we did after school, headed into some unused fields with exceptionally green grass. And so we walk, and walked, and guess what, we walked some more. As we got about 8 miles out Keith said he had to use the john, I said "Just whip it out, nothing but grass, and Its not like anyone of us havent seen it before*Punched him on the shoulder*" He said seariously "I have to shit" by this time nature was getting to me as well and I said "Guess what me too, ready to head back down?" he said "Nope, gotta go now" and the girls butted in with Jennifer sa! ying Ive had to shit since we left, I thought id hold it, but Im gonna bust. Kristen said "Im not feelin so hot either, my ???? hurts" I had to get in a "You still look hot" and got a playful shove in return.

Since there was only grass around us and not one tree we had to think of something, we tried having Keith and Jenny back to back and me and Kristin back to back, but just sheer commom sense tells you that a 6'3" star running back cant back to back with a 5'1" cheerleader, so we ended up switching and Keith and Kristin paired as did me and Jennifer(We are all so uninhibited Id hate to think what most would do in that situation :) So we All did our part to fertilize the area, with countless funny comments in between, I asked Jenny if she was used to pooping with me yet and she said "Yea, I guess were making a habit of it huh" I just said "Na, you should see me and Kristin"
I did 3 6" smooth brown ones, Keith did like 20 little 1"ers
Kristin did a pil! e of about 2 8"ers and a whopping 11"er and Jennifer did another round of fatties about 3 5" long 3 1/2 wide logs. Kristin and Jennifer had purses so we all got Kleenex's in return Me and Keith had to carry them 1/2way down though(Not sure it was worth it ;) and we went back down and split to go home, *applause here* Thank you, Thank you,LOL

l8er everyone

Monday, March 13, 2000

Haven't had time to read here much lately, but did anyone get to take the tour up Katie Couric's colon on NBC TV last week? Had to work and missed taping it. Hope they show it again sometime.

Tony. I don't think there's anything dirty about making one's underwear last two, or even three days - so long as one is clean. I usually make my underwear last 2-3 days and I don't regard myself as being in any way dirty or unhygienic. In fact I have a shower every night before going to bed. As I wear pyjamas at night there's no need for underwear then and I only use it during the daytime. Personally I don't understand men who, eschewing pyjamas, go to bed in nothing but their underpants - often the same ones that they've worn all day, but each unto his own. Of course I'm not implying that you do that and it wouldn't really matter if you did, so long as you were comfortable.

Moira. Thanks for the stories about your friend. Personally I think wetting mishaps are just as interesting as the other sort. I wonder what other people think.

Anne. Love to hear from you again soon. Had any good experiences recently or over the weekend - relating either to y! ourself or other people that you know such as your friend Cathy?

Best regards, folks!

Hi all! Had to share our snow bound adventure yesterday! We live outside of St. Louis, MO, and Friday afternoon my daughter and one of my girlfriends drove over to mid-Missouri to show her wedding dress to my mother-in-law. It started snowing about 3am and by the time we left to head home there was already about 2in of snow on the ground. After about 1 1/2 of driving (really slow) both lanes of traffic began to slow. It finally came to a total stop and after about 5 mintes of wating, I got out and heard someone say the road was blocked in both directions due to an accident! There were cars parked in front of us and behind us as far as we could see! It was pretty cold and really snowing so as nature finally screamed at us all, we had to either get out into the snow and pee or do it in the car. We all joked for a few more minutes and then finally determined that even if we got out into the snow, there was no place to do our business without all the others seeing. My daughter was really hurting now - so I took her dress out of the plastic bag - tied a knot in the end and then got into the back seat with her. She pulled down her slack and positioned herself over the plastic bag and did her pee. We all started laughing, since it was just us girls! Finally Terri said she had to go and go now. She exchanged places with my daughter, slide down her panties and pissed for ever. Then to told me she was sorry and pushed out about a 6' poop! One more followed and then she stopped. I thought I could hold out, but we were stranded in that traffic jam for 3 1/2 hours! Before the wreck was finally cleared, we each peed a couple more times and even I had to do a poop. The smell was so bad as we started to pull away - Terri opened her door and let our make shift toilet slip out onto the road way. I'm sure it was mashed many times over by all of the follwoing traffic - many of them driving over our messy bag! We finally got home - some 6 hours after! our trip began. Well, at least the three of us know how to survive in a panic!

Hi Mandi and all

Yes, my friend Anna wears very tight trousers all the time (except when she's wearing her short minidress, which is rather revealing!), they show her figure really well, and often the outline of her little knickers underneath! There have been a few times I've been with her when she's had a lot to drink, and she's wet herself.

Last time Anna wet herself she thought it was very funny, but I would have been SO embarrassed! She was wearing her tight black hipster trousers and a crop top, when she bent forward you could see the top of her white cotton knickers! She told me she was busting for a wee as we were on the bus home together. I knew she was desperate, because she kept holding herself, although she said that she thought she could hold it till she got home.

Suddenly she exclaimed "Claire, I'm doing it - I'm wetting myself, I can't stop!"

As I watched, the contents of her bladder poured out through her trousers onto the! bus seat, and onto the floor, making quite a puddle! She started laughing, which made her wet herself even more!

I started laughing too, and I must admit I wet myself just a little through laughing too much! By the way I was wearing my short grey miniskirt, with two side slits, with sheer tights and black knickers underneath. Anna did tell me I was showing my knickers as I sat there, because my miniskirt tended to ride up rather badly!

Fortunately for Anna, the black material of her hipster trousers hardly showed the wetness, but I did feel bad about the wet bus seat and the puddle on the floor (I know it wasn't me, but .... )

Best Wishes

Fat Woman
I was reading thru some of the old posts & was particularly inspired by Nicola's buddy dump with her mom. If my mom was never QUITE so open minded, there was 1 occasion that I consider the closest thing to a buddy dump.

It was when I was around 19 and home for the summer from college. My mom came home from grocery shopping and plopped the bags on the kitchen table. "Ooh! I thought I'd never make it home!" She bent over to grab a People magazine on the floor and I noticed how snug her flowered dress had gotten. It accentuated as she bent over her belly rolls and buttcrack. My mom had always been heavy, but this year she had gained even more weight, she said due to menopause. She told me quite frankly that morning that she was rather constipated but she had eaten fruit and hoped that would help to "move things along". She clutched the magazine and said "Well, I think I'll be in the bathroom for a while. I feel some activity down there but I don't think it'll come o! ut too easily!" My mom would go into all sorts of detail about her bowel habits but would NEVER go in front of me. The few times I had accidently walked in on her while she was on the toilet resulted in her shocked face and me saying sorry and closing the door as quickly as possible, and getting a very quick view of her massive butt on the throne. And whenever we went shopping together and visited the restrooms, if she needed to have a bowel movement, she would grunt really quietly but I still heard her and I would say "Mom, are you all right?" And she would say gasping "Just...mmmm!...having a bowel movement! Why don't you wait outside so I can have...UH!...some privacy?" And I would have no choice but to leave.

What Mom didn't know is that whenever I was home and the opportunity arose, I would watch her on the toilet through the keyhole. We lived in a beautifully restored Victorian house in San Francisco; as a result, all the doors had large keyholes but no keys t! o obstruct the view since they always rusted and my dad eventually installed sliding bolts on the doors. But my mom, in her haste to sit on the toilet never bothered to lock herself in.

But to get back that afternoon. I got up and said i was gong to my room which was next to the bathroom so I followed her down the up the stairs as she gripped the rail heavily. When she had finally mounted the stairs she went into the bathroom and I made like i went into my room. I pressed my ear against the wall and heard the seat creak as she sat and an "UH!" as she wiggled her huge butt into a comfortable position.

Then i stealthily crept into the hallway and knelt on the floor so that i was eye level with the key hole. My mother had hiked her long dress in a pile on her lap and her underwear was down to her ankles. Her ???? legs were spread and her fat dimpled butt almost completely engulfed the toilet. HEr face was serene as she read her magazine, & for a minute or ! so she made no sound. Then she closed her eyes and grunted quietly. "Mmmmm...mmmmm...mmmm..." With each grunt her butt would bear down slighly. She continued reading her magazine, every so often pausing to close her eyes as the urge to strain overcame her again. I heard a few pellets expelled but they sounded hard and I knew there would be bigger ones.

She knew it too, for after a few minutes of this quiet grunting, she dropped her magazine on the floor, reached down and removed her underwear from her ankles to spread her legs even wider, and placed both hands on each buttcheek, spreading them as wide as possible to make the passing of her massive poo easier, I gathered. I watched transfixed as her face contorted. "OHHH! UHHHH! MMMM! MMMM!" She grunted
really hard and her ass jiggled as she bore down. "MMMM!NNNN!!UMMMPH!" She continued gripping her ass for support as she strained. I heard the crackling sound, it seemed to go on forever. "OHHH! AHHH!" My mother's! eyes were closed as she continued bearing down with all her might. "OHH!" Her effort was rewarded by a tremendous plop as the terd dropped into the toilet. She sat on the throne, panting from the exertion. "I'm too old & fat for this kind of effort!" she muttered to herself.

Suddenly, another wave of strain hit her and she grabbed her butt which jiggled as she grunted "MMMPH! OHHH! UHHH! MMMM!" The crackling this time wasn't quite as long but impressive all the same. "UHHH!" Another huge movement plopped into the \water. She rested a bit after this and I was pretty sure she was done. Sure enough she reached for the toilet paper and discovered an empty roll! She looked towards the door and I quickly rose and darted to my room.

"Hon? Are you in your room?" "Yeah!" "Listen, there's no toilet paper! Could you go to the hall closet and bring me a roll?" "Sure!" I went and got the roll and opened the bathroom door. The smell was noticeable but not overpoweri! ng. There was my mom in all her gigantic glory sitting on the throne. "Sorry about the smell..." "It's ok." I walked over to her and held out the roll to her when suddenly she closed her eyes and grabbed her butt again right in front of me!

"UHHHH! I'm sorry..." she said in a voice filled with strain. "I....thought I was...UHH!..finished!" I tried to act normal and again held out the roll to her. "I....MMMM!....can't! You'll have to....UHH!..put it on the ...NNN!...spool!" So I had to bend over so that I was almost touching her fat thighs as she continued straining. I put the roll on the spool and the instant i had done so, she said "OK!MMM! Get out! I want my privacy! Go!" So I left and thought it prudent perhaps to gp to my room now and listen from there in case I had given something away in my face or voice. And this was the closest thing I ever had to a parent buddy dump.

Rose: When I had that dump at JC Penney's, I was about 15 at that time (suffice to say I'm now a thirthysomething). At that time I didn't pay much attention to the difference between the toilets at home and those in public restrooms other than the public ones made louder flushing noises. I probably knew I wouldn't clog the toilet but was scared at that particular moment because it came out so fast and in a huge wave. I believe that toilet was an industrial-type found in most public buildings.

Moira: About seeing what you consider too many runny poop and diarrhea stories and not enough stories about solid motions, I could only speak for myself, but unfortunately there is more material (no pun intended) to write about when it comes to huge dumps, accidents, or other unusual incidents rather than solid motions, though you can certainly build an interesting story around a solid motion, as you do so brilliantly and make it enjoyable to read, Moira. The vast majority of! my poops, particularly in the last few years, have been solid motions. Typical story: I go to the bathroom, sit down (sometimes read a magazine or paper), pass some gas and a couple of plops, wipe once or twice, see one or two sausage links, and flush. If I have a story around it, I'll post it. But, like someone else said, to each his own. As gross as it may be sometimes to read big dump stories, I think that is far preferable to some of the disgusting porno-laced stuff that the moderators work so hard to keep out here.

I have a couple more weeks left for my special field project, so it will be two more weeks of going to work in a different office. It's been quite interesting, so I will post about it as soon as I can.

Today my wife (Edna) and I went on a hike at a state park. When we returned to the parking lot a couple hours later we had to use the facilities. I went in the mens side and she the ladies. I had no more than started to sit down on the "dumpster" when I heard her calling at the front entrance. I hadnt gone yet so I got up and went back out to the front. In a whisper she asked if anyone else was in the mens. I told her no. She said someone had made a mess on the seat in the womens room and she needed to use the mens if possible. I told her to come on in. She took the stall next to me, and I sat back down too. What an incredible experience, I have been in the bathroom at home when my wife dumps and vice versa, but we have never buddy dumped before. I was done in a couple minutes but continued to sit there as we talked. it was wonderful sitting talking to her, and listening to her poop. It must have taken her about ten minutes, every couple minutes she would briefly i! nterrupt her speech, and i'd hear a couple more splashes, a little fart or two, and finally some wiping. About a half hour later when we got home, still buoyed by this incredible experience, we enjoyed some more fun behind closed doors. Its almost midnight now and she is sound asleep. Im sure she would prefer I not post this but I will anyway because I think it was a great experience.. Maybe It would be a good investment to put a second toilet in our bathroom!

Big willy
What do you think about these "records" quoted on the web recently?:
The longest dump ever verified was produced by an
American, who produced a 'staggering turd' over a period of 2 hr
12 mins
which was officially measured at 12 ft 2in. The offender is
washrooms in his state.

Bernard Clemmens of London managed to sustain a fart for an
recorded time of 2 mins 42 seconds.

To Fred_LimpBizkit (whatever that means):
Do cheerleaders really produce massive dumps like that? Is it the activity, in which case it would apply to horse riders, or just the fact that Americans eat so much?

Observer, fair enough, you dont like hearing someone doing a nice solid poo, others like myself and my wife Theresa, Moira and her husband (and my mate) George, dont like hearing the sounds of diarrhea. Now I think Moira was being an "observer" herself in that she has deduced, as I have also, that American posters seem to post more about loose stools, that there have been a lot of postings about such motions of recent and she would prefer, as I would myself, the balance to be redressed by some more posts about good solid turds being passed. As you say each to his own. I suppose its a bit like listening to music on a radio station, some prefer C&W but dont like heavy metal, some have the opposite view point. Now its not up to Moira nor I nor "Observer" to decide what is posted here, the Moderator seems to do this very well. You are very unlikely to get a posting about loose or watery stools from me. Thankfully I dont often suffer fron this illness, nor does my wife, nor mos! t of my friends, and it is an emphatic turn off to hear someone afflicted by this disorder spluttering their mess into a toilet pan. When it has been a safe option to do so I have prematurely left a public or works toilet when I have heard someone squittering in an adjoining cubicle or stall. Yes I agree Observer, one can simply ignore the postings one doesn't like, as with the music on the radio, but like Moira I would like to read a few more on good solid "bombs" . Maybe this is a cultural thing, most Brits consider diarrhea or passing loose stools as a sickness, even as a reason to take a day off work or school and use a medicine such as Imodium or Lomotil or Kaolin and Morphine to correct. Again is this a dietary effect? British food is generally a bit bland and stodgy compared to American with all the ethnic fruit and veg eaten in the USA and the generally more spicy cuisine such as Mexican,Cajun, Afro American etc. I would be interested in the observations of posters on! these possible reasons for Yanks apparently passing looser stools and being less bothered about this than we Brits.

On the more pleasent subject of solid stools etc and women, has anyone observed that many women and girls have a very satisfied smile when they come out of the toilet after doing a nice big solid motion? I first noticed this when my mum did a nice big jobbie and had a smile on her face when she came out of the toilet, and also saw this on girl cousins, aunts, female neighbours, girls at school coming out of the girls toilet etc. At first I thought this was just a look of relief but now think this was also a feeling of pride and satisfaction. My wife Theresa often has this look when she has done a big jobbie and tells me that it is connected to a mixture of pride and satisfaction, being turned on and physical relief. Any of you females out there care to comment on this?

Fred Limp Bizkit, I actually understood and enjoyed your latest posting, e! specially the 15 incher done by Sarah and the two really fat beer can sized jobbies Jennifer produced WOW! Those two girls are Super Poopers!Give them my congratulations and best wishes! Can you explain your "handle" (I assume your name is Fred but the Limp Bizkit tag puzzles me). All the best.

Line, I dont know of any toilets with lakes under them in Scotland but there are couple which flush into lakes (lochs) or rivers although they have mostly been plumbed into proper sewerage systems these days. I recall a Ladies public toilet in Millport, a holiday resort on the Isle of Cumbrae in Scotland when I was a kid, where it flushed into the sea. If the tide was right you could see the big jobbies float up from the underwater pipe opening and I had great fun watching the toilet paper, occasional sanitary towel and the big jobbies come into view and noticed many other kids and even some adults did likewise. This toilet had 5 cubicles so there was always a good show especi! ally at lunchtime. Once my mum used this toilet after lunch and sure enough five minutes later I saw this big fat jobbie float up to the surface accompanied by some of the pale blue toilet paper she carried with her as the public toilet only had the hard shiny Izal type paper still common in those days and totally useless for wiping the bum, so I knew it was her jobbie, and she came out a minute or so later, with the satisfied smile I refer to above. Im sure I wasnt the only person who was sorry that the council replaced this public toilet with a modern block with proper drainage to the sewage plant although of course I accept that this was a far better idea from the health and hygiene aspect. Has anyone else stories about toilets which flushed into the sea, river, lake etc where you could see what someone else had done?

Regarding the Trainspotters toilet scene, I have seen this film and personally found this part disgusting, although I can see where the director w! as coming from. The actuality was that the character did need to urgently defecate and used a really filthy blocked up mens toilet in a very seedy Bookmakers (betting) office. He also lost his drugs down the pan and had to stick his hands into the mess to retrieve them and there is a fantasy scene of his being dragged down into a lake of shit.

On a factual note in olden time toilet or privies DID empty straight into castle moats, rivers, ditches etc. Much of the public health problems of the great cities such as London, the typhoid and Cholera epidemics were caused by raw sewage flowing into the rivers and the stench must have been terrible. Indeed in the late 19th century there was the Great Stink of London one hot summer when the foul smell of sewage in the River Thames led Parliament to commission an engineer called Sir Joseph Bazelgette to build 3 great sewers and 2 sewage treatment plants down the river at Beckton and Crossness to take the sewage away from cent! ral London. These sewers and modernised plant are still in use and although the Thames in London was effectively dead for about 100 years since the 1970s it has been cleaned up so much that salmon are again running the river to its cleaner upper reaches and many coarse fish can be caught in the former docks in London where previously the water was grossly polluted and used to give off Hydrogen Sulphide in hot weather. To visitors to London a bust of Sir Joseph Bazalgette can be seen on the Thames Embankment as he also designed these "levees". Hope this interests readers. all the best , Tony, the Scots Coprophiliac.

Adam from Canada: I don't think the site moderator would condone willful trespass. But, if you have to dump and a high school or college is nearby, you can slip in with the students. Canadian schools do not have security guards like in the U.S., especially in New York and large urban areas. But, you must have boyish features, you could pass. I was attacked by a laxative on my way to college and I had to slip into a local high school at morning line-up. See my earlier post. I enjoyed using the toilet in high school and college. I turned an unused girl's room into my personal headquarters. Kids can't be kids today. My friend, Tawana could not go to the bathroom in high school, being followed by security guards. Today's schools are jails.

Freddie_LimpBizKit: I was a high school and college cheerleader. I and my friends used to rest my bowels before the games and practice. One girl and the squad, daily had a movement before we went on the floor. It was loud and gassy. She! was from Jamaica, West Indies. She said, "I cannot run with it in me." I befriended her when she arrived new at school. I put her on the squad. The first day of practice, we went to the three stall gym bathroom. I had to take a simple piss. Jean, was her name, lifted her uniform dress, lowered her flowered panties to her ankles. An avalanche of logs hit the water, along with her piss and two farts. She wiped herself and flushed. When she came out she left behind an 8 inch piece. Her doo-doo was to much for the jet flush. Daily, this was a regular for her. Then I lowered my inhibitions and made doo-doo in the afternoon, before practice. Although, I made in the morning. I ate dinner at her house. She ate lots of exotic roughage and meat.
Candy: Apparently, you are the in the United Kingdom. I have family there. I have been caught short and had to use rail and bus terminal toilets. Not fun.

Monday, March 13, 2000

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