Heyy Layyyydies! Sorry to those whom I told Id read just read from now on cuz I made people mad, but I gotta go back on that one, the suspense is killin me and I have 2 awesome stories and for the first time Im at home and have time to post! First of all Id like to say hi to some of the newer posters keeping this place alive, Lorie, Claire, Steve, Jane, and Mandi being the first to come to mind. This is gonna be Loooong if you don't already know it from some of my old ones, for everyones info Im a 17 year old male. First Story,(Ill do the fairly normal one first) we had this big English Book Report due last week so me and my girlfriend(I forget what we called her[Yes, still the same one, Im on a roll!]) so Ill just give her name, which is Kristin. Anyways we both read the same book(Or watched the same movie, depends on how you look at it :) and went to the library for some peace and quiet(Or so we thought) anyways our library has like 20 small 3-4 people rooms, and we had one to ourselves and started working, I had to take a S$#t but figured Id hold it in front of the lady, you know common courtesy:) After about a half hour she started complaining that her stomach hurt and I said "Do you have to Crap!" she answered "I think so but I dont think I can" so I said "Well, try to fart" she said ok and tried I guess but couldnt so I figured Id be a smartass and told her to pull her shirt up and shorts down a little and that I knew exactly where to push to relieve pressure, she did and I started poking her firm stomach, that was a no go, so I kinda lost it while I was sitting there poking her belly for nothing and started farting kinda loud, and I guess It was contagious and she started laughing and doing the same, we both ran Into the Men's restroom, tooking the same stall and both sat down and did our thing, she sat in back, I couldnt tell whose was light brown and hard and whose were light brown and floated, but Ill take credit for the sinkers, cuz she can outshit me anyday!

Ok, I cant wait I have to post this one B4 I forget to get back on! Yesterday we had our last Basketball game and my girlfriend is a cheerleader and as we were talking I made a dumb comment while they were cheering that "Man, I wish I could be in thier locker room instead of ours after the game" and this guy I dont like told my g/f this thinking shed get mad, but Instead she told all of the cheerleaders and they all waited until the coaches left to get dressed and almost everyone had left the place after we won and my g/f said she needed to tell me something and ook me to the cheerleading locker room where, once I was in proceded to do everything they normally do except with me there, It was so cool, they all had to switch from bloomers to panties and put on bras, etc. I asked why they all stayed since they didnt have to and I wasnt single, they just said "We owe her one big guy, haha!" or "Because we thought it would be a nice treat" and stuff like that, and then as everyon! e was packing up to leave and getting goodbye kisses from me(Just pecks)I was disappointed that no one had even peed in the toilets, so I said "Wait a minute, if this is exactly what babes do in a locker room, you have cast-iron bladders and bowels" that got a few giggles and Mandy said "I have to go poo" and went to do so, I guess that broke the taboo, that sayeth "Thou shalth not relieve thyself in front of a guy"LOL and there were 10 girls in 10 stalls including Kristin either peeing or doing the famous cheerleader, post-game, jumping up and down, bowel-shaking dump! I asked if it would be odd to ask to see what they had done and they obliged, needless to say, I thought Kristin took big dumps, damn, thats not the half of it, 6 of the 10 pooped and 2 clogged all were light brown to really light brown, the longest piece was about 15" by Sarah, the most in one toilet was like 3 7" logs and 2 6" logs about 1 1/2 thich, which clogged made by Katie, Go Katie Wooo!, and last but ! not least the fattest log which was ungodly huge made by a midget of a girl was 2 7" long 3 1/2 wide logs by Jennifer, Go Jenny! And then at theidea of my g/f the girls asked if I would wipe them, I of course did and then It was over, I told them all that Id have them over in the guys room sometime and I walked Kristin home. Needless to say probably at least the 2nd or 3rd best day of my life to date!

Bye everyone, I hope you get my first post also, bye!

TO MOIRA: Not everyone likes to hear about "solid" motions. I for one find straining motions to be unhealthy and a turn-off, but I do love to hear about loud messy ones. To each his or her own, right? One more thing, Americans are surely not the only ones to have messy motions. Maybe we're just more open about talking about it. I think variety is the spice of life and of this forum, so everyone should ignore posts they don't like and read the ones they do. Post and let post, I say!

Has anyone seen a movie called Trainspotting? It's about this heroin addict and one day this old guy gives him a soppository and he sticks it up his ass and later he says "Heroin makes you contipated." Then he sayd "I'm waiting for the soppository to melt" then he bends over and says "i'm not constipated anymore" and then he goes into a bar or something and goes into the bathroom and there's shit everywhere and then he starts pooping and he dives into the toilet! There was like a lake under it or somethign! Does anyone know if there are really like lakes under the toilets in Scottland?

I travel a lot, thought you all might like this. In 1995 I went on a 16 day safari in Botswana and Zimbabwe. We would stay in a commercial campsite, then go into the bush for 3 days at a time with no facilities. The guide explained the shitting procedure. 1)dig a hole 2)shit in it 3)wipe 4)burn the paper 5)bury it. The paper was to be burned so the jackals wouldn't dig it up. It was kind of neat watching the women in our group heading off into the brush with the shovel and matches each morning. One woman had constant runs from who-knows-what. It was Africa. At a commercial campsite there was a cement shed with a ladies toilet at one end and a mens at the other. As I was heading towards the mens toilet, I saw a woman come running back the other way, frightened. There was a large male baboon hanging around outside the ladies toilet. The guide warned that male baboons will attack women, but generally leave adult men alone. This ape was looking for a woman! I swear to God this is ! true. I just nodded at him and went on into the mens toilet.

Adam from Canada

I just recently got a job with a small computer company and I feel very uncomfortable about using the can, because this is a small company and there a few people working there. I feel uncomfortable, because this is a new place and these people I work with are older. I am 24 and these people are in their 40's. There is something I don't like when it comes to sharing facilities with older people. I don't know what it is. Does anyone else feel like this? I have always felt this way. I will never forget my high school and college experiances with the bathrooms. Sometimes I would like to walk into my old high school and let off a load. I would get into lots of trouble if I went back, because it would be considered as tresspassing and the school is usually not open at night or on Sat. Can anyone give me a suggestion on how to revisit my high school and get away with it.


This toilet that you flushed several times...due to your waves of poop....Was it one of those industrial toilets that will suck down anything, or was it like a home toilet that takes a huge gurgle for everything to go down? I just wondered because I have never even feared clogging an industrial toilet because they seem too powerful to ever clog!

Laura-- I loved your camp story I surely hope there will be more! My one experience with camp was of becoming horribly constipated because of the bathroom conditions. We had outhouses, one for the boys and one for the girls. They stank to high heaven and I couldn't stay in it long enough to get the job done. After winding up with a belly ache the camp nurse gave me a suppository and let me use the toilet in the infirmery. Did any of your campers need your help with constipation?-- JW

a guy
I have heard the issue on preventing people from peeking into unisex restrooms. In my school many years ago there were unisex restrooms, but there were doors that actually sealed the user from view. There were no entry doors, so 1 or 2 stalls are visible. Some gov't official ordered a change and split the bathrooms up and had half sized doors that let you see a girls feet and a guys feet and face when they peed. 3 confused Japanese exchange students that knew about 10 english words between themselves happened to see me piss in a stall that was visible to the outside. They saw me and cracked up laughing. I thought they were excited (enough said) and I was too. I now piss in one of the two visible stalls if I can. If the bathrooms were not separated like they are now, I would have let the forign exchange students in. Sometimes the split doors get stuck, so I kick them down, as one female student commented "I look like I busted on to the scene"

painful poop
Have to tell you about a poo I had on Thursday, I awoke at about 6.30, and began to let out large amounts of gas as I lay in bed, I could feel a large amount of poo increase in my bowels, and I farted some more, but was too tired to get up. I lay there focusing on the 'full' feeling in my abdomen for another half an hour, I new that if I got up now it wouldn't be long before I would need to crap. After about ten minutes of farting my bowels started to feel incredibly full as a sharp pain shot across my abdomen, I got out of bed slowly feeling the large mass begin to move down my poop shute and poke out of my anus, I felt like I would explode, I put on my dressing gown and made my way quickly into the toilet, and sat down on the loo, after a few seconds I farted again and felt my anus begin to dilate until I felt pain, it was stretching my hole to the maximum and I let out a cry, as it moved slowly out between my butt cheeks, god it felt really big and it suddenly gained pace and what felt like 3 pounds of loose poop slopped into the toilet in one big erruption. It was all over as I got up to look at it, there were about 7 scraggy looking 3" long fat turds floating in the bowl and boy did it pong - feeewwwwee!! - I felt like ten men I can tell you.
then I jumped in the shower to clean myself as I hate a sticky bum.

Joe K
Today I finally pooped after 3 days of constipation. It happenned early in the morning. Along with my breakfast, I drank several cups of coffee. That was all I needed. By the time I got to my college, I had the urge to take a dump. I went to the menīs room, took a stall, pulled my pants, and pushed slightly. That was more than enough to evacuate my rectum. A considerable amount of poop flowed smoothly with crackling sounds out of my anus. It had a sweet sour smell and was quite smooth although it was not precisely mush. I felt much lighter afterwards.

Hi again every1! I got a pee story this time! I was on my way to camp and everything was going fine. I had to leak pretty bad at one point but nothing coulda prepared me for what was about to come! Anyways I remember drinking 1 liter of Dr. Pepper and then falling asleep on the bus. When I woke up I had to PEE! like 2ce as bad as I did before! anyways I figured we were maybe 30 min from camp ... I was only 2 and a half hours off! So there I was ... miles from the toilet. Well I tried everything, crossing my legs, holding it with my hand ... nothing worked! In about 2 hrs. I had to go so bad my lower stomach felt strange! finally we stopped for gas 10 min from the camp and we were told to go only if it was an emergency! Well being the only 1 was kinda embarssing but it was that or my panties. And to make things worse the RR hadn't been cleaned in what looked like 2 years.! there was poo and everything all over. normally I woulda left ... this wasn't normal though. I sit and mus! ta been peein for 2 min! I went back on the bus (receiving all sorts of comments) and was fine for the rest of the trip :).
I feel much better for those who care! I have been soild for the past week and not even gasy (except in the morning but I am always VERY gassy in the mornings). Also I've read stories about peeps who used enmas(sp) ... what exactly is this? Thanx for the replies ... later!

Saturday, March 11, 2000

Hello everyone, ive been reading these posts for a while now - I love reading all your stories, especially the ones from the men where they have to sit on the toilet for a really long time! More like this please! I thought it was about time I posted about when I had to stop in the middle of my journey home the other day to go to the toilet.

My journey home from work is a long one, involving a tube ride and a train ride. Well, I felt the urge to have a BM when I was at work, and I was too embarrassed to go in the work toilet. It was only about 10 minutes till home time, so I decided to hold it in until then, I figured Id be able to hold it until I got home. All was going well until there was a delay on the tube and the train was stuck in the tunnel for 15 minutes - and I was starting to sweat and had terrible stomach cramps - I thought I was going to do it right there and then! I knew there was toilets at the railway station and prayed i'd be able to hold it in. Anywa! y, the tube journey finally ended, I got off the tube and headed for the railway station - I was getting really desperate by now and the cramps were terrible! I ran really fast towards the ladies loos, paid my 20p and ran as fast as I could into the stalls, it was really busy in there but i managed to find an empty one right in the middle. I unbuttoned my jeans as quickly as I could- I only just made it in time and as soon as I sat down it started coming out. In the first three minutes or so I did about 10 quite large and soft ones. It was really embarassing becuase it was so busy and they made alot of noise. I was farting loudly aswell and the cramps were still bad so I decided to sit there for a little while longer as I still had a 25 minute train journey until I got home and I didnt want to get caught out again. I sat there for another 6 or 7 minutes until another wave hit me, and another 15 or so small poos suddenly slid out really quickly. I hadnt had to go like this for ! ages - god knows what I had eaten! All the time I was in there I could hear people coming and going and Im sure they could hear what I was doing. Another cramp hit me about 5 minutes later and another 4 or 5 large ones fell into the toilet, making loud splashes. I sat there for a while as I knew that I wasnt done yet, and 10 minutes later another cramp hit me, I let out an almighty fart and the final wave exploded into the toilet, this time really mushy. I had to wipe 14 times and then I pulled up my jeans, flushed and left. As I was washing my hands the cleaning lady gave me a really funny look, she had heard everything! Alltogether I was in the toilet for around half an hour and I missed my train home! I made it home OK but when I got home I had to go again and I was on the toilet for another 20 minutes. I had to go another 3 times that evening and then I went to bed.

I've been busy at work, having to go to another location for the next couple of weeks while I help a law firm implement their new client billing system. So many posts in the last couple of days, and long novels at that! I'm sure I will eventually read everyone's posts.

Laurie: I happened to pick your posts - you posted two novels the last two days. Interesting story about pooping at camp. Girls can be cruel at that age, and a few who have been embarrassed have been traumatized for a long time, but most eventually get over it. Don't worry about whether people think you have massive dumps every day - I don't think that's the case. Most of my stories, too, have been about massive dumps, but I don't do that every day, either. Usually for me it's a few solid pieces or so, then I'm done. It's just that I, too, think that massive dumps are more interesting because it doesn't happen that often.

Joe K.: the other day you sought comments on unisex bathrooms and! the sexual aspects of seeing others, particularly those of the opposite sex, on the toilet. For me, I take pleasure in pushing down poop, especially if it comes in large quantities, though it's not enjoyable if it becomes runny, which wasn't the case in most of my posts. I also like it if there are others who can hear my pooping noises and fantasize about seeing me on the toilet, though I don't care too much for them watching me poop. I'm interested in fantasizing about good-looking guys pooping in the toilet. However, I would never go out of my way to see a guy poop, except if he were my husband, and Gary lets me see him poop but hasn't yet been enthusiastic about it. Sometimes I ask him what he thinks about seeing me on the toilet, and he says I look sexy no matter what.

I have one more story about a memorable dump during high school. One Saturday I was in the mall with my Mom and two sisters. We finished having lunch at the food court, and Mom asked if we n! eeded to go to the bathroom. We all said we were OK, so we headed off to JC Penney. We were trying on shoes when I started to feel like pooping. I was trying on a new pair of shoes and started to cross my legs to tie the shoes when I let go a silent fart that felt like air coming out of tires. It stunk real bad, and my older sister Beth exclaimed, "Oh my God, Jane, did you just cut one?" Heads started to turn, and it seemed like everyone was staring at me. My Mom said, "Young lady - you better go now. We will wait for you." I took off the new pair, put on my old shoes, and rushed to the ladies room.

There was one stall left, and I quickly rushed in. I lowered my white shorts and white panties, sat down, and began to pee. A few seconds later I pushed out gooey mushy poop. I hardly pushed, but it came out quickly and kept coming out for 10 seconds. I paused for a few seconds, and continued to push out more mushy poop, this one lasting 20 seconds. I flushed ! the toilet and continued to push out poop. It still came out easily without having to push too much. After another 30 seconds worth of pooping, I flushed the toilet again. Then my stomach began to hurt, and the waves of poop - still mushy but not runny - started to come out faster and in greater volumes. After another 20 seconds of pooping, I flushed the toilet again, then I unleashed a nasty wave of mushy poop that lasted for 30 seconds and included several large thuds. I flushed the toilet, not knowing if it was going to be clogged. Luckily it all went down. At this time my older sister Beth was banging on my stall door, yelling "Hurry up. We're going home." I said I was almost done. I pushed out a relatively small three second wave, then I started to wipe. I must have used up half a roll of TP. I flushed a final time and made sure there was no clog. Before I left, I saw brown stains at the bottom of the bowl. As I washed my hands, Beth said I stunk up the plac! e really good.

This ended up being a long post. Gee, I guess when you're on a roll, you can't stop, right, Laurie?

Hi Claire

I liked your New Years Eve story, there must have been lots of girls who wet themselves that night!

What about your friend Anna? Does she often wear tight trousers? Have you seen her wet herself at any other time?


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