I agree with Laurie as far as the bonding thing,i remember the first time i had to take a dump in High School and being soooooo embaresed since none of the stalls had doors,i had dumped in junior high but the stalls had doors that went all the way to the floor.
I see my friend Sharon in the hall heading towards the girls room and i caught up with her at the door and just about knocked her over makeing my way to the very first stall and saying something like sorry gotta dump like real bad,and tuging my pants and panties down together and just ploping my skinny little butt on the seat as a load of liquid shit shot out with a real loud embaresing fart and trying to cover my self by keeping my clothes pulled up as far as possible to cover my bush and the pad in my panties
(double embaresing)my friend was in the next stall peeing and i remember saying sorry about all the gas since i was realy doing some rank farts and smelling up the room and sharon saying no big deal i do ! it too you know and she was nice enough to stand at the opening of my stall as i finished my business since she must have known how embaresed i was and now the room was filled with other girls
some of which were standing at the sinks oppisite me and i realy didnt want to have to wipe and pull up my pants and panties in front of a crowd and sharon stayed and talked to me blocking their view as i finished.
I can remember telling my mom what happend and she thought it was funny,well after that one time i felt my shyness going away and realy didn't mind doing #1 or #2 with other girls around and would hear them all farting and the ploping just like me and would have some great talks and pass gosip etc etc and by my second year i would even use the toilets in the girls locker room sometimes dumping after a shower and sitting on the toilet in the nude with my towel wrapped around my wet hair laughing and having a great time as i pee'ed farted and pooped and my friends doing ! the same,and for me being as shy as i was and with not the greatest body (real flat on top)this was like a miracle to me and i would feel sorry that some of the girls couldn't share the experience and sometimes would even have accidents trying to hold it until they got home.
I guess it was just nice to have a place where we could say and do things and just be US without worring about what some boy would think.

Joe K
BUZZY: In response to your question about shitting like crazy for a few days; it has happened to me. December 1998: I started a very strict exercise routine, in which I had to sleep 9 hours (not more, not less), drink a galon of plain water, and eat a substantial amount of fiber (I had All Bran for breakfast on a daily basis). A week later I started to see the results. Usually, I´m a morning pooper. Sometimes very early, sometimes not so early, but I seldom shit in the afternoon; so one day, after finishing my morning exercise (which included 10 minutes escalator, 15 minutes bike, 15 minutes weights, and 20 minutes treadmill and contributed to loosen my bowels), I was enojoying my All Bran with milk, bananas and my coffee, when suddenly I felt the most intense cramp I can recall, followed by an ever growing pressure in my rectum as it filled to its capacity. Man, I almost cried in pain, and tears formed in my eyes. I needed to shit right away! As I headed to the bathroom, the ! pressure was so great that I had to press my butt as I walked and felt intense pain in my bowels. It was a nightmare; I felt I would shit right on the spot uncontollably. Finally I made it to the toilet and after unbuckling my pants at light speed, I dropped them to my ankles and exploded as I hit the can. It was one of the most pleasurable sensations I´ve felt. Waves of crackling shit flowed out of my butt efortlessly, along with farts for about a whole minute. The whole room filled with a strong smell of poop, which I enjoyed, as it was a healthy dump (not diarrhea). After the initial waves of shit, I paused for a while; however I felt I still had to unload a little more so I reamined shitting and passing gas for about 5 minutes. Before wiping, I thought that a once in a lifetime shit deserves to be admired so I stood up to see what I had produced. There must have been about 3lbs of soft mush. It was incredible. I proceeded to wipe which was a task almost as long as the time! I spent pooping. I hate wiping, particularly when it´s very time consuming. Finally I had to flush (what a pitty). However it was one of the most pleasurable dumping experiences I´ve had. Also, for about a week, I had similar pooping experiences (I was on vacation those days and was totally relaxed, so that may have contributed to those memorable dumps) and all were at the same hour; some days I also pooped at midday (2 times a day), shitting like crazy. It felt great. The only thing I regret, was that I was the only one who enjoyed it. I woud have liked to dump in a public restroom so that in a way I could have had a semi buddy-dumping experience with other guys. Also, imagine dumping such a load in the presence of a cleaning lady or in a unisex facility next to and attractive woman. I´m turned on just thinking about it.

I had two experiences with Chuck this week that I’d like to share. The first one was in our gym. Chuck and I had just finished showering after our workout and we were back at our lockers. The gym was packed cause it was after work and there were a lot of other guys in the same row as us. Chuck was naked with a small white towel wrapped tightly around his waist. All of a sudden he turned to this guy standing next to him and said, “Better back off a couple steps, I’m gonna lay down the law.” The guy laughed and stepped back a few steps as Chuck thrust his butt out ever so slightly and blasted a classic “Chuck Special”. It was a very long fart, and it was way loud. Several guys started laughing and one guy patted Chuck on the back and said, “Not that’s what I call a fart.” Chuck looked up at the ceiling and gave us his traditional man-hoot. He had this big smile and he strutted halfway down the locker room aisle making eye contact with guys as he passed them, and one of! them gave him a high 5. After he strutted a few feet he stopped, looked up at the ceiling and hooted again and then laughed. He strutted back to his locker, looked upward again and repeated another echoing hoot call. One guy started giving Chuck a hard time about the smell so Chuck puffed out his chest, walked up to the guy and stood with his face a fraction of an inch from the guy’s face. He said, “Well how about this,” and he rips another enormous fart. The next morning I went over to Chuck’s place to pick him up for work. His wife had already left for her job. When Chuck answered the door he was in a white jock strap. While we were waiting for his protein shake to kick in, he told me this story. A few nights ago when he was having sex with his wife, right when they were really going at it (Chuck on top) and getting close, Chuck without even knowing it was coming until it was roaring out of his hole, ripped a huge growler fart. Chuck said she didn’t mind, quite th! e contrary. At that point he was ready for his shit. “I got a couple fatties comin’ down the chute dude.” Chuck took off his jock strap and sat on the toilet facing me. He instructed me to kneel in front of him. At that point he picked up his left leg and rested his thigh on my right shoulder so I had this incredible view . He immediately started a good crackle and I saw his hole open a fat one start to slide out slowly. This one crackled it’s way to within a fraction of an inch of the water and with a big groan, Chuck deposited it into the water with a fairly good splash. “Jesus,” Chuck exclaimed. Immediately four small ball turds shot out with some serious fart propulsion throughout. “Here comes a good one dude.” A slimmer turd than the first started to slide out of his hole and this one was long. “Check it out, man, looks like a whopper.” Sure enough the turd continued to slide out of his hole. It was at least 8 inches. The last part of it was still stuck in ! his hole so he started to swivel his ass slightly on the bowl. “One, two, three, geronimo!” Chuck says as the turd plops loudly into the bowl. Then Chuck farted loudly, once, twice, three, four times in a row. He winks at me and motions toward the toilet paper. He turns around and bends completely over with his hands resting on the floor so I can wipe him real good. He looks at each piece of TP and when he can no longer see brown he has me do one more good rub-wipe before he flushes. He stood up and flexes both biceps, one at a time, belches loudly and then struts out of the bathroom to his bedroom to dress. I stayed in the bathroom for a few minutes with the aroma of Chuck’s freshly dumped shit. Then we headed to work.

Okay, today, I was sleeping until around 1:00 AM, I woke up all of a sudden. I could feel some poop at my anus trying to come out. I thought it was like some of those times I had poop waiting for me to push. But this felt a little different. I went into the bathroom, pulled down my underwear, and sat on the toilet. All of a sudden, not a solid motion, but a giant wave of diarrhea flooded out, and boy did it splash! I groaned as about, 6 more waves flooded out of me. I looked down and saw that the water was splashed, completely brown, and there were lots and lots of tiny pieces of poop in there. Then there was brown water splashed on the seat and floor. I cleaned the mess. I wiped my butt, thinking I was done but as my hand wiped, more diarrhea was realised. I got my had all dirty with liquidy poop. But then I had about, 3 more waves and I was finally done. It was pretty filled up with brown water and bits of poop in the toilet. I flushed, washed my hands, and went back to bed.! It had been an entire hour of diarrhea. But it wasn't over. Around 2:30, I had to dash back and 3 more waves, again came out. I felt a little weak. I drank some water and tried to go back to bed but couldn't. So far, all my farts make me poop and I haven't had a solid motion all day.

Hi Adrian. As far as the Anne who was my schoolfriend was concerned the only accidents I can remember her having were both at primary (grade) school. The first wont be of any great interest to most here as she peed her knickers in the playground. We were playing skipping ropes (for those who dont know this game two girls are "enders" and turn or "caw" the rope while other girls jump across it usually as the others chant some little song. The boys didnt play but used to like watching as they could see the girls knickers as our skirts rose up as we jumped). In any event Anne jumped then stopped at the other side and I saw a puddle start to form on the ground beneath her and realised she was wetting her knickers. She had out off going to the girls toilet at the end of the playground to play and paid the price. Now she didnt wet her skirt and simply slipped off her wet knickers, (white cotton briefs as I recall) and put them in her schoolbag. Her second accident was a jobbie accid! ent and happened like this. Anne had gone to the girls toilet at school and done two nice fat turds during the afternoon break (about 2.45pm) then when we were walking home at about 4.15pm she said, "Oh I need a jobbie!" I said "but you did two big ones at playtime in the girls (toilet)". Yes, but there was a bit left up my bum and its coming out now in my knickers" With that she stood still and went "UH!" Now luckily it was a big fat ball and just dropped down into the seat of her navy blue knickers (we had been playing netball that afternoon and she had kept her navy briefs on). When we got back to my home we went to the toilet and I saw the lumpy bulge hanging down in the seat of her knicks. She simply stepped out of them and turned them out into the pan where the ball made a loud "PLOONK!" , her knickers only having a couple of skid marks in the seat to show what had happened and wiped her bum then slipped on the pair of white knickers she had taken off to play netball.

As regards your idea to protect against a possible accident or leakage I would think a modern panty pad or liner would be better if put on the gusset (crotch) of the panties slightly further back thus covering the seat and anal region. When soiled this could be disposed of. One of the male partners in my office had piles (haemorroids) and wore a panty pad from his wife to protect his underpants and trousers and I know of other men adopting this idea when stricken by an attack of the runs to protect against wet farts or leaks.

On that topic I see that there are a lot of mush and diarrhea postings again- YEUCH :{ . Dont Americans pass solid motions? Is this a diet matter with all those exotic fruits and veg and spicy ethnic cooking or are we Brits simply anally retentive and thus pass harder jobbies? Anyway it would be nice to read more postings about nice solid logs being passed.

With George being away on business he has missed some real whoppers from! me. Last night I woke at 3am and did a ton in our en suite toilet a big fat 12 incher shaped like a knobbly carrot a type 2 (firm) jobbie on my scale which went "KUR-SPOOL-LOOMP!" followed by a type 3 (easy)curved sausage of the same length which went "Flump!". I hadn't had a motion for a couple of days. With no George present I had to push and rub my own ???? as I sat there with my white panties with a blue floral pattern at my knees. The big carrot took quite a few minutes and a lot of "OO!s and NNN!s" to pass but the sausage just ooozed out under its own steam fat smooth and easy. I have to say I felt really good afterwards and felt like phoning George but Im sure he would have had a bit of bother explaining to the "ockers" in Queensland that his "sheila" had phoned him all the way from Scotland to tell him she had a good dump!

Friday, March 10, 2000

Joe K
Hi everyone. About 4 months ago, my cousin, who also studies at my college, told me that someone had placed sort of a home made bomb in one of the women´s restrooms, and a teacher was mildly injured. I had seen reward announcements throughout the campus, about finding the bastards who put the bomb, but I thought it was a joke until she told me. I imagine the bomb must have been in one of the toilets; and also, poor teacher; it must have been a very traumatic experience. For some time, I was really concerned, cause you cannot know what to expect nowadays. But the most important: I think we should firmly punish those criminal acts, and sadly, be aware that even in places considered safe, you have to take care. Its not that I want to scare you, but I thought that something like this should be widely diffused.
By the way, I have been constipated for a day and a half, so I feel I will have to unload a substantial amount. I´ll post about it later. Well, I have to go now. Best wishes for all of you. Take care.

Sally - the reason that the Japanese lady got up on the toilet seat and squatted to poo and pee is beacause many Japanese toilets are in the ground and you have to squat over them. I have a very good Japanese friend who told me she hates western toilets and that her poos don't feel satisfying unless she squats. I've seen many posts here which agree that squatting is the best way to poo. Several years ago I visited my friend in Tokyo and while she was showing me the sights she said she needed to use a ladies room. We went over to a public ladies room and there were a row of stalls just like in western restrooms. However, I saw that the toilet was in the ground - kind of like a men's urinal placed on its back in the floor. Also, the gaps between the stalls were quite large and while you squatted, you got a clear view of the toilet in the next stall. I squatted over my toilet and peed. While I was there I decided to poo as well, as I'd never used one of these toilets before. As I was pooing, I glanced over to the next stall and could see my friend squatting with her dress hiked up by her waist and panties below her knees. I watched a fat, light brown, knobbly turd come out of her bottom and fall into the toilet. Several more poos came out but were thinner. I finished my poo, wiped and stood up. You had to flush with your foot. I came out and told my friend that I could see her pooing and she told me that many womens restrooms have large gaps between the stalls and that Japanese women are not shy about going to the toilet.

Worst public toilet I've ever been was in a bar in Torremolinos Spain. It was a unisex. One toilet. One sink. One bare lightbulb. Everybody in the bar was wasted. We were partying with these 2 pretty but trashed Danish girls. The toilet was at the top of a staircase. It was blocked and overflowing and liquid shit water was running down the stairs. There was shit splattered on the fixtures. And people would just walk up the stairs to go piss because there was no alternative. Reminded me of Salmon going up a waterfall. We actually had a lot of fun that night. I was too drunk to care about the bathroom. I thought it was kind of hilarious at the time.

I can agree with Paul, Nicola and Moira about people in the 1950s and 60s being less careful about personal hygiene than nowadays. For my own part my mum DID give me clean underpants to wear every day, but this was less usual in those days. Until I was 8 these were the horrid and uncomfortable white undershorts which I believe are still popular in the USA, then white cotton Y-Front briefs, a lot more comfortable. I now wear unisex cotton briefs as many European men do these days in various colours, Calvin Klein, Sloggi, Playtex, Speedo, identical to those worn by my wife Theresa, and change into a clean pair every day. I have also grown up to have a body wash every day since I was a kid. Then I had a bath two or 3 times a week but of course now I have a daily shower. In the 1960s however many ordinary working class people in Glasgow and other cities didnt have a bathroom or shower and washing machines werent as common as they are today. Many of my classmates both boys and girl! s wore the same clothes for more than one day, including their underpants or knickers. Some of the really dirty ones were really smelly, but I suppose most of the kids and indeed some adults were to a lesser extent and this meant a high background of smelliness so it wasnt noticed. I feel if these people were beamed into the modern day then with our lower threshold of smelliness they would soon be picked up! When getting changed for games and gym I did notice that some of my contemporaries had dirty knickers and underpants with urine stains and skid marks. I blame the hard slippery paper then used in the days before soft toilet tissue for these in many cases, but a lot of kids werent that fussy about wiping their bum after a motion. Many girls were as bad as boys as I saw when visiting friends, cousins etc. Once we had a cousin Claire, stay with us for 5 days and only bring 2 pairs of knickers, one she was wearing the other to change into, much to my mum's disgust. Thankfully,! people are now used to a higher standard of cleanliness these days. Personally I cannot stand wearing the same pair of underpants for more than one day and my wife Theresa also changes her knickers every day.

I had a very enjoyable toilet experience yesterday. I was working at a customers office, a small business which rents property with only three women workers. The owner, a woman in her 30s stayed behind as I finished the work. She went into the one toilet and as the partition walls were thin I heard it all. The rustle as she lifted her skirt and pulled her knickers down then the gush and tinkle of her wee wee. I hoped she would be doing a motion "KER-SPLOONK! KER-SPLOOSH! KUR-SPLOOMP!" 3 big solid jobbies came out. I heard her wipe her bum and come out, NOT PULLING THE FLUSH! Excited I waited a few minutes then went in and was rewarded by seeing her 3 turds, a big lumpy 8 incher, one 6 inch and one 4 inches long, all well formed and fat. Im sure she deliberately! left her motion for me to see, as from 40 odd years experience I am well aware that some girls and women do this if they pass a good solid motion of which they are proud.

On Anne's and others comments about dark knickers not showing the results of an accident I too have experienced when I had a wet fart and luckily was wearing both black briefs and trousers so it didnt show. I did once see where a bloke was wearing white jeans and he farted and a brown stain appeared in the seat. As a matter of choice I dont wear light trousers anyway, only the ubiquitous blue jeans from time to time.

Laura,(or was it Linda?), who used to use the word "pampies" for her panties or knickers. Theresa and I have adopted this word to refer to those slightly fuller cut and baggier cotton briefs we both sometimes wear, white Cherub brand cotton interlock briefs being the type.

It seems that my story about my experience about squatting in a Japanese toilet didn't post on Wednesday. What's strange is that I tried posting the same story a few months ago and it didn't post then either. Could it be because I said I could see my friend pooing in the next stall? If so I don't consider this spying as the gap between the stalls was at least 9 inches and everyone could see everyone else squatting. Well I'm not going to tell it again!

Hi Steve

Thank you for telling me about your girlfriend - of course she's not old!! By the way, does she know that you have posted the stories of her wetting herself here? What clothes does she wear mostly?

You talk about a girl dropping her knickers to wee in public. For me, the whole point is that it depends where I am at the time!

On several occasions I have been out for a walk, jog or cycle ride in the country and I have been dying for a wee - if I can find a quiet spot, then I will remove my clothes or slip them to one side, depending on what I am wearing, but if there are folk who will see me I just couldn't do it. In that case I will most likely end up wetting myself!

I live in the inner city, which is very built up, and there always seem to be people about. If I'm out and there isn't a loo, then I either wait, or if I can't then I'm afraid its wet knickers again ...

I had an accident like this last New Years Eve. I was wit! h friends at the millennium celebrations in Central London, and I was wearing my long black skirt, with sheer tights and white silky knickers underneath, and we had been drinking - fatal! There were of course thousands of people, and very few loos, certainly where we were.

As the evening progressed I became more and more desperate - I mean bursting!! I did hold myself a little, when no-one seemed to be looking, but you can't do that all the time!

I lasted out till soon after midnight, till I felt the first signs of little dribbles in my knickers. Try as I might, I could not hold it in! I could feel little trickles of wee running down first one leg, then both legs. I was wetting myself as I stood there with all those people!! (There was NO way I could have done anything else!)

Because I didn't know these particular friends that well I didn't feel I could say anything, so I just carried on as if nothing was happening. On and off for the next two h! ours I kept doing spurts in my knickers, I felt as though I would have given anything just to do it all!

Mind you, I wasn't the only one, because my friend Anna wet her tight black trousers that night too! (Boy, were they tight ...)

Yes, my friend Katherine was rather shocked at herself for weeing in her trousers, we were waiting at a bus stop at the time. Since then, we have chatted a bit to each other about times we've both wet ourselves! She told me about a time when she was 14, in a school play, and forgot her lines in front of everyone - and panicked, and wet herself! I felt really sorry for her.

To Mandi

Thank you for sharing! I do know how you feel, see my post on Page 310, my tight white trousers got pretty see-through too ....

I do like to hear stories of other girls who have wet themselves - it reminds me that I am not alone!

Best Wishes


TO LORIE-WOW great story,i would love to see an asian girl take a good dump!I would have loved being a fly on the wall seeing you all poo-Cool!TO JOE K-Lately,the last few days,i've been shitting up a storm the same way you went in your post-i get a BIG urge to go right away and i sit down and all this mushy poop comes out with a lot of gas along with it.I wonder if i have a bug or something or my body is just cleaning itself out.Usually i go once a day in the a.m.but lately i've been going 2-3 times.Strange?
Had another this a.m. Sat on the bowl as,soon as i got up and started to shit right away along with hissing farts.It all came out pretty fast and easy,but it was all mushy,There was a huge pile of mushy poop in the bowl.Every time lately when i poop,it is a large amount and it all comes out at once in a long continous,soft stream.It does feel good especially when i relly gotta go.A question-Has anyone else gone thru this period of shitting like crazy for a few day! s? Keep up the super stories,all! BYE

This site is cool. the girls and weomen on here are so nice.One day i hope to meet a girl who is interested in pooing with me. Tha would be a dream come true. We have a lady who comes and cleans our house on thursdays. I plan to hold my poo all day until she getts here and then right in the middle of my poo i will ask her to bring me some tp. This hopefully is going to be good. Well i will let you know how it turns out

Public Toilet Hater
I clogged commodes at work twice this week. Too much poop.

Steve & Louise,

Hi! Wow, what an experience, not only the beach wee but everything that came after. That was pure serendipity, coming together with such an amazing group. And Louise was sure a trooper -- that's not something a gal will do for her guy every day! Not just the "what came later" episode (!) but just the act of sharing the toilet with her and her kids, that was marvelous.

Okay, I'll try parking my tushy on a sink! Sounds easy enough, I'll let you know what happens!

Yes, I agree, if they ever put urinals in the ladies' (or if the unisex bathroom ever comes along) Louise and I would be happily hosing the porcelein shoulder to shoulder!

Has she ever used a continuous wall-type urinal? We still have a lot of those in Australia and it's amazing to see your reflection in the steel, and hear the singular hissing and singing noises your stream makes as it hits the wall at different angles. And also to see your yellow flood making its! way along the gutter. Quite amazing. I've used a type installed here in which the steel wall has a wide collectibe trough at the bottom, under a steel floor grille, so you can basically stand and aim anywhere, and a gusher can't miss the mark no matter where it goes -- my first great expeerience peeing with an audience was in this type, a milestone wee for this gal, if you will!

Hi Laurie, That was the greatest story!!! I loved it, Thank you very much. I can't wait to read your spring break stories. Don't worry about it being the longest post on here, it was also the best one ever. please keep posting :) All my love...Kevin

p.s. I like all the other posters stories to, i just happen to love Laurie's

In response to Joe K's post about unixex restrooms:

I had mentioned in earlier post that many office building her in the North East U.S. have been using more and more women on cleaning staffs and they are cleaning the men's rooms as well. More than once a female cleaning lady has come into the bathroom where I work when there were men in there. They usually knock first, but sometimes they knock so soft that you could not hear them if you were in the can. Also, There have been numerous situations over the last few years here in the States where women at concerts and sporting events have had to wait in long lines because of the lack of women's toilets. This has resulted in women barging into the men's bathrooms seeing men, some with their pants pulled below their buts, and taking over the joint. They would pratically run all the men out of there.
In each of those cases, the ones I have read about, nothing happened to any of the women. Personally I would not care, bu! t there are still men out there who are sensative about a strange lady seeing his pravate parts. This leads to an interesting point. Do we have a double standard here. If a woman charges the men's room, regardless of who is in there, nothing happens. On the other hand, if a man so much as sticks his head in a ladies bathroom, it gets chopped off to put it mildly. Unfortunately, the U.S. is too dangerous of a place to have unixes public bathrooms, period!

Lorie: We have park in New York City with toilet stalls facing each other. However, the stalls have doors. If you can look from where you are sitting, you can see someone using the toilet. This park is frequented by Spanish and Asian girls. Many of them squat on the toilet seat. This is a habit from their countries, if they grew up without indoor plumbing. I tried it a few times. I learned from a girl West Indian girl. She is a distant cousin who stayed in my house. Only thing, Spanish girls have loose or watery movements. So when they squat, they spray the bowl and seat.

Grunty Bogwell: Dumping raw sewage these days is a crime. I had to turn in a bus company for dumping lavatory waste in a city sewer.

Laurie: I have been taking off my dress, skirt or pants when I have the time, also. A girl at my first summer job taught me. I tell Tawana, also. So she does not wrinkle her clothes. Also, I worked in a day camp and ate lots of fruit. It gave me terrific diarre! ah. The kids used to laugh at me sitting on the toilet. But, I got even on them when they were caught short. But, I used to stink them out. If I had peaches and black plums, I would light up the place. One day after eating about 20 plums and peaches, I had to evacuate. I ran to the playground bathroom, unbuckling my belt let down my blue jean cut-offs and yellow Eiderlon panties, sat on the bowl in one motion. Niagara Falls. Almost 60 minutes. When I bent my head between my legs, I saw brownish black foamy water, fruit skins and undigested fruit. The smell was that of musky soil. I knew I was clean internally.

Nicola: Michelle made a load of soft pieces of doo-doo. She was always good for that. Many times in elementary school she dropped 3 or 4 eight inch brown sausages. One Sunday after church she was at my house. I was in 1st grade. She was in 5th. She ran to the bathroom. I heard her in the next room evacuating diarreah. She open the door ajar. She had her dress an! d slip bunched around her waist and her white silk panties pushed to her legs. She was gripping her stomach with her hands. The waves of doo-doo water kept coming for 30 minutes. The bathroom stinked. She flushed while sitting. But, I saw black tire tracks in the bowl. I like my Carters briefs thru high school and college. I wore the largest size until they wore out. The leg opening had elastic. I never messed in my pants. I only started wearing dark colors in mid high school. My first black and navy blue panties were worn at age 14. They were FOL's, Maidenform and Eiderlon. Now we wear Hanes, Jockey, FOL and CK. Boys used to look at my underwear waistband from my pants waistline or if I was wearing a dress or skirt, they could she my panties and slip when I swung around at my desk. I always wore a size larger.

Buzzy: Black girls shit a storm after we eat, especially collard greens, mustard, turnips and kale. When I want a clean out, I cook a potful. I evacuate a var! iety of doo-doo, from rock hard to watery. Sometimes as much as 5 times a day. Either at home, work or at recreation. Today I had diarreah, with gas and mucous. Then after dinner London Broil and salad, I evacuated 3 waves. I make upon wake-up, then after breakfast, lunch and dinner. My cousins evacuate the same way. We are healthy.

In the light of what you've said, I understand about the need for that motion having worn off until the following morning. You're very wise not to force yourself when you're constipated and just let things happen naturally. I strain sometimes when I'm constipated and I suspect a lot of people do. It's an instinctive urge to try and get rid but it's not always wise. Still, you had a good clear out when the time came.

I enjoyed your account of having to get up in the night. We all have to do it sometimes. You must have felt heaps better getting rid of that lot on Saturday night - 16 inches in all. No wonder your friend was impressed. You didn't actually refer to wiping though. Did you wipe? I hope you did if you were wearing white knickers.

The account of that mini accident you had while out dancing was absolutely super. I bet you were glad to be wearing dark brown undies on that occasion! Just a tip though. Why not protect yourself further by wearing a clean mansize tissue on the inside seat of your knickers? I used to suffer with a sinus at the base of my back which bled periodically into my underpants and lower vest, and i found that mansize tissues were very helpful in keeping my underwear clean. It's not fanciful to suggest that they might be useful in containing the worst effects of a mini soiling accident. What do you think?

Anne. My attempt last night to reply to your latest post seems to have bitten the dust, so here's another try (it's now Thursday evening). As I didn't write anything that would obvoiusly fall foul of the Moderator, I can only assume that the problem was a transmission one related to my server. Anyhow, here goes!

I fully accept what you say about the need for a motion having worn off and your not needing to do it until the following morning. You're right not to strain or force yourself when constipated. I've strained sometimes when constipated and I'm sure a lot of people do, despite knowing better, but it's not really a good thing to do. Still I guess it's a natural reaction to want to try and 'get rid' so to speak.

I really enjoyed your story about Saturday night. You must have felt heaps better for doing the equivalent of 16 inches and about 2- 21/2 inches thick at that. No wonder your friend was impressed! However, I don't recall you mentioning anything about wiping. I hope you did. Most of us have to get up in the night sometimes although in my case it's usually just for a wee.

Equally interesting was your account of that mini accident or 'mick' you had whilst out dancing. No wonder you were glad to be wearing dark brown knickers on that occasion. I guess the dancing loosened up that small stool which you would have eventually passed anyway. Just a thought though. I used to suffer from a sinus at the base of my back which got infected periodically and used to bleed. One very effective way of keeping my underpants and lower vest clean was the insertion of a large paper tissue in the seat of my underpants. I can well imagine that by extension, the use of such a tissue on a routine basis may go some way towards minimising the worst effects of at least a small accident. What do you think? Try using a tissue and see how you feel. My guess is that you won't notice it's there and you'll have a feeling of added security in the event of a small accident. By the way, you didn't say whether you had a partner who shared your experiences or not. I'd love to know.

Moira (Scotland). I liked the post about your friend called Anne. Sounds like she was very uninhibited. Do you remember her ever having any accidents?

Nicola (England). Great post about your changing rooms accident. Did you have any more?


Recently the security firm I work for won the contract to patrol the city council 24 hr under ground parking facility to try to stop vandalism and the druggies shooting up in the stair wells and parking areas. The two security officers are required to walk all 7 levels and 4 stairwells at least once per hour.
One Friday the 3rd of march was like most others fairly boring until about 3am .
I had just finished walking level 7 (the bottom level) and entered stair well c to go back up to the ground level as I walked up the stairs I heard an entry door slam somewhere above me. As I reached level 4 I could hear two female voices on the landing above me. I started up the next flight and rounded the landing only to fine two lilly white asses looking at me. I backed around the corner a little and watched one girl was a brunette about 30 the other was a red head about 25 the were squatting on the landing with there asses hanging over the top step about 2 ft apart . The red head had a hairy pussy and the brunette was clean shaven. Both started to pee water clear pee the brunettes pussy lips quivered as the torrent escaped her. The red heads pee seemed to gather and run down her pussy hair. They were both watching what the other was doing . There pee made a splatter sound as it hit the step and overflowed to the next step. The brunettes ass hole puckered then seemed to turn inside out bulging as a turd opened her hole and started to slide out it was light brown in colour and about 2 inches round I came out of her in one 6 inch long bit tapering off at the end it looked fairly solid and came out of her clean not leaving any bits on her hole. The red heads ass hole kinda domed a little but nothing like the brunettes. She was pushing out little sticky looking far softer turds and seemed to be having trouble getting them to drop off the hole the brunette finished first but didn't move just kept looking at the red head who had managed to get about 4 of these nearly black 1inch round by 2 inch long turds out of her ass. She pushed out two more then seemed to be finished but the last one would not drop off her hole. She shook her ass and jiggled up and down then must have pushed really hard as her ass hole opened and the hanger was free.
The brunette removed a pack of wet ones from her purse , removed two and wiped her ass with them then discarded them on the step she then removed one more and wiped her pussy with it .
The red head removed two from the pack and wiped her ass removing bits of turd from her hole. She then removed two more and wiped again still removing bits of turd. She did this 6 times before her hole was clean she than wiped her pussy twice discarding used wet ones on the step also. They then stood up the brunette pulling up her black lacy panties and jeans the red head pulling up her white panties and flicking down her skirt that she had been holding up out the way. I ducked back down the stares to the landing below. The girls were giggling and must have been examining each others turd pile as the were commenting on how much each other had done. They exited the stare well to level three. I walked back up the stares to where they were and looked at what they had done the red head's pee had ran down six steps and she had done 6 turds 1inch by 3 inch and two little bits is was nearly black in colour and smelled awfully. The brunette's pee covered 4 steps and she had done a light brown nearly yellow turd 2 inches by 6 inches it didn't seem to smell very much.
Any way better keep patrolling will let you know of any further sightings.

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