Well, after reading the post I wrote last night (which was incredibly long I'm sorry!) I realized that I sort of skipped a lot of details of the doorless stall story. So, with your permission, I'd like to have another go of it. Towards the end I started typing extremely rapidly and didn't organize my thoughts quite the way I wanted to. So here goes again with my doorless stall story.
As you all know, I arrived to camp late on Saturday night. We counselors got to stay in these one room shacks that were very private (kinda like we got our own little homes it was really nice!) They basically consisted of a bed, a small table and chair and a dresser and closet for our clothes. The space was only about a quarter the size of my room at home but I didn't care because it was very private and very cozy. Anyway, when I got there, I was extremely exhausted. I threw my suitcase and duffel bag into the closet, stripped down to my underwear (with the shade on the window drawn thank you very much!) because it was sooo hot outside and climbed into bed. When I woke up the next morning around 8:00, I felt a cramping in my ???? indicated I had to poo pretty badly. So, I pulled a pair of khaki shorts and a white tank top out of my suitcase and put them on. Then, I grabbed a pair of sandals out of my duffel bag and a magazine I had brought along with me. I headed over to the one toilet outhouse like structure. Actually, it's not really an outhouse like a port a potty. It's a real bathroom but it's by itself in a small structure. It's got a toilet and a sink crammed together inside this tiny structure. Anyway, when I got there, there were two 12 year old campers there sitting on the ground chatting. They gave me a rather snobbish look (thank god they weren't campers I had to look after)and one said very snottily, "you're going to have to wait a long time to use the bathroom. Linda is in there taking a dump and we've got next in the bathroom. I have to poop too and so does she" pointing at her friend. Now, this little one room structure has a fairly wide crack at the base of the door and I was able to clearly see a pair of feet by the toilet with a pair of red shorts down by the ankles. The girl spoke again "you probably should go to the main complex over there if you have to go badly cause she just got in there and I probably will take a long time." "me too" said the other one. I wasn't too crazy about having to walk to the other side of the complex but the cramping in my ???? was getting worse so I headed over to the public bathrooms. Well, when I got there I was shocked because none of the stalls had doors on them! They had them last year, I didn't know what happened. Anyway, there was another counselor a year older than me sitting on the toilet furthest from the door reading a newspaper. She had her shorts all the way down to her ankles and I could clearly see her private area...she must have been completely uninhibited and open about her body functions. I walked over to the sink and pretended to fix my hair to try to figure out what I should do when she made a rather loud grunting noise "hnnnunnnnnhhh" followed by a fart and a splashing sound. She then went back to flipping through her newspaper. I farted and realized that I better sit on the toilet. I took a stall one away from her but not too in view of the door. I pulled my shorts to my knees and put the magazine over my private area to try and give myself the maximum privacy I could. The other counselor then grunted loudly again, farted twice and let out three fast and loud splats in her toilet. I was able to start smelling her at this point and it smelled kinda nasty, like she was doing wet ones. She farted once more, let out a loud "huuuuuhhhhhhhh" followed by a couple more splashes. She then rolled off some toilet paper, wiped a couple time from what I could tell, flushed her toilet, and went over to the sink. She washed her hands and fiddled with her hair, went back to her stall farted and flushed the toilet once more. She then left, not looking at me at all. During this whole time, which felt like an eternity even though it was only about five minutes, I just sat on my toilet trying to hide myself and my embarrasment. I couldn't even start to poo with this other girl in there even though my stomach was starting to hurt and cramp badly. Finally, she was gone and I had the place to myself. I relaxed my butt and three loud farts erupted from inside of me. They sounded kinda wet like and a large log started coming out. I let out three huge logs (or at least, they felt huge) fairly quickly. I then sat there for a couple of minutes trying to relax my butt, which had just expelled three huge pieces of poop in about 2 minutes. After I sat there for awhile and my butt didn't hurt as much, I still felt like there was more inside of me (I always have to crap a lot when I miss going for a day). I started to push out another load when the door suddenly opened. There stood another girl of about 12 (not the same one from the outhouse). When she saw me, she froze and her mouth dropped open. I looked straight at my feet and because of the shock and embarrasment, two chunks quickly plopped out of me accompanied with a loud, wet sounding fart. I was so humiliated! The girl went to the sink, threw water on her face and ran out of the bathroom. As soon as she was outside, I heard her laugh hysterically and tell what I guessed were her friends that "a counselor was in there taking a massive, smelly dump." "Eeeeeeewwwww." Came a cry from some other girls. (as if they never had to poo in there entire lives) What happened next served to further embarras me. The girls came in, one by one, and each went to the sink to "throw water on their faces" but as they passed me in the stall, they all stared for a long period of time and held back laughter till they got outside. One girl even had the nerve to say "that's so disgusting. Why would anyone take a dump in public with no door? I'm glad I never have to poo like that" What a little snot! So, the girls finally went away, leaving me in peace. I had now been in there for about fifteen minutes and I had pooed several large loads. I decided to flush the toilet to prevent it from overflowing. I stood up and figured I was done, but immediately after I stood I let out a loud fart and knew I wasn't done yet. I sat back down and started pooing once more. This was not a fun morning. I was in the middle of a long poo when the door opened again. "Oh great." I thought. "another one of the brats come to make fun of me again." But i was wrong. This was a girl of about 11 years old and she had a worried look on her face and was clutching her ????. She ran into the stall next to mine and pulled down her shorts as fast as she could (i could see her in the mirror) She groaned as soon as she got on the toilet and a torrent of diarhea came rushing out of her body. She kept moaning "oooooooohhhhhhhhh. Hnunnhhh. Oooohhhhhh. Uggggghhh." and poo kept racing out of her body in the liquid form. Sorry if this grosses out those of you who like solid stories (like moira) but it's just the details. I asked if she was ok and she said "I'm having some really bad diarhhea." I finished up my load (a couple more long poos), wiped myself seven times, Pulled up my shorts and flushed the toilet. There were huge skid marks in the toilet, so i flushed again. I went over to the next stall and helped the poor little girl. She pooed 6 massive waves of diarrhea (i think it was something she ate) and i helped clean up what didn't get in the toilet (some splashed on the seat) I got her a change of clothing from her cabin (she accidentally let some in her underwear before she got to the toilet) I then led her back to her cabin and put her back to sleep because she was really not feeling well. I went back to the bathroom complex and boy did it reak in there! I cleaned up the little girls stall and got it fairly clean, just a lot of skidmarks in the bowl. My stall stunk too, and there were some itty bitty flecks of poo still in the bowl, so I flushed it again and it was really clean. Finally, I went into the stall of the other counselor and saw skid marks there too. I decided to leave them right where they were. Needless to say, it was a busy sunday morning of pooping in that bathroom. Out of curiosity, I went back to the one toilet house to see if the snotty girls were still there. I wasn't surprised that they weren't there (after all, my adventures in pooping had taken me over half an hour) I went into the empty house and it REEKED in there! There were two huge skid marks in the bowl and the smell of a very large, very fresh dump in the room. I got out of there as fast as I could to avoid dying of intoxication! I headed back to my shack, took off my clothes, and went back to sleep for another couple of hours. What a wild first day of camp that was!!
Well, I hope that is a better rendition of the details of the story I tried to convey last night. I'm going to my boyfriends house today so I'll probably end up pooing there. Hopefully, I'll get to know when he's pooing too!! I'll keep my fingers crossed and I'll try posting tomorrow to let you know how it all went.
I want to try and make one other thing clear before I leave. I believe that in my post from last night I said that girls taking dumps turns me on. Well, I was thinking about that statement last night and I've decided it's really not true. They don't turn me on in a sexual way, but knowing that another girl is crapping is kind of exciting to me, but not in a sexual way. It's just kind of a sort of bonding thing. It's hard to explain. Like I said, I feel as though I can relate to women crapping better than I can to men, simply because I am a woman myself. Oh well. I enjoy stories of pooing for both sexes, but if push comes to shove, I enjoy females more than males. And, whenever I poo next to another girl in a stall, or with her right outside the door, it brings me closer to her in a special kind of bond. I've had that special kind of bond with guys too, namely my boyfriend and other guys I've pooed in close proximity too (or that they have pooed in close proximity too as well). Well, I'm off. Hope you enjoyed my posts as much as I enjoy reading all of yours! keep up the great stories, everyone. I will post again. Love, Laurie

Here is a question I've wondered about: if you finish a poop and realize you are stranded on the bowl without a roll, do you pull up your pants to go get another roll, or hold the pants in the "down" position so you don't get stains?


The weirdest thing happened today in school, I was in my 2nd to last class and the class was talking about raw sewage and stuff then that topic went to pee, and someone asked if it was healthy to drink your own pee and not healthy to drink some one elses, the instructor said neither are good. Then another boy said something about being at a party and his friend was drinking and he had to pee and he when he peed it was clear and he peed(the friend) in to a bottle of somesort,weird huh? for all this stuff to come up.

Portland, Ore US
(Continuing..) Yesterday (Thu) Wife's sister Jan called me at work and said 'Im coming over after dinner to talk to you and Donnna. You just listen careful to what I say and dont disagree and dont talk til I am finished." I was a little worried about what was going to happen but it turned out ok. Jan came over about 8 and brought stuff for wife and they talked like sisters do and they we all had coffee and ice cream in TV room. Jan said, "I have to tell you something Donna, and I want XXX (me) to hear this." MY wife looked puzzled and I was worried but didnt show it I dont think. Jan said "Remember when xxx excorted me into the mens room downtown because the ladies line was so long? Donna nodded. "Well, whenn we got inside we found no doors on the stalls. Donna, I had to take a major dump and I want you to know your husband was a perfect gentleman about it. When I was finished I know I embarassed him but he was a real sweetie. He said he was sorry to act surprised but he never expected this and mentioned something to me that I should have known but didnt think about-- , that he isnt used to women pooping because you keep him out of the bathroom when you do your business."

My wife looked very surprised. Jan said, "Donna, I dont care what you and xxx do in the bathroom, but I think it is time you told him why you want so much privacy. " She folded her arms and looked at my wife. There was about a minutes silence but it seemed like an hour. Then my wife spoke. 'You know Jan and I had a stepdad who lived with us and mom." I nodded. 'He used to come in the bathroom when Jan and I were little girls and tell us he had to make sure we had a good bowel movement, and he used to make us let him look after we were done. He really got off on it. It went on from the time I was 9 until I was 11, at puberty. I really didnt like it. Mom kicked him out about that time." She looked down at the floor, I thought maybe she was going to cry but she didnt. Jan spoke up and said, "I was only 7 when this started and about 9 when it stopped, it did not bother me quite as much, I though he was just a silly man. He never touched us or bothered us in any other way but his bathroom perversion really bothered Donna because she was older. It dont bother me to shit in front of someone I know well, but she feels different and now that we are grown I dont blame her. "But Donnna- Donna!, XXX is your husband! and he is really a sweet man and you have got to get over this. I'm sure if he were in the bathroom with you, his interest in whatever goes on there would not be obsessive like our stepdads was. " THen Jan cast a quick hard look in my direction. It was my turn to talk and I didnt know what to say. Finally I told my wife that our life was very satisfactory and I loved and was very happy with her and was glad to know what this problem was that we have had for over ten years. I let it go at that. Then we changed the subject and all watched TV for about an hour, had some more coffee and Jan left. At bedtime Donna told me I could come in the bathroom when she was in there if I needed to after this, she would not lock the door or ask me to leave like she used to. I thanked her and acted like it was no big deal, and just let it go at that, I think I need to give her some space. I would love to watch her poop and share this aspect of my interest with her but am afraid to push it right now. Does anyone disagree with me? PS - I think any older man who would force himself on little girls like thier step dad is is a perv and a jerk, even though he never molested them in any other way it still is terrible. I would never do that.

Karl K
In response to Peter C

I've one or three stories to tell, but from the other point of view, that of the frustrated boyfriend !!

I once went out with a girl called Katey, also a red-head. We were actually together for three years, from when she was 14 ( I was 18, which caused one or two problems with parents etc. ) until 17. I really, really wanted to see her on the toilet, but I blew it one day with a silly remark.

In her house, we used to say goodbye to each other in the porch, private from her parents, and from the outside as well. However, the house toilet was directly above the porch, and one night she said she needed to wee before we said goodnight. I waited in the porch, and heard her do it ! Consequently, when she came back to me, I said about it, and she was very embarressed. It would be 2 years before I got to see her on the loo !

There were one or two occasions when I thought it was going to happen, but no such look ! The first I remember was when we were alone in her house, apart from her little sister that was ! I was having to take a major dump, and after 15 minutes, Katey came up saying she needed to wee desperately, and to hurry up. 2 seconds later, and she came into the bathroom and saw me in all my glory. She laughed, which only made her situation worse, and then she held herself between her legs and looked really horrified. I thought she was having an accident, but she wasn't. I had to wipe double quick, and then when I stood up, she barged her way around me, and began pulling up her skirt, and got it to above her knickers before she realised I was staring at her. At that point she told me to get out, and virtually threw me out into the corridor, still with my pants and trousers down, very much to the amusement of little sister who had ventured upstairs to see what we were doing ! Now how fair is that. She barges in on me, but then won't let me see her !!

Another occasion was when we had been out together, and getting back to the car park, she decided she needed to go, and proceeded into the ladies. She came out and said would I go in with her because the lights weren't working. It sure was dark in there, but your eyes did adjust quite quickly. I said, I would do that, but that I wasn't going to get caught inside the ladies by some one else coming in, so she would have to let me in the cubicle. To my surprise, she readily agreed. However, once in, she made me turn my back, even though it would have been virtually impossible to see anything !

The final incident I remember was when we were baby sitting for an Aunty of hers. She had begun complaining of feeling ill, and that her ???? hurt. After a while, I suggested she might need the toilet ? She agreed, and actually took my hand and began leading me upstairs, saying she didn't want to be on her own. My heart was thumping so loudly, you could have heard it in the next street. But lo and behold, when we reached the bathroom, she changed her mind, and asked me to wait at the top of the stairs. But most tantalisingly, she didn't shut the door right to, leaving a tiny glimpse of perhaps less than half an inch. When I heard the tell-tale tinkling begin, I tried looking backwards and forwards across that crack in the door, and eventually could spy just the briefest end of her still trouser covered knee. My God, I was excited beyond belief at this, but just as I was considering giving the door a tiny little push to see if I could open it to a much wider-angled 1 inch wide, her Aunty arrived home. And we both got in trouble for being upstairs together !!

The daft thing about all of this was that one night, when her mum and dad had gone out, and we were baby sitting the 10 year old sister, Katey actually went through the door from the living room to the foot of the stairs, where the toilet was entirely visible if the door to it was left open. Seeing her little sister sat on it, she came back to me, with her finger on her lips, and then pulled me to the foot of the stairs where I could see the little girl sat on the toilet. Well actually, she was wearing a dressing gown which she had pulled over her knees to keep her little legs warm, so there was nothing really to see. However, she still went red, unable to reach the door to push it closed, and all the time her horrible big sister shrieking with laughter.

A few months later, it was a different story, when sitting at the top of the stairs while Katey was getting changed in her bedroom, little sister emerged from her room, still dressed in her school uniform, and walked past me and stood in front of the toilet, without shutting the door. Seeing me staring, she smiled to herself, and went to the handbason, and cleaned her teeth. Then she came and stood in front of the toilet again. She hovered there for several seconds before smirking, and saying "you want to watch don't you". Thinking she would be just like her sister, teasing me, and would close the door whatever I said, I replied "oohhhhhh, yes please !" in my best sarcastic voice ( or so I thought ). To my initial horror, she began pulling up her plaid skirt. But then thinking this was just the prelude to the eventual disappointment of having the door slammed in my face, I began smiling. It was the wrong thing to do, because she took the smile to be my further ascention to be witness to the event, and brazenly lifted her skirt right up, took down her knickers, and sat down to wee. The horror of this didn't sink in at first, and I have to admit that I was really enjoying the sight of this very much for five or ten seconds. Then I heard Katey moving in her room, and realising what a compromising situation this was, I reached for the door to pull it shut. Having got hold of it, I then lost my grip, and in a vain attempt to grab it again, I only succeeded in hitting it, and pushing it wide open, more than it was originally. Katey appeared, in time to see the door opening wider. Coming over, she then viewed her little sister sitting on the toilet grinning wickedly, and ferociously peeing into it.

World war 3 broke out. How dare I open the bathroom door to watch her sister on the toilet, and perhaps I fancied her more than she ! Not wanting to drop little sister in it, I made some ridiculous excuse about not knowing she was in there ( extremely loud peeing continuing ! ).

Actually, much to her credit, she admitted that she had done it on purpose, and that it was nothing to do with me, and that I was in fact trying to shut the door. This said, I was forgiven, eventually ! But ironically, this was the catalyst to seeing Katey on the toilet for the first time, a few days later.

Katey's Grandma had lived in the town where both she and I worked. Getting a bit old to look after herself, she had gone into a home, but not before she had given me a set of keys to her house in the town centre, and inviting Katey and I to use it at our lunch times as a base to meet up. One day, I had arrived at the house, and she wasn't there. So I carried on further down the street to meet her, and met her just two minutes later. She was in a furious mood, complaining about the way her boss had been treating her that morning, and also that she had been getting some teasing from some young lad, labouring on a building site close by. Twice on the way back, she also complained "I'm busting for the loo".

On getting into the house she went straight towards the toilet, still complaining about the mornings events, but then she re-iterated "I need the loo .... you can come in". I nearly fell on the floor, but followed obediently ! My thoughts... she'll let me in, and then ask me to turn round. Much to my eternal delight, she continued her complaining, not even appearing to think about my presence in the bathroom with her, and as I sat on the edge of the bath, facing her, she took hold of the bottom of her tight-fitting black skirt, and whilst bending each knee backwards and forwards in turn, which had the effect of waving her hips from side to side, the skirt rose from its original position about two inches above her knees, up and up her legs, inch by tantalising inch until it sat around her waist above her hips, with her pink knickers completely revealed. She then took hold of those and lowered them to her knees. I remember the crotch stretching and then pinging away from its position in front of her "bushy bit" ( Peter C ! ), and then having sat on the toilet, she hoisted them back up her legs until they were much nearer the top of her legs than her knees, and there she sat still holding on to them. "That lads been really nasty... wwwsssshhhhh - pffffffff - plop - shhhhh - kerlump- shhhh... calling me carrot top ...shhhh - plop, ????... and he called me tiny boobs ...shhhhhhhhhh... what do you think I should do about it ...shhhhhhhhhhhhh, tinkle-tinkle-tinkle.. drip, drip............................. - perrrlop-splash... You've not been listening to a word I've been saying !

Actually, that wasn't true, I'd heard every word. But I was more than a little worried that the accident I'd finished up having in my pants, as the last turd dropped from her exceedingly gorgeous butt, would be noticed by her. But fortunately, it didn't show through much ! I told her to take no notice.

For the next six weeks I was in heaven, as she allowed me in the bathroom with her every lunch time, except once when she had a girlfriend with her. And 90% of the time, she had to take a dump as well, although subsequent ones were never quite like that first time, usually being only one single plop.

So, Peter C, just remember what us poor frustrated boyfriends are going through when we are being denied this one pleasure which I have found to be better than sex, and remember this story. We might not have been able to be where you were, but by heaven, the wait is most certainly worth it when she finally allows you in with her !

I've got a couple of particular occasions during that next six weeks which I'll post about if anyone shows an interest. But I have to say, it was only six weeks because she finished up dumping me in favour of that lad on the building site. I found out when I decided to surprise her by calling into town on a day off. I got to the house, and could hear her on the toilet, so I boldly strolled in to announce my presence only to discover him in there with her ! Almost three years she made me wait, and he got to see the show within a week, apparently !

Thanks Peter C. Your post has prompted me to get this off my chest. I'm very grateful, and hope some of you out there in cyberspace have enjoyed it !

One time when I was in my 20's I went with my dad to visit his friend's cabin. There was me, my dad, his friend, and the friend's wife and their 2 small boys. The mom was mid-30's, very cute, with curly dark brown hair. She had on shorts and a tee shirt and sandals. After dinner, I was in the cabin watching this dinky tv with the boys. The others were out on the deck. Then the wife came in and went in the bathroom, which happened to be straight across from where I was sitting and had a curtain rather than a door. It was dark in the cabin but very light in the bathroom, and one side of the curtain was open just a bit- just enough. I saw and heard it all. She went to the toilet, slid down her shorts to her knees and sat. After a few seconds, a loud hard stream of pee noise began. When that stopped, there was a pause, and then she let a huge fart and then- PLOP PLOP PLOP PLOP PLOPPLOP PLOP- on and on, really loud. Then after a moment more plopping. Then she sighed loudly, and said "Much better!" She only wiped once, and when she came out I decided to be bold. "Feeling better?" Iasked. She smiled, "Gotta make room for dessert!" I said, "Dessert? I better shit too,then." "Go ahead, but don't light any matches," she said. At that I went in, sat, and a nice noisy dump, making sure the curtain was open a little bit. When I came out the gal was sitting in the chair I had been in, and she grinned. I have never known if she was putting on a show for me, but it sure seems like it.

Thursday, March 09, 2000

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