I just finished reading sally's post and it reminded me of something that i experienced.
I was at a beach out on Long Island with my friend Diane who i have known since junior high,(we are both 24 now)we were packing up our stuff and walking to the lockers to change and as i was walking i was letting out little farts that no one else could hear or smell,the ones that go like pop-pop-pop,but it wouldn't have botherd me if Diane heard since we've both farted in front of each other before and besides that i am not a shy person and belive that you should do what ever you have to do as far as peeing or pooping or passing gas and have been known to gross out some of my other girl friends on occasion.Well after we showerd and changed i told Diane that i hadto take a shit and she said she had to pee so we walked around the corner in the locker room and there were about eight stalls facing each other on oppisite walls none of which had doors,Diane and i took stalls next to each oth! er and i imidietly started to drop some logs and a few farts and i could hear my friend peeing a torrent,in the stall directly oppisite us an oriental woman very attractive in her 20's took off her black bikini bottoms and hung it on the divider she then stood on the seat and you could see it all,first a stream of pee then her little butt cheeks spreading open as she sort of squated and a couple of medium size brown logs just droped out followed by a loud fart and a longer log,she then wiped front first then her behind and drope the paper in the bowl,this was the first time either of us saw anyone do it that way,i didn't think it was strange or embaresing after all we all have the same equipment down there,it was just interesting and i wonder if thats the normal way it's done in some countries.

Claire... Hi. My girlfriend's name is Louise. She's 26 now, so she's getting on a bit :> Ooops, maybe I shouldn't say that!
She takes care of herself, is in great shape and looks a good five years younger. She still has a teenager's youthful attitude in lots of ways, so I won't have to trade her for a newer model for some time to come ;> She keeps me a young 34 as we are a very physical couple if you get my drift, and that's just fine with me!
In the case of strangers, I've only twice (that I've noticed) witnessed girls actually been _having_ an accident. One time was at a music festival. The toilet queues were miles long, and an unfortunate girl of 17 couldn't wait any longer. She made a dash for some nearby bushes, but didn't make it and stopped suddenly. Everyone saw her wee dripping from her soaked denim skirt. She was very embarrassed, and I felt sorry for her. The other time was when I was at the pool for a swim, and I saw a 13 year old girl suddenly stop s! wimming and had an odd look on her face. About a minute later she resumed her swim, but stopped to have a brief word with her friend. "... but I thought I could hold it", I heard her say. I realised that when she paused, the girl had lost control and had been weeing in the pool. So I suppose you can say that I 'saw' her have the accident, but had she handled the situation differently I might never have known.
I think that most of the time though, women do avoid accidents more often than not. In my experience, girls nowadays are a little more willing to drop their knickers, squat and wee in the gutter if the need takes them. I see this happen really quite often now. Most are still shy, but a few are absolutely brazen, and they have sometimes seemed to be secretly turned on on those occasions I've seen _everything_.
Sounds like your friend Katherine was a little shocked at herself for having a wee in her trousers. It was good of you to tell her that she was not alone! Wh! ere were you both when it happened?
You've said you don't feel comfortable with dropping your knickers when outside, and I was wondering why that is. Is it just that you have been 'conditioned' by your mother perhaps that "nice girls don't do it outside" or is it something personal? You could perhaps try having a wee while squatting outside and see how you feel. Or, as Louise suggests, you could learn and practice having a wee while standing up. That way you could just pull your knickers aside instead of pulling them down. It's much more discreet. You could practice in the bath or shower. While in there, it wouldn't really matter if you sprinkle or pee down your legs. Do you find you tend to gush or dribble when you wee? If you gush and you keep the pressure on you might even find you can just stand and wee without having to manipulate your labia. Give it a try, and let us all know how you get on!

PV... Hi, yes I did feel a little bit special with those two girls ! holding my arms on the way back. They were very lovely, and held themselves very close to me all the way back to where my girlfriend was, who raised an eyebrow at the bare breasts pressing against my upper arms. The girls' mother noticed and was quite amused. The mother took some pictures of me standing with the girls on my arms, and gave some to Louise and I. When we lay down to all relax, the 15-16 y/o girl suggested a certain part of me needed some sun blocking cream on, but no way was I going to allow her to apply it!
I'll share something with you that I've just obtained Louise's permission to talk about. You may have already guessed that I was holding a few things back.
Such was the openness between us and the family that the girls and Louise all pushed the mother and I together in private that evening to perform another bodily function her daughters thought she really needed. That night In her hotel bathroom, as a joke really to make her laugh I looked up at her! naked bum and genitals from below and to the side of the toilet as she hovered above the bowl. Straight away she had a really long wee which she must have been holding for a long time. It was a huge gushing torrent of wee, and she let out a couple of gasps as she was letting go. It was one of the biggest wees I've ever seen, even bigger than Louise's, and Louise can do some very big ones. When she finally stopped weeing, I somehow knew more was to come as her anus expanded and she dropped two large logs into the toilet. She invited the girls in to watch me wee as she knew they liked me, and then I produced one fairly large smooth turd which they seemed quite impressed with. After wiping ourselves, the mother and I were herded into the hotel bedroom. That's all I can say on this forum, but I think I've made myself pretty clear.
I was interested in what you said aboutthe historical side of urination and which gender did what. I knew things were once the other way aroud for ! the ancients, but you seem to know more than me on the subject.
You must try weeing in a sink. Louise says that you might splash yourself a little, depending on the sink design, so you may need to wipe very well afterwards. You could try it before a bath, perhaps.
If urinals were introduced in Ladies' rooms, I think you and Louise would be using them the whole time.
Enjoy your right to stand, PV.

Bye for now,

Gruntly Bogwell
To Coprologist: In those days all the ships toilets emptied over the side at sea or in the harbor…so the poos of the crews fed the fishes, so to speak…and it was no big deal then about toilet paper fresh from a female coolie laborer's behind floating in the drink. I can't remember the details of the wiping process, I was young and in shock about my surreptitious porthole viewing advantage on the Chinese women using the half outhouse over the ship's stern described in my earlier post.

Now that we have re-opened the Asian squat to poo dialog…let me offer a few more stories on the subject. One day on the same ship, in the same port I noticed a pretty young Chinese girl in her late teens or early twenties with a very pretty face, albeit dirt-stained from her work cleaning in the engine room, making her way down the deck and I smiled at her, when I realized she was off to the hanging commode, I quickly made my way to my porthole in the storeroom below the outhouse. I w! as rewarded with an excellent view of her shapely bum settling into view between the outhouse footing slats. This of course was quite a buzz for me as a yellow stream spewed forth and into the harbor. The was followed by a sigh and a straining sound as she changed her focus to dumping the load trapped in her colon. Soon her delicate brown eye began to stretch and dome out as a large dark brown turd forced its way between her bum cheeks.

I watched bug-eyed as it grew in stature, coupled by attenuated groans and gasps. Four inches of this monster fought against the downward push of her need to poo…but there it stuck.. I could see bits of rice caught in the fecal lump…a high pitched fart blew past the brown wad with out dislodging it, at the same time a gentle harbor breeze wafted the odor right at my observation station…really rank and fetid, like this poo had been waiting for several days for release. She shifted her position, raised up and down a bit, and bore d! own again to no avail as the turd held its ground and refused to budge. I sensed she was getting desperate by the moaning sound coming from the makeshift outhouse above. Slowly a slender dirt-stained hand appeared between the slats and took hold of the quavering poo…this was followed by a pitiful "ooh, ooh, ooh" as she tugged at the offending anal lodger…slowly and with great staining it began to move out of her anal opening which was by now almost purple and engorged from the effort…I felt so sorry for her and my nose which was taking a beating from the smell, but I was too engrossed to move.

Finally, this candidate for the turd of the month award, lost its grip on her bowels and fell heavily from her delicate bum, flipping out of her hand and making a stone-like plop in the water of the harbor, sending up a small geyser of water…this was quickly followed by the "put-put-put" a multitude of gum ball sized turd pellets making their way out of her red and raw neth! er hole…finally a long, slender and tapering poo that was a moderately mushy, cream and coffee colored offering ended her ordeal…I could hear her sobbing from her trials as she wiped the residue from her tender opening with a crumpled tissue.

I went back out on deck to see her come by, walking a little stiffly with tears having stained the dirt on her face…I wanted to put my arms around her to console her, but the culture clash and language barrier was too great…she disappeared back down the ladder to the engine room and I never saw her again.

Hello all! Since we don't have school tomorrow (teacher's institute I think) I've got a little bit of free time so I've decided to write a nice long post since I don't get to do it very frequently. First of all, it has come to my attention that I may have slightly misrepresented myself in earlier postings. In no way do I take massive dumps every time I sit on the toilet. This is in no way true at all. Someone asked awhile ago what do I eat that causes such major shitting experiences. The answer is nothing at all. I am an 18 year old female, about 135 pounds (not too fat but in no way skinny) and I try to eat as healthily as possible. Now I admit that I overindulge sometimes but I am not a chronic overeater or an anorexic for that matter. Both of those diseases are horrible. Now, the reason it appears as though I have massive crapping sessions is because I was simply reporting extraordinary pooing sessions because I thought you guys would find them more interesting. ! To give an example of a normal pooping session, I will describe what I did today. I got home from school about 3:30 and fixed myself a snack and watched tv for about an hour and a half. Around five, I felt the urge to have a bowel movement (about the normal time I dump) and so I headed upstairs to the bathroom. I went in and took off my skirt and lowered my panties to my ankles (I don't like pulling up my skirt so when I have the time I take it completely off) Anyway, I sat down and immediately let out a couple of gassy farts that were silent (sounded like gas hissing out of my butt) and began peeing. After I finished peeing I began to take a dump. I pushed slightly and the first poop started to slowly make its way out of me. It felt kind of large (but it wasn't, it just feels large and building) and I slowly let it out. I then sat for a couple of minutes, relaxing my butthole. Then i farted again and began pushing. Another medium to small log began emerging from my b! utt and slowly dropped into the toilet. I relaxed my butt again. Then I farted several nasty sounding farts (but not too smelly) and pushed out three small little chunks. Then, I wiped myself three times and flushed the toilet, pulled up my panties and put my skirt back on and was finished. All in all, it took about 15 minutes (I like to take a lot of time in between logs and chunks of poop) and smelled fairly mild. That is pretty much what I do on a normal basis, not too much poop or smell but it does take a fairly long time (15 mins.) compared to people I know. Some things that affect my normal, boring poops are if I eat a lot more than I normally do, if I don't poo right at the normal time and end up holding it (even a couple of hours of holding it will affect my poop) or if I'm under stress or pressure...all these will affect my poop and cause strange things to happen. However, normally, I take a dump pretty much like most of you do...a couple of logs, a couple of c! hunks and fifteen minutes and I'm done. Perhaps I'm a little slower than most of you but I don't care, I enjoy taking dumps!
As far as other posters on here go, I read every single post on here even if I don't actually post myself. I love all of your stories especially the ones about girls. For some reason, I can relate more to the female posts (I am one) and I find that I get slightly turned on by hearing about girls taking craps! I know, it's kind of weird. I'm not a homosexual (not that there's anything wrong with that) I'm a completely straight, heterosexual female, it's just that I like the thought of other girls pooping along with me. Come to think of it, I like guys pooping too. I guess I'm an equal opportunity pooper! Hehehe. Anyway, not wanting to disappoint with a story proclaiming my normalness, I've got a story to tell (and this one is especially for you Kevin ;-))
I promised you all my experiences with a doorless stall, so here goes. Throughout mu! ch of my high school years, I worked as a counselor at a camp a good three hours by plane away from my house (I'm trying to be cryptic so you don't come to my house!) Well, the second year I worked there (it was the summer before my junior year) I had to take a late flight there due to bad weather and ended up not getting to the camp until about 1:00 in the morning. I was exhausted and went straight to bed. I was in a different part of the camp this summer than the one before (the previous year, we had our own private bathroooms that we shared with roomate) and I knew that there were two sets of bathrooms over here, one was a four stalled main complex and one was a one seater, private outhouse type restroom. Well, with the change in my flights I didn't get to poop that Saturday afternoon, night. So, I woke up Sunday morning with a pretty large desire to take a dump. I got up, put on a shirt and shorts, grabbed a magazine, and walked out of my room (the counselors get priv! ate one room shack like structures hehehehe) I headed for the outhouse because I prefer to take a dump in privacy. But, i am not totally opposed to pooing in public, i just prefer privacy like i think most of us do. However, when i got to the outhouse, there were a couple of younger girls (about 13 years old) there. I stood for about 5 minutes and asked if there was someone in there. The girl closest to me rolled her eyes and said "Linda is in there taking a dump right now. I suggest you go to the main complex because she's taking a long time and then both Laura and I have to take dumps too." Great, I thought. I then headed over towards the main complex. Boy was I surprised! I got there and found four stalls all without doors! What was I going to do now! I have no problem with using public toilets but this was a little extreme. To top it all off, there was another counselor occupying the one on the end and it was pretty apparent she was taking a dump. She didn't b! at an eye when I walked in and continued reading the newspaper, not even acknowledging my presence. Well, I thought, it's sort of early so I doubt that many people will be up. I took the middle stall on the left and pulled my shorts down to my knees and put the magazine over my crotch in order to give me the maximum amount of privacy possible. Needless to say, I felt extremely exposed and uncomfortable and I think that affected my pooping. I began to have a really nasty session when some of the younger campers began piling into the room. (by this time, the other counselor had left, not even looking my way!) Anyway, I had a huge log coming out of me and a little 12 year old walked in. She opened the door and stood there frozen for a second, looking at me taking a dump! She started laughing and went running out the door! I heard her talking to her friends and say "there is some counselor in there taking a huge poo! It is soooo disgusting!" One by one, her friends came! parading in to wash their hands at the sink or brush their teeth, but they all stared at me for long periods of time and I could see them supressing giggles. I was mortified! I tried to stare at the ground and pretend to read my magazine but it was awful. And it wasn't helping that I had to take a major dump. All in all, I was on the toilet for about twenty minutes and had to endure these young brats giggle about my pooing. Ironically, one of the girls had to poo as well and her friends said to her "eeewwww you're pooing in there?!!?" Apparently I didn't realize that they all pooed in the little outhouse or up by the main part of the camp but I was breaking some sort of taboo amongst these little girls by using the doorless stalls. Oh well. That was the first and last time I used that bathroom. I never saw anyone else poo in there (except the other counselor who was in there before i was and the poor girl with the stomach cramps who had to poo at the same time i did! ) Anyway, i've neglected the details of the poo. I did 3 big logs and several soft chunks. The counselor did two large splashes and farts that I heard and whatever else before i got there. The little girl had diahrhea and was done about ten minutes after i was. I took about 20 minutes and really stunk the place up! Needless to say, it was not the best way to start the camp session off but things got better.
OK, i realize that this is probably the longest post ever and if any of you are still reading this i thank you very much. Now, I mentioned before that I prefer girls' pooping stories but I do like those about guys. Its also easier for me to report girls pooing stories simply because i have more girl friends and only a couple of guy friends (and one serious boyfriend) so I can report girl stories more easier than guys because i spend more time in girl restrooms than guys hehehehe. Anyway, i found out that for spring break my family is going to an island in the c! arribbean (more cryptic places) and i get to bring along one of my friends. Shannon (my best friend whom I've written about before) was unable to go. So, I'm bringing along my friend Amanda. Now, a little bit of information about Amanda. I consider myself to be a fairly attractive girl (5'6" blue eyes brown hair not too fat but not overly skinny 135 lbs) but Amanda is leaps and bounds more attractive than I can ever hope to be. She is considered by the guys (among them my boyfriend grrrr) to be the best looking girl in the entire school. She's 5'5" blue eyes blond hair and is in perfect shape. I think she is extremely good looking, far more so than me, but she is really cool about it. Let me make this clear: Neither of us is conceited about being blessed with having decent looks. We both believe that true beauty is on the inside, not on the outside. Anyway, I've never been around her when she has had to take a dump so I am looking forward to seeing her routine. We ! get to share a room with a bathroom and pretty much spend all the time of the one week trip together so I'm sure we'll poop together at least a couple of times. I will be sure to post my experiences with her.
I'm sorry this post has been so long. I just wanted to get across that I don't have above average poos every single day and I also wanted to tell the doorless stall story. I've got plenty of more stories from camp and I will have tons from this spring break trip so you guys should have plenty to look forward to. Thanks for reading this far and I promise not to take so long to post anymore. Love you all!!! Laurie

Hey what up all. No really interesting story to tell yall, toilet happenings have been pretty boring actually lately. However I did see something rather interesting on TV today. It was on that "Ripley's beleive it or not" show.

Anyway there was a part on a steak eating contest. And the winner(a 50 year old man), ate this huge steak it had to be about 8 pounds, in under 25 min! And started eating a second, although he couldnt finish it. But after the contest he actually had some dessert! They weighed him and he actually gained 13 pounds after that. He musta shit a whopper that night damn!

By the way, the person who came in second was a female of about 40 I think. She wasnt fat or anything, but scarfed her huge steak down in like 30 mins! Imagine if those two had a "buddy dump"? They might need two rolls of toilet paper!

TO PORTLAND-Interesting story about your sister in law getting a bit uptight about pooing in front of you-too bad,but yes,that could get a bit sticky-Keep us posted on what happens next.I feel the same way-i would only do it with some one who is into doing it for me and no other way-it could get too weird.Maybe your wife will somhow get into it if she can see how much you like to do it.I've been with women who at first were very reluctlant to poo in front of me,but when they saw how much it did for me,they really got into it-Good luck!TO ALTHEA-I noticed all your poo stories are in the past tense-I'd love to hear of you pooing yesterday or recently.Tell us of your poop stories-I'd love to hear them.I've never seem a black girl poo,only heard it from outside the bathroom door some years ago(check older post)You stir up my imagination-Althea-BYE

Hi Everyone, I rented some movies yesterday cause it was election day. I rented Detriot Rock City,its about these kids back in the 70's who are into The band KISS. It's a funny movie, in this one sceen they are being chased by a janitor who is an elvis look alike, so they run in to the girls bathroom and hide and they try to get out then it's too late cause this girl who was a cheerleader comes in to use the bathroom. All of the boys go in to one stall and stand on the toilet, then the girl drops her underwear and then you hear her pee, and you hear her fart, im not sure if she actully pooped. All the guys were sooo excited cause she farted that the toilet breaks and water goes every where and then all the stalls collaps and you see the girl sitting on the toilet soaken wet. I think there may have been a few other bathroom sceenes, this was soooo funny. Any one ever seen this movie? I also rented American Pie, which i have already sceen and most people know abou! t the bathroom sceen in that so i won't post about that, gotta go


Joe K
BUZZY: I liked your story man. Two days ago I had a similar poop experience at my college. It was 7 AM and I was delayed, so I left in a hurry to my math class and didn´t do my usual morning bm. By the time I arrived at my college, I was literally dying for a shit, so I went straight to the men´s room, not caring about arriving on time to my class. As soon as I hit the toilet, I started pooping and farting at the same time. I felt my shit flow efortlessly, and it was soft and mushy. I lit a cigarette immediately to diminish the stench, and remained smoking in the can a few minutes. It took me a while to wipe since my anus was really messy and had to use plenty of TP to clean tons of shit. By the time I left, 15 minutes had passed, however, I did make it to my math class and felt really cool after my shitting experience.

Jay from Texas.
To Sandra: Another movie with a poo scene is American Pie. It shows one dude in the girls restroom. Someone slipped him Pentalax, and can guess the rest. when some girls walk in he is forced to hold it in. They're around the mirror talking when they hear a little fart, followed by a gush of diarrhea. Mucho sound effects here.

Hi all. I have been away on a course and havent had a chance to post. I agree with Jack, "me" is being very censorious about people having a motion on the beach. It is difficult to find a toilet perhaps a good distance for the shore and a risk of a big accident in one's swimming costume. If nude bathing on a naturist beach then one would have to get dressed to use a public toilet. Sorry, "me", your protests leave me cold, I have often done a poo on the beach and as said the tide will take it away and the sea can cope with the odd turd given the amount of raw sewage pumped into it by water authorities. Far more dangerous is not the visible jobbies but the finely mixed-in and unseen particulate fecal matter thus polluting the sea and causing illness in swimmers and surfers. Okey, if say 100 people all did a big solid poo along the surf line it would be rather off putting but this seldom happens. Aagin, if you do your motion on dry sand you can always bury it and the sand will s! oon dry it out in any event and beetles and other creatures break it down as is nature's way. So "me" if I need on the beach I will either go in the sea or on the dunes and that's it!

Althea, I liked your description of Michelle and you doing a motion in adjoining stalls and then looking at each other's jobbies. You dont describe Michelle's was it loose, ( I hope not), or a load of solid turds? Your's certainly sounded a nice big one. I have done this myself with other friends both at school and otherwise. Your white Carter's Panties sound rather like the Cherub and Montfort brand knickers (panties) I wore as a girl at school and still do, cotton with elastic through the leg cuffs, very comfortable and handy if you have an accident as they contain all the poo in the seat without leakage as long as it isnt too loose or diarrhea. I will have to see if I can buy some "Carters" from a US e-commerce site and compare them to mine. My uniform was pale blue blouse and grey kn! ee length pleated skirt with either plain white or navy blue cotton briefs worn underneath, the navy blue pairs also being worn for Field hockey or other games and in the gym. In summer we had the option of wearing a light blue dress, usually then with plain white panties beneath as navy blue ones would have shone through the thin material of the dress. (The white ones did if the sun was in front of you to the delight of many boys so I was told).

Anne and Adrian, I like your dialogue. I too have been glad to have been wearing dark coloured knickers when I have had an accident. I play for a (field) hockey team which is a Convent School "Old Girls" but has some players who didnt attend that school to make up a team. They wear brown cotton Montfort Knickers and once I did a big easy jobbie in the changing rooms toilet but there was no toilet paper and I didnt have any on me. I was glad that the brown knickers didnt show the skid marks left in the seat by my unwiped bum ! as a light coloured pair would have down as this would have been embarrasing as my short skirt flicked up as I played. I have often seen wee wee stains and skid marks in other girls panties when I was at school in the changing rooms of the gym and even at my work in the sports centre.

Paul, on the occasions that I had an accident in my knickers many times nobody saw the results as i got to the toilet and cleaned up them washed my panties out. On the times that either my mum or my young brother saw the results of my doing a poo in my panties no trouble was caused, accidents happen and they were very nice about it. once when I did a big dolid poo in my navy blue knickers while playing hockey the other girls didnt mock me but were glad I had stayed in the game.

I am 16, and I wet myself badly at a night club last Saturday night, I was with my mates at the time, they were very nice to me, which I was very glad of.

I was wearing my short white trousers, which are very tight fitting, I think you could see my little white knickers through the thin material, and a short skimpy top. I had been drinking a lot, probably too much if I am honest!

There was an enormous queue for the ladies, so I decided to wait till later, which was a mistake, because I really needed a wee very badly indeed. I was dancing with my attractive friend Becky, who was wearing a little miniskirt, when to my horror I started to feel myself beginning to wee in my knickers!

I tried everything to stop myself doing it, but I just couldn't stop. I looked down at myself, to see a damp patch spreading from my crotch area, down the inside of both legs, my bum got soaked too. It seemed to go on for ages, it must have been because I had drunk too mu! ch.

Worst of all was that my trousers became very see-through where they were wet!

I couldn't remember wetting myself so badly since I was at a party at the age of 12, when I was too shy to ask where the loo was, and I ended up doing the lot in my knickers!

I was really upset, but Becky comforted me, and lent me her jacket, which helped to cover up the damage. She told me how she had wet herself in her tight blue jeans at a new Years Party some weeks ago, which was reassuring in some way.

Has anyone had similar experiences?


best wishes to you all, also from George who is in Australia on business.

I have liked reading the Adrian and Anne show. I had a friend called Anne when I was at school, indeed we still send Xmas cards although she has moved to Exeter some years ago. This Anne would have suited Adrian as she was one of those girls who was always ????, a little plain but a pleasent friendly type of girl. I first met her in primary (grade) school when we were about 8 or so. Anne always did big fat turds, not huge in length, about 8 inches being her longest usually but even as a kid she passed fat knobbly jobbies. I can recall sitting in the cubicle next to hers in the girls toilets at school hearing her going "OO! UH! NNN! followed by the "KUR-SPLOONK! KER-SPLOOSH! KER-PLOONK!" sounds as her firm fat "bombs" fell into the toilet pan. Rather like Althea and Michelle we would leave the toilets unflushed and look at what we had passed, and would buddy dump when ever we had a chance! . In secondary (high) school we would have an outdoor dump together in the woods near our school. Anne's jobbie were usually the fat rounded type of turd, type 2 or 3 on my scale, and sometimes a load of big hard balls, or a longer jobbie consisting of some of these compacted together. Like me Anne was very unihibited and let my young brother watch her doing a motion in our toilet at home and outdoors when as teenagers we went on a walk in the countryside and all 3 of us had a collective al fresco dump behind some bushes with Anne's 2 fat bricks, 8 inches and 5 inches long, my fat curved 12 inch sausage and my brother's knobbly carrot shaped 10 inch jobbie all lying on the ground near each other. It was something else watching her ring dome and the fat knobbly mid brown lump slowly emerge between her ???? buttocks. Anne is now a grandmother and I imagine she has no probelm letting her grandchildren accompany her when she goes "bombing".

Jacob G, some foods are const! ipating, hard boiled eggs for one, also boiled milk, sometimes used to correct diarrhea when I was a child though I think the effect was psycological. Apples, as long as neither unripe nor too ripe can bind one's bowels indeed there used to be an antidiarrheal called "diapectin" which used the jelling agent pectin, derived from apples, to solidify the watery stools in the bowel, the same pectin used to set jams and jellies in cooking. Banannas can also bind. When I was a kid in the 1950s and early 1960s many parents gave their children a lot of banannas as these had been unobtainable during the war. When I was about 6 an aunt gave me 3 to eat and I was constipated the following day. This wasnt a problem, mum gave me some liquid parafin (mineral oil), a simple lubricant not a purgative and next day, with her rubbing my ???? I passed a hard jobbie then some relatively large pale brown easy curved "banannas" which all floated in the pan, to my mum's relief and the amusement o! f my self and my brother who had come in to see Moira doing her poo.

Like Anne (the bus driver) I have been glad that I was wearing dark coloured panties when I have had the occasional accident. Once I was playing netball and had taken some liquid parafin as I had been constipated. I had passed a load of big hard balls and a long turd in the girls toilet at school that lunchtime but there was some liquid parafin still in my bowel although all the fecal mass had been passed. While playing I farted and had a wet fart in the seat of my navy blue cotton Montfort briefs, nothing else came out but this did make a dark stain in the seat. If any of the other girls noticed they didnt say and perhaps thought it was either a dribble of wee wee or sweat. Had I been wearing white knickers, (rather like Althea's Carter Panties), or others in a pastle colour the brown mark would have been all too obvious.

Paul, although I was brought up as was my husband George and my br! other to change our underpants every day when I was a kid and teenager in the 1950s and 60s some people were not so clean and wore the same knickers and panties for more than one day. I thought this was gross even then but can remember seeing stains on the gusset (crotch) of other girls white or light coloured knickers, both wee wee stains and brown skid marks in the seat when they got changed into navy blue or other dark coloured briefs for games or PE in the gym. Again we always wiped ourselves properly after doing a wee wee or a jobbie some kids were a lot less careful. I remember as a teenager there was one girl who suddenly came on her period and complained that she had only worn that pair of white cotton knickers for 2 days! yeuch!

Wednesday, March 08, 2000

Jane: Thanksgiving Eve 1969, I was in 5th grade. My dad took my cousin who was four years older and me to see a Charlie Brown movie. We had spaghetti and meatballs for dinner. During the intermission, Michelle and I went to the ladies room. We took adjoining stalls, closed the doors and lifted our dresses. I was wearing my school plaid uniform, she an ordinary dress. Our pink panties were at our shins. Michelle started plopping away. I must have counted about 10. Meanwhile, I squeezed out one 13 inch piece of doo-doo. I asked her if she had diarreah, while I am straining to get out this 2 inch wide piece of doo-doo. She said no. But it sounded like it. When we were relaxed. We talked about elementary and high school. Michelle asked me if I rest my bowels at school and I told her rarely. Michelle said she made doo-doo daily in school since grammar school. When we finished and wiped we did not flush. We let each other in the stalls to inspect what we did and compare.

Pe! ter C: In high school we were very open about things. I had made friends with a sophmore, David. I was a senior. One morning in May 1977, David and I were in the hallway on our own. So, I had to take a simple piss. So David took me to an unused boys room. He had to urinate only. He first reached under his gym shorts, pulled out a well hung 15 y/o penis, stood on his toes and peed. Meanwhile, I took a stall with no door, reached under my loose oversized gray gym shorts, pulled the leg cuffs of my white Carter's panties, stood on my toes and urinated. Did not spill a drop on me. Then it was not all. I had to rest my bowels, so I let down my gym shorts to my thighs, sat down on the thick black seat and made four light yellow logs. David was standing at the door. I told him he could have a look at me and what I did. He was an only child. When I got up to wipe, he saw my hairy young black pussy and my doo-doo in all its glory. He said, he never saw a black pussy. When we left the b! athroom, we walked the hallway and in the stairway, he kissed me on the lips and said, "Thanks Althea."

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