Well! Lots o' guys messin' up their pants! Great job, let's see some more!:) I have a new one, I was in the car with a friend of mine, whom I'd just taken to the used bookstore. As usual, Dallas traffic was awful and we were stuck in a line that stretched for almost a mile that I could see; I saw the strain on my friend's face, and I remembered that he hadn't used the bathroom since I picked him up two hours previously, so I asked him: "Do you have to pee or something? You look like you're in pain." He shook his head. "I've gotta shit. Like now!" I bit my lip. "Uh..."I said. "Maybe you should sit on this towel." I handed him the towel I kept in the car during the winter months to wipe off the condensation on my windshield, and he took it uncertainly, then quickly stuffed it under himself and groaned slightly, then let out a deep sigh. I smiled at him. "Was it a really bad job?" He laughed and nodded. "Uh *HUH*." I noticed that as soon as the smell hit my nostrils, and so I told him to please roll the window down! We sat in traffic another half-hour, and as we finally began to move, he communicated another urge to me. "Uh, I need to pee. Can we exit now?" We were in one of the worst parts of town. "Why don't you just go in your pants?" I suggested mischievously. "After all, with shit already there, it's not much worse!" He shrugged and told me that he didn't really want to mess himself up more than possible, and I told him I wasn't getting off the interstate until we got through that part of town. "How long will it be?" he asked. "About twenty more minutes!" I returned, and his face fell. He sighed, and I heard a slight trickle as he commenced pissing all over himself, the towel and my car seat. Needless to say, when I got home from dropping him off (he still lived at home and his parents were there, so he had to answer the usual humiliating questions:) I washed my towel and scrubbed down my car seat. But it was worth it. I later had a fight with this friend and we don't speak anymore, so I'm glad I didn't pull over and he had to piss himself!:)

About two years ago we went on holiday to a civilized mediterranean country where the hotel bathrooms were equipped with bidets. Bidets are by far the best answer to skidmarks in your underpants and other forms of anal discomfort -- providing they have hot as well as cold water! This bidet was just bare porcelain, but it was very comfortable to sit on. So now I never use the seat when I take a shit, I sit on the bare porcelain. It has the advantage that it does not wobble around if you wriggle your ass. It would be better with a seat liner (ass-gasket), but they do not exist outside the US.

Cat Chaser Update

Cat Chaser, the first band to promote female pants wetting is going through it's final reformation. Over the years Cat Chaser has brought in many varied musicians to produce their unique and varied ambient Gothic style with it's shocking Punk edge.
The band has tried to find a singer over the last 18 months since Cresta left the band. They have used a variety of singers, all of whom had talent and were wettygurls to a certain extent, but not to the degree the band demanded.
At this time the final reformation of the band is taking place. The band will also be located back in Seattle this summer and gearing up to re-release their classic songs plus 2 new albums and a host of video's. The lineup for the band will now be 'all female'. "Cat Chaser- WettyGurls". Their blatant pro-wettygurl themes will be enhanced and more blatant than ever.
Special thanks to Patches for her efforts with the home page. This summer we will update with lots of pictures and news. Thanks for all the fan mail and support. Sorry we can't answer all of it as it is very costly.
Tape Update: Od the 2,300 tapes we sent out last year, we only got 5 returns based on bad address or something just as basic. As far as we know only 3 people did not get tapes. These were returned with the lable 'offensive content'. We are sorry for other peoples ignorance of music and art. When the band is stateside we shall correct this matter.
Current Lineup: Is PissyCrissy on drums, Mistress Morgana (the domme from Hell, and a wettygurl at that) on guitar and BratCat on vocals. Positions for bass and keyboards are not confirmed yet and applications are still being taken.
Sincerely and Cattingly,
Glen Ripple- manager and promotor of Cat Chaser
A faster Pussycat makes a better mousetrap!

Here is another Spice Girls item...
10th January 1997 (from SKY Magazine)

In the spirit of the Spice Girls, Emma, Mel C, Victoria and I retire to the girls' toilet to do our interview. They're discussing the pressures of fame - photographers sticking cameras up your skirt, being so paranoid you feel as if you're walking around naked, etc - when Mel B saunters past. "Talk loudly for a minute," she says, shutting herself into a cubicle two metres away from my tape recorder. "I'm going for a wee." We didn't talk loudly enough - I'm now the proud owner of a recording of a Spice-pee.
11th January 1997
(from the Spice Girls Mailing List)

Friday, July 25, 1997

1.Threw up under a table when eating seafood in a Japanese restaurant.

Me (my alias for right now)
Hi, I've watched this forum for a while and finally got around to posting something. For people who wonder about stuff, I'm male, 5'10", etc. I never really had any accidents after early childhood. I have had some notable bathroom visits though, so I'll tell you about one of those. One time, while I was in the car, I sensed the familiar feeling that a recent meal was making its way down to my backdoor, and it was going to leave SOON. I let off some gas while waiting to get there. I was really worried about this one. Finally, when I got there, I race walked to the bathroom. (I didn't run because I didn't want to attract attention or make things obvious) When I got there, I quickly ran to a stall and locked myself in. The pushing doubled as I was pulling my pants and underwear down to my knees. Just to be safe, I frantically tore up a seat cover and set it down, then turned around and sat my rear side on to the cold seat. I pushed, but to my surprise, nothing was coming out. I still felt the urge, doubled again in fact, but still, nothing would come out. I was pretty panicked at this time because it was pretty uncomfortable. I pushed even harder, being careful not to make too much noise. There were a few other people in their with me. Finally, a fart and a long log escaped my butt. I shifted my weight and lifted up one side to avoid getting splashed, then some more came out, smaller though. Then, a few minutes later, I wiped, flushed, and left, much happier and very relieved.
Well, this was my first post, feedback is welcome.

I'm a 48 year old male. While on vacation at a state park in upper New York State, I had the urge to shit. The bathroom was in the process of being cleaned by an older lady. I said that I had to go real bad and that she could keep on cleaning if she wanted to. She said ok and kept on cleaning. So I went ahead and took my shit. It didn't seem to bother her, as we were talking all the time. I thought that was kinda neat. Anyway this is a first post from me.

Jill's post reminded me of a similar incident that happened to me a number years ago. As a prelude I was about 30 years old when this happened. We had guests over for a BBQ one Sunday evening and I must have eaten one or two burger too many. As our guests were getting ready to leave I got the queasy feeling you get when you know you probably don't have too much time to get to the bathroom. Unfotunately my wife was engaged in conversation with our guests and I didn't want to disappear while we were in the middle of saying good bye. Finally just as they were turning to leave I got a huge cramp and my ass exploded with diahrea. It was a silent exposion and I disgused my discomfort as best I could. I honestly don't believe they knew what happened. After they left I put my hand to the back of my pants and they came back wet and brown. My wife noticed my hands and asked what that was from. I told her something like "your not going to believe thisbut I just crapped in my pants". It was probably the most humiliating statement I ever made to anyone. She looked at me and said "your kidding". By that time the shit was running down my leg (I was wearing boxes) and she noticed the stain on my pants. My wife started to giggle and said " I don't believe you did that What hapened". I explained that I just got a huge cramp and I didn't want to excuse myself in front of our guests. She still teases me about it from time to time especially when we are planing to have guests over but I don't really mind. What was most interesting about it was that I found the eperience of filling my pants to be quite arousing.

Todd, who is 15 and uses a wheekchair to get around because he has cerebral palsy and can not walk, was in class after lunch. During the class after lunch, Todd was working on school work with his aide. He started rubbing and holding his stomach. His aide asked him what was wrong. Todd said that his stomach hurt, his aide asked if he needed to go to the restroom, and Todd said "NO". A few minutes later Todd said" maybe I should go to the bathroom." Todd and his aide left for the restroom. On the way, Todd could not hold back his bowel movement. When Todd reached the stall in the bathroom and started to get out of his wheelchair, Todd had a large load in his pants. The aide helped Todd get undressed. He was sitting in his chair when he dumped, so the BM was all over his butt. Todd got up on to the toilet chair, and proceeded to have another large formed bowel movement. This young man does not go every day, he has huge load. The dump in his white breifs was just the begin! ing. After about 5 minutes He said he was finished, and then the cleanup begun. It took about 10 minutes to get the shit cleaned up. There was a lot of wiping and washing. His underwear came off and he just wore his jeans for the rest of the day. His aide suggested that he bring extra clothes with him in case of other accidents, but he never brought those clothes. I think todd was embarassed about using the restroom at school, he did not like have others help him with the rest room, he could do everything on his own at home. I will never forget when todd dumped in his pants.

Me and a good friend had gone shark fishing in Cape Canaveral at night. We drank several beers and caught some fish. On the way home to Orlando I got very sleepy and had to pull off the road to catch some ZZ's otherwise I would have wrecked. I was awakened by by a terible pressure a couple of hours later. I had to go immeadiately. Luckily it was 3:00 am and there was no traffic on the road. I carefully walked around to the front of the truck. I pulled down my pants and bent over at the same time. the wet shit blasted out of my ass in an awful shower. I must have spewed for 6 - 8 feet. What a relief. Only problem was that i had nothing to wipe with and the liquid shit was very acidic. My ass was burning in secounds. I finally settled on wiping my ass with my shorts which I thru out into the spray area.

Thursday, July 24, 1997

I was returning form the spa but decided to go by the grocery store. All of a sudden I got a huge cramp. They had no public toilets. I went outside walked up the strip mall and kneeled against a large brick column. It was wet or anything but just a big BM. Do any of you girls like to catch guys with their pants down?

Hey everyone... I've been lurking here for a while and I love reading everyone's shit stories... today at work I could feel lunch ready to escape but I was on the phone with a client and I could not get her to shut up so I could pass off the call! My stomach was rumbling, almost about to explode when she finally took a breath and I mumbled "Could you please hold?" and ran for the restroom... and out came my Whopper and fries... I came *this* close to having an accident, but thank God I didn't. The one thing about our bathrooms is that they're private so I can't hear my neighbors farting and crapping away, like in a mall bathroom...

I'd like to share an experience which was the most embarrasing of my life. I was about 19 and although I often got 'skid-marks' I hadn't actually messed in my pants since I was about 11 years old. It was a warm summer's day and I had arranged to see the sister of a friend and take her to their beach hut for the day. We parked the car and were walking hand in hand when I began to feel some urges from down below. The feelings in my bowel got stronger but then subsided and I thought nothing more of it. Later, at the beach hut, she went for a pee. I followed soon afterwards, and half way through I began to feel something in the back of my pants, just bulging the cotton slightly. I pulled my pants down, which thankfully hadn't got stained, sat down and looked around for the tp. None! I was too embarrased to call and ask if there was any anywhere else. I knew I had only one tissue in my pocket. I reached down and wiped myself as best I could, making what I hoped was a reasonable job, (although knowing my record, I thought it unlikely!) As I didn't have any more tissues, I decided not to do the rest of my poop - I didn't truthfully expect to 'get lucky' but I really wanted to make sure I stayed clean, just in case. We went for a walk before returning to the car, during which time I knew I had made a mistake by not finishing what I had started. The pains got wose and worse until I knew I couldn't hold on much longer. She must have sensed that I was uncomfortable, and she asked if I wanted to return to the beach hut. It seemed like the best alternative, in fact my only chance of salvaging my self-respect. But it wasn't to be. As we got within sight of the hut, the most powerful urge I have ever experienced came over me and I filled my pants with what was fortunately a quite solid mass of poop. She laughed so much that she nearly had an acident herself. It was only 200 yds to the hut, but that was the longest 200 yds of my life! I rushed into the cubicle as soon as we got there, and heard a knock on the door, followed by a hand passing round a roll of toilet paper. 'Next time', she said, 'don't be too embarrased to ask!'
Was she put off by it? I don't think so, she's now my wife...

I am sorry I don't have any accident stories like most people appear to have. I haven't peed myself (or anything else) since I was a small child. However, I have had embarrassing moments, like the other day:
We had some visitors, in the evening. They arrived soon after our evening meal, and while my husband chatted with them, I was preparing coffee and stuff for them. While this was going on, I was getting increasing urges to have a dump (I usually do after evening meal). The problem was, I was rather busy, attending to our guests, and I didn't really want to use the loo while they were around, as it can get a bit smelly sometimes. So while I was getting things ready, I was letting go some wind quietly (we call them sbd's), in the kitchen. I had just released a good one, when one of the guys walked in, and he can't have failed to have noticed the smell - but he didn't say anything!
After about half an hour, I had given up hope of them leaving, and so I went upstairs to use the loo anyway. Having relieved myself of a large and smelly load, I was just coming out of the bathroom, when the same guy appeared up the stairs. He grinned at me and said something like "better now eh?" and went into the bathroom.
Not really what I had intended!

to vera: i think the fascination in woman pooping(for me at lease is to hear about the unthinkable coming from the opposite sex. there is also something sensual about hearing or seeing or reading about a woman doing a big poop. do you take any interest in going to the bathroom?

Wednesday, July 23, 1997

What a fantastic story. Don't worry chica, it's happened to best of us. I had a recent and obvious accident in short, running shorts and I felt like a really big baby. And oh yea, Jose Cuervo from the night before is to blame....
Hope to hear more from you!

I'm surprised there aren't more stories like this one of mine, a true one. I had to clean out my lower intestines with one of the legendary Fleet enemas. I took it and went to work. I figured that I would monitor my condition closely and be ready to head to the head. Well, don't you know, I felt the urge, got up and began the fifty feet or so to the men's room, and I didn't make it; I pooped my pants but good. I got to the bathroom and cleaned what I could, but my pants were clearly wet and stinky. It would have been easy normally to simply go home and tell my manager I was sick. Unfortunately, I was the driver of a car pool, and so I had to call the girl I drove, from a southern European country, and tell her that I was driving home early because I didn't make it to the bathroom in time and messed my pants. She laughed, thinking I was joking. Then I told her that I was not joking. She decided to come home with me, and so I took a big handfull of paper towels to sit on and drove home with pooped pants. A true story.

Some of the strangest messes in the school bathroom? HHHMM..let's one of the boy's rooms, a toilet and stall were covered with a red liquid one day. At first I thought it was blood. It was all over the toilet seat, the wall and the floor. It smelled a little like vomit, so I assumed some boy had drunk a gallon of cherry kool-aid, and then regurgitated it in this stall. Oh well. I moistened my cleaning cloth in my spic and span solution and began wiping. It was partially dry and difficult to remove. Another thing they like to do is blow their noses on the blue tile walls. I scrub off a tremendous variety of snot, different colors - yellow, green, brown. pink. Straight snot, snot mixed with boogers, mucus. I use a 3-M green back sponge to remove it. Some of the poop they leave in the toilets is weird. I always wondered what they were eating. I find terds with bubble gum in them! It doesn't digest so it winds up just mixed in with the poop. Once I found an entire yam, which had passed through some kids bowel in the toilet after Thanksgiving holiday - the entire Thanksgiving weeks' worth of poop deposited in the school potty on Monday morning. I always find huge loads after Thanksgiving. A lot of the teenagers eat so much that they clog up the toilet when they go to let it out at school, and not just the boys-the girls do the same thing. One girl pooped her panties (a huge one) and then smashed them onto the wall. A pair of panties glued to the wall with shit!!! And oh yes, for Samuel - Some of the girls DO leave the stall door open. It's almost like they WANT some one to see what they do. There's a lot more messes I can write about, but I must run over to the school and see the new toilets the plumbers installed for the upcoming school year.....

In 1968 George Wallace was running for president. I came from a background of democrats (however today I favor the Republicans). Back then I thought, and he probably was a southern racist; he probably has sincerely changed his views).
Well, George was invited to a presidential TV discussion with the other two presidential candidates. I was slightly angty about it. I asked to myself, why did the producers invite him to come along?
As Mr. Wallace was talking, I was that he was speaking into a microphone with the cord coming out to the floor. I could imagine George saying "I have to pee."
I thought to myself, couldn't it sound more southern. Then the thought came to me "in the toilet". A southern introduction was also needed. It was "excuse me now".
My favorite concocted southern expression was borm:
Excuse me now I gotta pee in the toilet.
I kept this saying to myself for over a decade then a friend talked about the last couple of years of the great football coach, Bear Briant. I have a lot of trouble beliebing this, Briant wet himself uncomtrolably, and his players had to take hin to the urinal. I said the concoted southern expression to my friend; he thought it was kind of witty.
I spent 4 weeks in Arkansas in 1990 then in 1993. Unfortunatly the expression is not used there or in any other part of the south. If it was, there children would be much more easily potty trained.
Maybe you southerners who are reading this would like to adopt this saying and make this a common southern expression.
Perhaps Ross Perot could adopt this expression. If he does atlast we can say: "We have an honest politician!!!"

Tuesday, July 22, 1997

I had the same thing happen to me as a previous post. I once had to shit really bad and on my way home from town I pulled into a gas station only to find the restrooms out of service.I was doing my best to hold it until I got home when suddenly as I proceded through an intersection an old lady ran the light and clipped the back end of my car,sending it spinning into the ditch.I wasn't hurt,but I was shocked and scared.I pooped a little bit on impact but was still holding it as I struggled to get out of the car.Once out,I started to cry.Not because of the car accident, but because of the accident I knew I was about to have in my pants! People who witnessed the accident were starting to gather around.The old lady was ok but our cars were pretty damaged,and soon my panties and shorts would be too!I told everybody to get away from me,that i was alright! I walked around to the other side of the car,pretending like I was inspecting the damage.I couldn't hold it anymore.I could here sirens in the distance.Oh the humiliation!Finally I just relaxed and let it go.It was really warm and mushy!Totally filling my panties!Fortunatley,I wear briefs,not bikinys so most of it was staying in my panties.The rest of the night was very long and embarrassing!They towed my car and I walked the ramaining mile and a half home.

Since you all seem so interested in my daily BM's, here's today's experience. I am only telling you because it was slightly different to the usual daily routine. I must admit writing it down does make me feel embarrassed, and if any of you fellas who read this were anywhere within earshot when I do my business I would be mortified. Most of the gals who read this will know what I mean.
I have a regular routine in the morning of getting up, wash, dress, makeup and breakfast all before the bathroom visit. Today was the same except that as I dressed, I sensed an urgent tingle in the lower region. Something there was being very insistent, must have been some fruit I ate yesterday. Anyway I didn't vary the morning sequence I knew I could wait. All through my routine I was getting the message more and more stronlgy with occasionally little farts (not wet). At last I was able to get into the WC. Hitch up my tight skirt and pull down my white cotton panties. They are quite plain, no frills. I don't push them to my ankles, they go just below the knee. Since they were fresh on this morning no stains were present. My poop started straight away, no farts or pee before. There was a steady stream of firmish output which went on for a little while. Then there was a pause. I felt there was more there, so I pushed this out. It was more runny that before. Another small gap and the pee came, hot, loud and strong. I waited a while, but nothing more, and no more promised it seemed. So I wiped, looked in the bowl to see it was pretty full, and smelly. I flushed and skid stains remained in the bowl. They were still there after the second flush, so I put some bleach down to help clean up.
Hope you fellas enjoyed that. Could you tell me what effect this account has on you?
As regards the guy in the Girls school rest room, neither I nor any of my acquaintances at our school would use the toilets any more than we had to. We preferred to wait till we got home. The gals at the school he works at must be really unihibited to freely attend to their needs whilst he is still in their toilets.

I went to the dentist the other morning and had to use the bathroom. I tried the door and it was locked Then I heard I will be right out Oh my it was the hygienist, There must have been no spray in there She must have shit up a storm and it reeked. Figures I was her next patient. Hope she washed her hands LOL

Have any of the girls at your school left the bathroom door open when they went to piss/shit or do they always close it when they go?

Bad Planner
Bad Planning
I couldnıt wait to get home. Another crazy weekend morning with too many things to do, and I didnıt make my usual trip to the john. I didnıt feel backed up, and figured Iıd wait. Big Mistake #1. An hour later, while Iım standing in line at the bank, I feel a tidal shift in my bowels- that warning urge in your lower colon than tips you off that youıve got time, but not much. No problem, Iıll head home now and head it off at the pass. Driving, I break into a sweat- I start to feel fecal pressure around the anus, or ³touching cotton² as my husband calls it. I step up the pace and wheel into the driveway. Iım counting seconds now, afraid that when I get up off the car seat somethings going to come out. Iım wearing a pair of bike shorts, with a thong. Big Mistake #2. Throw the car in park, race up the walk on a direct path to the toilet. I made it through the front. I start up the stairs, but I just couldıt hold it any longer. All this pressure relaxs, my thong gets pushed aside, I canıt believe Iım filling my shorts! My face gets flushed. I reached around to feel the bulge in the back. Its a big load. In the bathroom I look in the mirror- who would think that an attractive 32 year old would be crapping in her pants. The last time I did it was in college, too much tequila- puked and passed out, woke up lying in a puddle of pee with a load in my panties. That was a hangover to remember- standing in the dorm shower with the whirlies washing shit off my ass. Iım flashing back to this scene, when I snap out of it. Now for the second time in my adult life my pants are messed, and I canıt blame it on Jose this time. Bad planning, and if this ever happens to you, a thong is no help- my bike shorts caught the whole load. May be I should wear a diaper next time I book out without answering natureıs call. I pull down my shorts and dump the load into the bowl.

Big Ed
Hello my name is Ed. I just came across this site. I thought I'd share a little bathroom accident I had...but it wasn't my fault!
One time I was running with a female friend of mine and we were training for long distance track event. I had been very constipated, so I took some Ex-Lax per the advice of my running companion and so-called friend. What this friend didn't tell me was how much to take. And since she gave me the Ex-lax in the foil wrapper, there were no dosage instructions. So I ended up eating about 6-7 doses too much!
Anyways, my friend and I started to go on our run. I felt no real "urge" yet and figured I'd be fine untill I finished the run. However, while we were running along this\ deserted canyon trail that damn Ex-lax hit me like a ton of bricks!!
"Oh my god, I'm gonna crap my shorts!!!" I screamed in pain. We both stopped and looked around. There were no bushes or hidden spaces to go relieve myself. And since I didn't know this girl too well, I didn't want to drop my drawers in front of her and expose myself. But at this point I really didn't need to worry about finding a place to go to the bathroom, because my butt muscles cramped up and I emptied a huge load into my shorts. Being that we were both wearing Dolphin running shorts (which are rather short and skimpy,) it was pretty obvious!!! I was so embarrassed. I looked over at my friend expecting her to be outright disgusted and offended. To my suprise, she was laughing hysterically and was more red in the face than me! She kept staring at me and the huge bulge in my shorts laughing and smiling as if a devious plan of hers came through (more on this later...)
Anyways, we hobbled for a couple of miles till I finally came to a restroom. Thank god nobody else saw me. I cleaned myself up the best I could and made my way home.
It was later on in the week that I heard that my running companion heard of my constipation and deliberately framed me by OD'ing me on Ex-Lax. I WAS FRAMED! Oh well, it made for a unique experience. As the saying goes "Shit happens!"

Come *ON*, guys. You know you've had more accidents than this. Last night I was sitting at the computer table, typing away, and I'd been putting off going to the toilet...didn't wanna lose track of my online game...thought I'd wait a while...I was talking to a friend of mine, and when he found out about my predicament he began telling jokes. I laughed pleasantly, but after a while I asked him to stop. He went one over. I felt my sweats become extremely warm and a pasty lump of shit squeezed into my shorts, as well as rivers of pee, but I was laughing too hard to care. I told him what happened and he laughed almost as hard. I hadn't actually laughed enough to piss myself in a long time...and I'd never laughed so hard I shit myself! But I just did last night. Thought you lot would appreciate that. Now, guys, give us some more of your accident reports! Love and spots! wetseat

Monday, July 21, 1997

Samuel - A lot of the girls seem to have the ability to hold their farts until they get into the bathroom. Usually they fart right after they pull down their pants, or right after they get on the toilet. You know how guys fart at the urinals? Girls do the same thing. Most of the girls wear shorts, and they pull 'em down all the way, and then mount the toilet with their knees together. It's probably the most comfortable way to sit. All of the students have at least one free period during the day, and some sit on the toilet the whole time, and many hang out in the bathrooms. There is some grunting that goes on, but mostly I hear sighing, or other noises of tremendous relief, such as: "AAAHH!!" Teenagers can hold a LOT.

Randy - It sounds like your brother had a wet dream. He should wear underwear to bed.

Have any girls at your school had poops that were a huge constipated grunting affair? And also, how far do the girls take their pants down when sitting on the toilet?

please post some of your toilet experiences, I'd love to hear about them, for one

Hey guys I went over to basketball camp the other day. I stopped at restaurant for breakfast,one of those all u could eat. When I got to camp my stomach was feeling like a big shit was coming soon. I went to the restrooms in thje student union. There were about 6 stalls and only one was busy. I went in and sat down and as Zas I did about 8players came in and ran into the stalls,some had to wait. I blew my out and all u could hear was massive explosions and big ploops of poop hiting the ware. Everyone was grunting and groaning. The ones that could not get in to stall was scxreaming for others to hurry because they said they were going to shit their pants soon.. These guys really loved to wipe their butts,each must have used about a roll of poaper. I sat for a while and heard alot more farting and plopping as the morning went on.

Last month, I had the job of taking my 12-year-old niece to a funfair. We were having a great time, when she suddenly needed the toilet. I suggested that she could pee behind one of the rides. She replied that she did not need to pee, she needed to poop! Oh dear, problem! The toilets wre at the entrance, 200m away, and the place was packed. We were on our way back when she stopped walking and started to cry. The poor girl had totally shit her pants! Luckily, it was not runny, so it did not soak through her jeans, but I had to take her home to clean up. I felt so sorry for her.

Sunday, July 20, 1997

Are you ever planning to "publish" (on this page) the results of the sitting on the toilet survey? I think it would be most interesting, to see the statistical facts and figures based on what people have stated about themselves.

We will publish the totals for the male responses this week. We don't have nearly enough female responses to even think about being able to publish accurate female results.

Hello Samuel - Usually the only time I get a look at a girl pooping is when I am at home. A neighbor and her friend did it for me a couple of times, and a girlfriend does it for me. Here are some more school bathroom facts for everyone's enjoyment: At the schools, girls will come in and use the toilets while I'm cleaning the other stalls. First they will tinkle, and then you will hear chunks dropping into the bowl. It takes as long as 30 minutes for some girls to finish, but the usual time frame is 4-6 minutes. Most of them use a LOT of toilet paper. In a school with 500 girls, I will put out 10-20 rolls of toilet paper per day. If all the girls are on the rag at the same time, I might put out 40 rolls, going in at midday to refill all the dispensers. The girls wash their hands much more often than the boys, but tend to mess up their bathroom more. Teenagers clog the toilets pretty often, cuz they eat so much! This is my job and I don't mind it.

Claire, you made my day. I think I need to go take a dump now!

Saturday, July 19, 1997

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