I have been visiting your site for a while and thought you might like to share my strange toilet experience

My boyfriend and I were on a picnic in the gardens on a Saturday and after about four glasses of coke I needed to pee so I excused my self and made for the ladies.
I followed a Japanese lady up the path to the toilet block and we went inside one behind the other.
There was one fairly large brick cubical with no door.
The Japanese lady walked straight in and completely remover her bike pants I thought that was I bit odd but then she got up and squatted with her feet on the seat giving me a complete view of her pussy and butt.
She was staring at the floor and made a little grunt and started to pee a torrent it hit the metal toilet bowl and tinkled. She grunted louder then i saw her butt hole dome outwards and a poo start to come out of her first there was just a little spot of poo then her hole opened wider and a round log started to come out.
A young girl about 13 or 14 came in and stood next to me. We looked at each other and then back at the Japanese lady's poo hanging from her butt. It got longer and longer at least 8 inches or more before it broke off and hit the water with a splotch there was still poo comming out of her butt. She pushed out about another 4 inches of log before it started to taper down and finish.
she grunted the last bit out grabbed the toilet paper and wiped her but 4 times folding the paper after each wipe and her pussy twice. Then she got off the toilet put her bike pants back on and left she didn’t flush or wash. I looked at the young girl who seemed to be getting desperate and asked her if she could hold on. she said she could not so I let her go ahead of me she pulled her panties down and hitched up her skirt and sat on the seat. she no sooner sat down and her pee started it made a strange sound as it landed on the Japanese lady’s paper in the bottom of the bowl.
Then she far! ted and I saw her strain relax and strain again there was two little thuds as her poo fell. She reached for the paper and wiped her butt twice and her pussy twice and got up. I didn’t give her time to flush as soon as she was up I had my panties down and sat. she washed up and left I looked at what she had done two logs about 3inches long sitting on top of the paper left by the Japanese woman.
The Japanese lady’s poo was sitting up the front of the bowl it had to be at least 8 inches I relaxed my bladder and peed for about three minutes then i wiped got up flushed washed and left....
That is the first and only time i have ever seen another womans butt while she poo's

bye for now


Hi! Thanks for your detailed posts discussing those amazing experiences. I'll just bet you felt like a million quid with those two unabashed young pee-gals on your arms! And yes, the difference between the families standing at the water's edge and those up amongst the rocks supports the current numbers, ie. that only one in ten thousand women know that "conventional" female urination posture is cultural, not biological! According to Herodotus, "Father of Histroy," who wrote a nine-volume history of his travels around the world in the 5th C BC, the Ancient Egyptians had the opposite situation -- men sat to urinate, while women always stood!

I've used urinals many times, and I can concur with your girlfrind that there's no difficulty at all once you get the hang of it. I've never sat in a sink! And I can also claim to have never had an accident, though a few times it's been a near thing!

I love to hear of your adventures and your girlfriend's ma! rvelous odysseys through uninhibited relief. This is a quiet social revolution as women gain an extra piece of the freedom body image constraints and social morbidities have traditionally denied them. I would encourage every woman to learn this skill and use it!

Happy weeing to you both,


Alex (N.Y.)
Sorry, I haven't posted in a while. I have been trying to keep up to date with the posts. To Jane: I usually go by a scale as well. But I go from 1 to 5. The other day, my friend told me an embarrassing story. She had to pee really badly, and her cousin told her a joke. She laughed so hard, that it all came out in her pants. The worst part is that she was wearing white pants, and the wetness turned clear. To tell you the truth the last time I saw someone have a bathroom accident was in 3rd grade. She had to pee, and the teacher didn't let her. 5 to 10 minutes later I saw a puddle on the floor from where she was sitting. Why can't teahcers just let you go?? When you gotta go you gotta go. I'll post more later. Take care.

To "me"--As a matter of fact, it would have been difficult to wait and find a toilet at the beach, since the nearest one was about three miles away. And the beach is the perfect toilet- the tides flush everything away daily.I do feel you were harsh in your opinion. It hurts to be called "digusting".
To Sandra- Thank you, I'm glad you liked my post!I will tell some more later.

Anne (Bus Driver)
Adrian, I didnt feel the need to do that big jobbie after the initial urge faded although I did do a wee wee quite a few times aferwards the feeling of needing didnt come on again until I got up the following day. Intellectually I knew I had a motion inside me but I didnt have the physical urge to pass it and I dont believe in forcing a motion out as this can cause piles and other uncomfortable symptoms. Generally, I go when I need and can pass the jobbie with a little straining as my motions are usually in the hard to firm catagory say 2 to 3 in Moira's hardness scale. Lots of women do jobbies in this catagory. I have occasionally woken up in the night to do a motion. I dont mean an attack of the runs, NOT a very common event for me Im glad to say, if anything Im usually slightly constipated but this doesnt bother me in the slightest as Id rather my poos were a bit hard than too soft and mushy. As you ask I will relate about doing a jobbie in the wee small hours a few days ag! o. I hadn't been on Saturday and went for a wee wee before going to bed but apart from a few farts I did nothing. I awoke at 3am bursting for a pee and feeling something more substantial was on its way down so went to the toilet hitched up my nightdress and pulled down my white panties and started to pee. I felt the lump push its way down and my sphincter stretched as the fat turd slowly came out wth my giving an "NN! NN! UH!" to help it on its way "KUR-SLOOSH! KER-SPLOONK!" two big fat jobbies plunged into the pan and in the silence Im sure the sound was heard throughout the old house I live in which is converted into 4 flats and thus has quite thin walls. For this reason I didnt pull the flush as I didnt want wake my neighbours as the cistern is very noisy in my toilet. I looked into the pan as I always do after a good solid motion, two big jobbies lay in the pan, the larger being 10 inches long and a big knobbly the smaller only 6 inches long but as fat as its big mate at 2! 1/2 inches thick and a big smoother. I pulled up my knickers and went back to bed feeling very satisfied. Next morning of course the two turds were still lying in the pan and when my friend Cathy came round she noticed them when she went for a wee wee and commented, "I see you had a good motion last night love!" She subsequently buddy dumped a 12 inch long easy sausage on top of my two bricks.

I have been glad to be wearing dark knickers as you suggest. One time Cathy and I went to a disco and I was wearing a mini skirt. Now I had a pair of brown panties on underneath which was as well as I had a small amount of retained poo in my rectum when I had done a really big easy formed jobbie at home before coming out and hadn't satyed to ensure I had passed it all as I didnt want to keep the taxi waiting and clocking up charges. During a dance I felt something come out of my back passage and felt a little poo come out into my panties. When I went to the Ladies and pulled do! wn my briefs I found what the Scots call a "mick" a small turd about 3 inches long lay in the seat of my knickers. I removed it with toilet paper and dropped it into the pan with a "plop!" but as it was a soft poo it had made a stain in the seat. Now as these were by sheer good luck a brown pair it just looked darker and soon dried out. If anyomne had seen it as my skirt rode up as I danced they would have taken it as a sweat mark owing to the heat and exertion. Now had I been wearing light panties say white, pink or pale blue the brown stain would have been all too obvious for what it was.

To PORTLAND RESIDENT-Wow,i'd love that to happen to me.I really enjoyed your story.That's great that it's not complicated by sex with her,just enjoy the show-keep us posted on further events!!TO GRUNTLY-That must have been some view seeing poops coming out into the harbor.I would have enjoyed that!Been reading these posts for about 15 mins and it's like having a cup of coffee-I've got a full rectum and i gotta poo.I always like to read this forum as i feel my rectum fill up-feels like it's going to be a bit soft.Gotta go BYE

Prompted by Steve's post though not directly related, I was thinking about leaving toilet doors open. My wife is always complaining that I leave the toilet door open when I go for a pee. The reason that men are casual about this is that they stand with their backs to the door when they pee, and it doesn't matter who sees (or hears) them (unless they fart while peeing). Women on the other hand sit facing the door to pee and have to have the door shut or passers-by can see everything....Although this is blindingly obvious, I think it subtly conditions the female mind to be obsessive about shutting the toilet door.

Every now and then posters recall pee / poo moments in TV and the movies. "Trainspotting" was on the other night (which I'd forgotten about) and has a pretty revolting poo scene. Heroin addict Ewan McGregor needs a poo badly and goes into a betting shop to find a toilet. There is one disgusting toilet covered in poo with pee and poo all over the floor. We see him take down his pants and sit on the toilet. You then hear lots of bubbling farts accompanied by loud diarrhea. Unfortunately he had placed some morphine suppositories up his rectum before he needed to poo. He then had to crawl on the disgusting floor and put his hand in the toilet to recover them. The water in the toiet is brown and consists of the runny poo of himself and others - he wretches as he puts his hand in. It really is gross! Rather theatrically the toilet swallows him. It's certainly not the kind of pleasant pooing posters here go for!

My wifes sister kept her word. Last night when I got home from work she had already called and told wife to send me over to get some big pieces of art that had been their grandparents. Jan only lives about a mile away so I went right over. She let me in and said 'The pictures are by the BATHROOM.- let me help you.' They were both large, with heavy old frames, alomst 3 x 5ft. And sure enough, they were in hallway next to bathroom. We carried the first one out and put in in truck. Jan said, "I tried to time this to exercise your fetish a little, and I gotta go NOW so come on in if you want. She was dressed in a bulky old sweatshirt that hung almost to her knees so when she got into bathroom she pulled it off. She unzipped pants and droppped them to ankles, and pulled panties down to knees and sat down on toilet. She was wearing a bra but I didnt care, this was good enough. Nothing happende right away. She sat there and she made conversation, telling me about the pict! ures and their grandparents. Soon a flow of pee drained out but nothing more for about a minute, then she said, well, I guess its time for the main event, here we go. She rocked forward on her knees so her butt was suspended and grunted groaned just a little. 'Uhhh' Her hole expanded and two lovely long firm brown pieces ejected slowly. the second one almost missed the hole and left some poop on the toilet seat. Then she pinched off two little stragglers. I really got excited, which I guess she could tell, and asked her if I could wipe her and she said No, thats going too far, and she then wiped herself and cleaned off the seat with some tissue while her gorgeous butt was still on display. You can probably guess what kind of condition I was in. She re-assembled her clothes and washed and helped me load the second picture. When that was finished she had me sit down and handed me a can of pop and said, "I don't think this was a very good idea. I love my sister, and wou! ld never do anything to hurt her, and I like you too. You are my favorite relative and I would do most anything for you. but you are enjoying this too much. and its going to cause trouble. ' I started to protest but she stopped me and said. " I'm not going to tell you why, but I know why your wife doesn't like people in the bathroom when she poops. 'I like to have company,but I should save it for a boyfriend or husband, not you, . You have to trust me, I think I can get her to let up on this a little but you have to promise it will just be betwen us, and if I can do it, lets please not do this again. " She sent me home wondering what was going on. About 9 last night she called and had a long phone talk with my wife. I don't know what was said. Wife was real nice to me afterward and even fixed me a sandwich, but other than that said nothing. If I ever figure this out Ill post it on here. I enjoy reading the other entries here about pooping,e xpecially guys watc! hing women. But I would never watch or do anything with someone who wasnt willing.

Did anyone see this week's episode of "The Sopranos"? In case you don't know what "The Sopranos" is, it's a weekly show on HBO about a mafia family. Anyway, at the very beginning of the episode, 3 guys are in some warehouse or something trying to crack open a safe. They have knocked a security guard in the head. Anyway, one of the 3 guys is squatting down with his pants down--you can see his bare legs--taking a shit! Come to find out the "adrenaline" of committing a burglary makes him shit every time. They even put in a couple of fart sound effects to make it seem real. Pretty interesting. They might air it again on Wednesday night on HBO if you want to try to catch it.

I guess that if we are honest, there have been occasions over the years when we have all had accidents of varying degrees. I know I have! My question is this: when this has happened, who has seen the soiled underwear? I can remember my mother & stepmother seeing my pants (in the laundry), several schoolfriends (in the changing rooms), some other friends (at swimming), and a girlfriend (!) all noticing marks or poo or wee stains in my pants. I have also been aware of other people having evidence of wee or poo in their underwear. What reactions have fellow posters noticed to such incidents? My experience varies from sympathy through mickey taking to being told off (with quite severe punishment in some instances).

I've seen some pretty disgusting public loos in my life, but none as bad as those in France. I don't think they ever get cleaned.
Can any one warn me of any other countrys to be wary of with regards to public loos?


To Steve,
I enjoyed reading the stories of your girl-friend's accidents, and other girls too! I must admit it sounds rather like some accidents of mine ... have you seen other girls wet themselves? What is your girl friends first name and age (if you don't mind me asking)?

To all,

I wanted to tell you what happened to my friend Katherine yesterday. She is the same age as me, 17, and I think very attractive. She was wearing some very tight grey hipster trousers, that really showed her figure well. Because her trousers were so tight you could clearly see the outline of her little knickers, and when she bent forward you could see the top of her white cotton knickers! She was wearing a short tight top, showing some bare ????.

We were chatting and laughing together, and Katherine told me she was desperate for a wee, and that she needed to go really badly ... we were nowhere near a loo at the time. Then Katherine laughed rather loudl! y at something I had said, and immediately gasped in horror and looked down at herself, as a large round damp patch appeared on her crotch! "I've wet myself - oh no!!" she exclaimed. Because her trousers were so tight, and because of the light grey material it showed badly.

Katherine was really embarrassed - it was only the second time she had worn those trousers, she added!

She asked me if I thought others girls sometimes wet themselves when they laughed, and I said, yes, I'm sure that does happen, it has happened to me. Has it happened to other girls here?

Best Wishes


Message for portland resident
Love the story, I want to hear more, please let us all know what happens next time.

Joe K
Just a thought: Donīt you think that a cleaning lady in a menīs room might get sexually aroused? As a guy, one of my most erotic fantasies is a cute lady in the toilet, so it seems logical for me to think that for the opposite sex, a guy shitting would be a turn on. Also, if cleaning ladies are allowed in menīs rooms, what is the point in having separate facilities? I know that many people would not like having unixex toilets, cause they would feel uncomfortable with a person of the opposite sex, particularly women; but if a person of the opposite sex, in this case a cleaning lady in the menīs room, is allowed, even if it is her job to clean and replenish the toilets, then, at least for us men, it is absurd having separate facilities cause in a certain way we are sharing our most intimate act with a person of the opposite sex; no privacy at all. Many women would be the first to oppose having unisex toilets because they want their privacy. They are not willing to share their to! ilet habits with men, and thatīs why cleaning guys in the womenīs are almost non existent. This is gender discrimination and we men, are the victims. We should accept a person of the opposite sex in the toilet, but we cannot see the opposite sex in the toilet! For many men, it is a turn on to see or to bee seen by someone of the opposite sex in the toilet, and I imagine that for many women it is also a turn on, so this raises a question: why, if we like to see someone of the oppostie sex in the toilet, need to have separate facilities, particularly women? What do you think? Please give feedback. Finally, I just want to say something. I think that a toilet is solely designed for excretory functions (shitting, urinating, etc.) and not for sexual pleasure. However, I think there is something sexual in going to the bathroom, and having unisex toilets would inevitably, lead to sexual arousal. This happens in a certain way at least for me when thereīs a cleaning lady in the menīs r! oom. The first time it happennned to me (not long ago), I was shitting and a cleaning lady came in, I almost paralyzed. I really could not continue shitting. I felt very embarrased, but above all, I felt a sexual impulse. It was inevitable. I almost had an orgasm (thatīs for another forum). However, I could not say it was a memorable toilet experience. I could not shitt properly, I felt embarrased, and yes, I felt a turn on, but I think, sex and all that is definitely not for the toilet. Although I admit that to see or to be seen by a person of the opposite sex is a turn on for me, when I only need to shit or to a lesser degree to pee, I think it is really uncomfortable to share your most intimate physiological needs with a person of the opposite sex. Finally, I think that if we are to have separate facilities, then only men should be allowed in the menīs room; no cleaning ladies, and only women in the ladiesī room. If for practical reasons, the janitors have to clean toilets ! of the opposite sex, then itīs OK, but in that case instead of having separate facilities, we should have a single unisex toilet. That would be more practical. Also, I think that a unisex toilet as a second option along with the separate men and womenīs facilities is a good idea for some places. What do you think? Please give feedback.
By, take care, and happy dumping. Great stories all!

Hello everyone. Great posts! I've been very busy lately and don't really have anything interesting to report. However, I do have a question someone may be able to answer. My roommate was in a bad mood all weekend because he was constipated. He claims he ate apple pie Friday night and that is what made him constipated. I've never heard of that - in fact, I would suspect apple pie would have the opposite effect, but that's what he said. Another friend of mine used to swear bananas were constipating. Also, it seems I read rice could be constipating. Does anyone know of certain foods that are generally regarded as "constipating foods," that is, foods that can cause constipation?

Cassie: I had Dulcolax. It works brutal, nasty. But it is good. If I take it in the morning, it will work in the afternoon.

Tuesday, March 07, 2000

Claire... I think you're far from being alone when it comes to ladies having accidents after drinking. There have been several occasions when I've seen young women in trousers with damp patches. The most obvious one was a girl in tight white trousers. She was acting like nothing had happened, but it was quite obvious that she had recently peed her pants. There was a dark patch from her crotch to her bum, and this extended some way down her inner thighs. Perhaps there's a lesson there - if you think you might wee in your pants, don't wear white ones as the damp patches will be most visible!
My girlfriend has had four accidents that I can remember. Two of them were when she was wearing jeans and lost control before she managed to get them down. She ended up weeing through them while squatting, so that she would only get her bum wet and not get too much down her legs. A third was on New Year's Eve two years ago. She had been telling me that she was bursting for a wee, and we! were on our way to a spot we thought she could use. Suddenly, a car sounding its horn at another who nearly caused a crash. My girlfriend was startled by it, and as she had a full bladder the shock caused her to let go. "Oh no", she said with a sigh of resignation. She started to wee uncontrollably, and I could hear this huge squelching/hissing noise as she flooded her g-string and soaked her long party dress. Thankfully, no-one seemed to notice, despite the puddle she was standing in by the time she had finished. The fourth accident was one she regained control of. She let a little wee escape when she was sitting on a bench when waiting for a taxi.
There is another accident all too clear in my mind, but I cannot really talk about it here.
I get the impression that the ladies, at least those in England, are getting more liberated about relieving themselves in public or semi-public situations than they were even a few years ago. They are still more shy than the males, ! a long way behind, but they still seem to be losing some inhibition. There examples I can mention another time, but on Saturday night, when I was walking home with my girlfriend, we saw a group of five women in their twenties who were squatting in a row along the wall, skirts lifted to their waists, knickers down, all squirting huge gushers. "Oops, we've been caught", one said, embarrassed.

I think it's absolutely right to promote the standing pee, or at least the ability to do it even if it isn't to be the position of choice. The teenage family we were with on the nude beach treated the topic in a very open and light hearted manner. It was truly amazing that it was very up close and personal. The girls, epecially the 15-16 year old, were delighted at their success, and actually seemed very comfortable with me watching everything as they did their standing pee. I'll not forget walking back to our place on the beach with one of those lovely girls on each arm! .
Contrast this with another mother and daughter I remember from much later that day. There were rocks around, like I've mentioned, and my girlfriend and I were climbing some stone steps built into them. At the top, we turned a corner, where we were met with the sight of the naked bums of a lady around 30 years old and her daughter around 10-11, blocking the way, bent over side-by-side and urinating. Their legs were apart in a semi-squat stance, and due to this and their position several steps above us, their genitals were in bright sunlight and on full display to us from below. They were completely unaware of our presence, and were in the middle of what seemed to be a much needed pee for them both. Mother and daughter were squirting huge gushing streams, so much flooding the step on which they stood that their urine was now running down the steps below, and my girlfriend and I moved our feet out of the way. We waited patiently, and when their last dribbles petered out an! d they turned to go back down the steps they were quite surprised to see us! "Oh, Sorry! If girls could stand and pee on the wall you could have come through", the very embarrassed mother said as she and her red-faced daughter walked down past us. My point is that the mother was obviously totally unaware of anything other than the squatting pee, and is passing on that state of mind to her daughter.
My girlfriend often tells me about things that happen in Ladies toilets, and frequently moans about the lengths of queues in nightclubs etc. Rarely, just occasionally, the girls decide to use the sinks to pee in if things become really desperate and to keep the queues moving. The girls usually mount the sink and attempt to sit on it as if it were a toilet bowl. My girlfriend used to do this until she learned to control the standing pee. Now, if she needs to and the sinks are of a favourable design, she stands in front, lifts her skirt at the front, pulls her g-string aside, spla! ys and lifts her labia, and pees a controlled stream into the sink. As she is tall, this isn't a problem for her. I've watched her do this both ways, and the ability to stand gives her the choice.
Also, once when out with a large group of desperate girl friends, a bar owner gave them permission to use the men's room when it was clear. My girlfriend was able to use a men's urinal with no difficulty at all, while most of her friends waited for the stalls or mounted the sinks, just two of them trying to use the urinals but missing the target some of the time.

Bye for now,


To Gruntly:

I was interested your ship post. Did the Chinese ladies use TP? That would have floated in the harbor... Things have changed a lot. Nowadays untreated feces are not permitted to be dropped into the sea from boats (at least not in the seas round the the lands of the European Union).

Had a very nice poo yesterday a.m.Had gone to 7-11 and got some coffee and was in the middle of drinking it when i felt a strong cramp and right away i felt my rectum filling up.Usually,i get cramps first and after about 5 min,i feel the urge in my rectum,but this day it was like i had to go right away.So i got home and sat on the bowl.Surprisingly,i had to push a bit to open my anus and there was no gas at all,but the poop was pretty soft and as it was coming out i was getting these hissing farts as the poo was coming out.i was farting and pooing at the same time!That doesn't happen too often with me,anyway.This went on for a while.Thepoo stayed this one way thru out -soft.It didn't get any harder or looser.When i felt done,i looked in the bowl and saw this huge pile of soft poo rising way above the water line.Boy did it feel good coming out.I had to keep pushing to get it all out.There must have been2-3 lbs of poo in the bowl.I sat hter pushing my asshole out for a bit and w! iped.It was a bit messy to wipe,so i jumped into the shower and felt great.Some days i really look forward to sitting down and opening up my anus and letting it all go and some days,i don't even think about it-strange in a way-I'm looking foward to the day i can poop along with a woman on the same bowl-that's one thing i'd love to do!!Now to find that special person!!BYE

Hi all,
Message for Peter C, read my experience, although it doesn't sound as good as yours, I only saw the womans butt, but it was close I can tell you.

Enjoying all the posts very much, one thing that I am curious about is how do all these people get such large movements? what do they eat to get a 3" thick 8" long solid turd, I have never had one, mine always shoot out like a rocket and are soft and short. Any solutions?

PS - looking back on past posts, I would love to read more about nurses/bedpans etc.

Till soon:)

Portland Resident
Since several weeks ago when I told of guarding the stall while my wifes sister had a poop, I have been obsessed with wanting to watch her do this again. My wife don't care to have me in the bathroom with her while she poops. This weekend her sis came over on Saturday morning and they went shopping, came back at 3 ocolock. My wife discovered she'd walked out of Fred Meyer and left a throw rug by the counter-so she had to go back. Its about a half hour trip and in traffic its worse. Her sister stayed behind to finish a cup of coffee. When she got up to leave, she started for the door and then stopped and said she better use the bathroom before she went. I had to think fast. I told her sort of jokeingly I hoped she didnt have to do another load like last time because I needed to go too and didnt want to put up with her smell afterward. She said smells didnt bother her, so for me to go first and she could wait. Darn. What do I do now? I went in and sat down but of cou! rse Ididnt really have to go so I just sat there. After about 2 minutes she came and knocked on the door and said she misjudged and for me to hurry. I sat about another minute and she knocked again and said she needed to come in real bad. I said, "well your making me nervous and I cant go at all so come on in.. and I was going to say "ill be ready in a minute -but I never got the words out and she came crashing thru the door, as I was standing up pulling up my pants she ripped her jeans down and almost knocked me out of the way as she sat down and pooped out an enormous load. I was standing right there, no time even to wash hands or exit as her turds were almost instantaneous when her butt was on the seat, and I saw the whole thing because she leand forward on the seat, at first the poops were long solid brown logs, firm and round but toward the end it turned to diarheea. I pretended to apologize but she said, no, no problem, I am sorry I interrupted you. She leand forw! ard again and wiped and stood up. I just couldnt stand it any more and told her that the sight of her pooping both this time and last were just incredible and really excited me. And that her sis wouldnt allow any watching. She kind of smiled and said, "I thought so." Then she said that no way would she ever fool around on her sister, but if I would promise to leave it at this and not try anything else, I could watch her anytime. I could hardly believe my ears. We went out in the kitchen and she poured another cup of coffee saying she was afraid to head for home until she was sure her stomach had settled down. I was still shaking from what I had seen. About 10 mins later I about died when she said, oops, I think its time for another trip, wanta come see? Of course you know the answer. This time I got to watch from behind as she unloaded a medium soft log and some more wet stuff. Her bum is just absolutely to die for, with a body to match but I intend to leave things ! just as they are, as my wife is nearly her twin and perfectly adequate in every other way. Maybe I should sign this, 'died and went to heaven.' Afterward she had no more problem, wife came home, happy because she had her rug, and sister left.

I was looking back through the archives when I saw a reference to a scene in "Ally McBeal". The scene was repeated tonight. The one who reported the scene in December didn't get the characters right.

Georgia just quit the firm and she and Ally were talking in the unisex restroom. In walks Sandy, the new assistant just hired by Billy. Georgia, who was sure Billy hired her just for her looks, yells at Sandy, "Do you mind? We're having a private conversation." Sandy was startled and said, "But..", when Georgia yells, "Hold it!" Sandy has this funny look on her face and walks away, presumably to find another bathroom.

I don't have a story to post tonight. Maybe later in the week.

Hey Peter C., loved your story, almost as good as the peephole episodes!

Anyhow, for years I had been going to a male doctor to deal with my minor skin allergies and a few days ago when I went, I found out that he had retired and a woman had taken over his practice. They apologized when I got there for not having my correct address to have sent me a notification. The receptionist went on to say that most of his male patients had been referred to another doctor and they could refer me if I did not feel comfortable with a woman. I said oh no problem and I waited for my number to come up. It was real early in the morning, about 8:00 or so and I got the urge to pee, all that coffee in the morning will do it. Now there has allways ben just 1 small single toilet 5X5 foot unixex bathroom in this office and it was in the hallway just accross from the registration area where a patient would sit to fill out insurance forms, pay bills, etc. I finished and was called back to see ! the doctor. A small bottle of ROGAINE and 15 minutes later I was sitting accross from the small bathroom, 3 ft., and paying my bill. The receptionist was talking to someone on the phone, so I waited a few minutes. Just at that point, a woman about 50ish, tall, well built, with a very nice figure came in the office, signed in and immediately made hast for the bathroom. Now this bathroom had a paper thin door, so you could hear practically everything without really even trying to hear. I hear her pull up her dress, pull down her panties and let out a loud fart followed by some gas. I could hear a barrage of turds hitting the water, blop, blop, bvvvphhoop, omph! I looked around and the reception area was empty and the receptionist had gone all the way to the front of the office, about 10 ft. away. Uhh, ahhhh, I could hear that sigh of relief through the door. Then suddenly, I could hear what sounded like Niagra Falls through that door as she was letting out a long wave of water. ! AAhhh, oh my godness, she said softly as she began to wipe her self up and come out. Just as that door opened, the funk hit. She looked at me somewhat embarassed and quickly shut the door. All the while, no one was in the immediate vicinity, they were either in the back or up front as the receptionist was. She walked about a few feet and stood accross from me looking at me with a worried look, that look of "please, I hope and pray no one else opens that door and goes in there. Just as a large number of patients were arriving, I reached into my bag, grabbed my small book of matches, and I qwickly opened the door to the bathroom, entered and closed the door behind me. Wew, what animal did she have for breakfast, I thought. After enjoying the aroma of her dump for a few minutes, I struck a match and a minute later, the funk was gone. As I exited, she was right there at the door along with two other women who had qued up to use the toilet. She went in quickly, turned on the faucet! briefly, and came out. As I was exiting the office, she came out behind me and said softly, thanks for taking care of that for me. I said, no problem, I'm always prepaired, and she smiled, we shook hands, and parted ways.

Hey dudes, if you played the markets like I do, you would need some of that Rogaine too...LOL!

I was looking back through the archives when I saw a reference to a scene in "Ally McBeal". The scene was repeated tonight. The one who reported the scene in December didn't get the characters right.

Georgia just quit the firm and she and Ally were talking in the unisex restroom. In walks Sandy, the new assistant just hired by Billy. Georgia, who was sure Billy hired her just for her looks, yells at Sandy, "Do you mind? We're having a private conversation." Sandy was startled and said, "But..", when Georgia yells, "Hold it!" Sandy has this funny look on her face and walks away, presumably to find another bathroom.

I don't have a story to post tonight. Maybe later in the week.

Monday, March 06, 2000

LISA I am new here but i would love to here about you pooing your panties. I like to read about wemen having a poo. It is my dream one day to watch a girl or woman poo. So guess i will catch you later.

Gruntly Bogwell
Many years ago I worked on a cargo ship that was anchored in a port in the far east for repairs. We had many Chinese women aboard as coolie labor painting and cleaning in the engine room. The ship's carpenter built them a wooden half outhouse that hung off the railing at the stern of the ship, with an open top and slats at the bottom for their feet as they squated to relieve themselves through an opening in the middle for pee and poos that fell into the harbor water 40 feet below. I happened to notice that when walking on the deck above one could lean over and watch the procession of users from above, which soon got boring...but, then I got the idea to go into the storeroom on the deck below and open one of the portholes...lo and behold, one opened right under the makeshift outhouse, giving me a fine view of the proceedings from about 7 feet away and behind. One morning as I was making my rounds I saw this this middle age woman enter the outhouse and squat...I proceeded to! my strategic porthole in the storeroom for an un interrupted view, arriving while she was in the middle of a copious urination stream from her bum...this dribbled to a halt and stopped...then her brown eye began to pooch out and settle back as she strained for a poo...and this is how it went for ten minutes, 15 minutes, as I waited, pooch and relax every so often. Then, two younger workers arrived and began hollering at her in Chinese...her bum disappeared from the slat opening, to be relaced by a quick succession of two younger bums that peed furiously in to the harbor...and left. The older woman resumed her perch and again began the straining ritual, stretch and relax...this time with more panting and groaning, after another ten minutes of no success and without warning, she let out a karate-like yell as, what I surmised later was one of those Chinese herbal laxatives exploded in her colon...because 18 inches of light reddish-brown poo literally shot out of her hole in tw! o long logs with some scraps and splashed into the harbor water below...I looked quickly back to her bottom, which must have been in shock as her asshole stood gaping open so I could see up inside, then it snapped shut and convulsed gaped open again as it seemed to be gasping for air after the rush of poo through it a few seconds before...I closed the port hole and went back to work, after a very interesting and unforgetable observation.

Andy Gump? (formerly known as Lurk)
Luna --

That was a great story, very funny & exciting, to me at any rate with my sick and twisted mind. =) Sound effects are what I love the most. BRAAPPPPPPP!!!!!

Keep it up! =)

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