Peter C
This is a great site ! I've only got one story to tell, but I reckon it's brill.

It was one summer about five years ago when I was 14. I'd been out walking in the hills whilst away on holiday, when I spotted these toilets. They seemed to be in the middle of no-where. I realised that I needed to pee, so I made my way towards them.

Having taken my pee, I got real curious about the ladies side, and having checked that no one was around, I went in. There was like two cubicles. Just the same as the mens really, except no urinals. Opposite one of the cubicles was a door. By now I had become confident about my explorations, so I tried the handle, and found it was unlocked. Inside it was obviously the cleaners room, bucket and mop etc. I went in further, when suddenly I heard voices.

Gripped with fear at being caught in the ladies, I shut the cupboard door behind me. Man it was pretty dark inside, but what I hadn't noticed was that it had one of those slatty! grill things in it, at a height that I could see out of, which let in some light.

I waited as the voices came nearer. One voice was a boys, probably about my age, and the others a girl. "Need a pee" she said. He said "can I come with you". "No you can't, you wait out here and guard the entrance. And don't you dare come in"

And then she came in. She went in the cubicle that I couldn't see, and then I heard her say "Oh God, thats disgusting" and she came out again. "Whats up" I heard him say. "The toilets got something nasty floating in it". "well flush it then" "No, I'll just use the other". She went in the cubicle opposite me, and then she realised what I hadn't actually noticed. There was no door. She seemmed to think for a second or two and then said "Promise you won't come in" He said "Yes, get on with it" in a frustrated sounding voice.

She turned and walked back into the cubicle. I began heavy breathing and my heart thumped as I realised I was! gonna see it all !

She had on a white mini skirt, and was real good looking, with long legs and all that. About 14 I guess. She pulled up the skirt at the sides, and pulled down her panties. I remember not seeing her bushy bit, cos as she pulled her panties down, the front of the skirt flapped back down again. She sat down on the seat with her panties about half way down her legs, and her hands cupped together, pushing the bottom of her skirt down between her legs.

I heard this tinkling sound of her pee, and then it went wisssssshhhhhhhhhh for a few seconds before stopping. She took a handful of paper, and stood up to wipe from the front, lifting the front of her skirt as she did it, and I saw her bright orange bush ! Then she pulled up her panties, and as she reached the top, she paused for several seconds before pulling them back down again and sat down. This must mean that she now needed to dump. I was now getting very excited in my cupboard.

I ! heard him say "What yer doing" "I'm taking a dump, stay there". She seemed to be straining a bit, and put her hands under her legs. It looked like she was pulling up her legs off the seat, and I could see her top teeth were digging in her bottom lip. Then she gasped Errrrrrrhhhhh. "Yep, I can feel it, its on its way". And she kinda sat up with her hands on top of her legs again. After about 10 seconds, she kinda leaned forward a bit, and then there was this plup sound and she sat up again, than 10 more seconds, and she leaned forward and this time "ker-lump" of a much bigger turd, and then 3 seconds "plop" of a much smaller turd as she leaned right forward.

She sat up and took more paper, wiping behind while sat down once, and then twice more stood up. Then I saw her smiling to herself, and she pulled her panties up much higher up her legs and sat down again. She called her boyfriend saying "yer bin so good, I'm gonna let you see me. You can com in". He kinda dashed ! round the corner and stood in front, blocking my view. After 4 or 5 seconds of silence, she then told him to get out again while she pulled up her panties.

I could hear him say how happy he was to her outside. I bet he'd have given anything to have been where I was !

Thats my story, the only time I see a girl do it. Man, was I the luckiest guy alive ! I saw it and he didn't !

Hope you liked it. Anyone else seen something like this ?

Hey I'm back.. wlel as back as I can be without going anywhere. being in casts aren't much fun. Hi JW and eveyone. I just got back from the potty as I had to poop major big time. My cousin sat me down with my pampies as far as y cast would let them go. So there I sat peeing and my cousin sat to talk and keep me company. I pushed and pushed and well it took it a while but then it finally started moving. I sat there red faced huffing and puffing with my face wrinkled up whispering come on.. come out... out.. I said out.. and with that KAAAAAAPLOP!!! Ahhhhhh, then I repeated this 5 more times, each time I thought I was going to faint as I got kinda woozy and my poor tushie opened wider than it should have as it hurt so much. Then on the last one I pushed and my tushie stung.. and yelped and out it came with a SPLASH!! I sat there resting and my cousins said it broke his heart to see me like that. But I smiles and said it was over and I feel lots better now. (I did trust me) Um is! it me or have my poops become bigger since I got hurt.. they take even longer to come out and I REALLY have to work to get them out. Is it cause I don't move or do exercise? Whew... I'm gonna take a nap okay? oh I'm living with my cousin and Elena his fincee or somehting leek that. I didn't like her much at first but she's very sweet and caring, and she's more a big sister than anyone's ever been. Good night and um I'll post again later when I have time.

Si (again)
Hi all, I couldn't help myself, I had to come back, I really enjoyed Luna's story, I know what It's like when you can't go, it happened to me today. I was lying in bed at about 8am (I usually go for a poo at 7am and 2pm) I got up and decided to go for a swim, put on my clothes and took a banana, it was then that I started to fart, and knew that my bowels would be cramping soon, but I decided to wait until I got to the swimming pool. It was about 8.30 when I was drinking my tea that I began to feel a large mass pass down my back passage and poke its head out of my anus, and then came the cramp, the first one was not too bad so I decided to get moving and start walking to the swimming pool, as I made my way my bowels began to cramp again this time a lot harder than before, and I was having difficulty walking with the pain, I hadn't realised how badly I needed to go but thought that I should be able to wait,I continued to have many more spasms but after about twenty minutes of w! alking the cramps bagan to subside as I reached the swimming pool and I began to feel rather bloated, once inside I changed into my swimming costume and decided to poop, although I couldn't now so I went for a swim. When I came out of the pool I began to feel the urge again, I thought about going back in but thought I would have to pay so decided that I would take a detour and that the toilets in the park would be my best bet, it was awful, I could feel a huge amout of poo in my back passage and couldn't wait to offload it so I hurried to the park, to my dissmay when I got there the toilets where shut! - now I had the 'turtles head' badly as I cramped and the large poo started to ooze out, I quickly made a dash for the bushes and managed to find a secluded spot and undid my trousers and lowered my pants, I stood with my legs apart looking at the ground below me and let go...I could feel it as it brushed past my pubic hair and it slopped out onto the ground it bits with a spla! t, it wasn't as solid as I thought (I had eaten a lot of greasy food the day before)as more continued to slop into a large pile between my legs, it was light brown in colour and was steaming as I groped about for some paper in my trousers to wipe my slippery butt, I felt so relieved as I pulled up my pants and made my way out of the bushes, trying not to let anyone see me, luckily there wasn't anyone about.

It's nearly 2pm and I can feel another movement coming on (I think its going to be runny)



Hello! I'm sorry to be coming back after so long, as I starte the ball rolling with regard to the standing pee discussion here, but it looks like my last post didn't make it to the board. It was very late at night when I sent it up, and I might have done something wrong, or this ol' terminal might have done the foul deed, whatever. That's very frustrating as it was a very long one discussing the amazing poo and pee episodes you raised. (I don't *think* I said anything untoward to incur the wrath of the moderator, it was more a few extra details of the delicious standing pee phenomenon).

Sandra, I'm eager to hear of your progress in standing pees, and if you need any advice -- I'm always here!

Steve's experience regarding seeing the family learning to openly pee in the standing mode was remarkable and heartening -- it makes me think there's hope for human civilization after all. Our local nude beach has toilets -- 500 yard! s from the undressing point. Yet in the times I've been there I've not actually seen anyone pee yet (a couple of possibles, but nothing overt by any means.)

I hope this message goes up okay!

All the best,


Haven't seen any long posts from you. Can you give a date and approximate time?

Luna: Welcome and great story, including the sound effects.

Althea: We do seem to have similar experiences when it comes to pooping experiences. I write mostly about my experiences in high school and college because 1) they happened more often at that time than any other time I could remember, and 2) I didn't use the Internet in those days. The more stories I post here, the more memories it seems to trigger. I still have a few more stories, so I'll be posting for a while.

One time in college my friend Sara and I decided to make a trip to the mall. We had just finished our midterms, and there were a couple of weeks left before it was time to study for finals. It was on a Friday afternoon, and the mall was starting to fill up with kids just getting out of school. Sara and I were in the food court sipping on some soda. There was a group of three kids, two boys about 10-11 years old, and a girl who was probably the younger sister of one or both of the boys! . One of the boys kept looking toward our table. When I would look over there, he would quickly look the other way, but it was obvious he was looking at me. After a while, it dawned on me why he was staring. I was wearing a short blue denim skirt I had just bought for the first time, and I was a bit careless in my sitting posture. I straightened up in my chair. A couple of minutes later, the kids left, along with their mother and a baby, who were sitting in an adjacent table.

A little while later Sara and I left the food court and headed for one of the department stores. We were shopping for a while, then I mentioned to Sara that I needed to use the ladies room. She said she needed to go, too, so we went together. As we were approaching the rest rooms, we saw a couple of boys sitting in the hall. I recognized them as the same ones who were sitting near us at the food court and one of them who was trying to look up my skirt. As we went around the boys, I le! t Sara walk along side me so that they wouldn't get a peek. But as we entered, I passed a silent fart that began to smell. I wasn't sure if the smell would drift into the hall, but once the door closed, I could hear gasps and laughter from the boys.

We saw the mother changing the baby's diapers. Sara and I took adjacent stalls, and I went to the stall next to what appeared to be the little girl, with her feet barely reaching the floor. I lifted my skirt, lowered my white panties, and sat. I peed and pushed out a couple of medium-sized logs, farted, and I was done. Sara only had to pee and was done quickly. I was hearing some moans and lots of plopping of poop. It was coming from the little girl. It was beginning to smell. I wiped and flushed the toilet, then heard the girl strain once more and several plops and farts. I heard her trying to tap the flush handle as if it was hard for her to reach back, but she was able to flush the toilet. Sara and I were wa! shing our hands when we heard more groaning and plopping of poop from the girl. As we were leaving, the mother went back to check on the girl. The boys were still in the hall, so we decided to head the other way to the elevator.

Anybody got a good enema story they want to share.

To Steve (England)
Thank you for telling us about your girl-friends accident, its good to know I'm not the only girl who has wet herself when having been out drinking! Has your girl-friend ever had any other accidents?

To "me"
Good to hear from another 17 year old girl! You mention you have weed several times when you've been out drinking, I must admit I'm very shy about pulling down my clothes when outside, which is why I seem to end up wetting myself!

Are there any other teenage girls who have wet themselves?

One of my worst experiences was wearing my tight white hipster trousers waiting at a bus stop - and I was absolutely busting for a wee! It was a cool evening, and the bus was very late, I found the cold night air made me want to go even more!
In the end, I just couldn't hold on, and to my horror I started to do it in my knickers - my trousers got very wet, and it showed quite badly - very embarrassing!

Best Wishes


I love this site, like many others here I thought that there was something wrong with me, maybe there is but at least I can share my fixation, as I love to watch women poo,(not men) but rarely get the chance, I have often walked in the toilet after women have taken a dump (some of them stink I can tell you) as we have to share two individual toilets at work, as there are so many people and not enough loos.

When we were kids, my best friend and I used to grab clumps of mud and pretend to shit in the drain in the playground, I can now see where this was leading me.

Happy crappin'



I have been reading posts here for a while but have never posted one of my own so I wanted to share.

I usually poop every 3 or 4 days, I do not eat a lot of fiber so my movements are very solid and large. Well I had not had a poo in several days and I had no urge to have one. I told a friend about this and she said that it is dangerous to wait too long, plus it was getting very uncomfortable. So I went to the store and bought a laxative. I took two tablets that night before bed.

The next morning, I woke up at 4 am with stomach cramps, and still no urge to go. I sat on the toilet and grunted and pushed out 4 very hard, small round turds. Nothing else came out so I went back to bed. I woke up about one hour later with a strong urge to go. I ran to the toilet & sat down, then about 4 or 5 long soft logs came out. Then I had more cramps and a large amount of liquid poop came out after the logs.

When I finally flushed the toilet there was so much in ! there I thought for sure that it would not go down but it did. I had a stomach ache the rest of the day but I did feel much emptier.

Thanks for letting me share my story

Anne. Thanks for your latest posting, particularly the bit about working an extra shift during the January flu epidemic and having to hold a motion in. No wonder your motion the next morning was a big, solid compacted jobbie and that it was the thickness of a milk bottle. The only thing that surprises me is that you didn't need to go and do that motion before going to bed or even get up in the night to do it. You must certainly have felt much better for passing it. I guess that black knickers might come in useful sometimes, not looking as bad as white or light coloured ones if soiled. Have there been any occasions when you've been glad you were wearing that colour?

In answer to your question, I don't have a partner called Anne or anyone else at the moment. I do know several delightful, personable ladies called Anne though. As I understand it, 'coprophiliac' is a technical term used to describe the acquisition of pleasure in relation to defecation, but in a sexu! al context. That isn't me! I'm no prude but one of the things I like about this forum is that people of all ages and circumstances can safely discuss the most natural of functions in a non-sexual context. I wouldn't have it otherwise thus. I'm not chiding, just putting the record straight, so please don't be offended. Incidentally, do you have a partner?

Before signing off I would like to thank you again for the frankness, detail and openness of your postings which I have enjoyed enormously. Your kindness and graciousness at all times, particularly in answering questions which you had every right to decline, have made a deep impression on me. I hope very much that you will continue to contribute as your circumstances and opportunities allow.

Today while shopping with my wife i had the terrible urge to go. I went to the closest menn room and found it occpupied by two others. I went into the third stall and let go a massive b/m. very loud very messy. I was amazed the two others guys started laughing and farting and pooping in unison. I so throughly enjoyed the three of us going together and making all that noise no inhibitions held back.. can't wait to do it again!!

Sunday, March 05 2000

Have any of you had a problem with wetting your bed into adulthood? I'm 28 and still wet as often as i did when I was 4 (every night). I have managed the problem by wearing diapers and plastic pants. When I first starting dating my wife it was a biggy to overcome. She found out I was a bedwetter after discovering I had a rubber sheet on my bed. I had several embarrassing bed wetting episodes with her until I admitted my need for diapers. She is ok with everything now and even babies me at times by taking over my diapering duties. I have a lot of interesting stories of past wetting episodes and the embarrassment caused by them if any one is interested.

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