: Description of Newbie and Story
HI!!! Ive never posted before I felt embarassed at giving my real name so have a fake one ... plz dont ask who i am :). I do however feel like i should describe myself and tell a recent (happened today) story!

I'm 14 years old and a Freshman in HS. I have blonde hair that drops to about my shoulders and the first thing I do in the morning (after shower/releiving myself) is put it in a pony tail ... always! I also always wera a dress ... I'm not sure why I just like them better than jeans ... and am considered one of the best looking girls in my school, though no one has asked me out yet. My BMs are usually sorta soft and I usually dump once in the morning, once in t he afternoon at bout 1:00 and bout 6:00, hope that was descriptive!

This started last week really when I realized I couldnt Poo
:(. The first few days I tried eating foods that would usually make me explode ... nothing. Then I tried Ex-lax every night before bed ...! again no go. So finally I told my mom and she gave a glass of Epson salt water before leaving for a business trip ... that was Friday night (yesterday). Anyway I didnt 1 galss of Epson salt would suffice so I drank another one, despite the AWFUL taste! The next morning I woke up with a bad stomachache. FINALLY I thought running for the seat ... but when I sat down nothing came out! pushed and pushed but nothing came out! I was conspitated with diarrhea at the same time! I walked downstairs crying, I didnt think I was ever go again! I decided to take some more Epson Salt and eat some frosted mini-wheats ... I guess that gave me the push i needed because five minutes later I was watching TV and without warning a large turd shot out! It was a soft mushy turd, couldnt really call it diarrhea although it did fill my panties pretty easily! Normally I woulda been mad, but now I was so glad that I went it didnt matter where I had gone! I cleaned myself up and took a showre and chang! ed into a nice white dress ... didnt put panties on b/c it would be easier to get on the pot without them! I was on my way back to the TV room, midway there when my stomach started gurgling like no ones business and it cramped so bad it hunched me over! With my left hand on my stomach and my right trying to squeeze my butt cheeks together I turned and ran, hunched all the way to the toilet downstairs (have one up and 1 downstairs) I yanked my dress up and ploped down not a second to soon! As soon as I was seated I let a booming fart and followed up with a long wave of chunks! For those of you who like sound affects heres what it sounded like roughly! FARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRTTTTTT,PLOP,PLOP,PLOP,PLOP,PLOP,PLOP,PLOP PLOP,PLOP,PLOP,PLOP,PLOP,PLOP,PLOP ,PLOP,PLOP,PLOP,PLOP,PLO,PLOP,PLOP FAAAAAAARRRRRRRTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Ahhhhhhh, (hope that was good!) But I wasnt done yet! I leaned foward and let out a jet of liquid that coulda filled a milk carton(exa but there was a lot). 1 and! 1/2 hours later I was finished and ... there was NO TP! I had to walk upstairs ... very uncomfortable! I am still a little runny and nature is calling ... I'll let you all know when Im solid again!
P.S. if i dont reply to a question its because i dont get time to read posts! BYE!

It is Saturday morning. I had an soft jobbie about 9AM. The last few days, I have been eating turnip greens the last few days. I have living with Althea on and off, deciding what I am going to with my life. Althea is a good cook. She made me a copy of Moira's post. Just before breakfast, I felt the urge to go. So, I lowered my warm-up pants and Jockey elance briefs to my knees. My eight inch jobbie slid out easy two inches of it broke in the water and settled at the bottom of the bowl. Some minutes later, the bacon, pancakes and orange juice loosened me up. This time, my jobbie was loose and the contents discolored the water and settled to the bottom. The cramps did not last long.

Jane: See my earlier posts, when I was in high school. I used to have terrific bowel movements. My friend, Tawana also. She is living with me, now. While at work and our summer jobs as teenagers we used to put the strangest concoctions in our systems and when we had to make, watch out! July 4, 1977 after HS graduation, I was detained in Boston on an Amtrak train. I had to be at work the next morning. I arrived in New York and in my shorts, hiking shoes and backpack, I headed to my summer job. When I arrived, I had to use the toilet. I found a stall, slammed the door and pulled down my khaki green slacks and white panties. I peed and shitted at the same time for one full minute. I had eaten lots of fruit and shellfish all weekend. I enjoyed the stomach cramps because I was cleaning out. Then another wave 60 second wave of loose category #5 jobbie released. It was flaky and golden brown. It stinked. It took an eternity to wipe. My friend, Tawana had some horrendous movements at work and at my home. Mornings after breakfast(on the company)Tawana would enter the ladies room take off her dress or skirt as she entered the stall, sit and evacuate with one explosion of air and 3 loud plops. She would say, "Althea, girl this is eighteen inches, here!" And would describe the color and dimension from behind the closed stall. She said she could never do this at school. Evenings after dinner, we were more casual, she would grab a magazine or comic and use the toilet. Her bowels would be less noisy, but would stink just the same and she would take 15-25 minutes. She would be wearing no underwear under her dress or skirt. I got her in the habit of wearing a slip to work. Jane, your experiences are the same as mine. After a wicked jobbie session one afternoon, I left doo-doo and paper in the toilet. Logs on the bottom and loose on top. I then kinked my slip under my skirt and both were in the waistband of my panty hose. An agency commissioner whispered my defect to me and I put my back to the wall to fix my clothes.

Linda-- Hi Linda, Welcome home sweetie. Hope
you're feeling better. Please tell us some
bedpan stories soon!-- JW

Jack - your story about pooing on the beach and have a lady come by and talk to you without realizing what you were doing was nice. A similar thing happened to me a few years ago when I was back in England on vacation. One afternoon I took a walk in the countryside on my own and needed to poo. I went into a field, went over to a hedge and took off my jeans and panties. I squatted and started to poo. Suddenly, out of the blue, a woman appeared with her dog. she came over to me and said "what a lovely afternoon" and appeared to be starting a conversation. She must have thought I was sitting on the grass unaware that I had on no pants and was pooing. Then she realized what I was doing: "oh my goodness. I'm terribly sorry, I didn't realize you were going to the toilet. I really am sorry." I said it was OK and she went bright red and walked off!

To ALAN-You got to do that toilet sharing thing again with Lynn!That must be so cool to do-tellus when you do it again,TO TIM-Check out anan's post if you want to read a good toilet sharing story-I think i'd rather share a toilet with a woman than a guy but in a pinch,who knows!BYE

this is a great site.i thought i was alone.but some thing is lacking here.we should have more stories in the docs office or at hospitals,more enema and medical examination stories,were the docs and the nurses male or fe male.please please post some stories, thanx a lot

True Poo Story
The names Si, and I have just found this site purely by accident and am very intrigued at what I have read, let me tell you my TRUE story.

I was on a camping holiday about 3 years back in England and was in a field with many others having to share the toilet facilities with other campers (male & female), except these were'nt ordinary toilets, they were two holes in the ground covered with corrigated iron with a small hole cut in the middle of the floor and a bar over the hole, and errected using whatever wood they could find with a canvas door, so there were many holes in the wall. One morning I awoke with a desperate need to empty my bowels, put on my clothes hurridly and made my way accross the field to the hut clutching my toilet roll, trying not to look like I was going for a poo, when I got there it stank of shit and I asked through the canvas door if anyone was in and when nobody answered I went in, lowered my trousers and undies and proceeded to squat over! the hole and empty myself, I could hear my poos hit the bottom of the stinking pit and after a large poo I felt releived and began to wipe my bum, it was then that I heard a womans voice in the toilet next to me,
"No, Mummy hasn't finished yet, go back to the tent"
she said , and then heard a small child open the canvas door and leave, I couldn't help myself and looked around to find a hole in the wall. What I could see was just enough of the womans large white peachy bum, she was leaning forward semi squatting with her bum poking out and as I looked through the hole I began to see a medium sized turd emerge from between her arse cheeks, it was very slow at first and looked hard and dark,then she started to push, I could tell she was having trouble, although I couldn't hear her grunting to expell it, it grew a bit longer, about 5 inches then broke off and fell into the pit with a splosh, all this time and I was standing bent over with my trousers round my ankles try! ing not to make any noise, anyone could have walked in on me as there were no locks on the doors. Then she began to push again, this time a smaller turd began to ooze from her butthole, then stopped I think she must have been constipated as it only reached about 2 inches and stopped and her hand emerged from between her legs clutching a piece of tp and she grabbed it and broke it off, then her hand moved away and back it came with a fresh piece and she began wiping her butt. At this point i quickly tore off some paper of my own wiped myself pulled my pants back up and left, making my way back to my tent, when I got back I waited to see her emerge from the toilet, she was in her late 30's with dark long hair, was fairly pretty and was wairing tight jeans, and as she walked past me I smiled at her, knowing that I had just watched her taking a shit. This has remained vivid in my mind since that day.

I hope to return and write some more of my stories

bye for now.

Hi Folks,

I found Moira's post relating to 'the Glasgow Scale of Jobbie Hardness' interesting and very easy to relate to. I wonder is there a similar scale to describe smell. I often pass various poops but these often have vastly different aroma's. Sometime they are Sulphurous, sometimes I can detect a smell of Cellulose and some have a smell similar to boiled milk. Occasionally I get the odd wiff of something smelling like neopreme rubber.

I realise there are some huge chemical reactions taking place in the gut and intestines, and this will also have a fundamental bearing on what one has recently eaten, but can anyone come up with a scale of aroma's. I know from experience that full blown diarrhea has a distinct smell of its own and that a night on English real Ale can also offer an extensive contrast of aroma's as well. Curry's & Vindaloos also create their own individual scents.

I can remember the story of a male civilian clerk at one! of the local police stations. He was fortunate to get an hour and a half lunch break each day. His favourite lunch was three pints of lager or guiness and often a madras curry, there was a popular curry restaurant close to the police station. As the afternoon progressed the smell of his passing wind gradually became obnoxious and nausiating. Complaints were made within the police station and he was told of his unpleasant disposition by the stations supervisor.

To prevent any further suffering to his colleagues, he would take himself into the large walk-in stationary cupboard and allow himself to let rip inside, then coming out he would close the door on his farty fragrence. The stench built up inside the cupboard to such a degree one afternoon, that someone inside the station dialed the gas board and reported a gas leak in the building. The gas board duly attended and after some initial enquiries and a quick search of the premises, reported that the police station wasn't on a gas supply and declared the building safe. However not after making several comments about the 'rank stench' that seemed to be present in the admin department. I cant remember the nickname this clerk was given, but his curry and guiness lunches were a standing joke for a long time within the division. Could you ever start to imagine what it might have been like to have to share a cell with this fellow, locked up with him all day!

Take care folks and keep your bowels open.


Timid Tigress
Hi again, everyone. I've been reading the posts, but lately midterms have gotten the best of me. I'm leaving for California Saturday for spring break.
Okay, here's yet another old school experience. I was on our school's track team, and we held our annual conference in May each year. Our school's track wasn't large enough for official races, so we used a public one nearby. This field had a large restroom facility, but it was old and a little dirty. Well, I was just getting ready for the 60-meter dash when my stomach started cramping really bad. I couldn't just ask our coach if I could go to the restroom, because we were all about ready to start the race. It was a short race of course, but the whole time I ran, my stomach felt awful. And as soon as I was finished running my coach showed me to the restroom. Since the restroom wasn't really clean, I was glad that I didn't have a long poop session, only about 5 minutes. I noticed some water in the floor, but I was! n't sure where it was coming from. Later in the morning, a pipe somewhere in the facilitiy broke and water was steadily flowing downhill from the building down toward the track. In fact, we had to close off one lane of the track because of the water. I found out later what had happened. I'm sure everyone knows what the basic public toilet is like, at least what they're like here in the U.S. No tank, just a pipe connected to the wall and a flush lever. And there's a lot of pressure in those pipes. Well, one of our dormitory supervisors had gone into one of the stalls. And when she flushed the commode, I guess the pipes had rusted too much, because the part of the pipe with the flush lever broke and shot into the air. It's a good thing it didn't hit here, because I doubt she'd have lived, considering the force it had behind it. Needless to say, that's where all that water was coming from. We picked with her for a long time after about that.
I guess I'm just as m! uch interested in the makeup of toilets as I am what we use them for. But for years I had a real fear of public toilets. I guess I was afraid they'd overflow on me. So I would open the stall dor before I flushed, so I could make a clean getaway if it did. I've pretty much gotten over it, but I still make a mad dash out of the stall sometimes if I'm suspicious.
Okay, sorry for the boring post. Hopefully something interesting will come out of (ha ha) this trip to California. I'm sure I'll have to use the airplane toilet at least once. Wish me luck.

Thanks Fred. Glad you liked my story. I'm 30 years old, 5'5" & about 155 pounds. The good thing about this incident is I live alone so I wasn't embarressed by it. I don't usually have accidents in my panties (either pee or poo) but I have had a couple over the years (who hasn't). If your interested I'll post a few here & there.

I've been reading older posts & I'm very impressed by the size of some of the turds being passed. Mine are on average 9-10 inches long but I also pass nuggets a lot too.

Ryan S.
Hello everyone! First thing I would like to point out. I was reading through the post from page 306 I think and there was a post from KC. He mention the anonymous poster. That was me. The post about my friend Alex and my friend Bryan. I told that story. And the part about holding crap for about 3 weeks. Yep that was me. I forgot to type in my name.

To KC: I don't remember what you asked but I'll tell you some things about holding my crap in for 3 weeks. Well my parents would always get onto me and tell me not to hold my poop in that long. They warned me of the results but I didn't listen. One time I held my crap so long (it could've been more the 3 weeks) that I couldn't even poop all the way. I only got about 2 logs and I still had to go but I could I was so stopped up. At one point my mom bought me some kind of pills to help me go. I took them but when the urges came I just held it in. I remember one time I pooped like 5 logs and a bunch of snake logs. It looked li! ke a brain by the time I was finished which took about 30 minutes. I had lots a painful movements in the past. But for some reason that all changed. I don't know when but I stopped holding my poop so long. Now I can't even hold my poop over 5 days. But most of the time I was at school so I could've gone poop at school but for some stupid reason I didn't. I wish I would have taken the many opportunities that I had to poop at school. I don't get much of an opportunity now. :(

To TIM: Please tell some more stories about you and your friend. You said that you and your friend crapped together another time. Tell us that story. Be as descriptive as you can.

Bye everyone. :)

Claire.... My girlfriend once had an accident like yours when we were walking home one night last summer. She was wearing a white mini-skirt and a little g-string underneath.
There were no other people around at the time it happened, and she had been absolutely bursting to go. She had almost made it to an alley, walking with great care when she lost control and started to wee. Quickly yanking her skirt up to her waist to save it getting wet, she did her wee through her g-string. Most of her wee went straight through the material, but as she flooded it some ran down her bare legs. When she had finished there was a very large puddle. She laughed about it afterwards, but I think she would have been embarrassed about wetting herself had there been witnesses.
Last Saturday night, she was in the same condition but did actually make it to the alley. Squatting with her skirt up, g-string pulled to one side, she breathed a huge sigh of relief as she let go and squirted a huge ! gusher of a wee that must have lasted about a minute and a half. The alley was absolutely flooded. In fact, I think that alley is very popular with ladies needing to pee, as there were 3 other suspicious looking puddles.

Sandra... if you are anything like my girlfriend, once you have mastered the standing pee, you will love it. My girlfriend mostly still likes to squat when she pees outdoors (which she often does), but sometimes she will stand. On a memorable time walking in the park, we stood next to each other as we watered a tree!
On my last post, I mentioned us having to openly pee several times on a nudist beach without toilets. While we were there we saw dozens of men, boys, women and girls peeing, almost all of the females squatting. Very few of the many females who could be seen frontally seemed to mind that myself and other males could see their pee flowing out.
Just two very significant things I didn't mention last time as I didn't want to make my po! st any longer than it already was. The third time my girlfriend needed to pee, she just stopped walking and stood at the edge of the sea with her legs parted. She peed in this position, and it seemed to attract stares from the male population like it had never occurred to them that a lady could stand to pee without it running down her legs.
The other thing worth mentioning was that we struck up a conversation with a mother and her teenage family who were relaxing near to us. There was a boy of around 14 and two girls aged around 16 and 18. It was a very hot day and and we had all been drinking plenty of fluids. As is the case, fluids eventually pass through, and when I went for a pee at the edge of the sea, the family got up with me and joined me at the edge of the water. The boy and I both peed, while to my amazement the mother seemed to be teaching her two teenage daughters how to pee standing up. She was showing the girls how to use their fingers. The girls watched thei! r mother pee first, and with some further coaching, they too started to pee. The elder girl in particular did a huge gusher of a pee. Once they had finished, the younger girl ran out a bit further into the sea and crouched. I was amazed to see her produce 3 turds while peeing a bit more in front of me and her own family. I've never seen anything like it before, and probably never will again, as I believe that beach will have had toilet facilities built by this summer!

Bye for now,


Anne (Bus Driver)
Adrian, I did work in an office when I left school and there was no problem to just go to the toilet there when one needed.

As regards having to "hold it in" when needing a motion, you would have loved the experience I had a couple of months ago. We were short of drivers during the flu epidemic and I was on standby. I had eaten lunch and felt the need to do a motion when one of the depot inspectors asked if I could take over a service as the driver felt ill. I did so, meaning to have a poo at the Ladies Toilet at the end of the journey but when I got there the feeling of needing a poo had gone off. I drove that service for the rest of the shift and despite a bit of farting I didnt feel the need again. Next morning when I got up I felt the need to do a motion and felt this big fat lump in my rectum. I sat on the pan with my black knickers at my knees and did a wee wee. I knew the jobbie would be big and hard and I just sat on the toilet and waited for it to come down by itself. I felt a stab of pain as my sphincter dilated and this really fat brick started to emerge from my back passage. It was very knobbly and hard so I just let it slowly come out under its own steam with the occasional "NN! UH! AH! NNNN! " on my part. As it came out it got a bit smoother but remained very fat until suddenly it tapered off and shot out of my big fat arse with a tremendous "KUR-SPOOL-LOOMP!" When I got my breath back I looked down between my legs into the pan. WOW! a great fat jobbie the size and thickness of a milk bottle was sticking up vertically . I wiped my bum with a moist wipe but there was only a little amount of mucus, pulled up my knickers and had a better look at my jobbie. It was a beaut! The start was very lumpy and compacted so I reckon what had happened was that the jobbie I should have done the previous day at lunchtime had been pushed down and compacted and my rectum had expanded to accomodate the large fecal mass. I did notice that I had to pee a lot more that day no doubt the big turd was pushing on my bladder. I felt really great after passing this big pan busting whopper! My ring throbbed for a while after but I had a lovely glowing feeling and was well turned on

Adrian, I hope you dont mind me asking but have you a partner who will accomodate your coprophiliac interests and is she called Anne? All the best, Anne the bus driver.

Don't gallstones happen later in life? I'm 18 and when it started I was 17.

Sandra-your post regarding a coworker that had taken a dump in her trash while you were out of the room was one of the most bizarre stories I've read on this board, and I've been reading since 1997.

Hello,i am 20.My story took place 3 years ago in camping.We went camping in the wild with my uncle.We had to go do our natural need in the wood,so when i feel the need to go i walk about 100 feets in the wood,try to find a place where nobody could see me.When i was doing it i turn to be sure there was nobody around and i saw my brother trying to hide behind a tree about 20 feet from me.At that time he was 14.I never talk to him about that.

Saturday, March 04, 2000

hey people

i'm a 17 yr old female and i am intersested in the bathroom habits of guys around my age. if anyone that age has stories or em pleez. i have been reading for a while, but never posted and i am really bored right now so i figured i would post

to sandra- that is so disgusting and unsanitary. i don't see how anyone could do something like that knowing that other people would smell it. I bet you will never look at her the same way again-- i know i wouldn't if i were in your situation. i would have also made a dumb excuse to leave the meeting rather than sit and smell her shit!

to jack- that is nice that u enjoy pooping on the beach....but i think that is rather disgusting, also--unless you were really unable to hold it i don't see why you couldn't have used a toilet. I kno w I would be very disgusted to see shit on the beach.
what is with all u people and shitting on the beach....that is sick....the beach is supp! osed to be a beautiful place...not a toilet...that's just my opinion...i don't mean to be too harsh.

to doug- cute story! u must have been pretty embarassed! =)

to tim- interesting story about you and your friend. i feel bad for your gf if u have one that your friend shit on your cock. ru gay by any chance?

to claire- i have had several experiences with peeing when i was drinkin. I never got to the point where i wet myself but i did end up going behind a convenience store wiht a friend one time. it was funny- you had to be there i guess.

well cya

Yesterday was interesting! I had to have an extremely long meeting in the office of one of the partners (a woman) at my company. We'd pretty much been going over stuff for hours and around lunchtime she said I could take a short break and then we could order lunch in. When I left, she was still at her desk pouring over figures. As it was lunchtime, I went to the ladies room for my usual lunchtime poo. It was a fairly usual one - one 6 inch poo followed by 3 or 4 smaller ones. I returned to the partner's office - I knocked and went in. She was still working but something was weird. There was a decidely funky smell in the air. I assumed she'd been farting in my absence! Anyway, lunch was ordered and we got back to work. As we ate and worked, the fart smell just wouldn't go away. A few hours later, the woman was summoned to reception - obviously annoyed by the interruption, she reluctantly left. I bent down to put something in the trash under the woman's desk and the fart smell got stronger. I looked in the trash, lifted up a newspaper and there was a massive turd in there!!! I guess that she was too busy to go to the bathroom and pooed in the trash can when I took my break! Anyway, she returned to the office and we worked for a couple more hours. I sort of got used to the smell and I said nothing. How she thought nobody would smell anything is beyond me! Even my pooing escapades, that takes the cake!

Many years ago when I lived near the sea, I went to the beach to watch the sunrise. Just after the sun was up, I felt the need for my first poop of the day. I went over by a large rock, pulled down my pants and squatted. About a minute later a nice looking lady came along. She looked over and smiled and said "Don't you love the beach this time of the morning?" I replied that I did. At that, she suddenly noticed that I was not sitting on the sand, but squatting over it with poop coming out of my butt. "Oh, excuse me!" she said. "No problem," said I. After she went on I just chuckled as I finished my pooping.

Anne. Thanks for the detailed information about your calls of nature and their frequency. Thinking logically I should have known that you wouldn't leave such matters to chance, doing a job in which you're separated from access to a loo for considerable periods of time. That said, I rather liked the idea that you might just be occasionally less than meticulous about going when you should. Have you ever done a job where access to facilities has been unrestricted and you've not needed to go to the loo on a precautionary basis?

Four days is a long time to go without having a motion and it's no wonder you did as much as you did after that period of indisposition. That 14 incher must have been a sight, let alone all the other stuff! Guess you'd been rather constipated. What I really meant though was what was the longest you'd put off a necessary motion, made a smell etc? I'd love to know.

Thanks again for your postings which I've enjoyed tremendously. I look forward to seeing more of them.

The Crank
The first time I saw a boy crapping in public was back when I was 8. I was walking with my family to buy some groceries when I saw a boy squatting over a drain with his mother squatting facing him. The next thing I knew was that a large crap drop out of his anus and landed on the grills on the drain. I didn't see the rest, too shy to, but I supposed his mum must have wiped him up after that.
Okay bye!


People in the community, including myself, were selected for potential jury duty. We each had numbers and we were chosed at random to be on a jury for a trial.

A middle aged lady's number was selected; she uttered a quiet "Oh shit". We all heard it. I meant that we all occasionally have to do something we don't like to do. However I said "From time to time we need to do it."
The potential jurors who heard it laughed. A few seconds later I realized what I said.

I just thought i would tell people what happend to me once, I driving cross country with a friend of mine, when all of a sudden i had a huge spasm in ny gut and i knew i was going to fill my pant. I was just about to tell my friend when he said he had to take a shit, I pulled in to a service station and we both ran to the toilet only to find only one cubicle. I ran in first pulled down my pants but before i could go my friend had also come in and sat in front of me perched on the end of the seat(luckily we both have small bums I put my arms around him and we both pooed in the toilet at the same time. It went on for ages and I could feel his poo touching my cock as it came out of his arse.It was a great expeirience and one we have tried again since. My friend very obiously enjoyed it He could hardly contain his excitment.

Any body else shared a toilet like this please let me know

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