I am 17, living in the UK, and this is the first time I've posted here. I had been to a friends party, I think I had a bit too much to drink, but I wouldn't say I was drunk, I was wearing my little black miniskirt.
As I walked home with my friend Naomi, I suddenly realised how desperate for a wee I was - and there simply wasn't anywhere I could possibly go! I told Naomi of my predicament, and she admitted to me that she was dying for a wee too, and that she was on the verge of wetting herself. As she told me how much she wanted to go that made my need even more urgent!
We started giggling and laughing, which was fatal, because as I laughed a long spurt of wee escaped into my knickers, and then I started to loose it completely! I just couldn't hold on, and wee began to run down my sheer tights, it kept coming. As I laughed, I just kept wetting myself some more, there was quite a puddle forming on the pavement. And Naomi laughed so much that she wet her tight blue jeans as well. We must have been quite a sight as we walked home together!
Has anything like this happened to other girls?
Best Wishes

I was fascinated by the posts on modern toilets. The Japanese have some very advanced designs. What I would really love is to visit the research & development department of some of the big sanitary manufacturers and hear some frank discussion of the features that go into toilet design. The human anus is very unpredictable when it comes to where its products are directed, and the design of the wall and rims etc of the bowl are obviously crucial. Unfortunately most TV and magazine articles on this topidc are quite coy about details, and also never use frank language.

I got into messy problems recently by experimenting with "hovershits" where you do not sit down, but keep your butt in the air. My idea was to bend down and look between my legs to watch my turds fall into the water. Of course being male, my genitals were dangling the foreground, but the view was quite good. My BMs are soft, so they looked more like a continuous stream of shit than isolated turds. But the problems arose when I farted. My shit being so soft, small particles were sprayed everywhere, over seat/rim, lid, water tank, and the adjacent wall and floor. Fun though it was, the mess created was such that I now keep my arse firmly on the seat....

Will add Icab to the list of hard headed browsers. That should fix the problem.

Hi people, been a long time since I last posted here. No out of the ordinary toilet experiences lately for me to write about but I've still been coming here to read the posts, good stuff!!!

Moira......I like your "Glasgow Scale of Jobbie Hardness". My preference is to do poos that are around #2 or 3 on your scale, I like them nice and firm!! #1 is too hard for me and 4 thru to 6 of course is the diarrhea end of the scale.....yukk!!!!

Sandra.......I love reading about your public pooing, just wish I could be walking through that park or whatever when you are there doing your daily poo. It's not something I see every day, come to think of it, it's something I've never seen a woman do in public!!! Keep posting those stories, I love it!!!!

Rose.......I often flush food down the toilet, anything that's gone off in the fridge, off milk, fruit juice or any botched cooking. Also the cat poo from the litter tray and the hair that clogs the shower drain. No food with bones though, don't want to clog it up but anything else is ok.....better than putting it in the kitchen bin and stinking the place out.......

I read with interest the Glasgow Scale of Jobbie Hardness that Moira just re-posted. Most of the major poop sessions that I have described here probably rate about a 4 on the Glasgow scale. The major series of poop sessions I had after celebrating my friend's 21st birthday (described here a few weeks ago) rated around 4, with a couple of sessions that registered almost 5 on the scale. The poop sessions I had at work after drinking some diet herbal tea a couple of months ago rated in between a 4 and a 5. I had an unusual number of poop sessions rating a 3 or 4 during the summer I worked in my Mom's office. I don't recall ever having a poop session that registered 6 on the Glasgow Scale. The vast majority of my poops, especially in the last five years or so, rate about 2 on the scale, with an occasional 3 and a few that rated a 1.

College gal, we would like to see more stories from you.

Moira: Thanks for the various jobbie catagories. I am going to highlight them with my mouse, right click and print. I have experienced all of them. Sometimes it was fun. Sometimes it was not.

I recently wrote my first post regarding sharing a toilet seat with a lady Lynn, that I work with. The banquet was at the end of October. Like I said in my earlier post, we were both mortified and too embarrassed to talk about this on the way home. Lynn separated from her husband right after Christmas, and Lynn and I have been dating for the past month. To answer NJ's question Lynn and I were back to back with our asses tightly sqeezed on the toilet. We had decided to take a shit together out of sheer necessity.We had already crusted our underwear and were on the verge of shitting our pants. At first we attempted to sit on the seat together, moving our asses on the seat and farting on each other. We could not position both of our assholes into the bowl, so Lynn suggested lifting up the seat. I was surprised how arousing I found the whole thing. I had a huge hard on when our asses were sqeezed together and we both were launching huge logs, and our shit briefly bounded together. Lynn and I both had turds coming out of our asses, and the turds briefly clumped together. We both had trouble trying to pee in the bowl and stood up briefly a couple of times. Lynn and I have discussed that night since we began dating. Lynn admitted that while she was very embarrassed, she also found it arousing as well. We have even discussed trying to share the toilet bowl again sometime. We did recently fart together at work. We had finished having lunch together and we both had to fart. We went into the copier room, held each other tightly and gazed into each others eyes and we both let out a loud fart. Several of our co-workers later commented that it "smelled like someone died in there". We are going away together for the first time this weekend, so I will keep you posted on our bowel habits. I am so glad I found this site. Alan & Lynn

TO L: Yes, when I run and sometimes walk I feel a pain in my side. It could be mild Asthma, or possibly severe (but I doubt it is severe if you didn't knwo you had it by now). BYE BYE NOW!

I had my girlfriend over today, but she didnt invite me to watch her shit when she had to and I didnt feel like asking, so not much to report lately, basically a bunch of insignificant trips to the bathroom!
Very cool lisa, how old are you?

L: It could be several things, but a prime suspect is GALLSTONES! I came down with acute pancreatitis a year ago, and this is precisely how the symptoms began, and where they were localized. The cause was a stone obstruction in the bile duct. I also questioned the emergency room physician about possible appendicitis. He said, "No, that's not where the pain would be located." An ultrasound and MRI verified the obstructing stone. I was in the hospital for a week. If the pain is persistent, or gets any worse, insist that your doctor check you for a bile duct obstruction, and do an amylase blood test. I'm surprised he/she didn't do so already. The "specialists" may want to take out your gall bladder. It's up to you. Being partial to holistic medicine, I declined surgery, and I made the right decision, since over a year later the symptoms have not returned. Low-fat dietary management works just fine. Good luck with this. Let us know what you discover.

Hi-Another story that happened while i was in fla.I stayed at a friend's place in miami and one morning we were all sitting around the table eating breakfast and the neieghbor's were joining us and the woman from next door was beautiful-about 35 and in great shape and we're sitting around having eggs and coffee and she say's" OHHH.these eggs are going right thru me-can i use yor bathroom?"Meanwhile,i'm sitting there with pressure building in my rectum too and i can't believe i heard her say that!So i went down to my room which was right next to the bathroom and she was right behind me and says to me" Oh,you have to go to the bathromm too?'and i said yea,but i can wait,go right ahead.and with that she went into the bathroom and closed the door and i went into my room and closed the door and listened.I could hear really well-she pulled down her shorts and sat on the bowl and let out 2 farts.the first one was tight sounding and the 2nd one was like a hissing one and i heard her grunt a bit and then heard the crackling of the poo coming out.It seemed to go on for quite a bit and then it splashed in the bowl and she let out a sigh of relief and then i could hear the rustling of the newpaper as she sat hter reading.After about 2-3 mins,i heard her push out some mushy sounding poop and some farting.By now i had to poop pretty bad and i came out and knosked on the door and said"Kate,i hate to bother you but i gotta get in there too"She said""I'll be right out,I'm finishing up my morning constitution" and laughed.Then i heard the bowl flush and she opened the door and said " i'm sorry about the smell" and i said "don't feel bad ,i gotta do the same thing,and can i have that paper?"She says" you got to go pretty bad too? i'm sorry i made you wait" i said yea i got to go bad but ladies first" and she laughed and i went into the bathroom and it smelled pretty strong and i went over to the bowl and saw that the toilet didn't flush completely.I saw a couple of soft turds in the bowl-one was pretty long,so i just decided to poo right on top of it and sat down and let out a nice pre-poop fart and did a nice load right on top of hers-that was a turn on for me and i didn't close the door all the way.I thought i did but it must have opened about an inch or so,but it was too late to do anything about it .When i noticed it,the turds were coming out pretty fast and furious.I wonder if she heard me going?Then i wiped my anus and read for a bit and came out and she was sitting in the living room reading.I came out and said "well,between you and me we wiped out that part of the house pretty good' and she laughed and said"You had to go as bad as me,didn't you ?"I felt a bit embarrased at that point and said"Oh yea " and laughed.She's not your typical uptight girl,she's like on of the guys and was real open about it.It was a really pleasent experience-I'd love to poop along with her pooping -but i guess that's as far as that will go-That was fun.Great stories all BYE

The Conductor
In answer to Jay's (from Texas) question about the new Kohler toilet's:

I have two of those models in my home, a little bit older since we redesigned the bathrooms about four years ago. Kohler has some fairly radical new designs for its new toilets to makes sure most of the goodies go down in one flush, and the toilets comply with the new mandatory low flow requirements in the U.S.

Essentially Kohler uses gravity along with a set of channels inside the toilet to increase the pressure of a much smaller volume of water. There is still some water that drips down from under the rim of the bowl, I guess to rinse off any wet poop speckling that might occur.

These new commodes actually work well, but they are expensive. You can get a traditional white American Standard model for as little as $80 on sale. The Kohler super toilets are closer to $400.

But as one of my neighbors who used ours said,"Wow, now I see why they call them thrones." They are comfortable indeed.

Thursday, March 02, 2000

Blue Flame
Hello all....tis I, one of the silent lurkers emerging yet again. I'm hear to respond to Jay from Texas. about the second hole. I know that a lot of modern day toilets in North America have a smaller hole usually directly opposite of the waste hole in the bottom of the bowl. The smaller hole in the bottom is linked to the jets in the rim of the bowl, so when flushed the small hole fires water directly down the larger waste hole. This facilitates the removal of matterial from the bowl...esp. in industrial toilets which use a more powerful pressure valve type system rather than a contemporary gravity feed tank.
I to have seen a unique one piece toilet made by Briggs I beleive. The toilet is designed as a very low profile one with the tank parallel to the bowl. Needless to say a gravity system doesn't work to well in this toilet, with the water in the tank at the same level as that in the bowl. So they use something called a Syphon Jet system. When the handle pulls the flapper up water begins to drain from the the water valve for refilling the tank opens. This is conectted to a little turbine that pushes the draining water up, against gravity, into the rim of the bowl and to a large hole on the side (!) of the bowl. So the refilling water runs a turbine to drain the tank. In the bowl the hole on the side fires water and creates a mighty vortex...which the uniquely shaped waste hole (at the bottom) captures sending matterial out the trap. This is all contained in a very low and sharp looking fixture. A truely unique toilet to me that I've never seen before. Sorry to ramble...I'm a sucker for science.
Good movements to all and keep up the great stories!
The Blue Flame

Anne (bus driver)
Adrian, I usually make sure that I go as soon as possible when I feel the need. In this case sure, I was aware that I would be needing a motion but the need was not imminent. I had done a wee wee before getting in the car and handt felt anything come on. I had been drving for a while before the first feelings of needing a poo came on, the movement in the ????, the feeling of fullness in the rectum, farting etc, and at that stage I knew that a service area with toilets was only a short achieveable drive away. What I didnt anticipate was the traffic lock up caused by a multiple RTA and in the end I couldnt hold it in and did it in my knickers. As I say I DONT usually leave such matters to chance, after all driving a bus needs concentration and I wouldnt want to put my life and that of other drivers and the passengers at risk by struggling to hold in a big poo or a wee wee while trying to drive safely. Indeed, the bus company, although quite a firm employer as they go accepts ! drivers going off sick if they have diarrhea or bladder problems sych as cystitis for that reason. Obviously if a driver uses this reason too often they will send them for a medical and one driver did in fact benefit as this detected a bowel problem he had and resulted in its being aleviated when he had been too shy to go to his own doctor about it.

I havent gone too long without doing a wee wee, I dont want wet knickers. As to doing a number two once when I had a bad chest cold I was in bed at home and didnt have a motion for 4 days. When I did go when I got up and was moving around and eating normally again I passed a really big load. Three big hard balls, then a big lumpy knobbly log of about 10 inches long, then after a few minutes pause out oozed a long, thick curved sausage of about 14 inches or so. The sound effects were great, the KERSPLOONK! sounds of the balls, the KUR-SPUL-LOOMP of the log contrasting with the "FLOOMP!" of the big long smooth sausage. I sur! e felt a lot lighter for passing that lot, and yes, it did take a few flushes to get it all to go away. The balls and the log took a bit of gooing "UH! NNN! OH! to pass but the sauasage just oozed out easily under its own steam, being smooth and firm to easy in consistency. Hope this interests you Adrian and others.

kj.. speak for yourself, I'm never in trouble for that.. I'm what you called whipped.

The Conductor
In answer to Jay's (from Texas) question about the new Kohler toilet's:

I have two of those models in my home, a little bit older since we redesigned the bathrooms about four years ago. Kohler has some fairly radical new designs for its new toilets to makes sure most of the goodies go down in one flush, and the toilets comply with the new mandatory low flow requirements in the U.S.

Essentially Kohler uses gravity along with a set of channels inside the toilet to increase the pressure of a much smaller volume of water. There is still some water that drips down from under the rim of the bowl, I guess to rinse off any wet poop speckling that might occur.

These new commodes actually work well, but they are expensive. You can get a traditional white American Standard model for as little as $80 on sale. The Kohler super toilets are closer to $400.

But as one of my neighbors who used ours said,"Wow, now I see why they call them thrones." They are c! omfortable indeed.

very intersted
Thanks for your response Sandra. I love your postings. How often do you pee in public, and, important: have you ever peed indoors on a floor?

Hi people, been a long time since I last posted here. No out of the ordinary toilet experiences lately for me to write about but I've still been coming here to read the posts, good stuff!!!

Moira......I like your "Glasgow Scale of Jobbie Hardness". My preference is to do poos that are around #2 or 3 on your scale, I like them nice and firm!! #1 is too hard for me and 4 thru to 6 of course is the diarrhea end of the scale.....yukk!!!!

Sandra.......I love reading about your public pooing, just wish I could be walking through that park or whatever when you are there doing your daily poo. It's not something I see every day, come to think of it, it's something I've never seen a woman do in public!!! Keep posting those stories, I love it!!!!

Rose.......I often flush food down the toilet, anything that's gone off in the fridge, off milk, fruit juice or any botched cooking. Also the cat poo from the litter tray and the hair that clogs the shower drain. N! o food with bones though, don't want to clog it up but anything else is ok.....better than putting it in the kitchen bin and stinking the place out.......

Wednesday, March 01, 2000

Us males are always in trouple for leaving the seat up so girls

Do you always sit to pee or perhaps only to poo

do you not sit in public toilets?

If you don't sit why complain?

I have a question that maybe you all could help me with. For some reason I always have pain in the lower right side of my abdomen, I went to the doctor's about it last year, she took blood to rule out a appendicitus, but it came back negative. Any one else have pains like this?

I think this question may have been asked before, but have any of you ever flushed food down the toilet?

Did it clog or not?....And what foods did you flush??

Jay From Texas
I just sat down on a cool looking toilet at a friends new house. He has a 6 bedroom, 6 Bath home in Baytown, about 10 miles from where I live. In the Guest Bedroom's bathroom there is a really bad ass looking toilet by Kohler Inc. It's one of those Low Profile type where the tank is aligned with the crack of your butt. Anyways this Bathroom is done in Almond color. The bowl portion is elongated yet sort of square comes out to the pointed front as most toilets do. The seat is huge, and the tank is flush (no pun) with the seat. In order to take it off you have to reach for the sides of the tank top. I'm telling yall it is one hell of a pot. anyways, he and I were in the bedroom watching TV, when i got the call to crap. I always use the toilet with the door open. I really don't care if someone looks in at me, i'm open about my sexuality so why not a private moment like this. I went in, lifted the seat and in the bowl there were 2, count them, 2 holes in th! e bottom. I don't know if it was a manufacture's defect, but it looked weird. Then I sat down and, man was it ever comfortable. Comfortable enough to be sitting on it for 45 minutes. 15 minutes to take a crap, and the rest just watching TV. Miguel (my friend), turned the tv toward the toilet area, and then he came and joined me, he pulled his Underwear down and sat on the Bidet. and we watched tv and talked. He even peed in the bidet, which doesn't matter because it all goes down the drain anyway. We switched places because i wanted to try it out. (i haven't wiped my butt yet). I just got to say that if anyone has access to a bidet....use it! you'll never go back to toilet paper again. He sat down on the toilet and proceeded to lay the most foul sounding turds i have ever heard. And he's like me, he has to hold his "appendage" down while urinating, (which he does a lot).
but to end...can someone tell me why 2 holes are really necessary in a toilet. the onl! y type I have seen is the standard one hole type. hopefully someone can tell me the meaning of the second hole.

Bye Yall!

Weird day yesterday, first off my girlfriend takes a morining dump which is unusual for her I think, anyway it stunk bigtime. Then I took a dump in the morning as well, which is somewhat unusual for me. Although it wasnt lengthy,just a few little pelots.

But then around 2:30pm I had to go really bad. I had the biggest poop in a long time, the shit was rising up over the water in the toilet like a mountain rising over a cloud. I wish I coulda weighed it :^). I thought for sure I clogged the toilet, but to my delight it didnt clog.

Itwas about four waves of shit total I think, about 4 wipes too. I felt really good after that too. Felt Like a new man :^)

The Crank
To Sondra:
Oh, you poor thing! You know, if you want to prevent more accidents from happening, always go to the loo before going on a long trip or exam or whatever. Don't assume you can go later, it's Murphy's Law. Also, that was a bad thing your boyfriend did, you know, avoiding you went you were suffering so much. If that happens to my girlfriend, I'll bang the door down for her, or at least give her a bag or something to pee in.
To Anne:
You are a wonderful lady!

Personally, I have never seen anyone had an accident in public before, unlike some of you. Good thing. I would have no idea what to do to help, especially if she's a female.
One more thing. Just wondering if any of you ever had a clogged toilet to deal with? Oh boy! The stuff you dig out - gross.

I really enjoy peeing in the sink. I don't know why. Even if there's a perfectly good toilet just a few feet away, sometimes a sink pee is just more enjoyable; kitchen or bathroom. I also like peeing in the janitor's closets at work, and of course outside.

Hi, this is Ednas husband, the guy who got into trouble for posting about her easy disposition and (i think) related easy time of taking a crap. As you can see she forgave me for the post. I asked her permission before posting this one. Saturday morning I told her that the post about the afternoon she spent in jail (beforeI knew her by the way) was a surprise, and was really hot and I would like to re-enact it, only this time Id be the jail guard. She agreed but I had to wait almost all day for something to happen. About 8pm while watching TV she said, 'I think I could go do a #2 now'. We went in the bathroom and she sat on the throne while I faced her. "Hold it right there, I said, -What do you think youre doing?" She answered, "I have to have a bowel movement sir." - 'Alright, I said, but you have to sit like your cellmate does. " She got up and turned around and satback down with her butt facing me. We are an intimate couple, yet I watched facinated as her re! ctum dilated and the whole anal area pooched out. But that was the end of the show. She sat there for almost 5 minutes and couldn't go. Finally she complained that the positiion was uncomfortable and her bowels just wouldnt move. She got up and pulled up her pants and went back to watch TV. Bummer. Bummer Bummer Bummer. She said this hardly has ever happened in her life and she thought having to do it, with me watching like that, made her nervous. This was just too much for me. I sat next to her on the couch and took her hand, and explained very carefully that it was never my intent to cause any problem, and some additional intimate things to bolster her confidence and self esteem. That night when we went to bed she still seemed constipated because nothing had happened, and I was starting to get worried. We have a bathroom off our bedroom and shemust have she got up about 3am and in a sleepy stupor I suddenly heard some one calling "Johnnie- Johnnie!" I got up and s! tumbled to the bathroom, not knowing what to expect. She was sitting on the toilet backwards looking back toward me with a silly grin on her face and just as I came into view her bumhole opened up and she let loose with the biggest, hardest, widest, longest piece of long firm brown poop you ever saw. It came sliding out. Then another and another, in between her pinching them off with her anus. When she was all thru, she asked me to wipe her, which I did. Then she flushed. All thru the performance she was laughing happily and said she hoped my long wait was worth it. By that time I was wide awake. (You probably have no idea what happened next.) I kind of had to nicely twist her arm to let me post this, and I doubt if she will be posting anything else soon because she is a little embarassed about going public with this...

Sondra.. man your boyfriend was just awful for leaving you after you had that accident. Geez my fiance Elena had one a while back and i didn't leave her side at all...(which got me a bit saoked too sadly to say but hey she's my baby) Anyway rest asured JW and everyone here the Might Lidna comes home Thrusaday and plans to post the day after if not on the weekend.

PV - thanks for the info on how a woman can pee standing up. That sounds great! I haven't tried it yet but I think I'll practice in the bathroom before I go in the street! Yesterday my husband and I were driving back from a weekend trip when I needed to poo. There was a roadside gas station so we decided to stop there. Normally these places are most unpleasant but as I opened the door I could tell it was clean, but it was also most bizarre. After I walked around a tiled partition I was faced with a line of about 4 women all waiting to use 2 toilets which had NO DOORS WHATSOEVER! There were 2 toilets with a tiled partition between them and it wasn't as if the doors had come off - there wasn't even a frame to put up doors! There were women sitting on each toilet and the women on line basically watched the women doing their business. It was a bit like an ATM line in as much as you didn't go to close so as to give at least some privacy. It was also silent (some embarrassment perha! ps) so you could hear everything. The 2 women sitting down when I got in peed but the woman in front me sat down and farted loudly, then you could easily hear poo crackling as it came out. The splashing noises weren't too loud but you could hear them. Then it was my turn. I sat down and noticed women on the line trying not to look but they were. I let out a small fart and the first poo started to come out slowly. The worst part of pooing like this is that you feel that you can't take your time which I hate. So I strained to try and speed up the pooing which meant that the second one fired out like a rocket, making a loud splash with water splashing into my bottom. When I wiped I did something gross which my boss at work usually does when she leaves the stall door open - I looked at the paper with the poo on it right in front of the waiting women! I then adjusted my clothing, flushed and went over to wash my hands. Quite an interesting experience!

Hi all. This is my firt post here but I've been reading for a while now. I thought I'd tell of an accident I had a couple weeks go. I'd just gone to bed at about midnight when I had this cramp & farted loudly. A few minutes later it happened again. This continued the whole night. I had no urge to poop but continued to fart. At about 5 am I had had another cramp & figuring it was gas I let it go. Suddenly I felt a solid mass coming into my panties. I got up & walked to the bathroom with the log continuing our my hole. I pulled down the shorts I wore to bed & started to pull down my panties. By now the log had broken off & I sat to finish my crap. I looked at the piece in my panties & it was about 7 inches long. I continued to poop for about 10 more minutes . Luckily it was solid & came out easily. I wiped & checking on my work found several medium sized logs & lots of nuggets.Man did that feel good.
Hope you like my story.

Anne. I enjoyed your post enormously. I thought you'd probably had a few experiences with accident prone passengers and I was right. In fact I think I remember seeing the one about the schoolgirl who (sensibly) used a plastic bag before, the first time you posted it.

I particularly enjoyed your account of the accident you'd had whilst on route to visit a friend. Maybe in some ways it wasn't too funny at the time but it's the sort of thing one can probably look back on and laugh at later. Did the urge to have a motion just take you totally unawares whilst driving or did you have some sense of it beforehand. What I mean is did you realise that you needed a poo before setting out and bank on getting to the service station or your friends house to do it? Judging by the size of jobbie you described - and the fact that it was a quite solid one - I'd be very surprised indeed if you didn't have some sensation of needing to go before leaving home. Generally speaking, d! o you leave that sort of thing to chance? Also, what's the longest (appoximately) that you've put off going for a) a wee and b) a motion. I'd love to know. You've certainly made a great impact on me and I'd love to know more.

Best regards



Laurie: Good seeing your posts agin. Keep them coming.

Donnie: I don't think I would call myself a messy Jane. Despite my penchant for having massive poop sessions (which I should add happened most often in high school and college and leveled off once I started eating smarter and working out more often), I go to great lengths to avoid peeing and pooping accidents, and I would not drop poop in unusual places. Having said that, I'm afraid this episode only reinforces the messy woman stereotype.

As I have mentioned a few times before, I worked in my Mom's office one summer during high school (specifically before my senior year). It was memorable because I was able to secure two letters of recommendation that proved crucial to my acceptance to my first choice of college. However, it was also memorable because I had quite a few experiences with the restrooms, some of which are still somewhat fresh in my mind even though these happened almost 20 years ago! , and reading the forum helps to retain some details. I had a bowel movement not long after lunch almost every day, which was unusual for me since I usually don't feel like having one until almost dinner time, when I'm usually home by then. Most were one-, two-, or three-piece solid jobs. However, on occasion I had a massive poop session. One such dump was looming as I was about to go to the most important meeting of the summer.

My boss was so pleased with my work performance that she wanted to introduce me to the president of the company. In fact, she was able to set up an appointment for me to meet with the president. My Mom said it was very rare that the president would set aside such time for a student worker. The following day I was supposed to meet with him at 2pm. I headed for the president's office and had to wait for a couple of minutes until he finished his conference call. Then he came out, shook my hand, and took me to his office. He asked me abo! ut how I liked working here and wanted to know what were my future plans. As I was telling him about my upcoming senior year and the colleges I was interested in, my stomach began to rumble. He was giving me an overview of the company when I began to build up an urge to pass gas. After about half an hour, I was increasingly uncomfortable and began to squirm about in the chair. He asked if I was OK, and I said my stomach just grumbled but I was OK. He asked if I wanted some water, and I said no, I'm fine. We continued to discuss for another ten minutes, but the pressure was building and I was clearly struggling to hold it in, trying not to cut one in front of the president, of all people. He asked if I wanted to take a break. Before I could answer, he said go ahead and take ten minutes. I took him up on his offer and immediately headed for the ladies room.

As I passed the secretary, she asked if I happened to be going to the ladies room. I said I was, and s! he handed me the key. I entered the ladies room, went into a middle stall, lowered my slacks and panties, sat down and ejected a soft load of several logs. Then I released a booming fart. I continued to pass some gas, and soon I felt better. I wiped a few times, and saw several pieces of poop floating in the water, along with a few logs at the bottom. I flushed the toilet and ran back into the president's office. I was almost out of breath, and he asked if I was all right. I said much better, and he said to just relax, gave me a glass of water and continued our discussion. When we were done, he said he enjoyed our conversation and wished me good luck in my senior year.

As I was leaving the president's office, I suddenly had an upset stomach plus an urgent need to poop. I asked the secretary for the key to the ladies room again. She gave them to me, and I made a beeline to the bathroom. I went into the same stall I used before, quickly pulled down my slacks ! and panties, and sat and immediately released a loud fart. I peed for a few seconds and then started to push out what felt like one long, continuous piece of poop. I could feel it coming out and heard the crackling sound, and it was breaking up as it hit the water, but it didn't make much of a splash. It was coming out fast, and after 20 seconds it had filled up the toilet and the smell was strong. I flushed the toilet but was still pushing out a load as the water went down and the toilet refilled. I continued to push out a mushy load, but there was still hardly any plopping or splashing noises. After 30 seconds, the toilet was filled up again, so I flushed the toilet again. It kept coming out, still with hardly any noises, and no end in sight. It felt like pushing down clumps of gooey chocolate down an assembly line at the chocolate factory. I flushed the toilet yet another time, but I wasn't finished yet. I gave one big push, and it set off a massive eruption of go! oey poop that ended with two big thuds. I flushed the toilet and let go a booming fart, after which I was finally done. I was relieved it was one of those toilets found in public restrooms that have those strong flushes. I wiped furiously several times, but I ended up with poop all over my right hand. In terms of wiping, it was one of the messiest sessions I ever had. After flushing a final time, I looked down the bowl and saw a brown skidmark down the middle of the bowl as well as some brown stains in front near the water line. I washed my hands to get the poop out. It was so messy I had to clean under my fingernails. There was still a strong aroma of poop in the room as I left.

As I gave the key back to the secretary, she pulled me aside and whispered to my ear that a little piece of TP was hanging out the back of my pants and handed me the key. I went into the ladies room and took care of it. I never quite figured out what was it about my Mom's office tha! t caused me to poop so often that summer.

As someone who has just discovered this forum, I'd just like to make my first post.
PV, I agree with you when you say peeing at the beach is easy. On several occasions I've been at the beach with my girlfriend and we've both managed to do it with no problem.
When we bath or shower together it is common for us to openly urinate, so I guess it helps to have no shyness about doing it in front of each other.
We use several methods for discreetly relieving ourselves on a public beach.
Often, my girlfriend stand facing each other, with her back to the crowds. As she has been hiding me, I've taken my penis out over my trunks and done it down into the sand between us. No chance of her feet being splashed as sand is normally most absorbent.
Another way if things are a little more crowded is for us both to stand at the edge of the sea with me turned a little towards her. As she is hiding me to that side, I can quickly pull out my penis and have a wee in the sea. I've! found that
as long as nobody is too close to us on the other side it is okay.
Something guys ought to consider - girls aren't the only ones who can squat to pee. On the beach, with my girlfriend kneeling in front of me, I've squatted while I've taken my penis out over my trunks. Beware though, if any of you are tempted to try this - aim carefully so as not to splash your lady! She won't appreciate it if you get it wrong!
On one occasion I even pulled my trunks down to around my knees while squatting behind a rock. No need even to hold it while going.
Some guys might not like to do it this way, thinking it may be some threat to the traditional, macho, , holding it as you go, standing pee. I say it doesn't matter as long as you're discreet and you're relieving yourself.
In all the above situations, she's normally the only one who sees anything, so I'm comfortable with that.
In my girlfriend's case it tends to be a little more difficult.
If the beach! is not too crowded, I kneel opposite her while she squats, pulls her bikini aside (or drags them around her knees sometimes) and squirts into the sand.
There have been a couple of times when we've been walking on a deserted stretch of beach when she has been able to just step out of her bikini briefs, stand with her knees bent and enjoy a casual wee into the sand. She really enjoys the freedom.
She is very good at the standing pee, and if the beach is busy that is the way she does it. When the sea in front is clear for a moment, we go to stand by the edge of the water and face out to sea. I put an arm around her waist, but instead of her putting her arm around me she uses that hand to pull her bikini briefs to the side, then making use of the inverted V method to lift and splay her lips. On all the occasions she's done this the result has been very tidy and clean.
If she wears a beach skirt it's easier. She can stand facing me with the skirt lifted at the front an! d simply let go into the sand between her feet.
Of course if we go for a swim it couldn't be easier!
The only time one of us pooped on a beach was the time she squatted in some rocks and dumped a huge turd. It was around 11 inches in length and around 3 inches thick in the middle 8 inches. That morning she had been constipated, but after the exercise of walking she suddenly needed to empty herself. As she seemed to be straining and making a huge effort, I asked her if she was all right, and her response was to turn around and show me the first 4 inches or so of this monstrous log poking out and stretching her open. It was truly astounding. Eventually, with considerable effort she passed the whole turd and it dropped onto the rock. She looked at it afterwards with a look of sheer relief on her face.
Our one and only (so far) visit to a fairly busy nudist beach was perhaps the most interesting. It seemed that there were no toilets anywhere near, and we both wondered ! (as we were both needing to pee quite badly) how everyone was getting along. Perhaps up to this point we may have just not have noticed anything that happened before, but we saw a lady in her thirties who got up from laying down on her back, walked a few feet from her things, squatted and openly let loose an obvious torrent into the sand. Soon after, a lady in her fifties did the same. Around 10 minutes later, a young couple taking a walk along the edge of the sea paused while the man turned and clearly relieved himself into the water. My girlfriend was really needing to go by now, and I wasn't far behind. A mixed-sex group had been drinking alcohol very close to us, and now were periodically rising from their little gathering to answer nature's calls. The men were all peeing against a rock, while the girls openly squatted to wee in the sand only feet from where we were. Once our shyness had deserted us due to our need, we similarly abandoned any modesty and urinated openly. I! simply ceased to care that women looked at me hosing the rock, and my girlfriend decided she enjoyed the freedom of weeing openly. She didn't care that other men could see the torrent she was producing. After that first time, we took delight in being able to wee as often as we wanted, as openly as we wanted.
Has anyone else been through such experiences?


I met up with Tony and Theresa for lunch today and Tony said that he had posted about the Bristol Scale of Stool Solidity used by Britsh doctors and had mentioned the scale which George and I devised quite independently, so I post it herewith as it is about 2 years since we first posted it.


This is the typical constipated motion either a load of hard Knobbly balls or one or two really big hard lumpy knobbly jobbies. Takes a lot of straining and can be painful to pass.
Not so hard as above type. Knobbly to begin with then gets smoother , comes out as one or two big turds with a bit of effort, sometimes slight pain as it starts to come out.
Smooth, very little knobblyness if any. Comes out with minimum straining and might even slide out by itself as one sits there. Nevertheless a solid formed motion. Often comes out as one single long fat curved jo! bbie and smellier than above two types.
The typical early morning motion or after a mild drinking session. Usually 2 or 3 jobbies which come out with almost no effort and quickly making loud "Sploosh! Splosh! type sound effects. May break up as it comes out. Quite smelly and may float and can have a ragged end.
Needs a lot of cleaning of the bum with toilet paper afterwards as it can be a sticky stool which leaves skid marks on the bottom of the pan. May slightly discolor the water in the toilet pan. Sometimes slight griping pains.
A motion which comes out in a load of soft to liquid parts . In effect mild diarrhea. Bits float on top of toilet pan water and water is discolored. Very smelly. Usually griping pains. The typical too much to drink, eaten foreign food, mild ???? upset motion. Can result in an "accident" if one farts while needing such a motion

Full blown diarrhea! No solid content, like! pissing brown water out of the anus. Mixes totally and discolours water in toilet pan. Usually severe griping pains. The type of motion which results from bad food poisoning, extreme drinking session of a lot of beer, (especially English "real ales"), or eating very hot curry, chillie etc if not used to same. Often leaks out and causes nasty accidents in the underpants. Either a chemical type of smell (bile salts) or no smell at all.

I hope this scale interests others and would be interested to hear of any amendments or corrections.


Last night after work, i made my self some food from where i work and took it home and ate it. It seems as though every time i bring in carry out from there i get diahrehha from some of the food. I had a sandwich and a desert pizza. I woke up at 5am with an urge to shit, i went and it seemed soild at first and then it got really loose, then i went back to sleep and 5 min later i had to go again, that was the only time i went today, now i feel fine. I don't know why i get diahrreha from there. It wasn't as bad as last time.


Thanks a lot ANNE for the suggestion about using moist wipes. I do not know why I did not think of that because a girlfriend of mine a while back used to carry and use them.

Hi,all.Been away down to fla. for a vacation with some friends.Trying to catch up reading these posts.Some super ones-sandra's are always nice to read.TO ALAN & LYNN-alan,you are a lucky be pooping cheek to cheek with a beautiful woman-Ahhh,such a pleasure.That must have felt great.I used to poo with my nurse friend but never on the same bowl. A few times we did it in the woods and one time we sat on this log in the middle of the woods side by side close together and pooed together.We watched the turds come out of each other's butt and it was great-she always went more than me.I would be done first and i would sit there and watch her empty her rectum.But to touch butts while pooing,i'll have to try that one.Please tell me if you do that again!!
Had a couple of good poos in fla.I'll tell you guys one-It was hot down there(MIAMI)Stayed with some friends.The first 2 days i didn't go and the 3rd morning i got up and went biking and went to this secluded beach ! that i knew about the last time i was down there.First i went to a 7-11 and had some coffee and went to the beach.After about 20 mins or so,ifelt cramps and i went into this secluded spot and got undressed and dug a hole and found this stump to sit on.I didn"t feel the urge in my rectum,so i just sat there enjoying the warm morning air.I pushed a few time and farted pretty good and then i felt my anus open up and the turd started to come out.It was hard and knobby and it hurt a bit coming out.Then it dropped in the hole with a thud.I felt a bit binded up.I looked and saw a knobby poop shaped like a large ball about 2-3 inches long and wide.I didn't feel done so i sat there pushing every now and then and letting out some coffee farts that were long and pretty loud.Then i felt a big cramp and pushed and this real long sausage started coming out slowly and i was pushing pretty hard,but it just came out slow.Then after what seemed like a week,it felt like the dam let loose and rig! ht after the sausage turd feel out,all this soft stuff started oozing out my anus.After about 20 seconds of this i took a break and looked in the hole and saw a 12 insh sausage turd covered with soft pudding!It was a good load.Couln't see the first knobby poop at all.Then i pushed some more and a real long skinny poo came out and i looked between my legs and watched this poo stretch from my asshole to the hole.It was real long!Then i felt done but i sat there pushing out my anus for a bit and got off and wiped myself and went skinny dipping into the water.It was super! More stories later.BYE

Tuesday, February 29, 2000

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