i got in bad trouble after i came back the next day for leaveing school, i got 3 days of inhouse suspension. That means i get all my work, and get to sit there by my self and do it. It wasnt a good thing for me, sence i still had the runs, and only had 2 bathroom breaks a day, i took my first right after i got in there, i ran to the bathroom and went plop, it sounded like i was peeing, but it was poop, the runniest poop i had ever had. I walked back to my room, and the principal said, thats one. 30 minuts later, i was trying to hold my runny poop in, but i couldnt any longer, i ran to the bathroom and did the same thing, walked back, thats two, she locked my door and said, this door will be unlocked at the end of the day. I had to pee pretty bad about then, i had not peed in the bathroom because i was in a very big hurry to get back, hoping she wouldnt see that i'd gone. I had water all over my bum from someone peeing on the seat. I had to pee pretty bad, and was trying not to! worry about it. The pain in my pelvic area started to increase, this time hurting badly, i held my legs togeather trying to hold it in, of course, i couldnt for much longer, i knew that, so i ran to the corner of the room and squated down and peed into a box. I felt much better, but came to notice i had peed on my pants while squatting, i was scared someone might walk by and see me, so i kept my pants pulled quite a ways up, it wasnt much and i figured it would dry in an hour or so. I had the urge to poop after that. The wet poop was hurting my stomach, this was about an hour later after i had peed in the box. My stomach was groweling and i was moaning as i tried to hold it in. It started to poor out by it self about 5 minuts after that, i knew i couldnt have went in the box again, the poop smelt awful and the lady would have known. It ran down my leggs all over my shews. I just sit there with a wet bum, and wet legs. It smelt awful, and to my disadvantage, the door was still! locked. I couldnt go get anyone. After the last bell rang, about 4 hours later, it had dried on my pants, and looked like mud. I walked out trying not to think about it, and this boy said, YOU HAVE MUD ON YOUR PANTS! and i said, i know, i fell on my way to school, shew, i got that taken care of well. Knowone thought anything. I got on the bus and felt fine, knowone could see it if i was setting down, so i just didnt move. My stomach started growling about 5 minuts after i got on the bus! I was like, OH NO! But to my advantage, nothing came out, i could barely hold it all the way home. My mother asked what had happend, i told her i still had wet poop, she felt sorry for me, and gave me a hug. This day was better than the other one, and i had not had any accidents after that for weeks.

It was finally here, the 7th grade end-of-the-year trip. We were going to texas to a theme park. I live in oklahoma, and it was a long drive, over 6 hours on the bus. When i arrived at school, everyone was getting on the busses. Although i had to pee badly, i didnt go in the school to use the restroom because i thought the busses might leave without me, and that would be an awful thing. I got on a big bus, and sat down by my boyfriend. He told me that we were going to have the greatest time, and i wasnt so sure of it. I searched the bus for the bathroom, and spotted it in the back, i figured i'd wait till the bus left before i would get up to pee. Me and my boyfriend held hands, and talked about how fun it was going to be. As soon as the bus started driving away, i quickly got up and headed toward the bathroom. The door was closed, and as bad as i had to pee, i didnt want to walk in on someone, so i knocked on the door and listened, nothing! I knocked again, i heared nothing, so i turned the knob on the door, and it was locked. After a while of turning, someone said, i'm in here! It sounded like an old woman, but i couldnt really tell. I replied with, can i please use the restroom? I have to go bad! And she replied, i cant come out, i have diareahh or how ever you spell it, and she said she cant get up otherwise she could go in her pants, so i walked back to my seat moaning. My boyfriend asked, whats wrong? I told him that i needed to pee bad and someone was in there and was not coming out. He told me to ask the busdriver to pull over so i could use a restroom. I walked up and asked him, sir, could you please pull over while i goto the bathroom? He replied, I cannot stop the bus until out destination, i'm very sorry hunny.I ran back to my seat and held my legs crossed, in pain. My boyfriend held my hand and told me it was going to be alright, but i knew it wasnt. I sat there for about 30 minuts before i really had to go, i started jurking in my seat in tears. My boyfriend then got up and walked up and knocked on the door to the bathroom, tryin to get the old lady out, He said, please, my girlfriend needs to use the bathroom, she mumbled something, and he walked back to his seat. I was sitting there, crying, and moaning. My boyfriend then got up and sat in the seat in front of me, and that made me feel even worse. It was about an hour later that i knew i was in big trouble, it hurt so bad, i knew i couldnt hold it much longer, i had already dribbled out a circle in my panties. I crouched down on my side with my hands on my crotch, hoping it would ease the pain, i started to cry harder, i said, please, please , NO! And i started to wet my pants, it dripped down the seat like a river, i lost any control i might have had of my bladdar, i quickly contracted my pelvic muscles to stop it, but i couldnt. It flowed out for about a minut, alot of it, all over me, the seat, and the floor. The teacher quickly came and looked at me, peeing my pants, she yelled, WHY DIDNT YOU GO BEFORE WE CAME?!?! And i said i didnt have enough time, the teacher handed me a paper towel and stomped back to his seat. He was a mean teacher, and made feel bad, my boyfriend had moved up about three seats to avoid the embarrassment of being with a girl who just wet her pants. I whiped my pants hard with the towel, trying to dry it, no luck, it smelt awful, and it was all over me. I sat there for over 4 hours wet, by the time we got there, it had dried, and all that was left was the smell. To my suprise, knowone had noticed i had peed my pants, because i was sitting near the back, and everyone else was up front, we walked out, i looked at my pants, and i see no wetness, just a dry, nasty smell. A friend of mine asked me if i would walk with her and ride some rides, i told her that i had peed my pants on the way, and i couldt help it, and i just walked in, sat down on the bus, and cried, while all the others had fun.

This site is amazing I love to shit in public and listen to other men shitting. Sometimes I will sit for hours listening in public toilets .The louder the better

As spring approaches, I shall be on the lookout for mobile toilets at major outdoor events such as carnivals and outdoor concerts. The individual plastic 'Portaloo' type don't offer much scope for views but the most interesting type I have found are on a trailer with a block of 8 toilets in two rows, back to back. Sometimes they have ladies one side and gents the other but more recently, they are all unisex.

Each toilet is self-contained with its own small wash basin and has steps leading up to its own door. I first discovered these at an outdoor event about 5 years ago. They use recirculating blue chemical toilet fluid for flushing and are powered by a portable electric generator, which is a bit noisy and masks some interesting sounds. The partition walls are normally made of chipboard but in this case, they were thin metal walls, probably to prevent 'wood worm'. Under the wash basins were holes where pipes went through but the holes were larger than the pipes so the! y provided some interesting back to side views into the toilet the other side.

Most women stood up to pee as the toilets weren't very clean. I saw a rather large girl of about 20 from the first aid tent who went in and peed standing up. Her pubic hair was long and as she bent forward, it hung down about 2 inches. Another leaned forward to pee standing up but instead of coming out in a neat stream, her wee dribbled all over her buttocks and dripped off. Very few women pooed and if they did, they normally sat down to do it, so I couldn't see any of the action from my view point. The following year, the views were better and I'll tell you about that next time.


I'm really sorry to hear about your accidents, babe. Although nothing like that has ever happened to me I'm sure it felt awful. Especially if your boyfriend moved up 3 seats just to avoid being seen with you, that's the meanest part of all and a real guy wouldn't do that to you. If you were my girlfriend I would have stayed with you, put my arms around you, and held you in my lap while you cried, I don't care how much you peed in your pants or if it got on me. I would be there for you as any real man would. I like you already from your posts. Which theme park did you go to, Six Flags in Dallas? I live just north of Houston, TX. Please post again as I really would like to talk to you via this forum as much as the moderators will allow. Thanks.


Anne (Bus driver)
I certainly seem to have made an impact on many of you such as Adrian and Keith. As for Andrew who briefly posted here, I cant speak for others but yes, I DO take my pleasures seriously and I get the impression that lots of others do to such as George, Moira, Nicola, Tony, Adrian, Jill (Electra), Coprologist, Vector, Crimson to name but a few. Were you looking for a toilet jokes website, there are plenty of those about. Personally I find those a total waste of space, but each to their own.

Bungholio, I dont think Adrian and Tony are having an argument at all from reading their respective posts. Its just that Adrian has this rather old fashioned attitude towards using capitals in e-mails and postings. As Tony so eloquently put it, used for the sake of it or too often then these are a pain but to emphasise some IMPORTANT point they are useful. I dont buy into the "nettiquete" that some control freak types tried to intoduce to the internet, the whole idea if the web is f! reedom from regulation as far as is practical and reasonable. AS LONG AS THE NORMAL RULES OF GOOD MANNERS AND COURTESY ARE OBSERVED. I also dont really like the silly smiley faces such as :) that some posters append to remarks, you would NOT put these in a letter! I suppose Bungholio will now think that I am having an argument with Adrian when in fact NOTHING COULD BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH!

Rick , try moist wipes as many people here use as they are more practical than paper towels with soap. Ithe texture so some paper towels is a bit harsh on delicate tissue such as the muco-cutaneos junction at the anus and some soaps may cause irriation whereas the wipes are softer and the moistening agent is safe for delicate tissues and medicated. These also do not clog the toilet as paper towels would do. I always carry some in my bag as the public and school toilets I have to use when driving a bus often do not have any toilet paper at all and the moist wipes certainly prevent! brown skid marks in the seat of my knickers, even if I pass a soft sticky motion.

Keith, I have had passengers have a big poo accident in their underwear on the bus or coach and have posted about this in the past. Briefly, once time a teenaged schoolgirl who luckily was standing at the time couldnt hold it in till she got to school and did a big jobbie in her knickers on the school bus. Fortunately she was wearing a loose pleated skirt and proper cotton knickers (briefs) with elastic through the leg openings so the motion, which was soft but solid didnt leak out. The other kids started to mock her so I stopped the bus and told her to stand up at the front near me, when we got to the school one of her frinds said she would tell her form teacher that she was taken ill and as I was travelling light back to the depot I dropped her back near her home. I got a letter a few days later from her mother thanking me for showing kindness to her daughter in an embarrasing situa tion. On another occasion one girl did a big solid jobbie in a carrier bag at the back seat of the upper deck (this was double decker very common in Britain but not so in the USA- think London Red Bus)when I was driving a group of schoolgirls back . I wasnt annoyed as at least she hadnt soiled the seat or done it onto the floor but did suggest to this same group of girls that if any of them did need the toilet on the way back from some sports function or external activity I would stop the bus near a public toilet if need be. Once driving a coach with a built in toilet on a touring holiday one old lady must have been taken short in her knickers as maybe she didnt make it in time to the toilet. I found this when it came to emptying the tank under the coach into the drain at a bus depot and after only a small amount of water paper and turds came out the flow stopped and a mechanic got a lomg rod and pushed it up and put came a large pair of white cotton interlock womens briefs (k nickers) with a deluge of turds and paper. Inside the knickers there was a big squashed up jobbie so I could work out what had happened. I only wish the old woman had disposed of her soiled panties in the bin for used tampons and STs not flushed them down the toilet pan. On that score once when waiting with a coach at a railway station to run a shuttle service I was parked up when a train came in . Now it stopped next to the car park and I could see the toilet window with the outline of someone inside. There was a gush of water and toilet paper and a pair of pale blue women's briefs all falling onto the ground near the rails. I had a closer look when the train moved off and the way the panties had landed I could see a poo squashed in the seat, so I assume some woman had a big accident and had cleaned up in the train toilet them flushed her shitty knickers away.

Adrian, I have had an accident in my kncikers though thnakfully not while driving a public service vehicle ! or passenger carrying vehicle as they are now called. I was on leave and was due to meet up with an old friend so drove along the Motorway. I felt the need to do a motion as I drove but thought that I would be able to go when I got to
the next service area. Unfortunately there was a bad multiple pile up ahead and all the traffic came to a halt and as I was in the fast lane I couldnt get over to the hard shoulder, park up as if the car had broken down and climb over the fence and do my motion in the field. I tried to hold it in but in the end I pulled my skirt up and way at the back as I was lucky not to be wearing trousers or jeans and there was no point in soiling the skirt. I put a newspaper under me on the seat to protect the upholstry then I just had to sit there with the car stopped and did the big fat turd into my white Sloggi maxi briefs. It felt funny as it passed out and encountered the resistance of the seat and started to squash and flatten inside my knickers. For once I hoped I only needed a little poo but as bad luck would have it this was one of my normal big long fat jobbies. I could hear it squelch as it came out. Now there wasnt a lot of leakage Im glad to say, it was solid and it all stayed inside the seat of my panties. I did laugh as I thought what the people in the other cars would have thought had they known that the woman sitting in the red Vauxhall Senator was doing a poo in her knickers. When the traffic started to move I turned back at the next intersection and drove home , my skirt hiding the lumpy bulge drooping down in the sat on my knickers. I went straight into the shower and cleaned up then changed in to clean panties and phoned my friend saying that I would not be seeing her as I was sick, (not exactly a lie). I do now make sure that if I think I might need a motion before a long journey I go and sit on the toilet pan at home and wait for it to come down.

Laurie im glad you are back posting!! Your storiesare so great, PLEASE keep posting more. What about the one in a doorless stall? Love ya...Kevin


Thanks so much for replying re your beach poos. Squatting behind a rock, that's not bad -- I've always felt it might be a bit too obvious, but you're one adventurous lady! I've had a wee at the nude beach, that's fairly easy, I've sat at the end of my towel and peed in the sand between my thighs, and in various other situations, but never had a poo there -- yet!

One day last summer I was having a quiet pee in my back garden and felt some pressure in my rectum, so, in the flames of enthusiasm and a desire to explore the possible, I hopped down and let go a small and unspectacular poo on the lawn.

I say hopped "down" as I pee standing a lot. I know what you mean about it running down your leg, that's what seems intuitively obvious, and I was absolutely flabergasted to discover that it just isn't so! Peeing posture turns out to have far more to do with culture than with biology. Probably the vaster majority of men manipulate their penis while pa! ssing water, so why shouldn't women manipulate their labia? It's fundamentally the same thing, and with a little practice women can urinate neatly and easily from a standing position.

Here's how it's done -- stand with your feet around shoudler-width, press your hips forward and lean back from the waist. Lift your skirt and move your panties aside with one hand. With the fingers of the other, make an inverted V, splay your lips and gently lift your tissues to obtain a good angle. Then let the good times flow! Keep plenty of pressure on at start and finish, but in between it's easy, and surprisingly neat. I've got it down to a fine art, I can pee with jeans lowered only a little, and I've peed out the leg of my shorts a number of times, something I remember you saying you had done while sitting at kerbsides (wild!)

For your own adventures, it strikes me it would be especially useful for sneaky peeing along with pooing from the standing posture. And at the beac! h, who would expect a women to pee standing up? I've found you can have a relaxing pee in surprising anonymity!

I too loved the story of your alley poo and the young man who just HAD to ask the time ... then directions ... next he'd have asked you your sign or something! Presumeably his heart was jumping out of his chest and he was helpless to do anything but remain in the vicinity of this amazing spectacle, a woman delivering a mighty motion in an unusual place!

Sounds like you do fairly weighty motions, and very satisfying ones as well! If you had to choose one exemplary poo from all your adventures, for sheer pleasure in the doing, what would it be?

Till next time,


The Crank
Hey guys! I'm back! If you guys still remember me. Saw another great art film with a female pooping. Really clear full lenght shot of her on the pot, done really artisically by the director from Hong Kong. Again, I have no idea what the movie was, but mind you, that shot was awesome, though not erotic. I believe John Woo is pretty good at such things too.
I suffered from a flu recently and strange enough,my turds became very LARGE and wide in the mornings. Boy! Did it feel good coming out of me! I didn't even push just let it slide out, feeling the sensation.
Once, at a shopping mall, I saw a cute girl walking into the female toilet. I was sitting at the steps waiting for someone. The toilet are situated in such a way that the door opens to face the sides of the stalls. Well, the cute girl entered. I listened intensely. I heard the cubicle door slam shut, the toilet seat banging down. Then silence. Just then, another girl walks in, opening the door. The next scene was to die for! I saw the feet of the cute girl at at the gap beneath the stall with her shorts aroung her ankles! I recognised the colour of her shorts. The cute girl appeared a while later and left me fantasising about her.
In school, I also would sit at the benches near the toilets and when a female enters, I can hear the cubicle door slam shut and the drop of the toilet seat. That's when I know her business starts. Always gives me a turn on.
I even had a girl getting tissue paper from me as she needs the toilet, she told me so. When she returned the packet, I just spent the rest of the day trying to sniff out something from it. I know it's sick and I don't care.
Okay bye.

Sondra. I was concerned about the way your teacher refused you permission to go the toilet - as indeed I am about all postings of that type. When I went to school back in the 1960's and 1970's - in many respects much less enlightened times than today (teachers were allowed to smack in most schools for one thing)- it was taken as read that if a pupil asked to go be excused for the toilet they were allowed to go. In some cases the teacher would impose a time limit "very well, 2 minutes then" but I never recall anyone being refused permission to go. If my memory serves me correctly I only had to be excused twice during an 11 year school career - once at primary school and once at secondary school. On both occasions permission was granted as a matter of course. I think most teachers accepted that some pupils used it as an excuse for a crafty smoke but regarded the giving of permission as the lesser of two possible evils. Certainly there's no way you should have been refused! permission to use the toilet and I hope your parents take it up with the school.

Bungholio. I'm glad you find some of the postings entertaining. Please rest assured though that I am not in any squabble with Tony. Although we don't know each other in the flesh (perhaps it's a good thing) we're the best of friends so far as this forum's concerned.

Laurie. I enjoyed your posting. Assuming that you're American, what do you Americans eat? You must eat loads to generate the amount of poo that you do. I don't know of many Brits who could equal it.

SANDRA-regarding your lunchtime dump last Friday (as usual, a LOVELY story): were you nervous or particularly stressed over something? I normally do regular solid dumps, but if I'm nervous or really stressed, I poop in ways similar to what you described in this situation: i.e. softer poop, smaller chunks, more farting than usual, wet farts. Regarding your story of pooping in the ocean from last week, I remember when I was about 15 years old on a trip to Hawaii with some family friends-I really had to go while swimming at the beach, and couldn't hold it anymore-so I let it out. 3 very long "floaters"-I was embarrased and tried to sink them, but they just kept coming up. I did move away from them, and hope my friends who were swimming closeby didn't notice. Anyway, take care My Dear!

LAURIE-I love your story too!,
ALAN-you lucky guy-I'm so envious! (when pooping with your lovely blonde, did you sit together on the toilet side by side facing front, or sit! ting on the sides facing away from each other?),
you're welcome, JANE (looking forward to more of your great stories),
thanks ALTHEA (I live in CT).

take care, everyone,

ps spent the weekend away from home on a business trip of sorts, but couldn't poop much. Had a wonderful dump (at least 2 and a half very solid, thick, I would estimate 9 inchers) early this morning on the flight home. The plane was nearly empty, so there were no lines at the toilet. However, one of the stewardesses gave me a strange look after I walked out of the bathroom (I was in there for at least 15 minutes-a little longer than usual).

Sunday, February 27, 2000

To Sandra,

In response to your lunchtime poo at worl that left your bottom messy and smelly all day.
Personally, whenever I poop, if at home or at work, I will take a couple of heavy duty paper towels in to the bathroom with me. If at work, I use some off the roll I always keep in my oversised shoulder bag. I then wet them and put a little soap on them. After doing my business, I first wipe with some regular toilet paper and then flush it all down. I then take a good hard wip with the more stronger soaped paper towels and then flush that all down. A lot of times my bottom may be a little damp with water, but not dirty with shit on it. I will then take 1 last wip with a little dry toilet paper and do a last and final flush. I find that using paper towels with soap on it is far more effective in getting your rear end cleaned up, especially after one of those wet dumps. And, oh yes, as far as having to flush so many times, I notice a lot of folks where I work who flu! sh 2 or 3 times. And as far as the home goes, well, I would rather pay a little more per month on the water bill if it means having a sqweeky clean ass.

I am 14 years old in the 8th grade, fairly popular, and usually have to pee around the middle of 3rd hour. Well, most people use the restroom to skip class, and my locker was far away from my classes, and 5 minuts isnt much time to visit the restroom and get books, then make it to class before the bell, i had recently had the runs, and felt like i did today also, my pee urge wasnt bad, but to avoid any accidents, i asked my teacher if i could go, she told me no and to sit down. I set down, and finished my work, about 30 minuts later, the bell rang, and my pee urge was a alot bigger, i had to pee bad, but i figured i could hold it along time before i would have an accident. I walked out of class and jogged to the restroom, to my suprise knowone was in there, and knowone was useing the facilities, i looked in each stall, there was poop smeared all over each stall, and some on the floor, i wasnt sitting down on that, so i just ran out and to get my books, and make it to 4th hour! by the bell. It rang before i could make it. The teacher called the office and told them i was late again. They counted it as a tardy, and she asked me to sit down. I sit there holding my legs togeather as my pee urge grew greater and greater. I was in alot of pain, and didnt know if i could hold it much longer. I moaned and squeezed harder. All the other classmates attention was set on me, and i felt like i was about to pee my panties. I told my teacher out loud that i really had to go bad, she said that she wasnt going to let me waist more time skipping class, and for me to finish my work. I sit there for about 20 minuts longer, the pain was so bad by that point, it was going to come out, i knew i was going to pee my pants again, and everyone would laugh. I didnt want that to happen at all. I looked took uncrossed my legs and looked down at my pants, there was a small wet spot, i pulled my shirt down and set there in awful pain, to my disadvantage, it started to come out b! y it self all over my pants, i jumped up and tightened my legs, to keep it from coming out any more, i pulled my shirt down and ran out of the room. Ran to the bathroom, about half of it came out as i ran to the bathroom, all over my pants.By the time i got to the bathroom it was all almost out, but i was still peeing, and i couldnt hold it in, i pulled down my pants in the middle of the bathroom and let the rest go on the floor, it didnt help much and if it all would have been in my pants, it wouldnt have made any difference, i was dripping with pee, all over the floor, i couldnt let anyone see me like this, so i ran out of the bathroom as fast as i could, ran out of the door, and started to run home, i lived over 10 miles away! And i was running home, with wet pants. I had to poop also , very badly after about 30 minuts of walking, i couldnt hold it any longer by that point, and just pulled down my soaking wet pants and squirted my poop out before it came out in my pants, it! ran all over the back of my pants and all over the ground, knowone seen it, and i walked the rest of the way home in shame, wondering how much trouble i would be in the next day, and how bad it was, this was the worst day of my life. -Sondra

Drainman (England)
Found this site completely by accident. It is amazing. I thought I was the only one into this stuff. Since leaving school in march 1981 I have worked mostly in property repairs. This gets me into the drains a fair bit, and the stuff I have seen is out of this world. I can relate to most of the things in old posts, which I am working my way through slowly, but ever since I pulled that first pair of lacy white panties from the
end of my drain rods life has been one long party. My own toilet visits are none too exciting but I will mail more of that later,,(I`ve had my moments). I have so much to share with you folks. Bye for now,,,,I`ll be back

Cousin-- How's Linda doing, when will she be back?
Giv her my love.-- JW

Hello all. It's been quite a long time since I last posted. I've been rather busy and haven't really had very interesting stories to tell. For the past couple of weeks, I've basically been pooping fairly normally for me. About an hour after I get home from school, I go up to the bathroom upstairs and sit on the toilet for fifteen to twenty minutes dropping out my poops. It's been all good lately with no real extraordinary experiences. Since I haven't really posted in awhile, I'll tell of two weekends ago, when I spent the night at my friend Shannon's house. We planned to go to her place right after school, so I walked to school that Friday instead of my usual drive, leaving my car at home. At the end of the day, we were walking out to her car and I felt a rumbling in my stomach signalling a poop coming soon, but I knew I could hold it. I asked her if we were going to her house first, but she said she had thought we would go to the mall first because she needed to pick! up some things. I figured I would just crap while we were at the mall. Then, we started having problems. It was a fairly cold day that Friday and Shannon's car wasn't starting in the parking lot. (i believe i posted one time about how she was stuck at my house when her car wouldn't start, well, needless to say it was the same car). I was sort of embarrased cause there were some people walking around giving us strange looks (shannon's car is kind of beat up). So after about ten minutes of trying to start the darn thing, it finally catches on. "Oh good." Shannon said. "Sometimes it takes a little longer to start up. Well, we started out driving to the mall (which is way out in the middle of nowhere on the very edge of my town) and about halfway there her car dies. She pulls over to the side of the road and we sit there trying to restart it for awhile but it just won't catch on. by this time, i'm really feeling the need for a poop. Shannon fortunately has a phone wi! th her and calls her mom to come pick us up. Well, her mom comes about twenty minutes later and i'm dying to shit! I clench my butt cheeks together as tight as I can in order to prevent any from getting on my white panties (they're white! I want them to stay that way!) So, at around 5:00 (we left school at 3:30, mind you) we finally get to shannon's house. Throughout the ride, I alleviated the pressure by silently farting several times. Fortunately, I was alone in the back so nobody could really smell anything. We walk up to her house and shannon says we should go to the basement for awhile, we can go to the mall tomorrow when she gets her car back/fixed. I felt like screaming "i have to shit NOW" but i didn't want to be rude so i walked with her down to the basement. Fortunately, there is a bathroom down there so i was planning on waiting one minute (to get settled) then asking to use the toilet. however, my plan had massive failure. As soon as we got down there, sh! annon said to excuse her as she was going to the bathroom. I must have had a funny look on my face because she asked if i needed to go first. Stupid me didn't want her out there while i was pooing a major dump said no, i would wait for her to finish. She said, "are you sure?" i took a longing look at the toilet and told her i would wait. "Ok, i'll be out soon." She went into the bathroom and I started pacing around the room trying to alleviate the huge amount of pressure growing in my butt. I walked over to the bathroom door and heard her lift up the toilet cover, pull her pants down and sit on the toilet. She released what sounded to be a torrent of pee and then silence. "Sh*t!" I thought. "She can't be taking a dump! I'm gonna poo in my pants!" Fortunately, it was only a second of silence as i heard her start wipe herself and flush the toilet. She came out and i bolted in the bathroom, just barely got my pants down and butt on the seat when a loud, and I mean LOU! D fart erupted with several large turds quickly dropping out of me in a huge wave. I was there about five minutes thinking of nothing but the pain as poop after poop rushed out of my body. When the wave was done, I immediately felt embarrased. Surely she must have heard what i was doing in there. I flushed the toilet twice and got rid of the first wave of poop, leaving huge brown marks and a rank smell inside the bowl. but there was more to come. The next poos were a bit harder and slower, but they smelled as well and they were just as big. After I had been in there about 15 minutes, Shannon knocked on the door and asked if i was ok. I replied that i would be out in a minute (i was) and when I came out said "sheesh! Do NOT go in there Wooooooooo!!" a la Jim Carey in the ace ventura movie. Shannon gave me a puzzled look and said "why? Did you stink it up in there?" I said "yep! chalk up another major poo for me!" We laughed and went about our fun evening. In case yo! u're wondering, shannon did get her car back, only to have it not start up again at school the next tuesday. Hee hee. Oh, and she did poop, twice actually, during that weekend. Once that night she did a five minute poo during a movie we were watching in the basement (i spied on her from outside the door and heard one small splash and a lot of farting) She then pooed for a longer time (15 minutes) when we got to the mall the next day. I should know because I was in the stall next to her, pooing as well. It wasn't nearly as bad, three big logs but I heard Shannon have a rough time of it. I counted six large splashes and heard grunting before I asked if she was alright. She responded that she was feeling a bit constipated lately and that she would be alright. She let out some more farting and finished up her dump while i was out washing my hands at the sink. Well, I'll try to post a little more frequently but it just seems as if my pooping is so boring. I don't have th! ese kinds of experiences all the time. I normally take about 15 minutes but sometimes, when things go crazy, i'll post about them. I still read the forum everyday and I love everybody elses stories, they're so much better than mine! Keep up the wonderful posting everyone. Until next time. Laurie

Hello folks! I was glad to read another main-event post from Jarod. Chuck cracks me up!!! Your stories are very well told... I get the funniest visuals in my mind of you two characters. Unreal. Too bad we seemed to have lost Laurie. Her posts were killer too! And for those of us keeping score, it appears that Tony (Scotland) has got the upper hand over Adrian (England) in the little squabble they've got going on here. Am I the only one finding this to be amusing? Quite honestly, this is by far the most interesting material I've seen from either Tony or Adrian. Congrads you two... looks like you've finally found your niche. I'm not looking to get involved or anything. But I just HAD to say something. HAD, HAD, HAD, HAD, HAD to do it. Note the caps. :^).

I guess I should have something to say for myself before I go. Hmm... Okay, I have a Dice album (comedian) where he insults an audience member by saying to him, "You're the type of guy who hangs out in the men's room t! o smell other people's shit". To the people who post here for whom this is true, I guess this wouldn't be much of an insult, rather a statement of fact. It's amazing how interested people are in what others are up to in public restrooms. I have curiosity myself, but you won't find me lingering in restrooms to find out what happens next. I'm outta there... and I'm outta here for now. See ya, Bungholio

Saturday, February 26, 2000

Speaking of associating names with female poopers: For me, the names Jane, Carole, and Margaret conjure up the image of messy women. When I was 13 (in the early 70s)
I met two women who had really bad diarrhea from salmonella poisoning. (There was an epidemic of salmonella at the time.) One was Jane, a tall middle-aged woman with yellow (not naturally-blonde) hair (she resembled Gretchen Kraus from the "Benson" TV show); and the second woman, Carole, was a 20-something Jewish lady. Both women needed to wear thick cotton diapers as a result of their illness, which is why I remember them after all these years.
Margaret was the name of a principal from my high school. I was in a room with her one day when I swear I heard a drawn-out crackling sound, as if she was making a mess in her panties. She almost never wore pants, and whenever she did they were brown corduroy...use your own imaginations! I visualize messy Margarets as looking much like Loretta Swit on "MASH! " (Hot Lips' real name in that show was, of course, Margaret ???????????): well-built women with thick blonde hair.

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