This is my first post on this site. I attended a company banquet recently and car pooled with one of the secretaries, a beautiful blond women named Lynn, who lives in the same town. Lynn is married but we have been flirting since she started a year ago. we danced a couple of times and pigged out at the banquet. We left and were driving home(we both live about an hour away), when Lynn started squirming in her seat and cut a loud fart. She was mortified. I had been fighting the urge to fart myself, and let one rip. We smiled nervously at one another and we both continued farting. Lynn said "I really have to go to the bathroom". I said "so do I" and we pulled off the highway. We were in the middle of nowhere and we both had to take a huge dump. It took about 40 minutes to find a gas station. My truck stunk from our barrage of farts. The station was closed but the restroom was unlocked. We could hardly walk as we both had to shit. We decided that we would use the toilet together (! like we had a choice). We lifted the seat up and pulled our pants and underwear down and sat asscheeks to asscheeks on the cold porcelin toilet. We were both embarrasssed. We manuevered our asses and let loose. We both let out a loud fart as shit flew from our asses. I felt a huge log coming out of my ass, and Lynn was dropping a large log from her ass. We were both moaning and pushing as the turds from our asses bounded together, momentarily connecting us. We both preceded to drop 3-4 logs each into the toilet. We were on the toilet close to 30 minutes. Lynn and I used about half a roll of toilet paper cleaning ourselves up. The toilet was full of our big brown logs and the water was completely brown. Lynn flushed the toilet, but it got blocked up. We rode home in silence, too embarrassed to even look at each other. Alan & Lynn

Hi All...

I went back and re-read the anonymous post from the person who said he would go three weeks without a bowel movement. Wow...just how does that feel; nameless one? And...was is pleasurable in some way to make you want to do that?

Didn't your shit get hard and well as longer and longer?

I used to get constipated a lot as a younger kid...and I can remember not going for two weeks.....I don't remember it ever going longer than that.

But; I was sick by then...and needed my mom to give me an enema.

It's amazing how people differ in this respect. I read people here saying how "terribly constipated" they were after only 2 days without going.

Now; at 17...I often go every day...but many times will go three or maybe four days without a BM...and still go comfortably.

Anonymous one....please tell me more...and; specifically...tell me why you feel puberty has anything/something to do with your ! ability to hold your shit. I've not heard that connection before.



Anne (England) the bus driver. It's true to say that I like women called Anne in a defecation context but, if you look back through my postings, the reason should become clear. It stems from the fact that one day when I was about six or seven (thirty or more years ago now) my Aunt Anne, who I've since grown to love very dearly, nearly did a jobbie in her knickers - am memory and an association which planted itself it my young mind. As I've already posted about the incident in question in some detail, I won't do again. However, the long and short of it is that engrossed in conversation, she sat and farted for ages, only excusing herself when she was on the edge of pooing in her knickers. Despite my young age, I knew what she needed to do and how desperate she was. Given my young age though, it's hardly surprising that an association sprang up in my mind between women called Anne and women needing a motion, especially as I'd not experienced any other adults waiting until t! hey were desperate. Subsequent experiences with the lady in question, and with a girl at school (which I've posted about more recently) reinforced the association. That said, I've since met and known several delightful women called Anne who've neither farted nor treated me to a jobbie.

I loved your story about using the ladies with Cathy and comparing notes with her. I'd love to hear more.

Also it was wonderful the way you helped your male colleague out - and the kindness that you showed him.

Glad to know for your sake that you've not had any wetting or soiling accidents whilst out driving. If you do one day, post it here and let me know. In the meantime have had any experiences with passengers having accidents? Or have you had any accidents at home or elsewhere than out driving?

Hope to see another posting from you soon.


You seem to be the sort of easy going, tolerant and reasonable Anglican churchgoer I have no problem with, so I hope you did NOT take my emphasised remarks about religious bigots who try to impose their views and moral standards on others who do not subscribe to these as any attack on yourself. Far be it from me any such intention. I WILL however reserve the right to use block capitals in any posting where I feel that the point being made is either important enough to warrant it or a degree of emphasis is needed. It is like raising one's voice in a discussion or meeting, discourteous and annoying if done gratuitously but quite effective to hammer home a point when necessary. Enough debating points and etiquette. Pity you didnt have more detail on Anne whom I can sense has made a great impact on you. I have often said that Glaswegians are more open about defecation than their Southern English couterparts and it was commonplace for kids at least at Primary (grade) school to dis! cuss their jobbies and those of other pupils , their brothers or sisters, mothers, aunts, grannys etc had done especially if these had been big or had made an interesting "kur-sploonk!" or other type of sound. I remember at the age of 8 one lad giving me a vivid description of how his 16 year old sister had been constipated for about 3 days and had done a huge fat knobbly log which had stuck in the toilet pan at home. As she was a petite doll like girl I marvelled at such a big jobbie coming out of her bum.

Chilly, why didnt you go and have a look down the pan after the Groaner had left as it sounds as if he did a really big long turd which was too big to make a sound when it went into the water. It may well have got stuck after he pulled the flush. If I hear such sound effects from the adjoining cubicle I will wait till the user has gone and have a look in the pan and am often rewarded by the sight of a big jobbie stuck there, and I have done this since I was at sch! ool.

Sandra, I loved your story about squatting down to do the huge poo and would have loved to have watched you in action. Sometimes when I am out and about I have seen some really big turds lying on the ground or the grass in parks, up back alleyways, car parks etc. These are too big to be done by any dog except perhaps a Great Dane or Rottweiller, and I dont know of many dogs that use the piece of toilet paper I often see discarded nearby, so obviously many people are taken short and relieve themselves "al fresco". Im talking here about solid motions, puddles of diarrhea only disgust me. On that score I accessed some pictorial Toilet sites, not the extreme Scat types the Moderator doesnt like us to graphically mention here. These had toilet pans with unflushed contents but to my disgust ALL had loose stools or diarrhea in them. Not a single solid formed jobbie to be seen. Now these sites were American, so what is it with you Yanks? Dont you pass solid turds or hav! e many of you actually got a liking for the runs? If any who either administer or post images to such sites read this web page then please post some pictures of nice big solid motions.

Timid Tigress I am an avid Trekkie or Trekker to use the proper expression and love your "gaseous anomoly and venting plasma" How about launching a photon torpedo and of course the Captain's Log! I suppose some would say of this webpage and we who post here "its life Jim but not as we know it!"

Jarod! What a lucky man you are! So kind of you to help Chuck with a shit like that.


EDNA-sounds like quite an ordeal for you in the jail cell, but I must admit the story is quite good.

PORTLAND RESIDENT-nice story too.

David D
Hi accident fans. I have been reading the posts here for awhile and finally decided to post.
My interest in wetting started in second grade. A cute girl sitting in front of me needed to pee very badly. Unfortunately for her she was also shy. She raised her hand but just barely with her arm still resting on the desk. Mrs Harless did not see her. Soon she had her hand buried I think but definately could not sit still Suddenly she got very quiet and laid her head down on the desk hiding her face. She was leaking in her panties and skirt. I was unaware as to the extent of her loss of control until she sobbed aloud, "I'm using the potty in my panties"
Seconds later I definately discovered this to be true. Her pee started dripping out the back of her skirt , off the seat and down onto my legs which were under her seat.
Wow. I was hooked. I saw several other accidents in grade school and still love them today.
During my school years I did not see any oler women wet an! d was always watching.
I found pooping also to be a great turn on, Especially when it is dramatic.

One time in high school I was riding the Greyhound home from private school for the holidays.'
I was seated across from a woman and her little girl. The ride was as usual taking about four hours with stops for only long enough to board people in small towns.
The girl told her mommy she needed to potty. They went back to the tiny cubicle toilet the buses used to have but someone had been sick. It was disgusting.
They returned to teir seats without even attempting to enter.
"Mommy I need to pee pee bad"
Her mom soothed her then told her "I know honey. And I know your really proud of being a big girl. But there is no place to go. Lets play pretend ok?"
"Yes amy. Just pretend your on the potty and pee in your seat. It's ok this time"
The girl looked a bit scared at first then smiled.
"I using potty mommy, I'm a big girl"!
I was aroused too evn though she was just a little girl. Not sexually but at her being told to go like that.
I could not see her bottom and her tiny dress hid her accident.
About two hours later her mommy was sleeping when hte girl woke her up.
"mommy I gotta go potty agan"
"It's ok Amy your already wet just pee pee"
"But, I have to poo poo bad too"
I was definately interested
She sat squirming. I watched to see what her mom and this little three year old were going to do.
She held on a little while and her mommy ignored the situation. I know she did not really want to tell her daughter to mess herself.
Finally though Amy could not wait
"Mommy I gotta potty now. Poo Poo Mommy!"
Her mom looked over and gave her a hug. "You really can't hold it Amy?"
"No Mommy"
"OK Amy. You remeber how we pretended earlier? Well pretend again baby. But try to just pee pee ok?"
"I try mommy I gotta poo poo bad"
She sat there t! hen told said "I peeing mommy"
Oh Mommy I gonaa poo poo too. Mommy?"
"Ok her mommy sighed. Go ahead and pretend your sitting on the potty at home honey. Use the bathroom for mommy"
She did too.
"I pooping mommy"
I watched her sitting and getting red faced pushing plus I could here her dirtying her panties.
When then got up to leave I saw her bottom. Her short dress did not completely hide her bottom and her mommy raised her skirt to assess the damages. She had on panties and rumba tights with the frilly ruffles on the seat.
They were soaked as was her dress hem. And obviously very messed.

I did not get for for two more stops. I confess I went over and sat in her seat until I got home!

Anyone like these type stories? Post some more please
I am grown now and enjoy these stories as well as more adult accidents. Love to hear from all, David

Yesterday lunchtime I went to the ladies room for my usual poo. I went into the left hand stall, pulled up my skirt (I wasn't wearing panties, just stockings as it's been mild) and sat down. Instead of the usual, slow slide of a solid poo crackling out, I farted loudly and a softer-than-usual poo fell out of my bottom making a "kersplish" sound as opposed to the deep "kersplunk" sound I usually hear. I let several of these poos out which really smelled bad. Once I'd finished pooing, instead of feeling empty, I let out 2 extremely long, high-pitched farts...kind of "rrrrrrzzzzzzz!" which echoed in the ladies room. My entire pooing session took half the time than it usually does. Then I wiped and noticed more poo than usual on the paper. I looked in the toilet and saw 6 or 7 large balls of poo - larger than a golf ball but flatter. And they looked much softer than usual. When I flushed, several of the poos stayed in the toilet. Not sure why I had such a different kind off poo th! an usual, but I was letting out farts at my desk for the rest of the afternoon! One of those farts was actually a little poo and as I wasn't wearing panties, it went on the inside of my skirt. I wiped my bottom with the inside of my skirt while I sat at my desk and as I was so busy, I didn't go to the ladies room to clean up. In fact, I went home and didn't clean up until I got there. And I know for a fact I was stinking of poo in both the office and on the train home! At home I took off my skirt, turned it inside out and saw a large streak of soft, thick poo which had been spread around by my bottom while sitting and walking. No wonder I smelled so badly! I cleaned off the poo with toilet paper, put the skirt in a hamper, wiped my bottom and took a shower. Clean again!

pooping man (new poster)
today when i was riding my bike immeadtly rode to a hess station and went in the bathroom. I sat down made a couple of farts then the load was coming. I expected it to be hard but it was a soft sprial about 11inches long. But when i got home i needed to go again. I already was feeling some of it poke out so i grabbed a shovel and went behing my grage, digging a larg hole and squatted above it nothing but liquid poop came out. Pulled up my pants and put dirt over it. but my girlfriend came over and said she needed to use the bathroom so i got the shovel and dug another hole she pulled down her shorts and panties and started pooping and farting. It stunk. Wet poop and a few solids. Covered up the hole and we watched a movie. Nice Site.

As a regular reader of this site, I'd just like to say everyone's WAY too serious about all this. Take shit too seriously and your life becomes it. Just my thought for the day. LOL.

Chilly: I like that, "BLAT, BLAT, BLAT." I used to take my craps at work and high school when there was hardly any toilet paper. The city had no money. My father was a judge and had to bring his one toilet paper to work. He and his colleagues were not happy. His favorite colleague used to say, "Look at us. Judges and we have to bring our own asswipe to work."

Anne the bus driver: One Sunday in 1968, I was on a bus filled with Sunday School kids and Orthodox Jewish boys. The driver stopped the bus at a subway station, took his transfers and money and went in the subway and remained there for a half hour. My mother was fit to be tied. Apparently, he had to go. My father said the driver should not "punish himself."

Sandra and NJ: I live in New York.

Hi...I did something weird last night and something i never have done before....I went outside and turned off all the outside lights and i took a shit outside. It was my second shit i took yesterday. It was dark brown, soilid and not a lot of wiping to be done. I took some toilet paper with me, and a flash light so i could pick my shit up easily. I wiped a few times and used the used paper to pick my shit up and put it in this plastic bin, used for the shower and i lined it with more toilet paper and put my shit in there and flushed it down the toilet when i went back inside. I also peed while i was outside.

Today at school i went to go to pee during lunch,about 10 minutes before the bell was to ring, i walked up the steps from the caferteria and a not was posted on the boys bathroom...."Bathroom closed, due to damage." I was mad, cause i would have to wait to go during my next class, i couldn't go to another bathroom cause i would have needed a p! ass. I only had to pee, so i went during my next class. I didn't have to go too bad, luckly i didn't have to do a number 2. Also during this class, and it happened to be a science class and we got talking about tapeworm and like which animal eats what and bacteria, and soon as i knew it, the teacher was talking about waste and the intestine. She was talking about something called olestral(something like that), the teacher mentiond how it caused diahraha and stuff, she also said there is bacteria that pushes the waste along. and this boy in the class raised his hand when she mentioned diahreha he said,"Is that why when you eat that there are potato chips floting on the toilet?" I was surprised this came up in class today.


My first post.

Interesting forum, glad to see other people are open about there natural habits. Ive read a few posts and this forum seems to be pretty decent.
Im 22 and work 9 to 5. There is more to my story obviously but yall dont need to know all that.
Anywho, I hear my current girlfreind go to the toilet all the time(mornings mostly) and it is a turn on for me but not to the point where I evesdrop on her. Id feel rotten if I did that. In fact I feel rotten I even mentioned her at all :^).

My habbits are normal, but I can never poop alot at once. I usually go about 2-3 times a day but in small quantities, and usually only take about 5 minutes at the most. The toilet in my apartment gets flooded easy(my girlfreind has flooded a few times hehe) so I guess its a good thing I do small dumps.

If I have any intereting stories Ill post. I really cant recall anything from childhood cuz basically I cant remeber that far back too well.

If! my girlfreind floods the toilet again though Ill let yall know :^)

NE Ohio Dude
I haven't posted in a while because I haven't had anything to say. Well, a week ago, I had a case of the runs. It was strange because earlier in the day, I took a normal shit that had the typical smell that stunk up the bathroom. Then later in the day, I felt a rumble and gurgle in my intestines and felt it working down toward my ass hole. I went to the toilet and let out pure concentrated liquid shit. I never mind having the runs, but this time I did because afterwards, my ass was absolutely on FIRE! I made a couple more trips to the toilet and one time, a whole ton of extra concentrated liquid shit just gushed out at once. But man, did it burn my ass. It became very difficult and painful to wipe. Eventually, I was holding it in as much as could and only went when the urge was too great. I took some Immodium and it did the trick. I didn't take a shit for a couple days and I was farting often. But the one thing I could not understand was why my ass was on fire and burning so m! uch. I know it's the stomach acid (HCl) that happened to be part of the mix, thus it was burning and eating away at my ass hole. But how come when I have the runs at other times, my ass feels fine and doesn't burn? Also, when having such burning hot runny shit, does anyone have a good remedy to sooth burn afterwards? I would love to know because if it happens again, at least when I have to keep going to the toilet to let out more, it won't be so painful on my ass.

Great to hear about the bus driver from Anne but I wonder how many people have been forced to have an accident on the bus?

This was one of my worst accidents and happened about 10 years ago when I was around 30. I suffered from "morning rush" and loose bowels due to irritable bowel syndrome - I think. Though I have since discovered an allergy to aspartaime - the sweetner in low calories food and drinks.

If I have any of this chemeical I get foul wind, bloatedness and the runs. If I haven't had a poo for a while the need to go comes on very quickly and I just have to find a toilet or run the risk of an accident.There are varying degrees of damage - sometimes just a wet fart or a full blown mess in my underwear. It also makes me desparate to wee.

Anyway- back to the bus. I suddenly started to get the urge to go and knew it would be about 30 minutes before I reached my destination. Gradually the cramps got worse and I began to feel my hole opening.! I clenched my muscles as tight as I could and pushed my bum hard into the seat.

I thought of getting off the bus but I was in a residential area snd no toilets in sight.

Then worse cramps came and this time I felt a little soft very hot poo escape and go between my cheeks. I wanted to die because the bus was pretty full and I feared it would smell. Luckily I knew no one on the bus.

I managed to hold on about another five minutes and then more pressure came. This time it was violent and I felt feint. The next thing I knew I lost control and it ooozed out.I felt my white cotton underpants filling up.

I couldn't just sit there, so I shot up and hurried to the
platform of the bus and pressed the bell for it to stop.
As I stood there I realised my underpants hadn't helt it and it was literally running down the backs of my legs into my suit trousers.

I had a long and uncomfortable walk back home (at least 45 mins) but there was ! no way I was going to get back on a bus or get a taxi.

At home my undershirt (vests we call them in Britain)was dirty as were my underpants, part of my shirt, a large area of my trousers and even my socks!

I've had other accidents since but that was clearly the worst. Have others had mishaps on public transport?

Friday, February 25, 2000

Hello after a long time.

Benjamin, it sounds to me that you suffered from the "ambush motion" that Tony from Scotland and his friend George and others have mentioned and I have known other men have this type of accident while standing to pee at a urinal. Best advice if you feel you need a motion is always to sit on the pan. You said the stalls(cubicles) were full, again this proves the point that it would be better to scrap the urinals completly in mens' toilets and have more wc pans in stalls thus covering both excretory functions and avoiding follow through accidents to men. In my time driving buses and coaches I have had to use men's toilets from time to time in depots and bus garages and cant stand the pissy smell from most urinals.

Adrian (England) you seem to like women called Anne in a defecation context and I think you would like me. I am quite a well built woman and I do nice big rounded jobbies as you put it. Big fat well formed turds . As I often ! have to hold it in while driving a bus till I get to the end of the route, (45 minutes at most cross town) I will pass jobbies that are fat and knobbly with folds and lines where it has become compacted. I often fart when I need a jobbie and and agree with Tony that the smell of the fart preceeding a solid motion is different from others. For the passengers it is lucky that the driver is enclosed behind a plexiglass screen to protect against assault as this keeps smelly farts away from them and the noise of engine hides any sound. It does mean if I fart I am left to endure my own smell. I havent had any number two accidents in my knickers although I have had the odd dribble of wee into the gusset though not a full blown wetting thankfully. I have however "touched cloth" a few times when really holding a big fat jobbie back and have had the "turtles head" as the start of the turd has emerged and left a round brown mark in the seat of my panties. I always carry a spare pair o! f knickers in my bag, many women do and most of the other women drivers have this useful habit so change into these should I mark my knicks in this way. Once the fact that I had this spare pair of panties and as luck would have it my spare uniform trousers in my bag (I prefer to wear the uniform grey knee length skirt but the option of grey trousers is helpful in very cold weather)helped out a male driver who had a big accident in his pants. I have told this story in old posts but what happened is that he needed a motion when he got to the terminus on his route but the gents toilet was shut for painting or repair although the ladies were open. He should have used the ladies at that time in the morning nobody was around but he didnt and as it was an urgent and soft motion he lost it and filled his pants and it leaked out and soiled his trousers badly. I was surprised when my bus came to the stop after his as he should have been away and I thought his bus had broken down. There! were no passengers as sometimes happens at that stop early on Sundays we pick up through the town. I went to his bus and found out what had happened, diplomatically radioed in that he was "sick" and asked for a relief driver to be dropped out in the van to take over his service and took him into the ladies so he could clean up and gave him my spare trousers and panties to wear as he was of the same build as me. I would add that the panties were not frilly girly types but plain Sloggi maxi briefs of the type many British posters to this site wear and in effect unisex so his blushes were spared. The van driver dropped him back home as he took the hint and said he had an upset stomach. I certainly didnt mention his accident in his pants to anyone else, now he has left and moved to another area it doesnt matter to post about it here and of course I havent given enough details to identify him. He put his soiled trousers in a plastic bag to get cleaned but his ones white Y-fronts ! were such a mess that he dumped them.

Adrian and Tony, you would have loved to have been flies on the wall in the ladies at the bus depot yesterday. I came off at lunchtime and felt a big jobbie come down so went to the ladies. As I went into one cubicle, Cathy, another "big girl" driver went into the adjoining one and we both started to do our motions. After we peed I heard Cathy grunt "UH! NNN! AH! the crackling sound then KUR-SPLOOSH!" then I dropped my bomb with a concerted "NNNN! OH! AH!" and a loud "KER-SPUL-LOOMP!" . I looked at my big fat knobbly jobbie 9 inches long but very fat, then felt another one coming down and passed another fat lump of about 7 inches with a "KUR-SPLOONK!" Satisfied I wiped my bum and pulled up my panties (black ones) and adjusted my skirt. Now Cathy and I have a sort of understanding about such things and neither of us pulled the flush so we could then have a look at each other's jobbies. She had passed a single fat 10 inch long slig! htly curved jobbie, a bit easier and smoother than my slightly constipated turds. Hope this interests you Adrian and Tony.

James>> Your question about your younger brother and his bed-wetting problem is quite common. I had a problem with bed-wetting until I reached my mid 30's, believe it or not. In some cases, the problem does seem to run in families, with boys having a harder time acheiving dry nights than the girls. That was the case in my family and with a lot of my cousins. Sometimes it is because the bladder has not grown as fast as the rest of the body, and if that is the case, only time will correct the problem. The idea of witholding liquids will not work either, as I was not allowed any liquids after dinner at night and I STILL wet the bed. Also, punishing him for wetting will not work either. My step-mom would check my bed every morning, and if I had wet it, I would get a spanking for it, even into my teen years. She also made me wash the bedding out by hand in a big laundry tub. And, heaven forbid if I didn't get it wrung out by hand so that it didn't drip on the baseme! nt floor, if it had while I was at school, when I got home, I'd get yet another spanking for letting it drip.

Anyway, as I said, there is not much that can be done for bedwetting. The best thing to do is just keep doing what you are doing, but don't get angry with your little brother over it. Eventually he will start having dry nights.

Welcome, Jane. Nice story about you and your brother wearing diapers. Feel free to share any more stories you may have.

Just to point out it was a different Jane that posted the other night. I don't have a brother nor have I ever lived in Connecticut, nor have I worn a diaper ever since I was potty trained.

Timid Tigress: By reading this forum on a regular basis and looking back at the archives, you will see some distinct personalities emerging. Many of us prefer to remain relatively anonymous, but you can pick up some things about those who post on a regular basis. You are more than welcome to continue to share your stories with us.

No story to post at this time. Thanks NJ for enjoying my stories.

PV - To answer your questions: yes I've pooed at the beach a few times, although I haven't been there in years. I would find a secluded space and squat down behind a rock. I also liked to poo in the sea - I'd go in, pull down my bikini bottom and let go. Sometimes you could see my poos come up and float on the sea! No, I don't pee standing up. I figure it would just run down my leg. As for reactions to my public pooing? Most people pretend not to notice, out of embarrassment, I presume. I've heard comments like "disgusting" or "oh my God, I can't believe it." I've also noticed some people (usually men) who loiter and pretend to do something like look around as if they're lost when really they either like to watch me pooing or they're trying to catch a glimpse of my private parts. The only really weird time was when I was pooing in an alley about 5 years ago and a young man of about 17 came over and asked me what the time was! I mean I'm squatting there with my skirt around my ! waist with a massive poo coming from my bottom and he's talking to me as if we were on a street corner. It was as if he didn't realize that I was in the middle of a huge poo! And yes I told him the time! It seemed he wouldn't go away as he then asked me directions to somewhere. So I told him. Finally he thanked me and walked away so I could wipe in private!

Tony. Of course you're entitled to whatever beliefs you like, and to practice them publicly or not as case may be. There was nothing in my original posting to suggest that it should be otherwise thus. It is, after all, a free country. I an sure that I am not alone in saying that use of block capitals in these postings or, indeed other e-mails, is not appropriate and would rather you didn't do it.

That said, thank you very much for the interesting information about sanitary arrangements in RC churches both in this country and abroad. There seems to be a fairly consistent policy of having facilities of a sort, however basic.

So far as the girl called Anne was concerned, I've no specific recollection of either seeing her motions or hearing her describe them, although she may have done. If she did and I was present, I think I would almost certainly have remembered. Equally I don't remember any other girls giving detailed descriptions. Shortly after the sc! hool trip, Anne and I ended up going to different schools, due to closure of the one we were at. I saw her a couple of years later in the street and we chatted briefly. From what I remember, I invited her to join me for a coffee or a meal but, unfortunately, she was too busy. Maybe she's got teenagers of her own now!

David N.
I posted here before under "David", but I see someone else just posted
with that name, so I'll add my middle initial.

Does anybody know if oranges are a known diuretic? Every time I eat
oranges, and I do it a lot because they grow on trees at my house! ;-), I
suddenly have an urge to pee... I suppose it could just be because they're
juicy, but I think it's probably more than that, because I don't get sudden
urges like that when I drink water...


I'm the second wife my husband, John, referred to on here a few days ago, telling about how easygoing I am and what confortable BM's I have. I did not know about this website or that he was frequenting it, but I do now because he showed me what he'd said. At first I was dispapointed and appalled as I consider this very personal and private. However, last night when he was gone I went back here and read some of the things people say and do, and after realizing anonymity shields us somewhat, had to admit it gives me a bit of a buzz. So here is a surprise submission for everyone including my husband who will learn of it when-- and if-- he visits the site. Three years ago I bought an automobile for $800 off a street corner dealer. I was driving it down the street some time afterward and was pulled over for an illegal left turn. The officer was nice at first but after cheking my registration he said there was a problem. Hwe searched the car and I waited while a canine unit a! rrrived and their dog found signs of drug usage under the passengers seat. I do not use drugs and was surprised and indignant when I was arrested. I was released several hours later when it was proven that the auto had recently belonged to someone else. The department of licencing somehow had not properly processed the sale and according to their records it still belonged to the "drug" person. However, my humiliating stay in jail is what I wish to tell about. There was a male jailer/guard and the cell I was in, with another woman, afforded no privacy. MY innards were quite upset and I soon had to take a dump. The guard was in plain view so I asked the other woman to stand in front of me so I would have some privacy, which she did. The guard noticed this and ordered her to step aside while I was on the toilet defecating, so she did. The miserable scumbag then watched me the entire time, and it was a very diffucult poop because though I had to go quite badly, my rear e! nd refused to relax. Finally I passed a large heap and flushed. The woman with me commented, "whew, honey, you really had to go" and said the guard watched her all the time too. A little later she sat down to have a poop and the pervert started ogling her so she stood up, turned around, and emptied out into the steel toilet with her backside in full view of him. This surprised me to say the least. Later she said to me, if she was going to be watched during a private moment, at least he was not going to see her face. A very strange and embarassing episode for me, all around, let me say.

Hi everyone! I'm still here, just nothing interesting to post lately.

James (from Alabama): I wet the bed off and on until I was about 15. Apparently, it was a hereditary condition because my mother and grandfather had the same problem. My parents tried everything to help me quit wetting the bed - medicine, forced trips to the bathroom in the middle of the night, therapy, and even monetary rewards for having a dry night. Nothing worked until they got this device that sounded a very loud alarm the second I started to wet the bed. From what I recall, the alarm was attached to a piece of plastic hidden under the sheets. The second the plastic got wet, a loud ringing bell would wake me up. Believe me, it was a rude awaking, but it stopped my bed wetting once and for all. Since your little brother shares a room with you, you may not be too thrilled about it. But maybe after enduring this for a few nights, your little brother will be "trained" to wake up when he ne! eds to pee. Good luck!

TO JAMES: On your brother's bedwetting problem, I had an idea about 6 months ago on how to prevent it, but never had nay one to use it on. MY theory is that if every time your brother has to go to the bathroom when he's awake he should pinch himself, since often people wet the bed when dreaming of going to the bathroom, tkaing a shower etc. I think if he did it enough then eventually he would pinch himself in his sleep and wake up. It's just an idea though. PLease tell me if it works

Okay, First time Poster-

I work in an office where about 100 other people work - and being the cheap guy I am, I like to take my dumps at work so I don't have to waste my toilet paper at home. Anyway, while sitting on the pot occasionally there are other guys that come in and dump while I'm in the next stall (I usually take so long sitting there daydreaming that they come and go while I'm still just sitting there).

With that said, I have two Stories:

THE GROANER - One day in the middle of a nice long dump, I hear this older guy (well, I assume he was older) takes the stall next to mine and I hear the usual paper seat protector go down and all that. Well, I hear him honker down on the pot and then silence. Now I'm only like 3 feet away from this guy (on the other side of the metal thing)and I KNOW I'm about to hear something, and finally after a good minute of complete silence, I hear this HUUUNNNNGH! and then more silence. Now I'm sitting on the edge! of my seat like 'what happened to the plop?' but still about a minute more of silence. Then another HUUUUNGH!! and then a flush, and he gets up and leaves. That perplexed me for hours after that.

BLASTER - About a month later, I'm sitting in my usual spot in the bathroom (I used to play musical toilets, but now I've settled on one in particular) - and this time this other guy takes the stall next door. There's the paper rustle, the hunker down, and then, with no warning: BLAT BLAT BLAT - (repeat 10 more times and add the sound of someone dumping a pitcher of kool-aid into a bathtub) - It sounded like the worst case of diarrhea I've ever heard!!! I find that kind of stuff extremely humorous and could not help but to go "BWAHA..." and then I had to start coughing to conceal the fact that I just cracked up laughing (out loud!) at the sound this dude made. Unbelievable. It just HAD to hurt coming out.



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