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Last year my wife (35) and her sister (33) and I attended an event downtown about womens issues. It was very boring for me and there werent very many men in attendance. After it was over we all headed for the facilities before leaving. I had no problem with the mens' but the womens roon had a line a mile long. My wife said she could wait till she got home. Her sister, who is really a babe, or maybe a fox would be a better term, said she had to go bad and could not wait. I suggested she go behind some cars in the parking garage but she wouldnt do that. She asked me if I would stand guard while she used the mens. I told her yes, but it would be useless because there are no doors on the stalls and I could not guarantee privacy. Then my wife said, well, go in with her and block the stall doorway. This was very embarassing for me and I thought it would be same for her sister. But no, she said, 'yes, please, I cant wait much longer.' So in we go, only one guy in there at the urinal, he looked surprised as we passed and she went into stall. He left hurriedly and she squatted with me standing with my back to her in stall. She said, "nobodys in here, you can turn around until someone comes in if you want. Well I thought she only had to pee, which may have been the case as it sounded like a river, but then when she was done she sat some more. She made small talk and then grimaced, and I heard poop start splasing in the bowl. I locked on her eyes and tried to be non chalant but I found this a tremendous turn on. And I am sure she could tell. She wiped and stood up and I looked down and could see a huge pile of big turds. She said "God, I feel so much better to get rid of that. All I could think of to say was, "how did a huge pile like that come out of a little behind like yours?. She laughed. She washed her hands and we walked out, and before we got to the door she said 'that was fun, Thanks, I owe you one. My wife acts like I did her sis such a wonderful favor, but I dont know if she knows it was for a #2 or not, She should because we were in there at least 5 mins, but never said nothing. If only she knew, what an unexpected turn on and the pleasure was all mine. About a week later I tried to come in the bathroom on a pretext of needing dental floss and brushing teeth when I knew wife was in there for a poop, -- and she held her poop until I couldnt feign any need to stay there any longer. She will pee with me in there, but never poop. On camping trips she takes shovel into woods and insists I stay behind while she poops. So the two sisters are different to say the least, maybe I married the wrong one. I still dont know what she meant by owing me one and am afraid to ask.

I have an story which might be interesting, but first I'll give some history.

My brother was potty trained at the age of two. Every year we drove up to my aunts house in Conneticut. Two years ago my brother turned four, and that was also the first year my brother had been allowed to go without a diaper on the trip. We're driving along the highway, and my brother says he has to pee. We stopped at a restaurant, but he said that it had gone away. Mom asked if he was sure, and he said yes. We had been on the highway for ten minutes, when he said again he said he had to go pee. Same thing, except this time dad went to the men's room with him to make sure. No luck. Anyway, we got back on the highway, and it happened again! While we were driving to the next restaurant, mom's getting real frustrated, and says that the next stop is the last stop until lunch. Then my brother said he didn't have to go pee now, and wouldn't have to go again till lunch. Mom said that that was good! , but how did he know. Then he says in his proud bigboy voice "Because I peed my pants!"

Mom&Dad changed his clothes (there was an extra pair on on the back seat, just in case) and got back in the car. In the afternoon, we had a pit stop. On the way to the restrooms, my brother saw a gumball machine. He asked if he could have gum. No. He wouldn't go potty till he had gum. No. He's pee himself if he didn't have gum. No. So he peed himself. Mom and dad were pretty upset. When they got back in the car, they put him back in diapers. We had been goimg to surprise our aunt with brother out of diapers, so she didn't know my parents had changed their mind.

The next year my parents tried again, without bringing along extra diapers. Mistake. My brother pooped in his pants once, and there were a couple of near misses. Although my aunt was very proud.

The year after, when my brother heard about us going to our aunts, he wet his bed twice and pooped his pants! while talking to her on the phone. So my parents decided to put him in diapers again for the trip. Anyway, we had lunch at Burger King, I was 13. I had to pee, but the washrooms were sort of dirty, so I decided to wait. We were getting closer to a cleaner place, when I realised I wouldn't be able to hold it much longer. Mom sped up, but occassionally small dribbles came out. We got there, I got out, and started walking fast. Another dribble came out. I looked at my jeans to see if it was visible, and that was when it all came out. I just stood there for 30 sec., peeing my pants. My parents were really emberassed. They had me get back in the car. Since there was no easily accesable change of clothes for me, they gave me a diaper so I wouldn't have to get out of the car until we got to my aunt's house. I actually pooped in it too. My aunt was curious as to why both her 6 year old nefew and 13 year old niece needed there diapers changed.


SANDRA-so you're in New Jersey? We're pretty close-I'm in Connecticut (at least close enough for me to continue wishing and fantasising about pooping together with you-like Mr. Pee Pee).

Take care,


Hi everyone...Im back...i was offline for a few days. the only thing that is intrested is that i haven't had to shit in 5 days...i last went on Saturday and It's almost Thursday.

To David: Odd story about going to the bathroom in does it feel?

Steve M.
Timid Tigress: Airplane is one of the greatest places to use a toilet. Privacy, lots of TP, and not your average place to drop a big load!

Hi all,

I've been reading back through the last few months worth of pages and I'd like to comment on one or two:

SANDRA: Your experience at the railway shelter was nothing short of amazing, what an incredible time it must have been for you to have encountered a lady who was understanding of your plight and kind enough to help, even to suggest that you should just poo right there. To have her present, and to come give you tissues while you were still in the squat, must have been a mind-blower! You're both incredibly daring and very lucky -- and you have amazing fun too!

There was some discussion of the toilet antics of first-timers in a sorority house, I'm sorry I didn't note the poster. I would like to respond by saying that this kind of behaviour constitutes nothig short of sexual abuse, and I'm not sure which is worse, the babarians who do the abusing or the victims who bust their butts to get into a sorority in the first place. I know it's hardly ! my place to criticize the social institutions of another country, but sometimes they need to be at least highlighted. The degredation new girls are subjected to is nothing short of disgusting, and what's even more troubling is that society's leaders seem to be chosen from amongst the fratarnity/sorority system, this perpetuating it and the unacceptable practices it embodies. I am pleased to say that, wierd as Australia is becoming, we don't have any equivalent formalized system, thus college is not automatically "in the shodaw" of this kind of thing. Just my two cents worth, and I'm not trying to be argumentative as soon as I've managed to get back to the site -- but that description really shocked me, not so much for what it was, but that it could be allowed to happen. This is the year 2000, when are such acts of cruelty going to be curtailed?

But, that said, it's good to be reading some great poo stories again!


Timid Tigress,I felt kind of bad for you, though everyone has an accident, i cant remember me having one but dont feel bad, ill talk to you later.

Timid Tigress
Hello again, all. Sorry about the double post of the same message a couple days ago. Actually, I'm not sure how it happened.
Anyway, I don't have much interesting to post about today, except that I just read a hilarious file on "the art of farting." It's great for a laugh, and after reading it, you find yourself really paying more attention to the gaseious expulsions of others. On the subject of gaseous expulsions, of course most everyone calls them farts, but what are some other names people have called them? I've got a lot of friends who are into Star Trek, so we come up with some Trek-related words for farts. So if someone farts, one of us will say, "I have just detected a gaseious anomaly." or "Captain, we're venting drive plasma!" If anyone has seen Star Trek, and I'm sure most people have, they've heard these phrases or some similar. I'd be interested to find out some of the other humorous names or phrases people have come up with. Thanks. Now, I'm off to! do some programming assignments.

Tried to post this once before so I had to read it and do the guessing about what to edit. Hope it makes it this time. I call this "Chuck Goes Wild.
On Friday after work, Chuck and I went out for a few beers; it had been a long day. Chuck started a new protein drink several days before and it, combined with beer, had a wild effect on Chuck’s digestive system. Before we left the bar we were having drinks at, we both went to take a piss before we left. The bathroom was small and had two urinals close together and one stall. Someone was at one of the urinals and Chuck walked quickly up to the other one, planted his feet wide apart, unzipped, whipped it out real fast and started a power-piss. I took the stall to piss. I always expect a fart from Chuck when he’s pissing that hard, however this one was obviously the work of his new protein drink. It blasted with incredible volume and it kept going, just like that, for 27 seconds (ands that’s just how much I could time w! hen I realized it was going to be major). The guy next to Chuck was very embarrassed and his piss trickled off to a tinkle and of course when Chuck looked up at the ceiling and hooted loudly, the guy quickly zipped up and avoided eye contact with Chuck (even though Chuck was laughing and trying to catch the guy’s eye). He left quickly. Chuck and I both had cars but he was too drunk to drive so I drove mine. He didn’t want to go home to his wife so drunk so he came over for some coffee. After two cups of coffee, Chuck stood up, stretched, bent over and exploded with another tremendous fart and busted out laughing in a high pitch chuckle. “I’m gonna take a monster dump dude and let me tell you, only a rip roaring bowel explosion is going to pry loose the turd pile I got stuck in me.” Chuck laughed and headed into my bathroom. He took his pants off and straddled my toilet with his ass facing me, arms resting on top of the toilet tank. Immediately he farted long and loud! (and I MEAN LOUD) and a long fat one crackled, poped and eventually burst out of his hole followed by two more shorter fatties that made heavy plops. Chuck matched each plop with a guttural grunt. Then he started to fart, one after another, farting and farting for over a minute. Then a whole bunch of small turd balls started being expelled from his hole. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine turds hitting the water with a fart cacophony accompanying it. Chuck is groaning, grunting, and hooting away, adding to the deafening noise. He flushed because he said the bowl was packed with turds and he’s got a lot more. “I’m cleaning house tonight, man,” he says and he wipes his forehead with the back of his forearm. He starts grunting again and he has another wave of fart propelled turd explosions and I frankly lost count at 11. He flushed again and immediately started farting and dropping turds. The smell was completely overwhelming and Chuck was really into! it, his face serious and intense. “My hole is on fire, dude,” he says and puts his head in his hand. He starts to grunt periodically again, “Nuh… Nuh… Nuh… Nuh. He says with strain in his voice “I got the real big one stuck up there dude. Why don’t you pull my cheeks apart so I can shove it on out." I gladly oblige by standing to the side of the toilet, leaning over his back and placing each hand on the center of each of his big smooth cheeks, pulling them apart. Chuck started grunting and grunting and sure enough a super-fat log started to crackle out loudly. Chuck was straining continuously and when it finally got released from his hole and splashed loudly, Chuck yelled, “OH GOOD LORD!” He had me release his cheeks and wipe him thoroughly.

Hi....Today Is Thursday, prior to today i hadn't had to shit since Saturday. I finally shit this afternoon. It was like 5 day since i last went. It felt good to get rid of all that and it even hurt coming out. I pushed out many balls and a few small logs that were about 5 inches. My shit was dark brown this time and it was solid and pretty hard. I don't know why i had been blocked up like that, but im glad to have finally shitted.

The other night i had a dream that i was in this bathroom and i had to shit, i was inspecting the bathroom(seeing what its like etc.) There were some open toilets with out stalls on them, there were stalls with doors on them and maybe some showers, then i walked out this door and i was in the ladies room. Then i came back to shit and i picked the doorless open toilet to shit into, then someone else around my age came into the bathroom to shit, too and they sat next to me on the open stall. Do any guys have dreams about bathrooms ! etc.? I mean are your dreams weird cause there are open toilets next to each other and stuff??


Thursday, February 24, 2000

Hi my name is David I'me 14 and I have a younger brother, who wears pull-ups. It was a sunday, last year, and I was halfway done a book report due monday. I knew that I would never get it done if I kept making trips to the bathroom, so I put on a pull-up and worked on the report without interuption. It was great. So now on weekends I sometimes sit outside reading a book and wearing a diaper. My brother turned 4 and is still in pull-ups. Why? He does #1 fine in the toilet, but for #2, he runs under the table and does it there. He was wearing pants for awhile (so I couldn't use the pull-ups either) but he kept pooping in them.

Hi I'me a new commer, and I'me 14.

My last accident was a mounth ago. Me and my dad and my sister went hiking in Masassauga park. Now there were these snakes called the masassauga rattler who were really venemous. My little sister was really scared of them, but I wasn't. My dad kept on making up stories about people who had got bitten, but it still didn't bug me. We were hiking on this loop, and I were about halfway around when I realised I had to go pee. It wasn't realy urgent or anything, and I didn't want to pee in the bush, so I decided to hold it. Anyway, in a little bit, it got worse. I told my dad I had to go pee. He said we were about 3 quarters of the way there, so I decided to wait. We got insight of the trail's end, where there were toilets, when I knew that if I didn't go in the bush, I was going to pee my pants. So I walked out into the bushes, when I saw this snake hissing at me. I lost complete control of my bladder and all out peed my pants. To my fami! ly, it looked like I had run out into the bushes and hadn't made it. I explained about the snake, which had only been a garter snake. My dad thought it was his fault, because of the stories, but my sister didn't believe me and told my mom when we got home.

I'm new here and have a few stories to tell about my friend. First. We were playing Goldeneye on the N64. My friend is known for farting, and right then he let a big one go. We kept playing, and then he said, "Um, I just went poo in my pants". Then he showed his underwear, it was covered in crap and he said "This is just the outside". So he put it in a bag, changed undies, and told his mom when he got home.
Second. He was with me and this other guy at this other guy's house. It was night, and we were talking. He said "Guys, I gotta go to the bathroom. Will one of you go with me to the bathroom." Both of us said no. In about 15 minutes he said "Guys, I really need to pee." When we both said no again, he said that he was scared to go alone, and could he have something to pee in. The other guy said "No. Go pee your pants." So he did.

When I first went to his house, I didn't feel comfortable enough to stay the night, but I didn't feel like backing out either. He knew ! this, so he told me to come ustairs to the bathroom. He sat on the toilet, fully clothed, until I heard a plop, and smelt that he had had a jobie. Then he ran downstairs, saying, "MOM! I had an accident!" Once when we were playing outside, I didn't want to go inside to pee. So I peed my pants a little. I was a little emberrassed, until he said "Watch this" and then a really big wet spot appeared on his shorts. Finally, once in school, there was a history test he hadn't studied for. He told his teacher he was sick. She told him to sit back down. Five minutes later, he told her he was feeling worse. She told him to sit back down. So then his jeans start bulging, and it was obvious to everyone he had had a jobbie in his pants. So the teacher let him go home, and he got to redo the test.

Ryan S.
The post about my friend Alex and my friend Bryan was from me. Just letting you know. Get ready for some great stories coming up


Public Toilet Hater,

I have one more suggestion for you as far as (possibly) getting your poop down the toilet without clogging it. I know I told you that you should flush in between the waves, but to be more detailed, I think that you should flush the toilet AS the waves are coming out. I just think that if the water is already swirling around, taking poops down the drain, then you should be able to let out a little more while the swirl action is going on...and not clog it! Just my theory. Please try it to see if it works and then let me know!

Here is one of my stories:

Me and two friends were playing truth or dare, late at night. We had done all the usual stuff, and were running out of ideas. It was one of my friends turns to dare the other. She had been trying to think of somehting, when my other friend said "Hurry up, I've gotta pee". So then my friend "Fine. I dare you to pee your panties." Neither me nor the darer took this seriously; it was the kind of dare no one accepts. But the other girl didn't say anything, and when we looked down, there was this big wet spot on her skirt. Then it was her turn to dare me. She dared me to poop in my panties. Now I didn't really have to poop, I didn't want to in my panties, but after her display, it was kind of hard to turn down the dare. So I sat on the toilet wearing my panties until a long log came out. Our other friend was laughing like this was the funniest thing in the world, but then it was my turn to dare her. I dared her to drink five full glasses of water! , then not go to the toilet until 8 the next morning. This girl lay down in bed for about half an hour, holding it in. But then she fell asleep. When she woke up, she discovered the she had had the mother of all bedwettings. I had cleaned myself up, and my first friend's skirt had dried. But we were staying at our first friends house, and when her mother came in, she found the wet bed. She then, of course, phoned my second friends mom. We picked up another reciever, and the conversation went something like this.
-Misses ---, this is misses --- phoning. It seems like you daughter has had an accident.
-Oh? Did she hurt herself?
-No, not exactly. You see, last night she might of drank a little too much water, and-
-Oh my god! My 13 year old daughter wet her bed?
-Just a little.
-I'll come pick her up right away.
Our second friend said that her mom had been very mad, but hadn't punished her. Except by making her wear extra thick panties at sleepovers.

Has anybody had an accident at those service stations by the highway? Ok well usually I pee at the same time as I'me taking a poop, but not vice versa. Well I was on the highway with my parents, and I had been holding in #1 and #2 for a while, but it wasn't an emergency. Then we got to this service station, and I go to the bathroom. I look around, but all the stalls are full, but not all of the urinals. So I decided I'd take care of peeing first. There I am peeing and feeling really relaxed. I must have been too relaxed, because next thing I know, my underwear a little heavier. By this time there was an empty stall, but I couldn't leave the urinal because I was still peeing, so I just kept pooping my pants. I was so emberasses! Fortunately, it was all dry logs, so I could clean up without my parents noticing.

Hi all,
My first post here since the end of last year -- the Aus morals police were going to do all kinds of nasty things to the Internet, but so far nothing has occured. Still, it was best to tread lightly.

There are some new posters here, and I'm looking forward to reviewing all the back-pages. For now I'd like to say hi to Sandra -- as many have done!

What an amazing, uninhibited, fun-loving lady you are! Your pooing is your hobby and your artform, and it's a pleasure you obviously excel at! You hurt no one, you take care to be neat, and I don't think anyone can wish for more than that.

You're inspirational too! What a hobby to get into... It takes no more than a desire and a creative streak, plus something nice to eat the previous day, or a good healthy breakfast! I passed my first ten-incher in months today, an easy sliding away, and I would love to have seen it elsewhere but in the usual porcelein receptacle!

Do you poo at the beac! h, too, dear? I have been nursing an interest in emptying out by the sea, as I know many have done. I'd love to hear any experiences you have, especially with regard to how others react to your motions. Ie. have you ever been in trouble for having a poo in public?

I look forward eagerly to reading more of your adventures, and you inspire me to "broaden my horizons" in future.

My own "barrow to push," as regulars will recall, is the new and emerging art of the female standing pee -- the so-called "Denise method" of being able to have a wee more like a man. May I ask if you do this, too, dear? Your comments about pooing standing made me think right away that this would be something you would enjoy greately, especially as it seems you already dress optimally for the experience.

All my best,



Thanks again, SANDRA! I've pooped standing up a few times in my life, usually over the toilet, and once outside in my yard. It was a sunny day and I was out sunbathing in the nude after lunch when it was time to go. I was too lazy to walk back inside, so I just went over in the shade under some trees and standing, pushed out several big solid logs.
I didn't bother wiping since I was going to go into the shower within a few minutes anyway. It was a great feeling!
I don't know about you, but I really feel satisfied and relieved after taking a crap standing up-as long as it's a solid dump (I feel more emptied out than usual afterwards). I did it once over the toilet standing up and it was wet and messy, and went down my legs and all over the toilet seat as well-too much cleaning up to do after that, so I save pooping standing for when I'm pretty sure it's going to be a big solid dump. As to squating over a toilet, I was just curious, that's all. Once I was in a! cafe back in my hometown that had a unisex restroom with two stalls. I came in, and saw that one of the doors was closed but there were no feet on the floor-just a shoulder bag lying there. I went into the next stall and sat down. I heard noises (non pooping) and saw a shadow of someone wiping there backside carefully several times. Unfortuantely I seemed to have missed the actual event. I waited for the person to finish, and we walked out together. My heart started beating fast when I saw that it was a gorgeous young (I think East Indian background) woman who walked out, washed her hands and left. I looked at the toilet she used after that, and saw some very fresh wet poop on the rim-obviously she missed her aim a little . Wish I could have heard the whole thing. I've never pooped my pants while talking to someone face to face-only on the phone when I was in a deep conversation with a friend but coudn't hold it anymore.

Just a question to anyone out there: ! I've read somewhere that by squatting you can take a better dump and release more poo and feel more emptied than when just sitting. I guess it must be the pressure or something. I've expiramented a little, but didn't seem to notice any real difference. Maybe it's a bunch of bs, but would be interested what other people think.
Also, do any women ever squat over a toilet for a dump in a public restroom? Just curious.

JANE-great story, as usual! I believe that you felt a couple of pounds lighter-sounds like you took quite a dump!

TIMID TIGRESS: Nice stories too! Regarding your question of airplane toilets: they are small + often you have to spend a long time waiting in line. Make sure and check that there is tp before you go. Once I was on a long flight from Europe to the West Coast and had to go #2 and then realized that they were out of tp-luckily I had some old tissues in my pocket. When you flush, don't freak out. Usually the toilets are th! ose air flushing suck it all down in a milisecond kinds and make a very loud noise. Just be prepared for it and don't think that the plane just hit something. However, on a recent flight I saw that it was a normal flushing toilet-with blue chemicals in the water.
So I'm not sure which kind you'll get. Also make sure to really shut and lock the door-it's usually the folding kind of door that you have to push in one direction or the other to get in/lock/and get out. Hope this info helps a little.
Have a good spring break trip to Calif. (I grew up near
San Jose-though I'm currently in grad school plus working in the Northeast-and I'm looking forward to going back home for break).

Hi ya'll! I'm a 15 y.o. high school sophomore from Alabama. I've got an 18 y.o. sister, Anne, and a 6 y.o. brother, John. I've never really been interested in toliet matters all that much until I found this site. I'm straight, but I enjoy listening to guys on the toliet the most, with women peeing second (women pooping really turns me off though).

My brother John has a slight problem. Sometimes (once a month or so) he wets the bed. We share a room and I always help him wash his sheets and clean up when he does it. He's a really deep sleeper like me. We're always sleeping through tornados, alarm clocks, and the occasional earthquake (just had one a couple of weeks ago. That's never happened here in my life. And naturally I slept through it:(.

Anyway, I wondered if any of you might have any suggestions for how he might quit wetting the bed. If he spends the night at a friend's house he only drinks the bare minimum to ensure that he won't have an accident. I som! etimes did it myself until I was about 8.

I don't know if it's just us, but we're really close to each other. We don't have any problem being naked in front of each other or using the bathroom together. It's just natural. In fact, when John has an accident, he'd rather have me help him clean it up rather than Mom or Dad. We're lucky because we have our own private bathroom. Anne uses the 3/4 bath and of course Mom and Dad have their own Master Bathroom.

I'm about 5'11, 155 lbs. I sometimes have problems with constipation, but those are fairly rare, as is having the runs (which is something to be thankful for). The longest I've ever gone without taking a dump was about 5 days. As for the whole male/female thing (huh? you're saying), I know what it's like. Band is very important to me and this year I switched over to the clarinet (I had been playing the tenor sax). 20 girls and 1 guy in a section can sometimes cause friction. But that's no matter since there're! plenty of cute girls in there and the love of my life's also a clarinetist.

That's all for now. I hope I haven't bored you. Please post any tips about bedwetting that you might know.

J Jr. Theresa and I eat fairly normal foods and quite a lot of it. We ignore food faddists (or food fascists as I call them), eat what and as much as we like and DONT eat what we dislike even if we are told "its good for you". We are not into organic foods, why pay more for veg with dirt still on them and wrinkled spotty skins. We are both a bit overweight according to the tables but couldn't care less. I feel that people were far happier and healthier before all these so called experts starting telling us what we should eat and drink so we totally ignore them. Theresa is your typical little ???? woman, as I say nice and cuddly she takes UK size 16 in a dress, (UK size 20 in panties). Anyway, we seldom get ???? upsets and are generally in good health. My mum always said that the bowels gave a good indication of the order of the body and passing good big solid formed stools with only a little straining was a sign of a healthy body. Theresa and I agree to that. We dont need a! plumber as we have quite a large old style toilet pan and the flush will usually remove even a big pan buster after 3 or 4 flushes. Sometimes after a big "combined op" as it where I will have to throw down a bucket of water or two to shift it and have once or twice had to put my rubber gloved hand down and push the big log over the bend while pulling the flush. On the advice of George who has done this at his home , I had the old 4 inch salt glazed pipes replaced with 6 inch plastic so we havent yet had any blockages. We also use moist wipes instead of ordinary toilet paper as this is far more effective and takes far fewer sheets than ordinary toilet paper, so less chance of blokages.

Adrian, I would first say that I am NOT at all religious these days, believing in God but rejecting all religions as man made and usually repressive, but respect those who are religious AS LONG AS THEY DO NOT FORCE THEIR BELIEFS AND MORALISING ON ME! That said, all the RC Churches I h! ave attended as a kid until I gave it up in my teens had toilets in the porch, (sometimes called the narthex or Galillee or vestibule). In the larger churches there were separate male and female toilets but in one of the older churches there was one toilet for both genders. On a couple of occasions I followed a woman or girl into the toilet and saw their jobbie in the pan. I can understand the old woman being too embarrased to ask the vicar to open the toilet, this is part of the effects of many religions holding the human body and its functions to be somehow sinful, (strange that they also say that we are made in the image of the Creator). She shouldnt have been of course as priests, vicars, ministers etc also urinate and defecate. I dont recall Vatican II having anything to say about toilet provision in RC Churches amongst the many matters it considered and changed in that religion and its ceremonies etc. In some continental countries especially France and Italy it is not un! common in small towns and villages to see men peeing against the church wall and in one French town I visited the public toilet of the pissoir and hole in the ground for number two type was built onto the church wall. Gabriel Chevalier wrote the very funny novel Clochemerle about a small town in France before the second world war where the local authority builds a gents pissoir (urinal) near the church and the town splits between the non religious faction who back the toilet and the religious types who oppose it led by a Mary Whitehouse prudish woman called Justine Putet. If you or others havent read it I recommend it to you! I often feel my best mate George although a Protestant would have aligned himself with the religious faction given his hatred of urinals.

Your guess about Anne doing big rounded jobbies may well have been correct,and I know what you mean by the type of fart that comes when a good solid motion is needed being different to the casual fart done at ! other times. I could always tell if my mum needed a motion or was just breaking wind by the smell being stronger and more akin to the odor of the big solid motion behind it. The casual fart had a less pleasent sharp pong to it. Did you ever see Anne's jobbies or perhaps hear one of the other girls, or Anne herself describing her motions? I often heard other kids talking about their's or their mates' or those found unflushed in the toilet pans in the school toilets. Girls being every bit as graphic about this as boys. Did you find this in your school days Adrian? By the way Theresa often does these big rounded jobbies you describe, fat logs of about 8 or 9 inches in length and 2 and 1/2 fat which have a rounded rather than tapered pointed end and are knobbly at the start and smoother at the end. The "KUR-SPOOL-LOOMP!" sound effects as one of these big turds comes out between her ???? buttocks and plunges into the pan is quite something! Seeing it bobbing up and down in the wat! er afterwards is something too! Theresa told me of a time as a teenager she did a jobbie in her knicks on the way home from school. She didnt feel it was that urgent so didnt go to the girls toilet at the Convent School she attended. On the way home she felt this was a mistake and looked for a convenient wall or somewhere to do it behind. Unfortunately there were some people about so the fat lump slid out into the seat of her knickers. Now luckily it was short fat firm turd of about 6 inches long and she wore the type of big cotton interlock "Montfort" briefs mentioned by others and myself, so it didnt squash up and the leg elastics kept it in. Also as the colour of her knickers was brown that being the uniform colour for the Convent and strictly enforced by the nuns there were no visible skid marks when she slipped her knicks off when she got home and emptied the turd into the toilet and put her knickers into the laundry basket. She says that if her mum noticed she said nothi! ng to her about it. It seems to me that women and girls have it easier as regards accidents in their panties or knickers. If they are wearing a skirt and pee themselves while standing they will probably escape with only a soaking gusset (crotch to Americans) unseen by others. A trouser wearing man will have a stain at the front of his trousers soaking both garments and visible to all. A number two accident could again be less hassle for a standing women as, unless its diarrhea or loose or she is wearing loose fitting underwear, the jobbie will be less likely to squash as much is she is wearing a skirt and the knickers will retain the mess, her skirt escaping. A man even wearing modern tight unisex briefs will have more squashing due to his wearing trousers and any staining in his pants will come through onto the seat of his trousers. For once women have a toilet advantage as they do of course if what has been called an "ambush" motion starts to come out as they pee. A male if ! peeing at a urinal will fill his underpants while a woman is already sitting on the pan with her panties down and will simply do an unexpected. motion as well as a wee wee. My friend George says this is one of the reasons he prefers to sit to pee in a cubicle and doesnt use urinals at all.

Mr.Pee Pee
Sandra, I too am from N.J and enjoy reading your posts.I too like to poo outside in public. I would truly love to do it together.

Tuesday, February 22, 2000

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