This happened in the 3rd grade. We were all doing our school work, and about half the class had at some time in the last hour gone to the pencil sharpener. Suddenly, one of the girl said miss------ theres poop in the floor. Miss---- walkd over and looked. She got some paper towels and picked it up and threw it away. Then, she asked who had messed their pants. No one answered. So she got the janitor to come in and take all the boys to the bath room, while she checked the girls.When we got there, we had to line up, and pull our pants down while he looked at our underpants to see if one of us had pooped ourself, He was about half finished checking us when miss--- knocked on the door and told him she had found the girl who had pooped in her panties,

Timid Tigress: It's perfectly OK to want to listen to your male friend when he poops. I feel the same way when my friend Nat comes over most Thursdays for lunch (he's 17)--and he always has to take a dump before he heads back to class. I usually sneak up to the door to listen, and his dumps are always the same. He starts with a nice long pee, then usually a very small grunt. Then 4 or 5 nice big splashes and he lets out a big sigh of relief. One time he actually opened the door while he was still zipping up and buckling his belt! He'd just flushed and I could see the last of his brown logs disappearing. It turned out he was wanting to know where I got a humourous postcard of a kid peeing, which I have mounted right above my toilet. (It's from Amsterdam). When Nat called me in, the smell was pretty intense. I look forward to this lunchtime routine nearly every Thursday. Especially as Nat's a great guy, the true "boy next door", and I really like him as a friend. He's actually c! oming here in 45 minutes; I'll let all of you know how it goes!

A friend told me that Kate Winslet said in an interview that Leonardo DiCaprio was always farting on the set of "Titanic". I wonder what implications this has for his dumping habits?
See ya later, Daniel

Thursday, February 17, 2000

Public Toilet Hater
Jane: I haven't been putting ANY paper in the commode. My dumps are so huge that they stop up the commode without the help of any paper. When I go to the toilet, it all happens in a few seconds. There isn't time to flush between turds. Suddenly, there is a ton of crap in the toilet, and it won't go down.

I guess I need to keep a shovel around, and lift part of it out and put it in a bucket.

Public Toilet Hater: Maybe you should flush more often so that you don't leave so much poop in the toilet. Also, when you wipe, don't make the wads of TP so big. The other day I pooped just a single long 6-incher (it was very solid, Nicola), and I used two wads of TP to wipe. As I was flushing, I could see the TP couldn't go down. It must have been two large wads. The bowl was filling up with water, so I reached in and pulled out the TP before the bowl over-filled. The water then began to push down, so I broke the TP in half and put it back in, and it went down with no problem.

Althea: The private school I went to when I was in 8th Grade preferred that girls wore shorts under the uniform skirt. Many of the girls, particularly in the 7th and 8th grades, "forgot" to wear shorts on the days there was no gym class. When I was in the 7th grade, one of the girls asked the teacher, a nun, if she could go to the bathroom. The teacher refused to let her go, saying the! class already went. A couple of minutes later, it happened - the girl peed at her desk. The teacher saw what happened and scolded the girl for not going to the bathroom sooner. She brought her to the front of the class, lifted up her skirt, which exposed her white panties, and said this is what happens to you when you're naughty. Then she sent her to the bathroom to clean up. When her parents found out what happened, they were so irate they complained to the principal about how the teacher humiliated their daughter in front of the class.

Tom: It was a good story about you and Amanda. When I was 19, my h.s. soul mate went off to college and I took up with a younger boy, who was a distant cousin. His name was David. He was cute with a head of black curly hair. We were playing basketball and suddendly, I dropped the ball and clutched my stomach. I told him I had to rest my bowels, NOW! We were on a court away from the toilets. David grabbed the ball and followed me, doubled over. When I got to the girls toilet it had no toilet paper. David went to the boys toilet and found a handful. I dropped my yellow basketball shorts and pink panties to my thighs and out popped 2 seven inch doo-doo's. Plop, kersplash, plop kersplash. They were loud. I had to cut it off twice with my anal muscles. I could not let it out in one piece. It was just to much. I called out to David he could enter and give me the toilet paper. It was a single stall job. When I got up to wipe, Dave said 2 pieces that big would make anyone double over. Also, your girlfriend may have eaten fruit to give her a loose bowel movement. When I was a teenager and I ate plums, maybe 20 of them. I would evacuate within 2 hours. It used to stink. I worked in a day camp and I bought fruits and ate them like a greedy pig. Later, I rushed to the girls bathroom dropped my jeans and panties and the waterfall was on. Cramps were murder. Two 6 y/o girls later came to me and said, "We heard you in the bathroom. You sounded like you had the runs." I told them on the bus ride home that it was nothing.

Sandra: I vary my underwear. But, usually in the winter I wear pantyhose. In the summer, I wear either stockings or none. A slip is optional. I never mess myself purposely. When I was in high school, I sometimes would take a boy into the bathroom or a vice-versa.

Timid Tigress
Hi again. Here's another one of my boring recollections from school days.
During part of my senior year in high school, the education board decided to experiment with cutting our week down to four days instead of five, but the four days lasted from 7:30 to 4:30. What a drag. Anyway, some of us attended public school for some classes, and we were the only ones around our school building on Fridays. So we all congregated in the library. One day, feeling the usual mid-morning urge to do a poo, I headed off to the bathroom. I went into my favorite stall and locked the door, which is a good thing, because in just a few minutes in came the janitor. You would have thought he'd knock to see if anyone was in the restroom. At first, not knowing who it was, I said, "Hello?" thinking it might have been someone else. Then I heard an embarrassed laugh and nothing else. he quickly set a couple rolls of TP on the window ledge near the stalls and got out of there. I don't know! who it was more embarrassing for, me or him, because I was right in the middle of doing a job and was trying very hard not to make any rude noises.
Okay, here's a general question for anyone who'd care to answer. It's something some friends and I have discussed, and I'd like more input. What kinds of toilet seats to different people prefer? I know there are the cheap plastic mobile-home types, the wooden types, and some that I guess are made of some synthetic material heavier than the cheap plastic ones. And of course there's the popular padded one that I can't stand. And though they're made of the same heavy-duty plastic-like material, I have to put the popular public restroom toilet-seat in its own category because it's got that gap in the middle at the front. Is this for guys or something? Anyway, my personal favorite is the heavy-duty ones that you find at home, not the public ones. Only problem is, they tend to be cold in cold weather and first thing in the m! ornings. I don't care for the wooden ones, because I've found they can develop cracks and grooves in them in which germs can get into. Some padded seats can crack as well. And I've found some padded seats that seem to create a vacuum when you sit on them. I look forward to getting some real feedback on this, since everyone, no matter what they're tastes are, have to sit on a toilet seat at some point. Thanks, all. And please let me know if my stories are too boring to post. I want to feel like one of the group.

Big B
Punisher,i'm so intrested in women celebs taking a dump please keep the posts comming. Females, i'm just so interested on your normal dump stats ya know smell, detail, how long,ect. Great posting people keep it comming!

Dude, you wont like this but I feel it is time that a stand was taken on what occurs in public toilets, what is acceptable and not to most people. In the UK at least we have had reasonably liberal laws regarding male Homosexuality since the late 1960s, and the House of Commons has just equalised the age of consent at 16 for both straight sex and male homosex. Now being female I have not been accosted in a ladies toilet as lesbians, and I have a lot of lesbian friends with whom I am totally at ease, don't tend to operate that way. I have absolutely no problem with adult, consensual and PRIVATE sexual activity of any kind, but to me a public toilet is NOT a private place! Toilets are designed for people to carry out their excretory functions, be those defecation, urination, a woman changing a sanitary towel or tampon , changing a baby's nappy (diaper) and such associated matters. Now perhaps Dude, you may counter that people like myself who get a buzz out of defecation also tr! ansgress in our use of the toilet. I would answer that what we do is purely passive and does not impinge on other users who are not aware that we are listening. If I get a buzz when I hear another woman dropping a big solid jobbie in the adjoining cubicle, or afterwards if I see what she has done when she has left the toilet, I am not affecting her and certainly will not spy on her or look over the partition when she is doing it. I only watch other people who consent to my seeing them and likewise only permit those I want to watch me on the pan. The only time when I do not have this control is if I do a motion out of doors when I accept that anyone passing by may witness what I am doing. Contrast this with the man who is accosted in a toilet, in a situation when, by the very nature of things, he is vulnerable. Its no good saying he can refuse a gay solicitation, even if moderate and polite, this very act is of itself offensive to most straight men. As a comparison, even if I w! asn't a married woman I would be offended if some man came up to me uninvited and made a direct remark soliciting sex. I have no problem with sex, gay or straight, but there is a place for everything and I don't not feel that soliciting sex of either gender in a public toilet us that place, far less for performing a sexual act with another person. (Solo acts behind a closed door is not a problem as I see it). Personally I cannot see why gays want to cottage anyway as there are far nicer places than a smelly gents public toilet, such as gay pubs, clubs, bath-houses, gyms etc to make contact. I for one back the Police 100% if they stamp out such acts in Gents Toilets for the protection of Gays as well as straights as many men will resort to the "Portsmouth defence" and use physical force against the person importuning them. Certainly my husband now uses a cubicle with the door bolted to urinate in a Public Toilet since being accosted by a gay at a urinal a while back.

H! aving got that off my chest, to answer Adrian it is possible that your Aunt Anne did do a jobbie in her knickers. The way you describe these it seems she wore thick cotton interlock briefs of the type detailed by Tony and George amongst others.(can you confirm this?) I still wear this type both Navy Blue and Bottle Green briefs when playing sports and sometimes in cold weather the plain white pairs of the type I wore when I was at school. The strong elastic in the leg openings in these knickers helps retain an accident unless the stool was very loose or watery diarrhoea (English spelling) . In my own experience a solid motion passed into such knickers will not leak out and soil ones skirt and other clothing or become visible to others. I do think that she may have had a wet fart in her panties or didn't wipe herself correctly after a soft motion. ???? people sometimes have a problem wiping themselves I have found, I am quite big myself but do pay very careful attention to wi! ping after a motion and drying my vaginal area after a wee wee, (I wipe front to back as most people especially women do), to avoid stains in my panties and nasty smells, though I agree with Dude on that matter as with Tony of Scotland about the attraction of pheromones etc. Working at a sports centre I have noticed both men and women who have had a motion and the smell has lingered on afterwards, even from a nice solid jobbie. Sometimes, if one farts when a big poo is in the rectum the smell will be absorbed by the cotton and will linger in the seat of the knickers after they have been to the toilet and wiped themselves. This has happened to me and an hour after I had done a solid motion, having farted loudly immediately beforehand my husband said, "Nicola, have you farted again ?" as the smell had been absorbed by my cotton knickers. Perhaps that was your Aunt Anne's problem Adrian?

No poo stories today...well it's 9:00am and I don't usually do my luchtime poo until 1 - 1:30 here at work, so maybe I'll have something to say later! Basically this is to say to NJ and George - I'm glad you like my stories! I'm 42, brunette, married and could lose a few pounds! And yes, I'd like to think I was attractive! I've always enjoyed pooing since I was 8 when I pooed in a field at the encouragement of a teacher on a field trip. It was such a freedom, not having to worry about finding a toilet! And I'm sure many of you regulars know, I'm not ashamed to poo in public or in front of other people. I've pooed in parks, changing rooms, station platforms, stairwells, parking lots, in my panties (hundreds of times!) and in the street in broad daylight as well as on the floor of a gnarly ladies room when all the stalls were occupied (just once). I even pooed in my panties while teaching a class when I was a substitute teacher! Unfortunately my husband is poo-shy and I've never! pooed in front of him. For a month into our marriage he'd let the tap run when he was pooing to mask the sound. He doesn't even like to discuss poo and would be horrified by my love of pooing. Have a good day, everyone!

i have some stories to tell.

1. in preschool my best friend was this girl named Jody. One day during recess, she had to pee. i asked her how bad and she said medium. we asked the teacher to go but she said wait till recess was over (we had recess at the park and in order to get back to the prescool we had to cross a few streets and the teacher didn't want to do that). so we went off to play and soon recess was over and we went to stand in our line so we could walk back. she went to stand in line and grabbed her crotch saying she had to pee-pee really badly. the teacher saw her and realizing Jody was about to wet herself she quickly led the kids back to the preschool. as soon as we got there like 7 kids ran off to the potties. Jody looked frantic and i knew she had to find a free toilet soon or else she would wet her pants. i was secretly happy. we ran off to the potties and like we expected all the stalls were full. we waited in line. Jody was still holding her crotc! h. a second later she told me was going to let out some pee because she couldn't hold it. not smart. she let go and started to pee. she peed a little and then tried to stop. she managed to stop for a second, but then the pee started to flow again. just then a stall was freed and she raced in. she pulled down her pants before she got there and peed all over the floor and the toilet seat. it was really cool to watch.

2. When i was in second grade during recess i saw one of my friends in the hallway and i stopped to talk to her. she said she had to pee. she said "you know when you really have to pee and you've already had to let out some?" i answered yes. she said "well the bathrooms are full and i already had to let out some!!! im gonna pee in my pants soon!!!" i remembered the little one stall bathroom in the art room and told her to go there. she ran as fast as her little legs could carry her to the bathroom and peed for like a minute.

3. last summer i took a! vacation in hawaii. i was at the pool and i saw this little girl tell her mother she had to make a potty. her mother was talking to a friend and told her to wait. the girl walked away. she was about to go inside the kiddy pool when she squatted and without taking her swimsuit off she just started peeing and it was running down her legs. after she finished she jumped into the pool, and her mother didn't even notice!

You like these? i have many more!!! but thats all for today.
P.S. keep up the posting!

I have no interesting stories tonite but I want to respond to Pete(USA) and his run in with an "automatic toilet". I hate the damn things myself. One of the pleasures I enjoy after going to the can is flushing and those automatic flushers deny that simple pleasure.

Public Toilet Hater
Ryan S.: I'm following the guidelines that my doctor gave me, and it is resulting in huge dumps. The only meat that I eat is very lean chicken breast. I eat a lot of pinto beans, green beans, peas, corn, and carrots. I eat a fair amount of sphagetti with tomato sauce. I also eat chicken noodle soup. The only thing I eat for a snack is yogurt. That list describes about 99% of the food that I eat. The only thing I drink is filtered water. I've been told to drink at least 80 ounces a day, and I try to get at least that much. The doctor actually told me to drink as much water as I can stand, to keep the GI tract lubricated and things moving.

This diet results in extremely large turds. They are not hard or unusual except for being huge. When I take a dump, usually there are 2 or 3 turds that are about 10 inches long and quite thick. The sheer mass of fecal matter clogs the toilet -- no paper is involved. Before this diet, I would usually put a small amount of ! paper into the commode to mitigate splashing, but I have learned to not do that. The turds are so huge and soft enough that there isn't much splash, and I don't need to add matter to the clog.

I'm not a big guy, either. I'm 6'1'' and weigh 190 pounds. I'm in good health except for the ulcerative colitis. The only thing that I can guess is that the diet is causing massive turds.

I don't mean to be gross or too graphic. It's a weird problem.

TO PUNISHER: Courteney
Cox-Arquette spells her name Courteney, not Courtney. I don't know why, but I prefer Courtney as opposed to CourtEney bye bye now


TIMID TIGRESS: I think the fact that you like this guy has alot to do with you wanting to listen to him as he goes to the bathroom. I have several women that I really like (they all like me as a friend, but nothing more unfortunately), and on several occasions have been in a situation where the two of us were together and she needed to go to the bathroom. Naturally, being curious and turned on by that, I would quietly listen-wishing I could watch. Of course my fantasy involves openly watching a woman take a dump, and I'm hoping to meet someone someday that will let me experience that pleasure. ps I like your stories (send more-especially any poop stories you have), and I'm a fairly new "poster" here too. Question: being blind, do you get assisted often by someone when you have to use the toilet-especially in a public restroom? How close does that person stay to you while you're on the toilet doing your thing?
Take care/Thanks.

Wednesday, February 16, 2000

Interesting interview on the Howard Stern Show this morning. Howard interviewed Courtney Cox via phone, and they got into a discussion about the herbal supplements that she takes to help her stay in shape. Out of nowhere, in typical Stern fashion, Howard asked if they help her with her bowel movements. Courtney, without missing a beat, responded that she never had a problem with that. Howard then asked her how often did she go every day. Without any sign of embarrasment, Courtney said "once a day - just like clockwork". She seemed to be really candid about discussing this, but certainly not as candid as Don & Mike's discussions with Leah Remeni (King of Queens) about her diarrhea, "accidents", and her daily, after-morning-coffee dump. Besides Geri Haliwell in her book ("Singing for the Prince was a great laxative. I went to the toilet seven times that day") and Jenny McCarthy, they definently seem to be the most candid female celebs on this subject.

Having worked in various locations in the UK and elsewhere, I have travelled quite a lot on business and have a few toilet stories to tell.

When I was about 25, I often visited a building where the main toilets on each floor were by the lift (elevater) but there were also some single stall toilets elsewhere. There was a floor to ceiling brick wall between the ladies and gents toilets but there was a gap at floor level underneath the wall mounted heaters. It was possible to lie on the floor and look through into the ladies stall using a mirror but this was too risky so I used a piece of dark tinted perspex instead. It was quite dark under the heater so the reflection off the shiny surface of the perspex was clear but there was no possibility of being seen. This gave a good back-side view (in more ways than one) from floor level. I made a study of the womens' toilet habits during lunch breaks and invented nicknames for the regulars.

Most women only used to wee ! and the toilets were fairly clean so most sat on the seat.

Model was very attractive and had a beautiful butt. She never sat on the seat and was the first woman I saw crouching above the seat with her wee coming out. I had a hard-on all week! Once, she needed to poop and covered the seat with TP before sitting on it.

Regular always came in at exactly 12:30 and used to wee standing up, with her butt high in the air and her head down by her knees. This gave me a fine view of her anus. Although it always stayed tightly shut, she always wiped it after wiping her vagina.

M. used to lift the seat and sit directly on the bowl. She would sit there smoking for 5 - 10 minutes while doing small soft poops. She used to tip sideways to drop the cigarette ash down the toilet.

Megabutt was at least 50 and had large flabby buttocks and a fat overhanging ????. She used to stand up to wipe but I could only see below her waist level, so it was difficult to w! ork out whether I was looking at her back or front! Not a pretty sight.

An Indian girl used to climb up on the seat wearing sandals. She would lift her saree and squat facing the cistern. She used to put lots of Kleenex inside her navy blue panties after she had finished.

Niagara was the star of the show. She was about 35 and fairly slim. She always lifted the seat and stood up to wee with her butt about a foot above the bowl. It really gushed out and she could do as much in a few seconds as I would do in a minute. One day after she had finished gushing, her anus opened and a small brown pebble sized turd came out effortlessly, followed by another then another. That was the first time I had ever seen a woman pooping and I had a hard-on all week.

Another time she peed, then her anus opened wide revealing a solid brown poop with pieces of red tomato skin. She pushed and pushed, then pulled her buttocks apart with her hands but she was constipated and ! it wouldn't come out. She closed her anus and saved the poop for later.

Niagara's best ever performance was after I guess she had taken some mild laxative. She lifted the seat as usual but didn't pee. She crouched down low above the bowl in case it was going to be runny but it wasn't, so she stood up again. She passed a fine brown hissing monster turd that came out effortlesly and hung down about 12 inches long before plopping into the water.

The Internet is the only place I'll tell about embarrassing stuff. Well, anyways, when I was a Freshman in High School, I went to school one day with a stomach virus because I didn't want to have to make everything up (double homework the next night, UGH). Anyway, in 2nd period Gym class, when we were volleyball, I really suddenly had to go to the bathroom. So I carefully walked over to the Gym teacher and asked if I can go to the bathroom. He said "Is it an emergency?" I said softly "Yeah, I have to really go #2, I have a stomach virus." So he let me go and said to report to the nurse immediately after I went. I walked out, trying to hold it in all I could. Unfortunately, something happened that has happened a couple other times happened. Feeling sick, I felt some gas. When I "farted", I realized it wasn't a fart. Liquid poop squirted into my panties. I reached the bathroom and finished but damage was done. So I went to nurse, who knew I went in my panties by jus! t smelling it. She said I can go home and my Mom picked me up. I'm a sophmore now. I don't think I'll ever go to school sick again.

Adam from Canada: The "round sink things" are a bit of a conundrum. In many cases, they are clearly intended as hand-washing sinks...but they are also ALMOST ALWAYS used as supplementary urinals during "crunch times" wherever they are installed. Some guys posting here swear that they HAVE seen these round fountain things clearly INTENDED to be used as urinals, since the hand-washing sinks, also present, were exactly that...sinks! In fact, the foot-pedal-activated fountain things are nicely multi-purpose and multi-functional, and there's no good reason why they can't be used both ways. Enjoy!

Coprologist: More likely the initiative by OutRage is meant to put a stop to gestapo-like police invasions and intrusions into people's private lives and private business. Police "sting" operations in public parks and restrooms have long been notorious as a strong-arm tactic intended to harrass, threaten and intimidate the gay community into remaining fearful and invisible. "Sting" victims' suicides have resulted from these utterly outrageous abuses of police authority. Gay people are not going to take it any more. And it's about time somebody held the police to account for their own disgraceful misconduct. If somebody approaches you sexually, you surely have a right to "reply" by any appropriate means...including "summoning building security". But if two people are doing something privately, consensually, and out of your sight, it's really none of YOUR business WHAT they're doing. As far as people simply "occupying the toilets" are concerned...would you rather have the "toilet police" watching over you with a hidden camera, timing you, and making sure "something comes out of your bottom" after a stipulated amount of time? If so, let me introduce you to a guy named Orwell. You'll love the "police-regulated" world he anticipated in "1984". Sorry, but as a bisexual man myself, I couldn't let that gratuitous slam against the gay community pass without a reply. No particular love lost for cops on this end either, I must frankly admit. Most of them tend to act like meddlesome power-tripping bungholes, if given the slightest excuse to do so.

Site Moderator: Ref. your comment about Ryan's post, I can surely understand why the anecdote I shared (relayed from another's NOT something that happened to me) might be deemed potentially upsetting, and thus removed. I more or less expected it. But I must then also ask: Why wasn't Ryan's original question also censored, since it seems impossible to answer it honestly and directly without giving offense to some? If the answer was objectionable, so too was his posting of the original question. I hope it's clear from the tenor of my posts that I'm a serious writer with a strong academic background, and that I'm NOT engaged in deliberately salacious or sleazy pandering. I frankly had to say this because of the nasty undertone of your public response. If you don't want certain delicate questions honestly and forthrightly answered, because of the real possibility of giving offense to minors, then please don't post those provocative questions in the first place. Fairly simple? Simply fair?

The original question has many answers, has there are many other solutions to the problem. The fitness of a potential answer does not define the fitness of the question. The quote is just one solution. Given the legal defintion of this solution among two consenting adults, it is deemed a sex act. Regardless of our personal feelings and definitions, that's how the law is upheld. In the present company, posting that post would mean giving out explicit details of such an act to minors. Now, the post in question is about an adult touching a child in such a manner.
Also another item. This has come up before, even in todays posts, we don't edit posts, aside from the "F" word, email addresses, urls, and last names. Either the wole post has to go or none at all. This even applies to "Please remove this paragraph if..." If we cut out a paragraph, it isn't what was posted. It says something different, and may mean something different.

Pete (US)
Today I had an experience that was enough to turn me into a “Public Toilet Hater!” I had a strong urge on the way back from lunch and used a restroom at work that I normally do not use. I was reading and when I bent over to put down my reading material prior to wiping, the toilet flushed since it had one of those automatic electronic flushers. All of a sudden I felt a wet butt and heard Niagara Falls The damn thing was plugged up and overflowing with me still on it! I jumped up and tried to rescue my possessions. I then discovered water had spilled over the rim and onto the back of my pants, that were down around my legs – the normal position for one’s pants while on the throne. Fortunately I had a pair of old dirty white pants in my office that I pull over my office pants when I bicycle to and from work to keep them clean. I managed to get back to my office without anyone seeing my major wet pants and was able to clean up and change in the men’s room. I spent the rest! of the day at my desk so people would not ask me about the old dirty white pants below my shirt and tie.

So, the moral of this story is if you ever hear a toilet that you are sitting on flush on its own, IMMEDIATELY jump up and away and move your possessions –just in case it is plugged and overflows!

Christine, your frequent urination may be a sign of diabetes. Go check with the doctor. If there is sugar in your urine, that means you do have diabetes...

Timid Tigress
Hello again. Sorry, I admit my stories and things aren't half as interesting any everyone else's, but I'm new to this.
Anyway, Okay, if you saw my first post, you'll remember that i'm blind. so I can't watch other people go to the bathroom. So maybe what I'm about to talk about takes the place of that. I don't know.
I've got a few really nice guy friends. i hang out with them a lot. There's nothing more than friendship, though I had a really big crush on one of them for a while. I still kind of like him. Anyway, I visit his place a lot. And I've stayed over at his place a number of times when the dorms might be closed for holidays. No, he didn't stay in the room with me, but the bathroom he uses is in his room. Well, I found that I'd actually make a point to listen while he was in the bathroom. I don't recall ever being interested in listening to someone peeing before. And even in other situations, if he went off to find a restroom, I'd find myself wo! ndering what he was doing in there, or how badly he had to go, and exactly what he had to do. The night we got out for Xmas break, I'd just gotten ready for bed, and he'd come in to change clothes. Well, he didn't go into the bathroom and close the door or anything; he just changed in front of his closet. Of course, I couldn't see him, so it didn't really matter, but I was just surprised, considering how reserved he seems to be about things like that. And then he went into the restroom for a few minutes. So why didn't he leave the door open then, I wondered. To me, if someone could be allowed to be in the room with me while I change clothes, why should it bother me to leave the bathroom door open while I use the toilet? It's all the same to me. Oh, well.
So, this interest in listening to this guy in the bathroom. Does anyone else do this? Does it had something to do with the fact I like this guy, even though he doesn't like me?


SANDRA: Great story about pooping with your male colleague in the doorless stalls at your work on Saturday. Wish I could have been in his shoes! As usual, I love all of your stories-please keep posting! Thanks. I would give anything to poop with you in a unisex restroom with 2 stalls (doors or not). I imagine you as a very attractive woman, and I'm just very curious as to what you look like.

JANE: Love your stories too! Hope to hear many more!

Take care everyone,

I am a regular lurker here, and I have to write in response to Christine - For goodness sake, don't let anyone tell you it's in your head!!! If you are getting urgency and frequency, plus burning, then at the very least it could be bacterial cystitis, which can be easily sorted by antibiotics. Other possibilities exist - I suffer interstitial cystitis, which is a form of chronic non-bacterial cystitis, and I have basically had chronic cystitis symptoms for 3 and a half years now. I too have probs with frequent toilet trips, broken sleep etc, plus a LOT of pain, and I am still battling to try and get certain people to take it seriously...

Go back to the doctor, insist on an urologist, and don't let them say it's psychosomatic until they've eradicated every possibility - not just taken a urine sample.

P.S. GREAT Site!!! You do a good job Moderators!

Ryan S.
To Public Toilet Hater: What kind of diet are you on. It sounds so interesting for you to produce so much poop. I would like to try that. I love producing lots of poop. I can't seem to though. I would like to try your diet and see what happens. Tell me everything about it.

About five or six years after her 'near accident' - it would be the mid 1970's, I encountered Aunt Anne at family wedding. She was sat behind me in the church. It would almost be fair to say that I smelt her before seeing her. she wasn't farting or anything like that but all the perfume and cream she was wearing couldn't mask a distinct poo aroma. I got the distinct impression that either she'd been to toilet whilst getting ready and not managed to wipe very well (or been careless about it) OR she'd had an accident earlier that day and had to clean up as best she could. The wedding wasn't local to where uncle and aunt lived and they'd travelled to the locality the day before, using a mobile home they possessed at the time to sleep in. I can't remember whether they had a chemical toilet in the mobile home or whether they parked in a caravan site with toilets. Actually, I think it was the former. I can't help wondering which of the two probable scenarios outlined above, ! actually occurred. I suspect it may have been the former (and less interesting scenario to me) but I can't be sure. Put it this way, I'm not a betting man and I wouldn't like to put money on it.

On another occasion, I think in 1976, Aunt Anne, my uncle and cousins came to stay with my paternal grandmother (and uncle's mother) who lived in the same village. This happened a couple of times every year. Anyhow, one morning, a Bank Holiday, I went round to visit early. My granny decided that I could help her take early morning tea up to my uncle and aunt. We took the tea upstairs but as soon as I entered the bedroom I noticed a very strong smell coming from Aunt Anne's side of the bed. Nothing was said but there were two distinct possibilities: either she'd done a real stinker of a fart or she'd been a really naughty girl and done rather more than a fart. Later that day my granny mentioned the smell to me and made a remark which indicated that she'd suspected bedw! etting. However, when making the beds she'd found them perfectly dry and clean - much to her surprise and mine. At the time I deduced from that that Aunt Anne had simply let fly a strong fart. However, I've since discovered that she buys thick, heavy duty, knickers (panties) and the thought has crossed my mind that if she was wearing a pair under her nightie she might have conceivably done a jobbie in them without staining the bed. Perhaps Nicola or Moira (or any other of the lady contributors to this forum) might like to comment on that theory - and debunk it if they wish.

I am posting this by writing it in Word 2000 then copying and pasting from the clipboard into the box on the Toilet web page. If it doesn't appear or has strange characters that's' why.

Coprologist, I agree that the militant gays cottaging in gents toilet around the urinals is something to be stopped. I don't use urinals as you will be aware from old posts. This is one of the reasons and Im sure that many of the cases of men with "nervous stricture or paruresis" who cant pee at a urinal in front of other men is down to some nasty encounter with cottaging gays. My friend Tony once had to punch a gay who accosted him when he was having a pee at the urinals as this man would not take being told and actually touched Tony. Im no homophobe, but the actions of Outrage and its leader Peter Tatchell are alienating decent homosexuals who abhor his nasty exploits bringing down a backlash against them. I always use a cubicle, (stall) with a bolted door if I use a gents toilet an! ywhere whether I am doing a pee or a number two so I avoid such nasty encounters.

To the lad who's parents are giving him a hard time over skid marks, I don't have a lot of sympathy. My aunt brought me and her two daughters up to always change our knickers very day for a clean pair and tow carefully wipe our bum after a motion and dry ourselves after urination to prevent smelly skid marks or pee stains. Accidents such as wet farts can happen but it doesn't take a lot of attention to personal hygiene to wipe properly after doing the toilet. When you start to date girls you will find that very few are attracted to boys with dirty smelly underpants, so your parents are just trying to inculcate clean personal habits in you. I would say, follow their lead.

Bryian, what you probably suffered was overflow diarrhoea sometimes called spurious diarrhoea. Ironically this is caused by obstinate constipation as a large hard faecal mass accumulates in the lower part of th! e colon and the looser stool above it flows round it and either leaks out into the panties or causes an attack of diarrhoea . The victim thinks they have the runs and may take Imodium or some other such medicine to stop it but this makes matters worse. Tony told me of a time this happened to his mum when she passed wind and soiled her knickers badly with diarrhoea but about an hour or so after she had cleaned herself up she again felt another bowel movement come on and hurried to the toilet but this time passed a big solid lumpy turd with a loud "KUR-SPULL-LOOMP!" . Tony reckoned that as she had been constipated for a number of days and she never used laxatives, what had happened was that she had overflow diarrhoea which passed round the hard impacted lump and caused her to have an accident in her knickers. Passing this watery stool had lubricated the solid jobbie which had later been passed by her , so the diarrhoea had acted like an enema . So a word of warning to those wh! o deliberately hold it in wanting to do a really big jobbie. This isn't a healthy practice anyway but you may not get the result you hoped for!

Dude. You are right on the ball about the pheromones and I wont go into too much detail as the Moderator may object, (if he does then he can edit this paragraph out), but from personal practice I can attest to the differences you mention between male and female smells. Its is obvious that the odor left after a woman has defecated will also contain pheromones from the urine she has sprayed, from her underwear which she has pulled down and from her vagina. The mucus secretions from her rectum which lubricate the stool as it is passed may also contain pheromones.

Finally, Public Toilet Hater, this may be a pest to you but stick with the diet to alieviate the UC. If you can, hold in your motion till you can do it in a public toilet,(sanitising the seat etc if need be), where it doesnt matter if it wont flush away or perh! aps if there are sufficient other toilets there, at work. Otherwise, if at home do it in a bucket and then you can dispose of it in instalments. By the way you dont say if you are either passing large solid turds which wont flush away or if the blockages are caused by a big soft or even mushy load which combined with a large amount of toilet paper blocks the pan.

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