About three years ago I played competitive soccer for a city league in Ontario ,Canada. They were all evening games, so I did'nt have a lot of time to waste after work. I had to take a really bad bowel movement earlier in the afternoon around lunch time - but I unwisely ignored my body's urgent plea for a gigantic unloading.
fast forward to six o'clock that evening. The game had started at quarter to, and while on the field in position(fullback), the urge came back again like earlier in the afternoon, but ten times worse! -and I was in the middle of a game! The play upfield had come to a corner kick, which meant there was a slight delay in play, and I was in absolute panic.
I started to pace back and forth, but nothing helped at all. I noticed my wife standing on the sideline looking in my direction and she gave me a wave nnot knowing what was going on. I could'nt even wave back, I was concentrating to much on keeping my ass clean. thirty seconds later it was all o! ver, I could'nt hold it in any longer. Without a word of a lie, right in front of my wife on the sideline, I took the most massive dump I have ever taken ever! The tight soccer shorts I was wearing plus the tight brief underwear I had on underneath were just overwhelmed. I felt it start to come out very firm and hit my underwear wear it began to mash up past my tailbone and all the way up the front to the mid way point of my cock. Absolutely monstrous-four inches thick from front to back. I waddled off the field without an explaination and headed straight for our minivan. My wife came walking over to me and asked me what was wrong. How was I to tell her that her twenty-seven year old husband dropped five days worth of poop in his pants? So, I just turned around and showed her. She gasped and sort of snickerd and walked behind me for the rest of the way to the van.
to this day, she still teases me about that incident and tells me that if I ever do that again, she's going to! give me a soother and put me in a diaper to go play soccer.
how embarrassing.

SANDRA I love you !

ZnCN a.k.a. ZN(CN)2
Wow Robbie is the only one who answered my survey so far! People don't be shy, answer away. This is what this fourm is for.

1. I always inspect the paper, but when I have the feeling it was a messy one, I wouldn't bother inspecting for first few wipes.

2. I wipe from front to back. I don't see how a guy can do it the other way.

3. I sit and wipe from right

4. It takes 6 or 7 wipes to get cleanliness of my standard. It would probably only take 2 or 3 wipes to get it to most teenagers standard anyways.

5. Normally I crumple, but when I have the feeling that I'm gonna need to wipe alot, I fold using as little paper as possible 'cuz I don't want to plug the toilet. I use alot of paper at public crapper.

6. No way I'm double dipping. Thats gross

We have Western style toilets in home. There are alot of squat type at public places, which is good because you don't have to sit on seat that people pissed on! . I have seen some turd on floor by the toilet at train station tho. Some people squat way off from squatter and end up shitting on the floor. I think I have a magazine explaining this thing and how to improve this etc. One of the idea is painting foot mark on either side at right place. People shuld naturally place their foot on spots. According to the article this has helped alot in preventing turd on floor.

KC, Robbie: How old are you?

Tuesday, February 15, 2000

Old Timer: I remember the Daily Dump also, but actually prefer this forum. The dump was so unregulated it just collapsed in a heap of jack asses. Maybe you should start a new forum somewhere that fits your liking, so we could all enjoy it also? Then we would have choices and variety.

I have been embarrassed by my mum and Dad so much recently. Yesterday when I came home from school, I said I was getting changed so I could go out to kick a football round. I went up to my room to get changed and my mum came up and said I had to change my pants before I went out. I asked her why, she said that she and my dad had been discussing the state of my underwear, it is to dirty they said, so they decided I should change my underwear twice a day to see if it improves. She then went on to say that she had spoken to my friends parents and they had said that there sons werenít that bad, that was the real embarrisment. I said my pants were clean and I wasnít changing them, so my mum said let me see, she pulled the back of my pants out like I was a little kid and looked down, she said they were dirty and if I didnít change them I couldnít go out.
I put on a clean pair but as I left the house in front of my mum, I pushed hard to do a load fart, which I did as I left the house and a little bit of poo came out. I know that my friends are the same as me, Matthew, my best friend sometimes when we are playing football or walking round will fart or pull his pants from out of his bum and say, I think that was a bit more than a fart back them, other times he will be with me and he will say he really needs the toilet and you will see him holding his pants away from his bum because he has started going to the toilet.

Thanks to everyone who answered my question about flushing pads down the toilet.
Rick....I have graduated from college, now holding a degree in Fine Arts. Thanks for asking.

Adam from Canada
Have you guys ever seen a urinal that looks like a sink (tub)? I remmeber going to Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto and having to use the washroom. I went in there and saw all these guys peeing into a sink like structure. I also remember going to Fenway Park in Boston and saw the same thing. Do you know of any places that have sink like urinals?

I just had a weird experience. I was about to post another recollection when I passed some gas, which somehow created an urge to poop. It didn't feel like much, but I decided to go to the bathroom anyway. As I was sitting down, I started to push out some poop, and I just sat down as it came out. Suddenly I pushed out a torrent of semi-liquid poop that lasted 10 seconds. I wasn't expecting to do that. Then I farted and pushed out some more creamy poop. I flushed the toilet and continued to push out more semi-liquid poop. I farted once more and was finished. After wiping, I looked into the toilet and saw a light-brownish liquid with a few small pieces floating on top. I flushed and threw in an extra tub of water as it flushed down. I don't know what caused me to poop like that. It was totally unexpected. However, my stomach, which usually hurts as a precursor to a major run, didn't ache this time.

I had an interesting motion yesterday. After Sunday lunch I needed a poo, quite a common event for many people after eating (see below). I went into the toilet with my husband, undid my belt, dropped my jeans and panties to my knees and started to do my wee wee. It hissed and tinkled then the big jobbie started to come out of my back passage. The wee wee was still coming out but the tinkling stopped and I realised that it was running down the jobbie into the pan. When the turd tapered to an end and dropped into the pan with a "floomp!" the tinkling resumed for a few moments. Has anyone else, most likely a woman given the mechanics, ever experienced this phenomenon?

Another interesting experiment from my teens. My self and one of my female friends had read an article about someone doing a hand stand and drinking a pint of beer for a bet. She asked if someone could do a motion inverted. Well, you have probably guessed I agreed to be the guinea pig. Back at her flat I st! ripped naked when I needed a motion and,after first doing the wee wee in the normal way, got off the toilet pan then did a hand stand against the wall in her bathroom. It felt a bit strange as the big turd slowly came out of me with Norma telling me that it was pointing up like a great brown steeple between my buttocks. It was a bit more difficult to pass as gravity was against me and not assisting as usually the case. When it was finished it toppled over, slid down my bum crack and fell onto the floor. I picked it up with Norma giggling and dropped it into the toilet pan then had a shower to clean up. Thankfully it was a good firm turd as I feel a soft motion would have collapsed as it came out and made a terrible mess. I havent tried such an experiment since, prefering to do my motions in the normal position sitting on a toilet pan or squatting in a secluded place if I have to go outdoors. (Moderator- I hope this doesnt "cross the line" . If it does, please delete the foreg! oing paragraph).

Adrian, on routines. Most people do have a sort of routine as their digestion will adopt a pattern. Many of us need to have a motion after eating a meal, this is caused by the gastro-colic reflex shunting the contents of the bowel on towards the rectum where the presence of stool stimulates the feeling to defecate. As long as this reflex isnt too powerful and the resulting stool is solid and formed no problem is presented. This is why some folk have to go suddenly and loosely after an early breakfast, as the stools in their intestine are still a bit too soft, and as previously discussed here I feel if this causes them distress and inconvenience in a tight morning time schedule they would be better to defer eating until they get to work or school were there are toilets and their bowels will have had longer to absorb the water and solidify their motion. I think what Tony meant was imposed routines were someone goes and sits on the toilet pan at the sam! e time every day whether they feel the need to do a motion or not. This idea was very popular with the "regularity" obsessed generations in Britain up till about the late 1950s. I have always worked on the principle that your body knows best and go when I need. I have few problems with this aspect of my digestion, though like many women I get a bit constipated at period time, but nothing too awkward or uncomfortable. By the way Adrian, have you any detailed stories like Tony's to tell about your Aunt Anne and others?

Graham. I have also seen many types of urinal when I have had to use mens or boys toilets when playing in sports at school or other playing fields and the ladies toilets have either been occupied or out of order. I can only say that like many who post here, both female and male, I dont like these and think they are foul and smelly contraptions and would sooner they were removed and additional cubciles, (stalls) with toilet pans were installed. The long wa! ll type you describe are the worst with puddles of piss all over the floor. The individual type mounted up the wall at I suppose the height of the average man's penis are better but still do not seem to be flushed through often enoigh to prevent the nasty pissy smell so typical of men's toilets. I did read of a shopping mall were an infra red proximity sensor detects when a man is stsnding there and when he moves away again it actuates the flush and washes out the urinal thus preventing nasty smells arising. This would be a great inproveemnt but the whole idea of men standing in a row pissing turns me off, as it does many modern blokes. I dont mind if people I know and like see me perform either of my excretory functions, anything but! I do however like to be in control and would not want to stand with my panties round one ankle pissing in a public toilet with other women who were strangers watching if this were possible for females, so I can understand those men who prefer th! e privacy of a cubicle to stanbd or sit to pee as they find the more comfortable.

I hate to moan but personally I feel there are too many diarrhea stories again these days, isnt anyone having a decent solid motion out there?

Yesterday I had a really interesting experiance! I walked into the staff common room and suddenly had the urge drop my load. I rushed to the staff lavatories and just as I was going in too the communal toilets I saw my friend Meggen going in to an adhacent stall. This excited me! She then proceeded to have a great BM

On Saturday I had to come in to work and needed to poo. As usual, the ladies room was locked and I didn't have a key. The last time this happened, I was forced to poo on the stairs, but this time a male colleaugue was going into the mens room and as he had a key, he suggested I use it as well. We went in to find that the doors had been taken off by workmen - they were replacing them that weekend. There were only 2 stalls and we occupied one each. The fact that my male colleage was using a stall meant he was intending to poo too. I lifted up my skirt, pulled down my panty hose and sat down. I could see a reflection of us both sitting on our toilets in the mirrors by the sinks so I made sure nothing private was showing. I saw a glimpse of my male colleague's penis just briefly. I let out a small fart and proceeded to drop several poos into the toilet - they all made resounding "kersplash" noises. My male colleague was farting up a storm and I heard a several loose-sounding poos!
fall into the water. My male colleaugue finished first and was over at the sink while I was still letting out some poos. I noticed he was sneaking some peeks in the mirror so I did a rude thing - I lifted up my right cheek so he could see a poo drop into the water. I know he saw it! I pretended I hadn't noticed him looking! Anyway, he quickly washed his hands, said "have a nice day" and left. I finished my poo alone. No other man came in so I got up and left without flushing so the next man could look at the logs I'd left.
Even though it's still winter, this morning I put on my summer underwear, stockings, garter belt and panties. The reason? My winter panty hose just aren't poo-friendly! I hate having to roll them down when I'm eager to sit down and have a poo plus it's impossible to poo in them without making a big mess. With stockings, I can poo in my panties whenever I want - walking home from work, shopping in the supermarket, etc. And as long as I don't sit down ! I can tip out the solid poo in a secluded place or at home. Even better is the summer time when I wear stockings and no panties. Then I can do my favorite trick of pooing standing up in the street - sometimes I poo while I pretend to make phone call.

The militant gay lobby in Britain has just announced a campaign to abolish the law on "Outraging pbulic Decency'', so as to permit them to engage in "cottaging" (using stalls in public toilets for homosexual activities). I think that most men, gay or straight would oppose such an outrageous change. Just imagine trying to shit while you hear two guys in the next stall having it off. Or worse, entering a public toilet dying for a shit to find all the stalls occupied by gays. We all know that it happens, but it's still offensive. The only anal activity permitted in public toilets should be shitting!

Mad Hatter
I used to work in a small offoice back by the loading dock in a cold storage bldg. One nite,when I really didnt want to stay too late,all the guys who loaded the terucks had left,but some trucks had not been finished being loaded.I phoned around trying to get hold of someone,but no-one was available,so I left messages for them to phone me asap.I was drinking a lot of coffee,& since I was waiting for someone to call me back,I didnt dare leave the phones to use the washroom.The urge got worse & worse,to the point where I was standing by my desk,doing the pee dance in this very quiet bldg. Suddenly,someone rang the new loud buzzer that had been installed that day right outside my office.Needless to say that I was so startled,pee started gushing down the legs of my jeans before I even knew it.When i realized that I was wetting my pants,& was finally able to stem the flow,My crotch area & left inseam were soaked.Fortunately,I was wearing black jeans that camoflaged ! the fact that I had peed my pants,but when someone finally got me some workers,I took advantage of the few minutes it took them to start bringing me the paperwork,& went home & changed into dry pants.

Timid Tigress
Hello again, all.
I've read some posts regarding flushing sanitary napkins and such down the toilet. I don't know what it's like in other countries, but here in the U.S. in the south, where I'm from, older plumbing is bad about getting clogged when you flush pads. In our high school building, which was probably built back in the 40's, this one girl used to always flush pads down this same toilet in the girls' bathroom. and one day it flooded. That toilet had a problem where every time you flushed it, it would flush itself 5 or 6 times by itself. So when she flushed it that time, it flooded 6 times. Needless to say, there was water clear out in the hall. When the janitors cleaned up the mess and found pads clogging the system, we had a group meeting at school in which the home-economics teacher lectured us girls on proper disposal of pads. I've known people to flush tampons and things like that with no problem, though.
To Graham, thanks for the info. I re! member now that I'm actually bn in a mens' bathroom once in high school. At a summer camp we had at school, we all stayed in the boys' dormitory. The guys stayed at one end and the girls at the other. But the bathrooms looked like any other bathroom i'd ever seen. They didn't have urinals.
One thing I do remember about a bathroom we had in school was that there was one that had no stalls. There were just two toilets sitting next to each other. For a while there was a curtain that you could pull between the two, but then someone pulled it down so they took it out. In elementary school we didn't mind using these toilets. But once we got into high school, we all avoided the bathroom and just let the little girls use it. I guess people got more self-conscieous then. But since I couldn't see the other person, it didn't really bother me.
Okay, so I've rattled on about this long enough. Here's my story for the day. Last spring, on a camping trip, I stayed in! a tent with two other ladies. The restroom that we used was in the building with the dining room and some cabins. And it had started raining really hard, so none of us wanted to get out in the rain and the mud. Well, one of the ladies really had to go. She waited and waited until she couldn't stand it any longer, and finally she had to pee into a bowl we had in the tent. Luckily it was a pretty big bowl. I myself don't like to use anything but a toilet to go to the bathroom. I can deal with out-houses or porta-johns if I have to, but I avoid having to go right on the ground if I can.

Alex (From N.Y.)
Hey guys. Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I've been really busy, and I haven't had the time to post anything. I'll be posting stories soon. Take Care.

Have you guys seen this poster for Buffy The Vampire Slayer that shows Sarah Michelle Gellar squatting down in a forest area? I've always thought this pic looked like Sarah was pooping.

Christine. I've never had a particularly strong bladder and I had some 'control difficulties' myself when I was about eight or nine so I can sympathise with your situation.
You were very wise to take medical advice about your bladder problems and you shouldn't hesitate to do so again. In the absence of an obvious physical cause it is probable that the condition may be caused or at least influenced by psycholocical factors. Also, it's not uncommon for women of your age to experience problems due to weakening of the pelvic muscles/pelvic floor, and this is often related to childbirth earlier in life. If this is the case, it can be helped by exercises to strengthen the muscles in question. Have you discussed this possibility with your doctor? I think you should. In the meantime there are a number of practical steps which you can take to make life easier such as limiting your intake of fluids before going out (or going to bed) and going to the toilet at those times as w! ell. Everyone has to get up in the night and go for a wee sometimes. Unless it becomes a regular nightly occurence and your sleep suffers as a result, I wouldn't bother the doctor too much about it. You should be able to get some discreet plastic or disposable diapers from a pharmacy or chemist too and this should ease matters if you wear them when you're out. Nobody need know and it would be no big deal if you had to wee other than on the toilet. Above all, try not to worry. Hope your problem is soon sorted out and that if its not a way can be found of living with it.


Public Toilet Hater
I am so mad. I clogged my toilet AGAIN. I keep a plunger next to the commode because I clog the commode nearly every time I take a dump.

Is there anything I can do to prevent this? There is just too much poop.

I was at a party Saturday evening, and after consuming large quantities of Woodchuck cider (fermented cider...very good), I had to go to the bathroom. I could feel intense pressure in my bladder and waves shooting out to the sides. I asked where the restroom was, and the host of the party told me the plumber was fixing the toilet. Some of the men were going outside to urinate, but there were houses on all sides and little privacy. Finally, people started making noises and giving indications that they were tired of waiting for the plumber to finish. We were all fairly drunk or had at least had a lot of alcohol.

About fifteen minutes later, I noticed a bottle being passed from the kitchen. In order, the men sitting on the couches and chairs would take the bottle, unzip, and pee into it. Some of them turned to hide, but some were brave (or drunk) enough to just stick it into the bottle right in front of everyone. Some women looked away, but I was fascinated. I! loved watching them do this. The ladies, however, got desperate since watching them pee made us have to go even more. Finally, I came up with an idea. I gathered all of the women and asked for some blankets. We went outside into the backyard, and I had four women stand in a square formation and hold the blankets, which made four walls. We all took turns going inside to pee and holding the blankets. They all thanked me for being so smart. All I knew was that I felt about ten pounds lighter after my bladder had been relieved.

The men applauded as they watched us doing this (they couldn't see the women peeing, just what we were doing outside).

Last night i went to bed and when i went to bed i was feeling some gurgling in my stomach, i ignored it and went to sleep about 3 or 4am i woke up and had some stomach discomfort then i went back to sleep woke up and it was stronger and i knew i would need to take a crap. I went to the bathroom and sat down and began pushing(i didn't really have an urge to go) I had stomach discomfort. So i pushed and i pushed out several hard balls or small logs then after the 5th log came out it was much looser and it felt better. Then i wiped and flushed and went back to bed. I woke up at 5am and had to crap, it was loose again. That was the last time i went, haven't gone since. The pain was so intense that i was thinking i was blocked up and stuff and diahreha is trying to pass through and it can't and you get severe stomach pain, does any one agree with me?

To Robbie: I see you haven't posted in a few days, just wondering whats up? I've been out there looking f! or you on the net.


TONY (SCOTLAND): Regarding "Grodek's Dictum" ("If you find the bathroom scent of a women's poop disgusting, she's not the woman for you!"...roughly paraphrased), this observation recalls a brilliant experiment in sociobiology that I once read about. Two groups of subjects (half of them male, the other half of them female) were first given blood tests to determine their immune antigen typology, a serum classification loosely related to blood type. The men were then given clean cotten undershirts, which they were instructed to wear continuously for about five days, without scrubbing their underarms or using deodorant for the duration of the test. The collected undershirts (stored in sealed plastic pouches to preserve aroma!) were then presented to each of the female subjects in turn, who were instructed to "rate" each male aroma on a scale which ranged from "distasteful" (at the low end) to "neutral" (mid-scale) to "very sexy" (top of scale). The result showed a tremendous stati! stical correlation between a woman's rating of a particular man's scent as "sexy" or "very sexy", and his possession of an antigenic system which was complementary (rather than antagonistic) to her own. In very simplified terms, antigen seriotypes, like blood types, can be either complementary or antagonistic. Blood transfusions are possible between identical or complementary types, but not between antagonistic types. What this meant, in genetic terms, is that if she were to mate with a man she had never met, but whose scent she found "very sexy", the two of them would stand an excellent chance of producing a baby with a very robust immune system, as opposed to (say) a baby prone to RH dysfunction. In terms of sociobiology, the baby they produced would thus have a much greater chance of survival. Clearly, the sweat of a serio-complementary male was transmitting a "body message" which the woman was picking up at a totally pre-rational level. It's well known that both sweat and ! pee carry these covertly encoded pheromonic messages. In fact, I would assume that the same test could have been done, with the same statistically significant results, using the guys' pee rather than their sweat...but let's not go there for now! I can tell you briefly, from independent research, that female pee "ferments" into a pleasant fruity scent, which is specific to the presence of estrogen; while male pee "ferments" into an unpleasant acrid scent, which is specific to the presence of testosterone. These "aromatic" differences presumably also have pheromonic content and significance. Also, vegetarian or vegan pee "ammoniates" much less vigorously (and obnoxiously) than carnivore pee. But all of this is a separate topic for discussion. I've never heard poop mentioned as a known pheromonic vector...but it wouldn't be surprising at all, given its similarly intimate connection to our physical chemistry. Obviously I could run in all sorts of humorous directions with the "underwear sniffing" thing...but the moderator would probably kill this post and ruin my labor! My most recent post, in fact, responding to Ryan's question about his fear of getting an erection when being examined by his doctor, was nuked...which I thought most unfair and unfortunate, since it was a respectful and helpful answer to an excellent question. Alas, I don't make the rules...I only do my best to tiptoe around them without setting off land mines. Hope this one makes it.

We found that post so humerous, that we are still not laughing. Ask a public question, get a public answer. Criminal sexual abuse (general FAQ 4.2) does not get posted, neither does explicit mastribation.(general FAQ 4.1). What's worse, this story was posted in response to a question, by a minor!?

Old Timer
The Daily Dump was the best! Since it was unmoderated, it finally fell victim to spammers, and lack of community, keeping the saboteurs out, but this place goes too far the other way. Ho-hum. I don't know who remembers the regs there, but Marsha, Party Pooper, White Shadow, Jill, Sir Dumpalot, etc. what a crew!

I'm responding to the post by Christine where she describes symptoms that very closely resemble those of a urinary tract infection which needs the attention of a urologist as soon as possible. When she originally described her urgency and frequency, I thought the differential diagnosis would include diabetes mellitis but now it really sounds more like a UTI. The problem is, this could go "higher" in your urinary tract than your bladder, Christine, and you could end up with kidney involvement. Get yourself to a well recommended urologist
for a complete workup because there is no way you should have to just "live with" this situation. It calls out for
attention, and one of the current "knockout" antibiotics
should help you immensely. You also may find that because of the apparent longstanding nature of your condition, the doctor may order a kidney x-ray called an IVP or intravenous pyelogram to see if the kidneys have become involved. It is mildly unpleasant bu! t nothing like gastrointestinal procedures if you've ever had one of those.

I haven't been on here much lately but continue to very much appreciate the carefully and expertly given advice from Moira and Nicole (or is it Nicola?). These two and many others hold this board together splendidly.

Good luck Christine and do report back after you have been
diagnosed and treated. And do not delay, my friend.

Hi All,
Well; lucky me...I just spent two days in LasVegas. Hey; no...I didn't gamble.....(I'm too young..hehe...)
But...I **WAS** lucky 'cause I got to stay in the Luxor Hotel (the one shaped like a pyramid).
In the bathroom; they have this super-cool mirror thingy that you use when you're shaving...
It's round and has a light around its outer edge...and the mirror magnifies your face.
I was thinking of how; if I had one of those things at my cool it would be to squat over it and take a dump onto it!
Hahaha! Has anyone ever tried that?
Have fun...I've got a ton of homework to catch up on.
Bye... K.C.
P.S to Robbie.....Check your e-mail :)

This is my first time posting so please say if its a good story or not.

My girlfriend and I were at my house (We are both 14 if anyones wondering..) and she was wearing nothing but a bra and panties and laying on her stomach and we were watching TV. Suddenly she sat up to a sitting position and was sort of squirming around and im thinkin what the hell is she doing. Then her next change of positions apparently caused her to lose control of her anus muscles and she let out an extremely loud fart lasting about 2 or 3 seconds and her face quickly turned red. I couldnt help myself and started laughing but kept trying not to. Her stomach was making weird noises and growling really loud at times and at one point she yelled "Oh my god" and jumped up and started running to the bathroom. I quickly turned around and looked at her back-side and didnt see any brown marks on her panties so i knew she hadnt had an accident or something. I walked over to the bathroom and she was in s! uch a hurry she didnt bother to close the door so i sat against the wall just outside the bathroom. She sat down on the toilet so fast that i heard a 'thud' and she immediately let out an extremely loud, long, and bubbly fart and a few seconds after that i heard about 5 or 6 splashes then silence for a few more seconds then all of a sudden she exploded with diarrhea as i heard rapid splashing and a lot of gas being passed at the same time. then it was quiet again for a few seconds and she let out a final fart and i heard the toilet paper roll being accessed. I got up and walked into the bathroom and said "Amanda are you ok?" in a thoughtful way. She said "Well im feeling alot better now.." As she got up to wipe herself i looked into the toilet and thought wow i bet she feels better, the water was completely brown and there were about 10 small and soft chunks floating at the top. She must have wiped herself about 10 times and then she spread her butt cheeks apart and bent over ! and asked me if her ass was clean (you can just imagine how lucky i felt at this point hehe) and i said yeah. I dont know what made her so sick wether she ate something that upset her stomach or what but she must have gotten it all out of her system because she had no trouble eating lunch and that night she was back to firm logs so i guess shes ok now.

I'll post again as some more stuff happens in my life but i must be going now.

Moira: thanks for the underwear info. I have those same briefs in my collection. We were not required to have matching underwear in school. We wore light blues, pinks, yellows, greens and whites. Then in high school my mom bought me navy blues, aquas and blacks.

Jane: I once felt something sticking me in my back. It was my slip and skirt after I pulled up my panties. I thought I let down my skirt. When I returned to class, the teacher said to me, "Your slip is showing." Sometimes I won't wear a slip. If I use the toilet, I either take off my dress or skirt. When I was in eighth grade, I was trepid about going on the school toilet. But, if I could not bear the pain in my stomach, I would go. There was a simple closet with a toilet and a doorless stall and I could not wait so I went as I sat, my friend Donna entered and found me, with my slip and uniform skirt at my waist. In the toilet was a 12 inch piece of gray doo-doo. I agonized in pain during class, until I could ! not take it any longer. Donna said to me, "You found my secret toilet!" Then another two girls entered and the secret was out.

Sandra: I am glad you used the toilet at work and you had company. Don't use a bus stop shelter.

Rosie: Sorry to hear about your sudden illness. That can be nasty. I have not been that sick in years. Every year in third, fourth and fifth grades, I would get a stomach virus. I used to take it to school and had to be sent home. I got sick in the night and went to school sick. One night I was vomiting that I could not make it to the toilet. I vomited all over my bedsheets and my mom had to clean up. A few hours later, I woke up and while sitting the toilet with my pj's and panties at my ankles with diarreah, I bent my head over between my legs and threw up. It just would not stop and I was crying. One time I wanted to go to school, forced myself to go and sat in class with my head on the desk. A boy named Jeffery sat next to me stroking ! my hair. At 3PM, class dismissal, I threw up in the back of the classroom. My friends walked me home and there I stayed for a week. No fun. I don't want to see days like that.

Caveat: Stay away from Indian food or any food you are not familiar with or that looks strange. Trust me.

Tuesday, February 15, 2000

To answer Timid Tigress' question, urinals came in a large variety of types. At one extreme there is the "long flat wall" style. This consists of a flat vertical wall - normally made of porcelain, slate or stainless steel - against which you have to pee. There is a channel, normally about 2 to 4 inches wide, containing one or more drains set into the floor running along the base of the wall. Some have privacy screens, but many are just bare walls where you stand shoulder to shoulder with other users. As a variation on this type of urinal is the trough urinal. These again have a vertical 'back wall' but rather than the wall extending all the way to the floor there is a trough, which is normally much wider than the channel in the urinals described above, mounted on the wall. With this type of urinal, I am never sure whether you are supposed to pee against the vertical wall or onto the 'floor' of the trough.

The other main type of urinal is the wall mounted individual ! 'basin'. Again the shape varies a lot.

Tony (Scotland). Thanks for the info about your Mom and the way she brought you up. Intellectually, I'd go along with the idea that its better and healthier to have a motion when the need arises rather than have a fixed daily routine. For practical purposes however, I find it easier to have a routine of sorts, even if it is a 'moveable feast' rather than leave it to chance and just go randomly -attractive though the idea is in some respects. I don't like using public toilets for 'sit down jobs' - unless its absolutely necessary and can't be avoided - for the simple reason that often they're not too clean and you can't be too careful nowadays. That's partly why I prefer to have routine - so that I can arrange to have BM's when I'm at home or work (where there are decent facilities). Also I don't like the idea of having to restrain myself in situations where there aren't any facilities to be had. One Saturday morning I was going to my local market town on the bus and, although the distance wasn't great, my bus took rather a circuitous route round various lanes and villages, making the whole journey last a good 20 minutes. At a fairly early stage in the journey I realised that I'd drunk too much breakfast tea and, despite going to the toilet before leaving home, needed to pee. At first I tried to ignore it and focus my mind on other things but it soon became impossible. Would I make it or wouldn't I? After what seemed like an eternity we arrived at my bus stop in town and I got off. I hurried to the Gents in the local supermarket and, luckily, I made it to a urinal in time - but only just. A few more minutes and it could have been very awkward indeed. I've since cut down my intake of breakfast tea!

Contributors to the former Daily Dump. A few years ago I was doing a part time college course (on Saturday mornings) and used to spend some time on the Internet in the college library. I used to visit the Daily Dump sometimes and found it quite interesting. I even contributed sometimes as 'Addy Dumpy'. There were aspects of it which I didn't like and with good reason. Unlike this forum it wasn't moderated and there were no 'controls' over what people posted. However, there were some good intellectual and philosophical bits which I enjoyed. One day however, the duty librarian came round to check on what people were doing and 'caught' me (his word not mine) viewing a fairly innocuous article posted in the Daily Dump. He didn't take any drastic measures but warned me that if I accessed it again I would have to leave.

Katia I liked your story. Hey I was just wondering where you live not like city/state. I mean do you live in the city or the country? I live in the country so I'm really used to peeing outside. I do have one freind though who lives nearby that just can't fathom peeing outside. She said she did it once when she was little and it was horrible. I find it kind of nice, you aren't limited to one place you can just pick any spot you want and go.

Has anyone here ever laughed so hard they pooed themselves?
I've laughed so hard I've peed myself a few times but... I was just wondering about that. Kara

Moira, Sandra, Jane, Rosy, Linda (new girl) - I love you all. Your husbands/boyfriends are VERY lucky !!!

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