Last night I woke up at 3 a.m. with terrible cramps in my stomach. My stomach muscles were gurgling. I quickly realised that I had diarreah. I rushed to the toilet and lifted my nightdress, and out came a terrible wave of liquid shit, lasting for about ten minutes. One wave came after the other. I spent about an hour on the toilet, while permanently diarreah spashed out of me. I have never experienced such a thing before, whenever I had diarreah I had eaten something weird. This time it must have been a virus. At 4 a.m. I went back to bed. Half an hour later I woke up again with a very stong urge to shit. I was sitting on the toilet from 4.30 a.m. until 6 a.m., without interruption. One wave of diarreah came after the other, whereas finally only water came out. At 6 a.m. I took some medicament which stopped diarreah. It kept me runny once or twice during the morning, but never as bad as in the night.

I'm the piano teacher (50 years) that has to pee much more frequently since last summer. I went to see a couple of doctors, but no one could help me, all tell me that my problem is psycho-somatic. Since last summer, I pee every hour and have to get up twice a night to pee. When I arrive to my school for the piano lessons the first thing for me is to visit the toilet. I always feel a stong need to urinate but can void only few quantities of urine. When I leave the toilet my bladder burns and a few minutes later it feels as if I had to go again. Then I usually hold in until my next break, then run to the toilet, sit down and wait for about two minutes until some very few urine comes out. I always feel strange as I go to the toilet so often. Sometimes I have to go in the middle of lessons or concerts. Voiding large quantities of urine is rare to me, like yesterday. I went to see a friend at another town. When I arrived at the restaurant I had to go badly, but voided only a few dr! ops. Then I had a few drinks, wine and coffee. After an hour, I felt desperate. I went to the toilet and peed a very long strem of two minutes. Half an hour I had to go again, when another long pee came out of me. Then I walked to the car parking. There I felt desperate again. I peed for another two minutes. Half on my way home, I felt desperate again. I had to pull over and go to the toilet at a gas station. Another long stream of pee (about 2 minutes). Finally at home, again trips to the toilet every hour with very small quantities. I think I simply have to cope with my new situation that I have to pee more often than before, although it gets very boring.

Hey laurie are you still around? I miss your posts!!! They were the best on here.

Today, I went to the Korean Resturaunt le I do on most Sat afternoons. While I was waiting for my food, I was reading the local paper (Colo Spgs Gazette & Telegraph) and there was a small blurb about a teacher not allowing one of his male students to go to the bathroom. The student asked for permission several times and the teacher finally told him to use the trash can. So he did. The teacher was jailed on a charge of crontributing to the delinquency of a minor with a $500 fine.

The story above reminds me when I was a kid - 1st or 2nd grade. I had bowel problems and when I went into class the first day, the teacher took me aside and mentioned that she was told by my mother about my bowel problems. I was very embarassed. It was eventually resolved. For several years afterward, I couldn't have a BM without me pushing. My bowels wouldn't work on their own. By the time I got into 5th or 6th grade, they started to act normally. Now, I can feel it is almost time to dump! a load and go and sit on the can and within several minutes, my anus opens and it comes out and feels good :)

Well, that is all for now.

Hey Robbie: Thats awesome Man that you you used to break your poop up too see what was in it, like i used to do!!
Thats cool that you saw 2 other guys shitting in the bathroom. I don't recall when i saw some one at school shitting, awhile!!

Further to Anne's contention that many boys and men have a longing to see a girl or woman having a accident in her underpants , as I have said this doesnt give me a buzz, I feel sorry and sympathy for the female involved. When Moira did one in her panties as described by her in her lastest post neither George nor I got a thril from this. We all, Moira included, laughed it of with her making jokes about "evidence in the lawyer's briefs" and "the defence moved" and "exhibit S", "bundle B" etc but I felt sorry that a nice night out had ended like this for her.

I did meet a lad, James, when I was at school before I went to the same school as George, who WAS turned on by a female doing a number two in her panties. We had discovered that we had a similar interest in defecation , not that uncommon in kids, especially among those for Glasgow, (look at Billy Connolly's toilet jokes etc about jobbies. I think he helped to make this word for a bowel movement popular outside Sc! otland). One day James told me he had something very interesting to tell me as we walked to school. He was quite excited as he told me how his mum had done a big solid jobbie in her knickers on the way home that evening, and he went into graphic details about the big lumpy mass hanging down in the seat of her white briefs as she stepped out of her skirt. While James seemed turned on by this I said that it would have been better if she had done it normally into the toilet pan and he had heard and maybe even have seen it. He replied that a few weeks previously he had a similar accident in his underpants and, ( unlike my own mother who was very understanding about accidents), she had give him a very hard time about it saying that a boy of eight shouldn't have accidents like a baby and threatening to put him into nappies (diapers). I imagine therefore his buzz was motivated by revenge that the tables were turned on her. A few months later one of the girls in our class also had an ! accident in her knickers when she had been too shy to ask out during class, had held it in, but didnt make it to the girls toilets at the far end of the playground, (schoolyard), and it all came out in her knickers. Many of the kids of course gathered round and one of the other girls lifted up the victim's skirt at the back showing us all the bulge drooping down in the seat of her underpants, (again white cotton briefs). I felt sorry for her and told one of the other decent kids to go and get a teacher, many of the other kids mocked her, but James was positively excited and went on about this incident all the way home. After that he used to talk to me about imagining many girls and women doing a jobbie in their knickers, not really my scene. He moved to Corby in England as many Scots families in the 1960s did to work in the steel mills there later that year but I wonder if he grew up to have a kink about women having soiling accidents in their panties? Not the aspect of Copro! philia which I am into, but each to their own.

I agree with Moira and others that spicy curries and other exotic foods can sure cause a sudden dose of the runs. Hence the phrases "Acapulco Two Step","Gandhis Revenge" "Dehli belly" etc. If not used to these and normally eating a bland western diet then try the milder versions. As for eating prunes, figs or other fruit, these are natural laxatives and I suppose if you HAVE to take something to make you shit if badly constipated it would be better to eat some prunes or figs than take senna, castor oil, epsom salts or dulcolax or other chemical purgatives, though I still say either mild lubricant Liquid parafin (mineral oil) or a glycerine suppository is a far better way to aleviate obstinate constipation. I am told that drinking two or three pints of Guinness (stout) has a laxative effect. I cant stand the stuff myself, and I can tell you it makes your poo stink disgustingly, a real choking, vomit inducing stench, and ! I have had to burn brown wrapping paper and let it smoke to kill the smell when a Guinness drinking friend did a poo in my toilet. I didnt listen as I knew he would be passing a loose stool and Im glad that he did at least ensure than none of the messy mush stayed behind although the stink did. (I would add that his wife did a nice solid fat carrot shaped jobbie afterwards , which I saw and this made up for his stinking out my toilet). Do other readers find a particular food or drink makes their stools or those of family or friends have a really terrible sick making smell? I have to say that I dont find the smell of a healthy solid formed motion at all disgusting and as Grodek has written, I find the smell of my wife Theresa's jobbies quite pleasent. (Grodek was a German who wrote about sex and he said that one way to tell if a woman you like is suitable for you is to go into the toilet after she has passed a bowel movement. If you are disgusted by the smell she is not for yo! u). Although these had not been discovered then I think that pheromones may have some connection with this. I can say that even Grodek would be challenged if the woman he desired had been drinking Guinness before her dump!

To Moria and Jasmine as it relates to flushing knapkins or pads down the hole. I can tell you, this was never a problem with older houses I have lived in in the past, my girlfriends would flush their stuff down the toilet all the time. Back then, the toilets were of the high water capacity type and they could handle almost anything without clogging. Well you know, those idiotic politicians had to put their hands in it and force builders of all new homes, and apts. to put these wimpy 1.3 gallon capacity toilets in. I can tell you right now, almost anything can clog these things up, even regular toilet paper, lousy. I have reached the point where I will try to find an aftermarket toilet broker who sell the old high capacity toilets on the black market, and put one in my master bathroom. That is really the only bathroom in my house that I use, even if I have company overnight. P.S.- Jasmine, are you in college right now, and if so, what is your major?

ZnCN(Nagano, Japan)
Hey. This is my second post here, well actually my third. My second one didn't appear in board for some reason. I especially enjoy posts from young guys. How do you guys wipe yourself? Since results from survey isn't disclosed I thought I'd do my own survey here.
1. Are you an inspector(look at the paper after each wipe to examine the contamination you've just wiped and see if you need further wiping)
2. which direction do you wipe from?
3. Do you stand, sit, squat or whatever when you wipe?
4. How many wipes does it normally take?
5. Do you crumple or neatly fold the paper?
6. Finally do you throw away the paper after one wipe or fold it over to clean side?

Robbie: I've never been to The Daily Dump forum and was wondering what was it like. I searched with various word such as "shitting", "skidmarks" "toilet" which lead me to maxxfordham's. I found this place on Maxx's links. I wish we could po! st e-mail address here though. Without moderators we would have tons of spam here.
Bryian, Robbie: I never touched my poop on purpose, but I remember accidentally falling onto dog crap with my left hand. I got so grossed and washed right away, but smell never quite came out for day or two. Never thought anybody would even want to do that. I really don't like pooping at school for same reason you mentioned. If I really have to go I'd walk all the way to one by main office or wait until class starts and ask the teacher for pass.

This is my post from Sat. I'm posting again because it didn't get posted
Hey. This is my second post here, well actually my third.
My second one didn't appear in board for some reason.
I especially enjoy posts from young guys. How do you
guys wipe yourself? Since results from survey isn't
disclosed I thought I'd do my own survey here.
1. Are you an inspector(look at the paper after each
wipe to examine the contamination you've just wiped and
see if you need further wiping)
2. which direction do you wipe from?
3. Do you stand, sit, squat or whatever when you wipe?
4. How many wipes does it normally take?
5. Do you crumple or neatly fold the paper?
6. Finally do you throw away the paper after one wipe or fold it over to clean side?

Robbie: I've never been to The Daily Dump forum and was wondering what was it like. I searched with various word such as "shitting", "skidmarks" "toilet" which lead me to maxxfordham's. I found this place on Maxx's links. I wish we could post e-mail address here though. Without moderators we would have tons of spam here.

Bryian, Robbie: I never touched my poop on purpose,
but I remember accidentally falling onto dog crap with my left hand. I got so grossed and washed right away, but smell never quite came out for day or two. Never thought anybody would even want to do that. I really don't like pooping at school for same reason you mentioned. If I really have to go I'd walk all the way to one by main office or wait until class starts and ask the teacher for pass.

Sunday, February 13, 2000

A few years ago while hiking in New Zealand, I visited a thermal area near Rotorua, which has a Maori name meaning 'Sacred Waters'. After walking round the area to see hot bubbling pools with brightly coloured crystals I visited the clean, modern toilet block outside the visitor centre. I felt a mild migraine attack coming on, possibly due to the sulphurous fumes I had just been exposed to. I needed get out of the bright light and round the back of the toilet block, I found a door that wasn't locked so I went in. It led into the room with the toilet cisterns for all the toilets. I closed the door without switching the light on and as there were no windows, it was completely dark. Perfect, just what I needed. I sat on the floor and after about 10 minutes, I started to feel better.

As my eyes had become accustomed to the dark, I noticed some small points of light. The partition wall to the mens and womens toilets was made of quite thin board and someone, presumably bise! xual, had bored some small spy holes through to peep into every stall from the back, at seat level. The holes were so small and it was so dark in there that there was no risk of being seen. I confined my attention to the view into the womens' stalls. The one nearest the entrance was best as it had a skylight in the roof and was well lit. It was also quite busy and in about 5 minutes, I saw about 6 women come in and pee. Most of them didn't sit on the seat but hovered above it, giving me a fine view. Then a woman of about 45 came in, took down her jeans and panties and hovered just above the seat. She pushed and pushed and her anus domed out. She was obviously straining, then a few drops of creamy liquid poop came out. I guessed that this was the last few drops of a larger loose motion she had passed earlier. I saw her wipe and pull her panties up.

I couldn't stay there long but it was the most remarkable toliet view I have found anywhere in the world. It's a pity it's! right on the other side of the world from the UK.

Hello all. Jasmine, I really wouldn't flush sanitary pads (towels) down the toilet pan. Its far better to put these in a paper bag, (most brands supply these in the packet) and dipose of them either in the incinerator or fire, or into the bin. Nowadays of course the thinner towels with "wings" to attach them to the gusset of your panties are easier to dispose of than the old style bulky thick ones we had to use when I was a schoolgirl. I also use tampons as I have very heavy periods. There is nothing wrong with me I have a "well woman" screening every year, its just the way I am. Hopefully this will end in a few years when I start the menopause, though I may go on HRT.

Rosy, nice to read another legal type here. Be a bit more cautious with the spicy Indian Foods. Im lucky, I have a cast iron constitution, but a lot of people suffer "Gandhi's revenge" if they eat too much Vindaloo. Stick to the milder curries such as Korma to begin with.

Anne, I agree with you! , men and boys do seem to have some sort of kink about women and girls doing a number two in their knickers or wetting their panties to a lesser extent. I havent yet encountered a female who gets a buzz from a bloke having an accident. As our friend Tony has mentioned, he was with George and me when I had an accident in my knickers a while back. We had gone for a meal and I had drank more than the legal limit and as I have said, it would be very wrong for a Solicitor to be caught drunk driving. I would add I wasnt drunk. I felt the need come on as we walked home, it being late and all the taxis being taken. There wasnt a public toilet around, and nowhere to go behind a hedge or wall, so I did a big solid jobbie in my panties. Luckily these knickers (see paragraph below) kept it all in and I simply stepped out of them in the toilet when we went home and emptied the lump in the seat into the toilet pan. It hadnt squashed up that much Im glad to say just made a big lumpy bulge in! the seat of my knickers, as Tony said, like a man's erection only at the back of the panties not the front. I wasnt embarrased, more annoyed with myself as I could have gone in the restuarant toilet.

Althea, both George and I wear the cotton interlock knickers (briefs)Tony mentioned , George having worn this type of (girls)underwear since he was a kid living with his aunt and cousins. These are warm and comfortable and we both take the same size so can share our panties. In warmer weather we wear Sloggi Maxi Briefs, Playtex Cherish, Pretty Poly Nix and other such brands. I assume you have similar underpants in the USA but probably different brand names.

Linda, prunes, figs, most fruit have natural laxative effects, so Im not surprised that you havd a mega dose of the shits! Although I can eat most things, even I shy clear of figs and prunes, I dont like them anyway.

Sandra, your comment about doing a poo with a new employee reminds me of an inciden! t last year. A new cashier started with us, a lad of about 25 I suppose. On showing him around the office I told him that while we do have separate toilets to satisfy clients and comply with legislation we also have a unisex "Ally Mac Beal" staff toilet, (all cubicles no dirty smelly urinals), and he wasnt to be surprised to see female and male staff in there. After lunch I needed a motion as I often do and went to the toilet. Andrew, (not his real name), was in there and was just going into a cubicle when he saw me come in. "Oh hello Moira (its all first names in our office except in meetings with clients etc), I'll leave if you are needing to use the toilet" he said. I told him not to be silly as I certainly wasnt embarrased but I would go to the other ladies only toilet downstairs if he was bothered. He said no and went into the cubicle next to mine. He did a wee wee, then what sounded like a single medium sized jobbie which made a "KAPLONK!" I did one of my specials, afte! r a loud hissing wee wee I farted then passed two fat goose eggs "KERSPLOONK! KURSPLOINK!" then with "UHHS and NN!S and long fat torpedo which crackled as it slowly slid out and dropped into the pan (the old high type in our office)with a loud "KUR-SPULL-LOOMP!" I wiped my bum pulled up my knickers, (as Tony remarked thwacking the elastics at the waist and leg openings, its a girl type of thing, something I have always done and have heard other women do), fixed my skirt and came out and Andrew came out of his cubicle at the same time. As we washed our hands there was a deathly silence so to break the ice I said, "That's better, I can have a comfortable case conference now. Can you let me have those cheques for the medical reports in the ****** case please?". Now as I went to leave the toilet he stayed to comb his hair but out of curiosity I tip toed back and saw the door of the cubicle I had used was closed and Andrew had obviously gone in there to have a look at what I had! done (it had stuck). It took me all my will power not to giggle like a schoolgirl. Later when he brought me the files and cheques I had asked for I noticed a strange look on his face but I didnt say anything just smiled and asked him how he liked it on his first day here. He replied that he felt he would like it here and I have to say he has fitted in and is a first class cashier and member of our team. He happily uses our unisex toilet, sometimes at the same time as me, and I know he goes and has a look in the pan I have used to look at my big jobbie. I never say anything of course.

Harry, I have probably said this in reply to your posts before but what would your strange parents have made of me and George, respectively a senior partner in a firm of Solicitors and the owner of a sucessful computer and systems business. We would NOT have been "proper people" as both of us have passed large logs since our early teens and are proud of your achievemments. Neither of us! had this silly response at home, George's Aunt Helen was always praiseworthy if he or the two girls had a good motion as my mum was when I or my young brother did a big one. That was the only comment. If it wouldn't go away after a 3 or 4 flushes in our toilet pan at home then we simply threw a bucket of water down or if really obstinate pushed it over the bend with our hand while pulling the flush. Not a drama. I advise the person who's special diet blocks the toilet to flush frequently after each load of poo not leave it all to build up and as you say to use less toilet paper, perhaps moist tissues are best as one needs fewer to clean up after even a sticky soft motion. Of course I assume this person is dumping a load of soft poo not big solid ones. Perhaps they will give us more detail. Above all they must stick to their special diet whatever the side effects. Love to all from Moira and George.

Jasmine: If your pad went down the toilet just fine, usually it won't be a problem in the drain unless you have a septic tank or your drain has pipe problems (Like a tree root in the pipe or excessive buildup). When my sis and I went to our mom's house, my nephew (He's two years old) needed a diaper change and mom asked my sis to flush the soiled Huggies down instead of leaving it in the trash. She objected for a sec, then gave in. She flushed it after a little arguing and was pretty amazed that it went down just fine (especially since he was in an upper size, I think it was 4). But I've seen worse. At my mechanic's garage there's a sign in the toilet stating to not flush pads and to flush twice after using due to the faulty plumbing there, so I guess toilets come in all sorts of conditions.

Cousin-- GOOD FOR YOU, I am glade to hear you made an
effort to give Linda the privacy she probably desprately
needed. I can understand a Nurse wanting to check the
contents of a bedpan to make sure things are passing but
there is NO EXCUSE for demanding to watch the act of
dumping in progress!! Society for the most part has made
this into a private matter and to suddenly be forced to
perform in fornt of a stranger is not fair.

Most professionals just think kids don't have any rights.
When it comes to personal diginity they SURE DO! I wish
someone like you had been around when I was in the hospital.
Please tell Linda we hope she's back home soon-- JW

Hi all. To Buzzy: I don’t really plan on dumping in front of Chuck, I don’t think he’s into it and I am a little more reserved than him (to say the least), but you never know… Anyway, I have a story from yesterday. Chuck came by my office in the morning, stopped briefly in my doorway only long enough to say, “I gotta take a wicked shit like yesterday,” and he began walking very fast down the hall to the restroom. I or course followed and I noticed that another partner was entering the bathroom before us. Chuck literally burst through the bathroom door and took big fast strides to the middle stall (the first stall was taken by the other partner). As he ran toward the stall, he took his suit jacket off in one swift motion. He entered the stall, slammed the toilet set down really hard and slammed the door shut with quite a bit of force (BAM!). He didn’t bother with putting paper on the seat or even wiping it off. I could hear him frantically fumbling with his belt buckle, “Oh good Lord,” he said as he shoved his pants and underwear down in extreme haste. He hit the bowl hard and instantaneously he exploded. It was the loudest bowel explosion I have ever heard and it was accompanied by many turds being shot out of his hole. “UHHHHH!” Chuck grunted so loudly that it was actually a yell. I heard the guy in the next stall say, “Wow,” very softly. He was shitting also, but you couldn’t hear any of his performance over Chuck’s sound effects. Chuck was still grunting even though nothing was coming out after the initial explosion. “Uh” … pause… “Oh”… pause… “Uh” pause. All of a sudden he had another explosion. This was a little looser and I could hear long turds shooting out of his hole again and they were making seriously wicked sounds (“Barrup, schlump, crackle, big fart, multiple splashes). After this mega wave of shitting, he started groaning again. The guy in the next stall says, “You’re really goin’ to town in there, huh.” Chuck laughed and says, “Oh man, what a f???in’ relief, WOO!” So Chuck starts grunting again and then starts a farting marathon off an on for about 20 seconds or so and then, grunting and groaning with complete abandon, he starts to push out more turds. The first few crackle out real slowly and he really has to strain and grunt until they plop into the water. “Oh God, UHH.” The next few turds go shooting out quickly. They sound smaller and they exit with quite an audible fanfare. There is another pause and by now the bathroom is reeking to high heaven of Chuck’s shit. Suddenly, Chuck has a another real loose bowel explosion and all sorts of liquishit and turd balls start exiting his hole. The noise is unreal and it is echoing and Chuck is grunting these short guttural yells. Finally the shit stops coming out and Chuck cuts loose with a real nasty-sounding wet fart that start very low and just keeps on going. I lost count of the seconds, but it was unbelievably long. At the end of the fart, one last turd slips out and sounds really heavy when it hits the water. “F???n’ ay man,” Chuck exclaims and sighs. By now the other guy has finished and left the bathroom so Chuck opens the stall and let’s me see what’s in the bowl. The water is completely brown and there are skid marks and shit splatter all around the bowl. There are some big turds partly in the water and partly out. Basically it was a huge load. Chuck puffs out his chest, looks straight at the ceiling and gives his traditional hoot. He flushes and doesn’t let me wipe or watch him wipe this time because he’s paranoid that someone will walk in. When he’s finished wiping he starts to pull up his underwear and then stops and says, “F??K!” He pulls back down his underwear, falls back down on the bowl and has yet another semi-loose explosion with multiple small turds hitting the water (plip, plip, plop, plip). He grunts and groans and one more loose turd shoots out backed by a gaseous explosion. Finally he’s done and he wipes again (many many times). When he emerges from the stall, I’m waiting by the sink. I say, “Way to go dude,” and I shake his hand. Chuck laughs and says, “When I say it’s gonna be wicked dude, I don’t exaggerate. Man, that was nasty!” Just then another guy comes walking in and literally stops when he comes through the door and says, “PU, what happened in here.” Chuck starts laughing and says, “Oh, man talk about relief, I’m a few pounds lighter.” The guy starts laughing and says, “No doubt, smells like one for the record books.” Chuck laughs and says, “Don’t use the middle stall man, it’s a f???in’ mess.” “Thanks for the tip,” the other guys says and chooses the first stall. I pat Chuck on the back as we leave the bathroom and he turns and winks at me and we go back to our offices where it takes me ½ hour to get back to concentrating on work. Later.

I had an embarrassing experience in the eighth grade. During recess I had an urge to poop. At first I thought it was just gas and I could relieve it by passing a fart. I managed to pass a silent fart, and luckily no one else noticed the smell. Once we returned to class, I had another urge to poop, this time it was stronger. We were about to take a test, and I asked the teacher if I could go to the bathroom. She said no, the test is about to start, and you can go once you are finished with the test. I didn't want to wait, but I didn't have a choice. I tried to finish the test as fast as I could, and it was no problem since it was easier than I thought.

As I got up to turn in my test, I suddenly let go a long, loud and stinky fart. The whole class laughed, but the teacher said, "OK, class, that's enough." I told the teacher, "Excuse me. I'm sorry. Now can I go, please?" The teacher let me go to the bathroom. I went in quickly to the bathroom, went into a stall, lifted my uniform skirt and lowered my gym shorts and panties, and sat. Out came a loud booming fart, followed by a couple of long, thick pieces the size of a banana. I peed for a bit, followed by another fart and two more long pieces of poop. I then wiped a couple of times and gave a quick look at my deed before flushing it away. I came back to the classroom and sat at my desk, but I had a strange feeling something was different. For the rest of the morning, and during lunch, I noticed something was different from the time I went to the bathroom. Lots of people were giving me a hard time about the fart, but many of the boys were also staring at me more than usual.

This continued into the afternoon, during which I noticed that several of the boys were looking in my direction. I got up to the front of the class to point out several countries on a map. A few started to snicker and make farting sounds, but the teacher told them to be quiet. I got back to my seat, and a few boys continued to turn their head and glance at me. I couldn't figure it out why everyone seemed to be acting so strange. Then the teacher gave us a bathroom break, and I went in to pee.

Just as I was lifting my skirt, I suddenly realized that I was no longer wearing my gym shorts. All I had under my skirt was my white panties. I couldn't find my shorts in the bathroom. After I returned to my seat, the teacher said that a pair of gym shorts was found in the girls bathroom and to see her after school. Once class ended, I went to the teacher to see if the shorts were mine. The teacher said she noticed I didn't have on my gym shorts after I made that trip to the bathroom. I explained that it was a habit for me to wait until after I got home from school to have a BM, after which I changed out of my uniform, which included removing my gym shorts. I said I must have slipped off my shorts by accident. She said I was lucky it wasn't one of the nuns that saw me, otherwise I would have been punished as well as humiliated in front of the class. Well, I was teased about the big fart for a few days afterward, but no more after someone else had an accident.

Timmid Tigress
Hello everyone. I just remembered this story from back in high school. It was quite en embarrassment. I attended a school for the blind near my hometown. Lots of the students only had limited vision. Some of us were totally blind. Anyway, one day, between two of my afternoon classes, I really have to use the bathroom. Since our teachers didn't like us going in the middle of class unless it was a real emergency, I waited until class let out. So I ran to the girls' bathroom near my next class on the second floor. When I went in, I didn't hear anyone else in the bathroom. There were only two stalls in there. Ever since a couple years before this, when the toilet in the corner flooded several times, I avoided it and went to the other one. So I pushed on the stall door to see if it was locked. It wasn't. So I pushed it the rest of the way and... I walked in on the vice-principal on the toilet! That was so very embarrasing! In fact, I ran back out and went to class a! nd sat there the whole hour needing to go to the bathroom the whole time.
Last night I went on a short trip to a city a couple hours away with two of my Indian friends. We ate at an Indian restaurant there. I guess I've gotten pretty used to Indian food, because I didn't have to go to the bathroom until we got back. I was really worried about that because, since I mentioned that I'm blind, I don't like having to wander about in a public restroom to find out where everything is. And my friends couldn't go with me because they're both guys. And I also think it'd be embarrassing for them to know that Indian food had upset my stomach. As long as I've known these guys, I've never seen them spend a lot of time in the bathroom. Well anyway, I'm gladd it doesn't bother my stomach any more, because I like Indian food a lot.
Here's what may seem to some like a strange question, but considering what I've already said about myself, it will hopefully be understandable.! Could someone please describe to me what a urinal looks like? I've never been into a mens- restroom except one time when I was really little and the womens' restroom in the restaurant we'd stopped at was out-of-order. Thanks.
Well, gotta go now. I drank a biggy drink from Wendy's a few minutes ago, and I've got to make a trip to the bathroom.

Saturday, February 12, 2000

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