I'm a newcomer to this forum. I'm a 17 year old girl and at high school. I have been lurking and reading your posts for some weeks.
I love accident stories, perhaps because I had so many. But I have never had "solid-motion" accidents, mine come always from having the runs...

One of them came when I was with my cousin Alice in her parent's farm and we went to pick prunes. We ended up eating as many as we picked up, had a nice afternoon and then it caught us when we were back at the house. It started with cramps, and - thought I had eaten too much and I was to throw up but then I felt my bowels moving and we both rushed to the bathroom. My cousin got there first, she closed the door and I could hear like a torrent coming out of her belly. That went on for five minutes and I was clutching my belly. I tried to pass some gas, but it was worse... some liquid poop came out, but I could hold most of it. Then she went out, she was clutching her belly and cryin! g, and I rushed in, put down my panties and sat. the diarreah sprayed before I finished sitting down, along with many noisy farts and a great rumbling in my belly. I went like that for 15 minutes... We had to run to the toilet during the night, too, I forgot how many times... Following morning, we thought we were ok, had breakfast and went to church with family... I had to run out quickly, holding my belly in my hands... there was no toilet around and I had to go behind bushed (fortunately we were in the country), but that's another story...
Do you have similar experiences with prunes and other green or ripe fruits???
Please, I love runny sromach stories, keep them coming

Timid Tigress
Hello, all. This is my first time on here. First off, I hope no one gets any strange ideas about me from my name--my favorite animal is the tiger, so that's why I picked it.
There's something I've noticed ever since I started college. I've attended two colleges, and I've stayed in four dormitories. And in all of the dorms, so many girls seem to pee on the toilet seat. I understand why they may not want to sit on the seat, but no one's going to want to sit on it if everyone pees on it. You'd think they'd just put some tp on the seat or something. But no... they have to soak it every time. I've thought several times about putting one of those signs on the stall door saying "If you sprinkle while you tinkle, please be neat and wipe the seat." I used to think that was geared toward guys, but it doesn't have to be.
Also, i see there are people from different countries on this forum. I'm from the U.S. I might be able to go to India soon, since I have a lots ! of friends from there. And I'm currious--what are bathrooms like in India? Are they pretty much the same as they are here? BTW: When I first started eating Indian food, it upset my stomach sometimes. Now it doesn't bother me.
I've got lots of other questions, so I'll be back soon.

Timid Tigress

I flushed a sanitary pad down the toilet last night...and the toilet kinda clogged but after plunging it a bit, all turned out fine.
But can flushing pads down the toilet ruin the plumbing system eventually?

Tim... You asked in a previous post if any girls have had their mom's see them when they go. Well the last time my mom saw me go was when I was 15. I'm now 16 so it was only a few months ago. My mom and I are trying a new diet and exercising is a big part of it. We walk every other day for 2 hours at night on a trail in a park near by. Back this past summer, we went on our usual walk and I had been drinking water. Not much later, it all caught up with me. Being there's no bathrooms on the trail I tried to hold it as best as I could. After about 15 minutes, I was extremely desperate. I knew we were at least another 30 minutes from our car and after that it was a 15 minute drive home. I would never make it to a toilet. I had never had to pee outdoors before except for once when I was a little girl and my mom had helped me. I was now unsure of how to pee outdoors without splashing yourself. As I was thinking of all these things, I became so desparate to pee it now hurt to walk. I just came right out and said, "Mom I have to pee so bad, I think I'm gonna wet myself." She asked why I hadn't said anything and if I would make it back to the car and I said there wasn't enough time. I was practically crying cause I had to go so very badly. She told me to calm down and to just run over to some bushes on the side of the trail and go behind them. I told her I was unsure of how to go outside. I really didn't have much choice but to have my mom help me. I know I probably sound like a baby. We ran behind the bushes and she told me to pull down my shorts and panties. She showed me how to squat and how to hold my clothes so they wouldn't get wet. I started telling her to hurry cause I had to go. As soon as she finished poitioning me, she stepped out of the way and I just let go. My pee just gushed out of me, it felt so good to let it out. My mom just stood there and watched the whole thing. She made smart comments like, "Damn Kat you really did have to pee." I was a bit embarassed being this was the first time my mom had seen me naked since I went through puberty. But I had to go so bad I didn't care really. When I was done, I had nothing to wipe with so I just pulled my panties and shorts up. My mom decided to go also so she squatted next and peed for a bit. When she was done, we went back to the trail and kept walking. She kept asking me for the rest of the walk if I was ok or if I had ot go again and telling me she would take me again if I had to go. It was quite an experience for me and one I will try hard not to go through again! Hope I answerd it Tim! This is my first post here but I have been a viewer for some time now. It is nice to meet all of you!

Some years ago I witnessd a woman wet her pants. I was gassing my car and saw a woman head into the store. Previously I saw her clutching herself. I knew this place had no bathrooms inside. It was one of those where you had to ask for the key.She walked around looking and of course found no bathrooms. She then asked the clerk where the bathrooms were. I could see him hand her the key and gesture to the outside of the building. She immediatly rushed out there and started holding her crotch for the last fifty feet to the door. She struggled with the key and then went in. She was in there for a fairly long time.I purposely pretended to still be gassing my car.When she came out I could see a dark patch on her crotch and down the inside of both legs of her shorts.She went back in to the store,returned the key and left. Any simular stories?


hiker_uk: Keep up with the great stories. I love the way you describe how women poop in all the various situations you have mentioned. Thanks so much!

Steph: Loved your after class dumping story. Do you have any stories about you pooping in doorless stalls or toilets with no stalls? If you do, I'd love to hear them sometime.

Thanks and best wishes to all,

Jarod,love your Chuck stories, keep them comming. When are you going to buddy dump with him?

This is my first post here, although I have been visiting the site for some time and regularly enjoy your stories. I'm 20 and from Devon UK. I especially love to hear stories about other young guy's dumping experiences. Anyway I must go as I have a real strong urge to dump now and I haven't been for a couple of days so I guess it's going to be a big one. Keep the great stories coming!!!

I was sitting at my desk yesterday morning when I suddenly got some serious stomach cramps and a sudden urge to poo. This is very unusual as I normally feel the need to poo around lunchtime and I never have painful cramps, just that "loaded" feeling. While I was still at my desk I farted a couple of times but then I realized that the next fart would be a poo - and these poos were not going to be dry and solid. I had just hired an assistant (Jane) so I told her I was running to the ladies room. She said she needed to go also but didn't know where it was so she said she'd come with me. As we walked to the ladies room I kept letting out tiny farts and couldn't wait to get there. As soon as we got in the room I headed for the far stall and rapidly pulled down my underwear and sat down. Immediately I let out a huge, rippling fart and a thick mass of squidgy poo was hurtled out of my bottom which made an almighty splash. I then let out some more long, bubbling farts and continued to! let out some more squidgy poo but without the intensity of the first blast. And this all took about 30 seconds and it really stunk! It was then that I heard some plops and splashes from the next stall and realized that Jane was in there doing a normal, solid poo. I couldn't even imagine what she thought while her new boss was making all these noises! Jane was already wiping and flushing and I was still sitting there farting and pooing my brains out. I heard her door open and surprisingly she said " bet you feel better after that...see you in a minute!" I was partly embarrassed and partly amused but when I got back to my desk I could tell that the ice was broken already. It's amazing what a poo can do!

I'm 26 years old and work as a secretary at a law office. Yesterday I had for lunch some strange Indian food with curry sauce. It must have been either poisoned or unusual for my stomach, as already on leaving the restaurant I felt that my stomach was uneasy. Then I started work in the afternoon, being afraid that something bad would happen with me. As usual, I had to take minutes in a long meeting, which started at 2:00 p.m. At 2:15 I felt a permanent rumour and rolling in my stomach, which lasted for 20 minutes. After that time the food must have been passing through my stomach as I felt rather sick. I felt nauseous and felt a rather strong urge in my bowels. The urge came in waves, giving more and more pressure on my bowel muscles. I was writing on and on and had to accustom myself with the fact that I would have to leave the meeting rather soon for a trip to the bathroom. I tried to hold for another five minutes because I simply wanted to leave. At 2:40 p.m. I had to see t! hat all my hopes were in vain. I was hit by a strong urge to release some shit, and if I didn't so it would go in my panties. Without saying a word, I dropped my pen, left the room and ran to the toilet. I just reached it before shitting myself. I unzipped my long skirt, lowered it together with my panties and pantyhose and sat down on the toilet. In the same moment, the worst wawe of diarreah I ever had came out of me. I simply sat there, whereas bright brown-grey liquid shit came out and splashed into the toilet. The wave took exactly four minutes. The relief was unimaginable, but I felt some more shit was inside me. Then another wave came and splashed into the toilet. While shitting I felt severe cramps in my stomach. Finally I had to vomit. I stood up and let the contents of my stomach splash into the toilet. I had vomited for about a minutes when I had to shit again. I sat down again and let out another three waves of diarreah, lasting about ten minutes. Finally no more s! hit came out and I thought I was done. I had spent about 30 minutes on the toilet when I had wiped and flushed. I went back to the room where the meeting was still going on. I didn't say anything and was back to my place, where I started to write minutes again. I was sitting there when my bowels started to gurgle again. I know that I had to go back to the toilet soon, and this was total embarassment. Still no break in sight, I couldn't stand any more. I stood up again and was about to leave the room when everyone stared at me like if I were a ghost. I dashed back to the toilet where I exploded into the toilet with an even worse stream of diarreah. During my first session I still released some parts of Indian food whereas this time I sat there and shitted out watery diarreah consisting almost only of water. Finally I was done and and excused myself as sick. On my way home I had to stop my car three more times at gas stations and a shopping center to relieve myself into the toil! et. When I arrived home I quickly dropped my coat and ran to the bathromm again. I had to shit almost every hour. I was so weak that I went to bed at once. I fell asleep quickly, but after an hour aldeary, a strong urge to shit woke me up. I was just about to let it into my night-dress when I reached the toilet in time. I had to run almost every hour to the toilet with that diarreah and severe stomach cramps and even vomited twice. I felt terrible. In 24 hours I had to shit about 20 times! Even today I had about 12 watery runs to the toilet and am waiting for recover. This is my worst diarreah ever. I hope I can work on Monday again without having to run to the toilet. Next time I'll be careful with Indian food.

Hi Everyone,
This is to Robbie Especially!! I had an urge at school to poop but i held out and waited till i got home cause this was my last class and it was 90 minutes long and i knew id be home soon. I got home and the first thing i did was poop, it felt good. It was a bunch of small balls and maybe a log that was 5" long. I think that lunch i ate today really gave me an urge, i had corn and pizza.

Laurie....where are u??? i miss your posts!

To Electra, Coprologist, K.C., and all others who once visited/posted at The Daily Dump: I just want to add that I also think that this is a much better forum than the Daily Dump was, overall. The only thing I regret is that there was more "freedom" in posting there than here, but considering the huge amount of tasteless and completely sexual material that ended up on there, a moderated forum is better. However, although I approve of cutting out that type of irrelevant and sexual content, I still would prefer it if we would be allowed to post our e-mail addresses, etc., here. But looking back on those days when I read The Daily Dump, I am upset to think about all the porno and scat sites that I visited via links posted there, in an attempt to find more toilet sites. I was only 13 when I found The Daily Dump, so it was obviously not appropriate for me at that time, and some of the stuff I found on the net as a result of it may have negatively affected me. So I'm glad to be here! now.

To Bryian: Now that you mention it, I also used to touch my poop and try to break it up to see what was in it, like to see if there were any pieces of undigested food inside the log that I couldn't see on the surface. But I never really saw anything by doing that. And I can understand why you didn't like to poop at school because it was crowded and there was loitering in the bathroom, I would feel the same. But there isn't really that problem at my school. Good luck on dumping at your school before u graduate

To K.C.: I understand what you mean when you say that your interest in pooping is a fetish, it became a fetish for me also, but I'm not so sure whether I'm still that obsessed with it now. I think that posting here is a sort of relief from thinking about it constantly in real life, know what I mean? I also wish I could contact you outside the forum, well you can try to search for me, I can't say too much about that, but I'll risk this much... let's! just say that if I had as much information about you as I've provided about myself in all my posts so far, I would be able to find you on certain services/networks if you had them. Think about it... That's cool that you often do dumps that are so large and hard they won't flush. I can take a dump like that once in a while, but not often. Man I wish I could. How do you do it?? Do you eat a lot or just hold it in for several days at a time?

And to everyone, here's my story of the day: Today at school I went to the bathroom to pee, it was a bathroom that I've never used before. I was surprised that it was clean compared to the other bathrooms at school that I've seen. Well anyway I peed in the urinal, and then I noticed that two guys were dumping in stalls that were next to each other. That was really cool. When I think about, I might be more comfortable taking a dump in a school bathroom if another guy was dumping also, rather than if I were alone. That way, I'd be a l! ot more relaxed about it, since it would reassure me that "everybody does it." Later in the day I went back to the same bathroom, and since nobody was there, I checked what the stalls looked like. They were surprisingly clean also, and the toilets even looked nice. So I've decided that the next time I have to take a dump at school, if I do, I'll try to do it in that bathroom. And I'll let you all know about it if and when that happens... Well I have to go now, c-ya everyone!

Althea, cotton interlock knickers. These are still available but not as common as they were in my childhood and teens, (thats the 1950s and 60s) although Scots women especially those over 60 still tend to wear them.(as do some men too like my friend George), unlike women down south in southern England who go for more modern types such as Sloggi Briefs. Although other longer leg styles were still around then, my gran wore bloomers which came down to her knees, the knickers I refer to,(you Americans refer to these as panties), are full briefs, which cover the area from the navel to the crotch with elastic threaded through the waist band and the cuff bands round the leg openings which gives the material a puckered up of ruched look and a double gusset. The material, cotton interlock, is the same type of cotton that tee shirts are made of, think of "Fruit of the Loom" this makes them very comfortable, warm and of course absorbant and easily washable, very important qualities in u! nderpants. The most common colour worn was white and in those days girls wore them in Britain to school under their uniform as well as older women. The girls also wore them in Uniform "regulation" colours such as navy blue, brown, bottle green, grey, and they could be obtained in pastel colours like pink, pale blue, lime green, yellow, but plain white was the predominant colour. My mum, now an old lady in a rest home, still wears these white cotton interlock knickers (briefs). I hope this satisfies your question Althea and that the Moderator will allow this longish explanation as this is not a panty site. Of course such knickers as myself and others have explained in past stories are far better at containing any solid accident one suffers without leakage where boxer shorts, old style Y front briefs without elastic round the legs, and skimpy style high leg panties wont hold it inside.

Anne, I agree with you that while many men have a wish to see a woman have an accident in her knickers, it usually is a total turn off to them when it does happen. Firstly, it is usually a lot messier than they expect and can often occur in circumstances which upset and embarrass the woman. Ive had a few accidents in my knickers myself, saw a couple my mum had and have seen girls when I was at school and my friend Moira, (George's wife) have one and apart from the girls at school, the victims werent that embarrased but I felt sorry for them and would rather they had done it normally in the toilet pan and I had heard them and saw it afterwards than they had suffered a big mess in their knickers. Its natural, it happens to all of us at some time, but its better to do it in the toilet pan or on the ground behind a bush or wall.

Nicola, I think you have hit the target with your analysis of the situation regarding my mum and her attitude and condoning of my toilet fixation. She enjoyed doing a good motion and was proud of what she did and enjoyed sharing the experience and as you say it was removed enough not to cross the line unlike seeing her in her bra and pants which would have been "sexual" and thus taboo.

Adrian, thanks for the reply. Yes we do have quite a bit in common. I CAN recal being "turned on " by hearing mum and other women and girls doing a big jobbie when I was about six or seven although like you I didnt have much knowledge about women and girls then, especially as I had no sisters either being an only child. All I then knew was that women and girls sat to pee as well as do a motion, wore skirts and different underpants with no fly opening(in those days anyway). To answer your other question, mum didnt have one set time to do her motions. Sometimes she would go after breakfast and would then pass softer but still solid and formed cohesive turds with great sound effects "KERSPLOOSH! KERSPLOONK! KURPLONK!" as the big easy jobbies came out quickly one after the other and shot into the pan. These would be smooth curved sausage shaped poos and very smelly. Most of the time however she would have a motion about lunchtime say 12.30 to 1.00 pm after lunch. These motions we! re firmer, as they had been held in longer, there was more straining, "OOs and UHs and NNs" to pass them and there was a greater gap between the individual jobbies dropping into the pan with a loud "KUR-SPOOL-LUMP, KUR-SPLONK!". These turds were more knobbly and lumpy and you could see the folds and compacting in them. She didnt go every day, sometimes she would miss a couple of days, sometimes she did have a motion every day, sometimes even doing two a day, (solid motions I mean not attacks of the hated "runs" which she rarely suffered from). If she did miss a day or two the resulting good motion passed was similar to the performance I detailed for you in my previous posting. As to her being "constipated" this is a much misused term and doesnt mean not having a bowel movement every day. In that her normal jobbies were a bit knobbly and compacted and took a bit of effort to pass yes she was slightly constipated but my researches over the years tell me that many women especially those who have had children do tend to be slightly constipated. This didnt seem to bother her and wasnt a problem. Certainly she passed large jobbies so she got rid of all the bodily waste she needed to and is still healthy for an old lady and mentally as sharp as a razor. We didnt have a "routine" about this neither for herself nor imposed on me , we went when we needed whatever time of day. Laxatives were never used in our house, the only things used for really obstinate constipation was either inserting some vaseline (petroleum jelly) up the back passage which lubricated the turd and made it easier to pass or a dessertspoonful of Liquid parafin (mineral oil) usually taken before going to bed which is a simple lubricant which doesnt alter the solidity of the stools and achieved the passage of a large solid jobbie or two the following morning. Purgatives such as Milk of Magnesia, Senna, Ex lax, Castor Oil, Epsom Salts, Cascara which case diarrhea were NEVER used in our hou! se and this was at a time where the spurious idea of "inner cleanliness" and "regularity" was still the vogue and I knew of schoolmates who were given a weekly dose of laxative whether they needed it or not to "keep their bowels open" a barbaric habit which can actually lead to chronic constipation as the bowels become dependent on the stimulation of the purgative, and which certianly caused some nasty diarrhea accidents to some of my chums. Once when I was about 10 one of the girls of my age from next door was playing in our garden when she suddenly cluthed her ???? and said she had to go to the toilet urgently as she had diarrhea coming on. I told her to go to ours but she took a few steps then there was a wet fart and a spluttering sound and she filled her knickers with loose watery poo. She started to cry and I tried to comfort her thinking she had a ???? upset from some bug. This really turned me off I can say! My mum took her to clean her up in the bathroom giving her! a pair of my shorts to wear as obviously my Y-Fronts wouldnt do, and she didnt have any knickers small enough for her, the girl's own (whiote cotton knickers as detailed above),being very badly soiled indeed. Luckily her skirt hadnt got soiled. When mum found out that she didnt have an upset ???? but that the girl's mother had given her castor oil even although she wasnt constipated she was angry and I recal her sounding off about what a load of nonsense and a cruel and unecessary practice this was.Mum also did have a moan to the girl's mother but I dont think it did much good.

Adrian, I look forward to reading your story about the girl called Anne at your school and of course any about your aunt Anne. By the way, did you ever see any of her jobbies? What were they like?

Jeff A.
STEPH: It's great to hear from you again. I am so sorry to hear about Alex. Me and her have had some bad luck with illnesses this year, so I can understand her dilemma. I landed in the hospital myself having had a heart attack. I had to go through some medical tests for prostrate cancer a few weeks back and during that same period, picked up the same flu that Alex probably has. Then, shortly after that, my chest started pounding and I couldn't catch my breath, and before I knew it, I was in a hospital hooked up to IV's and oxygen. I'm taking it slower these days. I may have been burning the candle a bit too much.
I loved your pooping story though, it really cheered me up at a time when I needed cheering. I did one myself the other day that was just phenomenal! one 12 incher, and 2 six inchers. When I stood up to wipe, I had to go some more, so I flushed it down, and did one more long log. When I was in the ER, I heard my doctor tell a nurse that the woman who was ! next to me needed to have a bowel movement and to get her a bedpan. That was about the only nice thing about the whole ordeal. She was in the next partition, I didn't see or hear anything, just knowing that it was going on seemed to be enough for me. I saw her go in, she was an attractive red headed woman probably about my age (44), and she was all wired up too. Must be a great season for heart attacks huh?
Oh well, it sure was great to hear from you again, and I will be praying for Alex because she is an absolute sweetheart and I'm hoping for a swift recovery for her. I don't personally know either one of you, but I love you both. You're the best. In your own words, peace and love.
I have a great story about a japanese girl that I'll tell later.
Bye all.

Thanks Buzzy, Thomas et al, for the feedback. Glad to share my posts with you all. I, too, used to visit the Daily Dump before coming here. I was disgusted by all the filth that had eventually dominated that page before Bianca shut it down, and I was glad to come here where it's much better. The majority of my stories recall my high school and undergrauate college years, where my eating habits were more carefree. I will post more from time to time.

Steph, good to hear from you again, and pass on our best wishes to Alex as she gets better. Enjoy your last term before graduating.

Regarding the last episode I posted, that was only the second time I had a meal featuring predominantly Indian food. Our friend's parents treated us all to her 21st birthday. The food was very good, but there were so many different dishes, so it was the combination of the food and drinks that caused those episodes. Incidentally, I recall having done very well on my mid-term de! spite being distracted that weekend.

Someone just asked for some advice on how to deal with dumps that were clogging the toilet. I think Public Toilet Hater had asked about the same thing a few weeks ago. For what it's worth, if you think your dump might clog the toilet, just flush it more often. It also helps to not use big wads of TP when you wipe. I've seen toilets clog more often because of huge loads of TP that were too big to flush once.

No story to post this time. Until next time...

Harry (Pacific Northwest USA)
Buzzy, yes, I have had that problem you mention about having an erection while trying to take a dump at the same time. It is especially difficult to expel a log if, for example, a guy is masturbating at the same time, since the muscles involved in a bowel movement work in opposition to those used in the process of ejaculation, but it can be done with practice.

As for the anonymous person here that says that they have large movements and clog toilets on a regular basis, outside of buying a toilet with a larger passage, about the only thing you can do is pinch off sections of the log as it comes out and flush every so often. Or, as I did in my teens, as I had the tendency to pass very large and long logs, and as someone else here has said, break them up by hand either with gloves on, or a bunch of toilet paper and then washing your hands really good afterwards, something which I did a lot then, but my parents never knew I did. I had to resort to doing that, because! if we plugged the toilet, we got in to trouble for doing so. Many of you have read what I have said about that with my parents' line of "proper people don't pass large logs", of which I think when I look back on it, was just plain stupid. All I know is that I absolutely hated summer vacation from school, as the only times during the week that I could take a decent dump was at church on Sundays and the youth meeting night mid-week at church also...

Friday, February 11, 2000

Hi guys! College Gal, I will be graduating from college this spring. I lived in the dorms for two years, and I could never understand why many people couldn't *flush* their pee and toilet paper after they finished. I had to "pre-flush" numerous times before sitting down to go to the bathroom.

I was in one of my classes the other morning when I felt an increasingly strong urge to take a dump. I was able to hold it for the approx. 15 minutes until the class ended. I walked down to the bathroom in that building. I'm not embarrassed about using public bathrooms but I felt as if I was going to let out a big one so I was happy that nobody else was in there. There are 4 stalls in that bathroom, three *regular* and one for disabled people. I took the last regular stall next to the handicapped one. I sat down and began shitting and peeing at the same time, which is not usual for me.

I spent about 10 minutes on the toilet. I got up and the toilet bowl was filled with medium-soft logs of many different shapes and sizes. I usually let out one or two 3-5" jobbies when going, so I was really *full*. I flushed the toilet once but there were still a couple of poops lurking in the bowl. After wiping my vagina, I wiped my butt eight times. I haven't let out that much poop, nor have I had to wipe so thoroughly, in a long time. I flushed the toilet twice (I could have gotten away with one flush, but I flushed twice as a courtesy.) After pulling up my jeans and panties and hoisting my backpack, I went out to the sink for some serious handwashing and rushed to my next class, for which I was a few minutes late, but as I said I really had to go.

Alex has had a recurrence of the flu, severe enough to land her in the hospital overnight. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to see her. She is, overall, a relatively healthy young woman, but she's been through so much crap over the last few months, with a breast lump (which turned out to be benign), a ruptured appendix, and a minor case of the flu last month. I know she has some "fans" on here and I'm sure you will be thinking of and praying for her. Thank you; Love, Steph

Hi guys! Sorry, I had to cut yesterday's post short because a couple of my roommates came home and I had to sign off.

Linda, I hope you're recovering OK. I've written before that it's great that your cousin helps you feel at ease going to the bathroom. It's particularly important at this time. Hugs and kisses from Steph!

Sammy, I liked your posting and no, it did not "suck." I hope to be reading more of your posts :-).

My response to a couple of topics on here. I don't think it is okay for anyone, especially for those going into their teens, to forcibly have themselves wiped by their parents or another adult, unless that person is clearly mentally incompetent. Although I learned to wipe at the time I was toilet trained, I'll admit I was helped by my parents a couple of times up until I was about 6 or 7. I remember vaguely one time, when I was about that age, when we were getting ready to go out to some party. I was dressed up in fancy clot! hes (a skirt, pantyhose, and such; that was rare for me, even back then); I told my folks I had to go to the bathroom. Mom asked me if I had to pee or poo. I told her I had to poo. They rarely asked me about my toilet habits, but I was dressed up and they didn't want me to make a mess of myself. My mother helped me pull down my pantyhose and held up my dress while I plopped down on the toilet. I'm sure I must have peed but I do remember letting out some "gooey" poop. Although I did wipe myself, my mom did do some extra wiping to my butt just to make sure. I inaccurately said (a few months ago) that my mom/dad never saw me on the toilet after they toilet trained me. However, I do remember this incident, and it was a couple of years after I was able to go on my own. My 'rents have never seen me naked, never mind on the toilet, since then. I can be sure of that...

I can also attest, as I have written several times, that Indian food can do a job to one's intesti! nes. Indian food is not a part of my everyday diet, so I am not accustomed to it.

Hi to Jeff A., Nicola, Line, Torie, Bridget and Melissa (are you two still reading this), and indeed to everyone else. Peace and love, Steph

Mike (Carlisle, PA)
The guitarist for the band that I play in has been asking people lately which direction they wipe their bum. (From the front or back) I personally am a "from the back wiper" and can't quite grasp the front wipers angle. I can understand a woman wiping from the front. That's where they are use to doing that but, for a guy come on????? Ya got your junk hanging down there....ya stand chance of smearing up your junk with some dookie for pete's sake. I don't get it?????

Maybe someone can spread some light on this topic for me???

What do you peeps like to hear about? answer and ill do my best to post.

Hi, Tonight I went to get something to eat for dinner at this carryout(fast food) type restaurant. I saw a kid in front of me and he was taller than me and he looked to be about my age and stuff. I noticed that he was getting a large sandwich(really big) and a large fry(in a cup, the size of 16 oz-20 oz). This boy was acting funny and i had this strange feeling that he was going home to take a shit, cause he seemed shaky i guess. Well If he didn't have to dump, then his next dump will be huge, Every time i eat at this resturant i get a huge soild dump. Well Im starting to get an urge to dump, gotta go.


To JANE-That's my kind of story!I really enjoyed it!That was some serious pooing-More stuff like that! TO JAROD-Do you ever poo for this guy chuck?Cool stories-Try pooing in front of him,you my enjoy it.
Had a great poop session at the gym yesterday a.m.I been off the antiboitics for a few days and i've felt a bit binded.the last few poops have been small and lumpy and hard,but yesterday when i was doing some routines i got a serious cramp and figured i better get downstairs to the bowl.I got there and there were 3 guys in the stalls doing their a.m. poo,Lots of farting and crackling going on.So i sat down in the stall and let out this big pre-poop fart.Very tight sounding and i felt my anus start to open up and i let out this knobby carrot poo.It looked about 5" or so.I didn't feel done so i sat there for a bit and enjoyed the sounds of the other guys letting go.This guy in the stall across from me was really shitting a storm and then i felt like pushing-another hissing fart came out followed by this long--sausage poo that stretched from my anus to the bowl.then in the middle of it i felt like this hard ball came to the opening of my asshole and stuck there.I really had to push to get this thing out!I had to take a breather and i looked on the bowl and saw this carrot poo with a 10" sausage poop on top of it and the end of the sausage poo looked like it was cut off with a knife by this ball.I got another cramp and really bore down and grunted.This was not too pleasent at all.Finally the ball just fell out on it's own as soon as i relaxed a bit.It was like a cannonball and all hard too.It felt like a big burry thing ripped out my butt!It hurt.Then i sat there for a bit and as i was sitting there,i got a small cramp and passed some more hissing gas without pushing at all,Then again without pushing,a bunch of soft poop snaked out my now sore anus.About halfway thru i started pushing and the poo really started to flow.Boy did that feel great!! I groaned in relief and it kept coming.I was filling up the bowl so i stopped and looked in the bowl and there was this pile of poop like a hill rising above the water line.So i figure i should flush.It all went down fine,but as it was flushing,i started to poo some more.Now it was soft and kinda loose and by the time the water stopped running,the bowl was full of another load.It was really some dump!I just sat there and pushed out my asshole for a bit and did some squgglies and some more farting and then i was finally done.I think i lost 5 lbs!I really enjoyed that poop.I felt like i was beat up.My anus was sore too-
By the way- i have a question for the guys on this forum.Do you notice when you have an erection while pooing, do you guys have a hard time going-Sometime i do and i don't feel like i'm relaxed enough to poo-I've always wondered if other guys go thru this-Some responses please- BYE

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