About 10 years ago, I went hiking in the Canadian Rockies, staying in youth hostels. Some of the more basic and remote ones in Alberta had non-flushing pit toilets. I was staying at one that did have flush toilets when they had a blockage in the drains so we couldn't use the toilets at all. The Y.H. warden told us to go outside in the bushes beyond the back garden. She put a black garbage sack and a roll of TP by the back door and told everyone to take the sack with them, put their used TP in it and bring it back. An American guy in my dormitory said to me, "Gee, I hope I don't need to take a dump! Have you thought of that?" Well, actually, I had.

Most people were too shy to be seen going out with the garbage sack and the roll of TP, so they took Kleenex in thier pocket and left it on the ground. As it was getting dark, I saw two girls go out together and squat down in the bushes. After they had come back, I went out with a flashlight to inspect. One had done a tiny piece of poop. I was surprised that they had done a buddy dump although I hadn't heard of that term then.

The next morning, I saw a black girl of about 19 in tight orange Lycra (Spandex) cycling shorts. She went out the back door and strutted purposefully towards the bushes carrying the roll of TP. I was tempted to go out of the front door and find another way round to watch her but the forest was quite dense and I thought I might end up walking through poison ivy or being eaten by a bear (two things hikers in Europe don't need to worry about). After she had come back, I went out to where she had been and found that she had done quite a big pile of very soft poop and had tried to bury it under some stones. Then I found a fairly large rock half buried in the ground, lifted it and pushed it to one side. This left a hole in the ground into which I pooped. I then put the rock back where it had come from, which squished the poop and TP but buried it all without a trace. Tha! t's a more environmentally friendly way to shit in the woods.

I didn't go for a dump after lunch today, which is unusual for me. I must have been so busy that I just held on and the feeling went away. But after dinner this evening I did a huge one that wouldn't go away. My husband managd to shift it by breaking it up with a stick!
To: Robbie
I used to read the Daily Dump back in 1996 as well. I posted occasionally under my real name, Jill. I much prefer this forum, as it is hassle-free.

College guy
Well, this is my first time posting here. I don't exactly know how I found this page, but I saw it and I decided to post. Anyway, here is my story.

A few days ago while I was in class I had these terrible stomach cramps. My stomach started to growl, and the girl who was sitting next to me started to laugh. I was so embarrassed that I just told her I was extremely hungray. (She knows I have a high metabolism rate, so I'm always hungray). Well, in the middle of a long lecture I really had to go, so I told her I was going to get something to eat from the cafeteria. (Which was a complete lie since I just had to use the bathroom). I left the lecture, dashed down the long corridor and went to the nearest mens room I could find. No one was in there, I slammed the stall door shut behind me, and had perhaps the worst diarrahea of my lifetime. I was in there for about 5 minutes. When I finished, I left the rest room and was walking back to the lecture. Then it hit me again, but even worse. I had severe stomach pains/cramps and dashed to the mens room again. Well, you get the picture. Diarrahea part II. I must have been there for like 15 minutes that time. When I finally got back to the lecture she asked me what took me so long to get a snack, I told her that the line in the cafeteria was so long. No way I was going to tell her I was in the bathroom. That's way too embarassing. That's my story..

Can anyone give me some advice?

My poops are so huge that I keep clogging toilets. My dumps look like something an elephant would do. I am supposed to be eating lots of fruit, vegetables, and fiber. The result is that my colitis is much better, but I clog toilets constantly.

Is there anything I can do that would help this?

This happened a few weeks ago when I was on a train late at night.

A man was sitting opposite me on the train and was obviously quite drunk. He was dozing in and out of sleep and had his feet up on the chair next to mine. About 10 minutes into the 30 minute journey, I heard a noise and realised the man had farted, except it was very quiet and was going on quite a long time. The smell that accompanied it told me that it wasn't just a fart, and indeed, I then heard a kind of squelching noise and I knew then that he had done a big shit in his pants. There were only 2 other people in the carriage, and I think, though am not sure, that they were too far away to notice this.

The man shifted a bit in his chair and I thought he was going to wake up properly, but he just kind of opened his eys for a second and moved around and opened his legs a bit wider. Then he slept.

He got off the stop before me - it always amazes me that sleeping people often know when t! hey are at their station and so wake up - and as he got up, it was clear he realised what he did. I pretended to be alseep myself, but when he walked away, I saw him bring his hand round to his behind. The smell was strong and stayed in the carriage even after he had left.

To Webmasters and others: Some how my latest post was posted under bryian from sunny cal....heres were my last posts starts Brian from sunny Cal

To Bryian: Yes it is good to pee clear. That means that you have enough water in your system. If your pee is a
dark yellow, you drink more water. (This is what brian from sunny cal wrote)

(Here is what i wrote)
To Sandra: If you were in the hospital when you were a kid and the nurse
had bedpan and went and sat on the next bed and used the bedpan, don't you think this would be unsanitary(the
next paitent would lay on the bed on diry sheets, not knowing a nurse pooped into a bedpan). Any one agree
with me?

To I LOVE TO SEE WOMEN POO: Thats cool,kewl you actully pooped with a girl? and you got too look at
it and study it. Id study someone elses poo, too...if i study it i can figure what they ate to have a huge shit. Id
love! to poo with a Girl!!

I posted last night saying i had mexican food for dinner, I had no major effects from it. I did shit after dinner and
it was hard and it was solid(not loose like i had thought it would be). I pooped as soon as i got off here.

-Bryian (last posts ends)

To Robbie: I see how it's not sanitary, thats why i don't touch my poop often. I used to touch my poop to see what was in it. I pee 3 to 4 times a day or more. My pee is usally darker in the morning and lighter yellow during the day. My pee is usally not really light at school cause i don't like to drink alot at school(and don't have time or money to do so). So my pee is lighter when i have no school cause i drink 4 sodas a day or more. I don't have an urge to poop, last time i pooped was Monday night(It's now Wednesday night). You would think you would get loose poop after eating mexican, but i had no loose poop, the night i ate i poope! d after dinner and it was solid and i even had a bit of trouble passing it and it sorta hurt coming out.
Robbie, I have another reason why i don't like to poop(used to) in school. Well my reason is my school is too over croweded and there is too much loitering in the bathrooms during lunch and during class change. Im still hoping before i graduate to have a dump in school. I gotta go, C-ya Robbie

To Lily: When i ment you to tell me more, i ment tell in detail what was exactly in the lemon aid laxitive, but i guess you can't tell me.


For Bryian, It was Malcom...Middle. I had a brain fart :) by calling it it Matthew...Middle. It was still funny to see the ending.

Yesterday, I was at my lawyer's office to discuss my divorce. He excused himself to go to the mens room. I heard him take a dump with what sounded like a wet fart. Not appealing but he is in his 50's. My pref would be younger people - very late 20's at the latest.

To Robbie and his respnse to K.C., you mentioned other scat sites. I discovered this site almost 2 years ago. I was searching on different key words and phrases such as "take a shit", college. bathroom. I was looking for bathroom stories related to college like dorms and classroom bldgs. I don't know why but I always enjoyed taking a shit in school bathrooms and then public pools/parks as the second. For me, in real life, I don't talk about taking a dump with other people unless I am in a exhibitionist mood to a select few people. I don't talk about it to my friends or f! amily but I thought about telling about this site to a friend of mine who I known since 6th grade but I won't since I have so many post throught the history of "The Toilet". I posted a while back about when we drove by Butler University in Indianapolis and he had to take a shit and we went to a dorm bathroom on the campus. It was pretty hilarious.

K.C. and Robbie: I tried suppositories in high school and college. They did not thrill me. Enemas were given to me in grammar school up till 9th grade. I hated them. That water used to cramp me. But, it was for my own good. I ate a lot, sometimes bad things. I would sit on the toilet and wimper like a puppy. My friend, Tawana uses them. I saw them at her house.

Michaela and way back there: I was a girl scout. I hated the food. We were given hamburgers mixed with curry for lunch. Well, in less than an hour. The four place latrine was fully occupied. Girls were sitting with their shorts and panties at their ankles, thighs and knees. There was a line of more girls to sit. All were gripping their stomachs. I ate the hamburger, but did not have a running stomach.

Tony(England): What are cotton interlock briefs? I grew up in the 60's. I know about bras, slips and girdles. I was a little pudgy and wore a girdle in 5th grade, only for a short while. I hated it. It w! as like a vice. I have plenty of bras, slips and panties. I have a dresser full of slips. I wear them to work. I have them in all colors. My mother always made me wea r a clean slip to school, church and scouting and when company visited the house. Today slips are not in demand. I have an English female cousin who talks about her bowel movements when she is finished. She goes 4 to 5 times a day. She stays at my house and is a lot of fun.

Pete (US)
BEAR - Glad to see you back with a posting. I was wondering where you were. I have enjoyed your posts in the past and your sense of humor. I agree completely with your comments re: Jarod and the moderator. Looking forward to future posts.


Hi Robbie...and all...

Thanks Robbie for replying to good to feel that I have a friend here.

I certainly don;t talk to anyone IRL about my pooping. I have a hard enough timne typing the words here. I; like you searched the net for the topic...and yes; I was a visitor at Bianca also. I think that my interest is a sort of fetish...although I don;t know much about that yet. Do you?

I sure wish I could e-mail you. I don;t uinderstand why the moderator here won't allow that.


P.S. I still keep a knife hidden in the bathroom. I often do dumps that are so large and hard that they would never flush... Today's wasnpt like that though....just a long smooth one....

To Robbie
So, you're another one who started visiting this page after Bianca's Daily Dump was closed down. I also was a regular visitor to the Daily Dump, as was Jill, who sometimes posts here. In many ways, a moderated forum is better. The Dump was sometimes visited by idiots. There must be others who have been about for years looking at toilet sites. I can't claim that it was the WWW that made me interested in this topic. I have kept a detailed diary of my bowel movements for 5 years now, even before I discovered the Daily Dump. But my diary is very monotonous. Most of the time there is nothing novel or exciting about my dumps, and that is one of the reasons why I don't post here very often. On the whole it is more interesting to read about other people's experiences....

I was fascinated to hear what hiker_uk had to say about the Dutch TV series "Big Brother". I can speak Dutch, and listen regularly to Dutch Radio 1, but never see Dutch TV. But I heard on the radio that the "Big Brother" series has been sold to both the British Channel 4 and to CBS. So you in the States will be able to watch on national TV soon. Whether the toilet scene will be included, I don't know.

Anne (housewife)
Adrian. Interesting your story about your Aunt Anne. It's understandable that an 'association' should have developed in your mind between women called Anne and women needing to do a BM, especially since you were so young at the time and probably hadn't had a comparable experience with someone else. Rest assured though, we don't all wait until we're busting - at least not all of the time!

You mentioned that you were half hoping she'd have an accident and half hoping she wouldn't. I suspect that you wouldn't really have liked it if she had. Some men (and boys) like the idea of a woman messing herself but they soon change their attitude when faced with reality. My hubby quite fancied the idea until one day when we were in the house together and I had an accident. His enthusiasm soon evaporated. I only have the odd accident and it's usually at home or somewhere that doesn't matter too much - and it generally happens when hubby isn't around which is just as well. ! More often, I wait until I'm really desperate and go at the last minute - except when I'm in polite company. If I was in conversation with someone important or visiting relatives I'd excuse myself as soon as I felt uncomfortable. I certainly wouldn't treat them to a 'smelly'.

That all said, Cathy, my best friend can usually outdump and outstink me any day. Not, that I mind. it's reasurring to know someone else can do it better than me.

It sounds as though we have quite a bit in common. Yes I am interested in stories about other people's bodily functions. I'm not quite sure whether I would use the term 'turned on' because of the other connotations that go with it and, at the time of the incident involving Aunt Anne, I thought women were only men with high pitched voices. I wasn't aware of the other differences. Well I was only six or seven!

To answer your questions: I have a brother who's some years older than be but no sisters. To be honest, I can't say that I've known any significant incidents involving other relatives or family members, at least not ones that have lodged in my mind. There were other less important incidents which involved Aunt Anne and which can probably be posted about some other time. Equally, there was an incident with a girl on a school outing - no prizes for guessing her name.

Like you I was lucky in having a healthy and fairly liberal upbringing and I was n! ever taught to regard bodily functions as being in any way dirty - just natural. That said, they weren't an everyday topic of conversation and there were clearly some situations where discussion of such matters just wasn't done, something I readily accepted and understood.

So far as detail is concerned, I like detail so long as it's relevant and germane to the main subject in question. I'm less enthuiastic about detail which is superflous or irrelevant and one comes across it sometimes. That said, I've found your posts have been concise and to the point, only giving detail where it's been relevant.

I enjoyed the posting about your Mom a great deal. She seems to have been very open with you. The incident involving Aunt Anne took place also late morning, I'd say 11.45am to 12.15pm or thereabouts but it was a Sunday not a Saturday. You said your Mom had been constipated. Did she have a regular daily time for going or did she just go to poo when the ! need arose? Were you brought up to any kind of routine?

Must go now


Yes clear pea is good,healthy,a good sign od hydratian you get clear pea by drinking good amounts of liquid.By the way my screen name is and my real name is Roy.

Regarding the nurses doing their motions, both the one who had an accident in her panties and the other who sensibly used the bed pan and went behind the screens at an empty bed. I too have had a "brown out" in my knickers when I have been in position which put strain on me at a time I had stool in my back passage so I can understand the nurse filling her panties as she lifted the patient. In my case this has happened a few times, once when playing "Field" Hockey when I couldn't come off the field, took a winning shot but also out came a big solid lump in my navy blue knickers, (Montfort cotton briefs like you mentioned Anne wearing, Tony). Another similar time was playing tennis with my then boyfriend, I went for a high shot and "double faulted" in my white panties, (what DO the likes of Hingis and Sanchez Vicario do when they need a number two when playing, or a wee wee come to that. Ive never seen the game held while one of them slips off to the changings rooms and I havent! seen tell tale stains on their panties when their skirts flick up), then a third such accident occured at home when I was doing squat thrusts and a small (4 inch long) but fat solid lump which had been left up my rectum when I had done a large poo earlier that day was forced out into my knickers to the great amusement of my husband who said I had "laid an egg in my panties". Anything which raises the inter abdominal pressure can lead to involuntarily passing a motion into ones underpants, so if you need to stretch or bend or exercise and need to have a number tow, then go firts. I also recal one of my Games Teachers when I was a teenager doing a jobbie in her gym knickers when she was demonstrating a gymnastic exercise. Luckily it was a solid one and we girls, at the age of about 16 had all chosen PE and Sports as one of our subjects and liked the teacher so she didnt get humiliated in any way by us. Unfortunately the story leaked out unlike the poo as one of the girls told h! er young brother and soon it was the talk of the school. We have the odd incident at the Sports Centre where customers have similar accidents and often find soiled knickers and underpants in the bins and sometimes down the toilets, a very annoying thing to do as there are bins, none of the staff would mock a customer to whom this happened and it means that someone has to unblock the toilet pan, I have had to do this often. Strangely its more often men who have such accidents, as I suppose they go for a pee before their work out and as they (mostly) stand at a urinal they dont do a motion whereas women sitting to pee will usually do a jobbie if one is present in their rectum as they sit on the pan.

Brian, as bedpans are either disposable made of a plastic coated cardboard or are sterilised I dont see any problem assuming the nurse's motion was solid and she didnt soil the sheets with her urine or feces. The bed and its sheets were probably as clean as any in a hospita! l as I understsnd she didnt get onto the bed put put the bedpan on top and did her jobbie into it.

Tony (Scotland) you certainly have an eye for detail and a very good memory. I agree that many women enjoy passing a big solid motion, I have since I was a kid and I know lots of girls and women who also feel this way. I agree that your mum appears to have gone along with your fascination with her doing a motion, no doubt as you imply she was quite proud of her efforts (I am of mine), and was quite happy to let you see what she had done. Given the prudery of those days (1950 and early 1960s) from what I have read, (being 20 years younger than you Tony and 10 years junior to Adrian), She went as far as was acceptable as her religious principles and the attitudes of the times would hardly have enabled her to let you accompany her into the toilet and watch her doing a motion, so telling you what she was going to do, leaving the toilet unflushed, and describing what she had! passed, knowing you would go and have a look for yourself was as close as she could go. I can also understand the apparent contradiction regarding her openness about her bowel movements and your hearing her doing them and seeing them, yet being very prudish about you seeing her in her undies, you said in an old post you got smacked when she caught you looking up her skirt to see her knickers as a kid, an innocent enough habit that most boys do. Looking up her skirt or seeing her in her bra and panties was directly associated with her as a person and thus crossed over the taboo whereas her jobbies were depersonalised having been passed out of her and thus didnt have the same "real time" and personal connection. Again in the story about her having the big accident in her pants on the way back from visting a neighbour, she apparently didnt object to you seeing her knickers lying on the toilet floor as these were now depersonalised but she was wearing a dressing gown to hide her! wearing a clean pair when she came out of the bathroom so didnt want you to see a similar pair actually being worn by her. Im not a psychiatrist but that's my analysis.

I have touched my turds many times and occasionally those of others too when I have had to push one over the bend when they have been too big to flush out of the toilet pan. I always wash my hands well afterwards. Obviously I wear rubber gloves if it is anywhere but my own toilet at home or if I had a cut on my hands. I dont break the turd up this only makes a far greater mess but usually pushing it over the bend the pulling the flush a few times will shift it. The biggest problem is not a single long fat jobbie but the mass of toilet paper people either drop on top to hide it or if they have had a loose and messy motion which they use to wipe their bum afterwards. Having had to unblock toilet pans at work in such circumstances I appeal to readers. Use moist tissues, these clean better and quicker a! nd usually need only 2 or 3 sheets even for the messiest soft sticky motion and if you do a big panbuster that's too large to flush just leave it and dont hide it with loads of toilet tissue. Some people might even be quite pleased to see your big jobbie and on a more mundane level its a lot easier for the cleaner or someone like me to just throw a bucket of water or two down the pan to shift it than to have to unbung a great plug of toilet paper and poo jammed in the outlet of the pan or down the waste pipe.

Love and nice big solid dumps to all, Nicola (not the counsin Nicky who left her shitty panties on the floor).

Brian from Sunny Cal
After a long hard day of work, I went down to the spa to relaxe. I was relaxing and throwing down a couple beers and all of the sudden I had the feeling I had to pee and shit. I ignored that feeling. After a few minutes, I could not help it. I got half in half out of the spa with my feet still in the spa to dry half my body off. Then I got out and and went to the bathroom. I pulled down my trunks and sat on the bowl. I peed for 20-30 seconds and waited. 1 minute later I farted and started to crackle. Then I let loose a long one. I looked into the bowl and saw a 14" long soft log. Then I let go a couple of 2 to 4" logs off. I wiped and pulled up my trunks. I then looked into the bowl at my work of art and my creation. I then flushed the bowl watching my masterpiece go down the toilet. After that, I don't know if the spa relaxed me or the shit I did relaxed me.

I have two Chuck stories that happened this week. Chuck is very uninhibited about farting in front of other guys, especially while peeing. I think he enjoys it and tries to part in the men’s room at work whenever he can (and that’s pretty damn often) The other morning he was peeing next to a very senior partner of the law firm. The Senior Partner was peeing kind of hard and so was Chuck, who rested his forearm on the wall in front of the urinal. So of course Chuck suddenly cuts loose with everything he’s got and let me tell you, he ripped a marathon fart that roared throughout the bathroom echoing off the tiles and it was long. Way, way long. As soon as Chuck began to fart, the Senior Partner immediately stopped peeing, like you would if you started to get a slight erection or got really tense, and he looked a little embarrassed. Chuck, in top form, looks at the Senior Partner hooting with laughter and nodding. He looks up at the ceiling. “HOO-WEE!” At that point Chuck is done peeing and zips up with one swift motion. There’s another guy washing his hands and Chuck makes sure to make eye contact with the guy and laugh while waving his hand past his nose. He is really something else. The next night I went over to his place as his wife was on a business trip to L.A. (she’s also a lawyer). It had been another fiber rich diet day for Chuck and when I got over there he was wearing a dark green jock strap. “I’m gonna try to grow another tree, dude.” This is Chuck’s way of saying he wants to shit out one huge long log. So we go into the bathroom and he slips off his jock and tosses it at me but it goes right by my head. He takes the straddle position facing the toilet tank with his arms resting on top of the tank. He lets loose a mega fart that goes strong and weak, and then strong and weak again for about 8 seconds. Then there’s silence for about a half minutes. Then Chuck leans slightly forward, grunts hard twice, pauses, grunts hard again and longer. He reaches back with both hands and pulls both of his ass cheeks as far apart as he can get them. His hairy hole opens up and a fat one starts to crackle loudly out of his butthole. Chuck takes a deep breath, and starts a low grunt that corresponds with the progress of the log. This one is growing big time. Chuck says, “There’s a tape measure and instant camera on my bureau in my bedroom, get it now.” So I run into his bedroom and come running back with the items. Chuck gently releases his cheeks and starts to rise off the toilet. “Measure it dude. If it gets past 10 I want you to take a picture.” The turd keeps coming and when I measure it, it’s already past 8 inches, my record with him. At 10-1/4” he says, “Snap it dude.” So then he lifts himself so that the log is completely above the seat so I can get a good shot. His huge thigh muscles are just bulging and he quickly flexes both biceps very hard and turns to face me with a triumphantly serious look. “Do it now dude.” I get as good a shot as I can and snap it. A few seconds later, after Chuck starts to lower himself back on the bowl, I see him squeeze his hole to pinch off his tree trunk turd. It falls right into the center of the bowl with a huge splash. I am standing by with toilet paper to dab his thighs and cheeks where water splashed. The camera was an instant so we got the picture in a few minutes after he let me wipe him until he could see on the toilet paper that there was not even a trace of brown. The picture is awesome, Chuck just suspended above the bowl with that giant log dangling from his hole while he’s flexing his biceps – and the look on his face – so macho and cocky. He won’t let me have the picture, he keeps it and will show it to me in the elevator at work, or when no one is around in his or my office. Sometimes he makes me ask to see if several times. He’s getting a real kick out of all of this. Wonder what his wife would think. He intrigues me because he knows I’m gay and doesn’t care and gets real satisfaction from the pleasure I get from his performances. Well, that’s all for now.

Thursday, February 10, 2000

Sammy *female*
Hey everyone! I've been a lurker for quite a while now i've kept up with the Linda stories send her my sympathy Cousin, and everyone else. My friend Julian showed me this place she died a last year. I'm 4'7", 11 years old, thin, blonde hair blue eyes. My name is Sammy and yes i know it's considered a boys name but it is my american name so cut me some slack.

Well anyway here's my poop story:
Today around 4pm i took a dump. I was watching Total request live on MTV and i felt the urge so i went in undid my jeans and pulled down my pampies (great word Linda) and sat down i immediately peed and then i pooped 3 soft logs, a scratchy one, and a few pebbles. Then i was done. Sorry if it sucks this is my first time.

Cousin- Send my sympathy to Linda. I feel her pain i have broken my arm 2x, my leg 2x, my fingers & toes countless times, my foot 1x, my collar bone 1x, and had both my appendix and tonsils out. The hospital is not fun unless you can go to the p! lay room.

i remember that once when i was little i went to a friends house. she told me she had to go to the bathroom and asked me to go with her. we went into the huge bathroom and she closed the door. She walked half way to the toilet and then stopped. i remember being really confused and not having a clue about what she was doing. She looked and me, smiled and said "watch this" she put her hand on her crotch and started peeing. she peed and peed and the liquid was dripping down her legs. at this point i figured out what she was doing and i thought it was the coolest thing ever, but i didn't try it at her house. when she was done she called out "Mom! i had an accident!" Her mom was really nice about it and came upstairs with a change of clothes. she never found out what really happened.
More to come (about me!)

Way back there: Indian food affects other people the same way as you. The spices and oils used are not common in America, so our bodies don't absorb them very well. Some people experience a similar effect with Chinese food. If you eat Chinese or Indian food frequently, however, your body will adjust.

Urine will be more clear or yellow depending on how hydrated you are. If you haven't had anything to drink for a while, it will be yellow. If you're drinking lots of water and urinating every few hours, it will be clear. You'll see a variation if you keep track.

To the boyfriend who insisted on watching his girlfriend: I'm glad she's more comfortable now, but you were truly taking a risk. To some people, it is a very private moment to relieve themselves, and you could have really damaged your relationship by invading on her privacy so much and "pushing".

Adrian (England) Im glad you liked my story about Anne. Your Aunt Anne certainly seems to have had the same openness about defecation as my mother, and I sense that you are as much a fan of listening to women doing a motion and seeing what they have passed as I am. I also see that you are about 10 years younger than me. It is interesting that in the previous ten years as I grew up being open about such matters was NOT common. I was brought up as the only child in a Roman Catholic family where anything to do with sex was automatically sinful and not spoken about. That my mum was very frank about her bowel motions was strange in a way as she was prudish about other matters for example she didn't even like me to see her in her bra and knickers although she didnt wear sexy lingerie but plain white long line bras and plain white cotton interlock briefs, the type with elastic threaded through the waist and leg openings. From reading these pages and other researches over the last 30! years or so I have concluded that she like many women got a buzz from doing a big solid jobbie and realised that I was likewise interested and condoned such an interest on my part as far as was permissible and she was comfortable with. Nothing was ever said, nor will it ever be, it was "something understood".

Adrian, I would be interested to know more about what first turned you on to defecation both your own and women's , apart from parents do you have sisters and brothers and did they play any part in your experiences. Also, as well as your Aunt Anne, did other relatives contribute, likewise, school, cubs, scouts, sports teams etc?

As you like detail let me describe the type of performance I used to listen to as a lad. We will go back to 1963 when I was 10 and I will write this in the present tense. It a composite of many such happenings but is as accurate as I can portray it after 37 years.

Its a Saturday about 11.30am. Mum and I are alone as dad! is working and is going straight to the football with some workmates. We have had our lunch about 15 minutes before when she farts with a "phut!" sound. The smell of a good solid stool wafts through her knickers and skirt. Knowing I have smelt it she says "pardon me, I feel a motion coming down". She doesnt go to the toilet there and then but sits reading her magazine and drinking a cup of tea. She farts again, a louder "Phwoop!" and stands up, pats her ???? and says to me " If you want to go to the toilet, go now as Im needing a motion and may be some time" I do go to the toilet and pull the flush as our cistern takes a while to refill so I know she wont then be able to flush the toilet and I will see her jobbies. When I come out she walks to the toilet and bolts the door. As we live in a typical council house built in the 1960s I can hear every sound through the thin door and walls anyway. I tip toe down the hall and sit on the floor outside the door. I hear the rustle as ! she lifts her skirt and pulls down her knickers, thwacking the elastics through the waist and leg bands as many women do for some strange reason when they go to the toilet and there is a squeak as she lowers he seat and sits on the pan. Another louder fart "whoop!" is emitted then the hiss and tinkle as she does he wee wee. This comes to a stop and I hear her strain "OO! AH! NNN! Plop! OO! PLONK! NNN! KAPLUNK!" She passes three hard balls by the sound of things. I know she is a bit constipated as is often the case and didnt have a motion yesterday. She pauses and I wonder if she cant pass any more at this time and will do the rest of her motion when she goes shopping in the centre of Glasgow that afternoon in some Ladies Public Toilet. As if to answer she takes a deep breath and I hear her again go "OO! AH! EH! NNNN! NNN! The crackling sound tells me that a big jobbie is on its way and I silently urge her to try hard and do a big one. "NN! UH! AH! Come out you swine!" I hear ! her say to herself, "NNN! UH! AH! AH! KUR-SPOOL-LOOMP! AH! OH! Ker-SPLOONK!" AH! AH! OH! AH! KERPLOINK!" AHHH! That's better!" I hear her getting her breath back and pulling off some toilet paper to wipe her bum, then the rustle as she pulls up her knickers again thwacking the elastics, and lowers her skirt. She obviously looks down the pan at what she has passed as I hear her say to herself, "Wow, that was big, now wonder it was an effort to get it out!" She pulls the flush but there is not enough water in the cistern so it gives a "thunk" but no water comes out. I slip away into the living room before she comes out and washes her hands in the bathroom. As she comes into the room I see she is a bit red faced but has a happy look of satisfaction. In a matter of fact way she says to me "Oh I feel better for that I had a good motion. I was a wee bit constipated and thought I wouldnt be able to pass it but it all came away in a big lump" I pretend not to be interested and ! wait till she puts on her coat and I see her catch the bus to Glasgow from the stop across the road. I hurry to the toilet, the smell of a good solid motion hangs in the air. I lift the lid on the pan and look at her complete motion. There are 3 hard balls varying from a golf ball to a duck egg in size floating on the surface but what catches my eye are the big jobbies, a fat turd of about 4 inches long and a longer one of 6 inches but the real masterpiece is the big knobbly jobbie lying beneath them in the bottom of the pan a log of about 9 inchlong and 2 1/2 fat. the "big lump it all came away in" as she so frankly and proudly put it. Later on I buddy dump my own smaller jobbie on top of hers and it takes 3 flushes to get the load to go away leaving only some brown skid marks on the white toilet pan to witness to the big jobbies that had been passed.

To those who have read similar stories from me in the past and arent into this aspect , I apologise but I hope that A! drian finds this of interest as he seems to be a younger version of myself in this regard. Hope to hear more of your experiences Adrian.

To Bryian: First of all, you asked have I ever touched my shit and broken it up with my hands. The answer is yes, but I've only done it like when it wouldn't go down the drain at all, and I really don't like doing that cause it makes a big mess and it's not very hygenic either. You mentioned clear pee, and I can talk about that perhaps with some detail, since that was mentioned in my bio class last semester. It has to do with how much water is reabsorbed in your kidneys when your blood is being filtered, and clear urine is clear because it's dilute. That can mean that you have a lot of excess water in your body, so I don't think it's a bad thing. As for me, my pee is usually darker in color (yellow) when I go after I wake up in the morning, and it's clearer for the rest of the day. But I think that's natural. I never noticed a connection between having to go really badly and my pee being clear though. And I pee about 4 times a day, sometimes more, what about you? I'm kind of f! eeling the urge to poop now also, I haven't gone in several days, so I'll let you all know about it if it's anything interesting. Also Bryian do tell about the poop you had after eating that mexican food... I've heard that it causes a lot of people to have really loose poop, does it do that to you?

To K.C.: It's interesting that you should wonder about what drove us to post at this site in the first place. Maybe we feel some sort of subconscious need to discuss our bodily functions here because of similar past experiences related to BMs that may have affected us. I hardly ever talk about peeing/pooping in real life, do you? Maybe we need this as an outlet to discuss what we are unable to discuss in real life... Well enough philosophy for now! But just to let you know, and everyone, that I discovered this site by accident, though finding the subject matter was not an accident. I first got on the internet in late 1995, and by January 1996, I had searched for "toil! et" and all words related, because I had such a fascination with anything that had to do with going to the bathroom. I found a lot of humorous sites, but nothing that interesting, until I found The Daily Dump on bianca, which some of you may remember. I was a reader on that forum for about a year and a half, but I only posted there once I think, and it was not moderated, so it became really difficult to read through even one page of posts because of the tons of disgusting and irrelevant material on it. Finally they closed it down in August '97 I think, and since then I've been following this forum. I missed the Daily Dump at first, but I've come to enjoy The Toilet even more since then. So that's my story. Oh, and by the way, my mom did give me enemas when I was younger (you asked about that) and i also was given an enema at the hospital that time I had chronic stomach pain that I told about. Also, for a period of time probably when I was 9 or 10 years old, my mom used to make! me and my younger brother take a spoonful of mineral oil every night, since we were both constantly constipated. And I needed suppositories too sometimes. Constipation never made me sick to the point of throwing up, at least not that I can remember, since I haven't been seriously constipated in a very long time. Please tell more stories, like about your recent trips to the toilet... C-ya!!

There are a few things to address here:

1) To the question about sink pee: I did this often in college after learning this idea from another guy. A lot of dorm rooms had a common bathroom down the hall but had sinks inside the room. Which means that after a while sink meant urinal especially late at night. I just tried to make sure water ran so that someone walking down the hall (these were small rooms often) could not tell what was going on (and did not do it in front of anyone).

It got to the point where one year I thought about a sink-less room and my mom said "that's okay, we can get a container for you". It was no secret buy hey urine is sterile (unless you have an infection and that you WILL know).

2) To Cricket: I am a little LI--yogurt and pizza, a lot of ice cream, will often send me to find a toilet. Milk or shakes or cheese just produces the gas. To answer your question, at times I have drunk milkshakes or Yoo Hoo knowing full wel! l of the aftereffects, but then they tend to be more distressing to others than to me, especially if at liberty to fart.

Of course, I tend to be more careful if going out w/people or dates or to work. I end up eating much more Asian food as a result. You can take Lactaid pills for LI, though. It works pretty well. It's no bargain but I don't use it all the time. (Like if I am going to be at home or at liberty to fart).

One other thing--I know others willing to have the full-blown problem. One time I was at work when the boss treated everyone to iced coffee with heavy cream. She said I could give it to Christie (pseudonym for an Asian co-worker) if I couldn't drink milk. I drank it anyway, and like I said, only some gas. But Christie, well, she ended up in the restroom for a while (and you could tell what happened, despite attempted perfume coverup).

Same thing happened with another friend after eating ice cream. Oh well, it's hard not eati! ng dairy when you used to be able to do.


I haven’t been able to post recently so I will tell you about a couple of things that have happened to me since I last sent a post. Firstly, I went to stay with some friends in Birmingham who I met on holiday a couple of years ago and have kept in touch with. I was allowed to go on my own, my mum took me to the station and my friends mum was going to meet me the other end. On the train I needed a wee so I went in the toilet and did my wee and as I did I realised I needed a poo, so I sat down and started to do it when I heard my stop over the speaker so I quickly pulled up my pants and jeans and left the toilet to get off at my stop but I hadn’t finished and I could feel the poo still coming out. As I stepped off the train a large lump of poo went into my pants but there was nothing I could do. As soon as I got out of the train my friend and his parents were there waiting for me, they took me back to there house were we had dinner. I had sat down so the poo has squas! hed in my pants, when I got ready for bed my mate told me that my pants looked dirty. He told his mum and she told me that she would wash them for me. I thought this was embarrising.
Another thing was that my Aunt came over to stay for a couple days and bought my cousin who is 17. The cousin was sleeping in my bed and I had to use the sofa for two nights. One morning when I went in my room, my cousin Nicky had left her knickers on the floor, they were white but they had the biggest brown stain in them, she must had done something in them, I thought that she would not do that at her age.

WOW! Thanx for the responses, didn't expect them, sorry.

First to 'Intersted' what was in it, Hell I don't know, it is a 'secret recipe'(that answers one of your question I think Brian:P) but couldn't get it out of him, all I know about it was it kicked in very harshly, quickly, and I wish I never bet him but oh well (I think I also mentioned my minor Chrom's, that may have affected the attack...) Brian you said tell more, don't mean to counter your question but could YOU be more specific, let me know and I'll tell u:) anyway I've got to get to work... Bye.
I'll post a story about my BF later but as I said need to leave now:)

I just love your stories Jane! keep them coming!

Adam from Canada
For the last couple of days I have had the flu and I have been noticing some strange things.

1. I haven't been able to poop in 3 days and I really feel backed up.

2. I have been peeing alot. My pee is clear and I am going every 1-3 hours.

Does anyone agree with me on this? I think Tylonol has an effect on frequent peeing. I have been also taking Dimeatapp and that makes me pee alot too.

Brian from sunny Cal

To Bryian: Yes it is good to pee clear. That means that you have enough water in your system. If your pee is a dark yellow, you drink more water. To Sandra: If you were in the hospital when you were a kid and the nurse had bedpan and went and sat on the next bed and used the bedpan, don't you think this would be unsanitary(the next paitent would lay on the bed on diry sheets, not knowing a nurse pooped into a bedpan). Any one agree with me?

To I LOVE TO SEE WOMEN POO: Thats cool,kewl you actully pooped with a girl? and you got too look at it and study it. Id study someone elses poo, too...if i study it i can figure what they ate to have a huge shit. Id love to poo with a Girl!!

I posted last night saying i had mexican food for dinner, I had no major effects from it. I did shit after dinner and it was hard and it was solid(not loose like i had thought it would be). I pooped as soon as i got off here.


Good to be back, folks. To be sure, I've been following the ongoing discussions; simply haven't been "moved" to post hehehe...have had more jobs on in one of my little businesses and been generally busier with personal and household matters.
To Jarod: have enjoyed your posts enormously! You're lucky to have some buddies who aren't threatened by sharing this very private act. It seems that many of the members here share what I would call a similar "delectation" for witnessing other people's dumps in addition to enjoying their own. More than one has admitted to visiting other "scat" sites (out of intellectual curiosity only, of course) and having little affinity, if not outright revulsion for the activities described or pictured therein. I myself fall into this category...with the exception of the intellectual curiosity part!
"Different strokes" being the tired truism it is, I have great empathy for the moderators and the job they do. In addition to the "s! trictly bathroom" (movie title?!) stories I've heard a lot of sane and sound advice on health and related matters. The fact that underage folks (and others) come here for support along these lines is great.
I think (without trying to categorize my fellow dumpophiles) that we share an unusual interest with strong fetish aspects that doesn't fit the extreme definitions outsiders will ascribe to it. Given that, I understand the nuances and degrees of language and the purpose of the guidelines here. I will say that Jarod is not alone in pushing the envelope...could the difference be male/male vs. male/female situations? Heaven forbid I should presume...oh well.
As for myself I like to check e-mails and have coffee while waiting for a big solid dump, which is imminent at this time. Have a light day of work so am going to the gym to lift weights to balance my back. I've gotten into the habit of eating big dinners late for some years now, which I'm starting to pay ! for in my late thirties. Produces huge dumps in the mornings, especially on the weekend when I allow myself a cigar or two. Just looked at the clock and must dash...for 2 reasons... but appreciate this forum and will be back with some anecdotes more on point. Good day.

NJ thanks for your help. I dont know what it is about it but the site of a girl or women on the toilet just drives me wild. I watched a movie called SLUMS of beverly hills and it showed a girl peeing but that was it. So catch you later. TIM

Tuesday, February 08, 2000

I was wondering how many people close their eyes while their having a bm. I dont... I just noticed that some people include that in their stories.

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