Hi, I've been reading these posts 4 about 4 days, looking mainly for ones by people who are LI b/c I am LI (You're not alone people!) along with several of my friends, mine however is the most severe by far.

Well a couple of nights ago I was at McDonalds and had a urge to get a large choloate shake, knowing what would happen, I went a head and got it anyway, that happened about 10:00. As soon as I got home I went to bed and woke up about 11:00 with an alwful stomach ache. I got up and ran as fast as I could to the Loo, thank the lord there is one attached to my room so I didn't even have to close the door. I threw my nightie off and plopped on the seat and WWWWWWOOOOOOSSSSSSHHHHHH exploded with the most terrible diarrhea I've ever had!!! It was nothing but a brown liquid and as soon as I finished I felt the urge again ... this happened about two more times before I looked in the seat. The water was dark brown and there were stains all over the sides of the toilet. I w! as on the seat for about an hour, seemed like a year, before I finally got up. I went to bed and woke up the next morning about 4:30 and felt like a ton of crap was worked up in me. I sat up and the sudden change in position caused me to lose control. I flooded my sheets for about 15 sec. It took me about 2 hrs. to clean my mess up. From the Newbie. Decided to make my first posts an explosive 1:). By the way I'll only b able to post on weekends b/c my parents won't appricate me riting these. 1 last thing to other LI people, have any of you decided to ingest a dairy product and pay a heavy price for it? If so please tell bout it. BYE!

Tony - I'm sure that nurses pooing in a bedpan is more common than one would think, given their hours and being so busy. When I was 11 I was in the hospital having my tonsils out. The bed next to me was empty but one of the nurses came round with a bedpan, went over to the empty bed and pulled the curtains round the bed. I heard a rustling of clothing, a fart and then silence. After a few minutes I could smell poo. After 5 minutes or so, I heard more rustling of clothing, then the curtains opened. The nurse had the bedpan in her hands with a paper towel covering it. Then she walked quickly down the ward. Even at 11, I realized that the nurse had pooed in the bedpan!

A few years ago when I was building my house my girlfriend
was with me, it was out in the country and there was no
bathroom yet, I was jokeing with her and asked her what she
would do if she had to poop out here, she said she would
just go out in the woods. I told her that I didnt believe her and there was no way she would poop outside. She said
she had to go now and she was going to do it behind a pile
of wood at the edge of the woods, but I couldnt watch. She
took some paper towels we had in the house and started towards the wood pile,I got up and started to follow her, she stopped and told me to go back to the house or she wouldnt do it, well this was something I wanted to see real bad so I went back and sat on the porch, I could still see her but it was some distance away. She got behind the wood pile, I watched as she pulled her shirt up and unsnaped her pants, she put her thumbs in and pulled her jeans and panties down at the same time and! then squatted down I could still see her from the chest up but couldnt see her butt, so I jumped off the porch and ran over to her, she jumped up and told me to stay on that side or she wasnt going to do it, so I decided to do as she asked I was at least closer and this would be better than not seeing her at all, so she squatted back down and I her her start peeing, then a hiss fart,she said it was coming out right now, I wanted to run around and look so bad but I didnt, she then took the paper towels and whiped a couple times and the got up, she told me I could look at what she had done so I did, it was just a small pile but she did actually go outside, from then on she finally started letting me whatch her because she knew how much I wanted to see her pooping, she got very open about it after we had done it in front of each other many times.

One day i was at my cousins school fair and i ate some cakes and drunk some coffee. this is the best concoction to make me shit i proceeded directly to the toiletas i got there the boys were closed and there was a big queue at the girls so i remembered when i was younger we used to do it in a small woodland that joined the school as i got round there i dropped my boxers and let out a big shit with a lovely aroma as i was about to get some leaves to wipe up i noticed there was a girl of about 16/17 of age just behind a tree and i noticed her log was on its way out that made me feel good she got up wiped and proceeded to go as she come to me she was quite shocked at first seeing me doing a shit she offered me her handi pack tissues to wipe with i was watching her and she loved looking at my poo so when i got up i went and looked at hers it was a beutiful poo with a lovely smell i had to go up really close and study it
and smell it properly. later that week i was playing cric! ket on the field next to the woodland and i saw the same girl there and followed her into the woods we talked then we took a poo together it was great i used to be really shy about pooing not anymore though

Lily: Sorry to hear about your experience from that shake. I am leery of eating from corner food stands. This evening there was an TV news investigative report about food handling and display practices in some prominant eateries. I have eaten at one of them. Never was sick. I will now buy my own cold cuts and make my own sandwiches. I did have food poisoning from over indulging on food that was not properly cooked and drinking liquor. When I first hired in the brokerage house, I used to indulge in everything. Be prudent. I have never messed myself, but have come close.

When I was in 10th grade, I was in the gym bathroom having one of my first daily jobbies of my high school life. There were three stalls. I took the last against the wall. I was pressing out a hard constipated log. It hurt but it had to come out. Some loud mouthed girls entered. The stall doors did not afford privacy. My red gym shorts and blue cotton panties were at my ankles. These older girls were pr! owling the joint and looking over stalls. I pulled up my shorts to my thighs. One of them said, "It stinks in here." Another one said, "I would never put my behind on these toilets to shit." I would never make fun of someone sitting onthe bowl, especially if they were hurting.

See one of my posts, how I took Dulcolax in college and earlier I had a stomach virus in an airport and had to run to a ladies room more than 3 times. I was about 8 or 9. I did not know what was going on with me. I just kept running to the toilet, until finally I was in tears and I sat the afternoon out evacuating my stomach. It was brutal for a little girl.

I happen to see that there is another poster with my name, so i don't want any one to confuse me with the other poster i do spell my name B-R-Y-I-A-N .

To Redneck: I see we posted about the same tv show, i just want to let you know the show is called, "Malcom In the Middle" and not Matthew in the middle. It maybe be called that in a different countrie?

Tonight i had mexican food for dinner, i don't know what effects it will have on me tomorrow cause i hadn't eaten mexican food in along time. I know i had like 3 or 4 large cokes cause that food is spicy and makes me thirsty. I Peed there several times. On time i peed there and there was a young boy in the bathroom with his father and the boy had his pants all the way down, you could see his butt. I peed about 10 minutes before i left, when i got home(20 minutes later) I had to pee really bad again and i noticed it was clear liquid. It's been atleast 30 minutes since i've peeed and it seems like i do! n't have to pee bad, yet(again). Any one know if there is a term for "clear pee" and what exactly does it mean? What causes this? And is it good to have clear pee?

To Robbie: I got some questions i've thought about.....Do you ever had to pee so bad that it's clear? How many times a day do you pee?
Well I better go, i feel as though i might be getting a sign that i will need to use the toilet(to poop) after eating that mexican food.


i remember once when i was little i was at the park with my friend and all of the sudden she crossed her legs and said she had to pee so bad she couldn't move. there were no bathrooms around so i suggested she go behind a bush. She said she wouldn't. i told her to go in her panties but she said she woudn't. She told me she would try to hold it until we got home. she takes s few steps. then she grabbed my arm and told me she was about to pee in her pants. i started pulling her towards the bush ahe was crying and telling me she just let out some. as soon as we got to the bushes i told her to pull her pants down and go. she said no but just then she let out another squirt and it was soaking through. she yanked down her pants, squatted and peed. thats al for today.

I was reading some old post and was woundering if any of you girls ever had to go in front of your mom. I would love to hear from you.

Tony (Scotland). Many thanks for the detailed and interesting information about your neighbour Anne - and especially her jobbies. I wanted the information so that I could make comparisons with a similar incident also involving a woman called Anne, some years ago.

It must have been thirty years or so ago now, probably sometime between 1969 and 1971, so I'd be about six or seven at the time. Aunt Anne came to visit one morning and she was sat in the kitchen talking to my mother and maternal grandmother at the time. I was present too, of course. Suddenly Aunt Anne farted and at first I didn't think anything of it, guessing that she'd probably got a bit of wind and nothing more. At that point I popped to the outside toilet for a quick wee which didn't take long. When I returned to the kitchen, Aunt Anne was still farting and I realised that she wasn't suffering from wind but actually needed to do go for a poo. I didn't dare say anything and the other adults presen! t were too polite to. Although Aunt Anne was obviously getting desperate and smellier by the minute she made no move to get up and go to the toilet. Instead she carried on talking and farting (quite loudly) for what must have been at least twenty minutes and probably half an hour. I remember half hoping she'd poo her knickers and half hoping she wouldn't. Eventually, just as I thought she was going to poo herself, Aunt Anne got up, said "Excuse me" and went to the outside toilet which wasn't far away. Luckily for her she made it but only just in the nick of time. Despite being very young, I realised she'd had a very close shave indeed. Because the walls were very thick i didn't hear the 'performance' but I can be sure for a fact that it was some big motion. When she'd finished, she washed her hands at the kitchen sink - there was no outside sink in those days. Before she left I stood close to her and there was no residual odour so she must have wiped well. When she'd! gone I popped in the outside toilet and, to my astonishment, there was no remaining evidence of her visit. Mind you, it was a fairly old fashioned toilet and flushed very well indeed. I've often wondered what I would have been like if Aunt Anne had left her trip to the loo a tiny bit longer and not got there in time.

For several years afterwards I associated women called Anne with women who needed to poo, but thankfully, I've discovered they don't all wait until they're that desperate.

Just for the record, I love Aunt Anne very much and she has a special place in my affections so this posting is in no way a personal criticism of her. We get on well together and I like to see her as often as I can. She's very open about bodily functions I remember occasions when she's talked quite freely about going on holiday in foreign places, getting 'the runs' and having to search for toilets. No admission of not actually making it though.

Hi Robbie,

Yes; I guess we have at least one thing in common. Do you ever wonder what drove us to post at a site like this?

We were both constipated a lot when we were young. Did your Mom give you enemas?

Did constipation ever make yopu sick? It did me. I'd feel fine for a week or so without going...then I'd get sick and throw up and all...

Talk to you soon...


I have been reading some of the posts. I use to feel uncortable about taking a dump back in high school. When I was a youngster some of my friends told me how long of a log they shit and I felt imbarrassed to hear about it. Now it comes natural to take a dump in a public toilet. Now that I am a little older I have interest in this sort of thing. I thought I was weird to have these interest in toilets and shit as a straight guy. The longest log I ever shit was a 18 inch log and that was three days ago during a snow boarding trip in Big Bear.

college gal: Another great story. I think that, as the year goes on, most of you in the dorms will become less apprehensive about your toilet habits and will be more comfortable taking a dump with others in the bathroom. Posting more stories here is a good first step, Lizzy.

I have another recollection from my college years. A group of us had gone out on a Friday to celebrate someone's 21st birthday, and we went to an Indian restaurant that just opened the week before. We had several different dishes, many of which were on the spicy side. Of course, we had at least one drink in honor of our friend. I was feeling fine as I was getting to bed that evening. At the time I lived in an apartment with three roommates.

It was only a couple of hours after I had gone to sleep when I started to have cramp-like pains in the stomach. I rushed to the bathroom and had a major dump with mushy, but not quite runny, poop. That morning, I got up from bed two more times! to dump, then another two trips to the bathroom as I got up in the morning, dressed and had a quick breakfast. Since I had a mid-term exam the next Monday, I would spend most of Saturday in the library studying. As I got to the library, I found the nearest restroom, went in and had another major dump, complete with lots of farts and several mushy loads of poop. Once I was done, I proceeded to go upstairs and set up camp in a cubicle. A couple hours later I had another sudden urge to poop, so I ran into the bathroom and had yet another poop session. I was beginning to be worried about why I was pooping so much. I met up with a couple of folks from my class, had lunch with them, and went back to the library where we went into a study room. About one hour later I started to have aches and pains in my stomach again, and I excused myself to go to the restroom.

I'll provide details on this dump. I went into the middle stall, pulled down my jeans and white cotton pa! nties, and sat. Immediately I let out a loud fart, followed by a massive wave of chili-like poop. Another wave of mushy poop followed, after which I began to pee. Once I stopped peeing, I pushed out another fart, followed by another massive 10-second wave of mushy poop. By this time there was a strong poop smell coming out. I flushed the toilet in order to prevent it from clogging. The waves of mushy poop kept coming, one after another. I flushed the toilet after every third wave or so. The waves lasted an average of five seconds, though I had an occasional 10-second wave and an especially nasty 15-second explosive wave while two or three others were washing their hands. I was finally finished after being on the toilet 30 minutes, during which I must have flushed the toilet 8 times before starting to wipe. I left feeling much better and thinking I had finally gotten everything out of my system.

Unfortunately, once I got home and got ready to go out, I had to! rush back into the bathroom for another round of pooping. An hour later, right before I was about to leave, I had another pooping session. Neither of those two were of the magnitude of the one I had in the library, but I decided to stay home. I took some Pepto Bismo, which seemed to help. In fact, I was able to go to sleep without having to poop again.

The next morning brought more rounds of mushy poop. That caused me to call in sick at my part-time job in the book store. That was the only time in my four years there that I ever called in sick. I made an appointment to see the doctor that Monday. By the time I saw the doctor, the waves of poop subsided. The doctor didn't find any evidence of any virus or food poisoning. No one else in the group experienced what I had. I guess it was just the combination of the spicy dishes and drinks that upset my stomach and took several loads of poop to get out of my system. Sorry for the long post.

Brian from sunny cal
Does any body sink pee. i am 6'4" and the toilet is 2' 2'5" away. i don't have to worry about spraying all over. It is more confortable to pee in the sink. i usally sink pee in the early mornig while i brush my teeth or shave. i leave the water on to "Flush" the sink.

Jarod! You are one lucky guy! Chuck sounds like a super guy as well. I love hearing stories about experiences like this!

JW. She doesn't per say like benpans,I may have written wrong and given the wrong I idea. She just like the fact that she doesn't have to get up to go to the bathroom to go. The idea that she could saty and watch TV and stuff and just go is what she likes sorry for the mix up. Today I did get her up and sat her on the toilet to which she had a HUGE poop session and felt much better. She has kinda gotten sit of them actually.. something the the affects that they are FREEZING COLD!!! That and well she's noticed that she's my audiable that in the bathroom so it seems like I'll be sneaking her into the toilet from now on as the nurses don't wnat her moving at all. I just think they wnat her on bedpans so they can watch her. But somehow we'll find a way aroud it. Wlel today I carried her to the bathroom and sat her on the toilet. I made sure her legs didn't drop and such. So she sat and after peeing a bit she started her grunting. I felt so badly for her seeing her face wrinkled up! turning red. Then after a bit the infamous crackling started and she stop for a bit to catch her breath. Then she started again then she said OW and stopped again. She said it was starting to hurt. I told her to take a break but she continued and after a frew more mintues of starining she went KAPLOOSH and gave out a long sigh of relief. She made 4 more softer smaller pooops before I snuck back into bed.

Adam from Canada
I have seen the show Malcolm in the Middle. It is a good show. I really enjoy it.

Last night I was I having these stomach pains and I think it is from the flu I have. I really feel tired, stiff and I am having the chills/sweats. I have been feeling like this for a few days. Have any of you experianced this recently?

Hey,some super stories-To COLLEGE GAL-That was a cool story of your morning dump-I loved it.More stufflike that!To ALTHEA-You sound like you really enjoy your dumps now that you can sit there and get it all out.I used to rush things like you when i was a kid for the same reason you did but now i just take my time no matter where i am-I've noticed lately that when i go in a public men's room that as i'm pooing along with others,they seem to be enjoying the sounds of me going as well as i enjoy listening to them,which is kind of exciting to me.By the way,very nice name,Althea.TO BRYIAN-Just last week i was sitting on the bowl and this guy was at the urinals peeing and i heard him fart and suddenly he went over to the stall next to mine and sat down and did a pretty loose load of poop and i thought the same thing-he should have went to the bowl to do it all,but maybe he didn't have to poop when he first started to pee.I've never seen it the other way around like you did-seems a b! it strange
The nurse thing about them having to hald a BM in because of work conditions was a plus for me with the nurse friend i had some years ago(refer to old posts of mine)She would sometime call me and said she felt a poop coming on and i would go to her place which was a 25 mile drive and she would always hold it for me-It was amazing,i couln't hold it that long,but she sure could and do some serious pooing when i got there.She told me in some cases she could hold a Bm for almost a full day of work unless she was sick with the runs or something.I used to drive like a crazy guy to get to her place to enjoy the show-and a lot of times,by the time i got to her place,i had to poo too and we would do it together-I miss her sometimes,we had some amazing poop sessions together-Nothing to report on my poos-it's been pretty routine lately and i'm not going to bore you all with redundancy!I love the public rest rooms stories of you all, kepp them coming! BYE

I love hearing stories about girls having diarrhea and "just barely making it to the toilet" etc. I just thought i'd say that so you wouldnt stop and know that they are wanted!

TIM: If you go to the bottom of this page (Page selector) and go back to page 41 in the old posts, about two thirds of the way down you'll see a post by BMG to Fred re. several movies which shows girls pooping etc. It's a question I also had and luckily stumbled acroos it while reading the old posts. Hope that helps. If I see anything new I'll also let you know. Like you, I long to find a girl(s) someday that will let me watch her take a dump and maybe even have me wipe her butt. Let's keep our hopes up!
-NJ (I've posted a while back, and enjoy this place on the net quite a bit. Been very busy lately, so have not had time to post but have kept up with the reading. Please continue with the great stories!, especially if there are any ladies with stories concerning taking a dump in public toilets with doorless stalls or no stalls at all. Thanks.)

Monday, February 07, 2000

Just wondering, but Lily mentioned her boyfriend giving her this 'instant laxative' which was taken oraly. Does anyone know what could have been in it to make it work so fast?

I had eaten a big breakfast one morning and it didn't sit well on my stomach. I made it through the first half and five minutes of the second half. Then, pain set in and I knew i would have to go soon. I asked to come and go to the bathroom. As I ran off, i relaxed too much anda long squirt of diareha shot into my briefs. I was soooo mortified!

Today I went to the mall, I went to this other mall that i don't usally go to cause it's on the other side of town and so i went to use the bathroom before i left the mall, i went in to pee, then i washed my hands and dried them. I noticed a guy was sitting on the toilet, he was just finishing up cause i heard him wipe, then he goes and washes his hands, then he goes to the urinal to pee. I was wondering why he didn't do it while he was shitting? Any guys ever do this?

I was watching that new show on Fox called "Malcom In The Middle" tonight. There were a bunch of guys at a military camp(or something like that, can't remember what exactly it was) and they were showing slids, and this "camper" mixed this slides up and they had a slide of a guy in the camp at the urinal. Then at the end of the show Malcom is in the bathroom(he is 11) and his mom was putting a band-aid on him cause he had fallen, at a marathon that he was in....then it pans over and you see h! is dad sitting on the toilet, reading a newspaper. I know there are going to be more bathroom sceens on this show, its just that kind of show. Any one see this show?

I was watch some idiot box tonite. The show, "Matthew in the Middle" which came on after "The Simpsons" was pretty good. At the end of the show, there was a bathroom scene between Matthew and his Mom in dealing with a cut knee and after they left, Matthew said good night to his Dad who was on the Toilet reading the paper. The paper kind of hid the private areas. This would not have been on TV about ten years ago except HBO.

Can anyone who has had an accident in their pants as a kid or as an adult please tell us about it?


JW. Don't worry about Linda she'll be back in March so put your fears to rest.. you probably know how it happened now. As for the nurses I agree.. but I'm around and tell them to leave so Linda can use the bedpan in peace.. one put up quite a fight saying she had to see her relive herself furst hand to see that she's having good movments. Well i know a few people at the hosptila.. and no it's not cause I spend lots of time ther and wlel she was warned and Linda got to grunt and strain with no embarassment. I feel so bad with what napened so i spend lots of time there and make sure someone is always there.. I go home to sleep for a few hours then go back.. thank god my boss understands.. that and good thing things have been slow at the office as well. Anyway i've sat with her as she does her thing in the bedpan and I'll tell her you wrote JW. I'm sure she'll be happy to hear from you. well I have to go get some sleep. Next time if I can I'll write about me and Elena as many of ! you know about her and me (she my fiancee now and well I'm waiting for her to finish college so well we can make plans) If anyway wnats to here and Linda bedpan stories feel frre or would you like to wait for her to come back. Let me know.

Cousin-- She LIKES a bedpan??? Yuck...double YUCK, how
can you LIKE a bedpan? Isn't she having a terrible time
going and doesn't that make it worse? Tell her she has
my sympathy...but how can she LIKE bedpans?- JW

Adrian (UK) its about over 3 and a half decades since the Anne jobbie incident, although when visiting her house sometimes with my Mum I did hear her doing one in her own toilet and saw her big fat logs afterwards.

Anne was one of those big women, not fat, but very muscular. She played Hockey (Field Hockey to you Americans not Ice Hockey) and Netball, a fact attested to by the many pairs of large navy blue cotton "Montfort" knickers (briefs) that could be seen hanging from her washing line. Anyway, she did big solid fat motions, usually consisting of a single long fat knobbly jobbie. The ones I saw were 12 to 14 inches long, 2 and a half inches fat, and straight, really a "log" in all senses of the word. As I recall she did fart but dry squeaky farts not wet spluttery ones. Like many women before she went to the toilet she would start to fart silently but with the smell of a good solid motion. My mother also did this, a sure sign to me to be on the alert that a big j! obbie was on its way within the next half hour if not sooner. I have always envied girls and women the ability to fart silently. I assume this is due to their anus and vaginal lips being in close proximity and thus forming some sort of accoustic baffle so they can let the gas out without making a noise. In any event when Anne went to do her big beauty, having helpfully said "Im just going for a motion" I heard her hitch up her skirt, pull down her knickers and pass a long sqeaky fart then do her wee wee with a hiss and tinkle. She then gave a grunt and an "UH! NN! AH! NNN!" and I heard the crackling as it slowly slid out between her fat buttocks and dropped into the pan with a loud "KUR-SPOOL-LOOMP!" (I would add that the toilet pan had a long deep water filled sump and the seat was quite high so turds had a good long plunge into the water- in one of the lower level pans there would have been only a "floomp!"). I then heard her give a big sigh, then say to herself "Oh, that's ! better, I needed that!", wipe her bum then pull up her knickers drop her skirt and come out. I noticed that she was a bit redfaced but had a satisfied smile, and also saw this look on my mum's face when she had done a nice big motion and on other women's and girls' faces and my wife Theresa also really beams when she has done a nice big jobbie. When I went into the toilet after Anne the great fat mid-brown turd was lying in the botton of the pan in all its magnificence, just as I have described it above. I dont think she was all that desperate to go, and could have held it in and done it in her own toilet, but no doubt felt shw ould be more comfortable getting rid of it then. Who knows, perhaps she did it in our toilet on purpose and wanted me to see it?

Charlotte, Im glad you had an understanding mother about your having accidents. My mother too didnt give me a hard time when these happened a few times to me in childhood, and as I have posted here, she too had a few! accidents when she had a BM in her knickers (panties). Obviously, if you deliberately did a BM in your panties as a temper tantrum then you deserved her disapproval. That would be similar to throwing your food on the floor, breaking some object in the house etc. I cannot however stand those "Nazi" parents, teachers, etc who punish and humiliate kids who have genuine accidents. To them I say remember it can happen to you!

I too know a few nurses and they tell me that getting time to go to the toilet can be difficult. One has had a similar accident when she and a colleague were lifting a very fat woman and it all came out in this girls panties. Luckily it was solid and as nurses are quite used to people shitting themselves the other nurse helped her clean up in the toilet/ sluice room. Another nurse friend has done one in a bed pan . She had taken it from a patient when the woman had done a large jobbie in it and on the way to empty it down the sluice sink (to those un! familiar with this item its like a combined sink and toilet pan with taps to wash bed-pans and urine bottles then flush the contents away.), she felt she needed a motion herself. (again this often happens , I have often experienced this, when hearing or seeing someone else doing a motion or seeing the jobbie they have done stimulates the need to defecate oneself. Perhaps this is one of the reasons for "buddy dumps"?). This nurse went to an empty bed, drew the screens, hitched up her uniform and pulled down her panties and passed her own big jobbie on top of the patient's then took the now heavily laden bed pan to the sluice. One of the other nurses comented "That patient must have been a bit bunged up if she passed those two big stools in one go". On another occasion, when the toilet cubicles were all occupied she hitched up her skirt and did her motion directly into the sluice sink as it was just like another much larger toilet pan.

Jarod, Im glad you have decided to stay, accepting the Moderator's rules, even if you think them too strict. I would like to say more on the sexual arousal aspects of defecation but that is very tightly censored and I agree to stay within the guidelines although I have had the odd post "spiked" and not published I assume for straying over the line. I would rather have a strict moderator than one who lets anything go and the site is either deleted by the ISP or server owner or really nasty undesirable postings take place. I know that there are "scat" sites which may well cater for your desires, Jarod. I have looked at a few of these, but while some merely show normal defecation sights and sounds with which I am quite happy , many others display activities and matters I personally find totally unacceptable and disgusting. I will not describe these as the Moderator would probably object even to their being mentioned in detail. As they say, when in Rome, so please stay with this website, but be careful what you post to stay within the rules.

To Robbie: Im glad and im excited that you liked my last post(about the huge dump). I estimate my logs too. It's cool that you have had huge dumps in the past and that you haven't had a 12-14 incher in a while. If i had to break my shit up i would use my hands, ever do it that way? And have you ever touched your shit?

To JBM: Cool story that your GF pooped while on a roadtrip and that you pooped too and she wiped u.

To the unnamed poster: About you being in a french lesson at school, how did you manage to hold it it. At school most teachers i know will let you go during class. This one teacher(new class) said the other day,"If you have to go to the bathroom i will let you go, cause it's bad to hold you pee in."

To Lily: Do you know what was in the "Lemon aid Laxitive"? Is this lemon aid laxitive a home remedy? Tell more about this experince please.

This morning i was making breakfast and i had too poop in the mi! ddle of every thing so i went and it was a bunch of hard balls. Then this afternoon i had another urge to go and i held it in, cause i had to go to work and i didn't have time to poop(it wasn't a strong urge). Then while at work the urge was still there, and then it went away....I was thinking at work that it would get stronger and i would have a major shit when i got home. I gotta go, it's late!!



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