I made a mistake on my last post, I only messed myself therr times, sorry.

I do have another story though, this happened today I was shopping and got a very bad shit cramp (I had just had a lager choloate shake) and ran to the toilet. When I arrived all the stalls were in use but one, I was gonna try to hold it but a sharp pain in my stomach made me decide otherwise. I yanked my pants and panties down and squatted on the seat and let out the longest, loudest, wettest fart I've ever let. That was followed by a huge explosion of diarrhea. It seemed like five minutes of non stop dumping. At first it was a dark brown liquid mixed with huge chunks and loud farts, but soon subbdued to a brown liquid. I received several rude comments about the smell and several snickers. I wiped, washed and left just as the last woman was leaving the stall. I didn't get five steps out of the loo before I had to go again. I turned ran in the room again, sat and shot a dark brown liqui! d out of my ass. The other woman hadn't left, and being very nice gave me some anti-diarrhea pills, I felt much better after that:).

Also, hope u don't mind 2 stories but i won't be able to post much, on April 1st me and my boyfriend both decided a good prank was slip each other laxatives. About 7:30 they kicked in and we ran to the only toilet in the house when we got there we had to go so bad we quickly decided to use it together, the seat up with me on one side and him on the other. We both erupted and really made a mess out of things. Well that is the last diarrhea story I have I'll post more as they come, and I'll try to post some peeing stories.
I have had a problem since I was a kid with getting diarrhea quite often, (usually 1nc a month, no BS) just thought I'd share that.

Sunday, February 06, 2000

Buzzy: I was for awhile rushing my bowel movements in my 20's and 30's. When I was in elementary and high school, I would spend 20 minutes on the bowl, reading comics and school textbooks. I do not want to draw attention to myself at work going into the ladies room with a newspaper. When I go at work, I devote 15 minutes. Beside sometimes, I undress to my slip and underwear, if I am not wearing jeans. Jeans, I keep on and drop to my knees or ankles. If I am at home, I will read. I keep plenty of reading material on the floor next to the bowl. I need it when I purge myself of toxins monthly. Senna bush tea gives me artificial diarreah. But, it does the job. I am healthy. I do get turned on by the cramps, farts and waves. I get tired of having to run out of bed in the middle of the night. So, I sit and read for about an hour or 2 or 3.

Robbie: Don't hold it back as a regular habit. I used to in high school, only because there was no toilet paper during the city's fiscal crisis. After some painful days, I carried toilet paper in my gym bag. Once I had to duck into a subway station and another to my then boyfriend, Mitchell's house. See an earlier post about Mitchell. On time, I was not going to make it home. I showed my pass and walked thru the slam gate and went to the subway toilet. It was a clean dungeon. I kicked the stall door closed, dropped my books. I put the transit authority's paper on the black cut out seat, lifted my cheerleader skirt, lowered my cheerleaders yellow nylon briefs and panty hose. I wore two pairs of briefs, one under and one over my panty hose. As I sat in one motion, 3 10" logs slid out of my stomach and what seemed to be gallon of pee. That was in me from morning. I stinked up the joint good. While I was sitting, a knock on the door was a policewoman's night stick. I told her I was a high school kid and she she said it was o.k. After I wiped with that wood pulp sand paper, I decided to take my own toilet paper to! school. My dad was taking his to work and he was a judge.

Jeremy, if you have no problems with your folks and the fact that they watched you doing a BM etc until your early teens then that's okey. To Ann and Abby LEAVE THINGS ALONE! I have seen at first hand the harm that so called "special counselling" can cause to people. Its becoming a bit of a growth industry over here in the UK but thankfully not as badly as in the USA as yet. After any traumatic experience be it an individual witnessing some accident to a mass incident such as the recent train crash in London last year, scores of "special counsellors" are on hand to "assist" those involved. To me its "snake oil" and people are better left to cope in their own way, these "counsellors" can cause more harm than good and there is also "false memory syndrome" where perfectly innocent parents are dragged through the courts because of some induced or even implanted "memory" of a nasty happening caused by the parent in the past which turns out to be totally false. So I say to Jeremy, ! if your experiences regarding your Mother and Father and your toilet functions as a child and teenager have so badly affected you then its up to you to sort it but as I suspect you are NOT badly affected then leave well alone. I must observe with respect that while in the USA going to an
"analyst", "shrink, etc is quite commonplace here in the UK we consider it an admission of some problem. In a nutshell, we prefer to sort things out for ourselves. I dont consider myself in any way traumatised by my childhood being brought up by firm but kind parents, and yes, my Mum DID ask myself and my brother from time to time if we had a had a good motion or were constipated etc, and sometimes, with our consent when older would accompany us to the toilet and rub our ???? if we were having a difficult BM, likewise George was not in any way scarred by being brought up by his aunt and with his cousins, his natural mother having had a mental breakdown when he was 5.

Well, that'! s got that off my chest. On the question of doing a large firm jobbie being like giving birth, I have never had children, didnt want any, and wont now but other women who have tell me that it feels like being really constipated and having to pass a very big one. Often some women do defecate while straining to deliver the baby called "code brown" in some hospitals, they used to give the woman an enema to prevent this but have stopped that practice now. Anyway, I have often done a big fat constipated mption and have found that it is easier to pass it by going "OO! OO! and bearing down and pushing it out a few inches at a time, then resting, then another !OO! OO! session and slowly but surely it inches out of my back passage, so I suppose there are similarities in the process. Some of the mothers who post here may care to comment. By the way, whatever DID happen to "preggy" she must I hope , have had her child by now.

Hello all...this is my first time here, and I was happy to see people talking so frankly about relieving themselves. You all will understand my love for watching a guy piss. I've only seen pictures...never "live", but I'd like to. I've never had the nerve to ask a guy if I could watch.

I love to piss outdoors, and I'll look for any excuse to do it (in the woods, bathroom is taken, etc). I often wear long skirts, so it's easy to squat and relieve myself without showing anything. I "drip-dry" for a bit before standing again. This tends to work as well as a guy's method of "shaking" himself.

Does anyone remember a disc by Brian Eno called "Here come the warm jets"? The cover consists of a picture of a load of bits and bobs on a table or something, and I was always intrigued by one of the items, printed rather small on the LP cover, very small on the CD. It looks like a playing card, showing the picture on the back. The picture appears to show a posh waiter leaning over a woman who is smartly dressed, but with her dress hiked up and squatting over a smart silver tray. He looks as though he is waiting for her to relieve herself on it, when he will pick it up and remove it. I've never seen playing cards with such strange pictures on: anyone know anything about it?


To Tom: Thats cool that you got to watch your girl friend poop outside, and she got to watch you too. and you wiped each other!!

To Althea: Thats cool that you watched that boy you know poop.

Nothing too much to post about, except i pooped last night, i had a minor urge and i would have let it go but i wanted to go before i watched tv cause i didn't want to get up while watching tv to poop, i had some hard balls and a few 4"ers. Thats it


A while back, someone asked if they were ever punished for having accidents in their pants when they were children. Fortunately, I can answer that question "NO" even though I had more than my share of accidents growing up. I only hope that when I have children I have the patience that my mother had with me. She would Never punish me -- even when I was 8 or 9 years old and still doing them. She would just tell me to try and be more careful next time and not to feel embarrassed because its only accident. She wqs just so wonderful to me -- even cleaning up the mess for me -- and never even giving me a dirty look or a "Shame On You" comment even though I was well past the age when this should have been happening.
About the only time Mom even expressed any sort of dissapproval over my accidents was one time when I was 9 and I actually did it on purpose. I threw a temper tantram because I wanted to go and get a certain toy but my mom said I had to wait until my ! birthday. I told her that if I didn't get it NOW, I was going to "make" in my panties. Well, my mom had infinite paitence for accidents and mistakes but she was never a sucker for blackmail of any sort. To make a long story short, I didn't get my toy (not until my birthday, that is) and I did "make" in my panties.
This time, though, mom wasn't as sympathetic. She didn't scream or yell or punish, but she did say how disappointed she was in me. She said that having an accident is one thing, but if I wasn't even going to try to go to the bathroom, then she couldn't help me. What that meant was that this time, I was going to have to clean up the mess msyelf. Mom insisted that this wasn't a punishment, but mearley the natural consequences of what I did. Punishment or not, it certainly did make an impression on me and I was running my fingers through the soiled mess as I scrubbed my panties clean in the sink, I had decided that this my last time I was ever going t! o do something like this again.
I still had the occasional accident, though (I think the last one happened when I was 14 although they were pretty rare after age 10) and mom was always there to help me. Like I said, she was wonderful to me in all her patience at my accidents. It just breaks my heart to read all these stories about the truely awful and humilating punishments that many kids have to endure because of accidents

college gal
Hi fellow posters ^_^! It’s me, Lizzy again. I sincerely hope everyone here is doing well. I have another experience that I would love to share with you guys.

This story starts with my morning routine. My morning routine consists of me waking up at 6:45 because I have to be at a class at 8 (which I hate because my roommate gets to sleep in everyday). I get up, slide my feet into my sandals and walk straight over to the bathroom for my morning dump. In the bathroom there are four toilet stalls and across from the stalls there is the shower area which is closed off by a short wall and a curtain. Then on the other side of the bathroom is of course a row of sinks. I usually take the stall closest to the door (I don’t know why). One good thing about getting up so early is I usually have the bathroom all to myself, which is great because I get to have a nice, private relaxing pooping session. Well, this day was no different and the bathroom was empty when I walked in. I walked into the stall closest to the door as always and closed and locked the door behind me. Also as always some girl before me had neglected to flush the toilet and it was filled with pee and toilet paper. So I flushed the toilet, then I pulled my short black bedtime shorts and my panties down to my knees and sat down with my legs pressed together. I was excited because I felt a big bowel movement coming on (which is one of my favorite pleasures of life). But first I began to pee; I peed for about 20 seconds; then all was silent (which is rare in my dormitory). I spread my butt checks apart with my hands in preparation for my big BM and closed my eyes and began to softly push. Just as I felt my anus begin to open someone who was in a real hurry burst in the bathroom door. The girl rushed into the fourth stall, which was on the side closest to the sinks. I could hear her slam the stall door behind her and then she began to undo her belt and her pants as I could hear the jingling of her belt buckle. I could hear her pull her pants down and sit down on the toilet quickly (I always love it when this happens because usually when someone is in that much of a hurry they always have a really good shit, and I love to listen). Once again this time was no different as I heard the girl begin to pee very loudly. When she was done peeing she began to breathe heavily and grunt very softly. If she was anything like me she was extremely embarrassed about letting me hear and smell what happened next. I began to hear a parade of splashes, as she let loose with what must have been a very loose dump. It didn’t take long before I could smell what she was doing, as a sewer gas like smell invaded my stall. The poor girl must have eaten something that made her sick. As the first part of her dump ended, it became quiet again. Then she began to breathe loudly and grunt again, followed by a short wet sounding fart, which of course echoed, and two more pieces of poop could be heard splashing in her toilet. I could sense she was done as I heard her begin pulling toilet paper off the roll to wipe herself. I then stopped eavesdropping on her fun and started to concentrate on my own. I then rested my elbows on my thighs and my head on my hands, closed my eyes and began to push again, it took a little while to get things moving again but soon enough I could feel my anus opening up once more. I began pushing out a smooth, kind of soft piece of poop (at this point the other girl was gone and I was alone again). As I pushed and pushed it kept going and going without breaking off (the crackling noise was pretty loud), I could hardly wait to see the long snake. It eventually broke off and fell into the toilet with a very soft silent splash. The smell was very light but I could still smell the pleasant smell of good bowel movement. I could still feel that part of this turd was still hanging out of anus and I stared to push again. Not much was left and shortly the end piece fell into the bowl with a louder splash. After that a soft stone sized turd fell out of my butt making an even louder splash. I knew I was finally done; I opened my legs to look inside the bowl at my creation. The light shined in the bowl and I could see three turds all where a light brown color and smooth. The long thin snake was curled up at the bottom of the bowl it looked like about 7 inches long. Then the two shorter pieces were floating at the top of the yellow water. I then stood up to wipe, it only took four wipes to get clean and one wipe to get the excess pee drops off of my vagina. I pulled up my shorts and panties and flushed my children away. Then I went back to my room to get my towel and washcloth and went back to the bathroom to wash up for class.

To Bryian: That was a great story about your latest shit!! I haven't dumped a 12-14 inch log in several months at least, but I have taken a huge dump like that in the past. Sometimes, it wouldn't break up on its own so I've had to break it up myself with a wire hanger or something like that so that it would flush! And yes, I've tried to measure my logs with a ruler, but I've found that it's not very easy to do. Maybe measuring tape would be more helpful, but I haven't tried that yet. So I'm basically estimating when I say how big my logs are.

To K.C. and Jeremy : My parents never actually watched me while I pooped when I was little, except I guess when I was just being potty-trained. But when I was a younger kid, my mom also used to tell me not to flush until after she'd seen it, when I was constipated, which happened a lot up until I was 10 or 11 years old. So I guess we have that in common, K.C.

C-ya all later!!

There was a full page article in The Times (UK), 3rd Feb (p41) about a 'docu-soap' TV series in The Netherlands on a channel called 'Veronica'. It featured a group of people living in a house in Amsterdam that was specially built with 83 cameras and microphones to record everything they did! They started with 11 residents who were volunteers, selected out of 3000 who applied. The series was called 'Big Brother', as in George Orwell's book '1984'. Each evening, 30 minutes of edited highlights were shown on TV but there was also a 24 hour live feed on the Internet. The TV series was very popular with 25% of the population of The Netherlands watching the final episode.

I wondered whether there was a camera and microphone in the smallest room. The article in The Times didn't mention this so I checked out some Big-Brother web sites in The Netherlands. On a Fanpage for one of the girls, Anouk there is a picture from a TV broadcast that shows Anouk on the toilet, seen from a! camera in the ceiling. The caption says, "En toen maakte Veronica een schakelfout in de uitzending". I think this means that the TV channel Veronica made a mistake in the broadcast when they showed this scene. Are there any readers of this forum in The Netherlands who can tell us more about this?

Linda- What on earth happened to you sweetie? How
did you manage to break a leg and fracture your
ankle? What were you trying to do, skie off the
Hope the nurses were good to you. Bet you got a
few good poop stories to tell us when you get back.
Morphine for pain can sure do a number on your poops.
Nurses seem to have a nack for making pooping a humiliating
experience. Hope everything came out alright and your
weren't too imbarrassed.-- JW

so nobody ever told me if they knew of any movies that show girls pooping. I have seen a few but not very good ones. Like i said before i would like to have a girl do it in front of me. But i dont know any girls that would. So will talk to yall later. TIM

hey people! I had an interesting experience a few days ago, with my new girlfriend. She really had to go to the bathroom and we werent near any towns (we were on a road trip). I said to get out of the car and go, she said ok. I pulled the car over and she got out, luckily for her, this was a country road so there were no cars going past while she dumped. I saw her pull her pants down and scooted over to the passenger side to see her better. SHe looked up just as she was about to pull her cottons down. she put up her hand and wiggled her finger to make me get out of the car. just as i stepped out, i saw her pull the cottons all the way down. SHe practically got out of them. i was completely hooked on her pussy by now, and as she croutched down to do it, i was engrossed in it. She pissed for a while first and then i saw it start to squeeze out. It was like 10" long and 2" thick. SHe did this again only they were a little smaller this time. SHe ened up with a pil! e of 4 or 5 of the logs. She then asked me if i would get some of the papertowels from the car to clean her up. I said yes and got them. i started to hand them to her and she said, no you do it. I nervously reached down
and wiped her cheeks gently. She replied with a small moan. after i had finished wiping, she asked me if i had to go, she added that we had a long road ahead and we shouldn't make anymore stops. i said ok and started to pull down my pants. She got this kind of amazed look on her face as i stood there pulling down my underwear. i made sure that i was close enough to her pile that i was still behind the car but far enough away that i wasnt invading her space, ya know? well anyway, i dumped a little but definitely not as much as her. i asked her if she would take care of me and she said yes. instead of going right to work with the wiping, she played around a bit with me (anatomy). I was getting even more nervous and almost wished she would get it ! over with so we could get back on the road. SHe finally finished and i was relieved except she started to get back in the car without putting her jeans and stuff back on. That could only mean one thing....
So was i lucky or what?

Adrian (England) I agree but around here the women (the dominate species here, I say that as they make up 95% of my family) get bent out of shape if you leave the seat up, and I learned not to but once I struck back and said"you know I did think about putting the seat down when I was done, but then i got to thinking.. when have you ever had consideration for me and put the seat back up for me when YOu were done.. i mean it doesn't kill me to think and spend a second to put it up, why would it kill you?" I was told to shut up and mind my own bussiness. Sigh. Anyway....
Beetle ( my favorite Volkswagon car by the way) there are many.. but you see unlike most of you I'm starved for good movies and my friends send them to me in RAW state(Which means not translated) so I couldn't tell you the films.. except for one.. which I did get the name from (it was porrly subtitled and seemed really old but it was funny) it's the country dragon girl. It could have been a cartoon turned int! o a live action movie.. it had that kinda feel. Anyway to the good stuff(down boy I'm getting to it, I know how you feel trust me, people here ramble on just when things are geting good and you.. um right anyway)Anyway it the usual boy meets girl, girl is really a dragon disguised as a girl, and boy already has a jealous girl who wants to bump off the new girl. Whew. (Sigh if only affairs of the heart like this one really happened) Anyway, the guys exGF decides to try to poison this girl and spikes these candies with some kind of potent root/herb. Well anyway the girl eats like all but one and her ???? roars like a lion with a migrane(No fooling)and well i guess dragons can't be poisoned but the poison acts like a powerful laxative(please don't try this in real life okay, all I need is for some idiot out there to try it..sigh) anyway she rushes off to the toilet and we get mooned as she pulls down her shorts and underpants and dits. She grunts for like what seems 5 minutes(Th! is scene kills me as we see her strain and grnt , wipe her forehead with a rag, get a drink of watre] then finally she has her feet sticking straight out as I gues it's finally coming and then this sound of a cannon being fired as she even hops up off the seat a few inches then lands back on it. She sighs and makes a goofy face as the scene pulls back and wee see the toilet cracked and even has water leaking out of it[ I feel her pain, I've had poop sessions that have almost felt like this] Anyway later she's standing on a scale happyly stating how proud she is to have lost 20 pounds (Well i'm sure it was in metrics but the subtiltes must have put it in pounds for those who still hang on to our pround untis of measure) Later the exGF gets mad that's she's still alive and without thinking pops the remaining candy into her mouth.. she then realizes what she did and spit out some of it but has the mother of all ???? cramps and runs off to the bathroom holding her bottom. (I hate! this tease scene as we see her reach the bathroom but up her skirt and show her panties but the scene cuts away as she is about to pull them down and show something.. we only see her at the end of the mvoie and her clothes fit her VERY loosely =Þ.)Anyway if anyone out there knows the name of any HK movies please tell Beetle and me, hey maybe I know the movie.
Jamie Sigh this is not the first time okay, Linda like me at her age LOVEs to climb trees, the higher the better. She fell out of one last year and fractures her ankle. Bt wlel I can't tell her NO YOU CAN'T DO THIS THING THAT YOU LOVE TO DO!! My heart isn't in it. So up she went.. and I heard that scream again. And again I'm riddled with guilt, personaly I've thought about sending her back to her family as I don't seem to make a good gaurdian [ I mean geez twice now] I'm there everyday and even spend the night there [and that's inly cause I know people there] Well anywya she's okay and should come home in a few weeks! but she won't be up and around.. poor bed rest which is hell for Linda as she lives for runing, jumping and if she could she'd fly as well. But Linda is happy and has discovered the wonder of bedpans and has wondered why we don't have them at home[Wait before you say anyhting this girl wants then so she can lay in bed anytime wathcing TV and not have to get up and miss anyhting]Anyway i think I may have to beat.. to my knowledge I'm very close to Jackie Chan's record of injuries.

I remeber once, about 6 years ago when I was about 11 or 12, I was at school in a French lesson. Our teacher was really mean and never let anyone go to the toilet during a lesson. When I was that age I often held in my poo for days, sometimes upto a week. I never went during school because there was no privacy.
This was the first lesson after lunch, and we had to sit a two hour test. At the start of the lesson I felt the need to poo as I hadn't been for about 3 or 4 days. I thought I could hold it in as I always had in the past. About half an hour into the test the urge began to get worse and worse. I had eaten a big burger and chips for lunch and now it was trying to come out. I was shuffling around in my seat and trying to hold it in. I kept on like this for about another 20 minutes. Then I started feeling the need to pee as well.
I was still wriggling in my seat and had one hand tightly gripping the front of my trousers to try to stop my pee coming out.
My s! tomach was cramping and I was in real pain. I lifted my butt of the chair to try and let a small fart out to releive the pressure. I got out one small fart and quickly stopped as I could feel the poo coming out as well. I looked over at the clock, I still had over an hour to go and I didn't think I could make it. I couldn't sit properly on the chair as my stomach hurt so much. I put my hand up and called the teacher over. I told him I was desperate to go to the toilet, but he said I should have gone at lunch time.
As the lesson went on, my need was getting worse and worse.
With half an hour left, my stomach was killing me and I thought my bladder was about to burst.
Finally at the end of the lesson, we had to go up to the teacher one by one and hand the test in. I was one of the last. I walked up to the front, one hand on my stomach. Trying desperately to hold it all in. I put the test on his desk and ran out the room. I ran down the corridor to the toilets as fast! as I could. I felt a few squirts of wee go into my pants as I ran. I ran into the boys toilets. There was no-one else in there. I ran into a stall. I closed the door, but there was no lock and it swung half open. I pulled down my trousers and pants, the second I sat down I started to pee. I peed non-stop of over a minute, while I was peeing my poo started to
come out, it was so big that it hurt my butt as it came out. It was about six inchles long and 3 wide. It dropped straight out and hit the water. About three smaller logs followed it out, what a relief. When I was finished I sat back and breathed a sigh of relief. The poo was really clean and I hardly had to wipe. I got up and flushed. It didn't flush away. I washed my hands. I was about to go back and flush again when some smaller kids came in. They instantly grabbed their noses, the smell was auful. I quickly left as they walked in.

To Jeremy: When I was little my parents used to wipe my butt for me cuz I was too dumb to or something. I would scream: "READY!" and they would come wipe my butt. It stopped when i was about 8 I geuss, and learned to wipe my own damn ass.

Chloe (England). I was fascinated by your post about the nurse but I think there was probably a simple explanation for her accident. Last year when I was in hospital the one thing I noticed about the nurses, apart from their unfailing kindness, was how busy they were. They always seemed to be rushed of their feet and working under pressure. Under such circumstances it is not fanciful to suspect that occasionally a nurse might put off a necessary visit to the toilet rather longer than is prudent and might, conceivably end up having an accident of the type you describe. The marvel is that she let you help her. I'd have thought she'd have used a staff toilet to get cleaned up and there'd have been no question of a patient helping her.

Tony (Scotland). I think women are less inhibited than we chaps. I can't see why though, logically speaking. I enjoyed the bit about your neighbour Anne. That time she used your toilet, was she really desperate? I'd love to know i! f she farted a lot before going.

Hi, I was reading the posts on page 16 and seen an expeience similar to the one I'm about to tell. Anyway, my boyfriend was telling me how he'd slipped someone a laxative he'd made himself and that had made the other person shit himself the same hour. I said I'd never do that so he bet me I would, so we made an arrangement for Friday night. Friday when I got there at 7:00 he had a glass of what looked like lemonade in his hand. He asked me if I was sure I wanted to do this and me being stupid and kinda enjoying a good case of the runs every now and agian said of course. Well I drank it and it tasted pretty good and I drank some water and ate some chips despit his warnings not to. About 7:45 we were laughing at a joke we had just heard when I got a terrible cramp in stomach. He knew what had happened as soon as I stopped laughing and said I told you. I had to go so bad I couldn't move, I was afarid to move. Then he moved near me, smiled, and gave my lower stomach a small push. ! That was all it took. The shit came out in torrents and filled my pantes in less than a second I'm sure. I had thankfully brought another pair of panties but they didn't last long so I wore some of his. I had some pretty impressive stats that night: I had diarrhea so bad I didn't sleep till 3:00 p.m. the next day, I filled two pairs of his pants in an hour, and by the time the night was over I had gone through a roll and a half of toilet paper, had only three pairs of panties left, and had to unplug my toilet like twice. It was a horrible night.
Well bye

I wanted to post again to say I have no problem with the Moderator moderating posts. Hate posts, and posts that are outside the Forum rules should be moderated, however, I’m still looking for a more liberal forum. I have not found one yet so I might post from time to time. I’ve had one interlude with Chuck that I can share:
Chuck and I worked on Sunday and he came over my place afterwards for a few beers. Chuck came to work wearing a tight white t-shirt and a pair of gray sweat pants with no underwear. I could tell because the seat of the sweat pants dipped into his ass crack, which stretched the seat of his sweats tightly across his long large ass. After a full day of work, when we got into the car (Chuck drove. A few minutes later at a stoplight, Chuck turns to me, smiles and then leans towards his door, lifting his right ass cheek from the car seat and proceeded to fire off a powerfully loud fart (it lasted about 3 seconds). He winked at me and says, “That’s wha! t I call a right-cheek-sneak.” He starts laughing along with me, really getting a kick out of that. Once we get back to my place, we have a few beers. Chuck is lying on his stomach on the rug in the living room watching t.v. All of a sudden he says, “I think I got a few to cut loose.” He farts fairly loudly and he says “There’s number one.” He farts again. “Two.” Then he farts two more times in a row, “And three and four.” He looks up at me and says, “Do I hear five?” and he cuts one more long bubbly fart that really gets quite nasty and produces a big stink. “WOO.” Chuck’s now traditional hoot is followed by him waving his hand back and forth past his nose. “How ‘bout that aroma,” he remarks. “Pretty strong, I say.” After a few more beers, during which Chuck also eats a chocolate Metrix bar, Chuck announces that it’s dump time. “This one has the makings of a real noisy one.” We go into the bathroom. Chuck takes off his sweat pants but this time he prefers to ! sit facing me this time and I sit in my usual spot in front of him. However, this time he really spreads his huge thighs so I can put my face right between them and get the whole nine years, sight and smell. He doesn’t explode like he thought he would at first. But a 4-inch log did shoot quite quickly into the bowl with a splash. Then a series of small turd balls began to pop out of his asshole, making the greatest plop sounds. There were seven all together. “Oh man,” Chuck says exhaling loudly, “Ya dig those pellets, dude?” I laugh and tell him the plops were way cool. Chuck then has a fart explosion that is pure gas for about 5 seconds and then some loose shit very loudly exits his shit hole. “UHHhhh,” Chuck groans. Then he starts grunting and a very fat but very short log starts to crackle and then a gaseous explosion propels it into the bowl. “All done dude,” Chuck says. Then he smirks and says, “But you’re not…” He gets up turns around and shoves his ass in m! y face. “Why don’t you have a couple wipes and I’ll finish up,” he says. I wipe his hairy crack two times and then he takes over. Chuck also lets me do something else that I can’t mention, but after that Chuck shakes my hand and says, “Good job, dude.” He flexes both his biceps and then slowly struts into the living room carrying his sweat pants, his naked cheeks jiggling away. Later.

Jay From Texas
Just saw the movie American Pie......Frickin Hilarious!!!
The shit scene where one dude is sitting on the toilet in the girls toilet is classic. plus the shit sounds are a nice touch.
If anyone in here saw it...what did you think of it?

Saturday, February 05, 2000


GEORGE> I've never flushed underwear of any kind down the toilet. You said that you've done it quite often. Did you ever really clog your toilet by doing this?

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