Iposted about a week ago, Spent super bowl sunday weekend with girlfriend. Nothing to report Saturday but sunday morning we got up early and went out for breakfast and then to a swap meet held at an old fair grounds. MY gf complained after we left the restaurant. Said 'I have to take a shit, I should have done it back there.' I asked her if she wanted me to stop somewhere along the way and she said no, the urge was not too great and she could hold it. We spent about an hour at the swap meet and then left for home which was another hour away. We had been driving for about 15 minutes when she asked me to take a side road as she was not going to make it home. This was a fairly rural area so I pulled off on a road that looked likely- but there were always houses in sight. About two mins later we came up to an old shack and she asked me to stop. Which I did and pulled over on the shoulder. She rummaged thru the glove box for some napkins (McDonalds) and then got out of th! e car. She stood there for a minute looking at this old shack and then opened the door and said, 'are you coming?' I said, 'well OK, I wasnt sure you needed help.' and she said she had been saving this for me anyway (wow). This was just an old pumphouse or something, about 12x12 in size with daylight showing thru the roof, and all the windows broken out. She went over to a corner and turned her back to me, unbuckled her belt and slowly slipped her jeans down to her ankles, then used her thumb to push her panties down to her knees, and squatted with her butt facing me. I was really transfixed. I watched facinated as a stream of pee stained the dirt floor as her butthole dialated and a firm turd poked out. she clenched or whatever after the pee stopped, and then relaxed and that turd about 9 inches long and 2 inches thick slowly squeezed out and dropped on the ground, then she clenched her butthole again and pushed out another about 4 inches long and repeated this two more! times. By the time she was finished there was two more 3 or 4 inchers laying on the ground. She handed me the wipes and asked me to please do the honors which I nervously did. By this time I was in a pretty wound-up state and asked her as she stood up and zipped and buckled if I could take a turn. 'Well you better' she said. 'It isnt good to hold it in.' I wasnt sure I could "do" anything but I was caught up in the heat of the moment so I squatted carefully next to her pile and relaxed. First a piss of course, and then after about a minute I could feel something moving down my bowel into my anus and with a little squeezing and pushing I got out four nice ones, each about five inches long and a little thicker than hers. Then (double wow) She gently wiped me, using the last of the McDonalds napkins, but first she carefully wet it with spit, and she gently caressed some of my equipment (that she doesnt have) with her left hand as i continued squatting while she wiped! with her right. We left and went home and I would have to go to another site in order to describe what followed after that. Anyway the sight of her lovely shit exiting from that little button in her beautiful sweet behind (size 32 waist) was a sight to behold. Hope you all agree,

Just bought a new pair of leather trousers.

I celebrated by taking a massive 6 log dump in a nearby hotel's (very posh) toilets and left without flushing.

Robbie: what does your pooh smell like?

I was in hospital for a minor op a few weeks ago when a kind young female nurse came to attend to me. She was bending over to reach for something when all of a suddn she let out this enormous fart!! She went bright red and apologised profusely. I told her not to worry but she then admitted that it was "more than a fart". She had actually shit her pants. I was gobsmacked, so much so that I helped her clean herself up and couldnt believe that the 3 massive turds she had passed could have lodged in her knicks without too much spillage. Anyone else out there witnessed anything like that in hopital??

DL: When I was in high school I made friends with two boys Mitchell and David. I was the middle of the two. Mitchell was 2 years older and David was 2 years younger. See an earlier post about Mitchell and I. One Saturday, I took David to volunteer tutor at church. The priest gave us money to buy from Wendy's. David bought 3 triple burgers and 3 jumbo fries and a large chocolate freeze. He was a 16 y/o garbage disposal. After lunch, we were collating church Sunday bulletins David asked me to show him the bathroom. I took him into a 2 toilet/1 urinal mens room. It was down a long hallway. I went to pee in the ladies room. Then he was shown the mens room. I waited outside, then peeked around the corner. David invited me in as he unbuckled his jeans and lowered his clean white Fruit of the Loom briefs to his knees. He was hung like a bear. When he sat 3 loud explosions echoed and a long piss. I told him, "You ate too much!" He sat for almost 30 minutes. During that time, I heard "! plop, splash, fart" and "oh" repeatedly about 6 times. We talked about school and social life. When it was over, he rolled off a length of paper and scrubbed his behind about 7 times and repeated this process twice more. I looked and saw 3 six inch dark brown logs and six golf ball pieces. He flushed and not all off his doo-doo went, because the toilet was a old tank job.

Your story was good DL. I like boy meets girl in the toilet. That is coming of age.

In my high school the architect must have really done a great job. In the early days of the school, the guys/girls bathrooms were intigrated with full length doors. Unfortunately, students did serious stuff hidden from teachers and administrators. The pricipal split the integrated stalls into girls and boys and added urinals to the guys rooms, and now every has split doors so it is esisier to catch smokers, though :( smokers still can stink up the bathrooms.

Just today I saw a fallacy in this system. I was peeing in the urinal and looked over the door partition. I was singing and peeing at the same time and saw two or three forign exchange students look back at me and laugh. they were all girls.

To Jeremy: My parents never ever has had to watch me poop. Wasn't it embarssing having your parents watching you? Did you ever get a "hard on" while they watched you?

Hey Robbie!! Yeah, I wouldn't mention this site to any person in real life, not even family!! Sounds we both had a major shit this week!!Im about to tell you about my latest shit(and every one else).
Well I was online sending e-mail, a long e-mail. It took me 15 minutes to write it and just as i began writing I got a slightest urge to go, i decided to wait till i was done with Im trying to hurry up cause i really really had to go. I got the urge with in 30 minutes(no urges before then). Then im done and send the message and i run up stairs to go shit. When i was walking to the bathroom i was thinking it was going to turn out to be a major dump. Well Man it was a good one....I sat down and began pushing.Then the log dropped into the bowl, it felt like it had broken into pieces, im like,"Oh no." I stood up and it was a huge log, It had to be atleast 12" or the most it was, was 14 inches, man it was huge.Then i carfuly peed around it so i wouldn't break it up cause i wanted to look at it before flushing again. Then i passed out some smaller logs, im not sure how big they were. I wiped,I wiped about 3 times. There wasn't alot of wiping to be done. I couldn't belive what i had produced. I hadn't done one this big in years.Then I washed my hands, i decided not to flush,Then i got this idea since that log was so big, that i wanted to measure it with a ruler.I went downstairs to find a ruler, it took a bit cause i couldn't find one, i got one and went back up to measure it and it was starting to fall apart. I couldn't get an accurate measure. Then i flushed and washed my hands again, by the time i flushed the who log had broken into 3 pieces. My Butt sorta hurts, from passing such a big log, it will probably stop hurting overnight(getting ready for bed soon). Robbie, Have you ever produced a log that big? and Have you ever measured you log(s)? Do you like this story...I think this is one of my best posts in awhile!! C-Ya Robbie :)


Hi everyone

I'm still here but real busy with school. I'll try to post again soon.


P.S. to Jeremy. I kinda know what you mean. My 'rents never actually watched me...or lets say that they never came out ann **asked** to watch me...

They kind of came and went when I was on the toilet when I was little...

But...when I was constipated a lot...which was most always when I was a kid... (I'm 17) (still a kid; eh?) lets say that when I was a **younger* mom would tell me not to flush until after she'd seen it.

Maybe that's why we're both reading and posting here?

first timer. I don't have any stories to tell right know. i like to hear stories about people who have accidents or "just barly make it". any way i gotta run (and i mean it) or else ill pee in my pants cuz i really (and i mean it!!) really gotta go. Bye now!!!

Moira(Scotland): I enjoyed you fire alarm nature call. I agree better to have skid marks than burn marks. Have you ever been out in public and need to poo?

Last nite I had a good dump. I unfortunately didn't share it though but here is the story. Around 9pm last nite, I felt that urge so I went and dropped my shorts. After I sat down, there was a lot of gas and several logs slid out. Felt good :)

Another item, my divorce will be final soon and I made one vow tat I won't date women until a year after it is final but when I date, I want to be with a woman that will enjoy sharing a dump.

I also liked the Church story by DL. Kind of fun :)

For Jeremy (age 14), that is pretty bad when your parents watched you when you dumped. If I was in your shoes, I would have waited to dump at school instead at home.

Jay from Texas. Re the pilonidal cyst dealt with last year. The problem first arose about six years or so ago and I went to see one of our local doctors. At the time he decided that the problem would resolve itself so long as the area was kept clean although it was rather hairy. It did clear up but returned intermittently and I did my best to 'manage' it with a regime of daily showers, careful drying and antiseptic lotion which, for the most part, worked quite well. However it flared up quite badly in the autumn of 1998 and I went to see a doctor again (a colleague of the one I'd seen originally). This doctor wanted to know why I hadn't had surgery in the first place and put me down for an operation. To cut a long story short, I had the operation in August 1999 and was in hosital for 2 days. Originally they'd told me to expect an overnight stay (1 day) but they had to cut a bit deeper than expected and there were other factors too. The district nurse came to see me re! gularly for the first few days I was home and re-dressed the wound as necessary.

Once out of hospital I was off work for a fortnight and then returned on a part time basis for about ten days before going full time again. Since then I have used a special cushion both at home and at work with a section cut out the back and it's helped a lot. To date I've not had a recurrence of the problem, thankfully, but I was warned that the operation to close the sinus had a success rate of only about 80%. In other words, there's a 20% chance of it recurring - something of which one contributor has already had experience of.

I would advise you to get your friend to see a doctor sooner rather than later. Although not dangerous or life threatening in itself it can become very painful and unpleasant if left untended. I can speak from experience!

Cousin. I didn't mean to poke fun at the lady who fell into the loo and got trapped. I just thought it was too go! od a story to not post here, especially since it was broadcast in a news bulletin on a respectable radio station. Even the newsreader found it funny! I'm sure the lady in question has laughed about since although I guess she didn't find it too funny at the time. What amazed me was that it seemed to have escaped the notice of a certian tabloid paper on Tuesday morning, a paper I only read occasionally, preferring a broadsheet for serious news.

Cousin: Which HK films in particular and which female stars?

Andrew (Lurk)

You lucky, lucky guy.

Eversince I was eleven i've had a problem with going to the bathroom. i had intestinal infections and i would hold in my bowels until i would get compacted. my mom started giving me daily rectal exams to feel if anything was up there and then she would give me a suppository or enema. im almost sixteen and she still gives me suppositories and enemas to make it easier for me to go. who else gets enemas or suppositories from their moms?

Ann & Abby
JEREMY : Your folks wiped your ass till you were almost 13 ? They definatly have issues to deal with. I urge the three of you to seek counceling immediatly ..

J Jr. Further to my mum (mom) asking me is I had done a good motion and for details I can remember an occasion when she asked a similar question regarding one of my cousins. Sandra, who was about 16 the time, I was 10, was staying with us for a week and after about 3 days, when we were having lunch, Mum asked "Sandra, have you had a motion since you came here?" Now I could have answered yes for her as I had heard her doing one that morning after breakfast and owing to the fact that our toilet had an awkward flush I had seen the jobbies she had passed, a fat ball, a reasonably big fat log of about 8 inches long and a shorter one of about 6 inches. The sound effects had been first class, "Kersploonk! KUR-SPOOL-LUNK! KUPLOINK!" with a fair bit of OOing and Ahing. The turds themselves were lumpy and constipated. Sandra blushed and replied "Yes, I did a motion this morning after breakfast" This sure gave me a buzz. She was also very frank about discussing such matters with other wo! men especially one of our neighbours Anne, who produced some big ones herself. One day they were talking about a new shopping centre (mall) and Anne mentioned the Ladies Toilet there. Mum replied that she had used it and done a motion but the pans were the modern type with a gentle flush and her motion had all come out as one big fat jobbie and had been too big to flush away so she had to leave it stuck in the pan. You can imagine the effect this conversation had on me although I was sorry she had done it there and not at home where I could have listened and probably have seen it too. Anne certainly wasnt embarrased with this conversation and she too said that this happened to her sometimes in the Ladies Toilet at her work, (I had seen one of her big turds when she had done a motion in our toilet and it had been a big one). I now know that many women are turned on by defecation and will discuss it very frankly especially with other women and of course are able to take a very ! detailed interest in their families bowel movements under the guise of concern for their health,whereas a man asking about such matters would find hostility. I can never remember my father, not a shy man about other matters, ever refering to defecation in my presence. So definitely, as you said previously, "Its a Mom (Mum) thing!"

Regarding Jay from Texas's first question about pointing the penis downwards when sitting on the bowl I would like to add another aspect to the discussion. As you might know, the testicles require to have a certain temperature which is somewhat lower than normal body temperature in order to keep the semen production working. That is why the scrotum changes its shape depending on the outside temperature to keep the testicles more or less warm by taking them nearer to your body. I experience the same "problem" as Jay's friend, and I figured that sometimes, when the scrotum is "shrunk", it would push the penis even more upwards increasing the need to push it downwards by hand. Anyway, I consider the whole thing normal. Maybe it's not that your penis doesn't fit the bowl but that the shape of the bowl doesn't fit our anatomy.
By the way: I am uncut and I usually retract my foreskin when peeing at a urinal so I can control the direction of the stream a! bit better. But I noticed that I would never retract it when peeing while sitting on the toilet (I almost never pee standing at home or at someone else's house). I don't know why. Maybe because when sitting on the toilet there ist no real need to aim so precisely. What about the other uncut guys? Do you retract your foreskin when peeing?
There is a nice commercial spot for a travel agency on German TV these days. You can see a couple in a cabriolet on an open road. The car stops beside a tree and the girl gets out, pulls up her skirt and down her undies (you cannot see any details) and squats behind that tree. As she is doing her business, her boyfriend suddenly drives away. Then announcer says something like "Don't wait any longer, get your catalog today" or so. It's always fun watching that.

How did Linda Break her leg and fracture her ankle? I have broken almost every bone in my body and i'm 13 so tell her to come on i'd love to post stories for and love to hear hers.

Thursday, February 03, 2000

Roadside toilets in Europe - Part 3, Austria

At parking areas beside motorways in Austria, they have 8-sided concrete toilet blocks. There are 2 types, ones that flush and ones that don't. The type that don't flush are raised up off the ground with a few steps up to them. They also have a gap under the partition wall between the mens' and womens' stalls.

While driving along the A12 from Wörgl to Landeck, I stopped at one of the non-flushing type. Someone had started to bore a hole through the partition wall but hadn't got far as it was concrete and it probably blunted his Swiss army knife! Although the gap underneath was only 2 - 3 inches, by getting down on the floor, I could see women's feet and legs under the partition. A small mirror would have given a better view but I didn't have one. I was lucky enough to see a woman of about 30 changing her jeans and panties. Her stall was quite large and she was over on the far side of it, so I was able to see her b! ending over with her bottom bare, which was rather nice.

Later that day, I stopped at another parking area further along the same road. There were no other cars until an Austrian registered car stopped in front of mine and a girl on her own got out. She was about 25 and was wearing an orange one piece suit. She looked for the toilet block but didn't find it because it was almost hidden by bushes. She then went into an area with some picnic tables out of sight of my car. As it was raining lightly, I thought that she probably wasn't having a picnic. I drove off and as I passed, I caught a brief glimpse of her squatting down weeing.

If anyone is in Vienna next summer, it's worth checking out the Donau Insel (Danube Island). It's very popular with sunbathers on sunny weekends but has absolutely no bushes. There are lots of small concrete toilet blocks, each with three stalls in a triangle formation. They are the 'hole in the floor' type (rare in Austria) with gap! s under the partitions!

Jay From Texas
Many, Many, Many Thanks to all for your responses. I have passed on your answers to my friends. I'll TRY to answer the questions that were asked of me. but one more time....Thanks for everything.
If anyone has anymore suggestions let me know

I've been to this website several times and now have a very interesting, if not amazing, story to tell.
This happened some years ago when I was ten and used to go to church. My younger sister made friends with this girl named Maggie. She was nine at the time and had long brown hair and brown eyes. I still think that she was secretly in love with me because she liked to be around me a lot.
Anyway, one day I was in church when I got up to take a piss. I hadn't gone a few steps when, surprise, there she was walking along with me to the bathrooms. The two bathrooms were in the basement and were those with the single toilet and sink. She went into the women's one and I went into the men's. I did my pee quickly and came out and got a drink of water. I then looked over at the closed bathroom door and suddenly wondered what she was doing in there. Before I knew it, I was down on my stomach looking under the door. I could just see her feet which were dangling a few inches off ! the floor. Her panties and stockings were around her ankles. Due to the sound of the AC I couldn't hear a thing in there, or out there either. As you know, I was taking a major risk laying there on the floor out in the open. The bathrooms were right across the hall from the doors to the stairs that led back up. If someone had come down there at that moment I would've been caught for sure.
I was on the verge of getting out of there while I could when very suddenly I heard Maggie say, "You can come in here if you want to."
I couldn't believe what I heard! She KNEW I was there the whole time! I nervously opened the door. She was sitting there on the toilet smiling at me. She had her dress around her thighs so I didn't see much. I closed the door behind me so no one would see me. I just stood there talking to her for about the next two minutes before she stood up to wipe, and-LORD BEHOLD!-there was her load in all it's heavenly glory. There were two turds at least six inc! hes long and two more about four inches long. She didn't even flush when we left! When we went back upstairs and sat back down, I looked back at her and she gave me a secret smile and wink.
Sadly though, she moved away a year later and I never saw her again. But all this is still very fresh in my mind like it happened yesterday.

I hope you enjoyed this story. Let me know what you think of this. I would also like to hear if this had happened to anybody else. See ya later!

To ZACH-That's a cool story about pooing in the stall with 2 toilets.Did you both poo a lot?Did you feel a little funny about it at first,i think i would have,but i guess after a bit it was OK.TO TOM- great story about your girl pooing right there in front of you.I think she probably liked leaning foreward and letting you see the poo exit her anus.Enjoy it bro,i know i would!!Keep us posted on that!TO ALTHEA-That has happened to me a few times where you think you are done and you go to get up and you suddenly have to sit down and do more poop than you did the first time.It happened to me a few weeks ago at the gym.I felt a few cramps and I went to the bowl and sat down and i had to wait a few minutes before the poo started flowing.Then i went to wipe and as i was walking out to go to the shower,i got a BIG urge to go,so i walked briskly back to the bowl and as i was sitting down on the bowl my anus domed out and exploded with 3 soft sausages that came out real quick..I felt li! ke i just made it in time!!This time i sat there for about 20 min and did some more mush and a couple of hissing farts.Then i felt done.Sometimes it hard to describe,but you can't rush pooing,cause if you do,soon after you got to go again,so ALTHEA,the next time you got to take a dump,get a newspaper or a good book sit down and tatally relax your anus and let it all out.Wait after the first wave of poo and relax and you'll feel when you are done-i really can't explain why,but you'll feel it.With me my anus sort of tighens up when i'm done,but in between the waves,i feel my anus even when i'm not pooing ,domed out and slightly open.It's just s feeling i have,but maybe everyone is different-Just take your time honey, and enjoy it !Great tales,allBYE

Adrian from England. We can laugh at that porr women falling in, but be ready, we're going to hear hell from it. Fortunatly I cannot be accused of such a travisty, I have a n 8 year old girl who'll back me up on never leaving the seat up.Tim, best of luck.. as for girls pooping there are only 3 I know of, don't get me started.. it will turn ugly. However in this magic place called Hong Kong.. yeah where all great action stars and movies come from.. well they don't seem to have such um.. (Okay I promised I wouldn't start so i won't).. anyway there are lots of movies with what you are looking for... in lots of action movies you can find such scenes.. but man they tend to have you rolling in laughter as these women sound like they need MUCH more fiber in their diets. If I'm wrong, then please tell me as US cinema no longer holds my interest, for a reason i won't get into. (As promised, and NO that's not the only reason)Also, JW and Linda's friends, Linda says hi and hasn't been o! n as she has fractured her ankle and broken leg. I feel her pain. (Sigh she's growing up as accident prone as her cousin at her age) [shakes his head] Well She'll be be back soon, trust me, she's not happy in the hospital and I do go visit al the time.

I just turned 14 on January 12. does anyone else have parents that used to watch them poop? when i was a lot younger my mom would get mad cause my underwear always had marks. when i was 9 my mom and dad made me tell them whenever i had to poop and they would take me to the bathroom and watch me. when i was done i had to bend over the sink and they would wipe me. they did this until i was almost 13. at first i hated it cause i didnt have any privacy but i got used to it after awhile and it wasnt so bad. does anyone else have parents who did this to them?

Here is an interesting piece of info I found about the cysts that have been discussed, which are often found at the top of the butt crack:

"The condition occurs most commonly in the sacro-coccygeal region and is thought to originate from hairs broken off by friction against clothing, and shed short hairs, whether from the nape of the neck, back, or buttocks, tending to collect in the cleft of the nates or in a localised skin dimple. Movement of the buttocks, either separately or together, especially when taking the weight of the body - as when seated on a hard seat - causes the hairs to move down the furrow between the buttocks and to penetrate the mouth of a sweat gland, causing the development of a sinus. So common was pilonidal sinus among Jeep riders in the 1939 - 45 war that it became known as "Jeep bottom".

The sinus once initiated extends under the skin as an infected track, sometimes with branching side-channels.

The condition can occur in ! the hands of hairdressers, sheep shearers and cow-milkers. "

So it sounds like "jeep bottom" may be the problem.


J Jr.
I tell ya what, nobody holds anything back on this site!

I'm new to this site and since it seems like we tell all
(otherwise why would any of us be here), I should confess that I'm one of those who hates to take a dump in a public restroom. Maybe I'm just embarrassed by all the noises that
might be heard. I rarely poop at work, but there are those
occasions where it can't wait until I get home -- in that case, I'll go to another floor where I can possibly have some privacy and not worry about other people coming in. If they do, then normally I won't do anything else until that person leaves, then continue my business. It sounds retarded, I know, but I do have my moments of overcoming it. I was in the airport waiting for a flight on the way home for Christmas and nature did call, and it couldn't wait. Luckily there were a lot of stalls in the restroom and I did have a little privacy. Also, the fan was on and I didn't have to worry about the noises. I got m! y business done and there was only one other person in there (a pilot, I think) but it was no big deal. Hopefully I'll be able to overcome this phobia and be able to be more of a public dumper. Give me some encouragment, folks!

To Laurie: Very impressive stories about your "big ol' country milers" (see my past post). You remind me of my sisters and how they "cleansed" themselves. Keep up the stories!

To Jay from Texas
It sounds like a pilonidal cyst, or sinus, as I had it diagnosed to me. I eventually had an operation 10 years ago after suffering with it on and off for ages. Some times when it was inflamed it was really hard to sit down. The surgeon fixed it and packed it with a graft of skin from another bit of me which was quite a new operation then. I had no pain with it whatsoever from then on but was in hospital for a couple of days and then had a week off work. He left a drain in me to remove any fluids and I was walking around with a 'tail' for a few days and lots of tape around my bum which got a bit messy when I had to dump. Fortunately I have a nurse for a wife and she helped to clean me, much to my embarrasment as it makes you feel a bit humiliated, rightly or wrongly. I suppose you should call it love. Since then I have had no trouble and apart from a small scar at the top of my crack there are no other effects. Your friend's condition doesn't sound too ser! ious yet but it will only get worse so get him to get it fixed as soon as possible.

hiker_uk: Thanks for the reply.

Question: women in childbirth are often told to breathe shallow breaths instead of push to get the baby out. It's said to be more effective and less traumatic on the body than pushing. Has anyone tried this technique to get rid of a difficult bowel movement? Does it work? Women who've given birth: is it like a difficult bowel movement?

Today I picked up one of the more unorthodox tabloid papers, well it's been described as a fringe tabloid before now - and with good reason. Much to my surprise it didn't cover the story I heard on the radio yesterday about a woman who'd fallen into the loo and had to call the fire brigade on her modile to come and effect a rescue. It did however, carry a story about a woman actress who was living in a glass house in Chile as part of an experiment. It seems that she's been rather fed up of people watch her - guess what - go to the loo! Also in the same paper there was a 'phone in' when people could ring in and talk to a glamourous girl (in her bithday suit) during a seven hour period. It didn't get through (I never do!) I'd have loved to ask her what happens when she's taking calls and nature calls. In other words, whether she got comfort stops or not. Perhaps she was allowed to use a container of some sort if the need became unbearable. I'd have loved to have known. ! Even if she'd restricted her intake of breakfast tea and been to the ladies a few times before clocking on for the phone in, seven hours is still a long time. Perhaps the truth is something along the lines of she got comfort breaks at agreed times and callers who rang during those times were told that she was speaking to other callers - or was otherwise engaged. I'd have loved to have known for sure though. Maybe someone can enlighten me.


To Coprologist: I sometimes pee in the sink, i only do this if im alone or it is late at night and i don't feel like peeing in the toilet.

I had posted how i took a shit before dinner, and during dinner i didn't feel completly empty cause i was farting a bit. I was online and i got off at 9:30 to get into bed, i went to pee and i said hold on i think there is more shit up me, i ended up shitting a 5" log out, i had no urges, i just felt it up there.

Ryan S.
I was reading through the posts from the last few days (trying to catch up on things) and I saw a post and it mentioned about a friend that had a discharge sore or something and had to go to the doctor. I was thinking how embarrassing it would be if he had an errection while doctor was working around the penis area. Or if any male here, no matter what the case is, had to go to the doctor for the penis area to be worked on. It would be totally emabarrassing. You'd wonder what was going through the doctor's mind. No good dumps at the current moment. I've just had a lot of gas lately. But that's all.

Jay from Texas: "Rhythmking" gets an A+ for his description of the pilonidal cyst and its treatment! Everything he says is true...the sitz baths, the packing, the 4x4 pads (my doctor suggested a Kotex worn in reverse...while admitting that at my age then it was something I "obviously would not want to do!"). Mine also occurred at puberty, and the surgeon doing the operation (under a local spinal block) remarked to the anesthesiologist, "He's pretty hairy, isn't he!" Fortunately, mine never recurred. The surgeon DID show me the excised tissue. It was a glob of flesh with hair growing through it was obvious that more than a single ingrown hair was involved. Etymologically, "pilonidal" comes from the root Greek words for "hair" and "nest". Ian gave it a nice try with the "irritation" hypothesis...and it IS true that "tractor seat" pressure on an already affected area will cause the condition to worsen noticeably. But if it's an ingrown "hairy nest", it really does need to! be removed surgically. A GP can give him a referral to an appropriate surgeon, after verifying the condition. BTW, how old is your friend? These things normally occur in one's teens. Good luck!

On the "upward pissing" thing, I should probably have mentioned that there is ANOTHER condition known as a "hyperspadias", in which the urinary meatus (pee hole) is located more or less on the TOP of the glans, instead of in the center. This is a congenital condition, not related to circumcision damage, and not necessarily marked by a "bowed" or curved penis either. In fact, an uncircumcised man can compensate for a hyperspadias very nicely by peeing through the tip of his foreskin without retracting, as many uncut guys enjoy doing anyway, for purely sensual reasons. This will cause his pee to exit in a rippling stream, more or less in a straight-ahead (or slightly downward) direction, depending on the "flop factor" of the tip. A circumcised man, however, doesn't have this "co! mpensation option" for a hyperspadias. If it's a huge problem, again, surgical correction is possible. In most cases, it isn't. There is a corresponding condition called a "hypospadias", in which the pee hole is located at the BOTTOM of the glans. In peeing, this condition resembles the effect of a "subincision", which is practiced ritually by some Australian aboriginal tribes...but we're getting a bit esoteric now! Anyway, if it's too much of a bother, a urologist should be consulted. If it's just a minor variation, it's harmless. Again, good luck! (Not a urologist here...just a university-based writer with a special interest in the social construction of masculine sexualities, and a fair knowledge of the subject!)

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