Hey, all!! I took another great dump tonight. I started feeling the urge to shit during school today, but I decided to wait until I got home. Then I delayed going again until a few hours after dinner. When I finally sat down on the toilet, I knew it would be a big one. I had to push a little at first, but after that it all came out really easily. The final result was one big log (at least 8 inches long) and several smaller logs. I had to wipe a lot, because the poop was soft, which is unusual for me.

To K.C. : Haven't heard from you in a while. Please continue posting, I liked your stories.

To Laurie: Great stories as usual, especially the one about pooping at your boyfriend's house. I've never had an experience like that (a girlfriend pooping at my house). I wish I had been in his place at the time! Keep posting.

To Bryian: It's cool that you got a friend to come to this forum. I don't think I would ever mention this place to someone I knew in real ! life, because some of the stuff I say here is not what I would want my friends to find out about by reading my posts. But a friend "via e-mail" is alright. I also use instant messenger. I did once get one person to do the sitting on the toilet survey, it was my brother's friend who is 3 years younger than me. It's a long story of how that happened. Well, that's all the time I have for now, so c-ya!

Pete (US)
I also pee in the sink at home. I agree that it saves on water, and I started doing it when we had the last big draught in California. Since it seemed like a very good idea to conserve water, I've continued it. My sink is a very small washbasin that slopes down from all sides to the drain so no pee can collect and it is very easy to wash it all down with a small amount of water. Quite often, I pee while cleaning my teeth. It works fine.

Tuesday, February 01, 2000

Hey everybody. Today after lunch my ???? was hurting so I laid down on my bed. After a couple of farts I went to the bathroom and it was real runny. Does anyone know any movies with girls taking a poop? catch you later TIM

Hunting Girl: Please don't be too hard on yourself. Even if you're a Fundamentalist of the most extreme sort, as far as I know there's no "divine commandment" which says, "Thou Shalt Not Enjoy Pooping and Peeing!" God designed our natural bodies to be delighted in and appreciated...not to be loathed. Pooping and peeing are "natural human rights" with which we have been endowed by the Creator. Relax and enjoy! Ain''t nothin' sinful about it.

Jay From Texas: Yup, that's an easy one. The bleeding from a "hairy place" above the butt crack is a classic pilonidal cyst. It usually occurs right over the lowest part of the coccyx or "tailbone". Not 100% sure of the spelling, but it's a "hairy ball" which has become ingrown and impacted. I had one when I was 14 years old. It was surgically removed, and required an overnight stay in the hospital, but today it can be done on an outpatient basis in most places. Anyway, it needs to be looked at by a doctor, and probably excised (cu! t out). Not life-threatening, but it will be a nuisance, and it will continue to itch and drain serum (as your friend has observed) until it's removed. It's cool that your friend is willing to share this information with guys must have a very trusting buddy relationship. Nice going!

The "upward curving" penis thing is usually the result of the skin at the base of the glans (the frenulum) being stretched unevenly during a neonatal circumcision. Basically, the doctor screwed it up, and the uneven tautness of the skin caused your friend's penis to "grow up crooked". Yet another good reason NOT to do neonatal circumcisions! The awkward curve CAN be surgically corrected, but as long as the penis is functional, it's probably not worth the effort. Are his erections painful? Even if his erections are curved upward, this doesn't normally interfere with masturbation or vaginal intercourse. If the "pissing upward" thing is a major nuisance, he should consult a urologis! t about possible surgical correction. Otherwise, just accept it as a "normal variation" on male plumbing. Friend of mine in college had one of those "scimitar" penises...which caused him to piss upward at a 45-degree angle when using the dorm urinals! Don't know what he did with it while sitting down...but he DID eventually become a physician! Maybe he figured he could learn how to fix it himself! Glad everyone survived the Y2K rollover without plumbing back-ups. Love y'all...Dude.


To Zach: I've had a simular experince like yours(about to toilets in one stall). This was when i was younger. I used to go to the Library with my father, id go with him up to the age of 6 cause he had died when i was 7(im 18). He would often have to crap while we were visting the library. He and I used to go into the handicaped stall and i would just stand in the stall while he was going. I think one time i had to go at the same time. We both pooped in the same stall cause there were 2 toilets. I think this stall also had a sink in it. The only difference from your post is that this stall had a door on it and i was younger when this happened. Today I still go to the same library every once in a while(i have to use the bathroom sometimes while there), Well any way today there is only one toilet in the handicaped stall(there are still doors on the stalls). The toilet must have been removed in the late 80's or early 90's.

To Jay from Texas: As far as i know ! about your friend, there is nothing you can do to avoid having to hold his penis down, i have this problem too.

To Laurie: Thats cool that you got to poop in your boy friends bathroom!!

Hey Laurie, That was a great story!!!! I love all your posts and can't wait to read your next one. Please tell more stories I would love to hear them. I would love to hear the one about a doorless stall, plaese post it sometime. Thanks for answering my question about wiping. Much love, Kevin

Andrew (Lurk)

Not that I can really compete with God (or whomsoever in whom you place your beliefs). I just want to make sure, as one religious person to another, that He (or, again, whomsoever) really would be happiest if you left. Ask him. I hope that you would find that the answers are more complicated that you think they are.

And ask yourself also - does God really want us to be ashamed of our weaknesses? Or would he rather us feel compassionate towards them? Or, possibly, both? I hope you give yourself the chance to read what I say. =) If you do, will you talk to me? I have a very similar problem in many ways.

Hello to everyone else for the nth time.

A quick posting as I have to be off to work early.

Hunting Girl. Sorry your religious views are making you leave but you must do what puts you in balance with your inner self or conscience if you prefer. It is however good to see that a person can have religious beliefs ( I have none myself) but will NOT indulge in the usual annoying practice of ramming these down other peoples throats and trying to evangelise to those who dont want to hear it. So good luck to you Hunting Girl!

Jay from Texas, lets take your problems in reverse order. The discharge from the base of your friends spine, not connected the way you describe it with his rectum, could be a chronic abcess in a difficult to heal place. I suggest a visit to a doctor as soon as possible.

The other "problem" I just dont see what is wrong here. Indeed most men, myself included have the opposite problem that their penis is erect when they sit to have a number two and this both makes it difficult to get the dammed thing to point safely into the pan and of course they cannot release their urine until the big jobbie has come out of their back passage. I have experinced this countless times sine I was a kid, so it is no bother to me if my penis is flacid as I then just hold it with one hand and point it so the stream of wee wee tinkles into the pan. Indeed in the other situation of doing a motion when the penis is erect I have had the embarrasement of the pee starting when the motion has come out and wetting my panties and trousers as the urine has jetted over the rim of the toilet and not safely downwards as happens when flaccid. So, sorry I just dont see what your friend has to complain about in this regard.

Well,I have a piece of advice for those who think that
are about to clog a toilet while taking a dump,just flush
down as you are defecating.

To Jay from Texas
I can offer some comments on your first problem. I had exactly the same diificulty of having to hold my cock down with my fingers in order to ensure that my pee went into the toilet when I was taking a shit. It troubled me for years. If I did not hold it, the piss would wet my trousers that were round my ankles, or at night would wet my pyjamas. I solved the problem by not using the toilet seat when I take a shit. I just sit well back on the porcelain, and my cock hangs down naturally and the pee hits the water without any problems.

Do any other posters pee in the washbasin or sink at home? In my experience 70 or 80% of men use a sink or washbasin if there is no urinal. It saves on water, as you only need a trickle to wash the pee away. My father taught me to do it and I know many men do. It is also good if you have a bad aim, you will not pee all over the seat or the floor or the rim of the toilet. Last night though, I discovered that I could pe! e while I was cleaning my teeth. I had to stand up straight, rather than bend over the washbasin as I usually do when cleaning my teeth, but it worked OK. The water that I used to rinse the toothbrush served also to wash away the pee.

Don't leave. Your stories about Chuck are fantastic.

Simone, its possible especially when having a slightly dry, constipated poop (which sounds like the lumps you heard splashing) for the poop to go behind the bend, and so the toilet looks empty. Also if it had been dry and hard, she might not have needed to wipe, or maybe she enjoys skid marks.

I have passed a load of 'marbles' in a bathroom without toilet paper (usually I check before I go but I was in a hurry!) and had to pull up my panties without wiping. At the end of the day, they were perfectly clean.

Another time I sat down and passed a long, smooth poop that came out all in one piece and felt very satisfying, but when I turned around to admire it all I saw was its tip disappearing down the bend. I wiped myself and the paper was clean, too. If I didn't know better I'd think I never pooped at all, and imagined the whole thing.

Public Toilet Hater. Stick with the diet and any medicines you may have to take and dont let other peoples reactions to what you pass when you have a motion (BM) bother you. You relate that you have blocked the toilet but dont say if this is by passing large solid stools or a big load of loose mushy feces. If its the former , big solid poos, then use the public toilets and get your own back for those you dont like using. There is usually an attendant, janitor, etc who's job it is to clean them so they can sort it out. If the problem is at your toilet at work I can see where you may not be popular with fellow workers, perhaps there is a usable public toilet in say a shopping mall nearby that you can use instead. If at home then use the throwing a bucket or two of water down the toilet pan as Moira and I do as we often do big ones which get stuck. If this doesnt work then you may have to put on a rubber glove and push it over the bend, or use a plunger. If you are passing a big! load of mushy poo then simply flush frequently as you go to stop a big build up accumulating and try using moist wipes to clean up afterwards as this will mean you using less and thus less than ordinary toilet paper so avoiding making a blockage. Anyway, please dont stop the diet or the medicine.

Jay from Texas, if you look through old posts you will read that since I was a kid of Primary (grade) school age I have used a cubicle or stall and sat down to pee as I prefer to do it this way. I find if the penis is flacid it makes life a lot easier than if it is erect. In either case I will direct my penis so that the wee wee tinkles safely into the toilet. When I was at school the toilet pans in the Boys toilets had a pointed front a bit like the bows of a ship and there was a cutout at the front of the seat while in the Girls toilets (I had secretly used these a few times) the pans were round at the front and there was no cutout in the seat. I assume this difference in! design was to accomdate the male penis and avoid the seat being peed on as there is no difference in the method of defecation between the genders. Has any other person found this difference in toilet pans in male and female toilets in school or otherwise?

As to the other friend with the discharging sore I suggest he goes to see a doctor promptly. There are a number of things this could be but I am not a doctor so I will not give medical advice. Better to go and see a physician and get the matter sorted.

Althea, I just cannot get used to this American phrase of "making" a number two. I can just about handle the idea of "taking a shit" though this also rings a bit strange to British as we prefer to say "pass" or "do" or "have" a motion etc. But "make" ? what with? Anyway I have said this before. Whatever phrase you use your remarks remind me of similar events when I was brought up by my Aunt Helen who was really a mother to me and my two cousins Nicola (not t! he one who posts here) and Deborah. We all did big fat jobbies. When I went to live with them at the age of 5, while Debbie's jobbies were similar in size to mine, her being 2 years older, Nicky who was 4 years older did bigger turds while of course Aunt Helen passed big fat "panbusters" which often stuck in the toilet. This was never a matter of embarrasement , we all looked on defecation as a natural, healthy and vital human function, not something to be ashamed about. We all saw each other doing a number two and often saw big whoppers stuck in the pan. If these didnt go away after a number of flushes the bucket of water thrown down the pan usually shifted them, though sometimes if it was really long fat firm log it was necessary to put on a rubber glove and shove it over the bend. Likewise accidents in ones knickers, we all had these and there wasnt a big fuss or any punishment or shame given. The only thing my aunt didnt like was skid marks in the knickers caused by not be! ing bothered to wipe properly after a motion and she always ensured we had some toilet paper in out pockets or satchel as often there was none in the school toilets. Although I do big "panbusters" myself as big as Moira's, I agree that by and large girls and women do bigger jobbies than boys and men in my experience anyway.


PLEASE reconsider your decision to leave as I enjoy reading them ( with a little envy)


I hope you do NOT leave. I have to ask you has Chuck let you wipe or smell his behind ?

Some cool things happened today. First of all last week i met a new friend via e-mail and i was talking to him on Instant Messanger today and I told him about the toilet here at, the toilet. He looked at it and filled out the survey(he told me this). He might post some messages here!! He's 17 and it's cool that i got him to post here!!

Then tonight before dinner i had to poop, i pooped several logs. The logs were about 5 or 6 inches. Then i wiped and flushed.

I got some funny jokes in e-mail about bowels, they are they are

-Please excuse Ray Friday from school. He has very
loose vowels.

-Please excuse Tommy for being absent yesterday. He
had diarrhea and his boots leak.


Jay from Texas:

Here are a couple answers to your questions:

1) Why is your friend embarrassed to touch his penis? It's not like his hands won't get dirty anyway. I'm puzzled by this one. I just point it where it has to go when I do it.

2) Your friend sounds like he has something called a pilonidal cyst. It's a congenital condition caused by the imperfect forming of the area. What happens is that when the person hits puberty and begins to grow body hair, one of the hairs becomes ingrown and causes a cyst to form. It's not a serious condition, but if that's what it is, he will most likely require surgery to remove it. And that's the sucky part. I've been through it twice, so let me explain:

The surgeon will give you a local anesthetic and remove the cyst. He will then leave the site open to drain (it's an outpatient procedure - I was home at 12:30 in the afternoon after my 6:30 surgery). For at least the next two weeks, your friend w! ill be taking sitz baths - baths with enough water to cover the opening - this is to keep the area clean and uninfected. He will also have to pack the wound with surgical gauze for a while, and wear 4x4 pads over it until it heals and closes up.

Like I said, it's not serious, but your friend should have it corrected early, so the cyst doesn't get too big. The aftercare is the worst part of the whole thing, and even that's not too bad. And a good way to prevent it is to get some Nair and apply it once a month to prevent the hair from growing.

Of course I am not a doctor and I urge your friend to get it checked, but your description of the problem matches what I had to a T. Keep in mind that they may come back (I've had two in 26 years), but they're not the worst thing in the world.

Feel free to email me if you need any more information if that's what it turns out to be. Hope that helped!


Hunting girl. I'm sorry to hear that you've decided to stop visiting this site. You said something about being religious and thinking that it was somehow wrong to post here. Why though? I'm religious in the sense that I attend church on Sundays and try to say my prayers during the week but I don't have a 'problem' with this site which is dedicated to the innocent, clean, non-sexual and frank discussion of perfectly normal bodily funtions. Everyone from the Queen (or if you're American the President) down to the lowliest tramp has to answer the call of nature. It's quite natural. So far as I'm aware, it's perfectly legal too! It's good to have somewhere where people of all ages can 'compare notes' without the ridiculous nonsense too often found on 'adult' (juvenile would be a more apt description) sites. I can understand that some people might find a forum dedicated to the relief of an everyday natural necessity distasteful. Fair comment. I can't see how it can be so! mehow wrong in itself, even if it does on rare occasions feed non-excretory urges. Please think again. The loss of your imput would be very sad indeed. Also, you might consider that there may be opportunities to do good while visiting this site by offering comfort, reassurance and practical guidance to some of the anxious and distressed people who occasionally post here asking for help (or obviously in need of it).

On a lighter note. Last Friday I was watching a lunchtime chat show hosted by a group of women. They were interviewing one woman, an actress, and the subject of farting briefly (and unintentionally I think) cropped up. She was asked about how long she waited to fart when doing on the loo scenes (well I think that was what it was about!) She said that she tried to hold it in and avoid farting for as long as possible. She made the point that men were a lot less shy about such things and were rather less inhibited about farting. Quite frankly I thin! k that's a load of bunkum, but there you are.

Also this morning I heard on the news that a woman had fallen into a toilet (in Manchester I think) because the seat was up and she'd somehow got stuck. Luckily she'd got a mobile phone with her and she was able to call the fire brigade who gallantly rescued her. She had to wait twenty minutes or so for them to arrive. Still, I bet there are worse places to get stuck. At least she could relieve hereslf. The newsreader didn't indicate whether the woman was doing a number one or a number two but I guess that was private to her. Not the sort of thing the nation at large would be too interested in anyway.

To Jay from Texas:

Your friend has irritated skin at the top of his butt crack. This is commonly seen in men who ride tractors and farm machinery. He should use a skin barrier ointment or cream. Desitin (Yes, used for babies and works well on adults!), Uni-Salve, or even Vaseline is good. If the problem does not subside after a couple of weeks of using one of these products, he should see the doctor. The skin barrier product should be applied heavily after a shower or bath washing area with soap and water and patting dry.

Monday, January 31, 2000

Buzzy: That was a great post about your buddy dump with the guy at the gym! There's something incredibly cool about sharing a dump with another person--whether it's someone you know well or a stranger.

I had an interesting experience a few years ago while I was in college. One of the buildings on campus had a men's room with no doors on any of the stalls, and two of the stalls had been modified to turn them into one stall that was handicapped accessible--they'd taken out the wall that separated the two stalls--so what was left was one stall with two toilets in it (and no door). One day, I needed to take a dump while I was in that building. I decided to use the "handicapped" stall cuz it was the most secluded one in the restroom. I had just started squeezing out a good log, when another guy came into the restroom. He came to the stall I was in, and I think he was surprised to find me there, but instead of going to another stall, he asked if I minded if he joined! me. I told him I didn't mind. So the two of us ended up taking our dumps together in that two-toilet stall. We chatted & talked about how weird it was that none of the stalls had doors & about what each of us was studying. Anyway, we finished up together & continued chatting as we washed up. Later on, we'd occasionally run into each other on campus--we'd always say Hi & talk to each other. It was an interesting kind of bond that we'd developed by dumping together.

Has anybody else had a similar experience?

Jarod: Your stories will be missed around here! (I hope you change your mind about leaving.)

Take care, everybody!!

Hunting girl
hey yall, i just wanted to tell yall i'm signing off for a while, possibly forever, i am a religous person and i feel as if my arousal towards the subject here is wrong on my part so i think i'll have to stop coming here. i enjoyed it though. thanks for the responses.


Jay From Texas
I need some Info on a couple of problems that i have been asked by friends to address.

ONE...I have a friend who is embarrassed because his penis does not point into the toilet when he is taking a dump...he has to hold it in between his first and middle fingers in order to pee INTO the toilet. is there anything he can do to avoid holding it down. (this is when the penis is flaccid) seating positions????? Need Advice!!!

And TWO...i have another friend who is having trouble with keeping his underwear clean. It's not skid marks, it's a bloody type of discharge at the upper part of the butt crack. he says it does not hurt at all it just itches SOMETIMES, not all the time. everytime he washes in that area he pulls hair and something that looks like lint from the underwear along with a reddish/pinkish discharge.
Remember this is not from the rectum, it's at the top of the butt crack. Very puzzling.....need help!

As always thanks a lot! everyone.

Terry Mac
hey hunting girl i love your pissing stories. Please tell me more. I think that u called me a woman which i have to tell u that last time i checked im not.

How old r u HG?

I have some stories to tell but none as good as yours
Look forward to hearing them.

To J Jr.: I was one of many cousins and the only girl, sometimes. I have a few girl cousins. But, the most are boys. When we were playing in the house, if one had to go, we all followed. One day Wendy who was eight slipped off to make doo-doo and left behind a gray 12 inch masterpiece killer. There was no paper in the water. In those days, we were always in a hurry or would forget. She forgot to flush and I went to pee later in the evening. My mom lifted the seat lid for me and asked, "Did that come out of your stomach?" Then along came Wendy and apologized, saying, "No that was me."

Adam from Toronto: Your post should have been in the Mass Transit forum.

Sandra: Why do you make doo-doo in public view? Why not find a toilet in a store or other public place?

Tony(Scotland): Girls make the biggest bowel movmements. I always made huge logs or carrots(third and fourth grade). Growing up in school, church, scouting, home and camp I have seen jobbies of al! l sizes, colors and consistencies. I had to take a toilet in school from another kid who did not flush. I remember in 5th thru 8th, my classamtes and I(sometimes) having some tremendous bowel movements. The toilet was off the classroom. But, the walls were soundproof and the fan drowned out the sound and smell of our farts. Sometimes, the doo-doo would be in the toilet for hours and I would go for my afternoon piss and would find decaying from mid-morning. I bring a girl home from work. She is Chinese and she eats lots of vegetables and her doo-doo is firm and slides out easy.

Joe K: I used to smoke when I was a high school and college cheerleader. Smoking would loosen my bowels. I would smoke while sitting on the bowl. The smoke would kill the smell of my shit. I used to stink terribly. But, I quit smoking 12 years ago and don't miss it.

Daniel (UK): Apply witch hazel on cotton or gauze. It will shrink and soothe hemmo roids.

Most homemakers have more time alone and theirfore have greater oppeortunity to practice the liberal practice of instant releafe. I work in an office around other people so I must unfortunatly excercize a great deal of restraint.

I do have a few pointers for you that might be of intrest:
Chlorophyll found in green vegetables is a natural deodorizer. Nothing will compleatly eliminate odor but unless you eat strong smelling foods the odor can be reduced to managible levels. In one of my many accidents and I use the turm loosly my wife told me that she could not tell I had taken the liberty of releaving myself. I was sitting next to her in a car and we drove for nearly an hour after the event. I must point out however that this is an extreamly rare situstion. For many or you out there who might be tempted to just dump it in your clothes remember when you are alone who cares but your self. If you choose releafe over discomfort tell us about it. For those of you who a! re embarrased by the ocasional accident read the experances of those who overcame their fear of embarrassment.

Hi All

I have an interesting poop story to tell. This is for
all the wonderful ladies on thie board that have told such fasinating, detailed stories lately...WE LOVE IT please keep it up.

Last weekend I had company over the to house. After serving a large meal I had to poop. I excused myself and went to the bathroom in the master bedroom. As soon as I got my geans down and was settled on the toilet it became apparent this would be no simple poop. My hole dialated but nothing happened. I started to bear down and still nothing. I realized I was going to have to fight this one for a while. I slipped out of my geans and spread my legs. I grabbed onto the seat between myy legs and really started to struggle with the turd in my bowels. I was trying really hard not to do too much grunting for fear of being heard but at the same time I need this thing OUT.

It took a while, I sweated an! d strained, and finally I had this monster abot 5 inches out of me and it just stgopped, no mater what I did it would not move. I'd already been in the bathroom for ten minutes and wanted to get back to my guests. I clamped down on the turd with my anus and broke it off. Wiped and left the bathroom. For the rest of the evening I had this feeling of still needing to go.

After my guests left I went back to the bathroom and tried again to work out the piece. It was having none of moving. Finally I got some vaseline on my finger put it up my butt and could feel the tip of thie very hard, large turd. After throughly lubing my rectal canal I bore down with all my might and the thing shot out of me like a bullet!!- JW

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