To Tbird - I couldn't see facial expressions because I was laying on the floor, looking through a very small crack inbetween the door and the floor. All I could really see were her feet shuffling around and I could only hear her. So, that is why I neglected the aspects you mentioned.

To Dave, Robbie, and Kevin, and all others who responded so positively to my posts - thanks a lot!! I greatly appreciate the feedback from my posts. If at anytime you get sick of seeing my lengthy writings taking up half the page, let me know!! If anyone has a serious problem with that, I'll gladly stop! But I do realize (thankfully) that most of you out their like these details I describe, so I'll do my best to tell them like I experience them.

Cindy - we do sound similar. I just turned 18 and am a senior in high school. Imagine if the two of us were next to each other in a stall - oh what pooping there would be!!

Well, I don't have much to post tonight as its fairly late, but what the heck. Today's pooping was actually pretty normal. I got home around 5 (after hanging out with my friends) and went up to my room for a bit. I felt like I had to poo sort of badly so I went into the bathroom down the hall (same one as Shannon used, we've only got one in the hall upstairs and one in my parent's room, which I never use) I pulled down my pants to my ankles and picked up a magazine that was on the table next to the toilet. I farted three times, rather explosively and loudly but nothing came out yet. I pushed and felt a large log slowly making its way out. I flipped through the pages to pass the time and when I felt I was ready, I put the magazine down so I could concentrate on pooing. I pushed fairly hard and three large logs dropped out, one right after another. It immediately stunk out the bathroom and they kind of hurt coming out. I then felt cramping pains in my stomach and let loose a wet sounding fart. Several soft chunks began falling out of me, in waves almost as I felt more cramping pains. After three such waves, I felt empty and stood up. The toilet was full of poop, i could see the three big logs on the bottom followed up with several small to tiny chunks on top. I wiped my butt seven times and flushed the toilet (it took three flushes for everything to go down, I was worried that it might overflow or clog but thankfully it worked out) I looked at the clock in the bathroom and found that I had been pooing for 18 minutes. That time is about average. Hmmm. Now that I think about it, the pooping itself wasn't all that normal...I usually don't have waves of cramping and pooing (kinda like hard diarrhea if that makes sense) But the time was about right for me. The three or four big poos in the beginning has become normal for me and then I usually have some variation in the second part of the poop. Ahh...but I prattle on again. My posts are exactly like my poos. They are extremely large and long and they take a lot of time! Hehehe. but i know you guys like em so I'll keep posting!!!
Sorry if i forgot to mention anyone who posted a note to me...I do read them all it's just I can't post every day and I may accidentally leave you out!! I love you all.

Hi guys. Me again. Wow! A second post on the same day!!! I almost forgot to tell you in my last post, I'm 5'6", about 130 lbs., well, maybe 135. I'm medium weight - not really fat but not skinny either. I've got blueish hazelish eyes and brown hair down to my shoulders. I just turned 18 (Jan. 22)!!! And I'm currently a senior in high school. Besisdes shamelessly plugging myself, I would like to tell of another experience I had today. After my first major dump this evening, I thought that was it for me. So, I went out with my friends to the mall and then we went bowling...typical friday night stuff. Anyway, while we were bowling I began farting silently and feeling as if i had to take another dump. I told the people i was with I'd be right back and headed off to the women's restrooms. When I got there I was downright disgusted. The place looked like it hadn't been cleaned in a year, it smelled vile (like old urine and shit) and none of the toilets looked safe to sit on. Now, normally, i don't have a problem with pooing in public restrooms. But i absolutely had to draw the line here. This place was so disgusting I couldn't even pee in it!! Now, I hope you people here don't ostracize me for "being scared to use a public toilet." Quite the contrary. I went in there with every intention of taking a matter how long it took. I even would have used a doorless stall (which I have before, but alas, I will tell that later if you want me to. Let me know cause I won't unless you request it!! Tehehehe. I'm just asking for compliments, aren't I?) But I digress. I would have even used doorless stalls cause I was pretty desperate to poop. But, the smell combined with complete disregard for cleanliness and sanitariness made using that toilet at the bowling alley not an option. SO, I went back to my group and quietly told the guy I was with (this guy John, who I'm "seeing" right now) that I wasn't feeling well and asked if he would take me home. John, being the sweetheart that he is, offered to take me to his house since it was closer than this place. Thinking only of pooping as soon as possible and nothing else, I complied. It was in the ride to his place that I realized I had committed myself to pooping in the prescence (sort of) of a guy I wasn't that far along in the relationship with. Now, normally, I have no problem pooping while guys are around...I've seen past boyfriends poop and I've pooped in front of past boyfriends (all stories for another day). It's just that I wasn't sure how John would respond to a girl having a monster crap in his own bathroom. Oh well. I'd just have to bite the bullet and if he was the sweet guy I thought he was he'd not care at all. So, he took me up to his room and private bathroom (ooooo i wish i had one of those!) and asked me if i was alright. I said i just needed to use the bathroom and i'd be right out. Well, I had me one of them major poops again. Four waves of diarhea (yuk!!) and a couple of solid logs to boot. All in all it was about 10 minutes...short cause the soft poop. But it took me a little while to wipe cause the soft poop was nasty and smeared about my butt. I emerged fifteen minutes later and John was a dear! He didn't care; actually was turned on by the thought of a girl shitting in his bathroom. I apologized for the smell and he said "don't worry about it...i've made some that smell worse than that!!" That turned me on and needless to say we had some "fun" in his bedroom. I now feel so much closer to him and hopefully this relationship will work out for the best.
I almost forgot - to the person who asked about wiping, usually i stand to wipe. However, if it is a nasty, soft poo that i can still feel chunks in my butt that won't come out, I start wiping sitting down...wiping out entire pieces of poo and nasty smearing shit. Then, I'll stand up when it is more under control. Hope that answers your questions.

Sorry for the lack of detail in this post regarding my thoughts during pooing - i onlys said four waves cause i'm tired's been a long day of nasty shitting and emotional too...with john and all. What a great guy!!!
Well...goodnight all. I'll post again soon!!!


Jarod please don't leave this site,
I've really enjoyed your stories with Chuck. Keep the stories coming or let us know which forum your going too.

Found this site while surfing. This all stated about a year ago. I have a woman friend who surprised me after we had been dating about 2 months. We are both about 40 and divorced. I was staying over at her house. I have my own place but stay at hers often. It has two bathrooms. She told me I could use one of them for my own, it is off a seperate bedroom that I could use for dressing etc even thogh we share her main bedroom . I'd noticed each time after I used the batheroom she would come in and look for something or get something out of the drawers. Some times the smell was pretty bad and it embarassd me to have her go in there so soon after but she didnt say anything. One day when we were having a nice conversation she excused hereself to go to the bathroom and was there for several minutes, and yelled at me that she needed toilet paper and asked me to please bring her a roll. I went in with the roll. She had taken a shit. the smell was not too bad butI teased ! her about it and she said I had no room to talk which was true. As I turned to leave she said, 'stay here with me, I'm not done yet and was enjoying our conversation, we can talk more here if you dont mind.' I sat down on a chair trying to act like I wasnt noticing what she was doing and we talked for maybe 3 or 4 minutes. I couldnt help noticing her nice round little butt on the seat, either. She was talking and she stopped and closed her eyes for a second and -- plop-plop-plop, out came a bunch of more shit. She leand forward on the seat while she was doing it and I could actually see the poop flowing out. Then she sat up straight again and said, 'Ohh that felt good, I am glad to get rid of that.' As she wiped, she said it was the first good shit she had in two days and stood up and motioned for me to look. The bowl was full clear above the water line. I dont remember what I said but whatever it was was kind of lame. Later that night we were watching TV and talking when I had to shit, I got up and went for the other bathroom and... she continued talking and followed me right in. I didnt really want her to follow but what could I say after what happened earlier? This room didnt have anyplace to sit so she sat on the floor and continued talking while I sat down and emptied my bum. When I was done but hadnt got up yet she asked me if she could look!! I told her I thought this was kind of weird but okay--- and started to get up but she put her hand on my shoulder and had me sit back down and then with her hand- guided me forward on seat so she could look behind. She said I should be proud and that she would wipe me. I objected but she insisted and had me scruntch forward while she did it. That bothered me and later I told her I didnt want her to do it anymore. So she stopped for awhile, But over the next few months we became very open about our bathroom habits and pretty much watch and help each other out with a good # 2 whenever we can. Its lots of fun once you get used to the other person, and a pretty good turn on too I might say. I still feed a little weired about it so if anyone else would reassure me that we are not the only couple in the world who enjoy doing this it would make me feel better about it. I sure did not do anything like this with my first wife or any other girl friends.

Just had a really weird experience. I'd almost finished a huge shit in the local pub's toilets, when I heard someone enter the next loo. I hung around for a listen and sure enough she was soon groaning and grunting in preparation for a good shit.
Then came the first lump - sploosh, then a 2nd, a 3rd, a 4th, a 5th - I lost count in the end.
Anyway after the logs had stopped dropping, she dressed and went - no wiping or flushing.
I wiped and left, but couldn't resist taking a look. I couldn't beleive it - the toilet was completely clear.
I've been thinking about it since it happened (lunchtime) and the only explanation I can think of is that she was on a wind up and just dropping something in to the loo. It sounded like real shit at the time - honest

I have to confess to being a little "windy" at work yesterday. I had a meeting after lunch which went on a little later than I had expected, and I could feel it building up down below. I always go for a number two in the early afternoon anyway, and I had to excuse myself from the meeting in case I embarrassed myself. As I walked down the corridor to the loo I was letting off little farts all the way, and some of them were audible, but I just looked ahead and pretended it wasn't me! I had a very large and satisfying dump in the loo, but it was quite noisy at times, which is unusual for me. Part of my lunch was a jacket potato with baked beans which I suppose might have accounted for the wind.
When I got back to the meeting I had to apologise for keeping people waiting. I just smiled and said that it "took longer than expected"!

Jamie wants to know about getting punished for accidents. I was only really ever punished for an accident once, but I did also get yelled at once and I have two other stories that might be of interest.

The first was a few days shy of my 9th birthday. My brother was in high school and on the basketball team. One Saturday afternoon we went to one of his games. Just as soon as we got there I was starting to feel the need to poop. I just don't know what it was at the time, but I just didn't want to tell my parents that I had to go. Pretty soon, of course, the need to go got worse but I just didn't say anything to them about having to go. In the car on the way homw, it all started to come out in my panties. I guess I made it in time to do about half of it in the toilet, but there was still plenty in my panties. I got yelled at pretty bad and I got a lesson in cleaning out messy panties, but I didn't really get punished.

The summer before! 7th grade, we went on vacation to Floriday which was about a 7 hour car trip from where we lived. About halfway home, we made a pit stop at the request of my mom who needed to pee. I had to go both ways by now and was just about to say something, too. Well, the bathrooms at the rest stop were totally disgusting. At least, they were regular flush toilets and not smelly, port-o-potty's, but they didn't even have doors on the stalls. I peed there, but I just couldn't go #2 -- not with my mom in the next stall talking to me. But, of course, my need to go didn't just go away. Of course, it got worse. Less than an hour later, it was in my pants. I thought I was concealing it pretty well, but my mom suspected something all along.
Once home, I headed immeditely for the bathroom, of course, but I wasn't in there for 2 minutes, before mom was banging on the door, demanding to be let in. Of course, all I could was let her in and she saw the mess in my panties -- a ! very full load of solid poop. I got yelled at some more, of course (and a lot worse than before since I was older), had to clean myself and my panties, and was even threatened with having to wear diapers. This time, though, I was grounded for an entire month and this being summer it was an entire month of my summer vacation. I thought that that was really unfair. It was my own fault so I expected to get yelled at, but getting grounded an entire month for just one accident was totaly ridiculous.

This other one isn't really an accident or punishment story. I was a junior in high school and on the cheerleaders. One football game, the field was away from the school and they only had portable bathrooms. None of us really wanted to use them, but that was all that was there. Naturally, we were all complaining about it and saying we weren't going to use them. The coach (who was a real outdoors type) had no trouble using it and finally had enough of our compla! ining. "Those are the bathrooms that are there, so if you have to go, you have to use them," she told us, "Anybody that wets her pants is going to get detention." Then one the girls spoke up and said, "I wish it were that but I gotta take a dump." To which the coach said, "Do THAT in your pants and its going to be a full week in detention." She apparently did take a dump in the port-o-potty because there were no accident problems that afternoon. Thankfully, I only had to pee and was able to go in the port-o-potty for that. When we got back tho school, 4 girls went running off the bus for the girls' room. There apparently made it, though, because nobody had to serve detention.

Another time was when I was a freshman in college and pleding a sorority. On Saturday of hell week, they were really putting us through our paces. Throughout the day, whenever, we had to go to the bathroom, we had to go right in front of the other girls. Thankfully it was on th! e toilet, but we did have to go with them watching and they'd make demeaning comments the whole time, too. I not only had to pee several times that way, but I even had to take a dump in front of everyone and it was one of the most humiliating experiences of my entire life. We were there the whole day and most of the girls, eventually had to give in to the humilation of moving their bowels in front of an audience.
One girl, though, apparently, just couldn't stand the thought of it and tried to hold it in a little too long. We were having a "meeting" that night about soriority rules and traditions and they were quizzing us and naturally, we were bending over for the paddle when we got a question wrong. Suddenly, this one girl just totally lost control and really loaded her panties. And "loaded" was exactly the right word for it. Even though the mess apparently didn't leak through the panties and stain her jeans, you could easily tell it was an accident by the eno! rmous buldge in the back. Then they made her pull her pants down and see what a terrible accident it was. Finally, after screaming at her to the point of tears, they made the poor girl go stand in the corner. The made her stand there facing the wall, jeans on the floor, showeing off her totally loaded and sagging panties to the whole room. Then couple of the sorority sisters took her upstairs to the bathroom and made her clean herself up in front of them. I kept thinking about howe humiliting it was for me at age 12 to be cleaning myself up in front of my mom and here she was at 18 or 19 doing it in front of strangers. I was really glad I went and hadn't tried to hold it in like she did.

Hello folks! Cheeky George saying I could "shit for Scotland", still I suppose he is right. I imagine a grand Olympic Women's Dumping Event. Myself, Donna, Nicola, Electra, as part of the British Team. I dont fancy "passing the baton" if its a relay event!!!!!

Public Toilet hater, stick with the diet and the medicine, and take your own supply of "ass gaskets" to use in public toilet if you must. (we Brits just dont use these). if it gives you security take spare underwear with you or wear adult "depends" or other incontinence panties until your bowels stabilise. Good luck from me and George.

Beach Mike, I dont know about Sandra but I dont stop once I start doing a motion, when a big one is coming out of me I sit or squat there and let it all pass. It would take a life threatening emergency to make me interupt it. Once here was a fire alarm when I was sitting on the pan. Luckily the big jobbie had just plunged into the pan as the toilet door opened and one of! the other women yelled "Moira, get out of the toilet, there's a fire in the staff kitchen!" Now there wasnt any more up my bum so I pulled my knicks up and came straight out tucking my blouse into my panties and adjusting my skirt which was still hitched up round my waist as I walked along the corridor, to the amusement of some of the other staff. I heard one lad saying, "I bet 'Cuddles' (their knickname for me), was doing a big poo when the alarm went off." I giggled and replied, "yes I was but dont blame me, I didnt eat curry last night!" This broke the tension and we all assembled in the car park. The fire was soon put out by the firemen and when I went back to wash my hands my big jobbie (a big ol country miler as J Jr would put it) was lying there impassively in the pan. I pulled my white knickers (panties) down as I needed a wee wee again and saw that since I hadn't been able to wipe my bum there was a brown skid mark in the seat as it had been an easy but solid motion! . George teased me about this that evening but I replied, "What did you want me to do, stay on and get my arse burned?"

Regarding Tony's explanation of turds swelling up if they are left in the water of the toilet pan for some time. I have observed this as long ago in the girls toilet at school and of course with my own motions. I did one at home which stuck so I left it to deal with when I came home. George was away at a customer's factory at the time. Now I had to stay over in Edinburgh as the case took longer than we anticipated. When I got back home four days later I had totally forgotten about the big jobbie in the toilet. When I went into the loo I noticed the smell and lifted the lid. Yeuch! as Tony related it had floated up and was giving off gas bubbles and the water was dark brown and the turd had dissolved round the edges though a solid core still remained with what looked like a lot of flaky shit around it as if it was rusting away. It had also swollen up! . The stink was terrible and I had to flush several times and pour a bucket of water with bleach in it to get rid of the smell. I dont usually leave turds stuck in the toilet for that long and will get rid of a panbuster after a few hours either with a few flushes or throwing down a bucket of water or two.

Tony, as you are aware, having been there at the time, I too have loaded my panties in the way your describe (I love the phrase "brownout" so much more polite than "shit or messed ones pants"), with similar results to what you describe for your mother. Its no big deal, as they say, shit happens. Its only the circumstances which make it an embarrasment. Having such an accident walking home alone or with friends is one thing, in a public place or in a formal situation such as work, a shop, on a bus or train, in class, is of course far worse and likewise a loose or diarrhea "brownout" which makes a big visible mess is far worse than a solid accident contained in the! panties or knickers with no soiling visible.

J Jr yes, asking about their kids' motions is a mom type of thing. My mother did so with my brother and me, and was quite frank about her own, and George's Aunt Helen who brought him up when his mother had a mental breakdown when he was five, was very frank indeed and not only asked but would sometimes accompany her two daughters and him to the toilet to observe when they did a motion, but of course she would let them watch her in return, so that whole family have a very open attitude to defecation.

Finally, Coprologist, I dont want to restart the tired old debate about "paruresis" and men who dont like to use urinals but I am married to one, and as he has said, its no problem to him, he has used cubicles or stalls when he has a pee since childhood and shuts the door. Like me he couldn't care less if someone hears him straining and farting when he does a motion and hearing the "Ker-sploonk!" and "Kursploosh!" sounds when his jobbies fall into the pan, indeed this gives both of us a buzz when we know someone else hears these sounds and may indeed be turned on themselves by this.

Anne (housewife)
bed pooper. I think everyone has nocturnal accidents during childhood. I certainly did. Doing it on purpose as an adult though is a diffrent matter. Relations with my in-laws are sometimes strained and there have been occasions when hubby and I have been staying over and I've felt very tempted to deliberately answer the call of nature in bed. The 'good girl' in me however has always won and I've ended up going to the bathroom - sometimes with a bit of promting from hubby. He'd go bananas if I really messed the bed while we were staying with his parents. Another time I've been tempted is when we've had the misfortune to find ourselves in a really grotty hotel on holiday. I've resisted though, because I wouldn't want us to get surcharged and it wouldn't be fair on the room maid who had a job to do.

Tony (Scotland) and Nicola (England). My point about Nic finding something suitable to eat from breakfast was motivated by concern that missing the meal entirely is a bad mistake (unless it is absolutely unavoidable). Your late breakfast or brunch is perfectly in accodrance with good nutritional practice, providing good slow release energy and eliminating (hopefully) the need to snack on sweet things which give a quick burst of energy. I hope Nic finds something tolerable to have at breakfast time, even if it means eating later rather than sooner. Sometimes when I've been sidesman for an early Sunday morning service at my local church I've had a 'delayed breakfast' later on because the pressure on time hasn't really allowed it beforehand and I think there's some merit in fasting before communion. That said, I think it is a big mistake (in nutritional terms) to miss breakfast altogether.

>If this is duplicated I apologise but my computer decided >to re-boot itself while I was typing so here it goes again. >(pity there is no way to write ones
> post in Word 2000 then send it, or is there? Computer >buffs please let me know).

Not hard. Simply write your post with whatever system you like, then cut & paste it into the posting box. (Same thing I did to quote your words.)

To Big Jack: In the late seventies, medical students in France used to select some female students whom, as an acceptance test to the student's league, they administered an aggressive ennema and then kept them busy until they would soil themselves. I have been one of those vistims. If you want more details just let me know.

Well, this is my most recent bad experience at the bathroom.

I got up in the morning and ate my breakfast. I started thinking about how I was going to have 3 tests at school today and I was very nervous aobut it because i knew if i failed them my grades would go way down. Anyway, I finished my breakfast, took a shower and my stomach was starting to hurt, but i thought it was just because i was so nervous. Later there was only about 10 minutes before i had to leave to go to school and my stomach was really hurting bad and i felt a sudden urge to poop. I quickly ran to the bathroom and pulled down my pants and panties and sat on the toilet. Immediately I let out a loud and smelly fart and felt a poop come out of my butt and heard it splash into the water. I thought I was done so i got up. The poop was very strange looking, the bottom half was firm and the top half was very soft and a noticeably lighter color of brown. I finished wiping myself and started to pull my pant! s back up when suddenly i got a sharp pain in my stomach. I quickly sat back down on the toilet and let out a really long, wet, and bubbly fart that smelled terrible. About a second after that i exploded with diarrhea and for the next 10 to 15 seconds combination of gas and mushy poop shot out of my butt and into the toilet. When i got up, the water was all brown and there was brown liquid all over the sides of the toilet bowl. I looked at the clock and I was late for school so I finished up and when i got to school I did well on the tests and ended up getting good grades in the classes.

Has anyone else had an experience like this?

Well thats all for now, I'll be checking back later and probably post more.

A Bedwetter
I hate to admit this but I am an adult who still wears diapers to bed. I don't think I have had more than 10 dry nights in my 34 years. What I really hate is when I poop myself either during the night (I some times dream that I'm sitting on a potty training pot and let it go in my sleep) or soon after I awake and can't get my diapers off in time. The messy diapers, I wear cloth diapers and plastic baby pants, have to be soaked before I wash them which takes more time than just washing my daily wet ones.

I dont knwo if you remeber, but a long time ago Rural was talking baout Dr Laura saying Shit and stuff..... well anyway, the other day i heard a commercial for her show and they said "Dr. Laura is the laxative for moral constipation!" and stuff like that. I am NOT amking this up!!!!!!

Pete (US)
JAROD - Your posts have been some of the most exciting ones I've read. Please continue to post. If you stop, I, for one, will be very disapponted.


To Joe K: I've thought i had once heard something like what you last posted about, about somoking stimulating the bowels. I thought i had heard that when you first started smoking you would get dihahreha, I don't know if this is true or not cause i don't smoke.

To ER Tech: Cool story, I'd have an erection too, if i had a rectal exam.

To Robbie: I''ve never buddy dummped either, wish we could do it together, that would be cool!! I was finally able to shit on Wednesday. I thought i was mildly constipated cause i haden't gone in like 5 days, but i was finally able to go on my own. Last time i took a shit was Thursday night, It's now early Saturday.

To K.C.: I've kinda have wondered if a friend had to poop or not. My Mom never has had a special question she asks me if i have to poop or suspects it. When your doctor put his hand up your crack and found out you had to poop, did you havew an erection? The poster ER Tech brought this up, thats why i thought about it.

I've got a few stories about what happened in school. Today i went to the bathroom during lunch as i usally do(i went to a different bathroom for a change, these bathrooms are better then the ones at the vocational school i went to. I go in there to pee....I go to the urinal and another guy was peeing then i washed my hands and something told me to look at the stalls for somereason cause i hadn't been in those bathrooms in a long time. I looked in the first stall and there was something left in there,it was mushy shit. There was a bunch of toilet paper it the bowl and a bit of poop. Some guy must have had to go bad, must have been desprit to go in school, very rarely do i see a guy shitting in school(thats why i want to shit in school). Then tonight at work i went to the bathroom after the dinner rush was over(work in a restaurant) and there was some guy taking a dump in the only stall in there. Don't know who it was...well i'll c-ya lat!'s very late 2:15am(been online for a long time after work)Bye


Public Toilet Hater
I am so embarrassed. I clogged one commode at home. I could not unclog it, so I decided to use the other one. Then I clogged it too. I worked on it with a plunger, and finally got it unclogged. On Monday, I am going to have Roto-Rooter come in and unclog the other commode.

This new diet is causing me to have massive dumps. I am clogging toilets all the time. I don't eat all that much. I only weigh 190 pounds, and I am six feet one inches tall. That's a little overweight, but not that much.

Eating all these vegetables is just creating massive dumps.

How do I solve this problem? Toilets can't handle 5 pounds of poop at a time! I don't want to clog toilets all the time. Help!

I am a new visitor to this sight. I am quite amused by letters sent by all past present and future writers. I must set a oundation for what I have to say. I have had many Accidents over the years and I must say they are aptly catigorized as "accidently On Purpose" (AOP). I personally do not like to be wet so fecal accidents are my practice and I hate diarrhea. If it wasn,t for the occasional diarrhea or the daily need to relive my bladder I would have preferred it if inventors had never invented the toilet!

I will tell more about myself and the development of my hadits but for now I will address some questions and comments by some of you.

Kimmie: It would be a pleasure to hear about your enjoyment in filled panties, and how you got started.

Sandra: I don't know how many of you there are out their but
one of you stated: If I need to poop I will do it any where and I don't Think about a toilet unless their is one neer by. My sentiments exactly.! I hope you tell us more about your occasional events. This should help many who are afraid of accidental loss of control and your storiesare interesting.

Venessa: Your event in the car - Ihpoe it brought many plesant memories. Have you investigated this libral practice further?

Anne: You stated you often had accidents at home we would like to know more.

Joanna: It would be a pleasure to here more about your practice of window shopping to relax and loose it in your pnties. How did you find out this brought relief and how did you overcome any potential embarrassment it might have brought on. Their are many out their who can benifet by your experiences.

Jone: You stated to Trish that you had several instances where you felt the need to poo and releaved your self in your pants. You only told one storie can you shair the other losses of control.

Jamie: You flashed on then off this page with a short admission that you have many accid! ents. Can you tell us more.

Since I have been visiting this page I have noticed almost every expression of pleasure and excuse for the practice such as-- it was soothing, felt good Felt naughty, and Its better then hearting.

In summery if you are inclined, alone, nothing to loose why not I do and we would like to here from you. A final note I find comfort in knowing that I am not alone in this practice.

I must go I have a load to clean up! By.

Sunday, January 30, 2000

Sandra---I enjoyed your description of you need to poo at the glass shelter. How long did it take you from start to finish? I imagine you were rather proud of what you left behind in the shelter. Just out of curiosity, if a man had been walking up while you were in mid poo streams would you have continued or abruptly stopped. Keep us posted on you needs.

LAURIE- That was an amazing post about Shannon! One detail I always find interesting that was missing, was what her expression was at various times, if you noticed. Was it always a straight-ahead blank stare? Did she keep looking around the room? The first time, you said she sat for a second, and then the pee suddenly came out loudly... Did her expression change when it started? A look of relief? blank-stare? When she was silently grunting, did her expression change? One of distress? How many times did she wipe? Your posts are my favorite!

Bryian, as for Preparation H, it's supposed to be applied after you've taken a dump and you've wiped very well. best time is before bed. I learned about it when I was about 15 and did a huge one that really hurt a lot afterward. My friend Paul (see my old posts about our buddy-dumps) said his dad used this stuff called Prep H for his hemorrhoids and it really took away the pain. I've never been cursed with "rrhoids" but sometimes I still do a huge one that kinda splits me apart and so I keep a tube of the stuff on hand. They also come in suppositories.
Take care guys, sure wish we could all buddy-dump together!
Until next time, Daniel

hey hunting girl, do you have any stories about crapping in the woods,oh and by the way your pee stories are pretty good!

Public Toilet Hater
I am frustrated with my more "healthy" diet. It is helping my colitis. However, I have to poop about 4 times a day. This forces me to use public toilets, and that's aggravating. Fortunately, the toilets at work are fairly clean and they do have butt gaskets.

In addition, I have clogged toilets at work several times. I just poop so much that the toilet can't handle it. On one occasion, I had to find a janitor, because the toilet was about to overflow. Our janitors are young Mexican women. It was embarrassing to have to tell her that I pooped so much that I stopped up the toilet, and poop was about to spill into the floor.

When I am out running errands or shopping, I have to be very careful. I try to poop before I go. When I get the urge, I have to go within a few minutes or I have an accident in my pants. When I ate all that greasy fried food, I could at least hold it for a while. Now that I am eating vegetables, I cannot hold it. I had to rush ! out of the supermarket the other day because I was about to load my pants, and their bathroom was not clean.

This diet may cause a lot of laundry to be done. I am afraid I will poop my pants in front of someone at work. That would not be good.

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