Reading back old posts I see that some people are a bit sceptical about the size of some turds that others claim to have passed or have seen. Now I have seen countless jobbies since childhood, let's say from the age of 5 so that's 42 years,turds which have been done by a variety of people, boys, girls, men and women, fat and thin, old and young and of different races and eating different diets. These turds have been of all sizes and shapes and colours, (I wont refer to any loose diarrhea messes I have unfortunately seen), hard balls and lumps, short very fat beer can size logs, long thin poos like breadsticks, long fat curved sausages, and of course my favorite type, big long fat firm jobbies shaped like carrots or naval gun shells, tapered to a rounded point at the end. The largest ones have usually been passed by women or girls. I can certainly confirm all but some of the really huge ones claimed when I think that the person has confused thickness or diameter or cross sectio! n with measurement round the turd, circumference or girth, like a waist measurement. I always use diameter or cross section so if I say I saw a turd that was 2.5 inches thick and 12 inches long thats what I mean, such a whopper would have a diameter of 2 pi r so that would be a girth or measurement around of just over 7 and 3/4 inches round. That might explain some of the somewhat extraordinary widths claimed. I have seen a turd passed by a very fat woman which was 3 inches across in section (that would have been 9 1/2 inches in girth). It was all compacted and knobbly and made a tremendous "KUR-SPOOL-LOOMP!" as it dropped into the pan. It was about 8 inches long. She certainly grunted and strained making a lot of "OO! and UH! and NNN!" sounds to pass it. She was a friend of my mum's who used to visit us and she must have weighed over 20 stone (280 pounds) Im sure. She often did really big jobbies which stuck in our toilet pan so I saw them and they were often this size and s! hape.

Another factor which leads to large thickness and even length being claimed is that if a solid turd is passed into the water of a conventional toilet pan and left unflushed it will absorb water and swell up and ultimately dissolve although in warm weather bacterial action will break it down. I first saw this as a kid of about 8 when my mum did a jobbie but didnt pull the flush as it was late at night and she didnt want to wake my dad who was sleeping. It was quite a big one as I recall but not huge , a typical woman's motion consisting of a single turd of about 8 inches long and two inches thick , a bit constipated and knobbly and had made a loud "kur-sploonk!" . Now that was what it was like when I saw it a few minutes after she had come out of the toilet, floating in the pan. When I got up for a pee the following morning it was of course still there but a number of things had changed. The water was stained slightly brown and it had sunk to the bottom of th! e pan. I also saw that it seemed to have got fatter and a bit longer. I know realise, having seen this effect many times since, that it had absorbed water and swollen up like a sponge I suppose. If the bowels make our stools solid by absorbing the water from the liquid feces which leave the small intestine, and not doing this leads to diarrhea while doing it too well causes constipation , then it follows that a turd is water soluble. Once I did an experiment to observe this by doing one in an outside toilet and leaving it. There were no flies about as it was early spring and bacterial activity would be low. The jobbie was about 8 inches long, two inches fat and solid. each day I observed it. after day one the water was stained brown and it had sunk and seemed to have swollen, day two it had a sort of fluffy edge and had floated up and was giving off a bad smell. day 3 it was starting to liquify resembling a solid turd when some loose mush comes out after it and smelt foul and ! by day 4 it was mushy and had dissolved to resemble a loose stool so I pulled the flush and poured bleach down the pan to clean it. Has any other coprophiliac such as Coprologist, or Vector or others made such observations?

Joe K
I heard some guys in college say that smoking in the toilet stimulates shitting. They said that when you inhale the smoke, and particularly if you swallow it to your stomach, it passes to your small intestine, were it causes a chemical reaction that acts as a laxative, evacuating the contents of the small intestine towards the colon, and consequently causing diarrhea. They say that a large number of Men, find it pleasurable, cause it helps them cleanse their bowels, and they feel much lighter after evacuating their intestines. I would like to know what do you think? Has someone tried this?

I for one appreciate the "censorship" that goes on here. Actually, it is not censorship since the site is privately owned, and is not govt. sponsored. Censorship can only happen when the govt. attempts to limit freedom of speech or expression, and even that is needed some times. This is is more like someone's house, that has invited us over for a focused discussion. If we do not like the discussion, then we should leave, as Jarod has done. Vote with your feet people. I am, and I am staying.

In order to remain on topic in this focused discussion - I have not shit in two days. But I feel fine. I can feel a faint knocking on the inside of my butthole, actually talking about it make sit a bit more noticeable. Hopefully later today I will be able to push out a "well formed jobbie" as our UK friends say. If I go every day it tends to be sloppy, so I hope this one is solid!


Most men do not have problems if they go for a piss and find themselves at the urinal next to a friend or colleague. I do have problems, but only in getting started. Once the old piss has started to flow, there's no problem. But shitting is different. Even if you do know who it is in the stall next door, you don't usually chat to them, as you would normally do at the urinal. Is it because of shyness about all the noises and smells that accompany the act of defecation? Is it because you prefer to take long time over a dump and feel that anyone who knows it is you will wonder why you are taking so long? (Many men often do other things in a toilet stall apart from their number 2).

To Smoke Screen,

Curiously enough, the relation between smoking and pooing has never come up on this forum as far as I can tell and I think you're the first person to raise it.
I can confirm that smoking sometimes acts as a mild laxative on some people. My wife would usually light up a cigarette while sitting on the toilet to get things going.
I have kicked the habit three weeks ago thanks to....a flu, but do remember, as a chain smoker many years ago, that cigarettes would occasionally induce a rather violent bowel movement...
If you are somewhat constipated, don't try to smoke. It is more harmful than good.

To SIMONE-I love your stories-My favorite places to poo lately has been at the gym cause i hear other guys letting loose too,but in the summer,i bike a lot and i love to poo and pee outdoors in the woods,it's so cool.I used to have this nurse friend that was into leather and i used to watch her shit all the time and sometimes she would wear this leather vest that was tight and extended almost down to her ass-It was so--erotic when she dumped with this on TO JAROD-This same nurse friend used to sit on the bowl the same way(reversed)and had the same great anal control!She would sit there and let out a loud fart followed by a huge long sausage and she would stop it in the middle and let it hang out her anus all the way into the bowl-it was amazing to watch.Sometime we would go out in the woods and she would find a log to sit on and let these huge turd come out about 10-12" and hold then there for a bit and it drove me nutz.Sorry to hear you are leaving the forum-Even though i'm heterosexual,i really enjoyed your stories-Stay on and keep them coming!BYE

J Jr.
Wow, I didn't think that after my first time on this site that I would get responses.

To George: Yeah, I know what you mean when you told me about
your wife. My sisters were the same way -- growing up with them they could stink out a whole neighborhood. I'm the youngest with three older sisters, and the middle one (I'll just call her T.) could really stink up a place. Everytime she went to do her business she would leave a smell bad enough to make your eyes water. She could do the really big jobbies (as you guys call them, in the Southern part of the U.S., where I'm from, we call them "big ol' country milers).

There were times where I'd be in the bathroom after she had just been in there and I could tell just by the stench and looking at the big, brown skidmarks on the bottom of the toilet. Something tells me that I think she was proud of them and stunk the place out just to aggravate me.

One thing about my sisters -- they're pretty open as to w! hat they have to do bathroom wise. If they say they have to crap, they'll say so, they don't hold anything back.

To Tony: Yeah, I guess it's just a Mom thing, I don't know.

I wonder if any of you had mothers that wanted to know the
size of your defecations when you were little?

Another story: I had a roommate in college one time who had
taken a dump before he took a shower, I guess in the morning. I went into the bathroom later that day and I lifted the toilet cover up and saw a "big ol' country miler," not very think, but big enough. I said to him, "Uh, (name withheld), did you forget to do something this morning while you were in the bathroom? I saw quite an impressive piece of sculpture in there." He said, "Oh yeah, I'm sorry I just forgot to flush." He looked at me a minute later, smiling, and said, "Yeah, that was a big one, wasn't it?", and we both laughed.

Talk soon!

Robbie: this happened when i was in 4th grade but im well into high school now. and i used to live in atlanta georga but now were moved to moline mainly cause my dad got a new job not just because of the incident

Well i dont know so much about the eating too fast or whatever or what/how i eat because i eat exacly the same way and the same foods on non-school days and im fine. It must have something to do with school.

Big Jack
Has anybody on here been kidnapped and forced to poop in their panties? I was just wondering.......Thanks for any responses!!!!!!

Big Jack

ER Tech
Acouple of days ago K.C. and Robbie were takling about
rectal exams. I have been on both sides of these. I
have had acouple of rectals myself. The first time I was about 13 or 14. I remember having a huge erection. I later found out that this is common place. After college I worked in an ER as a tech for two years and then went on to get my EMT licence. In the ER, sometimes we were required to do rectal exams to check for bleeding and impaction. Often guys would get erections. These we not procedures that we would fight over to get to. Anybody have similar experences please let me know.

To Beetle. The Japanese girl in New Zealand didn't seem to be straining at all. It was just sliding out effortlessly.

A programme called 'Neighbours From Hell' on UK TV has just finished. One item featured residents of Birmingham complaining about drunk students walking along their street late at night, making noise and urinating on the pavement (sidewalk). They even showed a home video shot of two girls squatting down and weeing on the other side of the road. It was dark and distant so you couldn't really see anything. You can do that outside my house anytime you like girls, and I won't complain.

Roadside toilets in Europe - Part 2, Germany.

On busy sections of the German autobahn (freeway) network, nearly every roadside parking area has a solidly built concrete toilet block. These have vandal-proof stainless steel toilet bowls and radio antennas on the roof (probably to send a message in case of vandalism or if the Toilettenpapier runs out). On the! less busy sections, the parking lay-bys have no toilet facilities, just bushes or woodland.

German people seem to be much less inhibited about relieving themselves outdoors than people in the UK. Once I was parked in a roadside lay-by and I saw a girl of about 18 squatting down in the bushes next to my car. Although they didn't offer much cover, she pulled her jeans and panties down a little way and did a wee. She was facing towards me about 20 ft away so she didn't really reveal much. Another time, on the A81 from Wuerzburg to Stuttgart, I stopped at a parking place just past the junction with the A6. There were steps up to a large area with picnic tables and bushes. As I went up to there, I saw a middle-aged woman behind a bush with her skirt up and her pink panties down.

If this is duplicated I apologise but my computer decided to re-boot itself while I was typing so here it goes again. (pity there is no way to write ones post in Word 2000 then send it, or is there? Computer buffs please let me know).

SM, you may have food allergy or perhaps some item in your diet has a laxative effect. Some fats can do this if not absorbed properly and synthetcics such as Olestra does this. Also try eating more bread, dry toast is good.

Adam from Toronto, very intersting post for Trains Spotters but I cant see what it has to do with defectaion?

Sandyfr, has the kid got diarrhea as even adults sometimes shit the bed if they have the runs or are the stools solid? Perhaps he is afraid or embarrased to get up to use toilet at night in the dark, a torch could help him here or a potty in his bedroom. Perhaps you should gently encourage him to sit on the pan before he goes to bed at night and do a motion then. If these suggestions dont he! lp I think professional help may be needed as he could either have some behavioural problem say bullying at school, or a physical condition such as a weak sphincter that he cant control when asleep. Plase let us all know how you get on.

Adrian (England) I dont eat breakfast early either, usually I wait till I get into work at about 8.45am for 9.00am start and have a cup of coffee and some crispbread then at 10.30 have a proper cooked brunch at my morning break. I agree that eating something to re-hydarte and bring the blood sugar level up is important before staring work but I dont personally like to load my digestion up with a large food intake just after I get up. A lot of meals eaten in the UK are simply convention and custom. Eat sensibly to suit your own lifestyle and system.

Tony (Scotland) I have done installment motions sometimes, doing the first jobbie at home, another one when I get to work and the third at my morning break all spaced about an hour ! or two apart and all good solid formed stools, usually a medium sized jobbie, the next one a really big whopper, then another medium sized turd on the thrid sitting. This usually happens if I have had a large meal the previous evening or havent had a motion the day before. I also like your very vivid story about your mum's big solid accident. I have had "brownouts" like this in my knickers and as I was wearing navy blue cotton school knickers somewhat similar to those white ones your mum wore , (Montfort brand to those interested in such details), I have had similar results where the turd didnt squash up but simply slid up the seat and back of my pants and caused them to bulge and hang down at the back. This is one time that a skirt wearing woman or girl has the advantage over a trouser wearing man or boy. Like your mum I just stepped out of my knickers with their big load and inverted them over the pan when I got home then had a shower and washed the knickers which werent th! at badly soiled. I suppose a kilt wearing Scotsman could get away with it as easily if wearing knickers under his kilt as many do. maybe others have had similar experiences.

Spy I wouldnt pee on the rails in the UK, lots of our railways have electrified third rail systems and 600 volts DC conducted by a stream of urine would fry your fanny or blow your balls off! Sandra I have had to do a poo in the shelter at a small country railway station. Many of our suburban commuter trains dont have toilets, even now in the 21st century and a lot of small stations dont have toilets. Once when coming back with a couple of other girls from a field hockey game a couple of us needed to poo. There was no toilet on the unmannned station and we found an old shed where the door was open. From the couple of big turds drying out there somebody else had used it for this purpose so myself and Kathy added a couple of lovely big fat long jobbies having a very enjoyable and releaving buddy dum! p.

All the best from Nicola.

Friday, January 28, 2000

Adam from Toronto
I took a ride on the Bloor/Danforth subway line in Toronto today and took it out to the west end of the city. I went to a job fair and the ride was interesting. This is my first time out to the west end on the train. Most of the ride was underground, but there is an interesting area of the trip and that occurs as the train crosses over the Humber River. If you come from the east, the train takes a sharp turn to the right and it happen before it exits the tunnel. It feels like you are turning on a sharp curb.

One thing disoppinting about the trip were the stations. Each station looks the same and it is very dull. There a few stations on the system that have wall paintings and that makes it more interesting.

One thing about the subway stations on that route is that most of the platforms are on the side, meaning if you want to go in the other direction, you must go up the stairs to the main level and walk to the other end. Some of the stations have the! platform in the middle.

Yesterday I was waiting for the train to work. I live in a small suburban community so the station is small and is pretty deserted, even in the rush hour. I was sitting in one of those glass shelters and there was just one other person there - a woman in her late 50s or early 60s. While I was waiting, I sort of felt the urge to poo but it didn't bother me as I'd be on the train in 5 minutes so I could poo on the train. Then there was an announcement that the train would be half an hour late! I knew this was a major problem because as soon as I need to poo I HAVE to go immediately - it just comes out. And by now I needed to poo! I asked the woman if there was a restroom on the station and she said no. There was no way I was going to poo in my panties! I told the woman the predicament I was. She seemed so understanding and to my amazement, she pointed to the corner of the shelter and said "go over there - I'll keep a lookout!" I explained that I needed to poo not pee but she sai! d it didn't matter. So I went over to the corner, lifted up my skirt, pulled down my panties and hose and squatted. The woman respectfully turned her back. I farted and immediately felt a large poo come out of my bottom. I started to pee as well - a stream of pee went charging across the shelter floor. After a couple of minutes the poo fell on the floor. I must have pooed 3 or 4 more logs before I was done. I looked down and saw a huge poo - about a foot long, with several 4 to 5 inchers heaped on top. Then wouldn't you know tissues in my bag to wipe myself! I asked the woman if she had tissues and she alked over, this time not averting her eyes. I was still squatting over my pile of logs when she handed me the tissues. She looked down and said, "my goodness you did need to go didn't you?" She let me wipe in privacy. I'm not sure what I would have done if she hadn't told me to poo in the shelter - I guess I would have gone in my panties, which is OK if you're not weari! ng panty hose, but the tight hose press it all to your bottom which makes cleaning harder!

I dont know what to do about my 6 year old stepson.He constantly poops the bed at night while he is sleeping. When the morning arrives and he wakes up, I have a big, smelly mess on my hands to cleanup. Does anyone have any insight or advice for me on this matter.......

Did anyone else ever get punished as a kid for having a dirty/smelly butt or poop marks in your underpants? My mother used to check my underpants for stains and if there were any I was in trouble.

Smoke Screen (?)
I'm looking for some help from the female readers, and in particular, those that smoke. Recently, a female associate of mine told me that quite often(almost always)she will smoke while sitting on the bowl. She claimed that it helped her to go, and at times would help things to "move along" if she felt constipated. She also told me that this is not at all uncommon with many of her smoker friends but for some reason, it seems to be far more prevalent among women. I don't smoke and never have, so I don't have any first hand experience in that area. Naturally my curiosity has gotten the better of me. Was she putting me on, or is there any validity to what she told me? I'd be interested in any personal experiences that others might want to share.

Has anyone here ever wet or pooped the bed by accident or otherwise? I would love to hear your stories.

Hallo friends, I come from germany and we had a very interesting story in our todays TV-news. In a subway station in Munich was a girl who jumped at the main traffic time on the rails, squatted down, pulled down her jeans and peed on the rails. Someone took some photos of it- and they show us a peeing woman in TV!!!!!! The controller stopped al trains and the woman was arrested by police. Im a girl too, and I've squatted at many strange places- but no one was so dangerous.
Has anyone other stories about strange situations while peeing/pooping outdoors?

Hi. Rick, thanks for thinking I'm pretty. ;-) I've never had a flu shot; I haven't been that sick [prior to my recent flu] for a long time. I love jogging and basketball and also like to ski and swim.
Torie, I know how much you'd love to see your b/f in the buff, but I'd wait a while before asking him. I think you and Stacey should go together if she's comfortable with the idea. I hope everything works out. Love, Jodi

Have you ever pooped and/or peed in your underpants or panties and then flushed them down the toilet?
I used to do this a lot and am interested to see if anyone else has done it or likes to see underwear or panties get flushed down the toilet?

Just wondering...

To Daniel(UK): About Preparation H. I feel as i won't have to use it cause i don't have too many shits where it gets stuck and i have to push. Do you put the Preparation H on when you are passing the log and you feel as though you might have a tuff time passing it? Do you recomend keeping Preparation on Hand incause you have a big log to pass?

To Jessicka: I live near Baltimore too(In Maryland). That was a good story. I see you were afraid that your neighbors would find out what you did, just to let me know that never has happened to me(so i can't be your neighbor).

To Me: I don't think i have ever tried a glycerin suppository. I wouldn't want to cause i prefer big stools like that and i hate having loose stools if i can help it.

To Phil: I sorta like your story, but im wondering how you can spy on people? It would be ok to do that at a mall or other public place. It seems if that is your work that you could get fired if you are caught, ! I would think it would be a tough penitaly for it being a high school.

To Scott: I see why you didn't poop at school, thats a good reason cause sometimes when im at school and i have to poop i don't have time. I shall have more time now if i were to get an urge to poop at school cause it is a new semisester. Thats cool it was a turn on, i'd have a turn on too if i were you. What caused you to poop so much? Scott do you have any other stories you could post about?

I just wanted to say a few things that happened today. As i just said its a new semeister at school, hopefully i will have time to poop at school if i have to. Today was the last day of second semeister, as i've mentioned about a bathroom stall at school that had no toilet paper in it(the holster was removed) I went to pee during lunch today and i had noticed a new holster w/ toilet paper was put up over the weekend(this was Thursday...hadn't been at school in a week cause of a teachers day on Mon! and then on Tue and Wed we had snow, so school was closed). This school i had mentioned was at a vocational school and this isn't at my regular school. Starting tomorrow i will be at my regular school all day(longer).

Yesterday i mentioned how i hadn't dummped in about 5 days. I finally had a strong urge to poop yesterday. Boy it felt good to get rid of all that. I pooped out a couple 4-5 inch logs, it was pretty solid but i didn't have a huge log and it didn't hurt this time when i passed it. Then i wiped several times. Nothing much else to post about, Bye


Hunting girl
hey yall! well no one asked for it but i'm still gonna share it with u. here is my weirdest accident, quite funny it is. ok i was out in the woods this past spring turkey hunting alone. i had been there about 2hrs or so when i felt i needed to piss, i was trying to wait because i didn't want to spook anything nearby, but after a while i i couldn't. so i got up and walked away from my hunting area too the creek and started to pee (standing of course!) as i was going i noticed a HUGE HUGE HUGE spider was crawling up my leg! i was stuck between A standing there and taking it because i was no where near done peeing, or B stopping and killing the spider. well i don't like spiders so i stopped and killed it, the problem was i was barely holding it and before i could get my pants back open i pissed all over myself. ok thats my story.

ok i have two more, the first one is not an accident but a "close call" anyway this one takes place last summer while swimming. ok i was swimming and suddenly needed to pee extremely bad, i was the only one out there so i started swimming from the deep end up to the steps. i don't know what happened but i just couldn't hold it i started to spurt and by the time i got out i was really pissing. i ran outside the fence and moved my swimsuit out of the way and peed uo the side of the fence (standing) i went so much so hard that i was able to make it go high as my head!

ok now the second one is an accident. i was having one of those dreams where you are going to the bathroom, but in my dream i could never "go" and then i finally felt myself let go in my dream and when i woke up i was VERY close to doing that in reality, and then as i sat up i did let loose and pissed i swear a gallon in my sweat pants.

i have many, many stories to share and i will. hey any guys ! out there with peeing desperation stories please share them with me.

Laurie- you keep posting, I love your stories. They are not to long either, I think everyone on here loves the details. I have a question for Laurie, Torie, and Cindy. How do you wipe sitting or standing? Torie-I love reading all of your posts here as well. Good luck with your boyfriend. Cindy- I can't wait to read your next post on here. Keep giving great details, I love you all. See ya later, Kevin

I always seem to do mushy shits.
Does anyone know a good way to ensure that you have big fat long firm shits?? I haven't had a shit that makes a decent 'plonk' for ages.

I just took a small 2 log dump which was fairly satisfying.

I really enjoy dumping in other people's houses - especially if, after flushing for the first time, a nice fat log remains for the next toilet user to see.

Does any one else have favourite places to shit, or favourite things to shit on.

Anyone like to wear leather when they shit.

Nic, like my friend Tony I dont eat breakfast, nor does Moira, we usually have a bit to eat at about 10am. I go to a little cafe if working at my business, or have a snack if working out on site, Moira usually has one of the juniors go out and get rolls or sandwiches or if at Court she will have something at the canteen attached or a nearby cafe etc. We are both into good lunches at mid-day and a really good dinner in the evening, and this suits our digestions. Eat when you feel the need and are comfortable, dont be a slave to the clock eating at set times like a battery hen. I have read of this effect of people getting the early morning runs after eating too early, so to adapt the old saying, "if it dont feel good dont do it".

I have done a motion when female cleaning staff came into the toilet . I was working in a old council office on their computer system and needed a motion when I was working late one evening. I saw the cleaners in the corridor as I went into the! gents toilet and entered a cubicle. I closed the door and sat on the old high style pan. I heard tow women come in and start to mop the floor . As I was doing a big solid jobbie I grunted and strained a bit "OO! OH! UH!" it slowly started to slide out . One of the women heard and said to her colleague "Here, there's a bloke having a carp in the end stall" As if to confirm this observation the big jobbie dropped into the pan with a resounding "KER-SPLOOMP!" Her mate replied , "Youre right, didnt you put the sign in front of the door" Another smaller turd came out "Kerploonk!". At this the first woman said, "Maybe we had better leave till he has finished" I replied through the door, "That's okey ladies, I dont mind if you dont" at that passing my final fat lump with a loud "kuplonk!" and a long "AH!". I wiped my bum, pulled up my panties and flushed the toilet. As often happens the smaller turds went away but the big fat 14 inch log stayed. I flushed again but it stayed. As! I came out one of the women said, "Dont worry if it wont go away love, I'll get rid of it" I smiled at her and washed my hands. As I went out I smiled as I heard her say to her mate, "Cor look atthe size of this turd Renee, I bet he felt lighter for that" Moira is used to staff of the opposite gender being in the toilet as her firm has an "Ally Mac Beal" style unisex staff toilet. I would add that there were doors on the stalls in both cases, doorless toilets being unusual in the Uk and generally the result of vandalism. I have used one when the need has been urgent as has Moira.

I agree with Coprologist, Dork, Mike UK, and my friend Tony etc on boxer shorts being useless in containing an accident in the underpants. I have never worn these myself, I wear cotton knickers, (briefs) as I have done since childhood and in any accidents I have suffered the mass of poo has been safely retained inside these underpants. I remember at school when I was 10 another boy had a s! oft formed poo in his pants and it all slid down his legs as he was wearing the equivalent of boxers, what we called trunks or shorts in those days, yet when one of the girls had a similar accident in her knickers (white cotton briefs with elasticated leg openings) on the way home from school the poo was all safely retained in the seat of her panties with no messing of her legs or skirt. As I also wore these type of knickers (sharing with my two girl cousins), when I had such an accident they kept it all in and saved my trousers from being soiled.

J Jr. I have seen a lot of turds in my time both done by women and men and can confirm that all being equal women do the really big jobbies, you should see some of my wife's! that girl could shit for Scotland!

Reading Laurie's post reminded me of my best friend all through Junior high and High school, Suzanne and i were allways together it seemed.We went thru puberty and our first periods together and had most of the same classes including P.E. so we got to see each other naked and or on the toilet quite alot so it felt quite normal when one of us would be at the others house to use the bathroom together.
I can remember doing both 1 and 2 with her in the room either sitting on the side of the tub or on the floor as i farted and pushed out my poop as we talked and talked and once or twice i remember as i was finishing up she would say don't bother to flush i goota do it too and she would drop her's on top of mine and yes it did make me feel very close to her,but it was alot of fun also to have someone so close to you that you could share everything with and not being afraid to do a smelly one if you had to and we both did our shares,so Laurie enjoy your growing up experiences,yo! u only have them once.

I forgot to thanks everyone who replied to my posts - thanks.
I just finished off the shit I started earlier - one enormous log that I dropped in the first stall of some public toilets. I was so impressed with it that I went to the next stall to wipe my bum.
Whilst I was wiping someone else entered the stall where I'd left the massive dump. I hear a "dirty cow" comment followed by the sound of her removing her pants. She then dropped 3 turds on top of mine, wiped and then left (no flushing). I saw the woman whilst I was washing my hands (about 45, black leather trousers, blonde hair). She commented on my tight leather skirt and we had a great chat about our recent dumps. I think she guessed that the monster log was mine. I asked her why she hadn't flushed and she said that she only flushes when at home. We both had a good look at the combination of our turds and then went our separate ways.

Here's the third time I'm trying to post this. This time I edited it, even though I'm just guessing at what the moderator didn't like, I thought I was following the guidelines. This will most likely be my last post. The Moderator has every right to enforce his guidelines, but I realized that I never did like censorship so I'm going to look for a more open liberal forum. Enjoyed all your stories and hopefully you will get my last post. Take care guys and gals! Here's my edited post:
Hi guys. My adventures with Chuck continue. We spoke last night and he was telling me that he had some great ideas to keep things interesting. He really gets off on the fact that he can get me so turned on by his ritual dumps. He’s taken to acting very macho around me and he’s become so incredibly open about farting and shitting around me, we talk about it all the time. So this morning he calls me and says, “Get on over here dude, I got an interesting idea.” So I high-tailed it to Ch! uck’s place and he answered the door in his underwear as usual. “I got a surprise for ya dude, your gonna love it,” Chuck says. “So let’s get going cause I got a man-sized load to deposit and your going to love it.” So once in the bathroom, Chuck takes off his underwear and hands it to me laughing. I put it down. So Chuck is standing naked in front of the toilet seat smirking at me, “Ya ready?” he says. I tell him that I’m very excited and turned on. But instead of sitting down on the toilet facing me, this time he turns around and straddles the toilet, leaning forward with this elbows resting on top of the toilet tank. All I can say is “WOW.” His large round ass is right in front of me. “Ok dude, I got a big ol’ missile for ya now.” Chuck starts to grunt and immediately his hole starts to open and a large looking log starts to crackle it’s way out. Chuck is really controlling it, sliding it out very slowly. Just as it is about to hit the water he goes, “Check it ! out man,” and he starts to lift himself from the toilet seat as the log continues to crackle of his hole. Suddenly the log stops moving and there is Chuck suspended above the toilet with an 8-inch log hanging from his hole. “How ‘bout that dude,” he says and then hoots loudly. “Awesome,” I say and he starts laughing. So then he starts shaking his ass just slightly so the turd starts to swing, Chuck is laughing and hooting and then with a guttural yell he lets the turd drop into the water. There was a big slash that wet his ass cheeks. I took a piece of toilet paper and dabbed his ass cheeks where the water had splashed. “Thanks dude, that’s what I call service,” and he starts laughing again. He sits back down on the toilet and rips a huge deep baritone fart that keeps up a loud steady volume for about 7 seconds. Chuck hoots and laughs. Then a skinny turd shoots out his hole with a “SCHLUMP” sound. Chuck cuts loose a few more loud shorter farts and then two more small! turds slip out of his hole with some double plopping action. Chuck lets out this major groan, “UHHHH”. He continues with some very guttural and intense grunting and one more short but fatter turd shoots out of his ass with a great gaseous explosion. He sighs and moans. “Oh man, that was DAMN good!.” He’s now ready to wipe and I hand him each round of toilet paper. When he’s finished he turns around and does his traditional bicep flexing. Then he sniffs the air, lifts his arm and sniffs his arm-pit. “I don’t know which smells worse,” he jokes laughing. Take care guys.


My boyfriend has been browsing this site for a couple of months and has shared some of the more embarrasing posts with me. He absolutely has the most cruel sense of humour, particularly when it comes to my misfortunes. I'm now used to putting up with his jibes when something awful happens to me so for the benefit of those fellow sufferers out there he pursuaded me to post this recent incident.

We have just returned from an early new year break in the sun, two weeks in Goa India. The holiday was brilliant and marred by just a couple of days of dodgy ????, I nearly always have at least one dose of the trots when we go abroad so It was not unexpected when I started with a sudden dash to the loo after breakfast one day during the first week. David was quick with funny quips but sympathetic all the same. After a frenzied hour or so squirting into our bedroom loo everything settled for a while. We sat on the balcony whilst I decided whether it was safe to wal! k down to the beach, David being desperate to catch up on his tan, me too by the way, I hate to miss a single moment.

Anyway I decided to risk it pulled on a pair of jogging pants and off we went. I took a bundle of loo paper just in case an emergency, toilets are not in great abundance in Indian beach resorts. I was fine and enjoying the sun, we stayed close to the Hotel and David went to get me a Coke for rehydration. When he returned I was so thirsty I gulped the lot down in one. David sniggered and said "take it easy you be blowing wet ones with all that gas".

What happened next was unbelievably horrible! the reaction was almost immediate, as the words rolled off his slimy tongue I felt my bowels churn and a sensation like a lead weight dropping from my ribcage to my lower back. My mouth opened with a silent scream as my bikini bottoms flooded with pure brown water. I was sitting up on the sunbed and with nowhere else to go the flood gushed up my backsid! e over the waist of my bikini. David just stood there gawping, there were hundreds of people round and we both just collased in fits of laughter. I was in total bits with embarrasment but what can you do?

I really nice German lady came over and offered my her towel, telling me she had a similar experience a couple of years before. After that, I was the talk of the hotel at mealtimes, known as "that poor pretty young thing who had the awful accident" I was offered evey kind of medication and advice and was regailed with so many funny tales of people who had been caught short on different occasions. In an odd way it made our holiday, particularly for David who found everything funny. I was OK after a couple of days and a few pills but was careful not to stray too far from civilisation.

Humour is often the best thing when you are taken bad like that.

I was trying to pee and i let out a little turd while i still had my pants up. I just thought it was going to be a fart, but i got a little surprise. Has this ever happened to anyone else?

Adrian, (England), I'll have to beg to differ as I just dont eat breakfast, I suppose my first meal is more of a brunch. Since I was a kid I have never felt like eating early in the morning before say 9.30am at the earliest but preferably 10.00am and this has never done me any harm as far as I am aware. I like a good lunch and have a really good dinner in the evening when I can relax knowing I dont have to be back for a set time to work or whatever. Still, if you like a breakfast early in the day, good luck to you.

J Jr my mum also used to ask me if I had "done a nice big jobbie" when I did a number two at home as a kid. I asked her in return after she had by the sound effects I heard, done a really big one herself, and she replied "Dont be vulgar!" but she did often tell me if she had done a good motion (that is a nice big solid one) and I have since realised that she was into such things. From reading this webpage and other research I now know that many women are tu! rned on by defecation, my wife Theresa certainly is!

Mike (UK) some background details about the accident my mum had in her knickers that I related in yesterday's post. I was about 10 at the time and my dad was working night shift. Mum had gone out to visit a friend about a mile away at the other end of our street. I was alone when I heard her open the door hurriedly and push past me into the toilet saying, "Ive had a big accident in my pants, fill the bath for me and hand the dressing gown round the toilet door" I did this and when she put on the dressing gown and went into the bathroom I saw the pair of her white cotton knickers (briefs) laying on the toilet floor. Now my curiosity made me go into the toilet and look. I lifted the knickers up and they felt heavy and I saw the big fat turd in the seat. It had bent over in a U shape and had hardly squashed at all only making a few brown skid marks where it had touched the cotton. She had also wet them slightly. Now t! his was due to it having been a very firm jobbie , it was knobbly and had the usual cracks of a hard turd, and her knickers were briefs but of a slightly baggier cut than the ones women wear today, (this was the early 1960's) and there was more room to accomdate the turd when it came out without it squashing up. The brown marks made it look as though it had turned upwards in the seat of her pants rather like a man's erection does at the front of his only this was at the back. After she had cleaned herself and got changed into clean knickers she did say that she hadn't gone to the toilet at her friends house as she didnt want it to stick in the pan there as she knew it would be a big one and that lady was a bit posh and would have been annoyed. She thought she could hold it in till she got home but had farted to alleviate the pressure but had got it wrong and the turd had come out in the seat of her pants. She just stopped and stood there and let it happen as it was dark and s! he was wearing a long pleated skirt nobody could see anything. Her only annoyance was that she could see our house a couple of hundred yards away and if she hadn't farted, as she thought a good move to ease the pressure, she could probably have held it in for the couple of minutes needed to reach our toilet. Her frank description has stayed with me to this day. As far as she was concerned, that was the end of the matter, accidents happened to anyone and she didnt make a fuss when I had such "brown outs" in my pants. She wasnt at all bothered that I had seen the big poo in her knickers yet she DID get uptight if I saw her walking about in bra and panties when she was getting dressed.

I did what someone called an "installment motion" today. I have a day off work and yesterday had a very full dinner with a customer. This morning when I got up at 8.00am I did a fat firm carrot shaped turd of about 10 inches long but felt more was up there. Later after my "brunch" at 10.! 00am I needed again and passed a long fat easy sausage but again felt I still needed more. About 12 noon I went again passing another fat easy curved floating sausage of about 8 inches long and now feel that my bowels are empty and I feel great after doing all those big jobbies. Anyone else had a similar experience of passing a number of solid motions in separate sittings but within a close time schedule like this?

To Bryian: I did poop on Tuesday night but I didn't poop as much as I thought I would. So maybe I didn't empty myself out completely, and I might have an urge to poop later today (Thursday). I don't remember if I had an urge to poop while I last posted. No, I have never buddy dumped, although I've wanted to in the past and still wish I could. But I've never had the nerve to even discuss dumping with a friend... That's one of the reasons that I post on this forum. Have you ever buddy dumped Bryian?? Oh, and have you been able to shit since Tuesday? To answer your question about whether I think you should do something about it, I couldn't tell you, it depends if you think you're constipated ? I don't have any time to tell more stories, I've been very busy this week with school and stuff. C-ya

To Ryan: Did that story about the time you had diahrrea at school happen a long time ago, like when you were in the 2nd or 3rd grade, or recently??

To Laurie: Your stories! are awesome... The fact that they're so detailed makes them so interesting. It's very cool to get a perspective of female teenagers pooping, since this is obviously not something that teenage guys hear about in the real world. Luv ya, keep posting!!

Hi All...

Have you ever wondered if a friend you were with had to poop? I was with a friend and his younger brother on Sunday...eating lunch at Carls Jr. This kid had a huge double burger...fries and stuff....

All afternoon while he was with us; I kept wwondering if he was "feeling urges" like my mom is known to say...

That brings up another question....does your mom have a special question she asks you if/when she suspects that you have to poop?

I suppose this would have to be back when we were younger; 'cause my Mom doesn't usually ask anymore.

My mom liked to use the word "urges"...

K.C. Bryian... last week I posted about my visit to the doctor. You asked why he would put his hand up into me. Actually; doc explained to me that there were things he wanted to check. I'm not sure wxactly what. I remember my friends nephew tho...he had cancer back there which his doctor found.

Thursday, January 27, 2000

Laurie - I for one enjoy the detail you provide in your stories,please keep them coming. I throughly enjoy stories of women pooping and the descriptions of their habits. I have peeked under the door at home and once at the office. The experience at the office came about because the restrooms were only one stall in a small room. I was in early one day catching up on some work and no one else was around. Moments later my secretary comes in and after settling at her desk walks past my office right to the womens room. Well she is an attractive woman, short curly brown hair, big brown eyes and a great figure. this day she was wearing a blouse with a skirt and high heels. Well she goes in and I can hear the door latch slide into place. So I quickly assume my position at the bottom of the door. By this time she is in the stall and the door is closed. I have a view of her feet up to about mid-calf. She is quiet at first no sounds and it is perfectly quiet. She begins to pe! e and it trickles off followed by a loud fart. She is wearing high heels and her feet are together. she farts again followed by a couple of splashes and two more farts. Everything goes quiet again for about a minute. I can hear her quietly grunting and then some heavy breathing. She farts again loudly followed by some crackly sounds. By this time the smell is coming under the door. A couple more farts and then she flushes the toilet, but she remains on the toilet. The toilet fills up and all is quiet again. then she does something I haven't seen before. She starts to grunt and lifts both feet off the floor. A loud fart escapes followed by several wet sounding splashes and a few wet farts. Her feet return to the floor with a prominent sigh of relief. All goes quiet again. She begins to wipe about seven times and finally flushes. I quickly return to my desk and a couple of minutes later she walks by returning to her desk. She was in there about fifteen minutes. ! Hope you enjoyed this story.

Nicola & Laurie - I love your posts. I wish I had more time to post myself, I have two recent experiences that I need to talk about, but very little time (I tend to be wordy). Will try this weekend.

Keep doing those firm logs and easy curved sausages!



Do not limit the length of your posts! You and I post very similar stories, 'cept most of mine have to do with my own poos and embarrasing situations. But I tend to post pretty long stuff also (and poo long ones too -- HaHa). You give great descriptions, I wish we knew each other (I will be 16 this summer, how old are you?). We could poop our butts off together.


More on doorless stalls in the UK. As someone who used to live there, stalls without doors are more to do with vandalism as opposed to design, which is the case in the States. About 15 years ago, while in England, I was taking a walk in the park behind the local library when I felt the urge to poo. The only ladies room was this little public facility at the edge of the park. I went inside and it smelled of poo and pee. There were 2 stalls facing each other, neither of which had doors, but there were hinges sovandals must have ripped the doors off. One toilet had no seat and the other had a seat but had what looked like small blobs of dried poo on it. Happily there was toilet paper. I chose the one with the seat and placed toilet paper all over the seat before sitting down. Once I sat down, the first poo started t come out, but it was big and I knew this was going to take a while. With the first poo barely out, the restroom door opened and in came a woman in her 50's laden with! shopping bags. She took one look at me and averted her eyes. Then she saw the stal with no door and a toilet without a seat and mumbled "bloody vandals...well, I have to poo regardless" or words to that effect. She hike up her skirt and tucked it into her sweater. She then pulled down her panty hose and panties shamelessly displaying her black pubic hair and privates. As she couldn't sit down she bent her knees slightly and had her bottom positioned over the toilet. She put her hands on her knees, farted and I could see a log appear from betwee her legs. It fell quickly and fell into the bowl with a "floomp" sound. She'dmissed the water and a little bit of the poo hung over the rim of the bowl. She moved her bottom slightly and several more poos fell out, all making a huge "ker-sploosh" sound as if someone had hrown a large rock into a pond. All the time she was pooing, so was I, making lots of splash sounds myself. The woman quickly wiped, adjusted her clothing and flushed. T! hen she too her packages and left without saying a word. I was still coming to the end of my poos but finished a bout 10 minutes later. I looked into the bowl and saw two fat 10 inch poos and about five 3 to 4 inch poos with a small mushy poo. When I was done and I'd flushed, I looked over to the toilet the other woman had used. The first poo that missed the water hadn't been flushed and was still hanging over the rim stinking and steaming! It was sizeable too...about as thick as my wrist and about 9 inches long. Then I too made my exit.

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