I used to live in baltimore... and we had some pretty nasty neighbors. They used to throw eggs at our house/cars... and torture our dog and cat. Well, before we moved to our new house.. I wanted to get back at them assholes.. Me and My friend made up a plan, that would get back at them for sure. We sat for a half hour, and drank a whole bottle of prune juice(each) and took many different laxatives... then of course you know what happens.. we started to get crampy.. it was about 1:00 am and we had to take a massive shit. so, we went on their front porch and pulled our pants down towards there front door.. and had explossive shits all over the front of their house. they woke up the next morning, and went to get their news paper, opened their front door, and saw the shit all over their storm door and windows and porch rails.. not to mention the terrible stench which lingered in the air. My friend and I were sitting on my screen porch with the curtains drawn, laughing our asses o! ff. Our old neighbors never found out who did it! Hopefully one of them isn't reading well, glad to share my story with you!

Nic, this condition of having to urgently pass a loose or even watery stool after breakfast is not that uncommon and is called "lienteric diarrhea" I understand that it is caused by the gastro colic reflex when food enters the stomach this causes a shunt of the contents of the bowel along its length by initiating a peristaltic wave so anything in the colon will be rushed towards the rectum setting up the need to defecate and if this is unformed loose stool too bad. I assume this is an atavistic behaviour as no doubt primitive man ate after he awoke then dumped. Easy cure, dont eat breakfast and have your first meal later on, perhaps a snack when you get to school or at the first break. My father had this problem and found having to urgently go to the toilet before going out to work very inconvenient as he could miss the bus. He simply stopped taking a breakfast which of course also let him stay a bit longer in bed, then ate his sandwiches in the canteen in the 10 minutes or so! before his shift started or at the first coffee break. No more morning runs for him. (My mother of course was usually the opposite, slightly constipated as many old posts from me detail). I am not a breakfast person myself, prefering to eat first about 9.30am to 10.00am when I have a coffee break at work, and about this time at weekends and holidays. Personally I cannot think of anything worse than subjecting your stomach to a load of soggy breakfast cereal drenched in cold milk or a something like hot porridge when you have just arisen from sleep. The most I will ever eat on arising is a cup of coffee , or a glass of cool lemonade in the warm weather and a couple of pieces of dry toast. This has no adverse effects bowel wise for me. When I do eat something at 9.30 am or so its a typcial British fried breakfast, sausages, bacon, fried bread, tomatos and this has no nasty effects on my guts. The food faddies and dieticians may throw their hands up in horror, but I couldnt give! a shit about them or their opinions anyway, I like to enjoy what I eat and passing the good solid motions that result.

Coprologist and Mike UK. You are right, boxer shorts will not hold back an accident in them as their very design would stop this. As a kid until I was 8 had to wear similar underpants, horrid loose white cotton shorts and when I had an accident in them at school when the cubicles(stalls)were all in use in the Boys Toilet it made a bad mess down my legs as it was a soft formed motion. I stopped wearing these dreadful garments shortly afterwards when Y Front briefs became the usual type of underwear for boys and men in Britain (the early 1960s). these were better if you had an accident as happened to me when I tried to hold it in to do it at home instead of using the Boys Toilet at school and did a big one in my underpants on the way home. These briefs kept it all in and luckily it was a solid poo with no leaks. I now wear unisex briefs, Speedo, Sloggi! , Playtex, Pretty Polly etc and these are first class in containing a solid accident as I found out recently when I walked home from a friends house after drinks and left the car for safety reasons being over the legal limit but not drunk. I didnt make it and a big solid jobbie came out in my briefs (Black Sloggi Maxi Briefs) These panties kept it all in and there was no mess to my trousers, lukily a reasonably loose fitting pair not tight jeans. As Coprologist says a solid accident in briefs usually causes a plug of poo in the crack of the bum. It was a funny feeling when I surrendered to the fact that I wouldnt be able to hold it in till I got to a toilet and I felt the big turd slide out touching against the inside of my bum cheeks which of course would normally be apart if sitting on the toilet then the feeling of the seat of my briefs being pushed out, the increased resistance as the jobbie encountered the material then buckled up and folded over , and the feeling of the! big load hanging down in the seat of my underpants. When I got home I saw the big bulge in the seat of my briefs and when I carefully stepped out of them I could see that the turd had been moulded into a big brown egg shape. My wife Theresa has had similar accidents and the results were the same although as she was wearing a skirt the turd didnt squash as much only flattened a bit at the start but remained mostly cylindrical in the seat of her panties, (also Sloggi Maxi Briefs Pink in her case). I also recal when a kid that my mother had an accident in her knickers and I saw them when she had stepped out of them in the toilet then had gone to clean up. As with Theresa the motion had been solid and althopugh it had been her usual big jobbie it had hardly squashed at all just bent over forming a big brown U shape in the seat of the pair of white cotton interlock briefs,(the old type with elastic through the leg openings), she had been wearing. After she had washed herself and! changed into a clean pair of knickers she simply emptied the turd out of the knickers into the toilet pan and washed the few brown skid marks off of them in the handbasin then left them to dry over the radiator.

Mike (UK) I hope these tales were of interest to you, perhaps you have similar ones to relate?

Preparation H works somehow to soothe the rectal and anal tissues, which get slightly torn when you pass a log that's too hard and too big around for the opening. If you smear it around your hole and insert it up your hole too (before bedtime ideally), any pain should be gone in the morning.
Just don't sit naked and spread-cheeked on anything after you've applied it, because it's pretty greasy and can stain carpets, sheets, etc. Also it smells pretty fishy; one of the active ingredients is shark liver oil (don't ask me why?)!
Hope it works for you.
See ya, Daniel

curious kimmy he the doorless stall things is common in men's rooms, but it should not be excepted as just that.. believe it or not..many of us guys like the same rights and privacy you gals have.

Hi,all-had some serious snow here in the N.E.Roads are terrible.We got about 8" of snow.I like to go to the gym in the a.m. and yesterday was rough with the weather,but i got there.i really enjoy pooing at the gym,as i've posted to you guys.Well yesterday as soon as i got to the gym,i had to poo.I ran into this guy i talk to while i'm doing my workout and i figured i'll get undressed and get into my gym clothes before i dump.Anyway i'm standing there talking to this guy and he says"I'll be right back,i gotta take my morning dump"I laughed and said"I gotta dump pretty bad myself"He says"Come on then,we can finish our conversation"I was taken back at first and i was a bit hesitant,but i figure,what the heck.So he went into one stall and i went into the one next to him and i started to clean off the bowl before i sit down ,but he must have had to go bad cause he just sat down and grunted and let out a loud,long fart and then he said"hope you don't mind the noise,but i really got ! to go"I said"this is the place for this and i'm sure i'll do the same thing" and i laughed.Then i heard a lot of crackling from him and it sounded like a big one,and at this point i sat on the bowl and started to push out some crackling soft poo out my anus and it went on and on and he was doing the same thing.The crackling noises between the both of us was pretty loud and he was talking to me at the same time.I didn't sat too much cause he was blabbing most of the time and you could hear him grunting as he was talking to me.Then as he is talking to me,i farted and let out some chunks and mush and he said"Boy,i guess you had to go pretty bad too" and he farted at that point and did what sounded like loose poop and he said"we sure are making quite a racket in here"I just laughed,but to me this whole thing was exciting in a way.We were both pooing like crazy with no inhabitions at all.It was cool.Then he got quiet and farted again and groaned a bit and it sounded like he was don! e.I pushed out some long,squgglie poop and a small fart and at this point i got off.I don't know if he did or not,but it was a cool rush for me.Then we both wiped and this guy kept talking away.Then he got out and said"See ya upstairs" and i said "OK,i'll be right up"When i got upstairs he came over to me and said "Usually i get nervous when i got to dump here cause of the noises i make,but i'm glad to see i'm not alone"I said"Heck no we all do it " and laughed and so did he,but i wouldn't midn pooing along with this guy at all.It was pretty cool.Maybe we'll do it again sometime.I hope so BYE

Coprologist, Thank you for answering my question on boxers. I was starting to think I didn't know what I was taling about. Many people have said they have let a large load go in their boxers and held it in. One person recently said his friend was standing and let a huge load go in his boxers and a little while later let some more go and the elastic on his boxers broke. Since he was standing all those turds would have fallen out.

Rose - It took my toilet bowl eight seconds to flush and refill, then another 45 seconds for the tank to refill. It's one of the newer water saver toilets.

I have two stories to tell. Some of you may remember my post from a couple of months ago about me walking into the restroom at work to pee, and noticing someone in the first stall pooping with the stall door wide open. Just as I finished peeing, he shut the door to wipe, so I did not get to see him. Later, I figured out who it was by matching the shoes to the guy who works in the office across from mine (different employer, though). Well, last Friday it happened again but with different results. I walked into the restroom to pee, and there he was - sitting on the toilet in the first stall with the door wide open. His head was near his knees, so I could tell it was the guy from across the hall. I did not say anything - just went to the urinal and peed. I could hear the sound of him grunting and few small ke! rplops. I finished peeing and turned around to go to the sinks, which are directly across from the toilets, and have mirrors above them. It was an awkward moment because I didn't know if I should speak. However, in a very loud and friendly voice, he spoke first, and then started making small talk. I responded and we chatted the entire time I washed up, dried my hands, and combed my hair. I could see him in the mirror. He was bending way over and had his elbows on his knees. In between his sentences, and while I was talking, he would look down at the floor, take a deep breath, and grunt out a small turd. I know my face must have turned red, because I really did not know what to make of this situation. I straightened my tie and said, "see you later," and walked out. I went back to my office, sat down at my desk, and remained in an extremely flustered state the rest of the day. I did not get much work done. It was really an intriguing experience. I wanted to tell my c! oworkers, or someone, about it, but of course, I didn't. Thanks to this forum, I can tell you all.

The next day (last Saturday), I went to Home Depot to shop for a new showerhead. While I was there, I went to the restroom to pee. When I walked in, I noticed all four of the stall doors were half opened, so I assumed I was the only person in there. While I was at the urinal, a man walked in, started to go into a stall, then backed out and said, "excuse me". When I walked to the sinks to wash up, the door to that stall was wide open, and I could see a completely naked man sitting on the toilet. He had no shirt on or anything - just had his pants bunched up at his ankles. I could see him clearly in the mirror while I washed my hands. He made no effort to close the stall door. He had both hands clasped in his lap and he was looking down. I exited the restroom and resumed shopping for showerheads, which were located nearby. A few minutes later, I saw him walk out! and I noticed he was wearing one of those one-piece jumpsuits. That explained why he did not have on a shirt (and appeared naked). It is unusual for me to experience something like this at all, especially two days in a row.

Hi all! Saw the earlier post about Xenical! I obtained this new medicine from my doctor about two weeks ago and have already lost 10lbs! That's the good news! The bad news is that as the ad states - it produces large amounts of gas (farts) which are very wet and there have been those moments that the urge to poop was so strong that I could make it to the toilet in time - so yes I did poop my underware! The first time it happened I was in the office - so I had to grab my coat and head home. Two days later it happened again, about 30 mins after we had dinner at a local diner. Again we went back to the house, where I could clean up and put on new clothes. I really need to lose this weigh so I have taken to wearing adult Depends instead of my cotton underware to work and even while I sleep at night. At first I wasn't waring them to bed but a few nights ago I felt the need to fart - did and pooped the bed! Once doing that was enough so now I wear the diapers as a form of ! protection. I am trying to eat food with much less fat - which the doctor says will help end my inability to conrol my bowels. I hope in the next few weeks to be able to stop wearing my diapers, since they do make some noise when I walk. Hope others have more luck than I have!

To Nic: Maybe cause you rushed to get out and eat your breakfast has caused you to have diarrhea?

To Fred Limp Bizkit: Awesome story, thats cool that you got to watch your girl friend poop!!

To Donnie: I've seen those commercials for Xenical.

To Laurie: Your stories are intresting!! I like it how you looked under the bathroom door and watched your brother take a dump!!!

To Robbie: Oh,well i guess we couldn't post about chat rooms....wish you and me could talk out of here, that would be cool!! That last thing you posted about not pooping since Saturday, we both have that in common, Today is Wednesday and i haven't pooped since Friday(Maybe Saturday). Did you ever poop on Tuesday? And did you have an urge to poop when you last posted?? Robbie have you ever buddy dumped??? Robbie i wish i could shit now,it could be huge but i don't even feel/have the slightest urge to go..not sure how much longer this will be acting up? If i don't go soon! , do you think i should do something about it? Robbie, have any more stories? I can't think of any stories. Well C-ya

To Ryan: Cool, you actully shitted in school!!

Bryan: I too have larger motions at times and it can be painful. Have you ever tried a glycerin suppository. It a laxative, but it helps to soften and make it easier to pass. It also causes me to have a very good bm. Perphaps you could try them. And for those of you constipated, it's a great lax--immediate results like in 15-20 min.

To: Nic
Could you perhaps be reacting to something in what you eat for breakfast? Lactose intolerance, or perhaps an allergy?

Regarding movie ratings:
There's no law that says a movie must be rated. Getting it into the theaters without a rating can be difficult, though--they'll generally treat it as if it was NC-17. Most theaters won't show a NC-17.

Nic, I suspect that your problem is more likely to do with the fact that you've eaten specific foods at breakfast time and developed an intolerance to them than anything else. A while ago I found that bread didn't suit me at breakfast time (I had similar symptoms to you). I then changed to having a form of crispbread instead and the problem ceased. My advice is to try and find something that suits you at breakfast time and stick with it. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day AND IT IS A SERIOUS MISTAKE TO OMIT IT (except in very exceptional circumstances). Try something light - even if it is only toast or crispbread. If your problem recurs, it might be worth taking medical advice. In the meantime I'd urge you to eat something before school - something your system can tolerate.

Anne (housewife)
Mike (UK). I've had a few accidents of that type in my time and I guess most people have got stories to tell!

I was working in an office, inside a high school. I was often hearing a toilet flushing and it seemed it was right by the next room. After a while, I noticed a ventilation trap about 4" by 6". I laid on the floor to see that it was a small room with one single toilet (in fact it was for the teachers, women!)

They had put a waste basket just in front of the trap, maybe somebody once had a little fear of being seen... I went to move it a little, then this way I could see more. In fact, I could see that a woman was sitting on the toilet in front of me from the floor to about 1 foot high. After that, every time I heard the door close, I couldn't concentrate on my work, I had to take a look. But it was kind of risky to be "caught" in my office laying on the floor, so I was often just listening.

Bryian: I didn't poop at school because I really didn't have time. I got to an all male Catholic HS and we have 4 min in between classes, not much time to poop. Our lunch breaks aren't too long either. Cleaning up was a major ordeal. My uniform was a mess, my underwear was completely covered and I like filled my uniform like 3 times. I just kept exploding into my pants. It was kind of a turn on too. :) Well my uniform too a few washings to be white again!

Nic - I used to have an experience similar to yours. I used to eat breakfast before school and a short while later (usually fifteen minutes later) I would develop the urgent need to poop. It would usually be soft and it would come out fast and furious. I think it had to do with rushing through the meal combined with dairy (the milk in the cereal) (which usually makes me have to poo a lot). This happened to me when I was in junior high but eventually i got over it by eating more slowly (as well as allowing enough time to poo in the morning if need be). Today however, most of my pooping comes during school or shortly thereafter.

I've got a short story today. Remember how i posted that my upstairs bathroom was ideal for spying? Well this evening I got the perfect opportunity to use my superb spot! My friend Shannon came over today as we had to work together on a project. Following my usual routine, we ate a snack when we got home (consisting of hot dogs). Then we went to work. I was so desperately hoping she would have to poop as I wanted to learn her habits (ever since I've discovered this site I can't stop thinking and wondering about others habits and I've learned to be more aware of others when I'm sitting in the ladies room.) Now, Shannon is the type of girl whom I've heard the guys describe as "angelic." She does perfectly in school and looks perfect as well; perfectly in shape body, attractive face, at least from a girl's standpoint, and she comes from a wonderful, caring home. Now, don't take this description as my bitterness...quite the contrary. She's one of my most trusted friends ! and I love her tons. Anyway, we got to working on the project and we were almost done an hour and a half later. I began to dismay because I started thinking that she would leave without having to poop. However, we decided to take a break and Shannon asked to use the bathroom. My spirits soared as I hoped she would need to move her bowels. I showed her the bathroom down the hall and stayed in my door. Once she enterred the bathroom, I bolted down to the door, and laid down to see what I could see. She pulled her khakis to her knees (at least I could tell they didn't go down to her ankles). She waited a sec and then loudly began peeing. When she finished, she wiped and stood up and flushed. I was quite disappointed but still happy that I "saw" her use the toilet. She came out right away. We went back to work and were having small problems with the project when I felt nature calling me to do a number 2. Great, I thought. Well, perhaps Shannon could be "induced" to ! poo if she knew I was pooing too. I suggested we take a break and then told her I needed to use the bathroom and that "I'd be back in a jiffy." Silently I knew I needed a bit longer than a jiffy. Hehe. Anyway, I went into the bathroom and slid my jeans down to my ankles and began pooing. I've noticed my poop comes in two phases now, the first phase is where the big logs come out rapidly. Today it was 4 semi-large ones rapid fire, one after another. Then the second phase starts where the smaller chunks come out with great difficulty and straining. Five minutes into the poop, I finished the first phase (four large logs) and decided to flush them since I didn't want to stink the place out with Shannon around. As I started the second phase, I picked up a magazine from atop the toilet (I'd started storing them there for when I have to take a long dump). I began reading the magazine along with occasionally straining out a poop. However, I became so engrossed in the magazine that I lost all track of time! Before I even knew it, Shannon knocked on the door and asked if I was OK. I was startled and looked at my watch. I had been in there for over 20 minutes! Doh! I put the magazine down and shouted that I'd be out in a minute. I quickly (well, for me anyway) pushed out the last remaining chunks, wiped myself four times, flushed (which took 12 seconds to flush for the girl who asked) and left. I explained to Shannon that I was reading a magazine and completely forgot she was waiting. She laughed and said she was worried I fell in! I was sooo embarrased! Anyway, we finished up the project and were watching tv for a little while when Shannon said she had to leave. I was disappointed I didn't get to watch her poop, but confident that there would be another day as she reacted so cooly (and not grossed out to my pooping). We said goodbye and I went back in and watched tv. Five or six minutes later, the doorbell rang and it was Shannon. She had a look of anxiety on her face and told me her car wouldn't start! I went out with her and watched as she turned the key a couple of times and sure enough, the darn thing wouldn't catch! (it was awfully cold out, I guess that made her car not start). Anyway, she came in and called her home to see if anybody could give her a ride. Noone was there so she had to wait until someone came home. We went back in the tv room and watched tv while we waited. Every so often, shannon went back out to try her car but it wasn't starting at all. After a while, she said she needed the bathroom again! This sparked my attention because of the way she said it, with sort of a nervousness to it. I pointed upstairs and made like I was going into my room, but when she was in, bolted to the crack of the door once again. This time, she pulled her pants down to her ankles, a sure sign of impending poop. She sat in silence for what seemed like a long time and the exhaled loudly. She kept "silent grunting" (breathing through her nose) for a while and then she farted a couple of times. She shifted her feet around and then farted a little louder this time. I then heard chunks of poop start to crackle out and splash loudly into the toilet one after another. Then there was a loud, wet fart sound and several more splashes. Then, she sat for five minutes in silence before farting and splashing a couple of more times. She exhaled, farted once more and started wiping. She wiped quite a bit and then flushed. I was ready to bolt, but I noticed she didn't pull up her pants. I couldn't believe this!!! Shannon, Miss angelic, was having a major poop session on my toilet!! I felt weird because it was sort of turning me on, but I also felt kind of disgusted, because I am a heterosexual female and being turned on by another girl is weird for me. (Not that there's anything wrong with being gay). Anyway, Shannon let out some more wet sounding farts and splashes and finished up. I looked at my watch and she had been in there for fifteen minutes!!! I hustled back downstairs and when she came back I jokingly asked her if she "fell in." She laughed and said she had to take a major shit. My mouth must have fallen open because she said, "don't look so shocked! It's not like I think you were actually reading a magazine for twenty minutes!" If she only knew the truth. Anyway, she eventually got her car started and left and I felt closer to her than I've ever felt before. Nothing sexual, just true friendship. So to all you guys out there, those girls you consider angelic can sometimes take major shits too!!! Laurie
PS I apologize for the length of my posts compared with others. Its just that i feel the need to tell my stories to the fullest with all the details included. If you want me to shorten my posts and just say, "i pooped for fifteen minutes" i gladly will. It's just that I love posting here and when I start talking about my and other's pooping experiences I can't seem to stop! So, sorry once again for my lengths. I'll try to keep them under control in the future, but I thought you all would appreciate the details. Until next post, Laurie

First of all....thanks to everyone who was kind enough to answer my question!

Philippe> I'm glad that you enjoyed my "explosive" story. I can enjoy it too NOW that it's over. :-)

Okay this has nothing to do with poop, but today I did something kinda stupid. I looked in my laundry room garbage can and noticed lots of balled up pieces of towel paper (mixed with used fabric softener, which I hadn't noticed) and decided to dump them into the toilet because I just didn't see the use in having the garbage so full. So I carried the papers into the bathroom, dropped them in the toilet, and flushed. As you can probably guess...the toilet did not suck them down, but the water rose and for about a good 20 minutes, I couldn't flush it. I started plunging and plunging and eventually the paper did slip down the hole but the water was still very high. As time went by, I started to get more and more frustrated cause I felt so stupid that I had tried this!! So I just watched as the water level very slowly dropped and then I flushed again. At this point, the water shot into the bowl from the drain...and after plunging it one more time, everything swirled and gurgled forcefully down the hole. Then I gave it a test flush and everything worked normally. this point, I exhaled.

THEN, it occured to me that it may not have totally been my fault that the toilet clogged like this. A couple of nights ago, my dad decided that he couldn't eat all of his dinner (he had rice, beans, and some smoked meat) and so he took his entire plate to the bathroom...flushing his leftover food down the toilet. It kinda shocked me that it all went down without any problems at that time.

Have ANY of you every done something like this????????

Joe K
Hi everyone. I went to Puerto Vallarta (Mexico) on vacation and I saw the most weird restroom. It was on a beach, and it consisted of a little house made of sticks. Inside there was a urinal and a toilet in a doorless stall. The wash basins were outside, and were shared with the ladies room which was part of the same stick house, but separated from the menīs room (if it can be called like that) by a brick wall, which I suppose was intended to prevent the men from peeking the ladies room, cause if it were of sticks, you could see perfectly the other side. Also, I had eaten a barbecue and had a mild urge to dump but hesitated to use that toilet, and finally only took a pee.

After I returned from Puerto Vallarta, I went to Europe, specifically to Geneva and Paris, and was very disappointed to find the most boring restrooms. I had heard that in France unisex toilets were in abundance, and I was looking forward to dumping next to a cute babe. Well, I dinīt find a single u! nisex restroom, and not only that; menīs restrooms have ultra private stalls, virtually a private bathroom, in which every stall has a floor to ceiling door and is enclosed by solid floor to ceiling walls which give 100% privacy. Curiously, in most of the restrooms I visited, the urinals are very exposed, so if someone opens the door, you have a perfect view of the guys pissing, from the outside.

Maggie: You reminded me of the cleaning lady experiences Iīve had, which I posted a while ago; however, I canīt possibly imagine a clenaing lady in a Menīs room without stalls. Also, as you said in your post about cleaning guys
not allowed in the ladies room, unless accompanied by you, I would like to know why is it like that? As I said in a recent post; I think it is totally unfair for us men, that cleaning guys are not allowed in Ladies rooms, when sometimes, some cleaning ladies enter unannounced inside the Menīs room. Itīs some kind of discrimination. By the way, yest! erday, I experienced for the first time, a cleaning lady in the Menīs room while I was shitting. I was the only one inside and heard a cleaning lady chatting with a cleaning guy on the hallway. Suddenly they both came in, joking and laughing, and I felt really weird, cause I was in the first stall and could not shit with a lady just outside. Hopefully, some guys came in and took the other stalls for the same purpose as me, so I was less inhibited. Soon, all, except one stall which was clogged with a monster shit, were occupied by other guys and no one cared about the cleaning lady. I wonder what a cleaning lady feels inside a Menīs room. Well, that was all for now; I hope I have not bored you all. By, and happy dumping.

J Jr.
I have been reading this site for the past week and let me just say that it is amazing what you can discover on the Internet. I had no idea that there were people just as demented as I am and have obessions with bathroom habits.
I've always been that way since I was a kid. I think I might have gotten it from my mother. When I was little, every time I would go to make a bowel movement, she would always ask me, "Big one or little one?" I have no idea what was in my Mom's head at the time, but I think she must have had some fascination with bowel movements herself. I think it just stuck with me for some weird reason.

It is just amazing to hear you ladies talk about your taking big dumps -- I don't mean to sound sexist, but I didn't realize it was possible until an experience I had years ago when I was a teenager.

I was working in a restaurant when I was in high school as a busboy and food server, and one of our duties when we closed at night was to clean the! bathrooms. I went to clean the women's bathroom (there were three stalls in there) and after I cleaned the first stall, I went into the middle one and low and behold what I saw I still could not believe to this day. The toilet was stuffed with paper, but behind it
was the biggest, thickest turd log I had ever seen! This thing was HUGE -- it had to be at least 12-13 inches long and about an inch thick. It wrapped pretty much all the way
around the toilet, covered with the paper. I thought, "Good Lord, who in the heck did that?" I didn't think something that big could come out of the human orefice, male or female, no matter what size the person is. If Guiness had been there, it would been a world record, I'm not kidding!
It took three good flushes to get that thing down, and I had to use a plunger to get the remains down because part of the turd clogged the toilet. It was pretty gruesome to do, but hey, it was part of the job.

I have more stories I could sh! are, but I'll try to get back on later. Keep those stories coming!

Malcolm (new)
Hello everyone.I hope you all enjoy this true story.I'm new to this website as far as posting is concerned. This is happened in our house Boxing day 1997.

It was boxing day morning and my wife and I had arranged to visit her mothers for lunch.This is the done thing here in N.Ireland as I'm sure is the same in U.S.A. at this time of year.By the way my wife was 37 when this happened.

She had got up first that morning as after the Christmas celebrations I was feeling the worst for wear.

Anyway our bedroom and the bathroom where just across the landing.Im not sure what the American term for landing is, but it's the top of the stairs where all the doors meet.

Anyway I was dozing half asleep but knew that my wife had been up for ages.I could hear her grunting quite loud as she never closed the bathroom door.She had always shit quite
freely when I was in the bathroom but neither of us mentioned that the! other had shit or that we where interested in each others bowel movements.In fact I didn't know I was interested until that day!

Anyway after what seemed like ages on the toilet,I heard her start to cry.I got out of bed and went into the bathroom and asked "whats wrong" She said she was constipated and that it was really really sore."Don't worry" I said that's "normal" But it wasn't.I could tell she was in real pain and it kinda scared me.To cut a long story short she made me phone the on call doctor to ask what she could do.

I didn't want to do that as it would be emmbarassing to tell a doctor over the phone that my wife was constipated.

But when she really burst into tears and I knew she was in pain I had no choice.I dialled the number and a female voice anwsered. I quickly told her the situation. To my shame I can't remember what she said,but I do know I returned to my wife straight after and relied the message to her an! d reassured her that help was at hand.

By this time she was really distressed and was panicing. She was crying and said "it's so sore" She had been sitting on the toilet for over an hour at this stage.She said "it won't come out" Then she said "look to see how far out it is" She stood up,panties and jeans round her knees and then bent down in front of me.I pulled her bare cheeks apart and could see a small nugget of shit about an inch sticking out of her hole.This was all she had to show for over an hour of pushing.I told her it wasn't much and she sat down again and started to push and grunt more.

I will be honest here...........I had never been so aroused in my life.I made an excuse and went downstairs where I'm ashamed to say I left my wife in agony whilst I brought myself to orgasm whilst she was crying in pain.

It wasn't to end there.After my thrill I went back uptstairs to see how she was getting on."how are you now! I asked" it's coming she said and again stood up and and bent over inviting me to pull her bare hips apart.

I dropped to my knees for a good look and reported "its poking out a bit more now keep pushing" It was a very dark turd and very small.

After about 10 minutes she dropped her nugget and I was there and held her as she squatted over the bowl.(enough to see the main event) she didn't quite sit down on the toilet which was enough for me to hold her whilst looking behind her to see her hole expell 2 good long turds.

I never told her how exciting I found the whole thing .Even after 7 years marriage I'm not brave enough to say ......."remember boxing day 1997"

You people are so lucky......Mal xx

To Laurie :

Oh no ! Please do not stop, your stories are alluded at the end of your message that you'd have more coming and I am looking forward to them.

I had a good laugh reading Nicola's post. You know, there is a bunch of bizarre people in this world, like Nicola and I, who like poo stories and watching others go...and you have the weird, such as me, who likes the "noisy" poop...perhaps because I like the sound of trumpets ?

Wednesday, January 26, 2000

I have been reading here for a while. And I love to here about girls and women pooping together. It is my dream to one day find a girl who would poop in front of me. catch you later TIM

PLEASE post stories of you wetting yourself, or going on floors. They will be much appreciated!

I used to eat breakfast every day before school. But I got this weird thing where just about every single day i get diarrhea, usually right after I eat breakfast. Usualy i just have to go once but a few times I have many waves and it gets worse every time. Does anyone know aboutthis condition because im kind of interested. Needless to say i never eat breakfast anymore.

curious kimmy
MAGGIE: do the women in your factory mind being seen, while they shit? i could never shit without a door, i ubderstand its normal in mens rooms, but i need my privacy. just my opinion

Mike (NYC)

ROSE: With my home toilet, it's about 5 seconds till the water rushes to the hole. That's why it takes 2 flushes if you drop a lot of chunks and mush which are typically how my movements are. If you do a log, you have to hold the handle down to keep the water going. My toilet's an energy saver.

The longest I've had to flush was 3 or 4 times (I can't remember exactly) a couple years ago at a relative's house. What happened was I hadn't gone in 2 days and on the evening of the 2nd day of not going, I ate a whole Canadian Meat Pie for dinner. So the next day in mid-afternoon I felt a huge bloat and had to excuse myself from talking with a friend. So I went to use the upstairs toilet. As soon as I sat down there was and immediate crackle sound and a hard, long and fat log shot right out. No farts or anything. That log cleaned me right out, that there was no more crap to expel after it. I sat, dropped, and was done. It reeked of a decaying-like odor and when I left t! he bathroom the odor already made it to the hallway, but I didn't care cause I was upstairs. Anyway, it took 3 flushes for the bowl to swallow that log. That was certainly a good log drop, as opposed to straining out a constipated, unhealthy log.

Kara and Teenaged Girl: It is cold outside and starting to snow. I was a Girl Scout many years ago. It was my first camping trip in the dead of winter. We live in a cabin. There was a latrine(outhouse) a little distance away. I made friends with another girl. That night we had franks and beans. I ate the franks. Later I accompanied her to the outhouse at her request and mine. I had to take a simple piss. We dropped our uniform trousers and long johns to our thighs. It was cold. We had to sit on these cut-out seats over an open pit. There was four of them with no door, partition. Nothing. Her stomach just gushed out cascades of diarreah. We were laughing at every torrent. She must have let out about 6 torrents of diarreah. She was not in pain. I kept handing her toilet paper. Everytime she wiped, she released more diarreah. All she said how she likes franks and beans on Saturday night and this is how she spends it. Then in the middle of the night, she was cutiing some hard loud! farts as we slept. We were 12.

Torie: We are happy to have you.

Hi everyone! I have another story about me and Kelly from yesterday.... here goes. She had been sick with Bronchitis(SP) on Sunday/Monday and stayed home yesterday, so I got an excused absence from school to go see if I could help out in any way, fix her lunch, help with homework, you know all that kinda stuff. We basically slept(I do mean slept not scored or anything like that, yes, same bed but nothing out of line)and played video games etc. all day. She woke me up once and asked me to carry her to the bathroom(She busted her left thigh Saturday when we went snowboarding)I said "Sure be up in a sec." she said "Hurry, Its poking out." So I said "Oh, #2, okay, im up" So I went in sat her down and she started going and said it stopped and started pushing and almost started to cry, so I just said, In a funny way "My god you have a great ass!" and then she was laughing again and it came out, I saw it when she got up, a little brownish about 8-9". Torie, Im glad this forum make! s you feel at home, Its not unusual thinking about one b/f or g/f naked if you havent done so already, but once youve seen them youve seen it all and its only about half as interesting next time and finnally they are streaking around the house and you just wanna go back to bed LOL! And what all that crap meant is Its really different and you cant think till you pick your jaw up, but after a while you just stop thinking about it, If that helps any. Well gotta go back to school now, l8er everyone

Katie :

I am an adept of nudists resorts and have never seen toilets in the open, not even unisex bathrooms.

To Rose : My toilet takes 8,5 seconds to flush. I timed it after my poo this morning

To Dork
You're quite right. If you are wearing boxers and you shit in your pants, it is not contained by the underwear. If it is diarrhea, it runs down your leg. If it is formed turds, they fall down one or other of the legs of the boxers. Whereas with briefs or tangas, the shit is held inside. In all cases, in my experience, you always end up with a big plug of softish shit wedged in your arse-crack.

Hey ZnCN, Nice to meet you here!! No intresting stories to tell?? What about your latest trip to the bathroom?

To Scott: Why didn't yopu poop in school? How did you clean up? I wanna chat with you and Im 18 too

I haven't had to shit since Saturday morning(or maybe late friday) and it is now Tuesday. It'll probably be a big one.

To Daniel(UK):Good to see you on here too!! I think i was the one who mentioned that i had to shit last week and it hurt coming out a bit. I might have to try preparation H next time i have a huge dump like that when it hurts. I don't get many dumps like that. How does preparation H work like that? Any one else heard of that working like that?

I've noticed that Robbie hasn't posted in several days, guess you are busy. I miss hearing Robbies Post cause i think they are awesome!!
Well Gotta go....Hope i have a huge dump today!!

Has anyone seen commercials (in the USA) for a weight-loss drug called Xenical? The side effects (announced during the ad as required by law) include "increased bowel movements...and inability to control them."
That's great. Xenical might help you lose pounds, but you may mess yourself a lot in the process!

Is there any stories about anyone shitting their pants out there as I would love to hear them.

Hi all. I must say I really like this forum and I've grown to love posting here. I hope you find my stories interesting because I'll stop if you think they are boring. Today's poop was a pretty normal one for me. About an hour after I got home from school I felt a rumbling in my ???? telling me it was time to go sit on a toilet. I closed my notebook and homework which I was working on and headed to the bathroom in the main hall of my upstairs. My brother Mike was in there and I knocked on the door and asked if he would be long. He replied that it would be a couple more minutes. I sat down on the floor across from the bathroom, leaning against the wall and I noticed that there is a pretty large gap between the door and the floor. So I, laid down on the floor and sure enough, I had a perfect view of the bathroom floor, in which I could see Mike's feet facing away from the toilet (towards the left) and his pants down around his ankles. (he was pooing at the time.) I also noticed that it was fairly quiet and I could hear everything that was going on inside the bathroom perfectly. I realized that I could spy on someone using the bathroom up here very easily if we were alone in the house. I made a mental note to remember that if I ever have a boyfriend around that I want to hear poop. (I'm currently "seeing" someone now but we're not quite that serious but it appears headed that way :-)) So anyway, Mike was in there for about five more minutes before I could tell he wiped and flushed. I didn't hear any splashes or grunts, or straining so i guess he was finished up and wanted to make me wait. Jerk! So I went in after him and there was a faint odor with one small skid mark inside the toilet bowl. I pulled my pants and underwear down to my ankles and sat on the toilet. In about ten minutes, I slowly pushed out two rather large logs and a plethora of smaller ones. I sat on the toilet for another five minutes to see if anything else was remaining in me, but only two tiny pieces (if you can call them that) dropped out. So I guess I don't always take major dumps. This was pretty moderate sized and only took about 15 minutes. The smell was sort of bad since the big logs came out first and sat in the bowl while I finished pooping. All in all, I filled up the water portion with a good amount of poop and wiped 4 or 5 times. I'll let you know if any more interesting things happen or if I remember some odd stories I've got. Take it easy.

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