Philippe: Thanks for the compliment. I'm glad you enjoy my stories. I'm sure everyone here has their preferences, but the diversity of our common interests make this site special. Kudos for the moderator for keeping the content at an acceptable level.

Rose: To answer your question about the length of flushing toilets, I haven't noticed lately but I think (in the US) it takes an average of 10 seconds for public toilets to flush and re-fill with water, while it takes home toilets ten seconds to flush down the contents and another 10-15 seconds to re-fill the bowl with water. It's only an estimate, though.

I recall a trip my family took right before my first year in high school. My older sister was interested in attending this specific college, so we made the half-day trip on the weekend. A friend of my Mom's went along because she graduated from that school. Anyway, we stayed in a hotel overnight, and my parents and her friend were in one room when my two sisters and I were in the other. Before we went to bed, my younger sister was in the bathroom when I had a sudden urge to go myself and do a #2. I couldn't wait for my sister, so I went to my parents room to use the other bathroom. It was free, so I quickly went in. As soon as I sat in the toilet, I pushed out four long thick turds. I was done, so I wiped a couple of times, got up and looked into the toilet and saw four banana-shaped pieces. I flushed the toilet and left a noticeable poop smell. As I was coming out, my Mom's friend (who had some nit-picky tendencies that bore itself out on the trip) was going in. As I said good night to my parents, the friend quickly came out of the bathroom. She had a funny look on her face, and she made a waving motion in front of her nose, but she didn't say anything. I think she was annoyed by the poop smell.

The next day, after we got breakfast at the hotel, we all made a trip to the restroom. My sisters, my Mom and I all only needed to pee, but my Mom's friend was having a major dump. As were were finishing up, she was still in the stall, and there was a strong poop smell emerging. I felt sorry for her not feeling very well, but I was also thinking, serves her right for being uptight about the poop smell I left behind while she herself stinks up a public place.

Well my last post never got posted, maybe because I tried to answer Bryian's question about chatrooms, so I won't repeat everything that I wrote in the last post, just some of it.

To K.C.: I liked your story about your visit to the doctor. I can imagine how embarrassing that must have been. Something like that happened to me once also... I also got constipated a lot in that age range (8-12) and one time when I was I think 9 I had some sort of chronic constipation/abdominal pain episode that lasted for 2 weeks. They did all kinds of tests on me at the hospital, and once a doctor did put his gloved fingers up my butt like what happened to you. Thankfully though, I wasn't full back there at the time, and I wasn't as embarrassed then as I would be if it happened to me as a teenager.

To Bryian: Cool story about that bathroom incident that happened when you were staying with your grandmother in Florida. Nothing like that has ever happened to me.

To Ryan S! . : I loved your story about the night when your friend Alex slept over at your house. Too bad you didn't get to record him dumping, good luck for next time though! Your mention of tape-recording yourself taking a dump (the sounds) reminds me of video-taping myself pooping. I posted about that a long time ago, I think because you said you did that also?? I haven't done it in about a year though. Well keep posting cause you're really cool.

To ZnCN: Hi! It's great that you decided to post, and it would be even better if you posted your own stories or at least about your present experiences as far as peeing/pooping is concerned.

Well bye 4 now everyone... I haven't taken a dump since Saturday, and today is Tuesday, so I'm going poop tonight, and I'll let you all know about it!!

I just wanted to say that all guys that have personally seen a girl poop are extremely lucky. I'd give anything to have that happen to me. Ive been with my girlfriend for over a year now and I've still never seen her bare-naked butt. Oh well maybe my time will come.

Anyway my story,

I was at school and we were taking a test. I was very nervous throught the day because of this test that will equil a third of our grade. I only had a few questions done and I started to feel very sick to my stomach. I didnt want to have to make up this test so i ignored it. I waited until the pain was too much and then it happened, i had a major accident. Lets just say, i dont go to that school anymore, and i wonder why...

I suppose you just cant please all of the people all of the time. I was going to complain that there are too many diarrhea and mushy explosive poo stories these days, yet Phillipe and some others actually LIKE these???? :-{ As I have said before you wont get any stories about diarrhea or other loose shit from me. Im not saying I NEVER suffer from the hated runs, it happens very rarely Im glad to say. The last time I had this, about 18 months ago was when I ate a bad take away meal and it was a single session of very bad runs of long duration with a lot of gripeing pains and also vomiting. Once the tainted food had passed out of my system I didnt go for a couple of days and was back to passing my usual nice big solid jobbies. The only other time I had the runs previous to that was when I was on Amoxycilin antibiotics a year or so earlier for a bad bronchitis infection. This did make my stools unpleasently loose for a few days but again I was back to normal after the course of pills ended. I find the stories from people saying that Antibiotics made them CONSTIPATED????? most strange as this is the opposite to what happens to most people. As I understand it the antibiotic kills off the normal friendly bacteria (flora) in the bowel and alters the chemistry and absorbtion leading to looser stools. Anyway, I dont like diarrhea, am glad I very seldom get it, my motions varying from firm to easy usually, and soft but properly formed if I have had a bit too much to drink, do it first thing in the morning on getting up or have eaten food with a lot of fiber to it. So Phillipe, you WONT get any diarrhea stories from me, just tales about nice big solid jobbies and loud "Kur-sploonk!" sounds etc.

Bryian , a digital examination by a doctor or nurse of the rectum is not uncommon. It is done to probe for fecal impaction in persistant constipation, piles (haemoroids), polyps and other abnormalities in the rectum. Its not a particularly pleasent experience especially if the doctor or nurse is a bit heavy handed or doesnt use enough lubricant such as KY jelly. Another time when digital examination will occur is by the police, prison officers, or customs if they suspect a person is concealing drugs or other contraband inside their person, women of course being able to hide such things inside their vaginas as well as their rectums. Sometimes of course people swallow drugs and other items inside condoms and pass them when they arrive at their destination. A friend in the British Customs and Excise Department told me that if someone is intercepted by Customs and held on suspicion in detention facilities at the airport etc they will be kept for a few days and the toilets they use do not connect directly to the sewers but flush into a large tank where some Customs Officer has to break up the motions to look for the comdoms containing the drugs. There have been cases of the condom bursting or coming undone inside the person smuggling often with fatal results from a massive overdose, so folks JUST DONT DO ANYTHING SO STUPID!

Mike UK, its a bit of a long time not to have a motion, my record was 5 days or so when I was laid up in bed with the flu and did I do a ton of big balls, logs and a long curved easy sausage when I did go. How did you come to do it in your knickers last time you had a number two, surely there was somewhere you could have gone to avoid such a nasty accident especially having to sit in it for 4 hours. Anyway, assuming you are not being sick, unable to eat or in abdominal pain, in which case get to a doctor, I suggest you drink more fluid, perhaps take a dose of liquid parafin which doesnt affect the solidity of the stools but helps lubricate passing them. Be sure to tell us what you eventually pass and I hope its a whopper!

I have a day's leave today and did a nice big fat easy mid brown sausage shaped jobbie this morning before I visited this website. I went into the toilet, pulled down my black panties.(full briefs) and sat on the pan. After doing my wee wee it came out under its own steam and dropped into the pan with a "FLOOMP!" My husband came in with me as he usually does and had a good look at my motion before he went to work although he didnt need to rub my ???? as the motion was nice and easy. For those interested in such things there were some grains of rice embedded in the turd from yesterdays chicken curry and I have to say my poo did smell quite strongly. It was a smooth curved jobbie but properly formed and cohesive and all came out in a oner.

Love all from Nicola

Ok, I was at school and it was 1st class when i realized i had to poop. It wasnt that bad so i just let it go. Then about half way through school the pain was so bad that i couldnt even stand it anymore and i assumed it was diarrhea also. Without hesitating i ran to the bathroom as quick as i could and not even realizing there was no toilet paper in that stall. After i was done i reached for the TP and noticed there wasnt any. I shouted the "F" word and it echoed through the bathroom. There was no one else in the bathroom so i walked out of the stall and was going to go into another one to get some toilet paper. Then i tripped over my pants which were down to my ankles and i was face down on the floor. I tried to get up when all of a sudden someone else entered the bathroom. I froze in embarrassment and the guy who walked in went into uncontrolable laughing. Obviously i moved out of that city due to the word got out to everyone in school.

I also got a question about A! merican Pie. Why the heck is it unrated, i mean, it HAS to be rated R. anyway i got to go now, nature calling, i'll check back here later.

Harry (Pacific Northwest USA)
K.C.>> I have had a couple physicals where the doctor has done just that, put on a glove and asked me to bend over so he could stick his finger up my butt. The reason for it is to check the size of the prostate gland in a human male. They can tell by feeling the wall of the rectum as to how big the gland is, and if it is too big, will have to do further tests to verify if a guy might have prostrate cancer. I know it is uncomfortable, but it has to be done...

Tuesday, January 25, 2000

Hi everyone and especially to Robbie and Bryian! This is my first post here!. I'm a 15 y/o guy myself. Well I've been lurking around for 2years and I finally decided to post it here myself. I don't have any story to tell, but I do find this site interesting. Keep it up you guyz!

Have any of you ever been to a nudist resort where some toilets were out in the open? Is this common in nudist resorts?

On the menu at the Outback Steak House they have a dessert item named "Chocolate Thunder from Down Under". Mentioned to my friend that it sounded like a bad case of the runs. The waiter wondered what in hell we were laughing about.

Teenaged Girl.....Thank you for the advise. I never really planned on just out right telling her. I think we would have overcome this if we had been friends since we were little but unfortunately we weren't. Since it's winter I don't think well be going hiking or anything soon but when it's warmer.... Good idea. I imagine sooner or later it's bound to happen whether on it's own or not. Thanks again. I'll keep you updated. Kara


To K.C.: I Good story about your doctor. I can't belive that your doctor actully stuck his hand up your anus. Why did he do this? Was this a routine check up or something? Did you know he was going to do this? I never had an exprience like that, i wish i would have cause that would be cool.

To Zach: Cool, that guy actully let you watch him while he was dumping!! Awsome!!

To Ryan S.: Good story, sorry u were disapointed, I would be too. I do like the feeling of strong urges to dump so I might try that thing about passing half of my dump and then i will have to take a huge dump the next day. Sounds cool. Ryan S. Does it really work?

Last time i pooped i had diahrreha(pretty loose) and I haven't been since, that was on Friday and it is now early Monday. Every time i get a loose bowel movement i don't go for several days and then it is huge man!!


Is it healthy not to have a shit for 12 days - cos thats how long I've had to wait, my last shit was in my pants in the middle of a crowded shopping centre and I had to hold it there for nearly 4hours in the car as I was caught in major traffic. Not a pleasant experience having squashed shit stuck to your arse.

Hi. I want to say how much I LOVE this group. I hope this doesnt sound corny but I always feel good when I write to or read this group. Its great to know that there are other people, especially girls around my age, who like pooping and are not ashamed to talk or write about it.
Thanks to Laurie, Steph, Fred_LimpBizkit, Katie, and Kara for writing back to me. I'm so happy you know what I am talking about. Fred_LimpBizkit, good luck with you and Kelly.
Well I haven't had the guts to ask Mike or Stacey what they think about buddy dumping. I plan to at least pee in front of Stacey the next time she comes to my house for a sleepover, or I go over to her's. As for Mike I don't know. Sorry if this is out of line but I would love to see him naked :-).
To Jodi, I had the flu a few weeks back but not as bad as you described. I had the runs but wasn't constipated.
Love, Torie

a lurker
My urologist said I need too drink lots of water.
I follow that religously, so I pee a lot.
I wonder, because I pee so much more, does my bladder expand because I drink a lot. I pee so much more. sometimes I pee so much it hurts my bladder

Hey all, my god, I had such an accident today. I was coming home from school, IM 18, and was holding my poop all day. I was driving and got caught in some traffic. I knew I couldn't hold so I decideed to let a little out, hoping it would like relieve me a bit. I was still wearing my football pants. I let a little outbut not enought to touch my pants. Then of course I had to pee. I was in so much pain my body was shaking. I just couldn't hold it. I let my pee out into my pants for like 30 seconds. My stomache growled and I knew I was gonna poop. I lifted my butt off the seat a little and I farted a few times and then exploded into my football uniform. It went everywhere. I felt it come up around my balls too. I exploded about 2 more times before I sat down. I wanted to cry when I sat because my load was so huge. But I had to so I could drive. It smushed all around in my uniform. I continued to drive hoime and got another wave of pain. I continued to drive and once again, I exp! loded into y pants, but never lifted my butt off the seat. It all went to the front of my spandex unp around my balls. When I got home I was a mess and so was my uniform and underwear. If anyone else is my age and wants to chat that would be cool. Hopefully I wont be pooping anymore!-Scott

To Simone: In the U.S. depending where you "go" you will or will not find doors on stalls, in both male and female toilets. In NYC's public parks there is now a move to give privacy. Before, always boys bathrooms had no doors on the stalls. If a girls toilet had more than one stall, there would be a door sometimes. I have used both as a girl. I would get my brother or cousin to spot for me. It depends on the city authorities. It was worse in the schools. Now, doors are being installed in girls and boys toilet stalls. The better schools in the better neigborhoods get better treated. Where I went to elementary school, I could use a doorless stall and not be bothered. In middle school and high school, we were treated like criminals even with doors or without we were followed by security guards. Doors on or off will not deter criminal activity. Certain playgrounds have no doors or partitions. Near where I live one playground toilet has no door in single girls toilet. Another, has two bowls, no door, just a partition between the first bowl and the sink, then the door.

To the detention girl: I never served detention. We don't have it New York. They are glad to get rid of us on afternoons. I have come close to shitting myself in a playground. So I ducked into a boys bathroom. There was a divider between the stall and urinals. I was nine. I got on the toilet, pulling down my red shorts and white cotton panties to my thighs. I did not want a boy or man to see what I had. I dropped 3 small pieces of doo-doo. I spent about 10 minutes. When I looked for toilet paper there was none. So, I pulled up my clothes and left without flushing. My mom was shocked to see me come out of a boys bathroom. I looked first. I had to go. There was a line for the girls bathroom. Needless to say, she had to use extra soap on my

Ryan S.: Do not hold back or break off a bowel movement. It is not healthy. That is nothing to play with. Althea and I talked about it. When you have to go: Go. Same goes for you detention girl. I read on of Althea's old posts how she took the Dulcolax and it worked on her at college. She wasted no time, finding a toilet, even if she had to duck in to a high school with kids younger than her.

One day I was at school and we were taking a test. I felt fine when I got to school but as the day went on my stomach started to hurt. I finally couldnt stand the pain anymore. I jumped up and yelled "Can i go to the bathroom??" the teacher filled out the pass and i practicaly ran out of the room and into the bathroom. I barely got my ass onto the toilet when a TON of diarrhea shot out of my asshole and barely into the toilet. I sat on the toilet a few seconds just catching my breath and finally stood up to wipe myself.. It seemed like it took 100 wipes with toilet paper but i finally got my ass clean. I was walking out of the bathroom and it smelled TERRIBLE! Just as I got back to the classroom, I got that feeling in my stomach again and muttered a few cuss words to myself and ran back to the bathroom.

My girlfriend was sleeping over at my house. My girlfiend and i just had on a shirt and underwear. We were watching TV and all of a sudden she let out one of the LOUDEST farts ive ever heard in my life! Her face turned red and she was apologizing and everything. I could tell she was REALLY embarrassed but i thought it was cute. About a minute later she started crying and i asked her whats wrong. she said that she was getting a bad stomach ache and quickly ran to the bathroom. I followed her and waited by the door.I heard her grunting and a few farts came and then I heard a lot of splashing like diarrhea. About 10 minutes later she finally came out and i nearly choked to death because the bathroom smelled so bad. She walked out slowly and was holding her stomach. I could tell she was in alot of pain. I told her she better go home. I guess were gonna try the sleepover again another day and hopefully it will work out better next time! bye for now

Hey Sandra...look at it this way...since she's not wiping her butt what's the point of washing her hands?

Andy Runner

I enjoyed your observations about running and pooping / pissing. I find that women in particular are totally open about going behind bushes before a race. There is nothing more enjoyable than seeing a slender white bum expelling a load of shit. It's not that surprising given that there are few portaloos available and where the alternative is to shit in your knickers! Tell us more about your experiences.

Maudie (Martha Dee)
I poop every day, usually after lunch. If the urge to poop stikes after breakfast, my poo is usually quite gooey and requires a lot of wiping, but this is not often the case. A normal poop for me is after lunchtime, to expel three or four rather solid turds; requiring no flexing of my anus -- they just break off and fall into the toilet. When I am done, there is no residue on my anus and wiping is not necessary. But I do wash my hands afterwards as I like to remain clean. I have been observing this site for about a month and posted an earlier experience a few days ago. Reading all the rather liberated posts on here has made me rather bold and Sunday my boyfriend was over for lunch and I had to make my usual exit afterward. However, this time, taking a clew from someone elses post, I invited him to come along and continue our conversation "while I take care of business." He followed me in and appeared rather surprised as I unzipped my jeans and sat down. I was a little hesitant at first and did not want him to hear all the noises but finally as we talked I relaxed and the usual three or four logs slid effortlessly out with rather a plopping sound. Soon a mild smell which I can only describe as a regular poop odor emgerged, but it wasn't too bad or at least I didn't think so and he did not seem to mind as I we continued conversing for several minutes after my bowels were evacuated. I wasn't sure if he would be disgusted if I did not wipe, so I went thru the motions afterward but it was unnecessary. When I was all finished, I washed and we went back out to the kitchen and continued drinking coffe. Just before he left for his flat, he told me that he found it very enjoyable to watch me do my business and asked it we could do this again sometime. I agreed but this will have to be on weekends. It would be impossible for him to be present and follow me into the womens'room at my workplace while having my daily poop.

Monday, January 24, 2000

OK, this is my second time with this post. Don't know why it didn't get in!
To Bryian, Robbie, K.C. and Ryan S.: Good to see you teen guys on here. I sure wish this forum had been around when I was your age (I'm nearly 24 now); it's cool to be able to speak freely about this stuff with friends. I forget which one of you guys mentioned your shit hurting as it came out. Well, a little Preparation H, smeared on your finger and inserted up your anus (if you can) and around the opening, will take away the pain. Works for me those times when I dump a log that's just too wide for my hole!
Jarod, you are one lucky guy to be able to watch your friend Chuck when he dumps. Keep the stories coming.
My 17 yr old friend Nathaniel is coming over for lunch Thursday; maybe this will be the day he finally leaves the door open when he dumps!
See ya, Daniel


Again...How many seconds does it take for you all's toilets to flush?????

Hope someone answers this time!

To Poopster

I really enjoyed your story about the coed bathrooms in the bar. I'd be curious to know in which town you live. The most frequent stories of coed bathrooms in bars were posted here by some people who lived in Ohio.
In the 80's and beginning of the 90's, there used to be a couple of such bars in Toronto but they have either closed, or were renovated by a new owner who had the nasty idea of removing that wondeful trait which I now think of with nostalgia and envy.

To Jane, Buzzy and Rose. I truly enjoyed your explosive bathroom sessions...I remember some people commenting on this site that describing diarhea sessions here were poor taste and they preferred "solid motions". Well, I am glad that you came about to tip the balance somewhat. Please keep your stories coming !


I don't post often but read most of the contributions. I have just returned from a camping trip with family and friends in northern part of the South Island - a scenic paradise. We were on a camp site that you need to get a permit for and the facilities are quite basic with only cold showers and simple toilet blocks. The toilet blocks (there must be about 6 of them)each consist of 6 flush toilets in an L shape, all facing the bush. But the great thing about them is that they are unisex. They are all partitioned but there is quite a big gap under the walls so it is easy to tell the sex of the person next to you. They are quite noisy too and some of the sounds I heard were amazing so I also let a few good ones go myself for the benefit of anyone interested. The daily dump was even more enjoyable than usual and I look forward to returning soon.

I had a couple of great experience this past week. The first one happened while I was tanning the other day. At the salon where I go to tan, room number one has a hole drilled through the wall where a large bolt used to be the hold the frame of the old tanning beds they used to have. It is at such a level you can see through the hole into the next room while in the bed tanning. I don't think that the owner realizes the hole is open. It's a perfect view. I was laying the bed and noticed through the hole that a great looking blond headed guy was tanning in the room next to me. After a few minutes he got out of bed while it was still running and started scrambling into his clothes mumbling, "I gotta hold it, don't come out, don't come out". Then he said, "Oh shit, I can't hold it". He grabbed the small waste basket and held it a few inches under his ass and let out what looked like a gallon of chocholate pudding consistency semi-liquid shit. He used paper towels to wipe his ass. The he mumbled, "How am I gonna get rid of this?". His time was up on his bed and it clicked off. He started to put his clothes on and mumbled, "I know". He had carried a small gym bag in with him with a towel in iside and he took the liner bag out of the small waste basket, tied the top of it and placed it inside his gym bag and left. Poor guy must have really needed to go bad.

After I was through tanning that afternoon, I went next door to Wal-Mart to buy a few things. I had to shit so I went to the men's room and dropped a huge load. I always like to sit and relax a bit after a dump. As I sat there, I noticed a hole the size of penny in the stall partition wall just under the paper dispenser. A guy came in the men's room and took the stall. He pulled down his pants and didn't sit down but hovered over the toilet and grunted once, farted twice and a huge log appeared coming from his anus. He was hanging his ass in the air about 18 inches above the toilet and turd was at least that long. I could see corn and lumps in the fat log. He finally shook a bit and log fell off splashing the water. He wiped up, flushed, and left. The guy appeared to be about 50 years old, ok looking but nothing special. Another guy came in and went into the stall. He was about 30 or so, red head, muscular, and rugged looking. He had on jeans that were dusty with red dirt. He looked as if he did landscaping or road construction. He sat and made faces as he grunted and wined in agony. He was really loud. He really sounded as if he was in serious pain. I asked as I sat in my stall, "You ok in there, man?". He said, "Yeah, just hurts, I haven't took a shit in about three days and this shit is so big it hurts my asshole, sorry about the grunting and stuff". I told him it was ok, to go ahead if it helped. He didn't realize I could see him through the hole. He grunted and pushed some more and I heard a couple of splashes after he dug up his butt with his finger. He sai d, "Now the paper work, that's the best I can do, feels better". He wiped up and left after he flushed. I got off the toilet after wiping and took a glance into the toilet he used expecting to see skid marks. In the toilet he had used there were two turd logs that was at least 5 inches around and six or seven inches long. They looked like bricks. I couldn't believe that a human being had laid such a monster! It was honestly the biggest thing I had ever seen come from anyone's asshole! I tried to flush it down and it would not go. It just twirled about the bowl and laid there after four flushes. It didn't even break up. I left and finished my shopping. I had to share these experiences with everyone. Hope you all enjoy!

Hunting girl
hellllllllllllllo!!! to terry mac and all other women who want to know, to piss standing up all you have to do is spread your labia apart with your hands bend your knees slightly and go, it is that easy, but it takes patience and PRACTICE!!! i've been doing this since i was like 7 so i've had mine. yes i grew up in the country *L* when i go pee standing it comes out hard in one single stream and i can aim it. hell i've even written my innitials on a wall *L* now allow me to think of a story.... ok the other day with the friend who can also piss standing, though not as far as me may i add, i was in the woods we were target shooting and she went off to pee, i went with her to go also she did it standing and it only went like a foot so i teased her and she bet me 5 bucks i couldn't piss across the creek (about 8ft) well i thought i probably could, i had to go pretty bad so i stood on the edge eased my pants down and it took me a minute to start but when i did i cleared the creek ! easily and was able to keep it that far for a good while. if yall would like to hear of my near accident while turkey hunting let me know! see yall, keep the pee stories coming u know what i like!!

Dump Buddy
Last year's US movie "American Pie" is now available on video in an unrated version, "not shown in theatres". In addition to a brief shot of a guy pissin his pants at The Prom, and a scene of a guy worshiping the porcelain god after spewing in the middle of makin out with a hot babe, the main event of the video is a high school senior (who it's well-known can't take a dump at school)under an attack of explosive diarriah induced by a powerful laxative slipped into his lunchtime mochachino as a classmate's revenge, careening down the school corridor lunging into what he is misled to believe is The Boys Room, and an extended and detailed portrayal of the final Desperation from Hell and the inevitable explosion (in Dolby Sound!).
Wow! This is by far the best Male Despersation event I've ever seen in a movie.

Let me know what you think. Right now I gotta take one wicked dump. First since Friday. Know what I mean? Later, dudes.

I have a story and a topic that I haven't really seen covered on this site. There has been stories about locker rooms and sports teams, but none about the officials.

I am a hockey referee. Unlike the players, we do not get breaks on a regular basis. This can lead to interesting situations when the need arises. The change room for officials is also much smaller than the players and usually includes a toilet and shower.

Here is my story.

This season, I have moved up and am doing better quality games. What often happens is that my stomach is a little nervous. This has led to a few loose and gassy trips before games. This one game was little different.

I had felt the pressure in the afternoon for what I thought was a good dump. A trip to the bathroom (at work) only resulted in a small poop. In the evening, once I was all dressed to go on the ice for the game, my stomach starting feeling weird. As I started skating around, I sensed that I would n! eed to poop soon. By the end of the period, I felt a lot of pressure. Finally, the period ended and I knew relief wasn't far away. I often pee between periods, but this was only the second time that ever needed to poop.

Being the referee for this game, I was the first off the ice. As soon as I got into the dressing room, I headed for the toilet. The toilet is in the corner of the room, and there is a stall door. Getting ready to sit on the toilet wasn't an easy process, and I was hoping that I could make it. I needed to first take off my helmet , ref shirt, and elbow pads. This enabled me to pull off the shoulder straps that hold up my pants. Once I pulled down my pants, remember that I am still wearing skates, I needed to pull down my protective girdle. It is impossible to pull them all the way down because of the shin pads. By this time, I am really getting desperate. Once the girdle is down, I pull down my athletic support. I am wearing one piece underwear, so I am! not there yet. I zip them down, pull my arms out and bring the underwear down. Now I hardly have any balance because my legs are stuck in a fixed position because of all the equipment. I kind of let myself drop.

I am finally sitting on the toilet. I want to be quiet because the other guys are just outside the stall. I let out a bit of gas, and my first turd starts sliding out. It is a very long, skinny, and soft. It was about 12 inches long but very thin. It was a floater that curled around. My insides then started rumbling. At this point, it was impossible to be quiet. A massive amount of soft and mushy poop started coming out really fast. There was no way to control the farts that I was letting out also. It was very stinky. The guys started giving a hard time about the smell. One done, I wiped, flushed, and got dressed to go out for the second period.

It is a pretty small room and at the end of the second period, the smell was still in the room.

Mike (NYC)
SIMONE: I'm American and I have lived in many parts of the States. There are really not many places with no partition doors in the restrooms. In fact, after I left high school I never saw a restroom with no partition since then. They keep the doors off in many schools in the US. I know our school did it to discourage students from smoking in the stalls. Currently, I live in NYC and I've seen some pretty dingy restrooms but they still had partition doors. Although some of the locks would be busted, the door was still there. The same goes for other places I've lived. So, there are not many places without doors.

I got an email from a Korean friend of mine from the west coast last night (I speak Korean so I know a lot of them). She just moved to a new apartment with a friend of hers. She said she got embarrassed because she had to take a wicked crap during the moving process and knew that her friend (who was moving in with her) would hear it. Her roomate is a very conserv! ative Japanese woman so I think that's why my friend was embarrassed to take such a bad crap. Anyway, for her first time using the new toilet, she said she dropped several wicked shits, made a lot of noise, clogged the toilet a little and left a reeking odor behind. She said when they continued moving stuff, everytime the passed near the bathroom they could smell it. Her friend never said anything. I guess that would be embarrassing. I mean if her friend had said something jokingly about it, it probably would have broken the ice a little bit. I know this isn't very detailed. I wasn't there but figured it was worth posting anyway.

Hi to everyone. I've been reading this site for a few months, but this is the first time I've posted. I have always enjoyed both pooping and peeing, by either sex. I enjoy hearing or witnessing accidental dumps or wettings. I've never had an accident, but I've had some on purposes. I love the feeling of having my panties filled with one of my loads. But even more than that, I love to wet myself. I don't do it when or where someone will see me. It is soley for my enjoyment. Let me know if you'd like details, and I'll continue to read your stories with great interest.

Sunday, January 23, 2000

I work as a matron in a factory, and none of the toilet stalls have doors, neither the womens or the mens. the womens restooms have two entry doors to give some privacy for the females from outside, while the mens restrooms have only one door to go through, when the outer door is opened you can see all six toilets in the mens room, with the men dong their business, the womens room, it is more difficult, as both doors must be opened at the same time.. As a cleaning lady, i need immediate access to all restrooms, but as a courtesy, i always announce myself before pening the mens room door, and the guys will cover up their private parts, nobody seems to mind me entering, as i have a job to do. One last note, Cleaning men are not permitted in the womens restroom, at any time, unless accompinied my myself, or another female staff.

OK's a story. I've never told this stuff to nobody...nowhere...not even my mom... :)

I think I told you that my borther abnd I have gone to the same doctor since we were born. I'm 17...and bro's 12. Our mom takes us I guess once a year for a check-up.

When I was younger...maybe 8-12...I was almost always constipated. Usually my doctor would ask me something like...."BM's OK"?.... or.....when I was real little....he'd say...."you pooping OK?" Back mom would be in there with me...when I got older it was me by myself. I'd always say "yep" Somehow I knew that I should go every day...and when doc asked me how often I went...I'd always say "every morning"...and that was the end of it. I might not have gone for a week...and maybe the doctor knew that somehow...but nothing else was ever said.

But a couple of years ago; when I was a sophomore in HS...I went in for a physical so I could play sports. Same I assumed it would be the same routine. He asked about my BM's...I said "no problem". Actually; right then there was no constipation had eased somewhat as I turned 13.... But; for whatever reason...doc wasn't done yet. I had been sitting on the edge of his bed-table thingy in my underpants. All of a sudden; he asked me to lie on my belly on the table...and pull down my briefs. I saw him pull on these rubber gloves...and without saying a word...he poked his fingers up into my rear.

I had come there directly after school...and I was full back there. He realized that...and withdrew his hand...just smothered with my soft smelly poop. I was soooo embarrased ...and maybe he was too...'cause he quietly pointed to me to the bathroom...and told me that I could dress after I was done in there.

Anybody have an experience like that?

Bryian and Robbie...I'll answer your questions next time...except for the one from Bryian about the guy caught watching ladies poop... It was in my town not too long ago where a guy had climbed down into a crapper (outhouse thingy at a park)...and sorta "lived " down there...watching while ladies pooped and pissed. Then; some pooper/pisser happened to look down into the hole...and saw him. When the cops took him away...the article in the paper said that he was covered with...well; you know...

The title of the article in the paper was...

"BOOK 'EM DRANO"..... anybody but me watch Hawaiian 50 reruns? hehehe

Can people please respond to this question. I know boxer shorts can get wet with piss, but i don't understand hoe boxers shorts can hold turds inside them. I would think the turds would fall out the leg openings as soon as you stood up.

terry mac
hunting girl
loved your pee standing story. Can u please explain how u do it.


I just wanted to know if you girls have ever been in central Europe, where the toilets are quite different to the models they use in the USA or the UK..There you actually can see the whole dump you've made and I think that's still the better way!! I've never heard from a girl that's 17 years old (Tori??)that dumps every day 4-7 turds??? That's amazing!! You should take a picture and be Top Of The Poops!! Anyway I still wanna know how long you girls stay at the toilet when you dump and how many turds you do!!!

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