I just found this forum on an internet search engine and this seems like the perfect place for what I have to say. I'm just dying to get this story off my chest but I can't tell my friends because its so embarrassing and they'd make fun of me somehting awful for this. But I think you guys will understand.

It was last Saturday and I had to go for detention at school at school because I had gotten too many demerits -- it was mostly for tardies and then finally my Chemistry teacher put me over the limit because I missed some homework assignments.

Anyway, detention on Saturday is for 5 hours from 8 until 1 PM. I started to feel the need to poop at about 10 o'clock, but I wasn't worried because the teacher had mentioned that we got a bathroom break at 10:30. I know a lot of you don't like going at school, but I don't mind because our school does have really nice bathrooms and they keep them very clean. So when 10:30 arrived and the teacher said we had a 10 minute break, I just headed across the hall to the girls' room.

What I hadn't realized though, was that all or my classed and hence, all of my bathroom visits at school, had been in the newer, more modern section of the school. Detention was held in the school basement where the shop classes were and the bathrooms were not as nice. Well, "not as nice" was an understatement. The girls' room was absolutely disgusting. It not only was filthy but there were no doors on stalls and the stalls didn't even have toilet paper in them. For toilet paper, they just had these two rolls chained to the wall and you had to get it before going into the stalls. There were other girls in there, too, and they were just going about their business casually, not really seeming to mind the total lack or privacy. I, think that maybe if I had to pee, I could have managed that but I just couldn't take a poop without a stall door in front of me.

I tried to look for one of the better girls' rooms, but the hallways were blocked off and I couldn't get to one. So I just went back to the detention room determined to hold it in. But 2 1/2 hours hours is a long time to hold it in when you really had to go. I was in agony fighting back the stomach cramps but was determined to hold on.

Finally, when the detention was over I was still holding it in but just barely. I knew I wasn't going to make it much longer and there was no way I was going be able to drive home and hold it in at the same time. So I decided I was going to have to go back to the girls' room and do it there. I figured that everyone would be leaving after detention, so I'd at least have the privacy of nobody else being in the bathroom.

But when I went back in there, there was already another girl in there rolling out toilet paper from the roll chained to the wall. And judging by how much she was taking, she wasn't just going to pee. I froze for a second and panicked -- not knowing whether to just go in there anyway or try to hold it until I got home. Well, that one moment of delay was too much. Suddenly, the poop was in my panties.

I stood there frozen as I felt this big log split my butt open and come sliding out. It felt like a solid log, so I didn't worry about leakage and staining, but I was wearing tight jeans and it certainly enough poop had come out to cause a pretty big bulge. So immediately I took off running out of there before anyone could see the back of my jeans.
Of course, running made it impossible to hold back anymore and the rest of the bowel movement. As
I ran for my car, I could feel more of it coming out and this time, it was a lot softer and messier. But the time I got to my car, my jeans were indeed soiled but fortunately nobody had noticed.

I put mewspaper down on the seat of my car and drove home. Fortunately my parents were out, so I just jumped into the shower and washed off all the pooped. My panties and jeans were just totally destroyed. I had to just put them in a big plastic garbage bad and just threw in a garbage dumpster in the next town.

I certainly learned a lesson last Saturday. No matter how bad a public bathroom may be -- even there are no doors on the stall-- USE IT! Believe me, its better than having an accident. Nothilng could be worse than that and I shudder to think of what I would have felt like had people found out about it.

I hope everyone is enjoying the new year so far. A funny thing happened over the holidays. (My husband) Gary and I were just getting home from a day of holiday shopping. I was feeling the urge to do a major poop. I normally would have used the bathroom near our bedroom, but it was so urgent I decided to use the toilet right by the front door. As Gary was unloading stuff from the car, I shut the bathroom door, sat on the toilet and started to pee. It was followed by a fast, furious cascade of mushy poop and a couple of loud farts. I quickly flushed the toilet as I heard Gary come into the house. I pushed out a couple of medium soft turds. Then the doorbell rang. There was a strong poop smell in the mini-bathroom by then, which sometimes penetrates outside the door. As Gary answered the door, I was hoping the smell didn't reach the door. I heard it was the two boys that lived next door. They said Merry Christmas and were dropping off a gift. Gary said thank you and said he had something for their family and asked them to come in. I was holding it in since the doorbell rang and was afraid, if they came in, they would surely get a whiff of my poop smell! Fortunately, they said they were in a hurry and couldn't stay, so Gary went to get their presents while they waited at the door. Since it was cold, they did step inside. I was now straining to hold it in so that they wouldn't hear plops or farts. I thought, if I passed one gently and quietly, I would be OK. So I tried to let one out slowly. But I pushed a little too hard, and I suddenly made four plops into the toilet that were definitely audible from outside the door, plus a big PPPPPPFFFFFFTTTTTTTT! Boy did that fart echo throughout the room! I was hoping they didn't notice, but I could hear them start to giggle. Then Gary finally came back with their presents - it seemed like forever he was gone though it was only for a minute. After Gary wished them Merry Christmas, the boy! s were gone. I was relieved that the boys were finally gone. I didn't have much more to go, so I pushed out two more turds, wiped myself clean, and flushed the toilet. I asked Gary if he noticed any smell coming out of the toilet. He said he did, and he heard the fart, too, but he didn't blow my cover with the boys.

Teenaged Girl
Hey everyone! This is just some advice for Kara. A good way to maybe address your friend is by not telling her out right. Arrange for the two of you to go on a nature walk or something and you drink alot of water. When you're walking in the woods or whatever, the need to pee will come about. Tell your friend you have to pee and you'll have to go behind a bush or something and that you don't want to go alone. She'll go with you and maybe having seen you pee she too will open up. I was never in a predicament like your's where I was wanting my friend to pee in front of me or have her see me pee. My best friend and I have been friends for a very long time and it just happened where we were at the park and I had to pee. We ran frantic looking for a bathroom but I couldn't find one on time and I was about to wet myself. So I ran behind some trees and peed while my friend played look out. Although she was watching me more than looking for other bystanders. I'm assuming she was just a! mazed with how the second I pulled my shorts and panties down, my pee started gushing out and I must have gone for a straight minute. But that was what loosened our shyness about bathroom habits. Now some 3 years later, we aren't embarassed. We both like the outdoors and when we go hiking, we freely stop and pee with the other watching. I think staging a scenario like that may be an ice breaker for you. Just a suggestion! Let us know how it goes!!

Hey Hunting Girl, I'd love to chat more with you about your peeing games. I personlly love girls pee and poop stories. There's a club where I live thathas coed bathrooms. By that I mean Guys and Girls pee and poop in the same public bathroom together. I really had to piss the other night at the club, so I go to the LINE at the bathroom and wait. There were girls and guys in the line, so it was my time to go in. I walk in to piss, there are 3 girls in front of me still waiting to go, so I'm standing there and all the girls were like "damn I gotta piss" I said " I know, those friggin beers do it every time". She said "I know, I drank so much my piss is clear", and I said "that's because it's all alcohol, you should piss back in your bottle and drink it again". She laughed and said "not a bad idea, but I don't like warm beer", and I said "well, think of the money you'll save", we laughed and then she walked into the stall. She kept the door open and pissed while she talked to me. She was HOTTTTT! She farted 2 times while she was pissing, and I commented on them. I said they were nice farts.. she laughed and said, "yeah, beer does that to me". I invited her to go to breakfast with me after the club closed, and she was all about it. Ya gotta love that! She opened her legs just a bit to wipe and then she got up pulled up her pants (nice butt she had by the way) turned around and said "look, it doesn't even look like I peed". I looked in the bowl and said, "you're right, just some small bubbles, when I need a beer refill, I'm gonna come and get you to pee in my bottle"! She laughed and was like " kool, I can do that". We when out and danced for about 1 straight hour, then it was time for the club to close. We went to breakfast and she peed for me again.. She's so cool! We still talk about 3 times a week. Nothing serious though... chat with all of you soon. Email me girls.


Hi all. Happy New Millennium from Lauren and me.

Jenny, as others have said, do your big jobbies with enjoyment and pride. Being a big fat girl I have done big turds which get stuck in the toilet pan since I was a kid and it just doesnt bother me.

As I have said in old posts, I often do a poo outdoors and did a real heavy load a few days ago when Lauren and I went for a nice walk in the countryside outside Glasgow. We had our food as we walked, then later felt the need to have a motion. We found some suitable bushes about 50 yards off the pathway. Lauren and I undid our belts and pulled down our jeans and panties, (both wearing pale blue Sloggi Maxi Briefs) and squatted. Our wee wees made a dark stain on the dry earth then Lauren gave an "UH! OH! and I saw a firm fat jobbie of about 10 inches long slowly slide out of her bum onto the earth. Now I had been a bit constipated and hadnt had a motion for 3 days, not a problem as far as I am concerned but I knew I ! needed a big load. With a grunt "UH! AH!" I started to push a big hard carrot shaped turd out with Lauren who by this time had pulled up her panties and jeans quietly encouraging me to "do a nice big jobbie" She wasnt disappointed as a big lumpy 16 inch torpedo came out onto the earth. I passed another firm turd of about 8 inches after it. I felt there was more up there and after a few moments a big easy but formed snake oozed out of my back passage making the crackling sound as it slid onto the deck. It was 14 inches long and curved like a big pork sausage from the deli. I wiped my bum, pulled up my panties and jeans and Lauren and I had a good look at the big load I had dropped. My belly sure felt empty after getting rid of such a big load and Lauren commented that she was glad I hadnt done it in the toilet pan at home as it would certainly have made a big blockage.

Public Toilet Hater. Both of us are pleased you didnt have the big c , but sympathise with you havin! g UC, a nasty illness but I believe modern medicines can alleviate the symptoms though you will have to modify your diet according to doctor's advice. I wonder if your previous hatred of using public toilets to defecate and the consequent need to hold it in or have the odd accident in your panties caused any strain and adverse pressure in your colon? Im not a doctor, some of the medical types might know. As above I get slightly constipated from time to time, then have a mega dump like the one described, but when I feel the need to go for a motion, I dont hang about but use the first available facility, even going outdoors if a secluded place is around. As you can imagine having a big accident in my panties given the size of jobbies I produce makes a big mess though thankfully on the few ocassions this has happened to me I have been wearing a skirt and the motion was solid and my panties kept it all inside without any embarassing leakage down my legs.

Regarding items! which I have seen passed through unaltered in my motions I have observed sweetcorn, mushrooms, peas, bits of fat from fried bacon, steak, seeds from burger baps, bits of nuts,tomato seeds, a bit of chewing gum I swallowed, a piece of string from a rolled pork joint, etc embedded in my jobbies. Lots of love and peace to all, and nice big easy logs!

When I was 17, I was showering in a campsite in Pennsylvania where I was staying that week. The shower in the women's room had no hot water that day, so you can imagine my surprise and delight when a woman my age came in, took off her clothes, and joined me under the showerhead. I had admired her from a distance all week, so felt good about seeing her totally naked in front of me. We chatted and went about cleaning ourselves up, when she said, "God, I gotta pee!" Instead of leaving the shower area for the row of toilets nearby, she stood directly over the drain, spread her legs, parted her labia just a little, and let loose a long, thick amber jet of urine into the drain. She really had to go, because her stream lasted 30-45 seconds. And she was accurate re aiming! I think every last drop of her urine made it into the drain! Then she stepped back under the shower and we went right on talking.

Just taken a huge dump whilst wearing the leather skirt that I accidentally shat on.
I don't make a habit of shitting in changing rooms, it just would not wait that day.
I do enjoy wearing my leather skirt when I dump because it is very short and I only have to hitch it up by a bit, pull down my panties and let go!!

Despite my recent huge dump, I have just had to go again.
I shat a thick 8 inch long turd that took 2 flushes to go.
Also I recently went for a dump in a hotel and someone had shat on the floor! Why can't people shit in the toilet - that's what it's there for!!
At least when I shat in the changing room I didn't leave it there!

Why do so many toilets in America have no doors. I have never been to a toilet with no doors in England!

Hi everyone! This is my first post. I love this site!!--especially all the buddy dumping posts. I had a cool experience of my own last week. I was going for a run in Golden Gate Park (I live in San Francisco). Stopped in a restroom in the park to take a leak. I stop in this restroom occasionally on my runs, and it's pretty rare to find anyone in there. The bathroom has one regular-sized stall with a door, one really huge (I mean *really* huge) handicapped stall with no door, and one urinal on the wall directly opposite the stalls. As I walked into the bathroom, I heard dogs start barking inside the bathroom. I suprised me, but as I approached the urinal, I could see a guy sitting in the (doorless) handicapped stall & he had two big Labs with him on leashes. He must have just farted, cuz I could smell something in the air. The guy and I said "Hi" to each other, and I started taking a leak at the urinal. The dogs were jumping around, straining at their leashes trying to greet me, so when I finished leaking, I turned around & asked the guy if I could pet the dogs. He said "sure," so I stepped just inside the stall and started petting & playing with the dogs. The guy and I talked about how old the dogs were, what their names were, etc. while I played with them. After a couple of minutes, I asked the guy if he minded my being there while he was taking a dump. He said, "No, not if you can handle the smell." I told him that his dump couldn't smell any worse than my own. So, he asked me if I'd mind holding the dogs' leashes while he "got down to business." Anyway, I took hold of the leashes and he and I kept chatting while he started dumping--he let out a couple of long, low farts & grunted a little while we were talking, and then I could hear a log start crackling outta him. It broke off after a few seconds & he was gruting some more & I heard him start urinating. He must have pushed out a couple of more logs after that, cuz I heard a couple more splashes in the bowl. He then started wiping & told me that he'd eaten a steak a couple of days ago & that it felt good to get it out. I was still holding onto the dogs & playing with them as the guy washed up. As we left the bathroom, he said he was glad he hadn't "stunk me out." The smell really hadn't been that strong, and I told him that mine smelled a lot worse than that, especially if I've eaten red meat. Anyway, it was a cool experience for me to chat with this guy while he was taking his dump. So, that's my first post--I have a few other stories that I can share later. Take care all!

Ryan S.
Hi Guys! I just wanted to post because I saw the most interesting thing on the Discovery Channel. They had this program about elephants. I was wondering if they would even show an elephant taking a dump. But I though "No way they would do that". Oops I forgot that the DC has to have every detail with videos. They showed an up close of the elephants anus and the turd coming out. Actually it was a big ball. And then they showed a big pile of dung from the elephant. Next time they show it I'm going to record it. It was totally cool. I like to see elephants and horses take dumps. It is so interesting.


To Robbie: So what chat rooms do you go in? and what is your user name?
I could tell that you left your name out of your last post, i saw it at the bottom. I felt good after dumping that huge load!! So have you had to shit latly? I agree that that it is more the width of a log and not the lenth of the log that makes it harder to get out. I never heard that story about how cnn said a lady chained her elderly father to the toilet. Well Now Im going to post that story of the time i went into the wrong bathroom

Well this story happened a long time a go, i guess i was either 9, 10, or 11(no older than 12) i was in Florida with my grandmother one year for spring break. We stayed at a nice resort in southern florida. I never would use the bathroom in the hotel room cause i felt funny pooping while my Grandmother was in the room. I would use the lobby bathrooms when i would have to poop. There must have been 3 or 4 sets of big bathrooms in this lobby. I remember go! ing into this one bathroom at the begining of this big lobby. I belive the ladies room was first, and the mens room was hidden next to the ladies room. I had to poop badly this day and i went to the nearest bathroom i went in sat down and starting shitting. Then 2 minutes later i heard 2 people come in and i heard them talking and i knew they were going to have to shit. I then knew that it was an older lady and a little girl my age(i guess) and the girl said to this lady "Do you have to make BM too" I think she said "yes". I then realized that i was in the wrong bathroom. I was done before them so i waited quietly in the stall till they finished, then they left. I got out and i really knew i was in the ladies room cause there were no urinals any where. I washed my hands quickly and sneeked out(so no one i knew would see me). Thats the end of this story.
Well Robbie, guess I'll c-ya later


Ryan S.
Hi Guys. I tried posting my ICQ number but of course the moderaters did not like that so it never got posted. I need some way to talk to you guys.

I have a couple of stories to tell you all. My first one was last Sunday morning. My friend Alex spent the night. Remember I told you I was going to record him while he took a dump. Well he didn't take a dump anytime during the night. So I assumed he wasn't going to go at all. Well we woke up about 8:10am and he said "You know Ryan, now's one of those times when I really gotta take a dump." Not even thinking of how I was going to get the recorder he left for the bathroom. Well I was depressed over how I missed my chance to record the sounds. Several minutes had passed and he was still in there. I waited and waited. Then he finally came out. The whole thing took about 15 minutes. I said "Ya think you took long enough?!?" Then I asked how many turds he passed. He said he couldn't count that many. He said the pile went past water level in the bowl. I began to get more disapointed because of that. About 2 minutes later I went to take a shower for church and man it stunk. But I continued to smell it. It smelled awful but good in a way. I had many errections that day. Even in church at one point. I tried to get it out of my mind when in church. But I just don't understand how he fit all that stuff up there. I can not poop that much. I usually poop out big balls or 1 log. He is about 20/25lbs heavier than me. I was not able to listen because my dad was in the living room. Next time I will be prepared no matter if it is morning or evening. '

My second story was the same night. Alex was there and I really had to take a dump. The urge was almost un controllable. So about 2:00am I went and sat at the edge of the toilet and as soon as sat the whole thing crackled loudly with a lot of loud farting. I could tell it was a softy because of the feeling when it was passing. I did record myself though. I am starting myself I tape of me crapping. So far I have had two craps on the tape and I'm going to have another one tonight. I'll post about it late tonight. I didn't record myself 1 time because I forgot to. Anyway the crap was good and dark and soft. It smelled pretty bad.

If you like that feeling of a very strong urge to take a dump then here's what you should try doing. The day before when you have to take just a regular 1 or 2 log dump (whatever is regular for you) go ahead to pass about half of your dump then break it off. You should atleast have a 1/4 to 1/2 of your dump left inside. The next evening you should have a very strong urge to go and yes you will probably go a lot. That's what I did on my story above. It's a great feeling. Try it.

I've been taking some pretty good dumps overall. Sometime I am going to repost some of my older stories about when I was in 2-4 grade. Those were the good days when you had plenty of breaks and you could take a dump and take a really long time too. Oh if only I would have pooped more in those days. Let me tell you, when I was in those grades I could hold my poop for 2 oe 3 weeks. And only once or twice did I ever take a dump at school. Basically because I had no urge. Now a couple of times in 4th grade I did have urges to go because of holding it for so long bur I just igmored them. Dumbo Ryan.

See ya.

Hi Hunting Girl,more stories please about girls standing and peeing,now well into training for London Marathon.

Seen several girls peeing before and on start line,even the odd dump in the bushes being taken.

Please explain how you pee standing without making a mess a driping into your panties ?My wife tried before a recent race and ended up wetting herself and feeling very uncomfortale.Also saw a group of girls peeing into a bottle on the start by placing up the side of their shorts I did not see a drip run down there legs and they seemed quite relaxed and not at all embaressed to perform in surrounded by several people on the start line !

Will post a story of my best dump ever whilst out running on friday and a buddy dump at a recent cross country with a female runner who like me seemed to be hapy to perform in each oters company.

Hunting Girl and others any coments and stories of female runners suffering from both #1 &2 would be great.

Hi Jodi,

You sound very pretty in your discription of yourself. I am very strange in that I always get very constipated when ever I get sick, a cold or mild touch of flu. I have been very diligent in geting my flu shots for the last several years, so I have not had any really bad cases of the flu lasting for more than a few days. P.S.- do you do a lot of sports?


With regard to your work colleague, it is possible that she had what I would term a "dry" shite. Sometimes when I sit on the toilet, my shit pops out without breaking i.e. in one or two clean logs. In such cases, I give my arsehole a perfunctory wipe but nothing appears on the paper. Later, when I check my underpants thre is no sign of a shitstain or "skidmark". I always wipe and wash my hands unless I have to shite outdoors in an emergency. This happened to me last year when I was out on a morning run. I felt my bowels loosen and dived behind a tree. After releasing a messy load of shite, I had to use my fingers to clean around my arsehole. Needless to say this didn't wok very well and when I got home and stripped off my running shorts and underpants there was a sizable stain! It appears to me that your colleague is not too fuzzy about the state of her hygiene. Unless it was a dry shite, her knickers must be in a mess. Have you ever encountered this form of dr! y shite? I'd love to hear the details.

The Conductor
OK, Hunting Girl, here's one for you:

This goes back a ways, probably to the summers of 1967 and 1968. The Post World War II baby boom meant there were dozens and dozens of kids in every crowd. Plus since we had been raised under the threat of imminent nuclear annihilation at any moment I think we were wilder in a lot of ways than we might have been. We also all came from Catholic families with lots of kids, anywhere from five to 15 per family, and the parents could not keep track or control of us. By the way, there were some girls in our gang but all of us in the pissing contests were teenage boys.

Anyway, we hung out in a Chicago Park District park which in those days were thick with big old trees and bushes. There was a massive old elm tree behind the bench we claimed as our "turf" and it became a pissing pole for at least two years. I don't remember exactly how it started but I'm sure it began with one guy who peed up about as high as his head, and ! someone else who decided he could better the first mark.

Immediately after each pee the tree bark would be wet at the "high water" mark, and we would then notch our initials next to our best effort. Ultimately we probably had 20 or 30 guys in this two-summers-long contest. Most all guys could squirt up about 5 or 6 feet so the eventual champs had to develop an expert technique. This is how it went.

We found that we could build up serious pressure between the bladder and the end of our dicks by squeezing the end of our penises so hard that nothing could escape. Then we would bend at the knees, lean back a bit and thrust forward as we released the first shot of pee. This technique got those of us who really got into it up in 6 to 8 foot high range. But it didn't stop there for the most competitive among us.

We learned that we could also whip our dicks like little ropes to coincide with that forward thrust and actually pee as high as 10 feet up th! e tree. One guy named Paul, nicknamed Goomba, actually got it up higher than that. This may be hard to believe but it is true. As I think back on it now, the sight in general must have been even more crazy.

We were all athletes, mainly football players and track men with a few basketball players thrown in. It was always summer, we were fit, tanned and what you younguns' would now call hotties. There would be a group of at least 20 guys and anywhere from 5 to 10 girls at the same park bench every night. It was a completely open public space. The champs and any challengers would step up one at a time,take out their dicks and balls, build up serious pressure and let fly. Any pee shots above 7 or 8 feet would elicit loud cheers from the crowd even if they weren't new records. The other thing that strikes me now is that it was usually a mixed group, and while a few of the girls would pretend to cover their eyes we all knew they were looking through their fingers a! ppreciating both the urinary acrobatics and our fit male parts.

Those trees are all gone now, cut down for crime prevention and safety reasons, but those nothches and our initials stayed up until the early 1907s at least. Hot town, summer in the city, 1960s style.

Best to all.

banana up my butt
Hey poop session posters:

Happy Y2K to ya! I haven't posted on this site, since last year ('99), so, here it goes. I was wondering how many of you have seen that rather-disgusting commercial for It shows this fat-dude on the can, with his laptop, doing God knows what. Apparently, since this was an E-stamp commercial, i gather that he was having fun finding stamps that he would like to print out, or what-not. But I think that the company has got to be nuts for doing it. What do you people think? Well, there's my two-cents. Gotta-run!

banana up my butt

Saturday, January 22, 2000

Hi all. Chuck asked me to go camping this weekend since his wife went to visit relatives so we went camping in Southern California and we had one wild late night dump experience I wanted to tell you guys about. Chuck and I shared a fairly small 4-man tent. Chuck was lying on top of his sleeping bag in just his underwear and I was lying on top of my sleeping bag as well. We were just bullshitting for the longest time when suddenly Chuck says, "I got a let one fly and it's gonna be big." I told him that I would love to see him fart without his underwear on. So Chuck wriggles out of his briefs and lays back on his stomach with his large, firm, smooth butt with the hairy crack in perfect view. "Ok, here goes," Chuck says. He lifts his butt ever so slightly and just blasts (and I mean blast) a deep dry super-loud fart and this one is the big one. It just kept going. It was probably less than 10 seconds but you don't realize how long that is for a fart. This one stayed at! the same tone and volume for the entire length of the fart. Chuck really dug on this and he got on his knees and looked up at the ceiling of the tent and just hooted at the top of his lungs. He then lay back down laughing. I could hear guys in the next tent laughing too and one guy whistled. The smell was not too strong but it was definitely there. Chuck had his pre-mixed Metrix shake which he added Cilium Husk to. We've discovered that this makes him produce unbelievably long firm turds that don't break off until he's ready to let them go. About 50 minutes after drinking the shake, Chuck jumped up and said, "Man 'o man, I am plugged up big time, let's do it dude." Chuck and I left the tent and walked a little ways into the nearby woods. Chuck had shorts on (no underwear) and a white t-shirt. When we got far enough away I crouched near enough next to him for him to lean on me a little to keep his balance and he proceeded to drop his shorts to his feet and squat. "I got one for the books buddy. I'm gonna have to grunt it out," Chuck paused and smirked and then said, "Hope you don't mind," and gave me this big grin. So he's squatting with his right elbow leaning on my shoulder as I crouch next to him but facing his direction. The night was quiet but there was some moonlight, not bright, but enough to see. Chuck started to grunt and sure enough a turd began to poke though his super-hairy crack. "Wait until you check out this grunt blossom dude," Chuck says with authority. Chuck starts getting really vocally loud, grunting, groaning, the whole 9 yards, then he starts silently straining and he gets some serious crackling sound going. The turd is fat like we knew it was going to be and it kept coming and he uses my shoulder to lift himself a little higher as the turd nears the ground. At about what looked like 8 or 9 inches it broke off unexpectedly and landed on the ground with a "smoosh". Chuck was still straining and the turd was still coming out of his hole. This one got to about 5 inches and broke off, but it wasn't nearly over. "I'm packing it tonight man." Chuck says and he says it while he's straining really hard so it was a little garbled but I got it. So anyway logs are still crawling out of Chuck's asshole. The third one was at least as long as the last one, a five-incher, but more kept coming. Specifically, six more turds came out slow but in continuous succession and in varying sizes, and accompanied in between by quite a few wet blast-farts that echo forever. The last turd was long in coming out and Chuck actually used me to balance himself so he could place the last turd right on the very top of his big pile and he pinched it off with perfection. "Now how's that for precision shitting, " and Chuck just breaks up laughing for several minutes. He said he was finally done and although he wasn't going to let me kiss his ass cheek this time (he said no to that), he did let me wipe his h! airy ass two times and then he took over (we brought a backpack with toilet paper). Chuck put his shorts back on and looked up at the stars and howled like a coyote. He did some bicep flexing and then he grabbed me in a headlock and walked that way with me until we got to the tent where he tumbled me onto my sleeping bag. Chuck went to sleep right away, but needless to say I was up for hours playing the scene over in my head -- and need I say more. Later guys.

Hi everyone. I just got over a major case of the flu, and that wreaked havoc with my intestines. I went from having to crap almost diarrhea a couple of times an hour (no, that's not an exaggeration) to being bound up and not being able to let anything out. Some of you know that I am lactose intolerant and can let out runny crap but this time I didn't consume any lactose. It was just the virus I had.
As for the constipation, I don't remember the last time I had trouble going to the bathroom. My crap is always at least medium to medium-soft and comes out pretty easily.
Has anyone else had "extremes" in going to the bathroom while having the flu? My friend Alex also had the flu, though not as badly as me. She did have the runs but no constipation.
A "hi" to everyone on here. Sorry I don't have a lot of time to write but I will read all the recent postings and respond to some of them. For those who don't know, I'm 21, between 5'8.5", with light brown hair and g! reen eyes; some would say I have an "athletic" build. Until next time- Love, Jodi.

Adam from Canada
I had a good poop tonight. I haven't gone in 3 days, which is alittle unusual. I usually push out the poop, but I enjoyed the feeling of it coming out and let out slowly. Have any of you guys experianced it? When it comes out slowly, it is quiet. If I push, it is noisy.

My poop came out in 2 logs that were 5 inches thick and 6 inches long.

One thing I really miss is pooping at college as I like to keep people company. I always like to watch who goes in and out of the cans. There was something about pooping at college that I really don't get

Hunting girl
hi!! just wanted to say wonderful forum. i am one of many women who love to urinate standing, i have had (and won) many contests with friends. i thought i'd share a story with yall.... just the other day a friend and me were out at the park rollerblading on the tennis courts and when we were ready to leave i had to go pee, so we skated to the bathroom and the door was open but it had a sign that said out of order on it, i was dying to go so i went in anyway and she followed me, the toilets were overflowed so i just rolled into the corner and totally soaked the wall, my friend watch me and was amazed so i taught her how to pee standing that day and then we had a contest that afternoon...

i really like to hear pissing stories from both men and women and anyone who wants to tlak to me feel free to e-mail me.

banana up my butt
Hey poop session posters:

Happy Y2K to ya! I haven't posted on this site, since last year ('99), so, here it goes. I was wondering how many of you have seen that rather-disgusting commercial for It shows this fat-dude on the can, with his laptop, doing God knows what. Apparently, since this was an E-stamp commercial, i gather that he was having fun finding stamps that he would like to print out, or what-not. But I think that the company has got to be nuts for doing it. What do you people think? Well, there's my two-cents. Gotta-run!

banana up my butt


To Robbie: Glad you liked my story about the camp. By the time i read your last post, that dump was 2 days ago and it was a good one. Yeah, That would be cool if we could have a real time chat, maybe there is away if you go to chat rooms and we could ask the site adminstrator if we can exchange our user id's, is this possible site adminstrator?
I've swallowed a foreign object and saw it in my poop....I did this on purpouse cause i wanted to see what happened what i did was eat a big bowl of cream of wheat and swallow the button while i was eating. I've also seen undigested food in my shit, ive seen corn, pop corn kernals, potatoe skins, tomato seeds, seeds and probably a few other things? This morning i took another huge dump, I usaly don't go in the morning but today school was delayed 2 hours cause of snow(should have been cancled cause i had a fender bender, i slid of of controll hitting a utilty poll)so i went this morning and the one log was 8 inches or so, ! then i took a shower. Well I gotta go Robbie, post some more storys cause u are cool, c-ya


Mike (NYC)
ROSE: I get quite explosive too on occasion.

Everytime I explode, it's a direct hit into the hole and the water in the low water level toilets makes a great gulping sound, like the bowl is gulping your crap. Typically, when I explode, it's a wad of crap and a blast fart coming out at the same time. Then a waterfall follows that. So, it's quite noisey, and reeks of course. If I happen to feel an explosion coming and I happen be at a friend's or a guest's house, I will attempt to keep the noise down and sit more towards the front edge of the bowl (if it's a low water level) with the hope that the crap will smack into all that space of porcelain ramp before the little puddle of water begins, as opposed to having my butt hover straight over the hole and shooting directly into it. The crap would be noisey even sitting on the front edge but at least the gulping wouldn't occur. Well, everytime I've tried sitting towards the front edge, the crap would just fly right over the! porcelain ramp and go straight into the hole with a gulp. So now I just don't care if people can hear and I just sit fully on the bowl with my ass hovering over the hole.

To K.C. and Bryian : I somehow left out my name from my previous post as I was rushed at the time, so I hope you didn't miss it - my name is at the bottom of that post.

To Bryian: When I was in Florida that time i was telling about I didn't actually see the shit in the pool, as I said it was my cousin who came up from the pool that day who told me that the pool was closed because someone pooped in it. But she probably found out from another person in the building. I don't remember too much about this cause it happened a while ago. No, I never saw a post of yours about going in the wrong bathroom, or in which you mentioned being in Florida at all, so feel free to repost that story. Bryian, you must have felt great and relieved after dumping that huge load! There have been times when I've dumped a huge load like that which hurt my butt coming out, but usually I can't predict that it's going to be a big log. Weird I guess. I find that it's more the width of a log that ma! kes it hard to come out than how long it is, wouldn't you agree?? So a short but wide load may hurt but a very long, but relativly thin log doesn't.

To Ryan (13 y.o.) : Are you still out there? You had some really cool stories, and a lot of them I could relate to. It would be great to have you back here.

Just one more note, I didn't hear that story you mentioned Bryian about a peeping tom, but I just thought I'd mention another story that is not directly related to the content of this forum but still funny. I just read on CNN interactive that a woman somewhere in the US was charged with unlawful imprisonment, for what? Apparently she chained her elderly father to the toilet, saying that it was for his own safety or something like that. She handcuffed him to a handicapped rail too and stuff!! It's a pretty funny picture if you think about it, though it probably wasn't a good experience for that man. Well that's all for now, everyone,


Friday, January 21, 2000

Regarding the questions about whether I return the favor with Chuck. I do not. It's totally about watching him and him enjoying being watched. I had an even hotter experience since my last post. This morning I got a call from Chuck at around 6am. We’ve been car pooling together and today he told me to hurry over because he said he felt a huge dump coming on and guaranteed it to be the most impressive one yet. I arrived about 15 minutes later (we live fairly close). Chuck answered the door in his underwear. “C’mon, let’s go, this sucker is about to poke through and touch some cloth.” We went into his bathroom and he removed his underwear and I assumed the same position as the last time, sitting directly in front of him with his huge long legs on either side of me. As soon as he hit the seat he exhaled loudly and I heard a log begin to crackle it’s way out of his hole. He lifted his scrotum so I could get a really good view. A very wide log began to poke it’s way out! and Chuck literally cried out as it began to slide slowly out his hole. It wasn’t very long, maybe four inches but it was incredibly thick and when it finally dropped from his crack, he cried out again with growling scream. He exhaled again and said, “Holy shit, talk about a hole stretcher, I think it’s actually going to be sore, WOO!” Chuck then began a period of continuous farting, which is common in between log loads. They were very deep, loud farts and had plenty of power to last between 5 and 10 seconds. After farting like crazy for about 2 minutes, he began to grunt and strain. “This one’s gonna be tough,” Chuck said as he put his head in his hands. He began really straining and grunting and I heard a bit of a crackle. Then with a gaseous blast he shot out 3 short but very fat logs that plopped loudly into the water in succession. “YEA!” Chuck exclaimed. “Must have felt good to get those out, huh,” I asked. “No shit,” Chuck said laughing, but I ain’t done.” ! Chuck blasted another mega fart that echoed and drowned out the sound of his laughter. “HOO-WEE!,” Chuck hooted waving his hand past his nose. “Got one more pipe to lay dude,” he said has he leaned forward and lifted each foot and slammed it back down a few inches more forward. He grabbed his knees, and started a long straining sound “Mmmmm uggghhh, Mmmmm guh,” Chuck grunted. I started hearing more crackling. “Check it out dude,” Chuck said as he lifted his scrotum again. This time a more narrow log was winding it’s way into the bowl. The crackling sound got louder and faster and seemed to go on forever. Chuck finally pinched it off and it I heard a soft splash as the last part of the log tipped into the water. It was over six inches. I could see the pile of turds in the bowl. Chuck wiped and stood up with a big smile on his face and flexed both his biceps, beat on his chest, hooted, shook my hand, and started laughing. “So whadja think,” he asked smirking. “That’! s about as good as it gets man, your awesome.” Chuck winked at me, burped loudly, put his underwear back on and swaggered to the kitchen to get a beer. He left his load for me to flush, which I did after checking out the incredible hard consistency of the logs. It almost didn’t go down in one flush and there were skid marks on parts of the bowl. Later guys.

college gal: I hope you are enjoying your college experience and getting over your homesickness. The years will go very quickly, so get the most out of it. If you have any more stories, please share it with us.

Like you when I was your age, I was a little apprehensive about having a BM in a public restroom. There were some occasions where I had no choice but to go into a public restroom and do it. However, I got over that apprehension once I lived in the dorms during my first year in college. I also didn't mind going into the library restrooms to do a #2. One of the more memorable experiences I had was right before the first final exam I ever took. It was on a Monday morning, and despite studying hard for the last couple of weeks, I was very nervous. In fact, I barely ate my breakfast, and as I was heading to the classroom, my nerves were giving me an upset stomach. I thought about going back to my dorm, but it was too far away. I was going into the library ! to do some last-minute studying, anyway, so I went in and quickly went to the ladies room.

By this time I could feel the poop coming out, so I pulled down my jeans and white panties and sat down, and I immediately pushed down a torrent of poop that felt like pea soup, including the little peas. It lasted about five seconds, then it was followed by some peeing and a huge fart. I felt a sharp pain in my stomach and pushed out another huge torrent of poop, this time it was more like a mushy chili. That one lasted ten seconds, by which time there was a strong poop smell. I flushed the toilet, and I proceeded to push down another succession of mushy waves of poop, each lasting about 5-10 seconds. There were three more waves of poop before I flushed again, and my stomach continued to hurt and the waves kept coming. Three more waves, and another flush. I couldn't believe this was happening right before my first final. I pushed down two more waves of poop, then I felt! another sharp pain in my stomach and pushed out a huge explosive wave of mushy poop that gushed out for about 20 seconds and ended with a loud thud. I flushed the toilet right after that, but my stomach seemed to settle after that. I pushed out one final mushy wave of poop before starting to wipe. I wiped about six times, then flushed the toilet to prevent it from clogging. Another four wipes, and I was finally done. After the final flush, I looked in the bowl and saw a brown skidmark at the bottom.

I didn't realize it was almost time for the final. I quickly headed out of the library and was worried that I wouldn't make it on time. The professor said he wouldn't let anyone in after the test began. As I reached the classroom, I saw my TA start to close the door. He saw me and said, "Take your time. He's not here, and we won't turn anyone away. Good luck." I felt relaxed now I expelled most of my nervous energy into the toilet and did very well on the test! and in the class.

To TAWANA & COLLEGE GIRL-Love your stories,sounds like you guys really do some serious pooing.Keep the stories coming,i luv 'em!To K.C.-Tell us the stories.To LIMPBIZKIT-You are a lucky guy,I never had a female friend poo for me,just female lovers.That must have been nice!To JAROD-Do you return the favor to chuck,or maybe that's just the way he or you like it-elaborate.
Was at the gym yesterday a.m.and was working out and since i've been on those antibiotics,when i gotta shit,i have to do it right away.So i rushed down to the bathroom and there was no one in there( or so i thought)When i'm in the public toilet i don't grunt or groan to much,but this time i really had to go and as soon as i sat down,the poo started flowing right away and i let out this loud OOOHHHHAHHHHH as this poop was endlessly exiting my anus.This poop had the consistantcy of chocolate moosse and it kept coming and coming and i let out another loud groan of relief as i pushed this stuff out.J! ust then i heard a couple of stalls down,a guy letting out some farts and some loose poop and he started to grunt and groan a bit.To be honest,at first i was a bit embarrased cause i thought no one else was in there,but this guy who was in there well before i got there was grunting and shitting and i sat there waitng to go more and when i did let some more mush out,i grunted a bit,but not as loud as i did before i knew he was there,but i didn'feel as up tight as i did moments before.He was farting a lot,but my poo was just about silent.As it came out,it made a TITTTHHHHHHHHT sound as it exited my anus,but no gas.It was a big pile of moosse poo,but it felt so good when i finally got to the bowl,I had to groan in pure relief!It was great.Then i wiped myself and waited for the guy to leave and then i went to take a shower.That was a great dump!GReat stories BYE

College Gal/Lizzie

Great post! Thanks for sharing your poo story with us. I have loose poo like that sometime also, and you are right, it feels so good and empty when you are done, except your anus, which can get sore with that cheap paper.

Kevin L
KC, We would love to hear some dumping stories!

Some Guy
I know I haven't visited this site in like 3 months (sad to see the same picture is still at the top) Anyway, I just saw this great movie on tv called Mon Homme or My Man. It's this french movie about a prostitute, and during one of the cooler parts, this old man comes to her apartment for sex or something, and she just pees while he watches. You can hear the sound, but no visual. It was very sexy.
Keep up the good posts! (God I wish I was Fred_LimpBizkit)

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