Hi everyone! Thank you guys for responding to my posts so warmly! I really appreciate it! I liked your post College gal, I'm about a year younger than you are, but I've taken several dumps like the one you described. Generally, they occur like that when I'm under stress or nervous about something. It seems to be a lot of loose, smelly, nasty sh*t and I'm not particularly fond of those. Thanks to coprologist, mike d, and hysterical bore...i know now that taking a 20 minute shit is OK! (sorry if i forgot to mention anyone, i don't have a lot of time!) Anyway, college gal - my poops are usually pretty stinky too, but fortunately i do most of them in the privacy of my own home. That's not to say I'm against shitting in public, I do that with no's just that I prefer taking my time with a long smelly one at home. Hello to Torie - i would love to hear about a time where you poop around Mike. It just takes some getting used to but it can serve to bring you closer ! together - I've had that experience several times. To Katy - Thanks for responding to my post, not much has happened with that guy Jeff, except we have seen each other a couple of times since then, but no mention of the christmas eve event. I have time for a short story about sort of buddy dumping in school the other day. As I said earlier, i prefer pooping at home but sometimes that is not possible. About an hour after lunch on Monday, I felt a rumbling in my ???? telling me a big ole nasty poop was imminent. Mondays are generally days I'm a little late in getting out of school so I knew that waiting till I got home was not an option. So, during a break in one of my classes (my teacher gave us busy work, so people were roaming around when they were done), I went out to go to the bathroom. I went up to the third floor of my school and down the hall to the furthest bathroom. This is my favorite spot to poop at school because it's usually pretty empty. I went into the ! ladies' and lo and behold, it was empty. I chose a middle stall (there are five) and lowered my jeans and panties to my ankles. I peed for about 20 seconds and then sat there waiting for the storm on the horizon. A loud explosive fart emerged along with the crackling of poop. I dropped five soft ones quickly which immediately stunk the whole place out. Then, the door opened and I heard another girl enter. "great" i thought. Now she's gonna smell and possibly hear me taking a nasty poop and i'd be so embarrased! (even though i didn't recognize her from peering through the cracks in the stall.) The girl chose the stall next to me and pulled her pants down to her knees i guess (i couldn't really see very well). She then proceeded to pee for a little bit and stop and remain seated. We both sat in silence for 2 minutes, it felt as though we each were waiting for the other one to make the first move. I couldn't even hear her breathing! Finally, the cramping pains became! to much for me to bear, and I let loose with plopping and farting sounds. This must have made her a little bit less hung up, as I instantly heard her shuffle her feet then grunt audibly! and plop and crackle. I was in there for another ten minutes (I know! another long, drawn out massive shit that I'm famous for!) The girl beside me took about ten minutes as well. Overall, I filled the bowl with a big brown mess and flushed it twice before wiping myself (seven times so that I would be clean) and then flushed the paper away. She was already at the sink washing her hands when I came out. She was a year younger than me, with blue eyes and blonde hair, about my size. She smiled at me and said, "i guess we really stunk this place up! I've never had to sh*t like that!" I laughed and said, "if only the boys could have seen us in here! They would have thought us to be most unladylike!" She laughed and said "yep! They probably think we never have to do this! Well, see you! !" "Bye." I said and we went our separate ways. Quite an experience with a girl i didn't even know! When I got back to class, some people gave me strange looks (i had been gone close to twenty, twenty-five minutes when you factor in the distance I traveled to the bathroom) One guy asked if i was out smoking. I just smiled and sarcastically said I went out to get high. If he only knew what I had just been doing!!!


To K.C.: I have no stories of visits to my doctor when dumps come up.Im intrested in hearing your stories about dumping while visting the doctor. Must be funny. K.C. I couldn't tell if you were male or not. I kind supected it when you told the story of you having to shit while you were with your friend at his house or something.

To Robbie: When you were in Florida visting your grandparents and at the pool(the pool being closed cause someone pooped in it) Did you actully see the shit in the pool? How did you know the pool was closed? I see about ths shitting in high school. Did you ever see my post on here about me being in Florida and going in the wrong bathroom? If not i will repost that. Robbie, come to think of it i think the last time i had to shit in school was when i was in 9th or 10th grade, i don't recall doing any other time. Im hoping i will get a session in before i graduate high school.

Last night i took this huge dump, i had an urge while ! i was posting on here last night and it was the kind where i could hold off for 15 min and i got off here and went man, it was a big load. I had one big log about 8-12 inches and it was a light brown color and very smooth. There were a few smaller logs in the bowl too. It kinda hurt coming out(log is so big it hurts). Robbie, have you ever had a dump where you know it's going to be a big log and a huge load coming out that it actully hurts your butt coming out?

To everyone: Yesterday on the news i heard an amazing story about a peeping tom out west, i belive it was in colardo. This guy was peeking into an out house and watching this lady go to the bathroom or something, any one here, hear this story? Can any one post more details??

A question for hiker_uk

Read your story about the Japanese girl you saw pooping in New Zealand. Did it seem to you that she had to push and strain to make that poop, or did it come out real easy?

Just curious.

Maudie (Martha Dee)
I was once pretty reticent about this subject, but its a cute "embarassing moment" story so thot I might share it. This happend to me a long time ago. I was dating a nice young man who had a sailboat and one lovely day we went out on it for a picnic. We were gone nearly all day. I brought a delcious lunch and he brought some snacks. We fished and talked. About two hours after lunch I realised nature was calling. I had not been worried about it because during a tour of the boat earlier he had pointed out the litle private loo. I excused myself and went below and had a VERY complete bowel movement to say the least. When I came time to flush I was surprised to find that it didnt function like a regular flush toilet and I was unable to figure it out. After several uncomfortable minutes trying to figure out what to do I called Nathan to come down. When I told him of my predicament from my side of the door, he offered to come in and show me the proper procedure but I was to! o embarassed and would not allow it. He told me just to wipe and leave and he would take care of it later but this was no less embarassing and I would not do it either. Finally he talked me thru the procedure and I was able to pump up the air system and make the devise flush. After we were back on deck I was horrified to look over the side and observe my four or five rather enormous poo logs floating in the water near the side of the boat. Nathan saw them too and began to tease me about them. It seems if I had worked up more air pressure the fecal material and tp would have been ejected farther and this embarrassing thing wouldnt have happened. I was so mortified by his teasing and pointing at my poop floating in the water, I began to cry and the day was more or less spoiled along with my relationship with Nathan. I am sure if this were to happen now, it would not bother me much at all and I might even be able to laugh about it as my companion did. Presumably this is an ! inhibition we all grow out of as we get older?

I just wrote a whole long post and it all got erased because I accidentally clicked the back button that's built into my new mouse, the microsoft intellimouse explorer, I hate that f***ing thing, instead of the left-click button. Now I'm really pissed off!!! So I'll try to say some of what I wrote before, but I don't have much more time.

To K.C.: I Don't have any doctor stories, least not that I can remember, would like to hear yours though if you want to tell them.

To Bryian: Good story about that trip to the overnight camp with your school, I had several trips like that (overnight/3-day etc.) with my school, but only on one trip did I ever shit while there. It wasn't that hard to hold it in though, cause the trips weren't more that 3 or 4 days long. I wrote a story about being afraid of spiders in the bathrooms at summer camp, but as I said everything was cleared from the form and I don't feel like telling it again right now, maybe on the weekend I will. Well anyway Bryian i hope you took a good dump last night (or was it 2 nights ago by the time you're reading this??) It would be cool if we could have a real-time discussion, but I guess we can't. As for my recent shitting experiences, I haven't pooped a lot this week. Nothing like my first satisfying dump of 2000 that I posted about last week I think it was. Well maybe I won't go for 3 days again and see what happens...

Anyway, gotta go now, just one last question to K.C. and Bryian and anyone else who's interested: Have you ever swallowed a foriegn object and then seen it in your shit the next time you took a dump? Or have you seen undigested recognizable food in your shit? I haven't seen either, except for corn kernels, so that's why I'm wondering if anyone else has. Well c-y'all later


Hi guys! I just got back to school and was in the bathroom fixing up [as many of you may know, I share an apartment with three other young women]. One of my roommates, Michelle, came back and said she had to go to the bathroom. I told her I'd wait outside but she said "I'd like to talk to you while I pee." I was a little surprised since Michelle is a Moroccan girl and somewhat shy, but I took her up on the offer.

We were gabbing about our winter vacation and other stuff. Nothing really eventful (about her pee) to tell anyone about. She sat on the toilet for about 30 seconds and then wiped her vagina and then flushed and pulled up her clothes. This is the first time I've seen her naked and I'll have to admit I was happy about it.

Mike D., I've been a little tardy in posting myself, so don't worry about it.

Laurie, I can be somewhat irregular and it can take me up to 20-25 minutes to take a dump, so I wouldn't be too concerned. My "average,! " if you want to call it that, is between 8-12 minutes.

Torie, I'm like you in that I like to daydream while on the toilet. I rarely read while on the can, though. I think it's awesome that you have a new boyfriend and that you two have hit it off so well. My speculation is that Mike was over at your house and had the urge to take a dump, so he went. Nothing more or less. I hope (now) that you are comfortable with pooping at his house if you have to go. As for buddy dumping with him, great idea, though you should make sure that *HE* is comfortable with the idea.

You and Stacey sound like the closest of friends. You did mention that you went together at camp, so at least there's somewhat of a background there. The next time that you two are together and you have to take a dump (or even just pee), invite her into the bathroom with you, just to "talk." Then try to bring up the subject there. Please let me know how you make out; I love you bunches!
Peace and love to everyone, Steph


RICK, I am far from the age of 40. :-) I'm only 24 years old and I should also mention that the only time that I get explosive in the bathroom is when I eat something that does not agree with me. I hadn't eaten anything that day before pooping, but that just means that it was probably something that I ate the night before.

Thursday, January 20, 2000

Driving around the UK, I never see anything interesting toilet-wise by the road side but when I occasionally cross the English Channel, things seem to get more interesting. Here is my log (!) from a recent trip.

Roadside toilets in Europe, Part 1 - Belgium

A4, Brussels to Luxembourg. On one rural stretch where there isn't much traffic, there are two roadside parking areas on the Southbound side between junctions 25-27. Each has two 'Toi-Toi' plastic transportable toilets (Belgian equivalent of 'Portajohn'). These are side by side and someone had cut a flap in the side of one Toi-Toi and a corresponding hole in the side of the other so that pushing the flap open gave a view into the Toi-Toi next door! I saw an attractive girl of about 19. She had lifted the seat and was sitting directly on the plastic shelf, well forward over the hole. I pushed the flap open and got a nice side view at seat level from just behind her. I saw her pretty bottom as she was weeing ! and then to avoid the risk of being seen, I let the flap spring closed as she wiped herself.

Coming back Northbound on the same road, I stopped at a parking area between junctions 25-26. The back of one Toi-Toi was against the side of the other and someone had cut a hole from the side of one through to the back of the other. The hole was far too large and obvious so I blocked it (almost) with cardboard from an empty TP roll and went back to the car.

For about 30 mins, no-one used the Toi-Toi, then a German registered car stopped and a woman got out and hurried into the right hand Toi-Toi. I went into the left one and got a fine seat level back view of her butt as she crouched over the bowl. She was in her 40s and it was not a pretty sight as she was doing #1 and #3 (weeing and menstruating). Then she sat down directly on the plastic 'bowl' to do #2. The seat was up so it restricted my view, otherwise I could seen what was coming out of her anus.

Hi again guys...

I was wondering if anyone has stories about their visits to their doctor when the subject of dumps come up. My brother and I have both been going to the same doctor since we were born...I could tell you a couple of funny stories...but I'll wait to see some response first to see if anyone is interested.

K.C. Bryian (you asked...)I'm male. Cantcha tell? :)

Hey Torie, Im still here, just been really busy with life and all that other fun stuff l8ly got my drivers license so Im hardly ever home, My mom got me a new car because I proved her wrong, she is always teasing me calling me a player because I rarely ever go out with the same girl 1 month at a time and then go back out with them, I had..... Lets call her Kelly.... for like 6 mo.s so I got a car, lifes great! .....Kelly... came over the other day and we were studying and exploring( Thats the end of the line kids) and she got up and ASKED if she could use the bathroom, I said "Sure, mind some company?" she hesitated and said "Yes" and we went in and talks while she showed her A+ legs and great ass and droped like 5-7 5" logs that almost clogged the toilet, I peed for her she wanted to hold my "Thing" so I let her and we went back to studying Bye everyone

Once again, yesterday, I ran into that woman who never wipes her bottom after a poo. I hadn't seen her for a couple of months but yesterday I was at the mirror tidying myself up at the mirror in the ladies room and in she walked. She said "hi" and quickly walked over to the middle stall. And as before, she hiked up her skirt, pulled down her panty hose and sat down without closing the door. I immediately heard a hissy fart followed by a muffled "phloomph" as poo slid into the water. No sound of peeing. And again, as before, she immediately got up and flushed without wiping. She was in such a rush, she was still pulling up her panty hose as she was walking towards the door - I could easily see her pubic hair! I'm sure she still had her skirt hiked up as she opened the door to the hallway! Someone must have had an eyefull! And, as before, she walked out of the room without washing her hands! I'm still astonished and that's the third time I've seen her do this! Any of you (men or! women) out there poo without wiping or washing hands?

college gal
Hi everyone! Iíve been reading this site for a long time now but this is my first post, Iím really into hearing about guys and gals poop stories (maybe I'll find a guy who's into it too someday). First off my name is Elizabeth, but most people just call me Lizzy and I am a second semester freshman (18 years old).

My story begins not too long ago at the start of my very first semester back in late august 99. I was still feeling extremely homesick and lonesome. Well, the first day of class rolled around (I think it was Tuesday) and first up was the public speaking class that I had been dreading since I signed up for it in mid-summer during orientation. As I was walking to the building my class was in from my dorm I started to feel really really nervous. I was so nervous that I hardly realized I had arrived at the building I was looking for (it was pretty close to my dorm, only about three blocks away). As I entered the building I felt my stomach begin to ache f! rom nervousness (and the big farewell dinner my parents gave me last night hadnít helped either), which caused me to have to pass gas. It was a terrible feeling. Since no one around I stopped in my tracks and let out two warm silent farts; I knew it would smell real bad so I quickly went on my way. The building I was in was a gymnasium with classrooms on the upper floors going in a ring around the gymnasium section in the middle giving the building an atrium, needless to say it was a large building and I was lost. Luckily I had some extra time because the walk was shorter than expected. As I roamed the building I could feel my stomachache worsen until it happened . . . I felt the urge to have a huge bowel movement and I knew it was going to be a soggy, smelly one. I hate to poo in public bathrooms and this was the first day of school at that! I was in disbelief at what was happening so I kept looking for my classroom trying to hold it in, passing more warm gas all along! the way. Minutes later I realized it was going to be impossible to hold it through my hour and twenty minute speech class, so I set out to look for the womanís room. Since this was an old oddly designed building it took me even more time to find a ladies room but I eventually did. Since this was an early morning class the ladies room was empty which was great, I could relieve myself in peace. Without further hesitation I quickly went into the furthest stall from the door and locked the door behind me (by this time I was bursting to go poo). I hung my backpack up on the hook on the door and undid my khaki pants and pushed them down to my knees as I sat down. My bowels waited for no further ado as I immediately felt a monster of a kind of soft smooth poo emerging from my anus all by itself which fell into the toilet with a really deep loud PLOOP! noise. The feeling of relief was absolutely amazing! But that big ball turd was only a cork for the stuff that came out behin! d it. I knew I wasnít through yet and boy was I right as my butt became like a tap as this soupy poop (it was like the consistency of a thick cream soup but a little harder) came out in full force along with tiny poot farts that just shot more of the poop out with them. After the long torrent of poo and gas was over I caught my own terrible smell, I had stunk up the entire ladies room, I would have been totally embarrassed to tears if another girl had come in at that point but it wasnít over. I then peed for about 15-20 seconds and farted into the bowl, which of course echoed throughout the whole room. After the farting I let loose with another torrent of soup this time with some chunks but it wasnít quite as long as the first one. After that I finally was finished and I stood up to wipe my overworked anus. The empty feeling in my belly was great too! When I stood up I saw my masterpiece, the first turd was still floating (it was a very light brown color, very smooth) b! ut the water was totally brown and there were chunks and smaller pebbles all around. I was a complete mess and it took about six wipes with that cheap toilet paper to completely clean up my little butt. I flushed the poo but there was still a few chunks left over but I just left it. I took my backpack and left the stall, the bathroom smelled sickeningly bad so I opened a window before I left after washing my hands. I hope you enjoyed hearing about my experience. Maybe Iíll post again sometime!

Hysterial Bore
Responding to the Laurie who was concerned about the length of time to evacuate her bowels. I read sometime ago that because many women are concerned to perform their toilet duties quickly, (through embarrassment or a desire to not keep others waiting), they may not completely empty the bladder or bowel. It was suggested that this can lead to urinary and bowel infections, some quite serious. So to take time and empty completely could be regarded as a healthy practice to follow.

Long Time Lurker, yes, it went down my legs and on the floor. I will pee just about anywhere it won't make a mess or can be washed away easily. Not on carpets or in bed, but outdoors when camping, or in a shower (even a public shower). I won't pee in a swimming pool, but I like doing it in the sea. Out of desperation, I have done it behind a car, behind a tree, and in my panties on the edge of a boat. As an adult, and even as a kid, I have never had an accident (except for little spurts when I have had an extremely full bladder, usually not enough to wet more than my panties) although I've come close a couple of times.

Mike D.
Hello, everyone, I'm back. I haven't been posting that much lately but I am trying to juggle both a full-time job and college. Besides, my bathroom trips have been rather uneventful as of late. However, I am happy to say that this morning's bowel movement is worthy of mention. It was in fact the most satisfying dump I can recall in recent months. Anyway, I awoke with that characteristically "full" feeling in my abdomen that accompanies an impending movement. So I strolled into the bathroom, parked myself on the throne, and, after a small hiss of gas, released two perfectly formed 6" logs. A moment or two passed and I then unloaded one that was at least 15". Nicola, while this typical for you, any "jobbie" that is longer than 8" is an Olympic Event for me so I hope I have made you proud. I also felt much lighter afterwords and hope pass turds of this magnitude more often.

Hello, Laurie. It is nice to hear from you again. Don't worry, a 15 to 20 minute dump is not abn! ormal. You are just a very healthy pooper and that's a very good thing. By the way, you tell wonderful stories(you're Christmas Eve vignette has set a new standard) and we would all like to hear more in the near future.

Steph, I'm sorry it took this long for me to respond but, since you asked, I am 29. Oh, and a big thank you for the present, I was more than pleased. I hope to hear from you soon.

Until next time, everyone take care. Mike D.

Oh Wow Jarod. Boy was that some story about you and Chuck. You are a really lucky guy. Thanks for sharing the experience with us. Have you returned the compliment to Chuck yet? If not be sure to let us know when it happens. I'm going to read it again.Thanks again you lucky man.

I am 18 5feet 7 inches and running behind in school. I am tall and relatively slender with huge bone structure. My bowel movements take about 15 minutes. From the time I enter, till the time I leave. I try to make before leaving the house for school. If I don't have the urge to evacuate, a long walk to school will stimulate the urge. When I arrive at school before classes, I use the toilet. I evacuate 12 to 18 inches in 1 to 3 pieces. If it is too painful, I cut it off with my anal muscles and then release again. I get to hear 2 or 3 plops. If I eat anything spicy or greens, watch out! It comes out hard, chunky and loud. Sometimes, I urinate if pressure is placed on my urinary tract. Later, in the afternoon or in the evening after dinner I repeat the same thing. Sometimes right after I eat, I have to make a bee line to the toilet. One afternoon, I was sitting on the bowl at home, with my jeans and pink satin panties at my knees. My kid brother opened the door. I left it ajar s! o we could talk. We are close that way. He fell asleep and woke up and was scared. He thought he was alone. He wanted to know if I had a running stomach. I told him no and he kissed me on the forehead. I had dropped 2 long pieces of doo-doo and farted and peed, to his laughter. He did not think girls did this. I have no school bathroom mates. I use lots of toilet paper.

Public Toilet Hater
Well, my new diet seems to be helping. I'm eating more healthful foods, and my colitis is getting better. This diet is also causing me to poop much more often and is giving me gas. Every afternoon, I have to visit the men's room about twice. I don't like using public toilets that much, but I do feel better, and I don't have bloody diarrhea right now.

I have clogged a toilet once, though. The volume of the crap is amazing.

I guess I will be glad to poop 4 times a day, and use public toilets, as long as I don't have those awful cramps and those bloody diarrheas.


To Robbie: Thats cool that you like my stories, same to you i like your stories too!!Yeah I know that porrta potties can be like that and they are dirty too, i wanted to go there to get it over with. Im going to repost the story about going to camp and stuff. I don't remember the date nor page it was posted. Robbie, I sometimes shit in public it all depends who im around, how bad i have to go and stuff like that. If it is a minor urge to poop at the mall and im with family i will hold off till i get home and if the same thing happens and im by my self, i will go ahead and shit in public, i really don't mind shitting in public. Know what i really hate about shitting in public is? I'll tell you. I hate it if i have to poop and it is real cold outside and the bathroom is not heated. I just can't imagine doing this, this has never happened to me. Now Im going to repost this camp story from long ago.

Here we go Robbie, April 1995(6th grade, 5/6 years ago)I was In! 6th grade and our class and a few other classes were going on a trip to this over night camp for this one week of school. We basicly learned about outdoor education(plants, wilderness etc.) and i remember i only peed while i was there and stuff. I didn't have to poop till the last day and stuff. I could feel the urge to go. I ended up holding it till i got home and it was one of my biggest loads ever. I don't remember seeing lots of boys shitting. I do remember in the dorm there were 2 privet showers and 2 stalls(no urinals). I do remember that one day it was shower time(every one would take showers at the same time, we would have to wait in line for a shower) and i heard this one boy over talk, actully i think it was 2 boys. The first boy was talking about poop stains in his white briefs and this other boy was talking about how when you were boxers you can't tell if there are poop stains or not. I did see the briefs that were stained. So any way, more about me having an urge! to poop there as i said i ended up holding it. I thought the urge was so strong i wouldn't be able to hold it. I didn't want to shit there cause this is when i was embarresed to shit in school and stuff. I started walking to the bathroom but i kept holding off once i got there. I may have actully shitted there and did another load when i got home. Im not to sure or not cause i don't remember about might want to check some old posts from way back and see both stories(ask me questions if one is diffrent). If you do look for my old ones, my name wasn't always bryian in here it used to be andrew17 or was it andy17(or no numbers). I might look and help you out.
While Im on the subjects of camp i might as well tell you somethings from summer camp. I once went to this old run down day camp and it was so old they evetully went bankrupt and closed, I remember having to go to pee there and i hated going there to pee cause the bathroom smelled and stuff and kids were alw! ays overflowing toilets with toilet paper and poop. One year i was at a different camp(when i was 11-14??) and one day i had to poop and i think i ended up going, this was still a time when i was embaressed to use public bathrooms around other kids and stuff. Well Thats it for today, what a long post. Do u have any stories you'd like to share with me???? Well guess what? I've gotta shit now, i've had the urge since a few hours after dinner and it keeps getting stronger and i havta pee too, well C-ya Robbie!!

To Bryian : Well to answer your question about peeing/pooping while swimming, I don't have any recent stories to tell about that. When I was really young, I also used to swim in a pool in my backyard, and when I had to pee I once went to pee on the rocks under the balcony in my backyard, it's hard to explain what it looked like. However I do have a story to tell about what happened I think two years ago while I was on vacation in Florida, it doesn't have to do with me though. Anyway we were staying at my grandparents' condo on the beach, ocean drive, and there is a whole strip of condominium buildings on the beach there. I was visiting my cousins who were staying at a building nearby, and while I was in their apartment my female cousin, who had been down at the pool, came upstairs and said they had closed down the pool temporarily. The reason - someone had pooped in the pool, probably a young kid. I thought this was funny. About shitting in high school, I think I already said ! that I started shitting at school last year. I didn't shit at school before then because, you see, the high school that I used to go to was a private, all-boys school where everyone knew who just about everyone else was, but even though we were all very open with each other because everyone was a guy, most people I knew never dumped at school. Probably because of fear of humiliation if their friends saw them shitting, and there was a good chance this would happen, because of the relatively small number of students in the high school, etc. Some guys didn't care though, and weren't afraid about being noticed while dumping at school. So anyway I got over my fear of embarrassment, for the same reasons you did. But I was never afraid of school administration checking the bathrooms, cause there was never a problem of smoking in the bathrooms at my school. My new school is a lot bigger and is co-ed, and there is no fear of administration checking the bathrooms either, so I have no pr! oblem taking a dump at school whenever I have to, as long as it's convenient. Bryian, I'll ask you more questions when I can think of some.

To K.C. : Do you have any stories about taking a dump at school? I think you said that you shit at school when you "really" have to go, so does that mean when you have diarreah or something like that? Also, what are the bathroom facilities like at your school?

Jarod, Your one lucky dude to have a friend like Chuckthat will let you watch him dump. I love hearing other guys grunt and fart out their turds,but I've never had the chance to see the live action.

Hi Rose, I hope you don't mind me asking, but how old are you? I ask because I notice most women that are very explosive tend to be over 40. On the other hand, Us guys are loud, smelly, and explosive at almost any age.

Mike, thanks for complimenting me on my post! :-) Yours was great too and very detailed just like I like em!

Today, I was at the movies and I didn't have to poop this time, but only had to pee. But after peeing and wiping I flushed the toilet (and felt very thankful that I hadn't pooped, especially the way that I had described in my last post) because it was like this toilet water swirled around and around and around and FINALLY it all went down. I felt kinda goofy standing there the whole time watching it swirl, but I just had to make sure that it would go. Gosh, if this had happened to me at the museum (referring again to my last post) I would have gotten very frustrated...and that poop was far too smelly to not go down that damn toilet!

Wednesday, January 19, 2000

Mike (NYC)
Great post Rose! Your toilet explosion and the amount of toilet paper you used brings up a story (one of several) of an ex-girlfriend I had when I lived in the midwestern US.
So everyone, I don't have any recent encounters of explosions so I'll have to use this old story. It's actually the first crap I ever whitnessed from her and it was the day after she moved in with me. She was more open about her crap than I was. She didn't care at all about leaving the door open if it was only me there. If the toilet was sitting in the living room, it wouldn't have phased her at all. Anyway, I was making dinner for us and she had to go just before we were ready to eat. The bathroom was right next door to the kitchen just on the other side of the wall. When she sat down, it sounded like a cannon fired. A bowling ball shit slammed into the water with great force and a whole waterfall of chunks proceeded to fill the bowl. The waterfall would stop, then another would start, not as powerful as the first, but it came out chunky not watery. It was like a machine gun effect. So then, the second waterfall stopped and the third one started. When the third one ended, she let out this huge mega-fart, and after that I just heard three tiny plops, then she peed and was done. She flushed twice. It stunk big time but when she was done she closed the bathroom door and left the exhaust fan running. The smell spread outside a bit, but fortunately it spread slowly. She just sat at the table as if nothing out of the ordinary happened and I didn't say anything about it. So anyway, while we were living together and I happened to be around while she crapped, it was always that explosive kind. Sometimes it was just as good as the first one I heard that day, other times it was slightly weaker. I don't know what it was. Maybe it had to do with the fact that she was an extreme Type A personality, or maybe it was her Chinese diet (she was half Chinese, half Irish). She was never regular though. She typically went every 2 to 3 days. I found myself buying toilet paper in the 8 packs as opposed to the 4. She was one of the most powerful crapping and farting females I ever heard. Her farts are an even different story. WOW!


I have a very interesting question for everyone here. And I don't think it has ever been asked before.

About how many seconds does it take for your toilets to flush? I'm not talking about the refill time, but only the time between hitting the lever and the final drainage of the water in the bowl...

The reason I ask is because over the years, I have run across toilets that flush VERY quickly AND I have flushed toilets that take at least 15 seconds to flush everything down. So I'm just curious!

Very interseted

anyone here know of any bands that poop on stage? (Besides G.G. Allin) thanks

Long time lurker, I posted probably 10 or so times. Dee, I read your post about how you went in your old panties. But where did the pee go, on the floor? I love stories about girls peeing on the floor, anyone else have any?

I hope all of you have had a happy New Millennium.

Glad that Public Toilet Hater has had his problem diagnosed. UC is no joke but thankfully it can be sorted if caught soon enough and modern medicines do not have some of the nasty side effects that used to occur. Good luck to you PTH and Im glad it wasnt the Big C!

Regarding doing a poo in the shower. I dont think many people do this on purpose but it can happen that it just comes out as you are standing there. Once a guest of ours had too much to drink and she was taken short having a shower the next day and had a very severe attack of diarrhea. Now Im gald she did it in the shower as it was easily hosed down and washed away from the walls and shower tray and off of her too. Had she tried to make it to the toilet I shudder to think what a mess both she and the carpet etc would have got into. Naturally both George and I were very kind to her about this and didnt make her feel in any way ashamed as accidents ! can happen. For me part I have done a big solid jobbie in the shower. Once when I was standing in the warm stream I felt the poo come down into my rectum. I also needed to pee urgently. Now I have no problem with peeing in the shower I do this all the time as does George as the water dilutes and washes the urine away and besides pee is bacteriologically safe in a healthy person. Anyway, as I peed I felt the big lump start to emerge and if I had tried to hold it in and go to the toilet it would certainly have come out of me and fallen on the floor, so i just stood and did it onto the tray were it fell with a thud. As usual it was a big fat jobbie and very solid, so I picked it up and dropped it into the pan and eventually got it to flush away. Im not squeemish about touching mu own turds or Georges come to that when they get stuck in the pan and I always wash my hands well afterwards of course. So really, I dont see the fuss about having a poo in the shower. If its loose or watery it will wash away down the drain if firm you can pick it up and drop it down the tilet pan. I wouldnt however attempt to push a firm turd down the drain as the mess would be horrid.

I agree with Nicola, having done big fat toilet pan blocking jobbies since I was in my teens I dont usually worry if it gets stuck. Most of my friends dont mind either and some, Tony and Theresa, Donna and Lauren, actually are quite pleased to see one of my turds. I did once do one at a very posh friend's house when I was a teenager and I removed it in a plastic carrier bag and dropped this in a waste bin on my way back to school as her parents were very prim and proper and would probably have banned me from their home had I left a big fat jobbie in their toilet pan. Nowadays I just do it, enjoy it, and leave it and if anyone else gets a buzz from seeing it, thats great by me, likewise if anyone enjoys the sound effects when I do a big one in a large old style toilet pan and it makes a loud "kur-sploonk!". Recently we took on a new office junior who used our unisex staff toilet after me. He came out rather red faced and I heard him in the General Office saying to the office manager, a woman like myself in her 40s, "there's a huge big turd stuck in one of the toilet pans in the staff toilet". Jacqui just laughed and replied "That will be one of Moira's jobbies. You'll get used to it, she's always laying them." I couldn't help but laugh as I sat in my office reading through some files.


Does anyone know if alot of vitamin C makes one s**t bigger, more frequent loads. I normally take 2000 mg a day, but now with the cold season I've increased it to 4000. As a result, I've been taking much bigger dumps more often-like just a few minutes ago. It just kept sliding out-must have been 2 feet long all together. Now I'm a stocky guy who can take a big crap, but these have been unusually big. I also eat alot of raw garlic (also to help fight colds) and I know it gives me the farts big time-I guess it makes one crap more often too. Anyway, I love this forum and look forward to reading your posts every day, though this is the first time I have written. Keep up the great stories!
Love you all,

i've been reading here for awhile but never posted. I'm 16...and a junior in high school. I like to hear stories about guys my age sh*tting.
Torie~ I liked your story about your bf. He sounds cool. good luck with you guys. Anyway...that's cool how he wasn't scared to go at your house. Only one of my boyfriend's ever gone at my house...I think my boyfriend now makes excuses to go home when he has to go. We have only been together for a couple of weeks so hopefully after time he will loosen up.

Laurie~ I read your Christmas Eve party story..i liked it.
Have you seen that guy from the party around lately?

Torie. Glad to hear about your good experience with your boyfriend. I hope you get closer to him. Mainly I just wanted to say I'm 15 and I always wanted to tell my best girl friend I wanted to buddy dump with her nor have I even been in a bathroom with her while she peed or vise-versa. It's just kinda scary to bring it up for fear of what they'd think. I realize everyone thinks well if they're your best friend they won't care, but I just can't take that for granted. I'll be sure to write if I acomplish anything ever! I just thought it would be nice to know someone has a clue what you're talking about. :) Kara

Alex (From N.Y.)
I remember one time I was in the 7th grade, I had to go really bad. There were 2 bathroom areas. I went to one and the doors were locked. So, I went to the other one which was on the other side, thinking that I wasn't going to make it, but luckily I did. The stalls didn't have any doors (I hate these situations), but at least they were at the far end. The second I sat down, it all came out like a bomb. (Better than going in your pants) Meanwhile my friend came in, and saw me. He was cool though, because he didn't tell anyone about it. I hate using school bathrooms. Who wouldn't? I only use them in case of an emergency. Post more later... Alex

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