Hi all! Yes, it's me, making my grand return. Hee hee. Actually, this is the first time I've been back to this site since posting way back when on Christmas Day. I read the responses people put up and I'm pleased I was received so warmly! I noticed it was mainly guys, and I guess that's to be expected considering guys are turned on by girl's pooping and vice versa. Personally, i am kind of the opposite, as I prefer women's shitting to guys. I noticed a couple of you wanted me to describe myself, so here goes. I'm 17 years old, a senior in high school, 5'6" brown hair and blue hazelish eyes. Generally, I poop every day and I've noticed that I tend to take a little longer than most people I know and most people who post here. I would like to ask a question of the whole forum. How long does it take each of you to poop and how much poop do you usually produce? That question is intended mainly for the girls (so i can compare myself with others) but also for the guys too. I noticed someone calculated I pooed 7 feet of poop on christmas eve. I doubt this very much. The sizes of the poops I wrote were rough estimates and maybe I exaggerated slightly. Although I know i was in there a good 25 minutes. Anyway, the reason I'm asking everyone there times and amounts, is because usually I take between 15 and 20 minutes to poop. I poop big amounts and it takes a long time and I was wondering if I'm abnormal or something. I don't eat abnormally high amounts of food, just the same as my friends, it just seems that I take longer. The perfect example of this happened this summer. I was out with my best friend, Sarah, shopping at our local mall. We ate lunch at the food court and then continued shopping. About an hour later, my food had completely digested and I was ready to poop. I felt pressure in my bowels, but it wasn't so severe that I couldn't hold it. I didn't want to seem weird to Sarah, because I was unsure of her attitude towards pooping in public. (I know some people who could not fathom pooping in public while I know others who leave the stall door open as they take their dump!) So, I was holding in my poop when Sarah said to me, "I think I need to use a restroom. That food was rather greasy and I gotta do a number 2!" I laughed and said I had to poop as well. We went in the restroom and took adjacent stalls. I pulled my shorts down to my ankles and sat on the toilet. It was just the two of us in the small bathroom (only 3 stalls) and there was no fan...just dead silence. I could hear everything she was doing and she could hear me too. We both sat down and sat there in silence for a little while. Then I peed and Sarah followed suit. After that silence again. Sarah adjusted her feet and got up on her tiptoes and started making the silent grunting noise like she was pushing (you know, where you hear "nnnnnngh" coming out of her nose) I could then hear some crackling and three very fast splashes followed by wiping. I couldn't believe it! She made it seem like a major pooing session was in store, but she was done in 3 minutes! Not to mention I hadn't started!! Is that normal for you girls and guys? 3 minutes? Well, I continued about my slow pace. I had pushed out 3 long slow gassy turds and was in the middle of my fourth when sarah came back in the restroom. (when she finished, she told me she would wait outside) "Are you almost finished?" she asked. "You've been in here almost ten minutes!" "I know, I know." I said. "I'm almost done." I took another 5 minutes (2 more poos) and wiped and left. When I came out, she asked if I usually took that long and I said, "yeah pretty much. 15 minutes is my norm." "oh," she said. "i guess i'm just faster than you!" She laughed and we made farting and grunting sounds jokingly as we continued our shopping. I guess I'm just slow and wondering if any of you have experienced this before. I've got several more sto! ries if you'd like to hear them. Thanks again for the positivie response to my first post. I'm just a big fan of pooping! Esp. girls but guys aren't bad! Keep up the great stories everyone!! Also, what happened to Melissa? She was slow if I recall and I always loved her stories cause they sort of reminded me of myself!! Bye everyone!!

Hi Laurie. I'm 14 years old (I'll be 15 in April), am 5 ft, 4 in, and have olive skin, dark brown hair and eyes. I can let out all my poop in 5-10 minutes, but I like to spend up to 20 minutes in the bathroom. I like reading books or magazines while I'm taking a s**t. Oh and I'm a freshman in high school.
I had a cool experience with Mike today. I love him and I love pooping but I never gave much thought to him going to the bathroom. I wrote yesterday that I was wicked embarassed about going poopies at his house.
Mike was over at my house. Today is Martin Luther King day in America and most schools are closed. We were studying and flirting (okay, more flirting than studying :-), hee hee). He got up one time to go to the bathroom and came out about a minute later. I think he just had to pee. I heard him pee into the toilet and no I did not deliberately strain to listen. About two hours later he said he had to go to the bathroom and went in there. I wasn't timing him but he seemed to be doing more than a pee. I looked at my watch about 3-4 minutes after he went in and it was 12:26. I was just chilling out when I heard the toilet flush. He then washed his hands. It was 12:35, 9 minutes after I first looked at my watch and maybe 15 minutes since he went in there.
He came out and said "Torie, I used up all the toilet paper." I thanked him for telling me and I went to the closet to get some more. I went into the bathroom and it did smell like he just took a s**t (why else would a guy use TP?). I took several whiffs and loved it. I got turned on by thinking about what just came out of his very cute a*s. Now I stink up the bathroom very bad but he still left his "mark." I took a couple of more whiffs and went back out to where Mike was sitting.
I told him sorry I hope you had enough to wipe yourself. "Yeah, thanks. I'm sure you smelled what I did. Hope I didn't gag ya, babe." (He always calls me "babe." I love it!) "I can stink up a bathroom a lot worse than you can," I said. He said something like a cute girl like me could never stink up a bathroom.
I then confessed to him that when I had to go home to "study" a couple of weeks ago, it was because I had to take a s**t (and yes, I said the "s" word). "You couldve gone at my house." I told him I was embarassed about stinking up his bathroom. He told me don't worry about it babe.
We left it at that and talked and flirted about other things. Now that Mike's gone home I can't stop thinking about my boy friend taking that s**t. I love him and think he's the greatest. Now we're only 14 but I think FredLimpBizkit said that buddy dumping between boys and girls is a great way to see somebody naked without having sex. We've been steady for only a month though we've known each other (from school) for years. I don't want to rush to be "in love" though like I said before we do like to pet each other. I was thinking about some day but ! not now watching him go to the bathroom and I love him enough that I'd like him to see me. What does everyone think about that?
I still haven't the courage to tell my best (girl) friend Stacey that I'd like to buddy dump with her.
Thats it for now. Love, Torie

To Bryian: I liked your stories. If I had been in your situation, at the park on the 4th of July, and I had to poop but not badly and I could hold it in, I definitely would have held it in rather than go on in a porta potty. Those places just give me the creeps. No, I don't recall your story about going to camp with school and having to hold it, u can post it again if u really want to, or else just tell me the old post page # that it's on or the date you posted it on, if you know it. About shitting in public, well I shit at school, if I have to go, but I don't shit in completely public restrooms, like in malls, restaurants, etc.. I just have never had that bad an urge to go in those places, and even if I did I really would try to hold it in, because it wouldn't feel that easy for me dumping in 100% public places like that. How about you, do you shit in public? I don't have any more questions for now.

To K.C. : Hi! It's great to have another teen on this forum. You had! a cool story about having to take a dump at your friend's house. I can understand not wanting to go in the downstairs bathroom there, I would feel the exact same way. Once I was visiting at my aunt and uncle's house in Atlanta, and they had one of their bathrooms on the main level just off the living room like that. Well I only had to pee while I was there that afternoon, not shit, and they told me to use that bathroom, so I went, but felt kind of embarrassed doing it.

Well later K.C. and Bryian and everyone! Keep the great posts coming.

To K.C. Im just wondering are you Male or Female? I know how that is that you have an urge to shit while you are over someones house and you go in and think to your self that you are going to shit, then you end up not doing it and or just pee. I've done this before, i can't remember when this last happened.

To Torrie: Great story about you finding out that your boyfriend took a shit at your house!!

To Robbie and everyone else: I got a kinda short story to post...I remember when i was younger between 6-13 that i used to go swimming in my backyard and there would be times when i had to use the bathroom while i was in the pool, so i usally had to pee and i don't remember having to poop while in the pool. I used to get out of the above ground pool and walk 50 feet to our shed and i would pee behind there and it was kaddy corner to the pool. Once i think i had recalled that my sister had too pee one time and i saw her pee outside while we were in the pool and she ! didn't take her bathing suit off, she just lifted it up so the pee would come out. Robbie do you have any experinces while peeing/pooping while you were swimming? Robbie, do u ever shit while you were in High school? I never liked shitting in high school till recently when i reallized that all guys have to shit sometime and i don't feel as embaressed any more when i shit in my high school bathroom(haven't had to shit there latly) I used to be nervous that school adminsitration and teachers would come in and see me shitting. I would be afraid cause i would think they could look at me in the stall to make sure i wasn't smoking(which i don't do)and that cause i was taking so long that i get in trouble(never happened). School administration does come in to see what you are doing. Do you have any experiences about smoking/shitting in high school(ex affraid to shit cause kids smoke in the bathroom or adminstration comes in to check on you)? Thats all for now....more stories later! ! Robbie and K.C.(like ya both!!) C-ya later!!!!


Tuesday, January 18, 2000


I was visiting a museum today and boy did I have the biggest and most annoying cramps in my stomach telling me that I had a major poop waiting to come out! I rushed to the bathroom and exploded into the toilet. I felt so relieved afterwards. I had to do alot of wiping to get clean and I had to flush the toilet after both wiping sessions cause I really used so much paper that I thought I would clog it. But when I flushed, I watched as all the paper was sucked down the drain. Thank God for powerful toilets!

Hi guys. Over the weekend my friend Chuck and I played tennis. After the game he asked me if I would like to actually watch him take a dump, as opposed to just listening in the next stall. I told him that I’d love to so we went back to his place and hung out for a while. We ate lunch and Chuck had his protein shake, which usually makes him drop some pretty major loads. After a couple hours he finally got a real strong urge and I accompanied him to his bathroom. Chuck pulled down his sweat pants and actually took them off. “I can open my legs wider this way so you can see,” he said smirking. I sat on the floor directly in front of him with his knees on either side of my head. Chuck has huge muscular legs and his thighs are like massive tree trunks. As soon as he sat down he farted long and loud and he winked at me with a smile. I told him that his fart had a great deep baritone sound and he laughed. A few seconds later I started hearing that wonderful crackling sou! nd. Chuck lifted his scrotum so I could get a real good look. “Got a monster at the gate dude,” he said. I could see a very large log coming out of his asshole. It kept going until it was about a fraction of an inch from the water (I’d say it was about six inches long, maybe a inch wide). At that point he pinched it off with a big ol’ grunt and it plopped loudly into the water. Another log started to come out but this one took it’s time and Chuck got a very serious look on his face and he looked directly into my eyes and started straining and grunting with an occasional “OH!” At one point the log stopped crackling and he lifted himself completely off the bowl so I could see this big log hanging from his crack. “Check it out man, this one’s gonna be whopper,” Chuck said. He sat back down on the seat and continued to push out this log. This time the log hit the edge of the water and started to snake in a curve but then with a load “SCHLUMP” it dropped into the water. ! Chuck farted loudly several times and hooted. Then he began to plop much smaller turds into the bowl and it went like this: plop, pause, plop plop, pause, plop plop plop plop plop. Chuck made a sound that sounded something like “GUH.” “Oh Man.” Chuck said. “Wow,” I replied, that was very cool. Chuck leaned to the right and started to wipe and I leaned over to watch while he wiped his hairy crack. The smell was not bad at all but very strong. After wiping Chuck asked me what I thought and I told him it was one of the most exciting things I’d ever seen. He laughed and started flexing his bicep. “I always feel so macho after a big one,” he said and hooted and laughed again. I shook his hand in complete awe and afterwards we sat around and drank some beer and talked about the incident and what parts I liked the best. I’ve never met anyone like Chuck and I told him that, and I thanked him for letting me share this intimate masculine performance with me. I’ve been thin! king about it all day. Chuck says we can start doing this on a regular basis, he really enjoys it. I feel pretty lucky. Bye guys.

To Dork: About dumping in the shower, that must be an old post or something cause i barely remember posting about it. Or maybe you mistakened it with some one else. I don't do that any more.

To Robbie: I'll sum some stuff up about me having diahrreha and being constipated. I don't get constipated much. I have diahrreha more then being constipated. Infact i had worked till 10 last night came home spent time on the net and i had an urge to poop, it was diahrreah and then i went to bed and before i even went to sleep i had to go again.It was really loose and dark brown color. I have a story that i never posted before, it's a few years old. One time i was out of town and i was at this park for fireworks cause it was the 4th of July and i had to poop and it was the kind where i didn't have to go too bad and i could have held it but i wanted to go ahead and go. So the only bathroom was around was porta potties so i went in there and i must have not had the door ! locked and some ladie opened it, i don't remember too much about this. Did you read my old post about going to camp with school and having to hold it? if not i will post it again.
Here is another short story, one time i was 10 or 11 and i had gone away and i was coming back, there was a 3-4 hour drive to my home and i had fell asleep in the car and i woke up a few hours later and i had realized i shit my pants while i was sleeping, big time. i had to ask for a bathroom but there was none, so when i go home i went to the bathroom to clean up. I happened to shit my pants in a lined bathing suit. Well i can't think of any other stories right now, wish i had some new ones to post but can't think of any. Do you have any new stories? What is your oppion about shitting in public? do you do it? Ask me some ?'s if you wish!! I think your last post was cool, they are always cool!!! C-ya


Anne (housewife)
Laurie and Waltzman. I normally produce between 5 and 8 logs (or the equivalent) including 2 or 3 large ones. Normally I take 10 no more than minutes at the most but It has been longer sometimes esp at weekends if I'm at home. Don't be too impressed though. It's only average and I only 'produce' usually about 3 times a week.

Hi Robbie, Bryian and everyone else!

This afternoon was weird. My friend's mom picked us up at school cause it was raining. I was supposed to go over to his house to work on a political science project anyway (we're both 17).

After we got in the door; Joey went straight to his room...and I followed his mom into the family room. She started fixing a snack for mom does that too; so no surprise there.

After a couuple of minutes; JHoey comes back...he's changed into his sweat pants...and I figured that he dumped while he was back there as well. I had to go real bad...and I sat there wondering what to do.

I finally got the nerve to ask if I could use their bathroom. Joey was about to take me back to the one off of his room...but then his Mom said...oh; KC can use the guest bathroom". Great! The guest bathroom was just off the family room...only a few yards from we were sitting.

I went in there...closed the door....b! ut just couldn't shit...the sounds and smell would be way too obvi0ous. I stood there and tried to pee...I couldn;t even do that. I wondered if they would think it weird; so I flushed anyway...and came back outside.

If it was just Joey...I probably would have gone...but with his Mom there....nooooowaaaaay!

Don't worry about taking 25 min for a shit. I can't do one in less than 10, and I prefer to spend at least 20 on the pot if there is time. I also can never understand how people can be done in only 2 or 3 minutes. I know that if it were me, I would be back doing another within an hour or so.

I had to visit a public toilet for a shit this morning. It was one of those where they still provide hard shiny TP that is totally non-absorbent. With that stuff, however much you wipe you will never get clean and are certain to leave skidmarks in your underpants. After I hade used several yards of the stuff, I remembered that I had some soft tissue in my pocket. So I took out a sheet, spat on it and finished off cleaning my arsehole with it. I hope it left me clean, I have not yet had chance to inspect my underpants!

Just to clarify one thing from one of my earlier posts, because a few people were asking about it, I do not poop WHILE I'm in the shower (although I've tried it once or twice before, just for fun). What I meant in that post is that I sometimes take a dump at the same time that I go to the bathroom to take a shower, i.e. I poop while on the toilet, with the shower water running, so that no one in the house knows that I'm taking a dump. I don't know if Jasmine's post was directed to me or Byrian or both of us, but I just wanted to make this clear about myself. Well, that's all for now, more stories later...

Monday, January 17, 2000

Hi, sorry I havent posted for a while. I've been going out with this cute boy I'll call him "Mike" on here. I have one story about after a time we went out one evening. After several of us (boys and girls) went out we split apart. Mike and I headed back for his house. I started to have an urge to s**t wicked bad. Now I love to poop as much as anyone has the right to but I was embarassed about having to go at his house. I can really stink up a bathroom and I didn't want to do that in front of my boy friend :-(.
I told him I had to go home made up an excuse about having to study for a test which wasn't completely a lie.
I hope this isn't too "risky" for here, but Mike and I hugged each other and did a little petting outside of his house. The pressure on my butt hole was really strong and he petted my bum a couple of times and I petted his. I prayed that I didn't c**p in my pants I would have died of embarassment. I ran home about 5 minutes away and went rig! ht into the bathroom.
My bum plopped right onto the toilet when I let out the most intense waves of diarrhea. I don't know what caused it I didn't eat anything unusual and I wasn't sick, but I'm glad I was able to go in the toilet and not my panties :-).
That's it for now. Steph, thanks for thinking of me. Where is FredLimpBizkit? Happy New Year to all. Love, Torie

NO WAY !!!! guys are more comfortable shitting than girls. when was the last time you saw a womens restroom with doorless stalls? My buddy and myself were shopping in J.C. Penney's before Christmas, we had eaten at the Homestyle Buffet earlier, and we went to the mens room in Penney's, and 3 doorless stalls, waiting lines....and everybody was farting grunting, laughing and wiping, in front of everybody else. no inhibitions.....Ryan, perhaps we shit at the same time, maybe we saw each other?

To everybody; except 'specially for Robbie and Bryian!

I found this site back around Thanksgiving, but haven't posted yet cause there didn;t seem to be many teens here. I'm 17, a senior in my HS.

I like thinking about my BM's...I wonder sometimes i the kid in front of me needs to poop.

I usually poop in the morning, after breakfast...but often I'm I go to school without going.

I hardly ever poop at school, 'cept if I **really** have to. Otherwise; I wait until I get home. I bike to school...and sitting on the seat helps keep the poop in until I'm ready..hehe.

One funny thing (for me; at least)...a couple of weeks ago I had just gotten into bed...and I realized that I needed to poop. I layed there on my belly and felt what felt like a major dump pushing to get out of me. I remember thinking how good it felt! But; I was so tired...I fell asleep anyway. The next morning...I tried but couldn't go at all. In fact! was two days after before I finnally went. weird; huh?

Robbie and Bryian...and other teens...keep telling your stories! I luv it!

I went snow skiing this weekend at Breckenridge Colorado and I stayed at a youth hostel. My bed was right by the bathroom. I was real tired last nite after skiing from 10am to 3pm. I went to bed at 9:30 pm and another guy and I were talking about the MidWest where we are both from. A young kid with a military haircut went into the bathoom he shut the door. I could hear a couple of farts into the toilet bowel and about 4 minutes, the toilet flushed and the shower started. I also went to one of the resorts to take a dump myself. The bathroom was in a well traveled area but my duration on the can, no one came in.

Well, that is all for now.

Sunday, January 16, 2000

Elink- After thoughtful consideration, I agree with your reasoning. Now alot of women who pee do stand depending what they are wearing and don't need to be in the squat position. But those women who do squat could just as well poo without too much more effort. I certainly agree that a guy peeing has no plans to poop with his pants up.

Pete (US)
It's trivia time! Here's a great short word that will get you lots of points in the game of scrabble: faex . . .
It's the singular of feces.

Harry (Pacific Northwest USA)
Yesterday morning about 3:00 AM, I had just logged off my computer for the night and was getting ready to go to bed, when I felt a cramp in my lower back...I waited a moment, and I felt the pressure build in my rectum, so I knew it was going to be a big one...Sure enough, it was! I quickly moved into the bathroom and pulled my pants and underwear down, then sat down on the toilet...It was about 30 seconds later that the first of two movements came shooting out of me, both being over in what seemed like about a second for each one of them...I decided to sit and waited for about another two minutes, and then a third movement, just like the first two came shooting out, and this one smelled a little bit...At that point I knew I was done, so afer wiping, I got up and inspected the load I had just dumped...There must have been about 3 foot of logs in the toilet bowl to flush down...So, to be safe, I lifted the seat, and grabbed the plunger, just in case, and flushed...Sure enough, ! I plugged the toilet, so while it finished flushing the first time, I had to plunge it a couple times before it sent everything on down the drain to the sewer...I had to flush again to make sure the drain was clear, which it was, and then once more to get rid of some severe skidmarks I had left, plus part of one of the turds that was stuck on the wall of the bowl, I had to end up using the toilet brush on to knock loose, before flushing the 3rd time...It was my first big dump of the year 2000!!!

I would really like to know if there are some women who can tell me how long they sit down while pooping and how many turds they do!!

To Pete, who remarked that we only talk about large shits: The Shit List

The kind where you feel shit come out, see shit on the toilet paper, but there's no shit in the bowl.

The kind where you feel shit come out, see shit in the bowl, but there's no shit on the toilet paper.

When you drop lots of cute, little round ones that look like marbles and make tiny splashing sounds when they hit the water.

The rest of the list is absolutely hysterical. Do a web search for "phantom shit" and you'll find it.

For me, anyway, it isn't all about "the big shit". I like my occasional "rabbit shit"- plop plop plop, all done, quick as a wink.

Does size matter so much in other things? I've got a little dick, it still works like it should, my partner likes it just fine. I believe I can pee with a tighter stream, farther, longer, though I haven't had a chan! ce to test this theory in the years since I was a kid, when I could aim my stream at least ten feet.

If you don't mind me waxing rhapsodic:
It's too bad that as a kid I was too uptight to mess around with other kids. there was the time my friend mark called me into his bathroom and tried to pee on me, I rushed out before he could do anything, but you know, I think he knew I really wanted him to do it. and there was the time four boys all crowded into a toilet at school to make 'dueling streams' and I ran away just KNOWING that if I did it a teacher would catch us. It was just my karma that I always got caught doing something embarrassing. the single time in 3rd grade I decided to go to school without underwear for the hell of it, and it was the one day of the year we were all supposed to go to the nurse's office for a checkup.

So, as I guess lots of kids in school did, eventually I learned to be more subtle with my kinkinesses. Like peeing my ! pants in a rainstorm and pooing underwater at the lake as a teen. But never asking anybody else to share in the fun.

Please cherish your time that you can consider yourself a kid and do 'irresponsible' things like that.


This true event happened to me when I was in the Scouts.

I hated going to the toilet with anyone around - pee or poo.
So I was mortified when I went to weekend Scout Camp and found that the toilets were just holes dug in the ground and sectioned off by sheeting. But no covers at the entrance to each stall and therefore no privavcy.

I put off having a dump after breakfast but by about 11am I was feeling the pains coming on again. We were away from the camp doing something or other but I just couildn't concentrate because I wanted to poo so badly.

For a while I sat down on a log (no pun intended) and it helped for a while but as soon as I started walking the need to go got really bad and my hole kept opening as if I was about to drop the lot in the white cotton underpants I was wearing. In those days I wore trunks - rather like the modern boxer shorts but in soft white cotton.

Soon I had no option and felt that if I didn't let it! go I would pass out. Then an idea came to me. What if I did a little and then eased it out of my pants.

I relaxed a little until the turd poked itself out and then I clenched my muscles so it broke off. It worked a treat and when no one was around I eased the bit out of my pants.
I was wearing short trousers so it was easy to let it drop down onto the grass.

The only problem was that at the end it was very soft and I ened up with dirty underwear anyway. Has anyone else been forced to do it like this.

It was one of my few messy accidents though I used to wet myself a lot at school and on family outings.


I'm sorry if this offends anyone, but I think that it is completely disgusting to poop while in the shower. I just don't get it and it seems very bizarre to me. It's not like the toilet is not in the same room as the shower! It's just a hop, skip, and a jump away!

By the way, what happened to Harry and Dazz???? You guys had very wonderful and detailed stories!

Jeff A.
Hi all,
Great stories the last couple of days. I've been pretty sick lately, and have lost alot of weight. I have to go in for some tests. I'm a little worried because of the urgency that my doctor has placed on them. I'd rather not go through this, but I have to. Wish me luck ok? I'd comment more on recent posts, but can't concentrate on them right now.

Buzzy: Antibiotics will do funny things to your stomach. They do to mine. So, I can not take any unless it is required. Penicillin is out. Those drugs, Pepto-Bismol, Immodium or anti-diarrheal makes my stools black. I once was given codeine for pain from a dental job. It put me in a tailspin, with nausea and diarrhea. It did not know which way to face the bowl. All I could do was sit on the toilet with my skirt and slip bunched around my waist and just allowing this loose black stuff to run out all afternoon long. The cramps, farts, the smell and the brown/black water was too much. I was in eighth grade in a school uniform and home alone. All I could do was finally collapse on the living room sofa and cower under a blanket until my parents came home from work.

Heather: Find my recent posts the end of 1999 about when I started making #2 at school. I can count the times on one hand when I had to. In 9th grade, I was tutoring younger kids in the same school building when! I had to go. So, before I met my kid, I went upstairs to the upper school girls room. The upper school had cleared out. I entered a middle of 3 stalls, there were no doors. So, I opened my belt and lowered my blue jeans and stretched my aqua nylon panties over the turned inside out inseam. I sat on my tip toes and a series of loose doo-doo chunks evacuated out my stomach. I started to pee with the last five chunks. One of my kids looking for me. She was surprised to find me and that the bathroom stalls had no doors. They did in the lower and middle school. I was back in public school.

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