Today was dress down Friday in the office building where my school is located. At about 1pm, I was entering the toilet to urinate when a Puerto Rican girl about 28 rushed in. We recognized each other from riding the elevator. She was loosening her belt on her blue jeans. She said, "Tawana, I have to pull down my panty hose and panties to move my bowels. I got a running stomach!" She slammed the door shut muttering, "If I don't pull these clothes down, I will mess my pants like I did in elementary school and I won't have my older brother to come and get me." I went into my stall and lowered my jeans, green panty hose and black Jockey panties to my thighs (it is cold today) and urinated for about 20 seconds. In the stall next to me she got her pink panites and navy panty hose and jeans to her ankles. The next thing I heard was an explosive wave of water and a grunts and moans, followed by more explosions of water and farts. She said this was her third trip to the bathroom since! 9 this morning. I wiped myself thru the front and was in no hurry to leave. Then heard another long wave. She pulled paper from the roller endlessly. I then got up and fixed my clothes. When I was washing my hands she flushed and came out. She looked like a load was taken off her. She said, "I never had an experience like that. It was the worse since I was nine." Then she slumped over the sink to wash her face and hands. I had to get upstairs.

Mike: Unfortunately, the Asian girl was not detailed.

JacobG's recent post about Asian people squatting on the toilet reminds me of when I was staying in a youth hostel in a tourist centre in the geothermal region of the North Island of New Zealand. Most NZ youth hostels are just like those in the UK, with separate toilets for men and women and no chance of any interesting sights or sounds but this one was an exception.

There was a single occupancy unisex toilet with a sliding door near our dormitory. There were also six Japanese girls in their early 20's in the next dormitory. Once when I went to use the toilet, it was occupied. There was a gap where the sliding door didn't quite meet the frame and although there was no direct view of the toilet, there was a sideways view of the mirror above the wash basin, which gave a side view of the person on the toilet. One of the Japanese girls was using the toilet in an unusual way.

She was petite and attractive with long black hair in a pony tail. She had taken her jean! s right off and had put her sandals back on. She was obviously missing the Japanese type of toilets that are set into the floor as she had put her feet on the toilet seat and was squatting over the bowl. She was facing SIDEWAYS, towards the mirror with her panties round her thighs and her legs well apart! Her head was down almost between her knees and she was looking down between her legs. She was watching her own poop come out, probably to make sure that she dropped it in the right place. I was getting the most amazing view of her 'southern hemisphere' via the mirror and could see a brown turd about one inch in diameter hanging between her legs. I saw it grow to about six inches long before it broke off and plopped into the water.

I only watched this for about 20 seconds as I was standing in the corridor and it was too risky to stay longer but wow, what a view! It was the second best toilet view I had in New Zealand.

Public Toilet Hater. Im pleased you havent got the Big C but Ulcerative Colitis is no joke. I hope the medicines and change of diet will aleviate this horrible affliction and that the stress level in your life drops.

Jenny, I too have done really big jobbies since I was a young kid, even as young as 5 passing fat logs which many adults would have been proud to do. While these made tremendous depth charge "KUR-SPLOONKS!" in the full size toilet pan at home etc, they did sometimes stick in the small scaled down pans in the girls toilet at school. Of course as i grew older my jobbies got larger and I soon found they would often stick in the ordinary adult size toilet pans too. This has never bothered me. If it sticks I leave it. In the rare occasion that i am in a house where they would be annoyed by my turd staying behind I will push it over the hidden bend with my hand (washing it well afterwards of course) but thankfully the vast majority of my friends just dont mind, they are used to me and my pan buster motions. If its in a public toilet, resturant, pub etc, i just leave it anyway. So jenny, just do your big jobbies and enjoy. Leave them behind as many people get a buzz seeing such big turds that others have done.

I had an amusing outdoor toilet incident a few days ago. I should have gone at the Sports centre but the caretaker was in a hurry to lock up so I held it in to go at home. As I drove I could feel the big fat jobbie slide down into my back passage and felt I might need to go sooner than I thought. I drove into a car park but the toilet was shut. Looking around I found an enclosure at the back of a shop where the rubbish (trash) bins were stored and went behind these, pulled down my jeans and white Sloggi briefs and squatted, passing a lovely big fat firm carrot shaped turd of about 14 inches long. I had just finished when a male voice said, "Cor I bet you felt better for that!" I turned round quickly pulling up my knickers and jeans and saw a man also squatting and passing a big easy curved sausage. I said "Its a pity they dont keep the toilet open at night" and went back to my car leaving him to his own devices. I suppose this was an accidental buddy dump. Out of curiosity I went back there in daylight the next morning and the two big turds were still lying there. His was as big as mine but smooth curved while mine had been firmer and knobbly.

Elink, you are right that its easier for a skirt wearing woman to pull her panties down under her skirt and squat and do both wee wee and jobbie but have her "modesty" preserved by her skirt. A man would expose more of himself. Also as a woman squats or sits to pee she wont be caught short if a poo also comes down while most men who stand to pee could have a nasty accident. I was interested to read in a magazine that many younger men are using cubicles instead of urinals and sitting to pee like women do these days. My husband has started to do this as he finds it more comfortable and says his bladder is emptied better this way and it avoids follow through accidents as happened to him one time when standing to pee when the jobbie also came out in his panties.

Bryian, You dump in the shower. Does it ever clog the drain? Do you have a hard time getting it down the drain? I've only done it once or twice and it was loose and it went down the drain easily. I only ask,because it sounds like you do it often.

To Bryian: To answer your question, I don't really get constipated anymore, at least not to the point that I have to take a laxative, suppositories, etc. But I did get constipated a lot when I was younger, like when I was 10-12 years old. I don't know why though, maybe because I held it in too long and didn't eat a lot of fibre back then, but I don't remember. I mentioned in an earlier post that I once didn't take a dump for about a week and a half when I was at summer camp, until I got home. I expected to be constipated after that, but I wasn't. That day, when I went to take a dump, this is what happened : I pushed out the first turd normally. Then more poop came out without any trouble at all, which surprised me. It was pretty loose. There were a lot of whole logs in the toilet, but they were soft. After that, I had to go back to shit 2 or 3 more times that afternoon. The rest of the shit was loose also, but there was a lot of it, and I mean A LOT. I think that day, I dumped! the greatest total amount of shit that I've ever dumped as a teenager (I was 14 then).

As for diarreah, I don't get that often either, only when I eat something really bad I guess. But one time, when I was 15 I think, I had a bad stomach virus or something like that. When I woke up in the morning, I felt the message from my bowels "go the toilet now." So I jumped out of bed, ran to the bathroom as fast as I could, closed the door, and started to sit down on the toilet. However, I let go one second too soon. It was diarreah, and not all of it went into the toilet bowl. It splattered all over the toilet seat, tank, and the bathroom floor. Man that wasn't fun to clean up. I used tons of toilet paper and whatever else I could find to clean up that mess. I spent about a half an hour in the bathroom doing that. Well that's the best story I have as far as diarreah goes.

I think I've written enough for now, so I'll sign off. Bryian, I'd love to hear any stories you ! have, but I've read some of your old posts, so if you have new ones, that would be cool. Bye for now,


Public Toilet Hater, I'm glad you finally went to a doctor. Take it easy, and take good care of that colon, okay?!?

Nicola asked some time ago about having a surprise poop along with a pee. This happens to me a lot, because I don't like to sit on the toilet for too long and so I only go to poop when my stomach starts to hurt. By this time, the poop is ready to come out, so I'm done real quick. On the other hand, when I go to pee, sometimes it will be that I have poop in my back passage that hasn't made its need urgent yet, and squeezing to pee together with the position of sitting on the toilet will often cause a good poop to come out even when I thought I didn't have to go. This only happens when I sit or squat. I have never felt the urge to poop while peeing standing in the shower.

The other day I had on a pair of very old panties. I felt some fullness in my colon but was busy with laundry and other chores, so I completely ignored it and finished my chores,! farting a little. It was then time for my bath so I took off my clothes, stripping down to bra and panties. Just then, I felt a bad cramp in my stomach, and though I was in the bathroom half undressed, I wasn't sure I'd make it to sit on the toilet in time. Well okay, maybe I would have made it if I'd tried, but my panties were very old and I thought if I made a mess in them I could just throw them away later and it would be okay. So I let it come out right there. A trickle of warm pee went through the gusset and down my left leg as I relaxed my anus and a bulge formed in the seat of my panties. The pressure in my colon was now relieved, but I thought I might as well finish what I'd begun. Unfortunately, the poop filling my panties made it difficult to push out any more, and so I emptied my panties into the toilet. It was a firm poop that left only a few skidmarks. I rinsed them out in the shower, rinsed my bum as well, and then sat on the toilet to push out a final short log! .

I passed a good 14-incher the other morning, and another one maybe a little less, about 12 inches, the same night. It was after I'd been a bit constipated and taken a fiber supplement. It felt so good, I had to tell you all about it.

Terry Mac
i was doing that pee in the air as high as i can when i was in the bath again. Unfortunatly i accidentally got carried away and it wet so high it hit the ceiling and came back down in my mouth. That was the first time iv ever tasted pee and i have to say it will be the last. Does anyone else like doing this. I was reading through the the old posts and saw cindys about when she did the big crap that got stuck and she had to pull it out. I had to laugh at the way she said because of the way she was sitting her vagina was pointing at a strage angle and she peed ad it shot on the floor.
Keep up the good work Cindy and every1 else.

ps sandra the time that you peed in the chaging room didnt any1 hear the sound as it rained onto the floor. Must admit i could ever poo or pee in a changing room.


Woke up a few minutes ago and I'm reading some of the posts-TO PUBLICTOILET HATER-Glad to hear you seem to be OK.Keep an eye on yourself and try to relax and smell the roses of life and tyr not to get so stressed out!TO MIKE & TAWANA-Both your posts about asian girls pooing are great-I think i would go nutz watching or hearing an asian girl really let one go!Any more details on this would be cool!TO MIGUEL-Interesting post about pooing next to a guy with no partition-I've often wonder what that would be like.To be honest,i don't think i could poo right next to a total stranger in a public toilet.Maybe because if he was doing a real good dump,i might get an erection and i wouldn't want to give off the wrong idea to the guy..When you both were "hard",were you embarrased?-Boy i think iwould have been-Cool story! Excuse me guys-As i been sitting here writing this,i gotta take a dump-Got some serious cramps.Hold on for a bit........................AHHH much better-Had another good antibiotic poop.Sat down and started to shit right away.No gas at all.Normally,my poos start out fairly firm and get softer and softer as i go.Today it was soft and was that way the whole BM.I really had to push this stuff out even though it was soft and it's gotta be 50% more than i usually go.I'm going a lot each time i poo and it is almost totally silent except for some crackling as it come out.I looked in the bowl when i was done and it was a big pile in the middle of the bowl-sort of like light browm,soft ice cream that came out in one, long continous stream of poop.Usually,i go in 2-3 parts as i'm pooing,but this was all done in one big spasm that must have lasted 30-40 seconds of continuous shitting-Boy did it feel great.Got off right in the middle of it and that's all i'll say about that.Anybody else have any stories with antibiotic-poos? BYE

Elink - You're absolutely right in saying that while a woman pees, she can decide to poo as well if feels like it. And I'm talking about the bathroom as well as in a public space. While I tend to do my "main" poo during my lunch break, I pee several times a day and very often, simply because I'm sitting on a toilet, I may poo as well even though I didn't need a poo or sit down with that intention. The poos are often small, but a poo is a poo! And yes, outside is no exception. Once, while squatting to pee behind my car in a parking lot, I thought "well while I'm squatting, let's see if a poo comes out." And it did! I'd like to hear from more women about this - do any of you poo when you pee because you're on the toilet, even though you didn't really need a poo?

Saturday, January 15, 2000

Mike (NYC)

TAWANA: Thanks for your most recent post. I had an experience of whitnessing a powerful log and a pile of mush from my Asian boss (I posted this earlier). I think my boss must've had the same party food that Asian girl at your gym school had. Unlike my boss, the girl you met actually told you about her movement. Was she at all more detailed about it by any chance?

To Sandra: Your comment: "I think women will poo anywhere if they have to - men are too embarrassed." - Hi ! I think you are right - BUT - I think the reason is: when a female has her clothes down and squats for pee she could decide during the pee to do a poo also. When she is in a good hidden place and sees that really no person is around - she just can let her turd out too. Males (who mostly pee standing) always have to plan to do a poo. What do you think about it ? Bye, Elink301.

Been a bit ill from a slight case of bronchitis(sp)and i'm on antibiotics and for the first 2 days or so i didn't notice any difference in my bowels(a lot of times antibiotics give me a problem)until yesterday a.m. at the gym.I was just finishing up one of my routines and i felt the cramps start,but didn't feel my rectum filling up like i normally do,but i figure i should get to the bowl anyway.So i went downstairs and got undressed and took the paper with me and by now i was starting to feel some pressure in my rectum.I went into the stall and sat down and nothing happened.So i pushed a bit,but nothing came out.I knew i had to go,but i figured i just should sit there for a bit.As i was sitting there,a kinda cool thing happened.A guy went into the stall across from me with a paper and his towel.He was nude and when he went into the stall,he first started to clean off the top of the seat and hte floor in front of the bowl(sometimes i also have to do this cause someone peed and ! missed the bowl-i hate that!Anyway,as he is cleaning off the seat,he is in a bit of a hurry and then he cleans off the floor,as he is squatting down i can see his anus puckering out more and more.Then he closed the door and i heard him sit down and i heard the fast crackling of poo coming out his butt.Then it got real loose with a lot of gas,but he didn't make a sound(no grunting or sighing)Then he just sat there.Meanwhile,i felt like i had to go,so i pushed and with no gas or anything,this poo started coming out and as it was coming out,i felt the pressure in my rectum really start to build up,so i pushed a little more and more poo followed.It was soft and mushy,but the strange thing was as it's coming out,the urge was getting stronger.Usually at this point i feel relief but i just continued to shit and it just kept coming and coming,but no gas at all.Just the slight crackling sound and the slight splashing in the bowl.I looked in the bowl and all i saw was light brown mush,b! ut a big pile coming up out of the water.What a pile!Then i felt like going more,so i pushed and more mush oozzed out my anus,but i noticed i had to really push this stuff out,but man,it felt great and the really cool thing was,there was hardly any smell at all.I guess this was from the antibiotic.Then i felt done almost all at once,so i wiped and it was messy and looked in the bowl one last time.It was a huge pile coming up way beyond the water line and was now sliding down into the bowl and it was very lite brown and i had to flush 3X to get it all down,but wow did it feel great.I'm looking forward to these kind of BM's I'm so glad it's not the runs like the guy across from me Great stories all!BYE

What happened to Linda? She came back for a couple of days, but she's gone again.

barbara lynn
it was a dark dismal night, i was all of 4 years old....i was no bigger than a bread box...i must have weighed in at about 25 family was visiting my great grandmothers house...i had to go...i told my mother that i had to pee, she informed me that there was no "indoor" bathroom and that i would have to use the OUTHOUSE....she walked me out and opened the door....THERE IT WAS....TWO HOLES IN A BOARD....i looked them over and then looked at her..she advissed me to use the smaller hole...whew..i thought, it was still too big for my little hinny, but i had to go, so i pulled my pants down and jumped up on the board...i almost fell was dark inside that place and it seemed to have a distinst order of pee and poop....i balanced myself as best i could and pee'd. i don't remember if there was any paper or not, but at the time i don't think it really mattered....i was off that thing as quckly as i got on and pulled up my pants....opened up the door and ran away from t! hat dreaded this day, i look back on it and think....damn am i glad i didn't fall down in all that shit.....i'm thankful that i had strong arms to hold myself up too.....i would have been lost for weeks in that thing....she, nanny, was the only one that used it, and at 92 years of age, i don't think that she pooped often...she had a small pot inside for peeing....thank God for John the Baptist, who i believe invented the Uninal/John/Head!
i remain very much a through'o pee'er of the millineam...

one evening i was preforming on stage.....i had to take the dump of my life....there i was, singing in from of 5,000 a grand ball room in Atlanta, Grorgia....i knew that after the next song i was going up for a change of i held it in....hard to believe...butt i did. after the song was over, i walked off stage, like a lady, i might add.....AND ran to the bathroom....i was undressing myself as i was running.....down the hall i went, hoping that i could hold all that crap in and not explode in my costume....i swung open the door of the stall and quickly sat about niagra falls.....that shit came flying out of my manager knocked on the door...MS..._______, curtains up....3 mins before you go on....i still had to wipe myself clean and still had to change in my dressing room, which was quite a distance away from this particular bathroom....i rushed the wipe, and pulled myself together...threw open the door...and that "little voice in! my head" said, "Don't forget to wash your hands." i truned around and quickly washed my hands....i ran to my dressing room with my tuxedo down around my hips..i was yanking off my jacket and blouse, all at the same time.....luckily, i have 2 women that are always there to help me dress and undress during my band played my opening number twice before i had it all together....i ran to the stage and just like a lady walked out as if nothing had ever crowed clapped and no one was the one except the one that might have gone in the bathroom after me....i can't remember if i flushed or not....i was in such a rush....


To Robbie: Im am 18. I can understand that you take a dump the same time that you shower. I know how that is, I don't do that but once in awhile i will take a shower and dump at the same time, that is if im at someones house who's house only has one bathroom, or only 1 floor in the house etc. I usally take a dump i guess it would have to be afterschool or in the morning or sometimes in the evening. When i take a dump it could be any one of those times. I can't wait to read your other storys, Want to hear any of my storys? or any thing. I was just wondering by any chance do you ever get constipated or have diahrreha? Let me know buddy!! Cya Robbie


Public Toilet Hater: I'm happy to hear to your condition is not as serious as it could have been. A good friend of mine has that condition. He has been through some rough times, but when I last heard from him before Christmas, he mentioned he reduced his stress level and was doing much better. I have noticed he often has an urgent need to poop immediately after eating. I have not asked him, but I assume it is related to ulcerative colitis. Take care of yourself and keep us informed.

To public toilet hater:
You got stress, wow! After the last week of this stock market tumble, I thaught my insides would be bleeding and falling out. I could not believe that I had no blood in my stool or anything wrong when I went to the bathroom after the bad news. Hope ya feel better man. Well, there will be no more home games this season, so I will have to wait until next year to visit those great private suite bathrooms. I did not see any one walk in on anyone, although almost no one knocked first before opening the bathroom door. It's just a matter of time folks.

Thursday, January 13, 2000

Beach Mike - When I pooed in the dressing room in the bag, I didn't pee. However, on another occasion I had to poo in a dressing room, I did pee as well. In that instance I peed and pooed on the floor. By the way, I didn't sneak out, I told one of the salesgirls I'd pooed by accident and she told me not to worry and that she'd clean it up. That was very nice of her as I'd left a foot long, steaming log behind along with a decidedly wet carpet! She told me that she'd found turds in her dressing rooms several times over the years.

Some days ago, Althea took me to the gym after school. After we changed into our shorts and athletic bras, we went to the toilet. We found one log and mushy doo-doo piled high. We had to flush 3x and then the skid marks were there. These are funny new toilets. They seem to flush forcefully, but they do not clean the bowl well. I only had to urinate. Anyway an Asian girl walked over to the stall, saying she forgot to flush and she was sorry we had to flush behind her. Later on the gym floor she told us that was the result of hoilday party food.

Heather, are you still in High School? If so what grade are you in and what part of the U.S. are you from?

Jacob: Another thing when squatting on the toilet, your bowels better be tight and not loose. I have seen runners and soccer players leave a mess on the seat, floor and walls.

Jay from Texas: We have a playground in our neighborhood. The partitions were removed between the two bowls. There is a partition between the two urinals and the bowl. So it is not an open air forum. My first time I had to make #2 during a morning play session. It was mushy brown. No logs. Just a heap. A little Spanish boy joined me. My shorts and briefs were at my knees. This little guy dropped his blue shorts and white Fruit of the Looms to his ankles and sat. His entire butt did not fit the seat. We looked at each other and smiled. Another little friend entered the quarters to keep him company. The next thing his rectum opened and he grimaced #2 dropped in many pieces into the water. I was looking right next to him. All the while he talked in Spanish. He said how his stomach had hurt all morn! ing and the night before. He also said this is the time he goes at school everyday. We shared a common roll of paper and when we got up we looked at each other and saw we were both hard.

Terry Mac
today the toilet in work was blocked so i took a pee in the washbasin. I also like to pee in bottles and when i go in the bath pee as high as i can and let it rai dow o me.
Well thats my first post.

Public Toilet Hater
I've found out what caused my problem. It's ulcerative colitis, caused by too much stress.

I'm fortunate that it was not something more serious, but this is bad enough. My colon is pretty much in sorry shape.

I've been ordered to reduce the stress in my life, and to relax and exercise more. I'm also supposed to change my diet a good deal.

I guess if something causes you so much stress that it makes your gut bleed like that, you really should let it go. So, I'm going to try to follow orders and cool it.

Thanks to everyone for their kind wishes and concern. I appreciate it.

Sandra. I think what you saw in England when visiting was very much the exception to the rule as, generally speaking, there are plenty of public conveniences available here - unlike (I gather) some parts of America. I've heard that there is a cultural difference in that Brits are more likely to leave the call of nature to chance (ie not bothering to go before leaving the house) and Americans are generally more careful about going on a precautionary basis on account of the lack of available facilities. Why do you call them bathrooms by the way? We define a bathroom as a room that contains a bath! I think Simone must have been pretty desperate to use the shop changing room and if that genuinely was the case I guess nobody really minded. Pity she couldn't have made it to a loo though.

To Bryian: I'm glad you liked my stories. Just wondering, how old are you? You've probably posted that already, but I don't remember (I've been a reader on this forum for more than 2 years but I only started posting recently).

I'm 17 and a first-year student at a CEGEP in Montreal, Canada (a CEGEP is a kind of junior college - grade 11 is the last year of high school where I live, so I guess I would be a high school senior right now in the States). I only took a dump at school two or three times so far this school year. Hopefully I'll have the urge to go at school more often this semester. I usually dump every second day, before I go to bed. The last time that I wrote about, when I had to go in the morning, was an exception. If other people are around the house, I take a dump at the same time that I shower, with the shower water running, so that nobody knows that I'm taking a crap. Bryian, at what time of the day do you normally take a dump - morning, nighttime, etc.?!

I have some more stories to tell, including the first time I ever took a dump in high school, but I'll save that for another time. Cya later. Robbie

Recently, I visited a mountain restaurant in the Ortler region in Northern Italy. The restaurant has the same name as the world's second highest mountain and is at 2330 metres, at the top of a ski lift that runs in winter and summer. Downstairs, there is a glass sliding door that leads to clean, smart unisex toilets. The first two stalls are marked for women, the third is for men and beyond the stalls are two urinals. I have never seen anything like this in my travels in the UK, Germany or Austria, only in France and parts of Switzerland.

I went into the men's stall, sat down for a poop and realised that there was a woman in the next stall doing the same thing. I wished I could see as well as hear and then I realised that I was not the first person to have this idea. Someone had bored a hole in the partition that gave a side view into the next stall. By the time I noticed this, the first woman had left but another soon came in. She took down her jeans and was wearing ! yellow panties with a bright pattern like bikini briefs. She moved the crotch of her panties to one side and peed without taking them down. She was standing up and leaning forward so I could see the stream of pee coming out underneath her. Quite an intersting view but I couldn't stop long as someone was waiting for me.

Wednesday, January 12, 2000

Beach Mike
TO Sandra: I wished there were more unembarassed women around who are not ashamed to squat and poo outdoors. I enjoy the feeling of pooing. I like your idea of having a bag to poop in a dressing room so as not to create a reason for having cameras in dressing rooms. Can you hold you pee while you are pooping in a dressing room or do you pee in the baggie first and then poop?


To Robbie: Good story about your satisfying dump of 2000, Wish i could have a dump like that cause i hadn't been in 3 days. You also had a good story about dumping at summer camp a few years ago. I know how that is being embarrsed about taking a dump at camp/school. I used to be like that now, i wish i could dump while at school, but i never have an urge at school. You should tell more storys about dumping at camp and school cause i like your stories!!

I haven't taken a dump in 3 days, wish i could go, but i haven't had to go for somereason. Maybe i will have to go later today or tomorrow.

I am Reya's 17 y/o cousin. She has told you guys about me. It is common for people from Asia, Latin America and the Carribean to squat on the rim of the toilet. Some are afraid to sit on a public toilet seat. Outhouses are still in use in primitive parts of these lands. Some kids playing in the woods will squat to urinate if they are girls or have a bowel movement. I used to in Colombia and so did my playmates. When I go to the park here in the U.S, I see the South American soccer players and runners squat on the seat. Reya and I used to do that for the fun of it or we were using that toilet for the first time. Now, we use the seat. Just we put paper if we are uncomfortable. Reya and I are graduating in June.

Poop Logg,

That "whip wa whop whup" noise you described....Was that a gurgle noise? Just never heard it described that way! :-)

Tuesday, January 11, 2000

Hi all. I haven't posted in the longest time. Basically, nothing interesting has happened. sometimes I can go, sometimes I can't, I guess paruresis is an on-going thing. PV, how's it going with you? Have you found anything particularly useful in counter-acting this? What I usually do at school is to try and hold it until the lunch break b/c that's when there's the least amount of people in the bathrooms. Recently, all my bm's have been at home, so I'm lucky b/c I don't think I could do a bm in school; I don't think I'm quite up to that level yet.

Beet Eater
PUBLIC TOILET should go see a physican, but if you eat a lot of beets, or beet juice, your bowels will look brick red....let us know...(it happened to me when i commenced drinking beet juice)

BUZZY - I would have thought it was obvious why Simone pooed in the changing room of the leather shop. She needed to poo! I don't think it's that strange as I've done the same thing a few times myself. I know that several women must have done this as at least 3 times I've entered a changing room to find a log or two on the floor. I usually try to poo on a plastic bag that I might have on me. I'll take the poo in the bag out with me and dump it in the trash. If I have no bag I leave the poo on the floor. I know it's anti-social but when I have to poo it starts coming out so I have no choice. When I was in a library in England 10 years ago I passed by an aisle and saw a woman in her 50's whip off her panties, squat down and poo 2 massive logs right there in the aisle! She didn't seem too ashamed and even said "sorry about this" to me as I walked by! I often would poo in a pedestrian underpass on my way home from work. I think women will poo anywhere if they have to - men are to! o embarrassed.

This morning I had to take a dump really badly. I hadn't dumped in 2 days and had been holding it in until everyone had left my house this morning (I don't go back to school until Thursday). So I went to the bathroom, took my boxers off and sat down on the toilet. I passed the first log very easily, almost just letting it slide out my anus into the toilet. Then I pushed out three or four smaller turds. Finally I looked at my droppings - the first log was really long, at least 10 inches, maybe more because part of it was hidden under the hole at the bottom of the toilet bowl. All the turds were about 1 inch wide. Man it stunk! But it wasn't that messy, I only had to wipe a few times. This was my first truly satisfying dump of 2000.

I would also like to tell a story of what happened about three summers ago, when I was at a summer camp in upstate New York. We had toilet and shower facilities in each cabin, but there were no doors on the toilet stalls, just partitions on the sides and curtains at the front of each toilet. There were also urinals in the open. Most of the guys in my bunk were very open about their needs, announcing "I have to take a shit," "that was a great dump" etc. and even talking to their friends while sitting on the toilet. But at that time I was shy about my bodily functions, and wanted privacy, especially for my BMs. Once there was a kid from another bunk who decided to go into our bunk to take a shit, and when someone discovered that he was there he pulled the curtain away and yelled, "hey, [the kid's name] is on the toilet!" Then more guys came to the toilet area and laughed at him as he was sitting there out in the open. Surprisingly to me, the kid didn't appear bothered or embarrassed at all, he didn't even make an effort to close the curtain again. He just sat there and smiled until someone finally said "Guys, let him take his dump." So we went away and did just that. Now I wish I could have been just as open about my toilet habits as that kid. Another time at camp, a couple of guys were running in the bunk and horsing around, and they tried to pull away the curtain while I was sitting on the toilet. I held it apart tightly once I realized what they were doing, but they recognized me first. One of them yelled, "Robbie's taking a shit!" I shouted go away to him, very embarassed at that moment. After that, I didn't take a dump for the remaining week or so of camp, until I got home. It wasn't that hard to keep it in though, because I didn't eat a lot at camp anyway. In retrospect, I wish I hadn't been embarassed, because after all camp is meant to be a very open atmosphere, at least among boys.

Well that's all the time I have for now, I'll tell more toilet stories about camp, school, etc. some other time.

I had an interesting experience this past Saturday morning. I went to the mall to get a haircut. After I was done, I needed to pee so I went to a restroom in a nearby department store. It was a small restroom with one urinal and two stalls. The restroom was empty, so I walked right up to the urinal and started to pee. About five seconds later, a young Asian guy, about 25 years old, came in and went into the stall directly next to the urinal. I heard him lock the door and raise the seat, so I figured he was going to pee. But then I heard him unbuckle and pull down his pants. I glanced under the stall at his feet and could tell he was turning around as if to sit on the toilet. I finished up peeing and started walking toward the sink. About this time, I heard a loud rush of pee hitting the water making the sound pee would make if he were standing up, not sitting down. So I turned around to see which way his feet were facing. To my surprise, I could not see his feet or! legs at all. Then I heard the loudest KERPLOP I've ever heard in my life. It sounded like a boulder falling into a lake. I thought hmmm . . . I've got to know if he is squatting on the toilet. After all, I did need to blow my nose, since I just got my haircut and may have inhaled some small hairs. So I walked quickly and discretely to the last stall to get some tissue. As I walked by, I could see out of the corner of my eyes through the crack that the guy was half standing, half squatting on the rim of the toilet and was reaching back as if to spread his cheeks. I blew my nose quickly and walked back to the sink. I kept hearing these really loud KERPLOPS, followed by the sound of him exhaling. I've heard of people squatting over a toilet with their feet on the floor, but never have I seen someone standing on the rim of the toilet. I guess he was used to the squatting types of toilets and that position was the most comfortable for him. I'm thinking of trying it myse! lf.

PublicToiletHater: I'm glad you are going to the doctor. I hope everything turns out to be okay. I know a guy that had the same problem about a year ago. He went to the doctor and found out it was not cancer or anything serious, like he feared, but instead something else (I don't remember what it was). Anyway, he was treated and is fine now.

Nicole: I hope you get better. Just ride it out and you will be better. About ten years ago, before I started taking care of myself, I used to get sick often. Once I got sick at work. I felt horrible. What I thought was my afternoon bowel movement turned out to be a wave of brown water. It went for about 15 minutes. I was praying God while sitting on the toilet with my dress up around my waist to get me out. After I wiped and pulled up, I returned to work and went home. I pulled off my dress and jumped into bed wearing a full slip. I woke up about 7 times in the night to sit on the toilet. After the last time, I just sat on the bowl alone. Next day, I crawled to work and was persuaded by a girl who heard my stomach churning to go home. I returned home and stayed home for 3 days.

Jenny: When I was in grammar school, I would take a stall from another student, unknown to me and the bowl would be filled with mushy logs of doo-doo. I would have to flush twice before I could urinate. I was in a parochial school. It was hard to believe that clean looking kids in school uniforms could be so violently messy. But, that is the work of the human body. We were pretty healthy kids looking back. Once I was in the West Indies. I was 12 and I was given a 16 y/o to pal with. We went to an aunt's house. I was fidgiting on the bus trip and needed a bowel movement. I went in the toilet, dropped my navy blue gym shorts and white carter's briefs to my ankles. I dropped six brown hard logs. Did my stomach hurt before and during the movement. I reached for toilet paper. There was none. Embarassed, I could not call out. So, they called for me. My aunt remembered there was no paper. She told the boy to give me a roll. I was intrepid. I opened the door. But, he stuck his hand in. My pants were down. But, my legs were closed. When I finished wiping. It took three flushes. I got out of there.

Poop Logg
Been a long time since I've posted, but I've been reading the board almost every day.

I just did an Altavista search for "dingleberry". The automatic spell-checker said "Did you mean dangleberry?" Had to laugh because 1) I've never heard the word "dangleberry" and b) Maybe they *should* be called "dangleberries", based on the etymology!

I have to go drop an urgent dump right now. I'll be back soon to tell yas about it.

Ahhhh... I'm back. I dropped my pants and sat on the bowl, immediately squeezing out a slightly soft, smelly turd. It made sort of a crackly squishing soound as it slid out. I let out a little burp then (don't know why, but I always seem to). I looked down and there were three turds arranged like the Roman numeral IV. They were 4, 6, and 8 inches long. Then there was a several minute period when nothing happened, but I knew that more was on the way, so I sat and waited. When it was time to squeeze again, I pushed for a while with no results; then some gas sneaked around, making a quiet fart. Soon after, another small turd dropped out. Then I was done. I had to wipe a lot due to the softness of the turds, so when I got up, there was a big pile of TP covering my products. When I flushed, the toilet sort of struggled to drain my dump, then it went completely dry and made sort of a "whip-a-whop whup" noise.

Hope you enjoyed! I know I did!

Monday, January 10, 2000

Jay from Texas
Just Found this site...and I like it.
I'm 21 and bisexual. i was taking a crap at the mall on saturday, and this 25ish year old dude comes into the stall next to me. now my stall and his stall share a toilet paper dispenser (their the kind that have 2 rolls on each side, and one side has the access door) anyways, the locks on the dispenser door has been broken off and you can open the door and see what's going on in the next stall. someone removed the doors and now you can see someone shitting next to you. obviously he was not modest because he flaunted EVERYTHING! (I spent the night at his place afterward) I had a semi hard movement, but it was a SHITLOAD!!! it stuck up above the water. it was a greenish brown color. He comes in, pulls down his CK jeans and briefs to his ankles, and lets the most noxious farts out of his hole. then the shit comes flying out his asshole crackling, then splashing. then i noticed something that amazed me....he wiped his bu! tt the same way I do! back to front from in between his legs. he and I started talking while we were crapping, and then he asked me out. But I must say this...he looked soooo handsome sitting on the pot! now when we are together we go into the same stall and crap together. I like to see dudes sitting on toilets.

TO: Public Toilet Hater

A cause for bloody diareah could be very serious, such as cancer, or it could be that you have irritated your colon with something. My dad did this with popcorn one time, he bled a lot and had to go the hospital. Eventually he died because his heart was so weakened by the loss of blood (but it was a about 4 years later).

You need to see a Dr.


Public Toilet Hater
I'm going to see a physician this week. I'd like to thank everyone for their advice and for wishing me well.

I'll post what the doctor says.

Jeff A.
PUBLIC TOILET HATER: Everyone's right, get to a doctor! If you're under a lot of stress as you say, maybe it's a bleeding ulcer. They can have that effect too. Either way, go get yourself checked out!

Mike (NYC)
FAT WOMAN: Nice to have you back.

COPROLOGIST: Be careful. I've noticed that some people are very defensive when it comes to their logs. Especially when cows start coming into the picture.

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