I usually go every day about an hour after lunch. A couple of months ago this routine i have was delayed by a spurr of the moment meeting my boss called.I ignored the cramps,passed a little gas and made it through the meeting and the rest of the day.So busy and never taking time to go,Iwas on my way home and i had to pee really bad! Ihad to shit real bad too but seemed to have that in check for the moment,but god did i have to pee!I new I should have found a store or something but Iwas almost home.I fought through traffic and almost lost it in the car.I got as far as my drive way .I got out of my car,and when i stood up it was just to much.Icouldn't even walk.All I could do was stand there.I started peeing!Icouldn't do one without the other,I had to shit so bad!Here I was a grown woman shitting in my Hanes Her Ways!I really loaded them up!Peeing for at least a minute!When it was over I waddled into the house, I had a skirt on and I remember trying not to let any of the shit fall out of my panties,onto the floor.It was terrible! Ive never told anybody about this.

In regards to the custodian (Donny). Man, if you're going to watch girls poop, do it from a hidden location. And I'm surprised that girls come in the bathroom to shit when you are cleaning it and could possibly see them on the toilet, straining, farting, and pooping. But if you have any stories about girls going to the toilet, especially if they were constipated, post them here.

I am a school custodian and I see the dumps kids take every day. I clean the bathrooms after school, but many kids stay late and come into the restroom to poop. Sometimes they're constipated, and sometimes they let go of huge loads. They never flush. I always have to encourage them to take their time and sit on the comfy toilet seats that I wipe just for them. The girls are giggly and love to meet the guy that takes care of their bathroom. I refill their soap and toilet paper dispensers, and always tell them to wash their hands. Some of the kids do not pay attention to which restroom they use. We even have girls usingthe boys urinals! Anyone ever heard of volunteering to clean the bathrooms in schools??? That's what I do. I run into kids in all kinds of situations, from constipation to diarreah. In the end, all the kids appreciate their clean, comfortable bathrooms.

How does everyone feel about unisex restrooms. I think they are great. I never did understand the purpose of having seperate ones. We do almost everything else in front of the opposite sex, such as farting, sneezing, eating, burping, blowing our noses, scratching, washing hands, gargling, combing our hair, clipping our nails, crying, drinking, etc., so why all the hoopla about pooping and pissing?????

Has anyone else found a wonderful toilet seat? I bought the Kohler French Curve toilet seat and it's the most comfortable seat I've ever used! I think most seats leave a lot to be desired

i have a real storie for you about the time i had to go in a hospitol i went in the clostest bathroom and started doing my thing when some stupid idiot cut out the lights and then walked out the door well i was almost finished when he walked back in and sead"this is the hospitol securty the power has gone out please exit through the nerest exit" and left lucklley another person walked in and cut on the lights what an experance in total darkness

Congratulations for reporting your pooping account here for the benefit of all of us. It wasn't that difficult, was it? Not more difficult than doing an actual poo ? So, please, keep telling us about your stories.. Philippe.

I played baseball from the time I was little all the way into college. Once during high school, we had a home game against the team from the bigger school down the road. Most of our team knew the players on the other side to see, and we all knew Tim. Well, Tim was playing left field, and late in the game, someone pointed out that between pitches, Tim kept edging towards the foul line. About ten feet past the line, there was a steep dropoff of about eight feet or so to the fence. Well, everyone was watching this, but nobody really knew what was happening, although he was clearly uncomfortable. After the third out, he sprinted off the field and down the bank. He came up about three minutes later, crying, and when he walked by our bench on the third base side, the brown stain on the back of his white pinstriped uniform pants answered all of our questions about what happened. I seem to remember that for high school kids, we were remarkably understanding about it, and nobody really made fun of him. Maybe we havwe have all had those close calls, and so we had some sympathy, I don't know.

I had to go into town first thing this morning. When I got there it was about 8-45 am, and the public restrooms in the city of K. do not open until 9 am, nor do most of the stores. The turds were knocking hard at the back door, demanding to be released. I then remembered the shopping mall which has to open at 8-30 because two of the stores open then, and they have a restaurant deck, where I had never been, but where there should, I reckoned, be a restroom. So I headed for the escalator. An elderly man stepped on to the escalator just before me. It was a long ride, and considering the time of day, I reckoned that the man in front had the same objective as I had. So I followed him, and sure enough, there were restrooms on that deck, and he went into the men's. I followed him. There were 3 stalls and he entered the middle one, so I went into the adjoining one. We obviously pulled down our pants in synchrony, because just as I sat on the toilet and let out that initial fart that precedes a BM, there was an identical sound from the nextdoor stall. After that I didn't hear anything more because any sound he made would have been drowned by the noises of my turds exiting my arse-hole. As usual they stank, so I flushed at once, and sat down again to wait for the next lot. As I waited, the guy next door tore off some TP, quickly wiped, flushed and left. After 5 min or so, my second installment arrived, not without some grunts and effort noises on my part. Finally I wiped (I even snook out to moisten a pad of TP for the final cleaning stage), washed my hands and left after 15 min, just as the shops were opening. It was a good restroom, I will visit it again.

At the Frank Zappa concert in Baltimore on Mothers' Day 1980 I spotted a gorgeous blonde leaving the arena. She was wearing light blue jeans, on the seat of which was a huge brown stain. She made no effort whatsoever to hide it - maybe she was advertising a run-in with a Zappa character called "The Illinois Enema Bandit" ?

I also have vivid memories of a food poisoning epidemic at Johns Hopkins Hospital in 1972-73. In particular, an older blonde name Jane and a Jewish woman named Carole were so sick they had to wear diapers to cope with it. Additionally, I saw another older blonde rush to the toilet several times, have a accident later that day, and show up in diapers two days later!

Jen, I loved hearing your experience, keep the posts coming.
I don't have any really cool stories today, but today at work I was in taking a dump when two other men walked into the bathroom just as I was letting off some pretty noisy farts, and I usually only let out quiet ones. They had a few jokes amongst themselves, maybe they thought they knew me. Actually, I was sort of amplifying the sound by positioning myself just right on the toilet to get a resonance effect, just so I could hear their reaction. They didn't know who I was, so what the hell did I care?

Thursday, July 17, 1997

I love the ladies posts, they are great. Well anyway, I have a great story for everyone. I am a 17 year old college student at Columbia University in New York. I live in CT and commute every day. Well one day I pulled into Grand Central and boarded the subway with a cup of coffee. I drank it and was on my way. About halfway to the campus the batterries in my walkman died. I decided to stop off and get some batterries at a pharmacy. I got off one stop early, 110th street, and started walking. All of a sudden I felt a cramp in my stomach and some pressure on my ass. I started walking fatser and was very diappointed to find the pharmacy closed. I continued walking quickly hoping to get to campus so that I can use a bathroom. I got to 114th street and panicked. I knew that I was not going to make it. I walked into a diner and looked for the bathroom, all of a sudden I exploded. I soft mushy shit started coming out of my ass just as I found the bathroom. I ran in and sat on the toilet. I was wearing a short cheerleader type skirt and panties. I knew the panties were destroyed so I just pulled up my skirt. After about 20 minutes I walked out and left the bathroom destroyed, full of shit on floor toilet seat and in toilet. I also left my panties there. I continued walking and found a small store along the way. They had some pantyhose so I bought a pair. When I got to campus I went into the bathroom and cut the pantyhose into the shape of panties, cut the legs off, and left them on for the rest of the day. On the way home I had another problem. That day I had taco bell for lunch and did not feel right the whole time since then. On the Subway back to grand central I hadd a major cramp. It was an express and I had about 5-6 minutes tioll the next stop. I was not going to be able to hold it. I squeezed my ass cheecks but I still started leeking. All of a sudden I exploded again, second time in publi in one day. This time it was almost all liquid and I had no real panties. It started to drip down my leg so I jumped out between cars and squated. People from both cars were watching but I had no choice. I finished quickly and took off the pantyhose from earlier and threw them away. When I got to grand central I just washed of in a bathroom and got on the train without any panties. Luckily I made it home the rest of the way without any accidents. However I think I might have flashed someone by accident when packing my car at the train station. Keep the posts coming, especially the ladies.

Last Sat night my girlfriend and went out to a bar for some drinking and dancing. I think we both had a bit to much. The next morning I was standing in the bathroom shaving. There is a knock at the door and my girlfriend asked if she could come in. I said sure. She came in wearing her nighty and slippers. She told me her stomic felt upset from last night. She went over and sat down on the toilet. This was a little bit of a suprise as she is usually shy about her bathroom habits. After a long pee she started to push and some farts came out. Then a long burst of very runney poo came out. She had three big pushes and poos. All of them very runney and loose. After she had finished she had to wipe herself several times to get clean. When she was finished she said she was sorry but that she couldn't have held it any longer. I told her it was OK and nothing to worry about. It is something that we all do. I think that this may be the beggining of her loosing s! ome of her shiness about going.

Pooping accidents aren't for everyone. I took a really nice "upper class" girl out fishing with me in the ocean. She'd never been fishing before, and I didn't want to turn her off of it, so I left my boozy buddies and the beer behind. Just me and her out fishing. She wore a little nautical sailor suit type getup, with tight white shorts. It was a calm day on the ocean, but the day before had been windy, and we went out right at the high tide swing, so it was kind of bumpy. Sheila loved it, screaming and laughing as I slammed the boat through the waves. We got to the place I wanted to fish and I shut down the motor to lewt us sort of drift. I told Sheila to let me know if she started feeling sick. But soon she was a lot less animated. I asked her a couple times if she felt okay, and she said "Fine!" each time. Suddenly, with no warning, she leaned over the side of the boat. "Awck!" she cried, like she was trying to throw up, but nothing came. Not out of that end. But her white shorts stretched tight over her cute little butt left no doubt what was coming out the other end. She gagged a couple more times, each time pooping her pants more, then she spit and stayed leaned over the side of the boat for a minute. At last, it was kind of comical the way she did it, without looking at me she reached back and felt her fanny, like feeling how big the poop was. It was so wet it had run out of her panties and shorts and down the insides of both legs into her white socks and cute little tennis shoes. At last she looked at me with tears in her eyes. To make matters worse, right then I hooked a big fish! She glared at me as I played it in the whole time. After I landed the fish, I finally took her back. I would have let her clean up in my boat, or jump over the side into the water, but she just sat there giving me the dirty looks all the way backto the harbor. We got there and she sat in my boat until I got it on the trailer and up in the parking lot. I gave her an old denim jacket to wrap around her waist, but she still had her legs and shoes stained and showing, and there were a lot of people around that sort of watched her and smiled as she got in my truck. She literally never spoke to me after that day!

So you like to hear posts from gals. I would not usually talk or think about visits to the bathroom, but your site has certainly given some interesting info. My visits are usually quite boring, and I have never had any accidents in my knickers. Perhaps lots of junk food contributes to the emergency situation, and I don't eat burgers etc.

Any way for a bathroom account of my own from just now! I'm off work today, and sat reading the paper then although I had taken my usual boring dump after breakfast, I felt not that comfortable in the lower regions, and decided I should go again. And take note of my action for all you readers, you might enjoy it too. Here goes, and I should point out that I am usually very discrete about this and never ever want to be overheard or seen doing my business. Walking upstairs to the bathroom I farted (dry) and not odorous that I could tell. I got into the bathroom took my jeans and navy blue knickers down and sat. Almost straight away I had a small fart which gave a sound and some smell. Your own smell is OK I wonder why? Then the sh.. started several loose plops and a feeling of reliefIt looked soft and brown in the pan. There followed a quite welcome and lengthy pee, real bliss. It was all over in just a few minutes. I wiped and finished off with a wash in the bidet, to get myself really clean. Thence to here and a quick account for your benefits. Guys just let me know if that is all that you want to know. I find it curious that you are interested in all this. If its OK perhaps some other shy ones will give their stories for you.

Wednesday, July 16, 1997

Sandra, I loved reading about your accident. Something similar once happened to me. I am a 34 yr old male. 5years ago I was driving home from the super market and got a strong cramp. Being in a rush to get home to the toilet i ran a yellow light as it changed to red. Unfortunately there was a cop at that intersection who pulled me over. She was not to sympathetic when I explained the situation to her and as she was writing up the ticket I totally lost control and filled my jeans with liquid diahrea. The officer probably noticed when she came back with the ticket but didn't say anything. It was a very unusual drive home the rest of the way as I was driving with my bum off yhe seat so as to not stain the seat. I was extremly embarrased as i got home and had to explain the situation to my wife. She teased me about it for a bit but since she had an accident about two years ago she no longer mentions it. Her accident is for another posting if anyone is interested.

I hope you don't mind me reading your pages. I'm only 13, but your old pages feature a 14 and 15 year old contributor, so I'm not too far behind. A few months ago my friend Mandy and myself decided to explore a pathway at night. This path led from the centre of the town to some playing fields. It was spooky enough in daylight but at night, in the dark, well, it was even more so! We walked until we were out of range of the street lights. We were both pretty shaky, when suddenly a bird flew out a hedge in front of us. Well, what a fright! When my heartbeat returned to normal, I felt wet. A quick feel told me I had a wet patch on the crotch of my jeans. I couldn't believe that I'd peed myself. But Mandy was in real trouble. I could smell that she'd messed her pants, and how! She invited me to feel what she'd done. It was a real load! I suggested that she might want to go home and change, but she just smiled, and said that it felt rather nice. We hung around for ages before she finally decided to clean up. Since then she has messed her pants a lot. I think she likes it!

I thought I ought to write and tell you (I know you guys are interested in this); that for some reason, my poos have been particularly large during the past few days. It's more a matter of thickness than length, and I know I already produce some fairly large specimens, but recently they have been amazing - approaching three inches thick - and best of all - no real discomfort! I am not aware that it was anything in particular that I ate, or drank that caused this; or even an illness (I feel fine).
It was a bit embarrassing the other day when I used the loo at a friend's house, and my poos were so large they got stuck in the bend. I needed two flushes to clear the bowl, and when I left the bathroom, our host asked me if everything was ok. He must have known from the smell what I had just done!

I stumbled across this site and though i find it a littie strange,i must go ahead and share the one accident i have had.Im a 37 year old woman that has had a couple of close calls,through the years.It was only 3 years ago that i had a full blown accident.I had taken a laxative the night before i went shopping in town one day.I was just finshing up my shopping when i started getting cramps.I was going home anyway and figured I could hold it until then.I was on my way home when the cramps started getting very severe and I was getting very worried.I live twenty minutes from town and theres nothing out there but highway.I normaly drive slow but i was speeding to get home when five miles from home i got pulled over.Iexplained my situation to the officer .He went back and wrote me up a warning.I figeted back n forth waiting,my asshole twitching,my insides on fire, trying so hard to fight the wave of cramps.Finally,he handed me the warning and I took off . I probably would have made it had I not gotten pulled over!I got a couple miles down the road and got the worst cramp ever in my life!I couldn't hold it anymore!I grabbed the steering wheel tight,raised my ass up and let loose the most violent rush of diarhea in my life! It filled my panties,overflowing into my jeans,down the back of my legs to the floor.Worst part was I had to sit back down to finish driving home!Got home,got out and filled my pants again trying to walk to the house.It was horrible.I'll never take a laxative again !

Tuesday, July 15, 1997

Poop really is like spiritual.
It has, everything you would want.
A poop poem:
Poop, Bm, Pee.
That is what I see.
Whenever I look in ,
Where the poop goes in!
Oh poop...I say goodbye when you go down,
The can of doom.
Oh, poop.
Oh, pee.
No one knows more about you then me.
-author unknown

Yesterday we were at a family picnic when after a supper of barbecued hamburgers I felt a cramp in my t??y. Unfortunately I mistook the cramp for the urge to pass gas. As I was farting I unexpectly let out a huge load of wet liquid poop. This was only the second time in adulthod that I had an accident and the first time I was alone in my car so no one noticed. This time I was wearing a beige cotton skirt and the mess was so big that my panties couldn't contain it and it started driping down my legs. There was no bathroom close by so I ran into the bush and emptied my panties in the bush. because I was wearing a short skirt I felt uncomfortable without panties so I put them back on even though the still had a lot of poop stuck to them. By that time I got back to the rest of the group the stain on my skirt was pretty bad. I told the group that I wasn't feeling well and had to leave early. I grabed my husband and had him drive me home to clean up. He teased me a bit about! in the car but not to the point of being degrading. I'm sure a lot of people in my family know that I shit myself. How very humiliating!

Has anyone had had any similar experiences of having an accident in front of family?

To Phillipe & others in Toilet- Sorry ya'all for walking into stall & not even droppin' my draws- busy w/ the New England relatives- however on Sat nite had Mex for din & took a good powerdump before leaving Cafe' ..Ran in rain to retrive my truck to load the Dad in while my GF ( Not a Shitlover ) & Mom ,Sister & Brother-Inlaw waited for valet service . While running, I decided to blow out a monster fart , not worried as I thought most of the shit was out. NOT ! A nice amount of loose shit came out & upon inspection I found a 8 in.Diam. shit stain on my kahki shorts..stupidly I did not put my "kit" back in my "rig" after last Tues. "accident" .. Family wanted Ice Cream so Dad & I went ahead to meet the others..I told him dinner gave me the shits- No big deal- happened to him in Army..Well Brother-inlaw & I got into dare game & I went inside DQ .. Another wave came right after eating a large waffle cone- went in , sat down & exploded a large mixed load of of loose logs & liquishit , flushed that first deposit- within 2 min. another smaller ver. came- flushed & began clean- up which took about 8 wipes. Well I flushed & the paper choked the pony, resulting in paper arising out of bowl & all over floor.. family was taking time & so I said f??? it & sat down w/ em..As the staff was preparing to close joint, they noticed the mens room & knew it must have been me as the shit stain was obvious upon entrance to shop....aint never going back there.

Will post more as time allows - Explorer

I went to a Businessmen's Breakfast on Friday. I'm not a businessman, but I was invited, so I went. There were about 50 people there approximately equal numbers of men and women. It began at 7 am, and by 8 am, my innards were telling me that Dumping Time was at hand. The event finished at 8-30, I hastened off to the men's room, thinking I would make sure of a stall before it got busy with businessmen doing their business, if you follow what I mean! It took me my usual 15 minutes to unload my three installments of turds, and to my total amazement, NOT ONE of that party of 50 joined me in the restroom for a crap. When DO businessmen do their number 2? I can't get by without my after-breakfast visit.

Last summer my wife and Iwere at a party.It was getting late and we were both pretty buzzed especialy my wife,I could tell she wasn't feeling well.We were standing Out in the street talking to some friends when she quickly walked to the side and started to barf.She was alfully sick and while she was barfing she shit herself. She was wearing fairly tight baby blue shorts and it just poured out of the legs of those shorts like mud! She was quite a mess.She just stood their peeing and crying.Our friends were amused I think. She was so drunk.Iwalked her to the car,and when we got to it she grabbed her stomach ,doubled over and filled her shorts again.It was quite a ride home.Don't think she want's to get that drunk again.

I'm new to the list, but I love all your guys' stories; keep posting and lets hear more from the ladies.

My most memorable experience was in the fourth grade, we had gone outside to play capture the flag or dodgeball or one of those other lame games fourth graders play, when about 5 minutes into it I got a sharp pain in my stomach and knew that I was about to have a massive attack of diarrhea. I started frantically looking around for some place to run to avoid messing myself but the rule was that during P.E. all the kids had to stay outside in the teacher's view. Well, after about ten more minutes I could no longer stand it. I sat down on the grass in an attempt to hold the mass of shit in when I lost all control and a huge flood of pasty shit the consistency of applesauce filled my jeans and ran down the back of my legs. The smell was overwhelmingly sickening, and I was afraid to rejoin the game because I feared someone would notice the smell or the massive stain that was no doubt all over the back of my pants. But I had to get up when P.E. was over to go back into the classroom, and there was no recess or bathroom break then, so I had to just go back into class and wait for school to get out, an hour later. So I walked into the class with this huge mess of runny crap all over my ass and sat down at my desk. That was the worst part; my desk was in the front row, and right next to a girl I secretly liked. I know she smelled something, because she was constantly sniffing at the air and glancing over at me accusingly. I think the teacher noticed too because she kept making funny faces in front of the class like she smelled something and when schol finally got out she asked me if I was ok because I "looked feverish." I said no but I ran out of there as fast as I could, afraid someone else would notice, and when I got home I had to throw out my underwear because they looked like they were made of chocolate. It was absolutely the most humiliating day of my life.

I really like all the females' posts--do any of you have a definite thing for shit? I didn't mean to ask a stupid question--I do know where I am.

Sup Desmond! Sorry, that wasn't me. I don' tliv ein Houston. I work in another big airport in out country way out west! Finally! I can write a shit story with confidence... I have had some really disapointing shits the past few days. The hard to get out knobby tiny shits that take forever. Yesterdays shit I thought I was going to run out of water in the toilet after all my little chunks dropped in and slashed me back! Anyhow... today after my lunch I was playing around on the computer looking at some new flights and routes we're startingand I decided I was done with that and decided to go shit. The urge wasn't that appant but I decided to try and maybe things might strat flowing. I went in and found my favorite gate 9 bathroom middle stall open. Ass gasket and then me. I let out a fart and then pushed! All at once this soft and HUGE shit escaped me! There were some coilers and some chunks. It smelt soooooo bad (good!) I started to pis and read. I thought! how relieved I was to have my regular huge shits back! I te 3 plums last nght... maybe that's why. I needed a good cleaning out. I squeezed out a couple more softies and let a few more farts out. I wiped and it took forever. I have a hariy ass and most guys with hairy asses know what I am talking about right? It took me forever! Anyhow I flushed and it left a little masterpiece for the next guy. I wonder what this hot girl thought as she saw me leave the restroom with a book. MMMMMMM! =) Well... that all for now. Still heading to Tokyo at the end of the month on an eating and drinking expedition! I love Asahi so Im going to have some good beer shits! Can't wait to have them and write about them!! Oh and the foood in business clas is awesome and bountiful too!

Ciao, Keith

I was reflecting on why we guys become interested in women and their toilet visits and put begginnings of my own interest down to the time (a long time ago) at infant school. There the girls and boys "offices" were at opposite ends of the playground, and being an only boy at home I was naturally curious as to why girls should "go" in a different place. This natural curiosity was increased by the fact that at that time, just after the war, paper was in short supply. To conserve stocks, toilet rolls were kept in the classroom. If you needed any for a shit, then you would have to ask the teacher. A maximum of 3 sheets were allowed, and this was of the smooth hard kind, which didn't do much cleaning in use. There was a fellow classmate called Barbara, who I thought at that tender age was quite attractive. I remember that she would "go" every day after lunch at the same time. I knew this because she would go to the teacher for the toilet paper, and solemly count out three sheets before tripping off to the girls. I always wanted to know what happened then. The posts on here and my own observations have filled in the gap in my knowledge, however, possibly because of my early experiences, girls and women going off to "perform" always provides an arrousing feeling and an interest in what will be happening. Perhaps women visiting this site will inform us if they are at all interested in men or other women as they perform, or do they just put it all down to "men behaving badly"?

I've never been here before but I happened to land here by chance. I don't know if this qualifies but one spring break I stayed with a friend of mine at his farm in Iowa. One day I went to my room and accidentally saw my friend's mom going through my dirty clothes bag. She was pulling out pairs of my dirty underwear. I was extremely embarrassed because my underwear always gets extremely poop-stained in the back and yellow in the front. My friends mom was holding the dirty undies in front of her nose and was sniffing the stains in the seat. She seemed to enjoy the smell. A few days later I needed to take a shit but my friend was in the bathroom. His mom told me to use her bathroom in her bedroom. As I sat down on the toilette I saw a pile of her dirty clothes on the floor. I thought that as long as she has seen my dirty shorts, I'm going to look at hers. Under a blouse was a pair of panties rolled-up inside a long-legged girdle (she must have pulled them off at the same time). I spread the legs of the girdle and whole crotch and about half way up the back of the girdle was brown-stained. As I pulled the panties out of the girdle I saw that they were the high waist white mylon type. These were so stained and smelly and I realized she has just as bad hygeine habits as I did. For some reason her extremely dirty panty and girdle dorve me crazy.

Sunday, July 13, 1997

We need more female stories in here. Post the stories you have. I want to read tham.

I just witnessed a really embarassing accident. Janet and I just started seeing each other recently and we both had the day off today and went to Six Flags. We had a fun time riding rides, eating junk food, generally goofing off. Finally at the end of the day we were both ready to go home and collapse in each others arms so we headed out to the parking lot. Needless to say it is a BIG parking lot and it took a while to get to our car.
When we got there I unlocked the door foir Janet and started to kiss her once before we got in to drive home but she pushed me away and had a funny look on her face. I asked, "What's the matter, dear?"
"I wish I had gone to the bathroom before we left. I don't feel so good. Something I ate must not have agreed with me, " she replied, " I think I'm going to be sick!"
"Are you going to throw up?"
She swallowed and said, "I'm not sure. I just don't feel good." After a pause she asked, "Do you have any napkins or kleenex in the car?"
"Yeah, in the glove compartment."
"Oh shit! This is really embarassing but would you mind standing there in case someone comes by? I don't want anyone to see and I know I can't make it to a bathroom."
She opened the door and grabbed a few napkins out of the glove box then lowered her shorts and squatted right there with the door shielding her from one side and me from the other and began to piss furiously and almost simultaneously an explosion of really loose stinky shit erupted from her ass.
"Oh god, I'm sorry. I just can't help it, " she said. "This is really embarrassing, I hope no one sees me."
Finally after a few loud farts and a bit more shit she wiped her ass, dumped the paper on top and we got in the car and beat a hasty retreat. She kept apologizing and I consoled her and said to just tell me if I needed to stop the car anytime. Fortunately though, that one sudden diarrhea attack seemed to get it out of her system and we made it home just fine.

HI to my buddy KEITH. I was in the big airport here in Houston yestereday and I saw a ramp agent in his shorts uniform go into the Restroom with a book, so naturally I went in there also and sat in the next stall. I was thinking its KEITH on his break with his book. The guy took a big, groany, gassy 20 minute dump. It was cool. I stayed till he finished and then ran to the gate to meet my friend, whose plane came in about 10 minutes b4. I gave some dumb excuse about having trouble parking. To COPOROLGIST, I totally agreee about bathrooms with one stall being a terrible design. It is very un- nerving knowing that any second someone may come in and have to dump. It also makes it impossible to sit there and observe how others dump. I personally will not give my business to a store that only has one stall. K-mart is the worst, they opened a knew one here and it is a huge store with only ONE stall! I feel for the employees that need a big RR to take breaks in and take there dumps.
Yesterday I was at the mall and someone was in the stall with the door opened and I accidentally walked in on him, and he was gritting his teeth and rocking on the toilet seat. I said, oh sorry man! He stopped pushing and said thats kool, just a little constipated! I sat down in the next stall and pushed out a messy, hangover induced load. He started talking to me and said that he wishe

My cousin that I have watched through a hole from time to time does the same thing. As she pushes harder and harder, she rises up on her toes as she poops. When she pushes one out, she rises even higher on her toes. As for wiping, she remains sitting and lifts on of her cheeks up and wipes under it.

Here's another accident report of mine--how come no other guys than buff seem to be willing to own up, huh? Anyway, I was in the middle of K-Mart one day, after having a huge Italian lunch. Let me tell you before it gets too far in...I cannot hold some certain Italian foods, and I had eaten a great deal for lunch. Fine, I though, I can make it home. The abdominal pains weren't too bad then. I walked down one aisle and thought I'd double over; it was so bad, then pain just hit me like a sledgehammer, and it was so intense that I just shit my pants then and there. And I was wearing *SHORTS*! So there I was, in denim shorts, with shit pressed up against my ass, and of course I always pee when I shit, so there that went. I couldn't hide it any way at all, so I just untucked my shirt and tried to hide it that didn't work. I got the oddest looks from a bunch of people, including this little kid who remarked rather loudly upon the incident to his mother, who was standing nearby. It was embarassing...but it felt good to get that out! ...stay messy! James (aka wetseat)

A few years ago, my dietary habits weren't as refined as they are now, and I often had a problem with getting a sudden urge to shit, accompanied by very sharp cramps. For some reason, these seemed to come most often while riding in the car. One night when my wife and I were returning from visiting my parents, I was hit with a wave of cramps and some serious rumbling, letting me know that a big, wet, messy shit was coming fast. I knew there was a rest stop about fifteen miles further, so I alerted my wife, who was driving, that I would need to stop there. Unfortunately my body had other ideas, and the cramps intensified. I was lifting my butt off the seat so I could squeeze my cheeks tighter through each cramp. Finally, I knew I wouldn't make it to the rest area, so I told my wife to find a suitable spot to pull over. She pulled off next to a field with waist high grasses of some kind, and I ran out, armed with a travel pack of Kleenex. I barely made it into the field and lowered my jeans and briefs when a huge load of thick, mostly liquid shit fired out. The pressure had built up enough so that it didn't take long to finish, but even outside next to the highway, the smell was overpowering. The great thing about those shits is, as messy as they seem coming out, they usually require very little wiping to be totally clean. I finished wiping, added the tissues to the pile of free fertilizer I left for the farmer, and got back in the car. Keep the posts coming; I especially like to read the experiences of the females out there.

To Explorer
Looking forward to reading your stories.

Hey, all! I just read Coprologist's response to my post. I'm not the greatest communicator, so let me expand a bit. When I'm in a large public restroom, I don't have any problem with the noise I make, regardless of how many stalls are occupied. But I do make sure the stall door is closed! Funny, when I was young I used to take a shit in front of my male cousins or friends and it didn't bother me a bit. I guess after I turned 13, I didn't want anyone seeing me shit, male, and definitely not female!!! But anyway, in a large public restroom, I like it when I have a lot of loose-as-a-goose mail to move, and I good, sturdy flush-o-matic toilet to dump it all in!!! And I do give it all I got, one time at work, I got carried away, and after I wiped and got ready to flush, I discovered that my VERY LOOSE POO had splattered all over the rim (probably under the seat too I didn't look!), up and over, and went to the back wall (The flush handle was on the wall, and being a heavy-duty toilet there was a long and wide part of it behind the seat & bowl that screwed into the wall - my shit-piss-water mix got that good!!!). I discussed a similar incident at home in my very first post here (under the name "Gray Poopon".). And no, I don't squat over, I do sit on the seat! I'm sure that poor janitor was cursing me for a month! But when you gotta go...

Getting back to my poop-shy side, it is embarrassing to get walked in on, and I do get embarrassed on the very rare occasion I walk in on someone else, cause I know that person is embarrassed!!!

Finally, the last place I want to meet a sexy woman is out in the woods while I'm letting out a huge 3-foot log behind the bushes!!! Just thinking about that makes me blush!!!!

i am 23 male from israel (if my name sound starnge) well... once i forgot to take my keys in the morning so when i went back from school i find out that i can't get in side my house and also i had an urge to take a huge dump so i decided to take it down stairs back yard , so i went down to take a dump and while i am pushing out my turds i noticed that my next door neighbour saw me ohh that was very embarcing


* sorrey about any spelling mistakes

I have a knew story, I was out camping this past week and went on a walk through the oods with a friend of mine. She and I chose an easy trail the first day. We were about halfway through the 6 mile trail when we noticed a girl running in the distance. She was running and had her hands on her butt. She asked us how far it was to the end and we told her, she screamed and looked around. Then she screamed "Shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" and a brown liguid dripped down her leg and her bicycle shorts turned brown. Then she ran off into the woods and hid under a bush. A minute or two later a man about the same age as her. He was pushing 2 bikes. He asked where she went and we told her. We waited till he came backand he expolained that she was sick and we took their bikes back while he carried her back to the rangers station, three miles away. How come there are not any more women posting??

Thursday, July 10, 1997

I'm a straight male ,35 who has had a lifelong fasination with dumping. Since age 5 , I always got off on taking a big one in the toilet or outside. Most kids are open about shit & it was not uncommon for the girls as well as boys to poop in front of others outdoors or on toilet. Grew up in a conservitive home in New England where the subject was closed to discussion. I am into running & fitness for health & really like the awesome dumping it causes. Have lots of stories that I will post as I reconstruct them. Love athletic women who are not ashamed of pooping & would like to hear from them.

I was intetrested to read what Mike said about privacy in the toilet. I wouldn't like to be walked in on while doing my business, because it would be more embarassing for the person who walked in than it would for me. But worrying about the noises or stink that you make in a public restroom being heard is pointless. You are shut in, and as long as no-one saw you go in, no-one knows that it's you who are there. So go ahead and make as much noise and smell as you like, even if the other stalls are occupied. Personally, I find it best if many of the stalls ARE occupied. It gives me something to listen to while I am waiting for the next installment of turds to arrive at the back door. (I normally shit in a minimum of two, usually three installments, with up to 5 minutes interval between). Even if your next door neighbor does not fart or make grunting noises, it is always interesting to hear how much TP they use, and how thoroughly they wipe. The ones I can't stand are the ones who whistle or sing or hum while doing their business. (Although I have to confess that I drank a cup of tea while on the pot at home this morning).

Yes, I enjoy my daily bm's as they leave me light and refreshed. I have been really regular the past week. In fact one day after an evening meal of chili, I had 3 dumps!!! 2 at work and 1 at home after work. They were all normallogs shits but very large in quantity! I have had double dumps the past 3 days now. I love that!! A few days ago I could only manage a few small turds, but I think I made it up in one of my double dumps! It is too much to write in detal but everyone gets the jist of what I am talking about. Perhaps I will become ore regular again on this forum... I haven't been in the mood everynight to discuss my dumps. Im too lazy aand tried after work. We'll see...


Wednesday, July 09, 1997

Most people enjoy eating. Because of the taboo on talking about it, we will never know how many people enjoy dumping. But for those of us who are prepared to discuss it in this excellent forum for the purpose, most people come to the realization that defecation can, given the right psychological attitude, move from relief - satisfaction - enjoyment.

Keith quite clearly enjoys unloading his cargo each day, and so do I. It is important to adopt a lifestyle that allows one enough time to take full satisfaction from our daily dump. In particular this means doing it at a time when one does not have to rush due to commitments of work, classes etc. and that if one does one's business during the working day that again, we allow enough time. One good reason for allowing long enough is that otherwise one will have to make a second visit within a few hours.

I particularly enjoyed my visit to the shitter yesterday. I had to call in at the supermarket on my way to work, so I saved my dump until I got there. That extra half hour of waiting was very good, because the minute that my arse touched the seat in the single stall men's room at JS (not a supermarket chain that US readers will recognize), I let fly with my first installment of soft, abundant and very stinky turds. The smell was so bad that I flushed at once. I then got my computer catalog out and started to wait for the second lot, which arrived after 3 minutes or so, but needed some pushing and grunting to expel. I flushed that too. Then after another 3 or 4 min, the final installment of about 4 smallish turds was pushed out with some effort, accompanied by a few grunts. Wiping was quick and easy, and my anal soreness has gone. I was washed and out in a total of 15 min, almost the best 15 min of the day. I felt light and empty and happy for hours afterwards.

Single stall shitters are a disadvantage for two reasons:
1. If someone else comes in needing a shit, he has to hang around until you are through, and this may make you rush.
2. There is nothing to listen to in adjacent stalls. Since society does not allow us to look at our fellow human beings taking a crap, it cannot prevent us listening, even if this is a theoretical invasion of privacy! I love to listen, the more farts and grunts and gasps there are, the better. In return, I have lost my own inhibitions and now make as much noise as I can when on the pot in a public restroom.

I am 17 years old and female. I was at a sleepover with three other of my girlfriends. In the morning someone was in the bathroom and we all needed to use it it as we were up almost all night drinking and eating junk food. Well, we all had to take a shit and the only bathroom was taken. I was squeezing my butt cheeks as much as possible but I could not hold it anymore. I pretty much could tell the same about the others from their facial expessions. QAll of a sudden I saw Gina's face turn red and a smell started to fill the room. I knew then that she had shitted in her panties. I immediately released my grip and shitted in mine. After the smell spread a little from ours, everyone let go. The smell was horrendous. When the bathroom freed up we could not decide who should go first so we all went at once. We hoped into the shower all naked and washed each other clean. We had a great time. That room stunk for over a week and we buried the panties we soiled to comemorate the event and as a sign of trust so none of us could tell on another. This was the best shit I took in a long time.

Last night my wife went out to dinner with her parents. We wnent to this great Mexican restaruant in the city. When we got back to my in laws place my wife's mother asked us to come upstairs t see the new outfit she had bought that day. My mother in law is 47 with long slender legs and a nice round firm ass. She is also very shy about her bathroom habits. This I know from my wife. As far as I know my wife is the only person who has ever seen her go to the bathroom. She seems to be more open with her. The will pee in front of each other and on a couple of occasions my mother in law has had a BM in front. When she sits on the toilet she sits very tall and straight. As she gets closer to going she pulls her feet in closer to the toilet and only her toes are touching the ground. Back to last night. As she was showing us the new dress she suddenly put her hand on her t??y and said "I have to go the bathroom". I immediately became excited because I could detect a note of panic in her voice. As I knew how shy she was this ment it must be an emergeny from the dinner. She put the dress and quickly went out into the hall and into the bathroom and shut the door. The toilet is right beside the door as soon as you go in. I quietly went over to the door and put my ear up against it. I could here her unzipping her pants and pulling them down around her knees. She sat down quickly on the toilet and was quite for just a second. I could hear her take a deep breath and start to push. I could hear some pee start to come out of her and splash into the toilet. She pushed for about 5 sec and then let it out. She quickly took another breath and pushed again. This time I could hear it start to come out of her. It was very soft and smooth. The first bit came out slowly. With another big push it all came of her and splshed into the toilet. From the sound there was quite a bit of it. As she let out her breath I could hear the relife in her voice. I knew she must have had to go bad because she knew that I was upstairs while she was going. She then started to take toilet paper to wipe herself. She had to wipe 7 or 8 times as it was very soft and smooth. No doubt one of the more exicting encounters I have had with her.

Tuesday, July 08, 1997

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