I am graduating from HS the end of this month. I took a GED and passed. I don't have to be followed by these dumb security guard who think they are corrections officers. I was relegated to an office building disguised as a school. The commercial tenants a few flights below let me use their bathroom. They even give me a key. I just leave my floor when I have to. What a relief it has been to go into a 4 stall, close the door and perform what comes naturally. I start school early in the morning. So, I eat breakfast and then walk to midtown. After a good walk, I am ready to make #2. So I duck into the locked room, close the door, shed off my wooly coat, lift my dress, pull down my panty hose and gray cotton panties and devote 15 minutes on the toilet before classes. I don't wear slips; they are too much for school. Later, I piss around 10am, then at noon. When I come home, I will then make again. My kid bro is home. So he and I will talk while I have another bowel movement. We are! close that way. I keep the door half open. Sometimes he comes in. I eat bran flakes and prunes washed down with milk. That usually produces 2 or 3 half foot dark brown logs. Sometimes, it will be 12-18 inch. They feel good sliding out of my behind and hitting the water with a splash. Sometimes, I am constipated so I must push when I feel the urge. No one to bother me. Sometimes I am alone in there. Sometimes some one walks in on me. I don't mind. I am at peace and not in harm's way. Many years ago, Althea told me school was that way. Without guards. I wish I were born 21 years earlier.

I have been spending a lot of time lately hanging out with Chuck, the Law Associate I work with. We have actually broached the subject of his uninhibited farting and shitting in public. He is straight and married, but really likes to fart and shit in front of other guys, he says for he gets off on it for some reason. So lately when he has to take a shit, he will come by my office with a newspaper and let me know he’s ready to unload. Lately he also will tell me what it’s going to be like. For example, if it’s going to be loud or nasty, or if he feels that he has some particularly huge logs waiting to come out. Yesterday at the gym we were in the sauna and Chuck was lying on his stomach on the wood bench. He has a large smooth ass but a very hairy crack. We were conversing when suddenly he let loose three farts in a row. The first one was loud and powerful and quite long and the other two were slightly shorter but still very loud. The thing that blew me away was that I could see his cheeks jiggle when he farted! Chuck whistled and started laughing. For a few minutes we discussed the farts, the tone, the length, the smell, etc. Then this morning Chuck came by at his usual time, around 10:30am. He comes in my office and says “Got a whopper waitin' dude.” I accompanied him to the bathroom and we went into adjacent stalls. He quickly pulled down his pants (didn’t bother with the ass gasket) and sat down heavily. Absolutely the very moment his ass hit the seat a very loud crackling sound started up, and continued, and continued, and continued, and continued, and then a very loud plop. “UH,” Chuck grunted. Then I could hear smaller logs started to slip out of his asshole slowly. I counted 8 plops. “Now that was a major load, huh dude.” I said, “No kidding, sounded like a cruise missile hit the water with that first one.” Chuck farted a few more times and a small amount of loose shit blasted out of his butthole. He sighed and groa! ned and then reached for the toilet paper. He wiped vigorously six times and the sound of the toilet paper brushing along his hairy crack was very loud. We discussed Chuck’s dump as we washed our hands, the whole room reeking of his latest performance.


Today i was at school i went to use the bathroom(to pee) and there are about 3 urinals and 1 stall in the guys bathroom at school. I looked into the stall and i noticed that all the toilet paper was gone, infact the toiet paper holster was taken down from the wall. I wonder what happended to it? What if someone has to shit(i hope i don't). I haven't pooped since Sunday and today Is Tuesday.

Happy New Year to everyone. I haven't posted for a while as there has not been much to report. Had quite a few good dumps over the holidays, as I expect most of us did. I didn't go New Year's Eve or New Year's Day, but went three times on Sunday! The first one was a six inch log around noon. I knew there was much more to come and I wasn't wrong. At about 4pm, I let loose with a couple of fairly large soft logs. To my surprise, I had to go again at about 8pm. This one was just a pile of soft shit. I guess all the holiday eating finally caught up with me!

I can testify that small kids can drop large loads. I was in a stall in a shoping mall last week and a little kid, aged about five or six went in the next stall. I heard him grunt, but didn't hear any other sounds. I therefore had my suspicions that he had dropped a big one which had slid silently into the bowl. I was correct; he didn't flush, so when I left I looked in his stall and there was one huge log in the wa! ter, about 12 inches long and 1.5 inches thick. I would have been proud of that one! Imagine the relief he must have felt after he was finished!

My first Y2K poop was about 5 min after midnight. On New Years Eve I went to Chedders Restaurant, and ate a one pound sirloin steak, baked potato, beans and rice, spinach dip and chips, and apple pie a la mode for dessert. I couldn't finish all the chips, and I left 2 pieces of apple pie crust.
Anyway, with my urgency to shit increasing, I tuned into my local NBC station to ring in the Milleneum, and then I headed for the toilet. I shitted out some big logs at first, flushed them away, then I sat there for 30 minutes, and then blew out a lot of loose green shit. I had to flush many times so I wouldn't back up my commode. I had to go to Wal Mart to buy more TP, so I wiped, flushed, washed my hands and went to my local 24-hour Wal Mart, which was open New Year's Day. I continued my very extended dump there. I finally got it all out of my system. It wasn't pure diarrhea, but it was simi-solid, very loose green poo that came damn close. After sitting on the Wal Mart toile! t for about 20 minutes, I was finally convinced I was done, so I wiped, flushed my load including the ass gasket, washed my hands, and then bought some TP paper towels and some Sam's Choice bottled water.
No Y2K related plumbing problems to report in my area, much to the dissappointment of the porta-can leasing firms, I'm sure.

Good day! MWB

Tuesday, January 04, 2000


Hi Everyone,
I haven't posted in awhile...nothing intresting to post. The first time i pooped in the new year(2000) was Saturday(new years day) around 5pm est. Then today i was home...i had been away for several days and so we had a party here and before everyone left i was getting an urge to pee so i decided to hold it till everyone had left...then almost everyone was gone and i got an urge to poop at the same time. Then i decided to poop(everyone was gone). I had to shit first, then i was pretty much done and then i pissed(around the it wouldn't fall apart) and then i sat down some more and pooped a bit more. Im like ahh ahhh that feels much better then i wipe, man i had to wipe so much!! It was soooo soft and alot of wiping had to be done. Then i looked at it and it was about 12-14 inches long. It was huge man!! You would have thought i hadn't taken a shit in 4 days. It had been about 24 hours since i last went. There were a few smaller turd! s in the bowl. Then i wiped and flushed and washed my hands.

Steve I'm glad someone new read my stories and likes them. Well i try not to leave anyhting out of a story. My cousins a great writer and he told me the best way to make a good writing is to write everything and try to rmeber everything.. keep your eyes and all your senses open at all times.. and even the smallest detial and be the biggest thing. Hmm.. well I get constipated alot.. but when I'm regular I pop twice a day.. in a week? hmm well it depends on what the poop wants to do. Have I ever clogged the toilet whoa boy.. just about all the time.. but heh it's embarassing. One time I heard my auntie tell my cousin "Man it was crazy, Linda had been in the bathroom a long time.. then the door opens and out comes this small girl with a happy face on skipping out. I go in and man.. it stunk to high heaven." But sometimes my cousin helps me out and it's cool. Oh but when I'm constipated.. it takes forever to unclog it. Um I grunt tons.. and yes I pass gas.. but lately I try to le! t it come out on it's own like some girls here do. I can't stand it.. the feeling of the poop, a huge wide one sliding out of my poop spikey bit by spikey ever so slowly feels sooo god it feels naughty. I can't stand it so I usually give in and grunt my brains out. Sigh. JW yes I do help my little sisters out. I comfort them, rub their ???? and even sometimes play cheerleader.(But without the short skirt they maybe my sisters but no way am I jumping around showing my pampies [panties])I told them to pull up on the seat and it helps them a bit. But mostly they like having me stay there with them talking to them.. it helps them relax and when you're relaxed poopings MUCH easier. But like me.. they hear the PLOP and the break out in giggles. My poor little sis who could not hold her poop in and went in the trashcan.. it was so big and hard.. it went THUD in the trashcan. I'll tell about my story next time. Kinda out of time now.. oh what do you mean by more JW? I'll tell anyht! ing you want hear.

Hi guys! Linda, yes, I am still here. I'm happy to read that you were able to see your family over the Christmas holiday.

Torie, are you still reading this forum? I haven't heard from you in a while.

Bill, I think you want to know about how I helped Alex pee into the bedpan. I made sure the curtain was around her, even though she was in a private room. She then pulled up her gurney and down her panties. She lifted herself up slightly and I put the pan within aiming distance of her vagina. I helped hold her up while she peed for about 15 seconds into the bedpan. I then took some kleenex and dabbed up her vagina. She then put her clothing back on. I emptied the contents of the bedpan into the toilet of the bathroom, also in her room. FWIW, I also accompanied her to the bathroom on the next morning and made sure everything was okay. She did everything on her own, but I stayed with her in case she was unable to walk. As for Alex and me sharing "more than a buddy dump," the answer is no. You may (or may not) know that we have another mutual friend, Laura, who is bi. She has told us she wants no part in watching anyone (of us) go to the bathroom since she "doesn't want to become unduly aroused." My buddy dumps with Alex and Jodi are intimate, but not sexual. As for Eric, he and I do have strong feelings for each other, and do a lot of flirting and touching, but nothing *serious*.

Mike D., welcome to the group. As you may know, Eric is Alex's brother and one of my closest friends. We have buddy dumped several times. Both of us would not go in front of most people, either of the same or opposite sex. He and I have had a strong bond for several years, and FWIW, he loves the sound of me peeing into the toilet more than watching me take a dump, although he likes that too :). I hope you are able to find a woman who would like to buddy dump with you. If you don't mind me asking, how old are you? Alex, Laura, Jodi, and I are 21, Eric is 19. We all live on the East Coast, so I'm afraid you won't be encountering any of us (in person) soon; please write back.

Peace and love, Steph

2 million people in Time Square for the new year festivities!!! I doubt there are enough porta potties in all of New York to service that many people! Was anyone there?

I was reading the post about people just walking in while someone is on the toliet I do agree that would that would not be appropreate. but what if you ASK the other person if they would be willing to let you watch would that be acceptable

Public Toilet Hater
I have been having a lot of bloody diarrhea lately. There is quite a lot of blood and it turns the whole bowl red. It isn't hemorrhoids -- it is coming from inside.

What would cause this? It happens when I get nervous or upset, but the quantity of blood concerns me.

Linda's tale about being in the toilet with her mother when the latter did a motion. I am now aged 23 and a similar event happened to me about 13 years or so ago when mum was about 30.

We had both gone to a country cottage on holiday where there was an outside toilet at the foot of the garden. This was okey during the day but a bit spooky at night. A couple of evenings beforehand mum had gone to that toilet before going to bed but had got the fright of her life when a horse from the nearby field had come up to the door and neighed loudly. If she hadnt already been sitting on the pan she would have shit her panties. After that she decided to pee in a bucket at night and empty it down the sink (as many know fresh urine from a healthy person is quite safe unlike feces). This was okey for number ones but if she had done a poo she couldnt dispose of it that way and the smell would have stunk out the small cottage. Well a couple of days later it happened. It was about 8.! 30pm and dark when she farted a few times, held her ???? and said, "Oh I need the toilet and its a motion" I suggested she do it in the bucket but for the reasons given she said no. I also said to hold it in till the morning but she said that would be very uncomfortable and it might come out in her panties when she was asleep and make a big accident. She would have to go down the garden and she took me with her as she was obviously scared. (We are both confirmed townies from Birmingham).

Entering the toilet she hitched up her skirt and pulled her panties , (white with a blue floral pattern), down to the top of her thighs. I would add that she has always been a modern type not prudish and I had often seen her naked or dressed only in bra and panties about the house. She did her wee wee then I heard her take a breath and go "OH! UH! NNN!"
I could smell the odor of a good solid poo and heard the crackling sound as it slowly came out. I asked "Are you constipated M! um? to which she replied, "Not really but I didnt go yesterday so its a big fat one! She continued to go "NN! AND UH!" then it plunged into the pan with a loud "KUR-SPLOONK!" Taking another deep breath she said "OH that's better!" As she got off the pan I saw the big fat jobbie floating in the pan. It must have been about 12 inche s long and 2 and 1/2 fat and was shaped like a letter J curved at the tapered end for the last 3 inches or so. Now having watched her I felt I needed myself and told her so she said to sit on the pan, do my jobbie, then she would pull the flush to save water. (This toilet emptied into a cess pit in the garden). I sat on the still warm seat and did my own much smaller (about 7 inch long 1 1/2 inch fat turd) on top of hers, although I didnt know the phrase a "buddy dump" before she pulled the flush. When the water cleared my little jobbie had gone but her big fat one had stuck. As the cistern took a while to fill and she didnt want to stay out on the! dark she left it till the next day when it took another two flushes to get it to go away.

Has anyone else had a similar experience with a parent, aunt, sister etc?

Mike D.
Alex, I am glad that your first postop dump was a success. Kudos to Steph and Jodi, whose moral support help made your ordeal that much more bearable. They are truly wonderful friends. I hope you you get better real soon. Love, MikeD.


I know you off to school again real soon so I wish all the best of luck. Be talking to you soon.

To Larry Barfburg: I am a regular in Toronto. It is a great city with streetcars and subway trains. And the people are great. I felt sorry for that little boy. I can handle the sound of diarreah. But, I can not "stomach" the sight or sound of vomit. Not even, my own. Perhaps, strange food in a strange place and possibly an intestinal flu. Thank God, I haven't been that sick in years. I would rather a running stomach, than nausea. I had that in elementary school. No fun. Vomiting all night and day. Then diarreah for the week. I was guilty of overindulging. But, when you are a kid you pick up anything. I'll admit. When I feel queasy. I curtail food and drink tea with lemon and honey. A whiff of ammonia or a pinch of salt on the tongue helps.

Hey guys! It's been a while. Not much to report on except I had a weird dump the other night. I had to get rid of my New Years Eve load. You should have seen the food on my plate. I didn't even have that much food on Thanksgiving or Christmas. It was like having Thanksgiving or Christmas all over again. That night I spent the night with my girl cousin and I got the urge but didn't want to go until the next night. When I did I was getting ready to take a shower do I stuck my finger up my whole and when I took it out it had a greyish green color to it. When I dumped, I dumped into my hand and it was a large fat turd and some balls. All of it was a greyish green color. I don't even remember seeing one bit of brown. I don't know why it was like this. I had a previous dump I think Thursday and it was about the same color except I think there was more grey in it.

Hi. You had a very interesting post about boys having more trouble using the bathroom when you are in there with them and girls were fine about it. It's very obvious, they are females and so are you. Boys have a problem because you are a woman and they are boys. I'm not trying to say anything bad about you but I would be just as embarrassed as he was. If you can find a male to supervise the boys room so they will feel more confortable when using the restroom. Males seem to be more confortable with other males when dealing with these things. You might want to consider this. It might even make your job a little easier since you wouldn't have to worry about the boys.

From the childrens unit in the UK.
I haven't posted in because I have had a few days off over Christmas; there was only a skeleton staff on duty through the holiday as most of the children went home.

Today was my first day back; we the staff have to glance into the toilets frequently, sometimes to find people who need drugs or injections. Another reason is there is a train station less than 10 minutes down the road and it doesn't pay to have some out of sight for 30 minutes or so.

I went into the boys toilets this morning looking for a boy we needed at reception; he was standing at a urinal with his back to me. I told him he was required when a boy of 13 who had just been admitted this morning walked into the room. He took no notice of me and walked up to a toilet pulled down his trousers and sat down. I then started walking towards the door to leave when he started asking me about weekend leave. I was briefly telling him when I heard him starting to reli! eve himself down the toilet for a few seconds. I was expecting him to wait till I had gone, in fact I was a bit embarrassed standing there but did not let him know and just acted normal. As he was talking to me he rolled up his shirt at the back and pushed his trousers on his knees and tore off a piece of toilet paper. I just joked to him "I'd better give you some privacy to finish what you are doing and speak to you in the day room". He said "ok" and I left the room. I had a suspicion that he got excitement from my presence while he was doing it.

To AlexM: sorry if I suggested anything about you and Steph.
I guess the bedpan thing was what I was interested in. What position were you in sitting upright or reclining? Did Steph watch you pee? could she see your pee as it came out?
I truly hope you revover as fast as possible, you are a nice person.

Happy Millennium to all,been pretty busy myself and haven't posted lately,but i've been reading all the great stories.I myself haven't had anything to talk about.Had some good poos,but i don't want to be redundant.Benn pooing lately at the gym and i've benn enjoying those,sitting there pooing along with the other guys.Had something interesting happen the other day-I was at the gym early in the a.m.and was doing my routine and i had to poo.When i got to the bathroom there were a couple of guys on the bowls doing the morning Bm thing.Now a lot a times i got totally undressed and just bring a towel and a newspaper with me and so do a lot of the other guys.So i went down to a stall and went in and just as i was wiping off the toilet seat,a tall skinny guy went into the stall across from me.He had a magazine and he was in the buff.He went into the stall and sat down without closing the door.Now there is a bright florscent fixture that runs the entire length of the bathroom and makes it easy to read stuff when you're on the throne,so i could see him pretty well.At this point i was sitting down and doing my pre poop farting and it was pretty loud.I glanced across thru the crack in my door and this guy sat down with his legs spread apart and he leaned back against the tank and started to read his paper.I was letting out some nice long turds at this point and i looked over and i could see between his legs and because of the bright light,i could see his butthole because his legs were spread so far apart and he was just reading his paper.He glanced over to my stall when i passed some more gas and pooed some more and i thought he could see me,but i don't think he did.At that point i heard him grunt a bit and i heard a hissing fart and i could see his asshole start to open up and this smooth turd started to come out and it just kept coming and coming,It was coming out slowly and it seemed endless!It was some sightThen it fell off into the bowl.I couldn't see it after that and he continued to sit there.That poop must have been a foot and a half.I never saw someone pooing like i saw this guy,it was pretty interesing i have to admit.Then i had to do the tail end of my poo and i let out some gas and some pudding poop and i was done,but i just sat there looking at this guy.Then i saw his anus push out again and he let out some soft poop that seemed to pour out of his anus along with some hissing gas.That was another big load.then i saw him push his anus out a few times after that and nothing else came out,so i guess he was done.Then he took some toilet paper and lifted up on one leg and reached around around and wiped himself.He just wiped once and flushed the bowl and got up and went to the shower.Now i'm hetrosexual but a have to admit,i really enjoyed the show.I had never seen that guy before at the gym and maybe he is new,but i hope i can see that again,it was kinda cool.It was like he had no inhabitions sitting on the bowl like that-If i saw a woman sitting like that,i'd really loose my mind!Happy 2000 all!BYE

Met a nurse at a Xmas party last year who was really into pooing big style. When we were "smooching" to a slowie she told me she was desperate to shit but that the loo was too busy and she couldnt wait any longer so she proceded to moan in my ear and release it all in to her knickers. She even let me change her outside. Incredible!
Anyone else out there experienced anything like that??
Happy Poo Year everyone

Anne (housewife ex-teacher)
I had my first poo of the year at Sunday lunchtime and a good one it was too - four six inch logs about two inches thick each. I'd been farting for about an hour and hubby thought I was going to do it in my pants. Just made it in time though. It sure felt good!

Jeff A.
ALEX M. Great answer! Anyone that's been here long enough to get their feet wet should know all about the very special friendship between you and Steph, and your other friends. I don't know either of you personally, but your loyalty and love for each other is quite impacting. Everyone by now should know that you two are not lesbians. For me, one of the most enviable qualities that women have, is the ability to show unbounded love for one another, without fear of ridicule or presumption. Women have a natural bond; a closeness and loyalty that is rare in human beings. Women are insightful, desirable and loving, and that's a blessing, not a curse. Us guys could stand to take a few lessons.

TRAVELER: I loved your idea of the first Y2POO. As for myself, I went, but it was more like Moira's painful one, only mine was about 12-14 inches, with lots of 6" ones that weren't painful. It was also of a very ripe bouquet; heady, but not too heady. Still, it was a fun sugg! estion, and you're a great addition to this forum!

PV: You can't leave, I won't let you!!! Surely Australia is interested in censoring adult sites that openly offer pornography or worse, not open, regulated forums such as this. This place is quality, not crud. Come back to us! Does that mean BUZZY would have to stay away too? I sure as hell hope not!

TONY AND THERESA: A thousand congratulations! I'm so happy for you. Good luck in all that you do. Do you think Theresa will post here now? That would be nice.

NICOLA: Actually, I'm not sure if I understand your question fully, but many times in the night, (almost every night), I get up to pee, and have to dump too. So I usually sit to pee, and poop during it. Then, when I get up in the morning, I do it again, only much bigger.

MIKE D: Howdy neighbor! I live just outside of Portland OR. and work in Portland. Here's a tip, I don't know if it helps or not. It's very simple, but the ! first step is to find the woman. That's no problem. The tricky part is finding out just how much frosting she likes on her cake. Be absolutely honest with her. Don't scare her off, but simply warm her up to it. The greatest pooping experience in my life came from an encounter with a stranger, as we talked on the subject over pitchers of beer. We met,liked each other, got on the subject of sex, and she asked me what my extreme turn ons were. So I told her. I'll tell about it another time.
I would say that many females would probably give you a go at it. On the surface I've found that a lot of women that I've had experiences with would make a face and go "Ooh, gross" but at the same time, enjoy the heat of the conversation and the proposal. A week later, they were leaving bathroom doors open on purpose, or farting not only at me, but on me, or bringing up that "weird" subject again on their own. For the ones who'll say "Let me think about it", they'll more than likely! be the ones who'll do it with you. But if a woman freezes up, don't push it, let it go. Personally, I'm married, and am not out there looking, but I've often found People to be quite cryptic when they're testing the waters of love and sex. They shouldn't be. I've always found that honesty works better than anything. New friends gotta trust each other. Finding a buddy dumping, or just a pooping partner is just a matter of finding a partner. You physically have to go out there and find someone. The more difficult part, is finding out their tastes. I hope this helps.

I love you all.

Hi all, Sorry I haven't posted in a while, but I have been very busy at school! Anyway, I just wanted to ask everyone if they had seen the "bathroom scene" in the movie American Pie? And what they thought of it!


Monday, January 03, 2000

Alex M.
Hi guys. Bill, great to hear from you. What "details" would you like to know? I don't mean that to be flip, but I think I have described my last two trips to the bathroom (with Steph) with some detail. Please, feel free to ask me what you would like to know, and Steph and/or I will determine whether to answer. As for "sharing more than a dump," are you asking if we are lovers? The answer to that is a firm no! We do love each other greatly, but we are not lesbians.
Mike D, welcome to the group. Jodi, Laura, or I have never gone in front of somebody of the opposite sex, but Steph and my brother (they are also close friends) have gone in front of each other several times. I'm sure they will give you some "pointers."
Happy Y2K, and lots of love to everyone. Alex :)

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