Yes it's me I'm sorry I never get to write but i try to keep up with the posts. Somebody was asking about accidentaly flushing something well do I have a story for you. One night after my mother had taken a shower she used her deodrant. The deodorant has a hard plastic cap. So she also flushed the toilet after getting out of the shower and as it was still flushing she dropped this lid in and down it went and the toilet was clogged. My dad got a plunger out and tried to get it out that night but as it was time for bed he did really want to start working on it then. So the next day he still couldn't get it out so he had to drain the toilet and take it out and look at it. Using a flashlight he could see it stuck in there he tried to pull it out with his hand but could reach i even tried! He also tried to use a metal wire to fish it out and nothing would work!! He worked for hours but no luck. Eventually he even took the toilet outside and lit a fire inside to try and melt the pla! stic cap out, but Nothing I mean nothing would work. It was in there forever, unless we were to break the toilet to get it out. Which either way it would be off no use to us. So we just had to go out and buy a new one. Don't worry though we have two other bathrooms. Kara

Public Toilet Hater, don't delay seeing a physician any longer!! I'm not trying to scaremonger or anything, but I know someone who knows someone who was diagnosed with bowel cancer shortly before Christmas after he collapsed at work and started bleeding from his back passage. I don't know the full story, but it wouldn't surprise me if he had warning symptoms a long time ago but never sought medical advice or help due to embarrassment. I agree with Nicola that it doesn't sound like h(a)emorrhoids, and it seems you now think it's not either. Make an appointment today - or if you're really worried, go straight to the emergency unit (or whatever the American equivalent is) at your nearest hospital, and let us know how it goes.

Public Toilet Hater. Lots of things could cause the nasty symptoms you are suffering from. Im not a doctor. PLEASE! PLEASE!PLEASE! DONT DELAY AND SIT THERE WONDERING GO AND SEE A DOCTOR WITHOUT FURTHER DELAY DO IT TODAY IF POSSIBLE PAY HIM TO MAKE A HOUSE CALL IF THAT'S NEEDED! AS OTHERS HAVE SAID HERE THIS IS NOT A MATTER TO PUT OFF AND THE LONGER YOU LEAVE IT THE WORSE IT MAY BECOME. Hope things improve and the news he gives you is good but go see your MD as Priority One!

Pete US I suppose you are right to an extent, men brag about the size of their penis if big. I cant recall a bloke mentioning to his mates "Ive only got a 3 inch penis when fully erect" likewise women sometimes boast about their bust size . I have heard girls when at school talk with envy about one in their year who was blessed with 38DD boobs, but no one took any interest in Ally Mac Beal type bee stings. I have certainly seen turds the length and thickness of some mentioned and have done some bi! g ones myself since first becoming interested in such matters when I was about 5 or so. Lets face it nobody is going to be interested in a post which went something like "... I did a little thin turd of 5 inches long which went "plip!" frankly who would give a damn!

Nicola's reply about kids doing large adult sized motions reminds me of a boy in the same class as me at primary (grade) school. This lad was skinny but did some real pan clogging whoppers. I think he only had a motion 2 or 3 times a week. I remember the first time seeing one of his big long fat jobbies stuck in the pan in the boys toilet at school. I didnt believe he had done it but thought he had done his own smaller turd on top of one done by one of the older bigger boys and his had flushed away leaving the larger jobbie behind which he had pretended was his, quite a common practice when I was at school and was called "claim jumping" this phrase being borrowed from one of the cowboy programs on the TV ! at the time. A week or so later I was visiting his house after school to play and he went to the toilet. I had been there for a pee and the pan was empty. I listened as he did his poo and heard him try hard "UH! OH! NNN!" followed by a "FLOOMP!" so I knew he'd done a big one. Sure enough, when I went into the toilet again some 5 minutes later there was this big fat jobbie of about 10 inches long and 2 inches thick although he was only 8 like me at the time and as I have said rather a thin lad. I was to see many of the big whoppers he passed usually in the boys toilets at school.

Martin, you lucky lad, just goes to show the difference across the generations. This would never have happened to me
although I often imagined such scenarios.

Suzie, hope you can get Sloggi briefs in the USA. Try shopping via the WWW. Theresa wears them and even my mother, an elderly woman, wears them these days, as according to his wife Victoria, (Posh Spice), does Manchester United soccer player David Beckham.

Happy New Millennium and peace.

Mike (NYC)
Wow, this is a great site. In response to Traveler's idea about writing the first dump for 2000 story, mine comes a day later. I was in Florida for the New Year (I was never into the Times Square event). I typically have a movement every couple days. Unlike so many people on this site, I typically don't do fat long logs regularly. That only happens on occasion. I actually do more of the "mush and chunks" type of crap, and it's very quick. The day after New Year's, I felt the usual slight cramping and was ready to go. When I sat on the toilet, I immediately dropped a big chunck, which shot out fast right in the hole making that gulp sound. It was a furry-looking chunck and it colored the water and plenty of crumbs were floating around. Then a couple seconds later, an exact repeat occured. Another chunck shot out and then a stream of mush followed right behind it. There was nothing neat like a perfectly shaped log in the bowl. When I got up, it was truly a bowl of disorganized c! rap. When I flushed, it was a bowl of thick soup churning with these two, huge chuncks that did flush, but slower than usual. They didn't go down smoothly, they went down like globs. They stalled a little bit around the diameter of the hole but worked their way down. I held the handle down till the water was clear so there'd be no residue.

PETE: About your post, that is an interesting point.

This is the first time I've written, I think having a shit is the biggest turn on there is. I'm 16 and enjoy pissing and shitting.
I only usually shit about twice a week and usually they are huge. My latest one happened at this very computer, it had been 8 days since my last shit. I tried to hold on but couldn't. I had 8 days worth of rock hard shit leak from my arse into my pants over nearly 10 minutes. My pants were bulging out and some of it was going down my legs. I also usually piss bucket loads when I shit, and this was no exception. I'm lucky my trousers were leather or they would have been ruined. But they were because me been a fool didn't go to the toilet straight away, I sat here for a good 3 hours with my arse and a good part of my legs caked in shit. Stil I enjoyed it though. It turned me on like nothing else. Can't wait for it to happen again.
If anyone else has had similar experiences and done the same thing, please write and also send your comments. I'l! l send another story soon.

Pete (US): I know what you're talking about concerning the size thing. I never really gave much thought to size of my turds - until I started reading the posts here. Learning about the interests and observations of others is one of the things that makes this site so great. Normally, my turds are never longer than about three to four inches. When I first started reading about the monster poops of others, I felt a little inadequate. However, I always have a least three dumping sessions each day - usually four or five, so I quickly dismissed that thought.

PublicToiletHater: I am not sure what to make of your last two posts. You have always impressed me as someone who is concerned about his health (e.g., the risks of using dirty public restrooms and contracting germs). However, no disrespect intended, you are not approaching this issue that way at all. Instead of asking us about this, PLEASE get to a doctor right away. Then, let us know how you are doing. The longer you delay diagnosis and treatment, the worst your condition could get. I don't want anything bad to happen to you.

Jarod: I wish I had a friend like Chuck - someone who would invite me to accompany him to the restroom. I really don't like to hear explosive noises and loud farts. Rather, I am more interested in hearing grunts and solid motions. Look forward to hearing more stories from you.

Hi, I've been posting alot this week. I belive i posted on Sun about taking a huge dump and producing a 12-14" log. Then a few days later i said i hadn't been in several days. After sun i didn't poop till early Thursday morning. I woke up with a severe pain/cramp in the stomach around 2:30am and i knew i would have to poop and probably get diahreha. I went to the bathroom and sat and nothing happened so i went back to bed, a few minutes later i had an urge to go and it was strong. I pushed and i heard tiny pieces of shit fall in to the bowl. I had a hard time passing them. Then i passed another small piece then i had diahreha and man it was all liquid. Then i wiped and flushed and i was back a few more times within an hour. I felt better this morning. Then today at school i was in the bathroom and this boy came in and said he felt sick and went to the stall and he was pooping. I heard a bit of a crackle and stuff. Then he said "Shit there's no toilet paper in here". I posted about this one paticluar stall the other day cause it was the one where the toilet holster had been taken down. I thought this was a bit funny.

To Mike (18): Cool story about you and your friend having to shit in public and your stall didn't have toilet paper...I posted a few days ago about a bathroom stall at school that the toilet paper holster had been removed.

To Lynda: I like your story too. How can you sneek behind your brother and turn his penis towards him self?? please explain.

To Charles: Good story...why didn't you poop in school before you left? That sounds messy about you pooping your pants, then peeing and then rolling around in mud, that must have been a real mess to clean up especialy in the shower. When you were done in the shower did you clean the shower? I wouldn't do that again.

Anne (housewife)
Had my first experience of a buddy dump yesterday. Went to visit Cathy, one of my best friends, for morning coffee. We had our coffee and we were both talking for sometime afterwards. It wasn't long before we both realised that we needed to dump and neither of us wanted to break of the conversation, so we went to the outside loo together. I was more desperate than Cathy and she let me go first. As usual I produced a panbuster. Then I wiped and flushed. Cathy went next and did an even bigger jobbie. It was fun and we could carry on talking - the way we women do!

Hi my name is joey Iam 13 just the other day I was in the hospital geting an Mri of my hand and I had the sudden urge to poop I talked to the nurse through the microphone speaker thing and she came in and said whats wrong I said I I have to poop so she went to look for a bed pan but there was none and so she ended up puting a diaper on me and I filled it completly it stuck out like three inches from my bum that is the diaper and it had taken her ten minutes to clean me up I have read all of the posts and I like seeing and hearing other people do there eh bodily functions

I agree with Pete(US). A lot of posters on this page seem very concerned with the size of their turds. My own view is that big turds are an indicator of a potentially unhealthy lifestyle. Turd size increases with less frequent bowel movements. Moreover, the consistency that is necessary to pass a big turd implies a lack of fiber in the diet. Healthy persons pass small, soft and abundant turds, and they do it frequently (two or more times per day)....

Friday, January 07, 2000

Pete (US)
After reading many posts, I've noticed that most people seem to be proud of the length and diameter of their logs. This seems to me to be like men bragging about the length and diameter of their penises, or as it is known in gay circles, as guys who are "size queens". No value judgment here - - just my observation. Any one else care to weigh in on this observation?

Happy new year, new century, new millennium to all of you from George and I.

Suzie, the Sloggi panties refered to by myself and others are briefs in a cotton / elastaine (spandex) mix. These are very comfortable and do not lose their fit even after many washes.They are available in white, cream, skin colour, pale blue, tan, pink, and black. I havent yet seen them in pale green or in a pattern. They can also be worn by either gender, (my husband George wears them). I prefer the Maxi brief and the Maxi light control styles (also full briefs but with two elasticated inserts in the front)which are full deep sided briefs but Sloggis are also available in Midi, Ti, Tanga styles, though I dont think they do a thong. You should be able to buy these very confortable panties over the internet. They also come in sizes that would fit from the Ally Mc Beal types to the Mama Cass shaped and all between.

Public Toilet Hater, I echo what Nicola said, get to your doctor or ca! ll him out without the slightest delay, dont let fear or embarrassment stop you!!!! As she said, such symptoms are serious but the sooner caught the sooner cured.

Y2K Poos. Mine at 1.00pm before going to bed- a big fat 14 inch long carrot shaped knobbly jobbie. George's the following morning at 9.00am after breakfast - an equally long and fat curved sausage buddy dumped on top of mine which was still stuck in the pan.

<p>Regarding Martin's post about an experience with my mother - I have, but it's always been something I've been VERY, very embarrassed by, and not something I like mentioning. But I suppose writing about it in a public space may help to clear the air out a little bit...I hope! Girls and pooping have become a major block in my life, and I'd like to get where I don't feel so embarrassed about the whole f***ing thing!!!!
<p>Anyway, it's more of a bit of memory than anything else, I think I've blocked the rest out. I remember being VERY small, certainly I was still in diapers, waddling around the bathroom with my mom in there. I remember her setting me down? Or something? Maybe because she was in the house alone, or I may have made that part up. =D I remember being or feeling really vulnerable, and then a really, really terrible, horrid smell, and my mother singing, "Duke, duke, duke, duke of Earl, duke, duke, etc." All I can really remember thinking is, ! "Jesus, how could she make me come in here and smell this?!?!?! I wanna puke!!!" I remember her wiping her butt, too, and I was like, "I DON'T wanna see this!!!! ARRRRGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!" Like she wasn't concentrating on me, really, and was just "dealing with her own shit," literally! Now, the rest of my memories of my mom are really good, for the most part, but I really have no idea why this still really, really bothers me! Anyone out there have any idea? PLEASE HELP!

I had another bloody diarrhea today. It is really beginning to worry me. I was really stressed out at work, and then my bowels cramped really badly. It hurt, and I rushed to the restroom.

Blood and diarrhea flowed out for about a half hour. It was mostly diarrhea, but the bowl was red again, and I felt really weak. I went back to my office and slept for awhile. I don't seem to have hemorrhoids. I was thinking about ignoring this, but I don't think I can.

What could cause this?

Hi all! Just a quick question tonight!

I was visiting a girl friend over the weekend and ended up questioning what she was doing. Each time her daughter went to the bathroom, she would accompany her to "help in her toilet training with respect her learning to wipe after her pee and poop".

This little girl is 9 years old and when I questioned Lynn, she said her daughter, Lisa, wasn't wiping herself clean after her toilet visits and would end up with terrible stains and streaks in her panties.

Lynn told me that she has her daughter wipe herself and then she "inspects" how she did. If more wiping is required she does that and then show the toilet paper to her daughter so she can see she has to do a better job!

My question is - has anyone else heard of this training approach?

This morning I chanced to call in a local bookshop and stubled across a book on Feng Shui. Thumbing through it, I discovered that toilets are considered unlucky - wherever they're located in the house! Apparently the early Chinese houses didn't have them for this reason. But the early Chinese must have managed somehow. How though? Personally I think it's all a load of bunkum but everyone's got a right to their opinion I suppose.

The other night I went for a meal with a workmate, I had italien which never agrees with me, I decided to walk home. But, you guessed it I neede to go. I was in a sleazy part of town. I ran to the nearest bogs which were full, I waited for a good 10 minutes. I shouted out and 5 seconds later this guy shouted and waved his hand above the cubicle and told me to come in with him, I didn,t want to but i was desperate. Little did I know that there was no toilet and that the walls with the adjoining cubilcles had dissappeared. There was about 10 guys all shitting, the floor was covered in it. I eventually did it on the floor, and i thought it was quite a buzz.

I was talking to Tawana last night. She is very happy in her new school, although she is getting out. I feel sorry for kids here in NYC that must go to the bathroom under the watchful eyes of a security guard. The crime and misbehavior rate is out of control in the schools. That is the reason for over 25 years. The guards themselves are dropouts and criminals. When I was in high school, I was taking a shit in the girls gym bathroom. A female security guard entered and asked who was in there. She had to see my green shorts and white panties at my sneaker ankles. I did not answer. So, she tried to shoved open the stall door. I pushed back hard. When I pulled up my clothes, I her what for. I don't mind opening up, but not for a security guard. She stayed away from the gyms and the bathrooms after that.

There is a nasty flu bug going on right now. It has knocked down my classmates. They are dropping like flies. One girl held her mouth and ran out of the classroom. I know where she was headed. Another one was not so lucky. She puked in the corner wastebasket. Later, I was urinating, while a girl in the next stall was shitting water like a waterfall. I felt sorry for her. She was moaning, groaning and whimpering. She said she never felt so rotten. The cramps were maddening. And this water just kept exploding. When I finished and straightened my school uniform I looked in on her. She opened the stall door. Her skirt and panties were at her knees. But, she was far from comfortable. She started wipe when more brown water gushed from her stomach. She was sweating. She was more digusted. All she wanted was to get off the toilet. Finally, with one more release about a pint of brown water discharged. Then she used 4 wads of toilet paper to wipe herself. When she stood up, the bowl ans! the rim had been splattered brown. She was too weak to flush. I flushed for her. I walked her to the school nurse and kept her company. She lived not far from school. So, we let her sleep in the nurses office. Then, I walked her home.

big d
Traveling man I have been to Costa Rica, and in every bar and hotel that I went into the facilities are the same as you would find in the US. Same fixtures, some very clean, some not so clean. No real difference at all.

Wlel here's what happened next. i sat there bare tushied with my mom there watching. I could tell she was still recoverinf from her huge poop. I peed a bit and felt a bit better but the urge to poop grew so strong.. it poked out in a blink. I gasped silently and pushed it back in. I looked at my mom who was washing her hands I shut my eyes tight and pushed.. trying not to grunt. It came out but only the tip. It was dry and spikey and HURT!! I sighed and rested a bit. i knew this spikey poop wasn't going to give up without a fight. My mom looked at me and asked what was wrong. (How is it that mom's can tell?) Anyway I told her I had a monster poop in me and it didn't wnat to come out. She told me.. here try this. She pulled my pampies{panties} and stuff all the way off. (felt kinda funny but I knew where this was going. She then picked me up and sat me down backwards on the potty. She told me to places my hands against the wall. I did. Then she told me to push against the wall! and squeeze my legs togther against the sides of the toilet. I felt funny cause well you know i saw her poop come out and now she'd see mine. She sat on the rin and stroked my head and said it was okay. i asked promise not to peek at my tushie? He laughed and said okay.. probably sacre me with the poops you can do. I laughed and that made the poop slip out a bit. So I did what my mom told me too. I pushed and grunted (Didn't feel bad about it anymore, afterall my mom grunted louder than i did)The pressure built up like crazy.. i thought I was going to explode but then it started to open up a bit wider and it started to slither out. My mom stoked my head and kept comforting me and trust me it helped. It kept coming and slowly but surely it came out with a thundering KAPLOP!!!!! I gave out a long aaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!! My mom wiped my forhead and asked if I was done, i sat the right way and said no there was LOTS more, but the hardest and biggest was out of the way thanks to her. h! eh i sat there talking to her lots as grunted and struttered as i pooped. I felt lots better as i cleamed myself and got dressed. I flushed the toilet and .. hee hee wouldn't you know it. Yuo clogged. We had to call a prumbler as even the plunger couldn't fix it. heh my mom and my poops must have teamed up to seal it but good. Anyway me and my mom peed and poop many times in front of each other (after the potty was fixed ^-^;;;)And we got closer together after that. We even took a bath togther but I won't say anyhting about that as this isn't a place for bathing stories.

P.S. Tawana, waht's it like to poop infront of your brother? can you post a story when you did? When you talk to him while you poop a big one do you stutter like me?
Matt, it was my little sister not my cousin. after a few huffs, and about 5 red faced false alrams it came out with a thud. Then a few more. The biggest one was huge and others were just egg shaped and sized ones. ! The trashcan had a trashbag in it so it was easy to get rid of, which is why i suggested she use it. And did it ever stink? I snuck it outside to the trash and my mom later came into the living room where i ran past her and said check your shoes, it smeels like one of you stepped in dog poop. Me and my little sisters giggled and went to go play.

I was in the town with a mate,and in a gap of about 10 minutes we both needed to shit. We both went to the nearest public toilets, which were full. We waited ages for a cubicle, but my mate couldn't wait. He just shit in his pants right there.There was a massive bulge in his trousers. When a cubicle was free we both rushed in it,there was already a bit of shit in, but i didn't really care. I sat on the loo, i had a shit then discovered there was no loo roll, so i had to use my socks. At that point my mate had another shit, which caused the elastic to break on his boxers and make the shit go all over me. I was in ther 50minutes whilst he went home and fetched me some more clothes. Stiil for some reason it turned me and my mate on. And from then on when we are together and one of us needs to shit we usually go and watch each other.

Lynda (not to be confused with Linda, another person)
I am fifteen and I have a little brother (he's 14 years old). We are very open with each other and have no inhibitions about going to the bathroom.

Yesterday he was going to the bathroom and I came in. He was using no hands to aim and he was doing a good job. One of my practical jokes is to sneak up behind him and turn his penis toward himself. I did. The pee went all over the place.

Seph: Great to hear from you and thanks a bunch for the "details" Hope Alex gets up and around soon. And as for you and Eric - enjoy!
Love to all


Hi,great stories here today-To TAWANA-You sound like you really enjoy doing your business in the ladies room at that school.Do any of the guards come in to the bathroom while you are in there?One thing i've noticed since i've been posting and reading on this forum-alot of times i look forward to telling you all when i have a good poo or when i'm involved pooing with other folks or hearing another one poop.I think this forum has made me more aware than ever of people's pooing and how some really enjoy it.Ive always enjoyed pooing and listening and watching other poo for years,but it's great to see others who enjoy it too-does anyone else notice this about this forum too?Speaking of that--I want to share a poo with you all.Ive been sitting here reading the posts and i got the urge to go,so i went a got a bedpan and i'm sitting on it as i write this-i gatta go now...i'm relaxing my anus-- here it comes--AHHHhhhhhhhh- it feels a bit soft- Ohhhh yea-this is a nice poo--hold on-It's! a soft pile spreading out in the bottom of the pan.Ther's a long soft sausage followed by some pudding on top of it and around it..Got more cramps--gotta do some more-Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh---WOW-pushed out some shredded wheat and another long poo followed by 2 loud farts.They sound funny when you fart in a bedpan--this pile it so high it's touching my butt-I'll have to shower after this--i'm pushing out my anus a few times but i think i'm done.That was a good one-I feel done-got some kleenex to wipe and i'm going to have to clean this up-which is a drag,but i hope you enjoyed this as much as I--I'd love to hear some of you girls do this -try it - it's kinda fun in a wierd sort of way-Have a great day-I know i willBYE

Hey all, 17 y/o male from Montreal here. I continuously read the posts on this forum but have very rarely posted in the past. I have been reluctant to do so because of the possibility that a reader of this forum might know me in real life. However, I will post in the future if and when I have something interesting to say.

To Ryan: First of all, are you the 13/14 year old Ryan from Jackson, Mo. or another one? If I'm not mistaken there have been three Ryans posting here at one time or another. When you dumped greyish green turds that night you were talking about and the Thursday before, do you have any idea about what you might have eaten on New Year's Eve or last week to cause it to look like that? I find it very strange and interesting, because I've heard of green turds but not of gray. My turds have never been anything but brown, and dark brown usually except for when it's really soft. So let me know if you can remember anything you swallowed that could have produc! ed greyish green shit.

This morning I had an awesome experience. Chuck N, the Law Associate I work with came by at his usual time, paper in hand. He says, “This one’s going to be bad, I had a protein shake today and I’m havin’ some serious cramps, I gotta hurry.” We quickly went down the hallway to the bathroom. As Chuck was walking he started farting in a continuous manner. “Shit man, I’m gonna f???in’ explode,” Chuck exclaimed. Just as we were turning into the bathroom, Barry, a Senior Partner at the Law firm and a huge man (6’5”), comes through the hallway door and enters the bathroom just before Chuck and I. Barry takes the first stall, Chuck literally runs into the third stall, and I took the middle stall. Chuck hit the seat first and as he predicted, it was nasty. He had very explosive bowel eruptions, one after another, with large amounts of soft shit spewing into the bowl. Barry hit the seat a minute later. His dump was totally different. He farted very loudly and then immediatel! y started crackling out some very large hard-sounding logs. The first one seemed pretty big judging by the sound it made when it exited and splashed into the water. Barry grunted loudly. By the way, at this point Chuck was grunting and moaning and every 10 or 20 seconds he would expel more liquishit with all the audible trimmings. Barry continued to squeeze out logs, one after another (I counted six). Then he paused and sighed, let out a long medium-loud fart. When it fizzled he jettisoned what sounded like four small shit balls one after another into the water. They were expelled with a gassy explosion and the four plops all in a row really sounded great. I heard Barry groan and say, “Shit, wet my f???ng crack.” Chuck laughed at that and said, “You should see the mess I got in here.” Barry and Chuck both laughed. Chuck was still farting and shooting out some diahretic shit, but Barry began to wipe. After Barry finished, on his way out he calls back to Chuck sayin! g, “Hey N_____, don’t pollute the air too much!” Chuck hooted loudly and laughed. After Barry left, Chuck and I discussed his dump compared to Barry’s. Chuck was still ripping the occasional fart. “I can’t believe how much farting I’ve been doing because of that f???ng shake!” Chuck says as he starts to wipe. “I may be back to see you this afternoon.” I laughed and said, “Cool.” I’ll let you guys know what happens later in my next post.

Wednesday, January 05, 2000

I am 13 and had I guess what you could call an accident last month. My stomache was giving me problems all day long and by the time school let out I had to poop bad. I had about a 20 min. walk home and did not really want to use the school bathroom. I thought that I could make it home and felt if I didn't that it might be interesting to see how it felt to poop my pants. I only got about 1/4 of the way home and could not wait anymore. So I stopped fighting and let the poop come out in my pants. It just flowed out and quickly filled the back of my underware completely. I stopped and sat down on a tree trunk and squished the poop all around in my pants. The poop was soft and runny and soaked through my pants. The inside of my underware was nearly solid poop. Then I had to go more and pushed out another batch of poop as big as the first. My pants felt like they were brickes in my pockets from the weight. The last batch of poop was nearly liquid and soaked through my p! ants right away. Now even the front of my pants were wet and turning brown. I was wearing Light blue pants that day. Since my pants were wet anyway I went ahead and wet my pants. In my condition, anyone who saw me would know that I wet and pooped my pants. So I went over to a big truck tire hole that was filled with mud and sat down in it. The mud was about 5 inches deep and I rolled over in the mud until my pants were completely covered in mud. Then I walked home. When I got home, my parents were gone and I went in the bathroom and got in the shower and took a shower with my clothes on and washed off the mud and then cleaned my pants and underware. It was a fun experience. I plan to do it again sometime.

Had some pizza last nite and polished off quite a bit.Got up this a.m.and after about 20-25 mins i felt some cramps in my stomach and then i felt the cramps go into my rectum,so i went into the toilet,sat down,and didn't push,i just relaxed my anus and i could feel the poo start to flow.There was no gas at all.The poop just started coming out right away.then i felt the urge to push slightly and some hissing gas came out along as the turd was sliding out.Boy,was this a big one.I looked between my legs and saw this long,firm,smooth turd stretching from my domed out anus right into the water.At this point i just let it hang there for a bit and just enjoyed the feeling of my open anus with this poop hanging out.Then i got another small cramp and the poo started moving again on it's own without any pushing at all.Then as the turd was slining out,it got softer and softer until it had the cosistancy of schredded wheat and then got like pudding followed by a short,loud fart.Then i looked in the bowl and saw one turd that must have been almost 2 feet alltogether.The first 2/3 was firm and smooth the last part was sort and that part was broken up a bit.It was some load!It all came out at once in about 20-30 seconds.I sat ther for a bit and pushed out my anus a few times,but no more poo.That was it.needless to say,all this poo going past my prostate caused me some excitment and got off in a big way and that i guess is my millennium poo.Sometimes,when i eat a lot of pizza,i go like that for a few days.Anybody else go thru these stages?BYE

Public Toilet Hater, GET TO A PHYSICIAN AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! Bleeding in stool or from the bowel is potentially serious and the way you describe it its not just haemorriods (piles)or a fissure. It may and I sincerely hope so, be something easily sorted but you cannot wait around!!! Please see a doctor as soon as you possibly can!!! Im not a doctor but if this happened to me I would run to the nearest accident and emergency unit at our hospital but I dont know if you have this service in the USA. Please keep us all informed how you get on!

Hey Linda.. great stories.. I have to tell you that I do love to hear about girls <b>POOPSTER</b>ing. <b>2</b> me, there's nothing more <b>@</b>an that!! Short and sweet! How big was <b>@</b> your cousins poop in the tr<b>a</b>sh can?? Did it smell al<b>o</b>t? What did you do with the trash can after she was done? Sorry about al<b>l</b> of the questions<b>.</b> I remember when I was working in a church one time, it was right after lunch, i was working in the chapel, well the altar more specifically, when the urge to poop hit me like a brick! the only place for me to poop was the Priests bathroom!! So as I rushed to the bathroom, i had to be <b>c</b>areful that the priest wouldn't catch me! Needless to say, I c<b>o</b>mpletely BLASTED the bathroo<b>m</b>, and almost clogged the toilet! The bathroom was destroyed with the smell of rotten ass!! I! hurried up and wiped my butt, zipped up my pants and then RUSHED outta there! LOL.. Man, I wasn't so scared in all mylife.. I mean you go to confession and tell your Priest about your sins, but, does this apply?? :o) anyway, I want to hear more about your poops Linda! ciao baby!

I have a question for my English female counterparts. Are
the Sloggi panties that are mentioned so often in your
toilet episodes, nylon or cotton (or both)? We dont have
the brand in America. Are they also tailored and come in
full cut brief style?

Has anyone hear ever travelled to central america (Costa Rica in particular)? If so could you give details on what type of toilets they have and if they are clean or not.

This is my first post.
When I was about 7 Me and a friends family went to the beach. When the tide went out it went for about a mile leaving cool rock pools to explore.

Me and my friend went looking for shell fish and I needed to go before we left for the rock pools.
I forgot about needing to go in my exitement at finding crabs, starfish and the like, but soon I could feel the turd straining at my rectum.
I looked nervously around,pulled down my speedos and while my friend watched expelled a firm 8 inch long shit right into a rock pool with a splash.
Let me know if you enjoyed my story.

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