Hi all,
Spent christmas weekend at my sister Dawn's place had a great time and even got to see her going potty.
We were alone in the house and i was sitting on her bed as she was dressing when Dawn said i think i've gotta take a dump and i just followed her into the bathroom the same as we did when we were kids,she was in her white bra and light green panties (my sister has a great figure by the way)She droped her panties as she was sitting and when seated on the pot let then fall all the way to her feet and did one of those loud farts that echo in the toilet and i could the her a strong stream of pee as she bent a little bit forward
and started to push and we were talking non stop as she did quite a few little plops spaced out with some gas,she pulled off some tp and asked me to wet it and she used it to wipe her crack then she used some more to finish her butt then a little more for up front,her odor wasn't very strong at all,compared to mine.This was the first t! ime since we were teens living at home that i had seen my sis in her undies or in this case with her panties down and it reminded me of growing up> The next day i got to poop with her in the bathroom but it was kind of loose and smelled real bad and even though Dawn didn't say anything i was kind of embarresed and noticed she was rushing her self when doing her hair and left before i finished so i know i stunk her out of her own bathroom.

Happy New Millennium all of you old posters and new.

Jacob D, Im not surprised by PV's report that the Aussie Federal parliament has passed such a censorship law. There is a very strong Irish Roman Catholic influence out there, Im afraid. The late Cardinal Mannix used to interfere in politics in a big way. Now I DONT want to insult any nationality as we begin the 3rd Millennium of the Common Era but Aussies do come across at least from the programs shown on UK TV as reactionary and hard line on social and sexual issues and I believe the term "wowser" is used over there by more progesssive elements to describe the censorious moral majority types. Please put me right any liberals (In the real sense of that word NOT the right wing political party currently your opposition) from the antipodes. I do recall that the PM of Queensland was a chap called J Bejelke Petersen who was virtually a fascist.

Enough politics! Congrats to Tony and Theresa, having got married myself not that long ago its good to have a partner of like outlook in life, and to Mike D a good buddy dump helps to cement the intimacy in a relationship and is a loving way to help your partner if they are constipated by gently rubbing their ????, holding their hand, and if they are relaxed about it, even wiping their bum after they have done their BM. Perhaps Tony you could get Theresa to post herself. My hubby just wont and that's why he wont let me even mention him by name. He is of a like interest but a lot more shy about such things with others than I am.

The Wendy House story rings true, kids can often pass what looks like adult size motions either in single whoppers or as a big load. When I was of primary (grade) school age I often did jobbies that would have done a grown up credit and which stuck in the toilet pan at school and even from the age of 11 or so I was doing big panbusters which jammed in the full size toilet pan at home. So dont be surprised if some kid was taken short or even did it there for naughtiness.

I had an interesting one for my Millennium Motion. We had decided to stay in and watch it on the telly and after 12 midnight and a couple of drinks we went to bed. I woke at about 4 am bursting for a pee so I let hubby sleep and went to the toilet pulled down my panties, (pink Sloggi Maxi Briefs if you are interested) and sat on the pan. I did my wee wee then felt my bowels move and a huge load enter my back passage so obviously I sat on and with very little effort on my part this long fat smooth easy jobbie slid out of me into the pan with a "SCHLOOMP!" Now the interesting thing is that until I started to pee I hadn't the slighest feeling of needing a motion at all. When I looked it was one of those big soft but properly formed motions, long fat and curved with the last few inches sticking up out of the water. I wiped my bum and left it unflushed as I didnt want to make a noise. Next morning my husband went for his morning pee and I couldn't help but giggle when he yelled "Bloody hell Nicky. Did you hold that in from last Millennium?" Has anyone else had a surprise SOLID motion, (anyone can have the runs or pass a loose stool as they pee so that doesn't count), that has come on when they only thought they needed a pee. This is more a question for females as many men would have the unpleasent experience of crapping their underwear in such circumstances unless they also sit to pee as increasingly men seem to be adopting as their way of urination.

For Jacob G., on the walking in on people who are on the throne, it was a thing that we did as kids growing up. Some things we enjoyed doing as kids we cannot do as adults but were fun. Some of the stunts I pulled in H.S. and College which gets a kid a slap on the hand can get an older adult arrested and stunts would be defined as items like fraternity pranks or other stupid but funny items.

One time in the fraternity I belonged to, there was one bathroom with no door or stall door to the can and I went in there to take a leak and as I approached the can, one of the guys was on it, kind of embarassing. The can was in a "cubby hole" where you can see it only directly in front.

For PV and talking about AU's censorship laws. There might be a way to get around which is doing a https (secured) connection to an out-of-country proxy server or if our moderator sets up one here on griot. At work, I surf the net sometimes but I look at this site only from home. I know! a lot of companies closely watch web surfing in the areas of sex even though this site does not qualify.

As for me taking a dump in Y2K, I think it will be tomorrow when I do it.

Great story Laura...keep posting

p.s. how old are you?

Linda- That was quite a story about you and your Mom. I do believe pooping together can bring one very close. I'd
like to hear more about both you and your little sisters. Did you try to help both of the (I hope) as your couisin helped you. I'm sure there's lots you could teach your sisters about pushing out a hard poop. One thing to keep in mind, if you sisters are really little and can't reach the floor with their feet when they're on the toilet it can make straining a lot more difficult. Try to get them something to put their feet on. And TELL US MORE!!
Alex- I've been thinking about you, that first poop after 5-6 days must have been rough. I'm glad you had some friendly support. Abdominal surgery is now fun, I once tore open an incision while straining to get the first postop poop out, man THAT HURT!!! -JW

hi im new here and i have read some storys here linda your storys are interesting the way you described everything anyway i have some questions for you linda how many times do you poop a week? and how big are they? have you ever clogged a toilet? do you fart or grunt a lot when you poop? do you ever get constipated? please answer my questi

To Alex M. So sorry to here about your operation. I hope you are feeling much better. I agree Steph is a true friend, you are so lucky to have her. But, I do have to admit I am intensly curious about thise "details" perhaps you could elaborate slightly, within limits of course. Do I detect that you have shared more than a dump?

Happy New Year to all

Mike D.
Hello, everyone, my name is Mike D. and I just moved to Portland, OR. I just stumbled across this sight a couple of days ago and I am quite pleased that there many others out that are just as fascinated with pooping as I am. I used to buddy dump with a female friend in California and I am looking females interested in doing the same here in Portland, OR. I know that it may take awhile to find someone willing to this (the thought of buddy dumping, especially with a female, used to make my skin crawl; however, the notion became appealing to me and I now find buddy dumping to be a very rewarding experience), so I guess I'll just have to wait it out until I find a female companion willing to share this experience with me. To Alex, Jodie, Laura and/or Steph: since you gals are the buddy dump experts, any advice you could give me to help make this possible would be greatly appreciated. I have nothing exciting add at the moment, but I will inform you when something of interest does c! ome up. Until, take care Mike D.

Traveler: I took my first dump of 2000 at about 12:15 a.m. Eastern Time (Florida). I had been out with some friends earlier and had two large plates of salad from a salad bar. That always makes me go. Around 11:40, I got the urge to go. I was at home with friends, but did not want to risk missing the countdown on TV, so I postponed it. A couple of minutes after midnight, we all went outside to watch some fireworks. At 12:10, I decided I could not wait any longer, so I quietly slipped away and went inside. It took about three minutes to get things started, so I estimate by around 12:15 I was done. I've already been twice today (January 1) and feel the urge to go again. Those salad bars really do the trick!

Happy New Year everyone!

Moderator(s): Thank you for everything you do. I hope you never think you have a thankless job. You do not. Please do not change anything. For what it's worth, I hereby award this site the "JacobG Award of the Millennium."

PV: I hope you come back. I'm shocked to hear this about Australia. I had not heard anything about it. How can they consider going to the toilet to be a prohibited topic? How are they going to monitor this? I really hope that new censorship law is quickly repealed and you can come back.

Redneck: I'm gay and would never think of walking in on someone on the can, unless they invited me first. Neither would any of my gay friends. Actually, I don't think you meant it to come out that way. Let's just say only a pervert, whether gay or straight, or bi, or whatever, would purposely walk in uninvited on someone on the can. When I was an undergraduate at Florida State University (Go Noles!), this one ! guy would constantly walk in on people in the library restrooms. The stall doors did not have locks and one could easily pull or push them open. Sometimes I would be in there at the urinal or the sink and he would walk in and just pull the door open on some poor guy sitting there. It was obvious someone was in the stalls because there were large gaps between the door and the stall partitions. He did it to me two or three times. I consider him to be a pervert.

Hi hi, I'm back. Sorry I was gone so long, I was busy with my Christmas play and such and well my cousin gave our computer a major over haul so it's working fine now. Okay well now I got lots of stories to tell but first. Hey JW and Ryan and others who worried and ask for me, I'm back so be happy. Okay those who have kept with my stories have know that once I saw my mom poop once and it freaked me out cause she sat backwards on the potty and strained, groaned, and grunted like crazy.. not to mention the huge poop she did, but she was VERY emabarassed about it. Well um I'll get to my thanksgiving one later this is my christmad dinner poop which was just as good and it changed my life too. Anyway I went to go see my family for christmas {Those that have read my stories know I live with my cousin) and well it was nice to see my baby sisters my older sisters (one had moved out, so it was even beter, but she was there then) Anyway I saw my sister poop and pee while I was there, it ! was very nice and a bonding experience, mostly my little sisters loved having company in there. (Poor little girls strained and grunted like their brains out to poop too) Anyway well i saw my mom poop again only this time it brought us closer together. Well we had a chrismas dinner and well we ate so much no one pooped for days. (Well except for my little sisters the ran to the bathroom right after dinner as their ????s couldn't hold so much, i sat with them.. bad part about being twins is that there's only one potty so you have to wait while you sister is sitting where you wanna be going ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh) So one sister was on the toilet while the other finally gave up and i sat her on the trashcan. Anyway it was in the afternoon days later when i was riding my bike when I got a ???? pain.. and then the feeling.. dep in my tushies..and it kinda hurt too. So I got off my bike and waddled to the potty to poop with my hand tightly clamped on my tushie holding it closed. (No one ! was home so it was okay, well my mom was there as you'll find out) I got to the bathroom undoing my pants and about to pull them down when.. i saw it. My mom sitting backwards on the potty trying her best to go. She saw me, blushed and sat the right way on the toilet. She asked what i was doing there. I winced as said samething you're trying to do. Blushed with her legs closed together. (I had never seen my mom naked or hlaf naked before.. and i was here there with her jeans and pampies (panties) folded up in a corner. She whimpered and winced as I knew the poop was breaking down the door. I told her I could wait (I was lying as the poop was inches from poking out) She shook her head and said she knew she would be a long time. I felt bad for my mom and told her to try.. that I'd help her. Her faced turned red. I told her it was okay. Slowly and shyly she turned around and sat backwards on the potty. She pulled her shirt down in the back to try to cover up her tushie but it d! idn't cover much. (My mom has a big tushie, or I've heard my bad say thats one of the things he likes about her) Anyway she placed her hands against the wall and grunted softly. (Knew she was trying not to srtain like before out of embarassment)I sat on the rim of the tub pressing my tushies on the rim hard to keep my tushie closed as I rubbed her ????. She kinda jumped up and looked at me. I stroked her hair and told her it was okay.. to try with all her might. She tried but not as strong as i knew she could. I tokk one of her hands and calmed her down. After a while I heard the cracking sound but loud. I know i shouldn't have but I looked at her tushie and the tip was out.. it was thick like a coke can. She winced. I said I know it hurts but you gotta try. I told her come on mommy I'm here for you and I kissed her cheek. She kinda relaxed after that. She strained lots more and groan loud. I kepted checking and man her poop was long and big. Fater a while I told her to relax! and let it come out on it's own. She did and catched her breath, her face was plae and her collar was wet from sweat. It was coming but slowly. We talked lots while it slide out and every now and again her eyes would widen as the poop did too as it slide out. She would whicper oh yesss that feels good many times. She said that even dady had never seen her poop. We talked and she asked where i learned to comoft like that? I told her my cousin did that to me lots when i was small and still does. She smiled and stroked my hair and said i was lucky to have him then. I know my mommy feels very badly about me growing closer to my cousin rather that her. But I told her that i loved her and cared for her very much. She kinda started crying. I felt kinda bad.. and luckily the urge to poop had died down a bit. Then finally she lowwered her shoulders and gave out a huge ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. there was no splash at all. It was in the water as it finally came out. Then she did a few ! more pops and said these were easier so she turned around and sat the right way. When she got up I saw her first poop. It wa scary. It was long and big. It was already down the hole and actaully sticking out of the water. She sat there talking to me and pooped like 8 more times. Then finally she peed and we giggled. Then she cleaned herself and said ow my poopie hole is sore. When she pulled up her pamies I kinda pushed her a side and undid my overall and pulled down my pampies and sat. GUSSSSSSSSSSHH came a loud and long pee and we giggled again. my mom aughed cause I like her pulled my overalls and pampies only far enough for my tushie to be exposed. i told her that i wasn't alone so i did that.Wow i wrote lots. um next time I'll write what came next okay. Anyone wanna ask me stuff go ahead. um what happened to Andew P and his story> Did he ever continue it?
P S Steph are you still there?

Saturday, January 01, 2000

Hi guys! Thanks to those who have answered Alex's questions. She told me she wrote this morning.
I felt so badly for her; she was in pain for other reasons, but to have trouble going to bathroom along with that...
I have nothing new to write about, so I would like to wish everyone a happy and peaceful 2000!!! Love, Steph

Tony & Theresa
I havent posted for a while as Theresa and I got married a couple of weeks ago. A nice quiet little ceremony with George and Moira and Donna and Lauren present, even my mum came out of her old people's home for the day. (she isnt too mobile now but as sharp as a knife mentally).

we had a first class buddy dump the other day,getting rid of our Xmas Dinner, my ???? little wife doing a nice big fat 12 inch carrot shaped jobbie which came out slowly as I rubbed her ???? then I did an equally long curved sausage on top of hers. This really gave us both a buzz. Theresa really enjoys the physical side of life, eating, having a good big solid motion, sex (I wont give details knowing the Moderator's rules, let's just say she is NOT inhibited nor limited in her approach). She also likes walking, playing golf, cycling. So she is, as the late King George VI put it "a worthy partner and helpmeet".

I only know about "South Park" (Chef, Kenny, etc) by some references! and havent actually seen it. Can someone tell me what was the "XMAS POO" and who did it etc? I know this cartoon has a certain scatological nature.

All the very best to all of you, even Limp Bizzkit, for the New Millennium in now a few hours time.

Nice big solid number twos for Y2K!

Tony and Theresa.

Alex M.
Hi Jeff A., Adrian, and JW, thanks for your words of advice. I finally had the urge to go about 6 hours ago, with this being between 5-6 days (no, that is not a misprint, :( ) since my surgery. I was over at Steph's house with her and Jodi, another friend and frequest poster.
Yes, it has really hurt every time I've had to pee since the surgery; I've peed 3-4 times per day since then, which is "normal." I'll be the first to admit that I can be somewhat of a "crybaby," but this time I literally started to cry when I started peeing (because of the pain); maybe it was the pressure of all the pee waiting to come out.
JW, do you have telepathy :)? Steph suggested that I put something "soft," like a pillow, across the incision on my lower ????, and that's what I did. Steph and Jodi were right there to give me all the support I needed.
The initial two poops were hard, and painful, but then, as you said, JW, a few waves of contractions came along and the rest of ! the poop was relatively effortless.
I spent about 15 minutes on the toilet, which is a little longer than "normal," but not as long as I expected. I let out seven (7) logs altogether, and the smell was a little stronger then my normal poop (though I have stunk up much worse).
The three of us marveled at how much poop was in there; even Jodi, who lets out long, bulky poops, expecially when she's good and doesn't eat dairy (she's an athletic young woman who is lactose intolerant), was "impressed" by what I just did. I flushed the toilet and then wiped my vagina and then my butt, five times. There were still some "skid marks" by the hole after flushing the second time. I was going to wait to flush the toilet a third time, but Jodi said she had to pee so she sat down and went while I washed my hands. I was so happy to have both of them there to "support" me, I needed it.
Best wishes to everyone for a happy and peaceful New Year. Love always, Alex :)

Has anyone here had embarrasing situations happen to them or those around them where others have seen their underwear with poo or pee stains? I can think of quite a few such events over the years, both where my pants have been observed by others and also where I have noticed accidents which have happened to other people. I have always been curious about this and also the differing ways in which people react to being seen with 'skid marks' etc. Some are very embarrased or ashamed, whereas others do not seem to care in the least. Perhaps this is part of our upbringing - as a young child (up to age 11 or so), I was simply told to try to be a bit more careful. I remember being told once by my stepmother that if I had an accident in my pants then just to make sure I change and that was ok, but if I marked them because I couldn't be bothered to wipe properly, then that was 'boring' and she would not be pleased. When I was in care from the age of 12 or 13 anyone who messed themselves! , including me on occasions, was punished quite severely. I remember two boys and one girl in particular who rarely seemed to end the day with clean underwear. They were often humiliated in front of others, which I always thought was very unfair and unhelpful. To this day I still sometimes hide my pants from my partner if they have any more than a slight mark in them, even though she has never reacted in an adverse way.

Dawn I also would like to hear some of your stoires, Has any one got a story of your chrildren or yourself being caught short when young.

At work once, we had a children's play house in the banking hall. A customr had found a large pile of shit in the corner of this wendy house but we never managed to find out who left this massive pile, We couldn't belevie a child was able to produce sio much shit.

Do Boys or Girls produce the most amount of shit, Any Nursery staff after there have done their own potty servey ?

Hello again:

I just want to say that I really have enjoyed the post this year and I think it is amazing at all the fine people I see post here. After a very stressful day at work, this is what I look foward to when I get home. I click open and read all of the post for the day. Wow, what a stress reliever. The men here are such gentelmen and the ladies who post here are just great. I just wanted to say this before the end of the year just incase I lose my internet connection next year. See ya sometime in 2000!

Friday, December 31, 1999

Thought you might like to hear a true story from a life long bedwetter. About nine months ago I started dating the love of my life, Chris. After about for weeks into our relationship we had been intimate once but I had not slept with her nor had the courage to tell her that I am a bedwetter. We where invited to stay the week end with her mother (our first meeting) and of course provided seperate rooms which was comforting to me as I intended to hide my bedwetting by wearing diapers and adult size baby pants (this has been what I wear at night for the majority of my life). We all three stayed up late the first night and I didn"t get to bed until about 1:00 am and fell immediately into a very deep sleep (after diapering myself of course). I awoke the next morning realizing two things, first I had wet so much that my baby pants had leaked so much that the bed was soaked and secondly that Chris had snuck into my room and was getting into bed to snuggle. Of course she immediately r! ealized I had wet the bed and very soon realized her boy friend was wearing diapers. We had a very long discussion with me bareing my soul and being very embarrassed. It took a little while and then Chris hugged me and said the bedwetting and diapers didn"t bother her and that she loved me very much. That was the turning point in our relationship that is leading to our marriage in March. The rest of the story is that even though we flipped the mattress Chris's mother found the sheets and my wet diapers accidently (thank god I wasn't there) and unknown to me Chris told her mom about my problem. I found out she knew that night when I got in bed and discovered a rubber sheet (my badge of shame) had been placed under my regular sheet. I woke up wet again with Chris coming into my bed again she snuggled with me and for the first time called me baby Danny, something both she and her mother now do. After breakfast, and a very embarrassing discussion with her mother it was all out in ! the open. Chris and moved intogether in October and wiil be married in three months. She treats me like a baby (at bed time) ,changes my diapers, and calls me baby. I love her very much.

Alex M.- I hope your postop. poop isn't too bad, I've had abdominal surgery myself and the first couple of poops can be just meseriable. Try putting a pillow across your ???? and if Steph is there to help have her but her hand right over your incision and push in. Don't bear down hard because that will really hurt, but bear down steadly for as long as you can hold your breath. It will come but take your time, don't try to rush it. Like Jaff said the poop will likely hang out of you for a while, that's okay, the
intestines work with waves of contractions from the top to the bottom, you want to wait for a wave to help it along.
Good luck
Love- JW

Just checking in with a proposal for some fun: let's all report the time of our first dumps of 2000. This isn't a contest to see who's first. Time zones would make that unruly. But we could see which of us came closest to midnight, by minutes and hours, even days, according to each one's local time. (I hope no has to wait for days.) You're on your honor, and I'm sure everyone here can handle that.
I want to add my appreciations to those of Jeff A. and others - what a unique and precious group of people it's my pleasure to commune with here. As for the moderators: three cheers! Thanks to you for casting a wise eye on things and keeping this site the special place it is. That's meant taking some flack along the way, but you've hung in there. To all, a very Happy New Year!

Hi everyone. I've really enjoyed my time On The Toilet with you all, and I hope I can come back, but Australia is introducing the Free World's first internet censorship laws on the stroke of the millenium year's commensement, and, according to worst fear-predictions, it may be a criminal offense for me to log to this site. Yep, as a citizen of Australia I may be prosecuted for accessing a site dealing in a prohibited topic... We'll see how far-reaching it really is, not very -- I think/hope/wonder, but safe is better than sorry. Hope I can come visit again in 2000, PV

LOL @ Ray, how true, Ray, how true !

Well, I have been home for a couple fo days from a trip out-of-state. Here are a couple of stories. I went to a friends house last nite who is 20 15 to 20 years older than I am. He had to use the bathroom a couple of times and the house was so quiet that I can hear the TP roll and shit going into the toilet. Not much of a thrill.

Today, I went to a different friend's house and when I arrived, I was told that he was in the bathroom. I was there for a 3 minutes before I heard the toilet flush. He is the kind of guy that women would like in terms of looks. He is 20 years old.

It is kind of sad in some ways but when I was a kid, it was considered normal to walk in on someone while they were on the can but do that when you are older, you are considered either gay or a pervert.

Having had some unusual experiences with pediatric nurses myself as a young boy, would appreciate some of your stories and experiences in the differences between boys and girls at that age.

Go For it Dawn!
Hi dawn,
It'd be really interesting to hear about your stories as i work in a similar unit in the Leeds and would be really interested in swapping stories

Look forward to reading them,


Larry Barfburg
Once I was in this restaurant in Toronto, and there was a frail young boy sitting at a table a little along the room from where I was. I was having some sort of lobster - though it tasted a bit like diesel; anyway.

This kid, who must have been about ten, gets up and he's wearing a little tie and a shirt and dress pants, and he says to his parents, 'Mother, father, would you excuse me please' and he puts his napkin on the chair and walks to the bathroom door. As he opened it he sort of looked down to the floor, and when he stepped through he looked up with an expression of determination and noble pride.

The door swung closed, and I heard another door inside open. "Excuse me!" he said, and then another door opened and closed. I even heard the little sliding latch as I injested a forkful of braised pigeon with little cranberries and a wonderful mushroom and nut sauce.

Then this boy screamed at the top of his lungs, and the scream faded and twisted to! a sort of muffled groan and then quick breaths and a whining sound and some more groans, longer and getting louder and finally, after I thought he was in severe pain, he shouted a loud 'oooooh' and there was the sound like someone dropping a watermellon in a bathtub. "Whoooo!!" he said, and then started grunting and banging the door of the stall.

"Would you like some more wine?" asked my dinner companion.
"Lovely of you, thanks ever so much: don't mind if I do. That boy's making me rather thirsty."
"The one screaming in the loo."
"Oh. Well I'm sure he's just had a big supper."

And the boy started making vomiting sounds, as though he were in the last throws of a deadly plague. Then more shitting and vomiting and screaming and banging on the cubicle walls, and finally, after another monstrous plop in the water, and after much spitting and dry heaving, the boy was heard to wash his hands and we saw him step out of the bathroom and rejoin ! his parents.

"Excuse me." he said, and asked for a second glass of juice.

Hello all. I hope you had a happy holidays. I had the flu, which meant that I spent most of the Xmas weekend in bed. as a result I didnt have a motion for 4 days. Well as you can imagine when I DID go it was quite something!

After 4 days I felt a bit bloated and my ???? was a bit swollen. Not a problem but George gave me a very pleasent and sensual massage, especially rubbing and gently kneeding my ???? ????. Eventually I felt things start to move and gave an almighty loud dry fart which stunk the bedroom out. "Time for you to go and sit on the pan" George said and I sat on our en suite toilet pan. George still rubbed and kneeded my ???? and I did my wee wee then felt this great fat lump slide into my back passage. I started to push it out "OW! it was so fat my sphincter felt a stab of pain. A couple of inches emerged then stopped. "Its stuck!" I said to George "I imagine it will" he replied. "No I mean its stuck in me, its so fat it wont come out!" George continu! ed to gently push my ???? and slowly it moved with a lot of "OO!s and OH!s and UH!s" from me. It was like passing a milk bottle. In Glasgow we have an expression "to shit a jaggy brick" when one passes a very fat, hard, knobbly, jobbie and I was sure doing one. With George holding my hand and encouraging me I slowly passed it and it dropped into the pan with as much of a thud and a "KU-PLOONK!" I could feel that there was more to do but I was exhausted. After George wiped my bum , only one wipe with a "moist" as it was a very firm turd we both looked at my jobbie. It was only about 8 inches in length but 3 inches fat for most of its length, very dark brown and compacted so I reckon it must have all gathered in my rectum over the 4 days. It also smelled very strongly.

Later that day I felt I needed another motion and went again this time with a lot less strain and passed a nice long jobbie of about 2 1/2 inches fat and 14 inches long. This one was dark and knobbly to! begin with but was a lighter toffee brown and smoother at the end and didnt make any sound as it slid into the water. Later that day when I went to bed I did my usual wee wee beforehand as I sat there I felt a jobbie come down and passed a fat 8 incher which made a loud "KUR-SPLOONK!" . I certainly felt I had enjoyed a very good load that day and kept the blokes at the local sewerage works in overtime when we eventually got them to flush away.

Im back to normal now having just done a nice fat firm but easy curved light brown 12 incher this morning after breakfast, a far bigger sausage came out than the ones I put in with the bacon, eggs and beans I ate.

A very happy New Millennium to all of you and nice big ones in Y2K from Moira and George.

Alex M. I'm sorry you haven't been well. The anaesthetic and pain killers will have been constipating - I know from experience, having had a minor back operation in August.

Dawn. Your posting was good but be careful. I think you should bear in mind the age of your charges and the duty of confidentiality that you owe them.

I found the traditional fare over Christmas a bit constipating. Anyone else had the same experience?

Friday, December 31, 1999

Jeff A.
Happy New year one and all, I hope this makes it. It appears to me that posts are disappearing from here. Is it just me, or are they truly disappearing? Sickness has prevented me from working on a new project, so I guess I'll just take it easy. Hope the new year goes ok, for all, and hope this site stays up.
ALEX: So sorry to hear about your appendix!!! How awful for you! As a matter of record, you are absolutely the sweetest peach on the tree, and I hate the thought of anything hurting you! Be careful in your pooping endeavors. I know how much abdominal surgery can hurt. I remember once when I had lower surgery, and a nurse had to go into the bathroom with me to make sure I could poop. She stood by patiently, and it must've taken me fifteen minutes on the toilet, but I got a good one out. She said "That sounded successful." and then pulled off some toilet paper for me, and wiped me real thoroughly. I was so groggy from anesthesia, that she had to be there, other! wise, I'd have fallen off the toilet and passed out. I just sat there, leaning forward as much as possible, while she was polishing my fanny for me. She looked at the turd and commented that it was of good size and color. The damned thing hung out of me for about five minutes. I had to tell her that it was stuck. I was really embarrassed. She told me that it would loosen and fall and we just had to wait it out. I don't remember exactly what she said, but it was something like that. I remember that she was there when it went "K-PLUUMMP!" and started stinking, and she said, "There we are!" I had a real hard time pooping at home though. I only went about every three days for the first week.

NICOLA: I loved your sign off description of yourself!!!
Happy new year to one and all.

It's good to be back here after visiting relatives in England for the holidays (I hope you all had a goodone). I'm glad that my trip has resulted in a report! It occurred yesterday on the plane back from the UK. Half way through the flight I needed to pee so I went over to the lavatories. The sign on one said "vacant" so I opened the door. To my surprise, there was one of our flight attendants squatting over the toilet with a big poo coming out of her bottom! I don't know if the lock had broken or her desperation had made her to forget to lock it, but my jaw dropped and I apologized. In the time between my apology and me closing the door I saw the poo fall into the toilet - it made a dull, soft "splat" sound. Later on, the very same flight attendant served my husband and I. Once again I apologized and she said sweetly, "that's's only nature. Even the Queen does a poo."

Have you ever wondered why turds are tapered on the ends.

This is to prevent your cheeks from slamming shut.

Big B
Laurie i looooooooooooooooooooooooooved your story please post more!
Laurie- how long do u usually take?

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