Hi all. I've been reading the stories here since this site opened, and finally I've got something interesting to post. Actually, I've got a couple of stories but I've been too shy to post them before. So, I'll relate my Christmas Eve story first, and if you guys like, I'll tell my other ones later. Christmas eve in my family is a huge ordeal, we all go to my grandmother's house and my entire family (everyone, and I mean EVERYONE) is there. We even have many neighbors there, as well. There must be like 20 or 30 people in my grandma's small little house, it's quite a site to see. Anyway, as i was getting ready that day for the party, i remembered that my grandma's neighbor has this cute boy my age (16) named Jeff. I was hoping to flirt with him and see him a bit over break, so I didn't want to embarrass myself with any toilet ordeals this night. I hadn't gone since Wednesday, and I knew that I was gonna have to have a monster crap at some point. So, around 3 in the afternoon i started to get ready. I took a shower and got dressed in a red and green sweater and black skirt. Half an hour before we left, I went into the bathroom, pulled up my skirt and sat on the toilet, determined to poop before the party. Needless to say, I was unsuccessful. I had been on the toilet for about ten minutes, grunting straining, pushing, farting, all to no avail, when my brother (he's 14) knocked on the door and told me he had to go to the bathroom really badly. I thought to myself that I wasn't going anywhere with the poop, so it could wait till tomorrow morning. I also assumed my bro was gonna pee and I could try again when he was done. I sat for another five minutes, pushing with all my might, but no poop would come. My brother, Mike, knocked on the door again and told me to stop hogging the toilet. I replied I was "having a monster poop session" and he told me I was full of it; he had been outside the door and hadn't heard anything. Defeated, I got up and went out, planning on trying again in a minute. Boy, was I wrong. My brother was the one who ended up having the monster poop session! He was in there for 15 minutes, splashing and farting away. I was envious because I had spent that same amount of time and all I had to show for it was a couple of farts. My parents came up and told us we were going to grandma's and I said "mikey's taking a big dump right now (just to embarras the little punk) and then he popped right out and we left. I had a good time at the party and ate a ton! This was a big mistake. Me and Jeff were hitting it off quite well, too, which was a good thing. We were in the basement (all of us, the entire family!) watching tv, playing ping pong, doing various things, i was sitting next to jeff on the couch, when all of the sudden i felt a rumbling in my ????. Oh no! I thought. Please, no monster poops right now! I released several silent and very smelly farts which apparently Jeff didn't notice, or at least he didn't say anything before I excused myself to go "check on my little cousins upstairs." My grandma has a bathroom in the basement, but I didn't want everyone to know i was pooing and it was also in use at the time. I went upstairs, hoping to be alone with the toilet. The door to her upstairs bathroom was closed and I knocked. "be out in a little bit" came the reply of my cousin Brendan, who's 15. I prayed that he was taking a quick pee (or finishing a poo) because I now was feeling strong crampings in my stomach. I sat in the chair outside the door and I heard a soft fart from inside the bathroom followed by loud breathing through his nostrils and a crackling sound. Damn! I had to poop badly and my cousin was sitting in the only bathroom I could use!! 6 or 7 minutes later, he came out and smiled in a very embarrased manner towards me. Poor guy. I think he was trying to impress me and ended up keeping me waiting with his poop. I went into the bathroom and man did it reek! There were big skid marks in the toilet too. I lifted up my skirt and pulled down my white panties and sat on the toilet in the small room. Immediately, i let out a very loud wet fart followed by a torrent of pee. I farted another wet fart and felt severe cramping pains. This usually happens to me when I don't crap for a couple of days. After a couple minutes of this the first monster dump came pushing slowly out my butt. I couldn't believe it! I was at a huge party and having a major dump. Yuk. I just hoped noone would know or find out what i was doing. About ten minutes into the dumping session, I heard footsteps in the hall. Oh no! I thought. Please don't come to the bathroom, please don't come here!!! They stopped at the doorway and someone knocked on the door! "Is anyone in there?" came a very familiar voice. No! It was Jeff!! What was I going to do? I had stunk up the bathroom badly and was in the middle of taking a very major dump (not to mention i was in mid-poop at the time) and this very hot guy was wondering who was in the bathroom! "I'm in here." I responded. "Laurie? Is that you?" Jeff asked. "Yep." I replied. I took a deep breath and a very big chance. "I might be in here for awhile so you should probably go find another bathroom." I hoped he wouldn't be put off. There was a pause of silence followed by, "are you taking a dump?" "Yes." I replied quietly. "Oh, i'm sorry. I can wait, it's ok." Jeff said. It was a combination blessing/disaster. The blessing was that he wasn't put off by my pooping but the disaster was now he was gonna wait while i sat in there pooping. It took another ten minutes, but I finally got through my monster crap. Because i know you guys like statistics on girl's poopings, here's mine: 25 minutes, 6 10" logs, 7 3" logs, 9 small balls and many very loud farts. The place reeked and it took 3 flushes to get rid of the mess. When I finally emerged, Jeff said "Wow! That took you quite a while!" I smiled, thinking he hadn't even been there the whole time and said, "yeah, we girls sometimes have to take dumps, too!" He went in and peed and came out and said, "that stank in there!" I said "yep, we girls can stink it up too!" He then took my hand and walked me back to the party downstairs. I felt so much more relieved after that monster crapping session on christmas eve and i also felt more intimate and close with jeff. We'll see how this works out. Also, I felt really turned on and embarrased at the same time as i sat in that little room, on my tiptoes, taking a really big dump. I think i'm starting to like pooping major loads and we'll see what future episodes i'll have. if you liked this post, let me know as i have some from the past that i can post too. Until then, Laurie. Oh, i almost forgot. Today was christmas and i just wanted to wish everyone a merry christmas and happy holiday season. I took a very boring poop today, 15 minutes of fun while reading a magazine. My mom interrupted me about 5 minutes in asking me some innane question. Then she came back and asked if i'd be long on the toilet. I replied, "yes i'm taking a dump" and she said, "OK. when you finish i need to talk to you." That's about it. I love everyone here!! Keep up the great stories and i'll be back with more later. Laurie

I have noticed this site by accident and hope it is all right for anyone to post here.
I am a 22-year-old nurse who works in a childrens unit. The place is for children of either sex between the ages of 9-13, although we do have at the moment 2 boys and a girl of 14. The unit is for children who refuse to go to school or have for some reason been separated from their parents; this unit is used as a temporary location for them possibly before fostering.

There are separate toilet blocks for boys and girls; there are partitions between the toilets but no doors at the front. These have been designed this way as the place was intended for young children and some may be handicapped or disturbed. There are never many of us on duty at once so female and male staff has to supervise either toilet block.

I find girls have no inhibitions about using open toilets but the boys 13 and 14 tend to be embarrassed about going in front of me more than the other staff, possib! ly because the other nurses are quite a bit older. When I first started there 3 weeks ago I had to help a 9 year old boy to the toilet who had his leg in plaster. I helped him onto the toilet and everything seemed alright, there was a 14 year old boy sitting on the next toilet with his pyjama bottoms pulled down (it was evening). He looked a little shy about me being there so I took no notice of him and casually started cleaning the sinks while I was waiting for the other boy. Two boys come in who were friends of the 14-year-old and started teasing him about sitting there in front of me, I told him to take no notice and they shouldn't be so childish. I tried to keep glancing away from him so he could use the toilet roll and he left.
I will write in incidents if anyone is interested.

I have another story about the new associate I work with, Chuck N. We have been hanging out a lot together and I’ve come to find out that Chuck is very uninhibited about his bowel movements and enjoys sharing them with a buddy. He is also very uninhibited about farting in front of other guys, which I definitely am not. One time we were in the coffee room talking and there was a woman getting a cup of coffee. As soon as she walked out of the room, Chuck said, “Now that the lady is gone, I need to cut one.” He proceeded to bend over slightly and fire off a humungously long loud fart. He chuckled and yelled “Woo! That was a good one.” Then he started a whole new conversation, like nothing had happened. The other day we played squash at the gym and afterwards when we were heading to the shower, Chuck goes, “Man, I need to make a serious deposit.” He went into one of the bathroom stalls near the showers. I stood at the sink, which is right in front of his stall to brush m! y teeth. I heard Chuck’s ample ass hit the bowl and he immediately began a ferocious and unbelievably loud shit explosion during which I could hear turds being jettisoned into the water with splashing, plopping, and a lot of loud farting. Chuck was grunting loudly “OH (plop), AHHH (crackle, schlump!), BIG SLASH - UHH! More farting and soft shit exploding loudly into the bowl with ocassional plops. The sound was so loud that any conversation or any other sound was completely drowned out by the cacophony of sounds coming out of his asshole. Then after this incredible wave of exploding bowel noises subsided, for a few seconds there was silence except for the sound of Chuck letting out long sighs and groans. Then all of a sudden he began a series of massive machine gun farting, you know the kind where one fart after another comes out really short and fast, but with every fourth of fifth fart lasting 3 seconds or so. “Damn”, Chuck said, “Talk about pollutin’ the air, WOO! ! Another guy who was then peeing at a stand up john turns toward Chuck’s stall and looks at me and whistles, shaking his head and waving his hand past his nose because by then the smell of Chuck’s load had permeated the entire bathroom. Chuck stayed in the stall a few more minutes and then began to wipe. After he finished he flushed by kicking the flusher really hard. He slams open the stall door and comes out. By this time I am putting my toiletries away. Chuck stands next to me and starts washing his hands. He looks at me and says, “Man, that was bad.” I laughed and said, “Sounded like you had a hard time.” Chuck sniffs the air and says, “Hoo! Talk about a stink!” He starts laughing and says, “Later dude,” as he heads toward his locker. It was a VERY intense experience and I loved sharing it with Chuck and I think he was pleased that I was there as well.

Well, Christmas Break is about over for me. I have to report to work on Friday for Y2K Computer fun. I traveled from my home in Colorado to Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio to see family and friends. I had a couple of dump experiences. It was shared only once when I went to Ohio to see my uncle and aunt. I stopped at a resturaunt to unload. I went into the bathroom and I was the only person on the shitter. I heard a couple of kids come and go and they made grunting & farting noises as if they were shitting. I was finished and I heard them again. I got out while they were at the sink. THey didn't say a word to me. I could care less anyway. I also stopped at a friends house as well and he showed me his place. We walked by the bathroom and he said, "This is my throne room" with a smirk on his face. I replied that the john is a place to get into deep thought.

I have been reading over the break but didn't have the chance to post.

I am interested in hearing some more! Alpine Hut stories along with Youth Hostel. I enjoyed those postings as well as dumping at school.

With all the posts about the 'buddy' system of relieving oneself, it occured to me that, in a way, we do this every time we poop or pee. At least I've often thought of this while on the toilet --- with like 6 billion people in the world now, I wonder how many are also taking a dump or a leak at the very same time? It must be like in the millions! Wow!

Wednesday, December 29, 1999

Mike NYC
JASMINE: In response to your question of how many flushes it took to get my boss's turd down. Well, I lost count cause I just wanted to hurry and get home. I held the lever down to keep the water going too. It had to have been longer than 12 inches because it extended all the way to the toilet rim of the bowl from the hole. I can tell you how I got it down. I had to get a rag, and force it down during the flush so the bowl wouldn't flood. It wasn't pretty. The end of the turd that came out first just cleared the radius of the hole and the rest of it just barely made it as it was a little less thick on the rest of the length, so it was an effort. That fact that it was a water-saver toilet didn't help. As each flush stopped, I flushed again and quickly forced with the rag again, and so on... It wasn't pretty, and the smell was like some sort of decay--like a mixture of decaying odors that's hard to describe. I had a hard time dealing with it for some reason even though we all sm! ell dumps all the time. After I got it down the hole, there was some plunging that had to be done. The turd was still blocking the passage and the mud portion of the dump was covering the hole. I didn't want to touch anything with that rag again so I just plunged. The entire process of getting it all down took 15-20 min. I'll tell you one thing, if toilets could talk, that one would've been begging for mercy. She sure blessed that bowl. I just wish she would've blessed one in the ladies room instead where the toilets were bigger. She was probably worried the odor would escape into the restaurant where the others were. Well, she had good instincts.

ANDRE: I don't really know my boss's bowel habits. I don't really understand why people would hold in movements for weeks. I think something fowl in something you eat could be enough to cause a massive movement alone. I say that from my own experiences. I wouldn't know about the 4 pounds. I don't think I'm going to go there.!

ROSE: Thanks for your welcoming comment. I have a lot to share throughout my lifetime with dumps from others and myself. I'll share them gradually cause I could be writing all night. One that comes to mind is a few weeks ago, I was at a female friend's house and had to go really bad. When I sat on her toilet, I shot a mushy mud load down the hole which was quite audible. Then I shot again with a "splat" sound which was a sloppy chunk and then just peed while just letting out a mild left-over mush stream. After I flushed, the water was a little brown still and there were a couple streaks but I left it alone cause I was at a friend's house and didn't feel a second flush was that important.

Ok everyone, after browsing the old posts I noticed there's another Mike so I added NYC to my name to distinguish us. I really appreciate this site. Everyone seems quite nice and I admire those who are willing to speak of their movements. I don't know how so many of you are ! able have buddy dumps. I'd love to have buddy dumps with some of my friends but they all want their privacy. That seems to be so typical of adults. My ex-girlfriend would go with the bathroom door open and remark about a good dump but that was years ago. I'll talk more about her later. Anyway, I admired that she was able to share that because I think it showed that she could be open about anything with me. Taking a crap is an intimate moment but certainly not a sexual one, so I just wish more of my friends were open about it. Anyway, I'm glad all of you are open about it! Catchya later.

Have any of you ever accidentally flushed something down the toilet that you did not mean to flush???????

hey laurie
great story! keep on posting!

Hello, I'm back!! This will have to be quick because I'm doing a little work before I go back to school. I would like to wish everyone a Merry Xmas and Happy New Year/Millenium. Make it a good one!!

Alex M.
Hi guys. Jeff A., a belated Merry Christmas to you, too. Sorry I haven't written more often, but, as I said, I've been very busy.
I don't want to wallow in self-pity, but I spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in the hospital because of a ruptured appendix. Yes, there is a bathroom story out of this. Steph came in to see me and was kind enough to help me pee into the bedpan. I think getting into "details" would be beyond the scope of this forum, but I'm so grateful to have her as a friend, in good times and in bad. Jeff, you mentioned that Steph is a "ray of sunshine." I couldn't agree more!!! The world would be a better place if everyone could have a "Steph" in their lives.
Well, I'm now home and on pain-killers and am having a hard time pooping. I just got off the phone with Steph and she told me she'd come over and "help" me go. I'll let everyone know how I made out.
Happy holidays to everyone. Hugs and kisses, Love, Alex :)

ooooooh, laurie! ...nice story! do you realize that that was over 7 feet of poo! ...yes, that WAS a big dump! please describe yourself and keep the great stories coming... you're a gem! :P

Kevin L
Laurie, that was a great story. I would love to hear more.

- For the New Year lets try to find a new picture at the top, a true toilet picture.
Merry Christmas.

What happens when you shit, green stuff

Has anyone ever had any interesting bathroom experiances in movie theatres?

To Laurie: Great story!! if i was in your cousins and friends postion id be turned on. I like your storys you should post more.

To everyone....nothing new has happened, haven't had any intresting dumps/pees. nothing too exciting. Althought i did poop today, hadn't been in about 2 or 3 days.

Monday, December 27, 1999

If you can see this you are lucky, It may not be here for long. Then again, no one may be left. We are getting posts but we have been locked out from being able to update this site all week due to problems with our service provider's 24 hour upgrade turning into a Sunday through Saturday project. Where we were physically unable to update anything and unable to give any kind of notice. We have switched providers due to this incident are updating our new space at will become but it won't become until Monday or Tuesday because has to become the new IP address in Internic's official records. (possibly later on if you are outside the US.) If all else fails, we hope we can keep's free email service working during the move where we can at least put a note on

Glad you are back! I was seriously worried that the bigots and censors had got to you! HAPPY HOLIDAYS ALL!

My husband and I had Xmas at home and yes, after a good feed and also having eaten a lot over the previous couple of days ,both of us produced big yule logs. About half an hour or so after our lunch we felt it start to move and both of us farted very loudly, I left him go first and he passed a lovely big 14 inch long and 2 1/2 inch fat curved sausage with my rubbing his ???? and encouraging him to "do a nice big jobbie for Nicky" with a "ka-floomp!" he did and got off the pan looking proud of his efforts and obviously turned on. I then sat on the still warn seat, did my wee wee with a loud tinkle and hiss then the big jobbie started it slowly come out of me. It was really fat and knobbly and well formed to start with and was like a big fat naval gun shell. The roles were reversed with my man pushing gently on my belly and saying, "that's it Nicky love, do one of your big whoppers!" This one was a real Yule Log I can tell you, with a lot of "EH!s and OH!S and NNN!s! I bore down and it slowly slid out of my back passage between my ???? buttocks. Eventually it tapered to a gentle point and as the start was already in the water it made no sound as I finished it. I got off the pan and we both had a look at this fat 18 inch jobbie lying next to my husband's 14 incher. We were both well turned on and I I'll let readers guess the rest. The turds were still stuck there when we got up this monring despite 5 flushes and I will either have to throw some buckets of water down to move our combined load of Yule Logs or push it over the bend with my hands. I'll let you all know. This afternooon we are off to his mum's and although I dont think I'll do anything as big as yesterday, I ,may well do a 12 incher, no doubt to the amusement of the others.

I havent thankfully had diarrhea and a cold, (Im glad that I dont often get the runs) but I have coughed and done an solid motion in my knickers. I as about 16 I suppose and I had a very bad cold. One day I had got out of bed feeling the need to do a motion and as I went to the toilet I had a sudden violent coughing fit. Racked by spasms I felt something happening down below and wee wee spurted into the gusset of my white cotton briefs ( I wear my panties under my nightdress and change into clean ones after my shower every morning), and I felt the fat turd start to come out into the seat of my knickers. Luckily it met little resistance as the nighty was loose fitting and the panties a large roomy pair so it didnt squash , (it was a very firm jobbie anyway) and pushed my knickers down at the back. My brother heard me moan "OH NO!" and thought I had fainted or something. I was still coughing as he got to me. The smell and the puddle of wee wee on the floor told all. Now unlike a lot of 14 year olds he was kind and sympathetic. He did have a good look at the big bulge hanging down in the seat of my panties which now had a dark stain as they were soaked by my uncontrolled pee. "Come on Nicks (the family name for me) let's get you cleaned up" and he gently led me into the toilet as I stepped out of my dirty panties and emptied the big turd (which hadnt squashed) into the pan before stepping into the shower, then rinsed the dirty knickers out and draped them over the radiator to dry. When I came out of the toilet he had a clean pair of knickers and a blouse and skirt ready for me and had wiped up the puddle on the carpet with soapy water. As I have previously said as a brother he is very kind and thoughtful.

Well, all the best to the regulars here, George and Moira, Tony, Jeff A, Electra (Jill) and the others.

Nicola, the well built torpedo laying red head from southern England.

Does anyone here know what the highest capacity toilet pan/bowl is? I went surfing on the web to find the ones with large trapways to let down very large loads (Like copious amounts of TP, a large movement, huggies/pampers, kotex etc.). I found out that most trapways are awful (Like 1-3/4 inch to 1-7/8 inch). American Standard brags about a toilet they call the "Cadet" with a 2" trapway (Hardly big enough for anything i mentioned). I found a toilet called the Neo-Metro Euro-Urban Contour Toilet (Say that fast 8 times) from a place called Acorn Engineering (Sorry, no link, site rules ya know) and it quietly mentions the toilet has a 3" trapway in it in the back of the specs. The bummer: They start at $1989+a $429 flush mechanism. What I'm curious about, is whether this is the best trap anyone here knows of or whether there are bigger traps in use in toilets that could handle more. Does anyone here have a toilet with a trap bigger than 3"?

I just had a nice 1 and a half foot job, must have bben form eating all that fruit cake!

Sunday, December 26, 1999

A few years ago there was a PBS documentary about a pair of conjoined (at the waist) twin girls. Their physical attributes were pretty much normal, except for the fact that they shared a middle leg, kidney, and... rectum. Little was mentioned about this on the program, but ones imagination can soon think of all the interesting situations this must have brought about. Imagine sharing your a-hole, and urethra, with a twin, right up to the age of 5! (the twins were successfully separated and now have those excretory organs all to themselves). But think of what it must have been like, for example; what happened when they both had to go at the same time? If one twin was having a poop, was the other able to feel the sensation? If they both pooped at the same time, did this make the turds larger? And what about diapers - were they custom-made or something? These were details that would have made the documentary a lot more interesting, and I was kind of disappointed that nothing mor! e was mentioned about it.
It's probably fortunate that these twins were seperated - try to imagine two grown adults in the same situation!
Just thought this might be of interest to you folks. The documentary was actually an episode of Nova, and I think it aired in September 1995 (worth noting that this episode is available on video from PBS).

Saturday, December 25, 1999

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