Hi, I am a lawyer. I found this site while looking for some example cases. I have a client, who works as an assmebly line worker, who was denied, suffering from diarrhea, to use the restroom after she had been twice in an hour and a half. She ended up filling her panties and she was only excused to leave the assembly line after it was clear to everybody what she had done. She intends to sew her employer.

Anyway, going through this site reminds of something I want to share with you: 25 years ago, when I was a law student freshman, one night in a bar there were talks about a fellow student who spent a night in jail having been cought peeing in town (in Marseilles) against a building. One 3rd year student, who was known to always be looking to make some money, said she thought this was really stupid. She said something like that could never happen to her. Eventually, she ended up betting with a whole group of people for 200FF each she would poop a soft load of poop in the porch of one of the city's police stations and get away with it. To make sure she would be able to produce the right load of poop we treated her to a big pasta meal with a lot of alcohol.

The next morning we met near the police station. She was wearing a wide long skirt. Almost immediately she said: Let us go, I have kept it all in and I have to go badly now. At the police station she went into the porch while we were watching at some distance. The officers on duty could see her through the glass window. In the porch she looked around, made a couple of attempts to lift her skirt but seemed to change her mind every time. Somebody in our group said: She doesn't dare to do it. Then suddenly, she got a worried look on her face. It seemed like she didn't know what to do and, for a while, she stood in a strange position with one hand at her mouth. Somebody said: My god, I think she cannot hold it. She is filling her panties.
Then she came waggling back to us and while somebody wanted to comfort her she said, with a smile: You all owe me 200FF.
But this is not what we agreed! She said: One thing you have to know if you want be a lawman: be specific! I said I would poop a soft load of poop in police station porch, we did not specify it could not be in my panties. She lifted her skirt. She was wearing something we would call a spandex now a days. You could clearly see the huge bulge of poop. She collected her money, lifted her skirt, sat herself on her bicycle (you could hear the poop getting squeezed throughout her panties) and said: You have to excuse me, I have to go and clean up and go for my classes... By the way, normally I work about a whole month as waitress for the same amount of money.

I've been lurking on this site for a while. I'm mainly interested in pee..but some of this poop stuff is hilarious. I'm a freshman at college and the funniest thing happened on night. There was a huge art party and I had had quite a bit to drink. I was on the verge of passing out so I rushed to the toilet so that I could wash my face and try to get back home. Obviuosly this didn't work and I proceeded to pass out in the tub of this toilet in the middle of the party. It also happened that the curtain totally hid my presence. I must have passed out for about an hour. I woke up hearing the sound of two girls talking. One of these girls had to really pee badly but nothing was coming out. I think she called this stage fright. The other girl put the water tap on and made hissing noises. This seemed to comfort the girl who was trying to pee and she managed to do it. At this point, my situation was pretty bad. i had to get out of the toilet but I couldn't with all these! people around. I'm also quite into peeing so although I wanted to get out I kind of enjoyed the experience too. My view of the proceedings at this point was that i could only see the perosn coming in through reflection on the wall and I could also see the person peeing through this reflection on the wall. I also notices that a lot of girls sort of stand while peeing. They don't let their butts get in contact with the pot...understandably so because the toilet is very likely to get dirty. As I sobered up I realised the absurdity of my situation and I quitely sneaked out of the window. That was probably the most scary experience of my life. It was almost like being trapped.....

Hi there at the Toilet!

I'm wondering if something's going wrong with your forum; I haven't seen any new posts since Sunday!? Even though I think MIKE'S post about his "exploding" Korean boss is really an outstanding contribution, it has served long enough as top of the posts. Btw, a three-incher of the size mentioned by Mike would weigh at least four pounds! Plus the additional load of mush - the lady must have saved it up for two weeks... Incredible achievement, though; anyone knows more stories of this "Guinness Book" type?
Good pees and poops to you all,

Friday, December 24, 1999

Another Alpine mountain hut I stayed in was built in 1879. Some time since then, someone had bored a small hole through the wooden side wall of the gents' toilet on the top floor. This gave a view into the ladies toilet next door from my favourite angle, from the back, just above seat level!

I saw an American woman of about 25 come in. She dropped her shorts and panties together and sat down quickly, well back on the seat. She took a wee, wiped from the front and jumped up quickly so that I hardly saw a thing.

The next morning, I saw a woman in her 20s from the Netherlands come in and sit well back on the seat. Then she leaned forwards to get something out of her bag on the floor, giving me a fine view of her open vagina and her closed anus. This was starting to dome out, showing that her morning dump was imminent. Then she sat back on the seat but I couldn't see what happened after that.

Then an attractive, blond German girl of about 20 came in. She! covered the front half of the seat with pieces of TP, then dropped her shorts and panties to reveal the most exquisitely beautiful, smooth, slim bottom. She sat well forward on the seat giving me a full view of her anus. It stayed almost completely shut, just opening about a quarter of an inch to let out a little trickle of creamy brown poop. It looked like she was icing a cake with chocolate icing! She squeezed out a series of creamy trickles for about 5 minutes then paused for a minute.

Then another wave of creamy poop started. This time it was more of a yellow colour and a bit lumpy. It looked like she had eaten sauerkraut with her hut evening meal the night before. (This German speciality is raw pickled cabbage and is pure fibre. It comes out looking much like when it went in!). After another 5 mins of forcing out very thin trickles of creamy lumpy poop through an almost closed anus, her friend knocked on the door and said, "Bist Du fertig?" (are you ready?). "Na! y" said the girl on the toilet. Soon after that, she finished shitting and there was a yellow mess all round her anus. She used about 12 pads of TP to clean herself then pulled up her panties and shorts and washed her hands.

It was a bit messy for my liking (I prefer watching more solid motions) but was still one of the best toilet views I have seen in Europe.

I am going to ask a couple questions off of the survey, other than the bathroom, where were/are you allowed to go to the bathroom as a child. Also, if you are outside and you have to pee/poop, what did/do you do as a child.

Linda: What's happened to you? We haven't heard
from you since Thanksgiving. Hope you have a
Great Christmas.

In response to Mike's post about the BOSS LADY taking a wooping dump in his presence. Just like Mike, I also started my career from the very bottom up. That is, my first jobs were dishwasher and clerk / courier. I found that a lot of senior level women I worked for seemed less threatened by people far below them, so that might be one reason she was so eager to share her dump with Mike without feeling uneasy. And now, on to something unrelated. Since I started eating more yogurt, my dumps have been fewer and farther between. Is this due to the increase of dary products? Has anyone else experienced this?

Teenaged Girl
About 2 weeks ago, my 3 best friends and I went to a concert downtown. It was my absolute fave group and there was no way i would move during the performance. I was so distracted by excitement I didn't realize my need to pee. When the show was over, the restroom lines were unreal. My best friend and I both expressed our urgent needs to pee. We started walking the what seemed like forever walk back to the parking garage. My friend and I trying so hard to hold it in the whole way. We knew there was absolutely no way we would make it out of downtown without peeing ourselves. Traffic was hideous. We got to the car in the parking garage and to our benefit there was no one else around as we had parked very far away from the arena. With 2 of our friends stanging guard, my best friend and I ran to the front of the car, pulled down our jeans and panties and peed for all we were worth!! We had nothing to wipe with but that didn't even matter! It just felt so good to let it out! If we ha! dn't made it back to the car in time, I probably would have ran to the nearest tree and let loose, not caring who saw. When you have to pee that bad, you lose all sense of decorum. It was my friends first buddy pee and I think it was quite interesting! Between the 2 of us, the puddle formed was amazing!! My friend now enjoys buddy peeing and we have done it several times sense!! Ahh the joys of friendship!! LOL Happy New Year everyone!

Was at the gym yesterday morning and was doing my routines when i felt like i had to poop.So i finished my routine and went downstairs to the toilet.There are 4 stalls in the bathroom and when i got there,no one was in there,so i took a stall in the middle and sat down and waited for someone else to come in to poo with.I didn't have to go that bad yet,so i could hold it for a bit and i always enjoy pooing along with someone else.Well,i was sitting there for about a minute or so when i heard someone walking fast toward the toilets.Then i heard someone say"Hello,hello i know i'm not supposed to be in here,but the ladies room is screwed up somehow and i gotta go now"I didn't know what to say,but thru the crack i could see it was one of the arobic instructors as she ran past the stall down to the end one and she was very pretty.As she went past my stall,she said"i'm sorry sir,i hope you don't mind too much.but this is an emergency and if you don't mind, i don't"I felt i had to say! something since she saw i was in there and i said"No.go ahead,knock yourself out"she just said "OK thanks"and then i heard her start to pull down her pants and i was in heaven,i couln't believe it.I hope she doesn't just have to pee and then i figured i'll make her feel more comfortable and i let out some gas and started to take a nice dump and as i'm pushing out my first long turd i hear her start to pee like a racehorse and it went on for some time.I was loving it.Then,just toward the end of her peeing,i heard her fart,but it was one of those hissing ones and it sounded like she was going to poop.At this point, i farted a bit and let out some soft poo and as the poo is coming out my ass,i hear the poop coming out her ass too.WOW i thought,we were pooing at the same time.then after what sounded like a long poo from her,i heard some more farting and a slight grunt and a bunch of soft poop with a lot of gas in between.Boy was she taking a wicked one!It sounded like she went 2 ! times as much as i went,and i had a pretty good dump myself.As she is in the middle of one of those poops,i let go with some loose stuff too,and needless to say,i got off in a BIG way and that's all i'll say about that!Then i felt done and i sat there and listened to her wipe herself and it sounded like she had to wipe herself quite a bit.I just couln't believe it,it was super.I'm all for uni-sex bathrooms after this!Then she came out and i was still in the stalland she walked past and said"I'm really sorry and i thank you for not minding me going in here.It would have been a disaster otherwise,thanks again".I said "No problem,It's OK" yeah it was MORE than OK for me ,i'll tell you that.I hope that happens to me again soon.That was a cool christmas present from that woman!BYE

There's nothing like taking a dump this time of year. Just this past Thanksgiving was a great. A few friends invited me over to have dinner with them. I ate like a horse...turkey, beans, macaroni/w cheese, ham, stuffing, the list goes on and on. I'm a pretty big guy...6'5" and 290lbs, so I can eat alot, and take really big dumps. A day or so after all of that eating lead me to the toilet where I had to take that all important post-holiday dump. I work as a mover, and I was moving stuff into a new apartment for this lady. After I was done, I could feel that rumbling in my belly, and cut a few good farts while she was far away from me. I fanned the smell away from my backside and walked over to ask her if I could use her toilet right quick. She told me it was I went in to her bathroom, the toilet looked kinda small, but then most toilets look that way to me. I grabbed a roll of TP and a magazine she had sitting on the hamper and went to work.

I far! ted loudly, I tried to cough so she couldn't hear me, but my farts are loud and there's just no hiding the sound. I grunted a bit a pushed out the first of what would be about five long and thick logs. There was alot of gas involved, so I didn't have to strain much. My farts were even explosive at times, making for a real mess in the bowl. I read some, farted even more, and pushed out the remaining four logs. It took over a half an hour to finish. The smell was rotten as hell, and air freshner didn't seem to help. I took a long piss to empty my bladder and wiped clean with several wads of TP. It took about three flushes to get all of that shit down the drain, and another couple to hose off the once bright white porcelain sides of the bowl. I farted a few more times as I zipped up and washed my hands, then came out. I don't think she noticed I was gone, or she heard all of the comotion I was making and decided to escape the smell. It was one of the best dumps I've ever! had and I was so relieved afterwards. I'm looking forward to Christmas and New Year's for another repeat of that prize-winning dump.

Tuesday, December 21, 1999

To Mike: Just how many times did you have to flush to get your boss' 12 inch turd to go down the toilet?????

DAVE's story about the nurses reminds me of one of my own. I was working on the public information part of a health project in Ecuador. One of the other staffers was an American nurse. Once when the staff was in a joking around, she said that when she used to work in hospitals, she didn't mind at all dealing with enemas or bed pans. That made me wonder if she shared my interest in elimination, but I never asked. One day she and I had to do some survey work in a nearby Andean town. The project cars were taken, so we rode a bus. (They run everythere there, and often.) We were sharing a seat when, out of nowhere, she looked at me and said, "Know what? I have to fart." I invited her to lean over my way so she could raise her butt cheek and told her that I'd cough while she did it to cover up any noise. I shouldn't have been surprised that she took me up on it, but I was! It was only slightly smelly. Then I looked at her and said, "I have to do more than that."
"Do! you have to take a dump?" she asked. "So do I."
I knew there was one of those unisex public toilets (the kind I sometimes mention here) in the town where we were headed, so I said, "I'm going to invite you to to something we can't easily do in the US. How about joining me? for a dump?" She liked the idea.
When we got there, we took adjacent stalls. These were tiled and came all the way down to the floor, but were only about 6' high and open at the top, so we could easily talk to one another. She was really open - it must have been the nurse in her - about giving me a running commentary, telling me what a good dump she was having, backing it up with a few farts. I did the same for her, just that it took me a bit longer to get started. In the meantime, the stink from her side started to waft over the wall. We were the only two people in there at the time, except for a guy who came in to use the urinal, so I knew it was from her. "Oooh," I said to her over the w! all, "You *are* taking a good one. I just got a whiff of it." She laughed. We never had another side-by-sider, but she continued to be quite open about the topic of elimination.

ROSE, yes, it's happened to me, usually when I've passed an especially big jobbie that I'd like to have a look at, but most of it has already started long journey down the drain.

MIKE, great post about your Korean boss. My guess is that by just facing the music, knowing that you had probably heard everything and could definitely smell it, she felt she could save face. It also made it easier for her to ask you to do the cleanup. She sounds like the anal retentive type, but when she finally let go, wow!

I won't be here much over the holidays, so Season's Greetings to all right now. I hope many of you enjoy a big Christmas meal and, if all goes well, its pleasant upshot. From Bill Bryson's "English, the Mother Tongue and How It Got That Way" I learned about cockney rhymi! ng slang, a nifty way of handling euphemisms, e.g., "raspberry tart" to mean "fart." With that in mind... A hearty, warm tea I wish for you, and a memorable visit to your favorite zoo!
Happy Holidays from Traveler!!

Has anyone here ever had a bad case of diarrhea before they came down with a cold? This happens to me all the time. One time I was on a bus and I exploded in their bathroom before I got laryngitis. Just yesterday I had awful diarrhea twice, pure liquid, and now I am getting sick. Yesterday I tried taping myself going, like someone suggested in an old post. It was really amusing, but kind of gross. Has anyone else ever tried that? Diarrhea stories are always the most interesting, so please don't ignore this message, post them. Everyone will enjoy. thanks


That was quite a fascinating story! I hope that you will share more in the future. :-)

There is no way I can crap when I know someone knows I'm in the bathroom. The very thought of farting and crapping around others makes me very nervous, if I even think someone heard me fart I would have a panic attack. I'am a female who never feels comfortable about natural bodily functions. I wish the day the day would come for me to feel free about this. Why are most women so shy when it comes to this? I always find myself holding my farts inside because I'm too shy to let other people hear me fart.

Jeff A.
To everyone:
I'm busy with another film project, which has me on the road again. I want to take this time to wish you all the very best, as you are all the very best. The most wonderful people ever whom it's been my pleasure to converse with. To Buzzy who makes me smile, and PV a recent poster with important things to say. My buddies Steph and Alex who I love more than the sunrise. And to you all Rick, Jasmine, Tony,George and Moira (UK), Fred, Aleks,JIll(Elektra), Bridget, Happy Camper (Where the hell have you been anyway?!!) and to the many others who I may have forgotten (for now), the very best to you all!! Merry Christmas and a wonderful 00!
Most of all, to the Moderator(s), you guys are the best! I love you!!! As Duke Ellington put it "It don't mean a thing, if it ain't got that swing!!!"
I love you all, god bless.
Jeff A.

Monday, December 20, 1999

I just recently discovered this web page and I only wish I could have put this story in about 6 months ago after it happened. At that time, I worked part time some nights at a Korean restaurant after my regular job. I simply did dishes and cleaning after the busy dinner crowd. My boss was this extremely conservative Korean lady in her late 30's or possible early 40's. She was very business-like and professional looking, always wearing trousers with a blaser and loads of make up. She would never really pay any attention to me and wasn't very polite probably because I was just "another one of her employees." Either that, or it was the fact that I was the only American guy that worked there and I spoke little Korean at the time. Like a typical Korean restaurant, people pay at the front when they're finished and she would just stay at the cash register all day. Like the waitresses, she would simply use the public ladies room when she had to go except for this one night. After closing, she and some of the waitresses were eating dinner which they do there sometimes. In the kitchen, the cooks had finished their clean up duties and left. I was finishing up the janitorial work and in the back of the kitchen there's the janitor's closet and across from that there's the employee bathroom which was one small toilet and sink crammed in this little room. Only the cooks and I used it. I was just about to leave and only had to replace the soap in the dispenser. As I was just about to position the soap bag in the dispenser, I heard the kitchen doors open and my boss's shoes coming towards the back. I thought I was going to get in trouble for something but instead she comes right into that bathroom and says she needs to use it. Now this room can barely fit two people. She didn't even wait outside the door until I got out. She just barged right in. Instead of taking the 15 seconds to get the bag in the soap dispenser, I had to leave it on the sink and get it later since she was so demanding of using the toilet. Now she's a good medium build so I had to squeeze between her while she was standing there and the sink to get out. The door shut quickly right behind me and I knew she would really have to go since she's using the toilet in the janitorial area. I didn't know what to do except just stand there and wait because all I had to do was get that soap in the dispenser. Anyway, as soon as the door shut, the toilet seat came down fast and she dropped her pants and sat down just as quickly. There were just a few seconds of silence and then I just heard huge gulping/crashing sound followed by a rumble which was not a fart but actually the rest of the terd coming out at incredible speed. All this happened in just about one second. The odor spread out of the bathroom fast and to be honest, I never came across such an unusually fowl-smelling odor before. It was even grossing me out just a little. A few more seconds went by and another sudden rumble came but with a big thump-like sound which was clear to me that it came out with such force, it missed the water (it's a low water level toilet) and smacked into the back wall of the inside of the bowl. Then, she reached for toilet paper and I figured instead of standing there waiting, I should relocate myself and pretend to be doing something else. So I went into the janitor room just across from the bathroom and pretended to organize some stuff until she left. Anyway, she opens the door but there was no flushing whatsoever. She goes and does a quick hand wash under one of the kitchen sinks where the soap was. Then she walks over to where I am with a big smile on her face and says she wants to leave the bathroom door open to air it out. The odor already edged its way into the janitor closet. Now this would be an ideal person you would think might be embarrassed but instead, while keeping a huge smile on her face and a giggly tone in her voice, says to me I'll need to get t! he plunger because she was afraid the bowl may flood. I was shocked. She was so informal about it. There was no question she was feeling a bit proud of what she did. She was like a kid. To top it off, she kept talking to me like starting a conversation and not allowing me to tend to the toilet right away with the plunger. She was pacing around the janitor's room with a big smile asking where I put things and saying that everything looked nice. The odor in the meantime is about 3 times worse in the room now. So then, she says "Wooh," and waves her hand from side to side in front of her nose referring to the odor with a big smile on her face followed by a giggle. She said that I should spray some air-freshner in there but since we never had any I told her I'd put some solution in the toilet. Now there was no question that she was bragging about what she had done and I was seeing a totally different side of her with all the excitement she was displaying. She's finally ready to get back to her dinner crowd and when I picked up the plunger and got ready to face the toilet, she says jokingly to just hold my nose while I flush it. Then she jokingly says that the toilet is too small for her. I couldn't believe how she was acting and I was laughing inside. So I go into the bathroom and she had put the cover seat down when she finished so I lifted it back up. I couldn't believe what I saw. There was one, huge terd which started from the toilet hole and extended perfectly straight to almost touch the toilet rim. It was no doubt somewhere over 12 inches long. It was about 3 inches thick all the way but the beginning part down by the hole which came out first and no doubt caused the crashing/gulping sound was a little bit thicker and covered up the hole. Where talking about the new small-holed, one gallon flush toilet here too. Then, in the back, was a big glob of shit. It was like a pile of mud completely covering the back and slowly sliding down towards the hole. I then lifted up the donut seat and the pressure from her mud dropping hit the back part of the rim too. The bottom of the donut seat when I lifted it was dripping with brown water from the crashing of the long terd no doubt. I could understand why she was acting so proud and excitable. I've never seen such a big terd like that. By the time I got the big terd down and then all of that glob of shit down (not to mention the toilet paper), the toilet clean up took about 10-15 minutes before I had it flushing normally again. It wasn't even totally back to normal. It was a little slow. The last couple of months I worked there, she went back to her conservative self but would smile and greet me. Probably because I was there for one of her very intimate moments. It brought our work relationship a little closer together and I still look back on that day occasionally and smile.

FINBAR: That's a good point! Tights are part of dress-code, I guess, and they are a universally available fashion element. Most ladies will have a spare pair of nylons in their purse in case of accidents, this more usually being snagging them than having an emmission! The open-gusset type still have an erotic image, and can often only be got at chemists, as if they were an orthopaedic therapy or something, at least here in Aus. I personally wear open-gusset tights at times both because they're cooler in the crutch and provide that amazing combination -- the "look" of wearing tights to properly set off an outfit, and -- assuming no panties at all -- make it super-easy to just raise my skirt and urinate from the standing posture. Nothing could be simpler or more convenient, or more hygienic! A quick dab dry with a tissue, smooth down my skirt and I'm on my way! But other times, I do agree, regular tights can be a chore to get on and off. Perhaps your girlfriend's main problem wa! s her degree of inebriation, making her clumsey? It certainly couldn't have helped, except in breaking down her inhibitions so she could pee publically at all. Best, PV

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