Below is an experience which recently happenned to me. I hope yoy will put it on your site:
There were five of us; four males and one girl. The girl was Nicole who was John’s girlfriend; the rest of us didn’t have girlfriends. We went out for a days walk together in the Lake District. We all knew that Nicole was an exhibitionist; she was attractive with pale skin and a little overweight; she always wore short skirts or dresses or sometimes long skirts with long splits; she seemed to like showing off her legs which were always bare; I had never seen here wearing hose. Also we had all seen her pee; once when we had all been to a nightclub together on the way home she had been desperate and done it down a side street. We didn’t get a close up view but got a glimpse of her bum as she pulled her panties down and had a clear view of the powerful stream hitting the pavement.
Today even though it was a cool November day she wore a skirt just above knee length with walking boot! s; in between her pale legs were bare as usual. We had been walking for a couple of hours and had stopped for a drink and a snack. Nicole got up from the boulder she had been sitting on and said:
“I’m just going into those trees; I need go to go the loo.” The trees were more than a hundred yards away.
John said “ Why have you suddenly gone shy? Everyone here has seen you pee. You don’t need to go all the way over there.”
“No you don’t understand,” Nicole replied. “I need to have a poo.”
“That’s ok,” said John. “just do it here. I’m sure the guys would love to watch.”
“What do you really want to watch me poo?”
“Yes sure. What do you think lads?” Totally amazed we all mumbled our agreement.
“What about the smell?” Nicole said.
“Don’t worry about that we’re outside.” John replied.
“Where shall I do it then?”
“What’s wrong with where you are?”
“So you seriously want me to shit right here?”
With that she stood with her bac! k to us lifted up her skirt and pulled down her panties revealing a beautiful round ???? bum. She then squatted down with her back to us with her legs apart and leant forward. We were sitting down on the ground about two yards from her and now had a clear view of the back part of her vagina and her bottom hole.
“Here goes,” she said and almost immediately started peeing in a very fierce fast stream.
From the back of course we couldn’t see it emerging from her body, but after about ten seconds as the pee stream was slowing we saw her anus start to distend. Then it all happened very quickly. A big fat turd, about 3 inches long emerged followed by 3 or four smaller ones; it was all soft because it lost its shape as it collected on the ground.
When she was done she said smiling “You can tell I eat plenty of bran can’t you.”
Then with us all still watching she reached in her bag found some tissues and wiped herself clean. She asked us if her bum was clean before sh! e pulled her panties bag up.
Since this occasion we have all seen her piss and poo many times; I’m sure she enjoys it. If you put this on your site I’ll write and tell you about some more.

Today, I had what you would call a normal poop session. However, when I pooped the turd dropped down so hard in the toilet that it basically fell right into the hole. (I'm sure that this has happened to many of you). It wasn't a phantom turd because I could still see half of it, but when I flushed the toilet, the turd just got sucked away and the only thing that had the chance to swirl around and go down was the TP. Quite disappointing.

Has this happened to any of you?

Sunday, December 19, 1999

I really believe that if toilet facilities were unisex there would be a decrease those who like to watch or listen. I believe once we are bombarded with the sounds that it wouldn't be as appealing since now it's not common. Guess the grass is always greener until your in the other person's place.

I've never been so desperate as I was out today. With all the heavy traffic a week before Christmas, I was on the verge of losing it. None of the stores had public bathrooms. I spotted a vacant building with an indented storefront that was out of the flow of people. I ran and pulled down my pants. I never felt so good getting some all that relief.

when you gotta go you gotta go
I once again had to pee so bad while driving I just pulled over and happily watered the scenery. It was done discretely but if you saw me so be it. I never felt so relieved - sometimes when you have to go so bad and you finally do it causes an orgasm which it did in this case. Relieving yourself in the great mother nature is definitely better than using a disgusting public toliet and much more germ free.

To Patty,
Alot of guys can't pee in front of a female without getting excited. I know I can't. In the ear;y days of drug testing a nurse had to actually watch the pee come out of the pee hole in order for it to be accurate. Alot of times something else would come out instead of urine.

I am writing to get some views on that most insidious of women's clothing: tights or pantyhose. Recently my girlfriend and I were coming home from a Christmas party and were waiting in a taxi queue. Jenny whispered to me that she was bursting to do the toilet. We slipped away from the queue and headed for a clump of bushes on the far side of the road. She had never peed in front of me before and was quite drunk. She quickly ran behind a bush, asking me to stand guard. She was wearing a business suit - jacket, skirt tights and high heeled shoes. She pulled up her skirt and forced her tights and knickers down over her hips.This was difficult to do as the skirt was close-fitting and the tights got caught up with the knickers as she hoicked them down. This looked very unlady-like, but the desperation to get her bum exposed overcame any inhibitions. She eventually got them down below her knees and a loud hissing sound emanated from her. It was a hot steamy piss and I was more than ! turned on. She held her tights and knickers out from her thighs in order to avoid splashing and moved from a full squat to a half squat as the piss bounced back off the ground. Midway through her piss, a group of blokes came around from behind me, observed the sight and started shouting "we know what you are doing". Jenny leapt up and tried to pull her tights and knickers up but got them horribly caught up. She couldn't separate them. She flipped down her skirt and waddled over to me with the pants and tights at "half mast". She was very embarrassed and just stood thre waiting until the blokes had passed. She then adjusted her clothing, still finding difficulty in getting her pants and knickers straigt. She confided to me that she couldn't stem the flow when she was disturbed and had wet her knickers quite badly. Luckily her skirt appeared to miss most of the flow.

We got home and she quickly threw the clothes into the washing machine. She was too embarrassed to discu! ss it the next day.

My question is however. Why do women bother with such a messy item of underwear.Maybe in cold weather perhaps, but then there are crotchless tights that allow for breathing of the genitals.It also would allow for easy "pulling down" in the event of an emergency piss. Stay - ups ar also an alternative. To me, tights in hot weather, must be uncomfortable for women and definitely slow down the ability to bare their bums in the event of an emergency. I'd welcome comment from posters on these observations. By the way my girlfriend still wears tights!

I read for some time now about the guys getting to buddy dump! Well, today I got to budet dump! I was out Xmas shopping with a girl friend and we hit several dress shops. We stopped for lunch and enjoyed a quick sandwitch and a bowl of soup. After lunch I felt the urge to poop coming on so I told Terry we had to find a toilet. We were at the other end of the mall and by the time we tracked them down, a little of my poop had already slide out but. We found our way into the toilet only to find a line (of course)! When our turn finally came, we smile and pushed in together and shared a stall. Terry said I could go first, so I reached under my dress and dropped my panties. Lucky for me, my poop was firm so most of it stuck to my butt cheeks. As I set down on the toilet, Terry could only see a small poop streak in my white panties. I didn't have to push hardly at all before my bowels let loose and out came 4 poops, one after another! I was glad for Terry that they didn't! smell all that bad. I felt like I was done, so I stood, pulled up my panties and traded places with Terry. She slipped down her slack, then her little red panties and was peeing before she even got fully seated on the toilet! She let out a couple of farts, and then I cold hear her poop crackling as it pushed out of her butthole. I only heard her do two poops before she reached for the toilet paper to wipe. As she wiped, she smiled and stated something about me still not wiping after my poops! We both laughed as she pulled up her panties and slacks. While we washed our hands I followed up on her statement and told her, "No, I still don't wipe after my poops!" "My panties do a good job of catching any left over poop!" As I turned to leave the sink area, I saw two other women staring at me after hearing my last statement. We both laughed again and went back to our shopping. Another good day for me! Did anyone else have a good pooping experience today?

I was recently a guest of an old high school mate in his very nice home in Arkansas. As a recovery divocee, my buddy's wife invited to ladies to help entertain me during my week end stay. All three were nurses that loved to drink wine and cheese. It was difficult to become involved with them at first, however later, they both put me at ease. One by one people excused themselves to bed until just one of the invited guests and myself were left on a big sofa, looking at each other. Without a word, she took my hand and lead me to my bedroom and restored some of my former self confidence. In the morning, I awoke and had the tighest cramp in my belly, knowing it time to open my bowels. When I went to the guest bath the other nurse was taking the longest shower. My hosts where sleeping late and I was shy about breaking into the room. The subdivison is a walled community so I decided that a Sunday morning was not the time to show my butt in public. The pain got so bad that I w! ent back into the room. My lover sat up in bed and asked if something was wrong. I confessed. She reached for the plastic waste basket, a small yellow 2 galloned sized one, and open all the windows. She said it was alright, she was a nurse and it was the only bed pan handy. She confessed that she became aroused when she gave enemas, inserted catheters, and watched men squat to poop.
It was strange for me to squat over a little can and feel long hard turds plop into the basket. When I was done. She placed a towel over the can and went into the guest bath and flushed it all away. She returned and told me that her friend was awaiting me in the shower and when I returned she would like to sleep in for the remainder of the morning.

These events are true. I've not seen either lady since. But I remember how well they treated me. Perhaps they might find this thank you i am posted, like a message in a bottle.

Saturday, December 18, 1999

Hey! I have a good question!
Have any of you ever flushed CEREAL down the toilet before??
And did you have a situation where it clogged and you had a mess?
I'd love to hear the stories!

Joe B
I'm in my 50's and just had my first 3" thick poop. I really enjoy pooping and am usually pretty regular. I take enemas when I need help and also enjoy recreational enemas. Every month or so, I take 3 or 4 doses a day of Metamucical waffers a day for a couple of days so I'll have really huge poops. Up till now the biggest poop I've ever had was about 2" thick and 30" long with the help of metamucial.

My natural poops are seldom over an inch thick. Usually I poop once a day and produce 8 or 10 inches on the average.

The poop I just had was about 18" and varried from 2 to 3" thick. It was wonderful.

(True story) Once when I was at the beach, I saw a very pretty women with her boyfriend. She looked like a model. I was making a sand castle behind some planks of wood so the tide wouldn't destroy my sand castle, and they couldn't see me. I heard the women mention in a quite desperate tone that she needed to pee and poop very badly. Unfortunatly this was a remote beach and there were no bathroom facilities. The man was telling her to go in the water to releive herself since she was in a two-piece swimsuit. The girl refused, saying saltwater was extremely painful on her vagina. The girl was now jumping up and down, holding her crotch and doing a very strange dance. Finally she just let go, and her once white bikini bottom turned yellow, as pee just exploded out of her uteras. It ran down her tan legs and stainde the towel she was standing on. Then the back of her bikini bottom turned brown and poop somehow came out of her extremely tight bikini bottom and dropped on ! the ground. All this was done in about two or three minutes, and the girl told the guy that that was the best experience she ever had.

I agree with Coprologist that it is really difficult to pee at a urinal when someone walks up to the next urinal and farts. About eight years, my first job out of college was in an office where most everyone farted at the urinal. I'm talking loud, long, wet, explosive farts - and here I am just inches away trying to pee. These guys would act as if nothing happened - no comments, no laughs, no excuse me comments, etc. As an added annoyance, they would proceed to strike up a conversation (about work), which also makes peeing difficult for me. The restrooms in this building were located directly off an elevator reception area. It was a popular gathering place for people to talk. The restroom had only one door with a large vent in it. No joking, often I would be in this lobby area trying to have a conversation with a coworker - or guest - and would suddenly hear loud farting noises emitting from the restroom. So could the woman who had a desk nearby. It was really awkwar! d for all of us to try to pretend like we didn't hear it. What was worse, for me, was to be in the restroom peeing, have some guy come in and fart explosively, then have to walk out of the restroom, past people who I know heard it, and who looked at me as if I did it. I hated that. Also, unlike the office building I work in now, where everyone is so quite, these guys were loud grunters. You could hear that in the lobby too. This one man used to grunt vocally, very loudly, then conclude his grunts with, "Oh God!" The first time I heard this, it actually frightened me. It was so dramatic. I thought he was dying. Then I got used to it. I'd be peeing and suddenly hear, "UGGGERRRRGURRRR . . . . . OH GOD!" then a loud kerplop, followed by a loud exhale, and loud inhale, and process all over again. This was an everyday occurrence. After two years, I was promoted and moved to the building with the mirror-like tiles in the restrooms. I posted about those experiences several! weeks ago. About a year into that job, I went to computer training in a large conference center. During break, I went to the restroom to pee. This was a very large restroom with maybe fifteen stalls and 30 urinals. Everything was quite, with the exception of about ten guys peeing in the urinals. Suddenly, coming from one of the stalls, I heard, "UGGGGGGRRRRRG . . . OH GOD," then heard it about three more times. The other guys quickly exited the restroom. I, of course, took my time washing my hands and combing my hair, while listening to this. I knew it must be the same guy. Sure enough, later in the day, I did see him in another classroom. I couldn't believe it.

PHILIPPE: Not so, dear! Re the use of urinals by females, the deviceyou mention is called the "Travelmate" and is used by around 30% of women whom nature has not equipped to favor the standing pee as a "neat" way of going. However, I can vouce for myself andfor many ladies who use urinals without any problem, and without any undue mess. I keep a tissue on standby in case of drips, I often hold it just under myself as I go, and it's in place to dry afterward, but I can say that I have never had any specific difficulty, ever since I learned the actuallity of the situation, and of course the method, in using a male urinal exactly as a man uses it. It's more dignified, it requires less undressing, and it's infinitely cleaner (ie. eliminates even the possibility of catching germs from seats). I can't recommend it highly enough, nor can I stress strongly enough the redundancy of so-called "female urinal" designs. One design covers the bases for almost all, just as one restroom is su! fficient.
All the best, PV

BUZZY, I'd buy a Christmas present for that cleaning woman. See, this whole thing intrigues me. You said she spoke in "broken English," so she's likely from a place where it's OK for someone of the opposite sex to be in the toilet room while it's in use. Then again, maybe she knows that it's taboo where you are but does it anyway because she's used to it and/or knows it gives guys a little thrill. Maybe she gets off on that, too. Who knows? Next time, if it doesn't make you uncomfortable, try having a conversation with her from your stall. Where are you from? how long in this country? the usual pleasantries.

Some of you from outside the US seem to think that doorless stalls are very common here, especially in men's rooms. There are some, yes, but in my experience, they're rare. Most public and semi-public facilities with more than one stall have doors. I know, women have posted here about doorless in NYC's Grand Central Station, which surprised me. Another ! recent exception: my work often takes me to college campuses and in some men's rooms every other stall door has been removed, or if not the entire door, then just the lock, probably to hamper the cruising nuisance that Aleks mentioned recently. My college dorm's shower and toilet rooms had no stall doors but the administration splurged on beautiful marble dividers. It was the same in a nearby dorm just converted from men's to women's. (This was before the current split-floors practice.) A lot of male and female students didn't care for the exposure and proposed installing shower curtains in front of each toilet. One student rep won over administrators by saying, "Shitting in public is for the birds!"

For you, KATHY (mid TN), once when I was a freshamn I needed a dump pretty badly and used the dorm toilets (see above). (I usually tried to find someplace more private.) It was a real stinker, too! Right in the middle of my doings, in walked two upperclassmen who! stood in front of me and teased me mercilessly by telling me I ought to stay regular, be more careful about what I eat, and on and on. I just laughed and wiped. What else could I do?

I had a good poop when I woke up this morning, after a Shredded Wheat breakfast. It felt like there was definitely something in there, but I didn't have to go bad or anything so I held it until I needed to pee as well. I got in the bathroom, lowered my white cotton panties to my knees and sat on the toilet. In answer to someone's question a few days ago - when I have to do both poop and pee, I always start to pee first, and my poop will either start to come out while I pee, or right after I finish. Sometimes when I have to poop real bad but don't have to pee, my poop comes out first. Today, I took a long, satisfying pee, and then started to grunt and push. After less than a minute, I felt a good poop sliding out. I continued pushing, and it just seemed to keep on coming and coming. When I wiped, there was soft, light brown poop on the paper. I stood up to look at my poop, and there were about 4 soft, short 4-inch logs and 2 2-inch logs all floating in the water. Since it f! elt like one piece coming out, I guess it must have broken up when it hit the water. Some of the tips stuck up like icebergs. I had to wipe a couple more times to get clean, but when I flushed the logs all broke up into brown water and went down the hole, so the toilet didn't clog, even with a large load like that. After that I felt hungry again even though I already had breakfast.

Yesterday I had my first semi-buddy toilet experience. I was on the phone with a friend and I really, really had to pee so I told her, "Look, I have to pee, is it okay if I do it while we're on the phone or do you want me to hang up and call you back?" and she said "Since you already told me, well, go ahead." I took the phone in the bathroom and yanked down my panties with my other hand, then sat and peed for almost a minute while she talked to me. Then I wiped, flushed and pulled up my panties. It was strangely exciting and I wouldn't mind doing it again. In fact I think I might not mind p! ooping over the phone for someone else, either, except that I wouldn't be talking or listening very much, because I like to concentrate.

DANIEL (U.K.) == I did thank Justin for letting me watch him. But I don't think I'm in for a repeat performance any time soon. Last night, he was over, went into the bathroom, shut the door, locked the door, and proceeded to urinate (I could hear the piddling sounds). So just days after I had seen him do everything, he did not feel he could even pee in front of me.

adam from canada
I had a good poop tonight. I was having gas for the last few hours and then it was time to let it all out. I sat on the can and it came out right away. It was very silent and to enjoy it, I let it out slowly instead of rushing it. The poop was sized as 5 inch thick chuncks and it was smelly. My poos have been like that lately and I feel like I lost 2 pounds. After I took a poop, I remained put and had a long pee.

Camping story:
My last year in college my roommate Dave and I, and two other friends, got totally fed up with everything and decided we needed a lost weekend. We took off up north-- the first weekend in December. We camped out on some property the one guy's family owned where there was nothing but a very junky old trailer and an outhouse (the outhouse was in far better repair than the trailer!). We bundled up in layers of thermal this and that, we had wood enough for a bonfire that would have done an auto da fe proud, and we had lots of "anti-freeze".
The second night it got really cold. I went to use the outhouse and I really gained some respect for our plumbingless ancestors. I was shivering so bad I almost fell off the seat! Afterwards I went over to the bonfire and exposed my ass to it to warm it up.
Later that night Dave and I were sitting in the truck and Dave had more or less passed out. All of sudden he roused up in panic and exclaimed that he was about to ! shit his pants. He staggered off to the outhouse, which he had trouble finding in the dark. Of course the rest of us laughed at him as he stumbled through the woods bitching. And we heard his explosion when he got there. After a while he called out, "Uh, guys-- help. I knocked the toilet paper in the hole. I need some more!" We teased him for a while, told him to use leaves and that. Finally I took him another role. He was sitting there with the door open, for the sake of what little light there was, and he had his pants just barely past his butt (can't blame him in that cold!) He proceeded to wipe and wipe and wipe right in front of me. I could smell the stench despite the cold.
Next day we got home and he was getting his laundry together
and some of his stuff, including a pair of his briefs, fell off the basket as he carried them by. The underwear had a huge brown stain. He admitted then that he had actually been starting to shit himself when he woke up in the truck.

Hikers in Austria can visit over 1000 mountain 'huts' that serve food and drink and usually offer overnight accommodation in a dormitory. The toilet facilities for day visitors are normally clean and nicely tiled, with separate toilets for men and women, so it is very rare to find any interesting views. For overnight guests however, things may be a bit more interesting although even this is quite rare nowadays.

We once stayed at a hut, at 2226 metres (7303 ft) that was about 4 hours hike from the valley or from the next hut. A German couple arrived and the woman, who was in her late 30's, had cropped ginger hair. She was walking a little awkwardly, swaying her hips slightly as though her rectum was rather full and she was holding on to it until she could relieve herself at the hut. Sure enough, as soon as she had taken her boots off, she went upstairs to the toilet by the dormitories and I had a sudden urge to use the one next to her.

The partition wall was a! single thickness of timber boarding and there was a small knot hole that gave me a side view of her from about two feet above seat level. She was sitting well forward on the seat so I could see her buttocks. I couldn't actually see her anus but I could see what was coming out of it. She relaxed her sphincter slightly, let out some creamy brown poop, then stopped the flow before letting some more go. It was one of the traditional German toilets where you do it onto a 'shelf' and it flushes away via an outlet at the front of the bowl. As her bowels were a bit loose, she was depositing a thick brown 'omlette' on the 'shelf' underneath her. When she had finished, she leaned sideways to wipe, giving me a view of what she had done before she flushed it away.

I thought that was the best view I had seen for some time but I saw an even better one at the next hut.

Friday, December 17, 1999

Adam from Canada
For the next few weeks I will be attending a computer school located in an office building in the Yorkville section of downtown Toronto. I have attended two weeks of classes already and have noticed some patterns. I have lunch break around the same time everyday and i also make a trip to the washroom to pee. I have noticed that the same people are always in the stalls at that time. I guess when you work in an office bulding, people tend to use the facilities at the same time everyday.

Do any of you notice it in your workplaces? One place where I never noticed it was in school, particulary in high school. I guess students go in the middle of class...hahaha.

Public Toilet Hater
I was driving through the city today, and got caught in a traffic jam. It was in a relatively rough part of town, and all the businesses looked pretty nasty. I had an urge to poop, but I just did not want to use any toilets in that area of town.

I was stuck for quite a while, and my urge to poop became overpowering. So, I just did what I always do. I pooped my pants. It was a huge load, and I really filled up my pants. It was a casual Friday, so luckily I was wearing khaki pants instead of a suit. The smell was pretty bad.

Traffic finally cleared up, and I arrived home late in the afternoon. My neighbor was out trying to start her car. Her battery had died, and she asked me to jump-start her car. So, naturally, I got out, grabbed my jumper cables, and helped her.

As we started her car, she noticed the big brown stain on my pants, and the load in my trousers, and the horrible smell. I just told her that I got caught in traffic, and she! laughed and said that it had happened to her on a couple of occasions. She said that instead of getting out of the car in a bad part of town, she just pooped her pants. We laughed about it, and then I went inside and cleaned myself up.

People should not be ashamed of pooping their pants. My neighbor is a classy lady in her 30's, and she was not the least bit embarrassed about the turds in my pants. She was not embarrassed about telling me that she had pooped her pants in the same situation. She even described the events in considerable detail, and we laughed about it. Grown-up, mature adults should not be distressed when a natural body function just has to happen.

If a classy, graceful, well-educated woman can laugh at loaded pants, and describe how she also pooped her pants in an emergency, then I am not going to ever be the least bit embarrassed about it.

Kathy (mid TN)
I'd LOVE to read about experiences of some of you army/marine guys out there that are used to dumping around each other unrestricted (no stalls etc.)
I thoroughly enjoyed the post about the outhouse with the three seats next to each other! MORE! MORE!

I am respionding to those you were good enough to offer their comments on the idea of co-ed washrooms in the future.

I think there is a concensus among members here that co-ed washrooms would be a good idea, but that our prudish societies are not ready for it. Having a law to address the issue, i.e. making co-ed washrooms mandatory or just authorizing them under certain conditions and in certain areas would by "shoking" to the people, and I can see that. Actually, if I were the MP to introduce the bill, I would probably blemish !
I think it is correct that the initiative would have to come from the private sector, most noticeably in "liberal" bars or restaurants, under the pretexte for example of saving space. On has no idea of the space wasted in public facilities by having two sets of washrooms when just one could cater to the need of the patrons. Then, I think that the idea would slowly permeate in the society.
Regarding the issue of urinals, the point of! our female readers advocating the disappearance of the urinals is well taken. It is true that urinals that require manual flushing stink because users oftern fail to flush them. However, modern urinals are equipped with an automatic IR flushing device that should take care of the oder problem.
Imagine that men use co-ed washrooms in places where no urinal is provided...well, they would just use regular toilets. Fine...but many men fail to raise the lid and pee all over the place. Or if they raise it, they fail, after their deed, to put it back down. Are opur ladies really ready for a "lid battle" with the men ?
Somebody made the point that women have learned how to pee in a standing position and that, consequently, co-ed washrooms should be equipped with female urinals. I am not a female and cannot speak for them, but I do not see this happening, for using a female urinal would still require use of a portable funnel that the lady would have to wash after use and carr! y with her all around the place. They will probably prefer the traditional sitting position.
I'll be off for two days, but am looking forward to more comments upon my return !

Hi, The Crank. Now you know how the phrase: "An apple a day keeps the doctor away" came about.

Got up yesterday a.m. around 7 and headed for the mall to try and do some more christmas shopping.Got there and went about looking for stuff to buy.After about 45 min or so close to 8 am ,i felt my stomach start to cramp and my rectum start to fill.I was looking foreward to going in the men's room to do my business,so off i went to the bathroom.I walked in and ther were 5 stalls and one was full.I didn't go right next to him,i took the one 2 stalls over.So i cleaned off the seat and sat down and started peeing.It was my morning pee and it was a lot.When i was almost done peeing,i let out a 5 second long fart followed by a nice long turd snaking out my anus.At that point,the guy in the other stall must have felt relaxed by my loud gas started to fart and do some loose poops.Then i heard the door open and in walks this cleaning lady!Now i've been reading about the cleaning lady stories on this forum and as this woman came in,i thought of some of the stories i had read.It never h! appened to me before,but i have to admit,it was kind of a cool rush to have this woman in there while i was pooping!She took her time replacing paper towels and toilet paper in the stalls.When she went into the stall next to the other guy,he let out some farts and some more loose poo and grunted.I had to wonder if he did that intentially,who knows?Then she headed down my way and as she past my stall, she looked in the crack at my for a second or 2.I was startled for a minute.Then she went into the stall next to mine to put in a roll of toilet paper.At this point i felt like i had to go some more and i passed a bit of gas and tried to push out some poo.Ater about 5 secs of pushing a bunch of loose mush flew out my butt along with some serious farts.I have to admit, i was kinda getting off on this.Just as i'm pushing out the tail end of my BM,which wre squgglies and some gas,i hear her say "anyone need some toilet paper" in broken english and i said"no thanks" and the other guy ! didn't say anything at all.Then she left and then i heard the other guy say"Boy,that was weird"and i said "yeh,it was like she liked the whole thing".Then i heard the other guy say as he was pushing out some more poo"she looked in at me as she past the stall,I was blown away by that and i didn't know what to do"I said "she did the same thing to me,some crazy people in this world"He just laughed slightly and pooed some more.At this point,i was done and started wiping.I kinda enjoyed that whole thing,in a weird way along with talking to the guy as he was pooing.I like hearing someone try to talk to you when they are in the middle of a major dump.They kind of grunt out the words to you and sometimes if you answer them when you are going too with a grunted answer.It's cool.I guess that cleaning lady got a pretty good show,and i think both of us enjoyed it also.Cool stuff,hope it happens again sometime!To JOE K_YOu're right pal,it was kinda fun! any feedback? BYE

I do not find urinals smelly if they are properly maintained and not abused. I personally would love to have a urinal in every bathroom of my house, but like bidets, there seems to be some embarrassment about getting them installed. Urinals have the advantage that they enable males to urinate without making a mess. Urinating in a toilet bowl always has the risk of missing and spraying seat or rim or floor or carpet, or dripping down one's clothes. Because the urinal is well designed, the mess is minimized. You can of course pull down your pants and sit on the toilet to urinate (which is what I do at night if I have to go for a piss), but for most men this is inconvenient and slow. It does have the advantage though (and this is something that I do envy women for) is that if you sit on the toilet to urinate, it is easy to fart. In fact it is almost obligatory to fart! If you urinate in a urinal, then farting is less easy, and indeed if there are other men present, probably undes! irable and embarrassing. There's is nothing that makes it more difficult for me to urinate that when the guy standing next to me suddenly lets a loud fart.

On the matter of unisex toilets, I think that the best solution would be for organizations to experiment and see whether the public would accept them. This might involve a period of having male, female and unisex facilities all available at the same time and seeing what the usage figures were. I think a lot of women would not like them, because women seem to go to the toilet in groups, whereas most men prefer to go alone.

Ive been on a course for a week or so and had some good motions then.

During a cross country run myself and another girl called Maxine both needed a motion and went into the bushes. We pulled down our tracksuit bottoms and knickers, (nice thick cotton interlock Montfort briefs, mine bottle green , Maxine's navy blue as it was rather cold), and squatted and being quite open types as most Physical Education types are we watched each other having a good dump. I passed my usually big fat 14 inch carrot, hers was about the same size but an easier curved smooth sausage. I always carry some toilet paper in my tracksuit pocket and there was enough for both of us. We left the two big jobbies for anyone else to see.

I also used an ecologically recycling toilet at a country centre. There the toilet pan is like a large box and inside there is a spring loaded platform with a seal. This slopes so urine drains away to be separately filtered and treated while the motions dro! p onto the platform, my big lump made a thud. This is like the German toilet pans and you can see your entire motion. When you depress the "flush" lever the nonstick coated platform moves and the turds drop into a large hopper below where over time they decay to give off methane used to run some of the heating and a safe sludge which makes a useful fertiliser for their garden. Is this the way to go and which would satisfy the US authorities who want to save water, rather than the unpopular policy of smaller cisterns with low volume and useless flushes.

Phillipe. I too would like to see unisex toilets and from past postings you will read that I have used mens toilets at sports facilities etc if the ladies have been out of order or occupied and I have known men use the ladies in similar circumstances. Its all down to prudish attitudes and I echo Tony's remarks about the boy who got slippered for using the girls toilet when he was desparate and the cubicles were all occ! upied in the boys toilets. However when I was at school it happened somewhat differently. This was 20 years later than Tony and in southern England. A little boy in my class when I was about 6 shit his pants and when the teacher asked why he hadnt gone to the toilet, (in my school kids were allowed to go when they needed), when he had asked out he said that the boys toilets were in use wehn he got there. The woman teacher said that she should have used the girls toilets in that case. Believe it or not this got back to one kid's parents who were religious nutters and they complained, though Im glad to say that their complaint was thrown out with no trouble for the teacher. So its all down to ingrained prudish attitudes. If defecation and urination were sinful then we would have been designed differently. Traveller sums it up in point (e). I cant agree with PV as to my mind there is absolutly NO dignity in a woman using a urinal. I have used one in a gents toilet when desparate! and didnt like it. I suppose this is a USA v UK issue as most British posters wouldn't go for this while Yanks seem not to mind. Its like the doorless stalls, quite common and accepted in the States but a no go in England. Personally I think that making all toilets WC pans with cubicles thus catering for both genders and excretory functions is the way to go for convenience and cleanliness and if public etc toilets went Unisex then a huge number of mens toilets would be made available to women so the lines of desperate women at cinemas, sports events, etc while men breeze in and out of their toilets would be eliminated.

Nice to read Dianne's postings. Those are sure fat jobbies you pass. I have occasionally done one that thick when I have been very constipated and I definitely felt it come out. My ring throbbed afterwards as a big "elephant turd" slowly slid out and fell into the pan with a loud "KUR-SPOOL-LOOMP!". Usually my jobbies are about 2 1/2 inches fat at most! and longer than yours say 12 to 14 inches, so I suppose I pass the same volume of poo but in a longer slimmer turd. Its nice that your husband also comes into the toilet with you. It certainly seems to be a more common occurance than one would think especially in our generation and certainly improves bonding as, in my opinion permitting one's partner to watch one doing a bowel movement is more intimate even than sexual intercourse which is after all totally expected and a commonplace in a relationship or marriage. Incidentally, my husband is also into womens's knickers and panties like yours. If this isnt too off message I wonder if there is some conection between coprophilia and knicker (panty) fetishism in men? Perhaps other readers might comment?

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