Wednesday, December 15, 1999

Hi Tony. I thought you might be one to reply to my posting as reading back through the old posts you are well into listening to women doing their motions and inspecting what they have done. If they still had "Mastermind" I can see it as your specialist subject "Now Tony from Glasgow you have two minutes on your specialist subject Defecation, its sounds and products starting now..."

You ask what type of knickers I wear? This again seems to be a subject which interests many men,(such as Paul my husband), although nowadays men's and women's panties are virtually identical. Anyway, I wear full deep sided briefs, usually cotton, in white and pastel colours such as pale blue, pink, skin tone, cream, black, and white with floral patterns. I also wear Sloggi Maxi Briefs and similar types with elastaine (spandex) in the material such as Playtex Cherish, Pretty Poly Nix, and of course good old Marks & Spencer Panties. Hope this is the information you wanted.

Philli! pe, I have no problem with unisex toilets and some pubs and clubs I have used and some shops have them. My hairdressers cater for men and women although it is primarily a ladies hair stylist and they have a toilet with 2 cubicles (stalls) with doors and of course no smelly urinals and both genders use these and nobody seems to object even the older blue rinse over 60 ladies. I must say that in a public unisex toilet lockable doors would be an absolute requirement, an attendant shoud be present for security and safety of users and to prevent vandalism, keep the place clean etc, and I agree with Tony that smelly urinals would have to go. My husband Paul is no sissy or wimp but he prefers to use a cubicle with the door bolted when peeing in a public toilet as do many modern men. Maybe Yanks such as Dude have a different culture and doorless or even partitionless rows of WC pans and urinals seem to be quite common there, something Brits would just not tolerate for one minute! Lets! face it, most of us use the WC pan in our home for both functions, I have never been in an ordinary house where a urinal has been fitted in the toilet. They have communal unisex toilets in France and other countries with no problem, we have to lose our Anglo Saxon and Judeo Christian prudery.

PHILIPPE: Interesting survey, and I'm all for it, but there's something missing -- the fact that women in unprecedented numbers are discovering the ability topee standing, and enjoy the dignity and convenienceof using urinals. So any shared bathroom that may be proposed should cater to this -- not make women by default crouch on the pot when they can do something else. If the urinals are to be segregated, then there must be two sets, please. Of provide screens of some sort to allow a modicum of privacy -- or get over the mental problems and just ... pee together (the most difficult of all, and for many reasons, I know!) Cheers, PV

While visiting a small musuem in a nearby city last weekend, I suddenly felt the need for a dump. Not urgent, but not to be put off, either. The place has traditional multi-stall men's and women's rooms on the ground floor and a "family restroom" on the third floor. For those who haven't heard the term, this is a room about 12 x 8 feet (4 x 2.5 meters), large enough to accommodate a parent and several children at once. There is a low, fold-down seat to hold children while mom or dad uses the toilet, just one, and a wash sink. The toilet is completely open, without partitions. No urinal! - probably saves moms and dads lots of questions. I was on the third at the time and there were very few visitors, so I walked toward the family facility. Just as I rounded the last corner, a thirtyish woman coming from the other direction went into the restroom. I busied myself at the exhibit across the way. A few minutes went by and then I heard a loud flush. When she opened the do! or, I walked toward the room and the woman glanced at me with a shy, blushing face and apologized, saying that it wasn't very fragrant in there. To put her at ease, I said, "Don't worry. By the time I'm finished, everyone will blame me, not you." We both laughed. When I went in, I knew she wasn't kidding. Wow, had she stunk it up! I proceeded to take my own really good, healthy smelling dump. BTW, a sign next to the door read "Don't forget to lock." When I came out, the woman was standing at the nearest exhibit. She turned around and gave me a slight, knowing smile, as if to say, "Thanks for covering for me." There's something special about sharing a moment like that with a complete stranger. I'll put my replies to others in a separate post.

Several people have posted in the past about finding crap on the toilet seat. I have seen this only very rarely (Thank-God!) except at college where it was an all-too-common occurrence.
Early in my freshman year I went to the use the toilet in the library. For some reason the bathroom had only very dim lighting-- you couldn’t even read in the stall. The seats were black too. I dropped my pants, sat down and-- YUCK! I sat right in a turd! The UofM student newspaper even ran an editorial about this sort of problem. Entitled “Pooping 101” it railed about students who didn’t understand that you’re supposed to SIT on the toilet, not just squat and let fly-- “The entire bowel movement must land in the toilet,” the editorial opined. And it suggested that maybe the university should institute a Remedial Toilet Training seminar for all incoming freshman!
Another college story: Next to the UoM medical campus there’s a huge and very beautiful arboretum. It’s a favorite spot fo! r high school and college partying at night. And there’s no facilities of any kind in it. At the end of my third term my friend Paul and I decided to have a boozey night in the Arb (as the place was called) after our last exam (we had advanced calc together). Paul came from money and appreciated the finer things of life; we bought some good beer and bottle of well-aged single malt scotch. In the course of this nature-loving drinking bout I felt the urge. We were in a remote corner of the Arb and I excused myself off into the bushes. (From previous experiences I had foreseen the wisdom of bringing some kleenix in my pocket). Paul of course had to make fun of me with lots of loud fart noises and the like. I responded in kind with a running commentary. All of a sudden this very bright spotlight came on. I looked around and discovered I was in someone’s backyard and the household was watching me shit in their junipers!

Hi, I went Christmas shopping this weekend with my friend pete and his parents. We went to the shopping Mall, which was full of people. Me and pete agreed to meet his parents are 5o'clock back at the car so we could go off on our own, they gave us some money for food. We were going round looking in all the sports shops and gadet shops when pete said he needed a wee, so we started to try and look for the toilets, pete kept on holding the front of his jeans and said we would have to go quicker as he really needed the toilet, luckily we then saw a sign for the toilet and pete ran over to them and I waited outside, when he came out he had his sweater tied round his waiste, I said did you make it, it lifted up his sweater and said almost but I leaked some, and showed me this large wet patch on the front of his jeans, he said to make it worse he did some poo as well and there wasn't any toilet paper in his stall.
I was staying round his place that night and when we went ! to bed he took his clothes off and had a massive brown skidmark in his light blue pants and a big yellow stain in at the front which i pointed out, but he pointed out that I had skidmarked my pants which were white so showed up everything.

PHILIPPE, getting survey responses can be tough, so here's my $0.02:

a) Under what circumstances and where do you think the general public might accept share public washrooms ?
- Start with semi-public places frequented by younger people and/or families, e.g., restaurants. It's generational.

b) Are you personally in favor of shared public washromms and, if so, how do you think theey should be arranged ?
- Sure! Think of the construction cost savings. I might bring stall partitions down to the floor and make the doors lower, for those concerned about privacy.

c) If shared public washrooms should become reality, would you leave the urinal in plain sight of the stalls area (as it is currently the case in most male washrooms), or would you put a divider between the two ?
- Leave the room open but use those small dividers between urinals. In the mixed facilities I've used, women have been completely cool about guys using the urinals! .

d) Do you see any security risks for women (or men!)and, if so, how would you thwart them ?
- Depends on the kind of criminal activity in a given country. I never saw anything out of line in shared facilities in Latin America, but there, while crimes like petty theft are very common, crimes of violence toward another's person are much rarer than in the U.S. I'd hate to see security cameras, but in this country...

e) Why do you think we have segregated washrooms ? Is this imposed by our cultural values?
Of course. The Puritan influence and a double standard saturate North American culture. It's interesting that the same cultures that emphasize human warmth, family closeness, etc, are the ones that seem least uptight about excretory and sexual functions - and their sense of morality is often far more honest than in N.A. (Is there such a difference between anglophone and francophone Canada?)

f) How do you think the average person would r! eact if a bill was put on the floor of a legislatibve body for debate and put to a vote?
- Forget it! This change will first catch on in private businesses, then it may stand a chance in public places, but that's a long way off.

g) Are there places where public co-ed washooms are safer than in others a womam might be more hesitant about using a theoretically co-ed washroom...
- See "d" and "f." In the US, I get anxious about using the men's room in some large terminals. Mixed facilities in such places would be out without cultural changes first.

h) Has anyone heard of the ALLY MCBEAL show the article refers to ?
I'm not a regular viewer and the few episodes I've watched haven't had a washroom scene. I saw a promo on Fox in which Ally is in a hurry and falls into a john because its seat was up. But let's not get into that debate, please.

For your stats, I'm a "baby boomer" in the 40-55 demographic and consider myself sociall! y liberal.

JB, I don't have time to look for your survey, but I fold over three squares to start, and then after about three wipes, finish the job two-ply with a wipe or two more. I just don't feel clean unless I've inserted my paper covered finger slightly past my ring to wipe there. I'm male.

PUBLIC TOILET HATER, I've been in exhibition halls and other such places in Chicago and Cleveland some years ago and seen male staff go in to clean women's rooms while they were busy with users. Has anyone else noticed this in our other large cities? I wonder if the ethnic diversity and cultural attitudes in such areas make a difference. Comments?

DIG D, bidets are great for personal hygiene. In the US, they show up mostly in magazine-style homes, if even then. I was amused a few years ago to see a thread (not here) with lots of US posters saying they'd seen them while on vacation and wondered what they were for. Some said they washed their feet or bat! hing suits in them after returning from the beach. One women set everyone straight about their use and went on to explain why women, such as your guests, should like them a lot, but I'll stop with that. Take care!

I don't get to post much anymore, but I have a somewhat interesting story. I was home one day, and being that I could drive, I could've gone somewhere with a friend, but I didn't, because my cousin Wendy was over, and she's kinda hot...LOL I figured I'd keep her company so she wouldn't get lonely. She went upstairs at about 1 PM, and I was on the computer playing a racing game. I finished up my game, and I went upstairs to check on her after about 15 minutes, and I heard her in the bathroom, grunting pretty loudly and desperately. I was debating what to do, but I ended up knocking on the door, and asking if she was alright. She said under a strained voice, "Yeah..UHH...I think I'm gonna be OK." I said to her, "You sure?". She replied back, "Yeah, UGH, just a little bunged up." I asked her if I could come in. She hesitated, and then said that I could come in if I wanted to. I went in, and she was completely red in the face, and she looked like she was in real pain. ! I figured I had to do something so that she didn't have to stay in all this pain. I kneeled next to her, and I started rubbing her ???? softly. She thanked me, and with that began a 5 minute ordeal that resulted in a log that was about a foot and a half long, and almost three inches in diameter.
Happy Motions to all! Dave-NY

Just a thought. Every home has at least one unisex toilet.

Joe K
I´ve noticed some posts about cleaning ladies in the men´s room and I want to share some experiences.
My first experience with a cleaning lady in the men´s room happenned in a store. After entering the bathroom, I was heading towards the urinals as I needed to pee badly, when suddenly I noticed a cleaning lady in her fifties by the sinks area, which happens to be in front of the most exposed stalls. There was a man shitting in the first stall (the lady had a perfect view of him through the mirror), and I heard the lady asking him if he needed toilet paper. The man continued talking to her, and apparently, he was not the least uncomfortable cause he had his pants down to his ankles, was smoking, and seemed to be having a leisurely dump. Fortunately, the urinals are beside the wall that divides the sink area from the stalls in the farthest end, so the lady couldn´t see me and my penis, which would have been really embarrassing.
On other ocassion, I was at the same store ! and noticed a service cart outside the men´s room blocking the door. I had to pee desperately, so I didn´t care and went inside. To my surprise, I found the same cleaning lady, mopping the floor and replenishing the stalls. She stared at me frowning, so I thought she might prefer I wait outside until she finishes cleaning, so I asked her if it was ok if I come in. She said go ahead with the same frowning face. I took a stall to pee. I would not pee in the urinals due to the fact she was cleaning them and besides, I would not expose my penis to her. Meanwhile, there was another guy unloading in one of the stalls, and after finishing my pee, I found the woman mopping the stall occupied by the guy, while he was farting and pooping. Of course she mopped from below the partion, with the door closed giving the guy relative privacy, but nevertheless, it must be really uncomfortable to have a bad tempered cleaning lady so close when you need to shit badly. This poor guy must have been! really desperate to go, and either he went inside like me, not minding the cleaning cart and the lady, or he was unloading when the cleaning woman came in. I think that for a man, it is a turn on to be seen shitting by a woman, as well as to see a woman shitting (see my story on page 263), so a cleaning lady in the men´s room is inevitably a turn on for many men, and maybe the cleaning lady is turned on as well. Yet, sometimes we men go to the bathroom to the sole purpose of relieving ourselves. We go either to have a dump, or to pee, and a cleaning lady , inevitably creates a sexual feeling, which sometimes, when you only want to make your thing, can be very bothering.Its not that I dislike women, but I think that a cleaning guy would avoid these problems.In Amsterdam Airport, I once used a urinal to pee with a cleaning lady, but there were dozens of men doing the same and also pooping so it wasn´t so bad. Also, I think it is unfair for us men, that cleaning guys are not so ! easily accepted in women´s bathrooms. I think that if a cleaning lady can enter and even block the men´s room, which is totally useless cause when you gota go you gota go, and I think is totally unfair for men, cause we have to wait until she pleases, why not a cleaning guy could do the same. I´m sure it´s unconceivable for a cleaning guy to enter the women´s room, and remain there while a woman is pooping, and if he does, he is in risk of being arrested. It´s totally unfair.

In response to post about bathroom odors and different sprays available to cover them up. Personally, the trick I use is as old as civilization itself. Just strike a match and blow it out immediately. It makes just enough smoke to mask the funk. Of course, you have to be careful if there is a smoke detector in the john such as in airplanes, etc. Til' next time, don't get wet!

The Crank
I don't know about you guys, but eating apples really make me fart alot, and they sure are stinkers man!

Mike CA
Susan-STL. No you are not the only one.
I thought I mentioned in a previuos post,
(then again maybe I didn't), that I also am
a "non-wiper" most of the time. The only
time it's been a problem for me is if I ate
something super spicy , and my butt starts
to burn like hell. fortunately this doesn't
happen very often.
Bye for now.....

Wednesday, December 15, 1999

Public Toilet Hater
When you gotta go you gotta go -- Pooping outside also is better than using a filthy public toilet. It is much cleaner and more safe. I also pee and poop out in the open, and I don't care who sees me do it. It is better to either poop in the open or poop your pants than to use a commode that is covered in fecal matter. No one should be embarrassed to either poop out on the street or poop their pants. About those unisex bathrooms -- that sounds like a great idea. Perhaps they would be cleaner than men's rooms are now. The presence of women might make men stop pooping on the seat and peeing in the floor.

when you gotta go you gotta go
There is nothing better than relieving yourself outdoors. It beats killing yourself trying to find a restroom. I have sat on more curbs, pushed my panties aside and let it flow. I have also stood and watered many trees and building sides - yes I am one of those women who can pee while standing. And yes I enjoy being watched while relieving myself whether it be peeing or pooping. It is a great turn on to know you are sharing something so private yet naughty.

To Phillippe: I personally would have no problems with co-ed bathrooms. I think doors would provide the privacy need for a bathroom. I would build a single toilet unit for those would be prefer to wait in line. I would put urinals on one side in a single row and provide a double row of stalls on the other side. As for practicality, I think our society is so whatever that the only place you would see this is in restaurants, clubs and very liberated settings. There is no law which requires we have separate facilities, is there?, in buildings now maybe unless govermental in the USA. There is no way to prevent the commission of crimes. The user of any quiet private facility needs to exercise commons sense before and during an entrance. If someone looks strange just hold you need to go and find a safe place even if it means going in public. I believe public defecation is frowned upon due to heath reasons and probably the stench besides the prudish society value and customs.! Could you imagine the freedom to pee at random. Public restrooms stink bad enough so I certainly would want to walk down a street and smell piss odors.

Patty: Great story about your boyfriend Justin. Hopefully he'll be more comfortable as time goes by. Sounds as if his shyness made him really uncomfortable. Just thank him a lot (which I'm sure you did) and let him know how much it meant to you, even though it made him uneasy. He'll come around. Would love to hear if he lets you watch him again. He sounds like a really nice guy.
'Bye for now. Daniel

A big welcome to Dianne. What a lovely little lady you must be and congratualtions to Paul your lucky and helpful husband.

You have proved the point I have often made that the female rectum can and does expand and fills up with a large fecal mass which if held in compacts and consolidates into a lovely big fat jobbie. I have seen many big "beer can" thick turds which women have passed in my toilet experiences over the years. As you say the turd is not too difficult to pass and I imagine something that big comes out under its own steam as it were. I bet it feels really good! As a matter of interest although this is slightly off message what type of panties do you wear as it will help me form a better mental picture of you passing one of your fat bombs. I have also visited "scat" sites but like you I detest the "dirty" and "extreme" activities. Pictures, videos and sounds of someone passing a nice big solid jobbie is fine by me, but NOT the other stuff! Please post mor! e of your experiences and maybe Paul might give his observations, does he also do big turds?

Phillipe, on the matter of unisex toilets either public, works, in pubs, schools etc, I am with you but I doubt if it will catch on in countries like the UK where from infancy we are programmed into separate communal toilet facilities. Ironic as most people have the one toilet at home used by both genders. I remember at school when I was 5 (in 1958) one boy going into the Girls toilet as he needed a number two and the 3 cubicles in the Boys toilet were occupied but the Girls had 6 cubicles. He was given the slipper when the teacher found out for doing so although it was a perfectly innocent and sensible thing to do. One thing is certain URINALS MUST BE ABOLISHED and a WC cubicles (stalls) only with lockable doors rule would have to be enforced. Although I can use a urinal unlike some blokes who post here I find them smelly disgusting items, (see old posts) and I know many wome! n who have used a Mens toilet in an emergency feel likewise. Dude shoots himself in the foot, (or should that be pisses on his own shoe) by saying that you dont have to flush the toilet until after 4 or 5 pees. YEUCH! what a horrible pissy ammonia smell there must be in his toilet! This is what puts many people off public and communal loos. From personal experience I have used womens toilets and havent found such nasty and disgusting smells. I think the younger generation, those born after 1970 will be more amenable to unisex toilets, subject to the provisio about the urinals ( or at the very very least put a screen up and have very good air conditioning and automatic frequent flushing of the urinals to get rid of nasty smells). Regarding security and safety, bring back the toilet attendant in Public, Shopping mall etc toilets and have regular visits by staff in pub and resturant toilets, although women often go in twos and share a cubcile anyway. I have often seen Ally Mac Be! al with the unisex toilet and know of some small businesses where they share the toilets. (UK Law insists that separate toilet facilities be provided when there is a certain number of male and female staff employed.) I remember a small workshop were they took on a young women to do the paperwork. Although she was the only woman with 9 blokes they were made by the factory inspector to put plywood partitions up and make a lockable door to one of the three cubicles designating it the Womens Toilet although this woman, a very upfront girl of about 23, had no problems using the mens toilet and nobody abused the situation. Ironicially as the partitions were only thin plywood open at the top every sound could be heard. Also if one of the male workers then used the toilet and heard sounds etc from that cubicle they KNEW it was Michelle doing a motion whereas before the conversion forced on them by the factory inspector, it could have been one of the other men. Some of the new pubs and! resturants in the UK used mostly by the 20 to 35 generation "young people" have now got unisex toilets and I will have to visit one and find out. I dont see my generation, the post war "baby boomers" taking to unisex toilets for the most part and as far as the oldies 65 plus are concerned, forget it!

Marathon Man. Recently I was watching a cross country run through one of the parks in Glasgow. A ???? young woman of about 20 or so pulled out of the line and went into the bushes for five minutes. I didnt go and watch her as this would have been too obvious but when I saw her come out and resume running she looked a bit red faced. I went into the bushes and sure enough a big fat jobbie lay steaming on the grass. It was about 12 inches long, 2 1/4 thick or so and curved, knobbly at the start but smoother towards the rounded end. If she hadnt got to the bushes in time it would have made a huge bulge in her navy blue cotton Montfort knickers. I didnt see any toilet paper! nearby so I assume she didnt wipe her arse but just pulled up her knickers. As it was a solid well formed turd I dont suppose there were many skid marks in the seat of her knickers though.

Hugh G: No, the fountain-like thing at my dad's workplace was a urinal. Everyone peed in it. The sinks were off to the side.

NE Ohio Dude: I wasn't trying to identify you. Thanks for saying where you're at. Other than a few family/friend groups that post here I think we might be the geographically closest of the posters here. How's the quality of the U of Akron restrooms? Soon I will post some of my own college stories from my days at the U of M.

And now a word about deodorizers. Like many people who have posted in the past I can't stand the spray can deodorizers some people have in their bathrooms. I'd rather smell the ripest shitstink than ersatz "Orange Sunshine" or "Floral Breeze". I'm also slightly asthmatic and all but the sutlest perfumes/colognes affect my breathing. Unfortunately some public restrooms have automatic deodorizers continually seeping into their air, and sometimes they use very cheap stuff and overdo it. Our restroom at work, however, ha! s a clove-scented deodorizer which you can just barely smell at all, and it's actually rather pleasant.
For people who do like to cover up odors (of any sort) here's a recommendation from me: Frankincense, the natural resin not the processed incense sticks. You can find it usually at religious stores which specialize in Roman Catholic/Eastern Orthodox goods. The scent is very sweet and not at all cloying, and it will linger for an hour or more. I use it to cover up cooking disasters, smelly loads from my cats, and to sweeten the place up when company is coming. (There's also Myrrh, anotrher fragrant resin, however myrrh packs a real punch. It's acrid rather than sweet. The ancients used it at funerals and mass animal sacrifices. Only recommended for truly catastrophic someone-must-have-died, it-could-gag-a-maggot stenches.)

In England I visited an outhouse on an old country estate - it was a three seater, like they used in medieval days. There was a young farmer sitting on one seat,so I took the end seat leaving the one in the middle vacant. I was bursting to pee, but didn't want to stand with my willie squirting in front of this guy, and there was no urinal, so I dropped my levis and decided I really did need to take a dump. The other guy sounded like he was dropping a huge load, and boy did it smell. I was a bit embarrassed when my brother came in and saw the three-seater, but he just dropped his pants and squeezed onto the middle seat between us. It was a tight fit, but he said he just couldn't wait, and being ex-army, an all-male encounter didn't bother him. We tried to avoid looking at each other as we grabbed the toilet paper and wiped our butts, but there was no avoiding the intimacy of our three lily-white bottoms. I was the last to leave and couldn't resist looking down into the tr! ough; there some might huge and very smelly logs there.

a) Under what circumstances and where do you think the general public might accept share public washrooms ?

I think it would take a lot of change to get them accepted.

b) Are you personally in favor of shared public washromms and, if so, how do you think theey should be arranged ?

Personally, I've long been in favor of dividing them into stalls and urinals instead of men and women. To keep from bothering people too much, I would separate the urinals.

c) If share public washrooms should become reality, would be leave the urinal in plain sight of the stalls area (as it is currently the case in most male
washrooms), or would you put a divider between the two ?

See above.

d) Do you see any security risks for women (or men !)and, if so, how would you thwart them ?

Why should it be any more dangerous than men and women together elsewhere?

e) Why do you think we! have segregated washrooms ? Is this imposed by our cultural values, by the law (in Ontario, we have a nudist camp 30 kms.
north of Toronto and yet, washrooms facilities are separated..)


f) How do you think the ave! rage person would react if a bill was put on the floor of a legislatibve body for debate and put to a vote ?


g) Are there places where public cvo-ed washooms are safer than in others (a womam might be more hesitant about using a theoretically co-ed
washroom in a train station where plenty or weird guys hang around than say, in an office tower or restaurant).

I see your point.

h) Has anyone heard of the ALLY MCBEAL show the article refers to ?

It's on the TV schedule here. I've never watched it, though.

Hi guys! Philippe, my friends Alex, Jodi, and Laura are alive and well, thank you. They are all busy, as I am, with going to (different) school. I'll tell them you said "hi."

Torie, I agree with Traveler. Perhaps you should wait until you really have to go [maybe have a few extra glasses of water, juice, or other liquid :) ] and then nonchalantly ask Stacey to come in to the bathroom with you. While she's watching you "go," ask her if she'd mind if you watched her go to the bathroom. You two seem like very close friends and I think she'd agree. But, you'll never know unless you ask.
Maybe she'd also like to watch *you* go, but has never mustered up the courage to do so. As you may know, my best friend is Alex and she introduced me to this site. We never knew of our mutual interest until it was brought up.
Please let me know how you make out; I love you bunches!!!

Peace, Steph

Monday, December 13, 1999

big d
Most American homes do not have bidets, but I bought mine from some English guy who had one installed when the bathroom was remodeled. I don't remember how I got along without it. Cleaning up after a dump is so easy. I turn the water on first, so that when I am done dumping the temperature of the water jet is comfortable. The velocity of the spray is adjustable, and will spray quite vigorously to clean up even the most stubborn chunks. Afterwards, it usually takes only one wipe, mainly to dry off the excess water. A roll of toilet paper lasts forever at my house. Also it seems a lot accidental poop on the fingers, no skid marks. I highly recommend this appliance. Mine is made by Kohler. Women I have had over love the damn thing.

Hi, one time I was at church watching the nursey. It was only my litle brother in the nursery and he was sleepng. I was reading when my stomach started to cramp. I paid t no mind unilt a few minutes later when I realized I had the runs. I ran out to the girl's room but it was in use. I had to wait five minutes for my turn. Kara finally left and I ran in the room. I ran to the seat which was up for some reason threw it down, yanked up my dress, and polped down on the can. I forgot one thing though. My panties. Yes, in the excitement I forgot to remove my panties and I messed them. I didn't feel like stopping so I just finished going in them. When I finished I removed them wrapped them in T.P. and threw them away. I used about one third of the roll wiping and I felt several pounds lighter. I had diarrhea three more times that hour but after the second time I just stayed on the pot for the rest of the service.

hey all. was wondering if there's any military stories out there: bathrooms that have NO stalls, just toilets. if military guys can get used to this, maybe the public could too. what's there to be afraid/ashamed of?

I have discovered this website and am delighted that I am not alone in enjoying defecation. I am a married woman of 30 and am not one of the great amazons who often post here but quite small, 5ft 2in tall, about 9 1/2 stone (137 pounds) in weight, but since having my appendix removed at the age of 25 my bowel habit has changed and I pass 2 or 3 good big solid motions a week rather than one fairly average poo a day as previously. This doesnt bother me, on the contrary I enjoy this.

My usual bowel movement is that after 2 or 3 days I will feel the need and will pass one or two jobbies at a sitting. Now I dont tend to produce the big long turds of 14 inches plus that some people do, my usual jobbies are between 8 to 10 inches long but very fat about 3 inches in diameter about the width of a coke can. I assume this is because, like many women, my rectum expands to accomodate the large fecal mass. The sound effects when I do a motion would delight some of the toilet listen! ers such as Scots Tony who post here, resounding "KUR-SPLOOMP! sounds. My jobbies are normally firm and a bit knobbly and compacted but not too difficult to pass and once my ring has stetched slowly to the turd's width it slowly slides out with a steady push, usually two or three fat balls as big as tennis or baseballs, the "Kerploonks!" are wonderful then the big one comes out. about 8 inches long and 3 inches thick sometimes followed by another log just as fat but 6 inches or so long but sometimes there is only a single big fatlog after the tennis balls then its 10 inches long. Im lucky my husband Paul accompanys me to the toilet and often says, "how can such a big fat thing come out of a little girl like you?".

I have had the occasional accident , not very often Im glad to say, as once something that fat starts to come out and my sphincter dilates its difficult to hold it back, however as my turds are nice and solid there isnt often a mess just a huge bulge in th! e seat of my knickers (panties)and when I have emptied them out into the toilet the jobbie has hardly been squashed at all and there is only a large skid mark in the seat of my panties. Obviously my turds being so fat they get stuck in the toilet pan unless its of the older larger type as we have at home with a powerful flush. The more modern toilets with the little hole and gentle flush cant cope with my fat logs and if its in someone else's home I push it through with my hand if it wont go away after 3 flushes or so but if in a public or works toilet etc I just leave it for other users to see and perhaps get a buzz from doing so.

As with other readers I have visited "scat" sites. I liked those which merely show someone doing a jobbie normally but some of the other more extreme practices showing turned me right off and I wont begin to mention these here. I congratulate the Moderator for running such a well disciplined and enjoyable Forum here with no sleaze or far ou! t items.

I hope this first posting interests others. Paul and I were delighted to read of so many other couples who watch each other defecate and buddy dump (what a lovely expression) together as we do.

Love to all, if you like my posting and want to read more I will post again.

Dianne. (east London England)

Wolfman Mike
Susan Stl: Excellent story about your episode in the doc-
tor's office! Must've been terribly embarrasing (em-BARE-ASS
-ing?) for you, but it's good to hear that you seem to
have taken it in stride. After all, that's what the nurse is
there for! And believe me, I envy both you and her - wish I
could have been either of you in that room!
The closest thing to an episode such as this that ever happened to me occurred about six years ago, when I got a
complete procto exam by a female colo-rectal specialist.
(this was one the top 10 events in the history of my life!)
After about 20 sweet minutes of her alternating between
feeling my bottom internally with her gloved finger and
looking up there with different scopes of various sizes
(with a female nurse assisting back there by separating
fact from fiction), the very good doctor completed the exam
by asking me to step into the bathroom, which was adjacent
to the exam roo! m. I had been in there previously to pee
while waiting for them to come in and begin the exam, and
noticed a mirror on the end of a long handle - looked like
something that belonged on a motorcycle. Standing there peeing, I had at least a ballpark idea of what that mirror
was used for. My suspicion was confirmed when she picked up
the mirror and very politely asked, "Now, sit down on the toilet and push down real hard for me!" I felt myself blush
at least a little as I leaned over and did a sort-of
"reversed bird-call". I also felt something come out of me back there - probably more K-Y jelly than anything else, but
whatever it was, she got a good look at it!
This was a little embarrassing at the moment, but it was
a nice embarrassment. To be examined, particularly rectally,
by a female med pro is one of life's greater joys for me.
That and a good, healthy, easy poop every day! Thanks again for your story, Susan - I commend y! ou for your courage to
post it!

I was at the beach over the summer and I saw the funniest thing. There was a girl who was about nine years old, and she was wearing a beach towel that went down to her feet, and carrying an orange bucket. She went under the boardwalk and took off the towel. She was naked. Then she spread her legs over the bucket and peed. Then she dumped the pee out on the sand, put on the towel again, and took the bucket back to where she was sitting.

A couple of you asked if I would describe watching my boyfriend Justin go to the bathroom. A few days earlier, I had told Justin of my experience at the beach bathroom and how I liked watching the guys sitting out in the open toilets. He didn't say anything , but looked pretty shocked. Justin is a really sweet guy, at 19, a year younger than me, and kind of shy. So we sort of dropped the subject. A few days later, he stayed over at my apartment after a night of going out to dinner with friends. A got up before him and did a few things and came back into the bedroom when he was just getting up. We were talking about what were going to do that day and then he said, "I have to ..." and then pointed to the hallway where the bathroom was. And I really wanted to watch him, so I took a chance and followed him down the hall (he was wearing only his jockey shorts). Justin's an attrctive guy, very slender, and not too tall, actually a bit shorter than me. I opened the bathroom door just! as he went in and said, "Care for some company?" His eyes just bugged out and he said something like "You want to watch me?" really slow. I said, would you mind? I could tell he was both uncomfortable and sort of intringued at the same time. He was blushing pretty badly, and he said, "I've never gone in front of a girl." When he pulled his jockeys down, he was in a semi-excited state, which I guess accounted for his embarrassment. He sat down and pointed his penis down but nothing happened. I guess guys can't go when they're in that condition. He was getting nervous and saying I just don't know if I can do this. I just told him to relax and talk to me. Eventually, he did relax a little and I heard him start to urinate. I couldn't see anything because his hand was between his legs. Once he got going he peed for a while and let out a sigh. But after that, again nothing happened. He had a hard time relaxing. I tried talking to him and taking his hand, but he sort of averted my g! aze. I guess it was all pretty uncomfortable for him. After some more time, I heard him stomach start to make noises. Then he got this really serious look on his face and he kind of arched his feet a little. I said, is it coming? He didn't say anything or look at me, he just gave a little nod. He leaned forward a bit and let out some gas. Then a second later, I heard his bowels start to move. Looking between his legs I could sort of see something snaking down into the bowl. But mostly I kept watching his face, looking down like he was concentrating very hard. The smell was pretty overwhelming. He made several splashes and peed a little more. Then he announced he was done. He reached in back to wipe himself and looked at the TP, which was quite brown. When he got up I looked into the bowl and saw four big logs sitting in yellow water. He flushed right away. After it was over, he didn't say much. I volunteered to return the favor and let him watch me but he didn't seem intereste! d. This may have been too soon in our relationship for this level of intimacy. I'm afraid he thinks of himself as having been humiliated, watching him do this very private and intimate thing. Its been a few days and we haven't really talked about it. I hope we can eventually.

Although I do not contribute much, I still read the postings every morning and this has become a ritual. I first joined the group of mannered people here at a time when "Pooping Girl", Alex, Laura and the lactose-intolerant Jodi used to be here a fair bit. I do not really know what became of them, but do miss them.
There has been quite some debate lately about doorless stalls and s smaller debate about shared washroom (as we call them in Canada). two days ago, a lady told her story here of her pooping in such a washroom in a restaurant and a guy walked in on her and...was invoted by the sitting girls to attend to his bodily duties.
Well, I hope that I will live long enough to see co-ed washroom institutionalized one day and not just confined to the odd bar or restaurant.
For those of you iterested in the issue, I'd like to share with you excerpts of an article in the Canadian National Post on Wednesday December 5, on page A3.


"The Canadian army should introduce co-ed washrooms to help integrate women into combat jobs, according to an internatl report by an influential military advisor.
Female solders, interviewed for a report about attracting women to front-line positions, pointed out that there are no separate washrooms for female and male troops in the field. Removing such barriers in the barracks might change attitudes, the women suggested.......The army needs to track the Dutch Army's experience with 100 % application of gender neutrality. e.g. no male or female washrooms.....
The idea of co-ed washrooms in North America first gained attention because of the popular television show ALLY MCBEAL. On the weekly episodes, the staff of a law firm share washroom facilities and congregate there on a regular basis to gossip and discuss clients. It has yet to catch on in the real corporate world.
In the Canadian ar! my, washroom and shower facilities in baracks are shared, but the times for men and women are staggered so they are not in the facilities at the same time".

This is indeed a very very interesting article, and it is the first time that I see this somewhat taboo issue of co-ed washroom splattered in such a serious paper as the National Post.
Of course, one could muse day and night over this, especially our friends on this forum who, I am sure, would love, in their great majority, to see co-ed washrooms become reality.
What is surprising me somewhat is not only that the initiative or propositing such gender-free facilities come from women (who are more prone to hidding then doing their wee-wee), but that these women are in the military...everybody who follows the news knows that the military, especially in the US, has been marred with latent sexual harrassment problems and so, it is startling to me that women, who are the mostr vulnerable on the issue, are those ! who advocate it. Hmmm.
I'd like to run a quick survey among readers here....I'd have to get my questions organized. Of course, in your answers, please state whether you're male or female and your age.
a) Under what circumstances and where do you think the general public might accept share public washrooms ?
b) Are you personally in favor of shared public washromms and, if so, how do you think theey should be arranged ?
c) If share public washrooms should become reality, would be leave the urinal in plain sight of the stalls area (as it is currently the case in most male washrooms), or would you put a divider between the two ?
d) Do you see any security risks for women (or men !)and, if so, how would you thwart them ?
e) Why do you think we have segregated washrooms ? Is this imposed by our cultural values, by the law (in Ontario, we have a nudist camp 30 kms. north of Toronto and yet, washrooms facilities are separated..)
f) How do you think the ave! rage person would react if a bill was put on the floor of a legislatibve body for debate and put to a vote ?
g) Are there places where public cvo-ed washooms are safer than in others (a womam might be more hesitant about using a theoretically co-ed washroom in a train station where plenty or weird guys hang around than say, in an office tower or restaurant).
h) Has anyone heard of the ALLY MCBEAL show the article refers to ?
I do not know if I forgot any questions (I probably did), but I'd welcome a discussion on the issue.

To Mike-CA and others! Thanks for your thoughts and questions. Yes, my husband considers himself VERY lucky and he never has to be reminded to do the laundry! I know there are other "non-wipers" out there so just keep looking! As for the other question about my butthole "itching"? Well, itching no, but sometimes it does become a little crusty! One nice thing is that I have a bidet in my master bathroom at home, so each evening upon arriving home, I pull of my poop streaked panties, toss them into the the little wiker basket next to the toilet and then I settle down on the bidet. That fact that it has both hot and cold water, allows me to find just the right temp to wash away the caked on poop. Trust me, the warm water feels very good on my butthole! I have been watching, but haven't seen other posts from folks that don't wipe after pooping! Don't tell me I'm the only one - cause we ALL have seen too many poop streaked panties out there!

NE Ohio Dude
ALEKS - I'm from Akron. I'm a student at the University of Akron. That's all I'll say. I don't want to give away my identity.

Since I am a die hard Cleveland Indians fan, I have gone to many games at Jacobs Field. It opened in 1994, so it has very modern bathroom facilities. The men's rooms only consist of a few (5 or 6 at the most) stalls to shit in. However, they have a long row of urinals. Obviously, most people only need to pee because at a baseball game, you're drinking mostly beer and pop more than you are eating hot dogs. The bathrooms are usually crowded, but I don't have to wait in line very long to pee. The stalls are usually filled too, but then again, the lines aren't as long because like I said before, most people only need to pee. Of course, I've never been in the women's restrooms at the Jake, but when the stadium opened, the local TV stations did a report on the place and provided a shot of a women's bathroom. There was a huge array of stalls and I've ! heard that the women are very much pleased with that. When they built the stadium, they definitely took in consideration that women take longer to go. Also, baseball is trying to attract more women fans to come to the ballpark, thus the bathroom would be a major factor. The old Cleveland Stadium was not nearly as hospitable for both men and women. I have not been to the new Cleveland Browns Stadium (tickets are way too expensive and they're very hard to get if you don't have a PSL), but I read that there is one toilet for every 47 people. I think it said that there were 971 total toilets, not including urinals. I'll check on that. Obviously, the women's rooms have many more toilets than the men's.

Do girls talk about taking a crap or anything like that in their social circles? I know that they'll say that they have to pee, but do they ever say that they have to shit or do they ever fart around each other? I dated a girl who was relatively open about talking abou! t going to the bathroom, but only if I was general about it or if I didn't go into any detail.

i love this site where you can talk about this kind of stuff. i love to see women going. i have always wondered whether women are more noisy than men during a big one??

In response to JB's toilet paper wiping survey. Late yesterday evening at about 8:00 p.m. I went into my bathroom after I got home and wiped hard up my rear end and the paper came out slightly soiled. I tend to take soft farts during the day after eating and I think that is what does it. For years, when ever I brought home a date late in the evening, the first thing I would do is go into the bathroom, after she used it of course, and take some wet toilet paper and put a little soap on it. I would then clean my ass up and down. I did this so that when we got down to business later, I would be clean and fresh. I really think that every one, men and women have dirty asses from time to time. I rember a few years back on a business trip to Atlanta, I went to a strip club with a few of the guys. One of those babes danced in front of me and Wooo! Man, her ass smelled like a pigs pin. I had to pay her not to dance in front of me!

Marathon Man
Andy (UK)

I would love to hear some stories from you about your experiences at the marathons. I too have seen many interesting sights! I also have had a couple of occasions where I nearly shit myself from not getting to those cursed portaloos on time! My best sighting was at a BUPA run in Edinburgh a couple of years ago. It was held in Holyrood Park and, although there are toilets, there was a queue about one hundred yeard long outside the ladies. One rather large woman wadddled over to a nearby skip, pulled down her blue leggings, running shorts and knickers and proceeded to shit loudly and in a liquid fashion. I know, becasue I was crouched down, shitting at a bush and she was directly in my line of vision! She was so busy concentrating on keeping her pants clear of the offending solids that she didn't see me. She didn't wipe either, quickly pulling up her pants and running off. I can only imagine the state of her knickers after running 10k!! A heady mixture of swea! t, pisss and shit stains.

Please tell me more about the runner who shit herself.

Coprologist, I don't suppose that the 'Merde' book explained how to use 3 sea shells instead of toilet paper? I wonder if Sandra Bullock did explain that to Sylvester Stallone after the end of Demolition Man! I can see how a woman could use a sea shell (as long as it is absorbant) to dry after peeing, but cannot imagine how it would be used to clean yourself after pooping.

A new Associate started about two weeks ago who I am working with on a current audit. His name is Chuck N?????. Chuck is about 6’ tall and stocky. He has very broad shoulders and hips and always wears a blue or grey suit. The pants of the suit are always pretty tight around his ass and I always wondered way. I realized it wasn’t just because he has a linebacker build but his ass is also really long, each cheek is probably a foot long. That’s why I’m never surprised when guys like that fart loudly. I think guys with larger asses have more volume when they fart and shit. Do you guys agree? Chuck came walking into the bathroom at the Law Firm the other morning and stood right next to me at a stand-up john. He started peeing really hard and a few seconds into hearing the sound of his piss hitting the water, he cut loose this tremendous fart. I looked over at Chuck and could see that he was looking my way and laughing but I couldn’t hear him over the sound of his fart un! til it subsided a few seconds later. When he stopped laughing, another lawyer who had just come out of one of the toilet stall walks by and says, “Ya don’t say? That sounded like a bassoon.” Chuck was zipped up and washing his hands by then and said, “What do you think, Steve, at least a 7.0 on the ricter?. By that time I was leaving the bathroom and I didn’t hear anymore. However, this morning I worked a half=day and I always know that Chuck does too. I was at my desk in my office when I say him walk by with a newspaper in his hand. He was walking very fast and I had a good instinct that he was not wasting any time. I went to follow him and say hello. He saw me as he was turning into the restroom but all he did was wave his hand back and forth past his nose and roll his eyes – the next minute he was in the bathroom. I followed quickly and by the time I made it into the stall next to the one Chuck had chosen he had already laid down the paper and was sliding down his! suit pants (which I couldn’t believe he wore on the weekend). As I was unbuckling a heard his ass hit the toilet and although I thought there would be an explosion there wasn’t. But talk about that infamous crackling, that started right away, slow and steady and for about 10 seconds there was nothing but that sound and Chuck’s echoing grunt about halfway through his first log sliding out. When it finally slipped out there was a splash-plop and a sigh from Chuck. The crackling start again immediately and another replay of splash-plop-sigh. More crackling, this time of a shorter duration, plop-sigh, grunt, plop, plop. A big groan from Chuck. “Damn”, I heard him say. Right then another guy came into the bathroom and started making a lot of noise, slamming the seat down, slamming the door closed. Lawyers – they always have to make an aggressive entrance. By the time the noise subsided, Chuck was wiping and I could tell he had a lot of hair in his crack because of the so! und the toilet paper was making while he was wiping. Also, he had to wipe about 8 times, which usually means there’s bush territory to cover. Can’t wait to see Chuck in the courtroom!


This is my second post-I continue reading and catching up with the older posts with great pleasure. Had an intersting dump today. I farted about two times (nothing abnormal), but the third fart was really wet and a soft wet log started coming out. Anyway, I really was not expecting that, so I ran to the toilet and did my thing-about 3 medium sized wet logs and some more wet chunks and more farting. Well, that was the closest I had come to pooping my pants in as long as I can remember.

SANDRA-I loved your story about taking a dump in the unisex bathroom with the guy peeing next to you. What a lucky man!
I came in on some lady like that one time, and she nearly had a heart attack. I just shut the door and left-it was very embarrasing for her. You're quite a woman to just go on pooping with him right there, and letting him stay to pee. I just wish it could have been me. Not that I would have looked right at you, but just being in the presence of a woman! taking a dump would have been something.

SUSAN STL-great story with visiting the nurse and pooping all over, especially with the nurse wiping you afterwards.

Ladies, I have a request. Do any of you have good dumping stories in public restrooms with no doors or stalls where, for example, another lady would be pooping next to you, or any other stories (park/camping/beach bathrooms especially-many seem to have no doors or stalls).
That really seems to turn me on.

Ok everyone, take care!

My Snow Enema:
A few years back I was skiing at a favorite resort in Chautauqua County New York on a rather mild and sunny winter day. All I was wearing was long johns, a pair of nylon ski pant liners (with elastic at the waist) and a jacket. I am a good skier and I seldom wreck-- but when I do, it tends to be fairly major. This day was no exception. I hit the icy side of a mogul wrong and went flying. The skis parted company with my feet as soon as I hit ground again. And having landed on more ice I started a free fall down the slope of the hill. In the process I somehow got turned around backward. Friction dragged the nylon pant liners down to my boots, and ripped open the back flap of my long johns. Then I exited the groomed part of the slope and slammed in to the heavy, wet snow on the edge. It stopped my plummet at least-- and I got piles of slushy snow all down my underwear-- and right up my asshole! And however awful that sounds, believe me, it felt worse. It had an! almost immediate enema effect. Well, my clothes were already in position and (luckily) my butt was facing toward the woods so I just sort of levered myself halfway up and started dumping the snow out of my ass. I had already visited the toilet that day so I didn't have a lot else up inside me-- but whatever was there came out. While this was transpiring a girl on skis stopped about ten feet from me (she didn't want to ski off the groomed surface, just as well for me) to ask if I was OK. I told her, Yeah, nothing hurt but my pride. She said it was the most spectacular accident she had seen in a long time. Little did she know just how much of an "accident" it was!
Later, I limped back to the hotel, finished some remaining expulsions, and then went down to the hot tub for a good long time. Thank God I didn't have to seek medical treatment and explain how I had gotten "frostbite of the rectum"

Hugh G.
To Alecks: Are you sure the urinal wasn't actually a handwashing sink? I have one of those at the metal shop where I work. Granite versions of these sinks exist in Pittsburgh's venerable old Civic Arena. I've seen several drunken hockey fans using them as urinals, but they are definately for washing hands.

Anyway, one of my favorite films, <i>Raiders of the Lost Ark</i>, was broadcast on US cable last week. The funniest scene, in which Indy is confronted by a guy with a sword, gets a disgusted look on his face, and shoots him with his pistol, was an ad-lib. The script originally had three pages of combat, but actor Harrison Ford wanted to end the scene quickly. Reason? A bad case of diarrhea!

See, temperatures on the set in Tunisia were around 110-degrees (F), causing flies to seek shelter in the actors' mouths. Several of the cast and crew had diarrhea. Harrison Ford asked the director if he could ad-lib the fight scene. After shooting! the fellow with the sword, Harrison Ford ran off the set and into a nearby portable toilet. Watching the movie again, the look on Indy's face is really the look of diarrhea. Rection.

In Austria, public toilets nearly always have separate entrances for Herren (men) and Damen (ladies) and walls from floor to ceiling. In hotels, cafes, etc. they are sometimes signposted "O-O" instead of "Toiletten" or "WC". Toilet-wise, Austria is less interesting than Switzerland and much less interesting than France, but I have seen some interesting sights that you would never see in the UK.

The first time I went hiking in Austria, in the 1980s, I was walking alone one day near a road. A woman of about 40 had got out of a car to go behind a bush, but behind the bushes was open woodland with a hiking trail running through it. Imagine my surprise to see her standing there, bending forwards with her back to me and her jeans, pantyhose and panties down to her knees. She hadn't seen me so I froze and crouched down behind a tree, wishing I had a pair of binoculars as she was about 100 metres away. Either I had missed the action or she had lost the urge because after a mi! nute or two she pulled her jeans up and went back to the car.

A few years ago, I was driving along a road through forest in Austria when I noticed a woman with her panties down behind a wooden hut. It was rather a small hut and she was rather a large lady so it didn't povide much cover. She was standing up and leaning forward. She looked about 50 and her ???? bare butt was not a pretty sight but I couldn't resist stopping for a closer look. My wife didn't seem to have noticed so I said that I wanted to look at the road map and I stopped the car just past the hut. My rear view mirror gave an excellent view of her rear but at this point her partner got out of their car and went over to warn her that this place was a bit too public for a pee, or whatever she was about to do.

Next time, I'll tell you about hiking in the Austrian Alps, staying in mountain huts with a one or two amazing views.

JB: For your survey, I'm female and I am usually completely clean between poos. I clean my anus very thoroughly, right inside, using moistened paper, and don't ever, and I mean ever, get skid marks in my panties. I wear thongs, and the back strap passes directly over my anus, so if there was the slightest mess it would show -- and it doesn't! So, here's a vote for "female, clean as a whistle." PV

FOLLOW-UP TO TONY (from adjacent posting): The name of that hotel in San Luis Obispo with the natural rock waterfall urinal is "The Madonna Inn". They do have a web site! Search for it by name. Cheers.

Hey, all! Targeted e-replies:

TONY: That's a dead-ringer copy of a FAMOUS waterfall urinal in the men's room of a fabulous bar and hotel located in (I believe) San Luis Obispo, California! Search "San Luis Obispo urinal" and you'll probably be able to find it. There's even a picture of the waterfall pee-pee thingie on the hotel's home page! Guys supposedly bring friends to the place just to try it's such an attention-grabber. Obviously the Ohio club ripped off the novelty...but it's a nice least for those of us who really enjoy relaxed and "fun" community peeing!

REDNECK: For once we totally agree! The "toilet police" are an atrocity too steep for me as well. I understand there's actually a BLACK MARKET in "illegal" 3-gallon toilets in some places. Supposedly they're being smuggled in from Canada and Mexico. If everyone would please realize that YOU DON'T NEED TO FLUSH EVERY TIME YOU FRIGGIN' PEE-PEE, all of the precious drinking water ! saved from this sensible conservation measure would MORE than allow for the continued use of 3 gallon flush toilets to deal with heavy-duty poops. Everyone, please, ONLY FLUSH AFTER EVERY FOUR OR FIVE PEES! This society is ridiculously pee-pee-phobic. We all need to lighten up a little.

SANDRA: When I was at Yale grad school, I found that the men's room in the Hall of Graduate Studies contained nothing but TWO full-wall urinals. No crapper. INVARIABLY, after the weekly Friday afternoon Happy Hour, the bottom of at least ONE of those urinals would have a big load of shit dumped into it. What architectural genius ever decided that a men's room could be built with two urinals and no crapper!? By my second year, a crapper had been installed...doubtless at the insistance (probably at gunpoint!) of the janitorial staff, who were sick and tired of playing "pooper-scoopers". (And nobody could blame "Handsome Dan the Bulldog" for these jobbies either!)

Holiday Cheers ! to All! (Still wondering where Santa "goes" when he's "on the go!")

Public Toilet Hater
Once I was in a restroom at work, using a urinal. A cleaning lady came right in. She saw me there, said "Hello," and proceeded to start cleaning. I just finished my business, zipped my pants, and left. She didn't bat an eye. She just watched me finish urinating, and said something about having seen it all before.

I guarantee you that if a male janitor did that when a woman was using the toilet, the male janitor would be fired. He might even get prosecuted.

We sure have a double standard in the United States, don't we? Women can get away with almost anything, while men are assumed to be creeps and perverts.

Once I was in a locker room at a water park. A small boy came up to me. He was crying. He needed to urinate, and could not untie the knot in the drawstring of this swimming trunks. I was afraid to be seen pulling down the pants of a young boy, so I told him to either pee his pants or seek help from a FEMALE lifeguard.

If ! any adult male were caught helping that young child, he would face the possibility of going to jail for a long time. His life could be ruined. However, if a woman pulled down the child's pants, no one would care. If a woman pulled down a grown man's pants as a joke, she would get away with it. But if a man pulled down a woman's pants as a joke, he may as well jump off the nearest tall building.

The double standard rules the USA.

Sunday, December 12, 1999

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