Mike CA
Susan STL- Your posts are great ! I look
forward to reading them . I must say, your
husband is one lucky son of a gun. My
dream is to find a girl just like you, and she
to would never have to be bothered with
doing laundry either !
I just happen to remember something
that happened probably 15 years ago. I was
at a drive-in movie with my ex-wife ,
drinking beer, lot's of beer. Anyway when
I went to the mens room and pushed open
the door , I saw the entire room flooded
with a good 2 inches of water. Now I've
always been known for keeping a hell of a
shine on my boots, plus being half drunk,
I decided to go use the ladies room. When
I pushed open the door, the place apeared
to be deserted, even though there was
about 10 stalls and all the doors were
closed. I went to a middle stall , and what
I saw will stick in my mind forever, like it
happend y Iesterday. There sat a very!
surprised but also very pretty woman in
her 30's with her pants and panties pulled
down just below her knees. She yelled
something and tried to cover herself up,
but before she could, my eyes focused
right on her white panties which were in
full view and sort of inside-out. I saw one
of the largest, darkkest, longest skidmarks
i have ever seen. I imediatly let the door
close , and being half lit, went in the stall
next to hers and peed probably a good 2
minutes the whole while listening to her
(probably cussing me out) in a foreign
language ! I got really turned on over
seeing this and remember later that night
my wife asking what the hell had gotten in
to me?
Take care people. Skidmarks rule !

Hey SusanSTL, i was just wondering... since you dont wipe after taking a crap, doesn't it make your butthole itch like crazy?

What a site,up all night reading,will post some stories re peeing/pooping at running races.

Check out the London Marathon,women pee everywhere,standing as well.Some into bottles whilst standing!

Any women runners out there with stories to tell,in the 1998 marathon the ladies winner pooped herself 5 times on route

I had a good toilet visit today. I went to the mall for lunch and had a large shrimp jambalaya platter. This produced the need for relief afterwards as I had expected (it had been building up all morning). The mall was packed today, lots of shoppers, and there was actually a line outside both the men's and women's restrooms in the food court. I went to Penney's, as intended, where I found a couple of guys peeing, but no fellow dumpers. I took the last in the line of open stalls (they're at the far end of the bathroom and face a wall, so they're really semi-private in that you're not exposed to the whole room), dropped my pants, slung my fleece jacket over the TP dispenser and sat there in my red uniosnuit farting and unloading. A couple of more guys came in to dump in quick succession while I was there, and both of them went to the end of the stalls and looked in at me before taking their own stall. They both were pretty noisy. On my way out I repaid the compliment by taking a! quick look at them in their stalls. Both had their pants barely past their butts and the younger guy turned his face toward the stall wall as if embarrassed. You'd think he would have realized that if he's going to look in on someone else he ought to expect to be looked at himself!


Thank you all so much for making my day!

At last I've found a place where people share a common interest, and I realized that I'm not some sicko just becuase I have a fascination with BMs. Your stories are wonderful and exciting, and I've been spending every free moment the last few days reading the old posts. Now I feel like I need to put my 10 cents as well.
Well, I'll tell you all a little about myself. I'm a single guy in my mid 20s and my biggest fantasy in life has alsways been to be able to watch some pretty woman (girlfriend or anybody) take a big dump. Just to watch-watch her slowly undress, sit down, and let nature take its course.
What a pleasure that would be! Any advice on how to go about this from all you experts?
Even as I sit here at the computer near the public restrooms, I see gals going into the ladies room and wish I could follow. Sometimes I go the mens room next door and put my ear to the wall and listen hoping for a dump. ! Occasionally I get lucky and hear something, but usually the only go in for a pee. Anyway, I look forward to reading all your posts and to catching up with the old posts as well.
Glad to know there's a place out there for all of us poop lovers!

Best wishes to all!

Public Toilet Hater
To Aleks:

First, I am very sorry to hear about your brother.

Secondly, I appreciate what you posted about the gay men at public bathrooms. No one should solicit sex of any kind from a stranger at a public facility. That applies to men bothering women, as well as men bothering men. I have posted about a similar experience, in which an extremely aggresive gay man approached me while I was taking a dump. I was sitting there with my pants down to my ankles, and this gay man exposed himself and shoved his privates into my face. As I have written, I reacted violently and left him unconcious on the floor.

I'm glad that a gay person would share the idea of just leaving people alone in the bathroom. No one, whether gay, straight, or anything else, should be subjected to violence or an unwanted advance. "No" means NO, in any case. Thanks for the post, and peace to you.

In response to Adrian's post about women cleaning the men's bathrooms: I had mentioned in earlier post that women cleaning the men's bathrooms in office buildings is becoming more and more common here in the North Eastern United States. I re,ember 15 years ago when they used to have male janitors clean both the men's and women's rooms and I would watch the guy as he knocked hard on the door asking if any one was in there. The thing I notice now is that the female janitors, many of whom speak little english, don't knock very loud, and you almost cannot hear them from inside the bathroom. They have come in on a few guys including me a few times, but we have not made an issue of it. Oh yes, there was a complaint several years ago against one of the male janitors from a women about him entering the ladies room while she was in there.

Sandra, Wow! You were so cool under preassure when that guy came in on you in the restaurant while you were on the toilet. It is amazing tha! t he was not too embarrassed and turned around and left. Personally, If I had walked in on you, I would have been terrified that your boyfriend or hubby would see it and turn my lights out! I am very non-confontational, so I would have gotten out-a there real quick. When you think about it, that encounter was more risky for the guy than it was for you.

Adrian (England): I share your frustration with female attendants cleaning male restrooms. At work, we have a female cleaning attendant who knocks at the door and opens it at the same time yelling, "anyone in there?" Then, to make matters worse, she stands right at the door and waits, which puts pressure on me to rush. Then, as I walk out, she stares. It is very irritating. Just the other day, I saw one man come in to use the restroom while she was cleaning. She exited the restroom, but stood right at the door leaving her cleaning cart in the doorway, propping open the door. She, as well as everyone in the halls, could hear the poor guy having a noisy pooping experience. A male could never get away with doing the same thing in a female restroom.

NE Ohio Dude: I almost always poop first, then pee. Most of the time, the rush of pee tells me I am done pooping. The only time I pee first is if I really have to pee, and even then, I usually pee some more after poo! ping.

Redneck: Sorry (or congratulations - what ever the case may be) about your pending divorce. I live in a new house with the lousy 1.6 gallon toilets. I am a very thorough wiper, so if I forget to flush after every four wipes, the toilet stops up. Happened just last night. I was really tired, but had to go out to the garage, get the plunger, and unstop it.

Aleks: Funny story about your former office. Sometimes when I go at work, it takes about 15 minutes. Occasionally, I feel guilty about it and hope nobody notices it - out of fear of someone implementing a policy like your former boss attempted to do.

At work, a young guy who recently started working down the hall always goes to the restroom to poop at 11:55 everyday. I notice because that is when I go to the restroom to wash up before lunch. I never hear any pooping noises - no grunts, no farts, no crackles, no kerplops, no nothing. Just once, I would love to hear something. Somethin! g interesting about him is that his feet are always in the same position. His left foot is flat on the floor in front of the toilet, but his right foot is on side of the toilet and he is up on his toes. It makes me wonder about his sitting position. Sorry this post is so long. I have some other office stories I'll share another day.

Hi everyone. I would like to conduct a little experiment. This is for everyone reading this who hasn't pooped in at least a few hours and also hasn't taken a bath or shower in at least a few hours. Go into the bathroom, pull down your pants and wipe your butt one time, as though you had just taken a dump. Look at the TP and let us know if it is clean or dirty, and if it is dirty, is it just slightly dirty or actually very dirty. I'm curious to know how many people will say the TP is perfectly clean, how many will say there is some residue of poop and how many will say the TP is actually dirty with poop. Also, I'm curious to see if there is any difference between men and women. I happen to be a man, and for me it came out clean, but I'm kind of compulsive about wiping. I know everyone isn't so compulsive, so I'm curious to see what kind of results everyone gets. Please state if you are male or female. Thanks very much!

Took a delightful dump this morning... Slow to exit and feeling ooh so good. Turned out to be one of those snake-like jobbies, neither too hard nor soft. Just right!
I recently obliged some friends by watching the film "Notting Hill." I enjoy Hugh Grant but I'm not much of a Julia Roberts fan. Anyway, I thought the supporting cast was terriffic. In one scene, Robert's and Grant's characters visit his relatives' flat for dinner. Julia Roberts, who plays a famous movie star among commoners, asks her hosts, "Where can I find the... You know." Grant's younger sister's character - sorry, forgot the actress's name - offers to show her the way, then comes out to tell the rest of the family that, due to confusion, they were together in there for a moment. None of this is seen and the sister later apologizes to Roberts "about the loo thing." Showing the star-struck sister and Roberts together in the bathroom could have made for a really funny scene, I think. The film wa! s shot in Notting Hill, London and at Shepperton Studios. I can't think about that place without warmly recalling one of my all-time favorite human beings, Peter Sellers.

ADRIAN, I agree it's annoying when toilets are closed for cleaning, but it wouldn't have to be that way if it weren't for our cultural taboos. I recall having a poo in a men's room in the Luxembourg airport when a young female attendant came in to replenish the TP. First she visited each unoccupied stall. Then she knocked on the doors of the occupied stalls, including mine, and handed each user a fresh roll. I don't know if she was from there or elsewhere, but she did it as calmly as a waitress serving salad.

SANDRA, how did you feel about the guy sharing the room with you while you were having a dump? BTW, I know the type of facility you mean, with a lockable door. When I mentioned the "unisex" restrooms I've used in South America, I was talking about facilities with a row of urinals! (or a urinal wall) and a row of toilet stalls, like the ones we all know, but open to and commonly used by both genders. And nobody thinks twice about it, although it sure was new to me and, at first, a bit exciting because it was so different.

To the person who asked whether the pit type toilet I'd seen at rest stops in Ohio was simply a latrine stool with its seat missing - no, the opening on this thing was a little narrower than the even the openings of most seats. And from a profile view, the top, or "seat" area was curved like a banana, slightly higher in back than in front. I guess they're never to be seen again, although I'd fancy squatting on one, now that I'm pretty good at that.

ALEKS, yes, we could certainly use more of a "live and let live" attitude in this world. As the incident you mentioned shows, the line needs to be drawn at activities that impose on unwilling or defenseless others. There is, as they say, a time and a place for everythi! ng and a lot could be said about indiscretion. But I was never given the judge's job and I don't want to start now. Have a spledid weekend, all!

To N.E.OHIO DUDE-To answer your depends on how bad i got to poo or pee.If i got to do both badly enough,i sit down and pass some pre-poop gas and i start to pee right after that,and then while i'm peeing,the turds are coming out at about the same time.I usually finish peeig first and concentrate on finishing up part 2 of my BM which at this point is soft and mushy-that's in extreme cases.Normally i pee first and then pass some gas and poop-I guess it depends,but that's my routine,Great stories,all! haven't been to the mall yet but maybe i'll go this weekend to enjoy the "sounds of the season!" BYE

Tony: My dad's workplace had a really unusual urinal. It was like a fountain, round, in the middle of the men's room. You would step up on a platform and pee in it while water came dribbling out of a central cylinder the whole while. When I was a kid I thought it was the neatest bathroom in the world and any time my dad took me down to his workplace (usually just to get his paycheck while he was on vacation) I made sure to go in that men's room.

NE Ohio dude: I wonder if we could be neighbors? Or at least find ourselves stalled out side by side someday in the can. (I'm in the Akron-Cleveland area). Anyway, when I do both together I usually don't start peeing until the dump is already well under way. For whatever reason I find that my bladder sphincter doesn't relax as fast as my anal sphincter.

Redneck: I hate those damn low-flow toilets! Last year, while I was living in my own house, I had to replace the toilet. I had been planning to remodel the bathroom an! yway, and I had thought I might go over to Windsor and get a proper toilet from the more sensible Canadians (A lot of people do this in the Detroit area; customs couldn't care less as long as you pay any applicable duties). But the old toilet started leaking and the tile was grouted to it and I couldn't remove it without breaking it out of the floor, so I had to go out and buy a new one right away. This new "wonder toilet" plugged up on all but the smallest loads. I couldn't even put TP down it. I began to deliberately avoid using it on weekends since I have better things to do in life than stand around a toilet trying to coax shit down the drain. I should ask my renters if they've had problems with it. By the way, there was a Michigan congressman, Joe Knollenburg (R-Bloomfield Hills) who was leading the fight to "get the government out of our bathrooms" But I don't think he got anywhere in his cause.

As for my "pain in the ass" the other night, I discovered the next! day that my shit hadn't made it down the toilet, and I had to flush three more times to get it to go. This has never happened in my current apartment so I suspect that the stuff was of unusual girth and/or mass. Since I also had a very full nighttime bladder I suspect that the combination of the two may have pinched a nerve. I haven't had any trouble since.

Next story to come: My snow enema experience

Pete (US)
Aleks - Thanks for the office stories.

All - I've been very curious to read that some poeple have gone 6 days, 1 week, and even 2 weeks without taking a shit. The most I've ever been plugged up for was 3 or 4 days and I though that was very major. I can't fathom being constipated for one or two weeks. I think either I would burst or would have to stop eating. So for those of you who have been plugged up for close to a week or more, how is that possible?

Someone was wondering where the Museum of Toilet Paper is. It's located in Madison, Wisconsin. Walked by it a few times, but never gone in. Located in a little out of the way building that you'd probably only find by chance, or if you were really looking hard for it.

I finally got to take a dump in a doorless stall. It was at a crowded Boys Club. About 10 people came in there. I think a few of them might have been very young girls but I couldnt tell because they didnt come up to the stall where I could see them. I just kept on pooping. I wasnt the only one taking a dump either. Jesse, a dude i just met there, was taking a dump in the stall right next to me. He finished and started washing his hands right in front of my stall. He could see me because of the mirror. It was a weird experience.

Wolfman Mike
Hi, all!

Great forum! I've been reading it for a few months now,
and while there are some wonderful posts, a few lately have me a little depressed. A few people, particularly those who say they're somewhat overweight, have been writing about all the straining they have to do on the toilet. You shouldn't have to, and I don't think your weight has to have anything to do with it. The right combination of diet, exercise
and good toilet habits should make pooping the pleasant ex-
perience it's designed to be (and is for me!)
You need to remember to:
1. Drink plenty of water - at least a half-gallon a
day. I drink a qt. of filtered water first thing every AM.
2. Get an adequate amount of fiber in your diet. This
means plenty of fruits and ve????s, whole grain breads and cereals, among other sources. Popcorn is a good source!
3. Exercise regularly.
4. Answer Mother Nature when she calls!
5. Once you'! re on the pot, try to relax and not think
about your schedule or where you need to be in the next 10 minutes or whatever. What you're trying to do at the moment
is important, and needs enough time devoted to it. DO NOT
STRAIN! This is how we get hemmoroids (ask an expert!). Con-
stipation and 'roids work in a vicious cycle.
If I feel like I've got an uncoopertive log when I sit down in the bathroom, the first thing I do is sit up straight and give my ???? a deep message, pushing my fingers in deeply about where my belt buckle would be. At the same time, I take slow, deep breaths and try to relax as much as possible. Then, I lean all the way forward with my hands touching either my feet or the floor, with the side of my head resting on my knees. This, combined with the deep breaths continued, helps push the poop out from above rather than below. It helps to inhale as much as possible, drawing the air into the abdomen rather than the chest, and then may! be waiting a second or two before exhaling. In the rare circumstance that I'm still blocked up at this point, I'll go back to the message and repeat the procedure.
I don't mean to sound like a health professional or anything because I'm not. But I've always been fascinated
with bowel function (particularly women's) and I have had
rectal problems and constipation in the past, so while I don't claim to be an expert on these things, I do speak from
experience. And, like most of the regulars (there's a pun
for ya!) on this webpage, I do enjoy pooping and want everyone else to, particularly you ladies out there. You should be able to bare your pretty buns, park them on the
throne, relax, take your time and peacefully enjoy the sensations (these rights are implied somewhere in the Con-
stitution; I just know it!). Kudos to you guys out there too, for posting so that the ladies feel less self-conscious
about discussing these things.
Ma! ybe I'll post again sometime, if you readers don't think I've been too windy (there's another pun for ya!) here. Until then, keep this forum righteous, happy pooping
and Happy Holidays!
Peace & Love

In response to Adrian's post about women cleaning the men's bathrooms: I had mentioned in earlier post that women cleaning the men's bathrooms in office buildings is becoming more and more common here in the North Eastern United States. I re,ember 15 years ago when they used to have male janitors clean both the men's and women's rooms and I would watch the guy as he knocked hard on the door asking if any one was in there. The thing I notice now is that the female janitors, many of whom speak little english, don't knock very loud, and you almost cannot hear them from inside the bathroom. They have come in on a few guys including me a few times, but we have not made an issue of it. Oh yes, there was a complaint several years ago against one of the male janitors from a women about him entering the ladies room while she was in there.

Sandra, Wow! You were so cool under preassure when that guy came in on you in the restaurant while you were on the toilet. It is amazing tha! t he was not too embarrassed and turned around and left. Personally, If I had walked in on you, I would have been terrified that your boyfriend or hubby would see it and turn my lights out! I am very non-confontational, so I would have gotten out-a there real quick. When you think about it, that encounter was more risky for the guy than it was for you.

Friday, December 10, 1999

CATHERINE: That's delightful! I envy those with such experiences, and wish fervently that the world will mellow out a bit in this way. A correspondent on another forum recently spoke of having once seen a French family stop for relief while on a road journey, and seeing three children, one a girl, happily and totally unselfconsciously all stand together to urinate by a hedge, enjoying the moment greatly. How lucky that girl was to have a family who raised her as liberally and effectively! There was no dichotomy to draw a line between her and her brothers in this, and she was a very lucky girl!
ALEKS: Crampy pains in the rectum... When I was a teen I used to get a pain such as you describe, just before pooing. Not often, maybe once in a month, maybe more. It was a tight, crampy feeling just above and behind the tailbone, as if a fecal mass was pressing extremely hard against the rectal wall and compressing it against the coxyx. Then it stopped happening, and I haven't felt ! it since. Odd, huh? Best, PV

One of the things which frustrates me most is that my local town council insists on employing FEMALE cleaners to clean the GENTS public toilets. The net result of this is that I often go the public loos in town only to find that they are closed because a female attendant is cleaning them. It would be better if they employed men to clean the gents and women to clean the ladies! If we really must have female attendants cleaning the gents (or vice versa) then surely they should be able to do without embarrassment whilst the loos are in use?

Has anyone else been frustrated by this sort of thing?

I was talking to my friend the other day about some of the unisex bathrooms that many restaurants have. The ones I have seen consist of one room with a toilet (no separate stall) and a urinal. There is usually a partition between the toilet and the urinal. I think the idea is that 2 men can go in with one using the toilet and the other using the urinal. If a woman wants to use the toilet or a man wants to poo in private, he or she can go in and lock the door. I remember being in one Indian restaurant when I wanted to poo. I was sitting on the toilet (I hadn't started pooing) when the door suddenly opened. I was sure I'd locked it properly, but there you go. It was a young man in his 20's who seemed startled. He apologized and as he was closing the door I said that it was OK for him to come in if all he needed was to pee. He said he was desparate and came in averting his eyes. As he started to pee a large poo fell from my bottom and made a "ker-sploosh" sound. I farted quite a ! bit and several more poos came out and were quite smelly. The man continued his endless pee - I wondered what he must have been thinking because he didn't say a word while he was there. When he finished he went to the sink to wash his hands and I caught him slyly peeking at me in the mirror just as I was lifting my right cheek off the seat to look at my poo. He saw everything including a poo dropping from my bottom. He went red and quickly looked away. Just before he left the bathroom I farted loudly and he said "have a good evening ma'am." When he was gone I wiped and adjusted my clothing.

At a live rock & roll bar in Cincinnati the mens restroom has the most unusual urinal I've ever seen. It's like a big waterfall that several guys can stand around at the same time. No partitions (which is strange for anywhere in conservative Cincinnati). There's not a "flush" handle because there's always a constant trickling stream of water. Just thought I'd share! Anyone else seen "out-of-the-ordinary" toilets...especially in USA?

Hi all! Well, this afternoon my choosing to not wipe after my poops caught up with me - and more! I began experiencing stomach pains Tuesday evening and assumed that it was just something I ate. All day Wednesday I tried to poop but nothing happened! Finally this morning, I knew I had to do something so I chose to insert a small piece of soap into my butthole. Again nothing happened all morning, until about 10:20am when I was able to finally able to push out a little poop about 4in long. As usually, after my poop I didn't wipe. Then about 1pm I was totally bent over with pain, so I called my doctor and ask to be seen! The nurse told me to come right over, so off I went. As soon as I walked into the office, the nurse took me into a paient room. Of course as soon as I entered she told me to slip out of my clothes and into the paper slip. She left just for a minute but returned just as quickly! As she walked back in I was just stepping out of my panties. There was no w! ay I could hide the poop streak in my white panties, so I just folded them up and place them on my other clothes. I slipped into the paper slip and reseated myself on the exam table. The nurse took my pulse and blood pressure and then listened to my heart. Then she told me to lay back so she could probe my stomach area. She told me that area felt totally solid! She told me she should do a rectal exam and asked me to stand up and bend back over the exam table. As soon as I stood up, we both saw a small, brown, poop streak on the protective paper that covered the exam table. Nothing was said, so I turned around and bent over. I heard the nurse snap on her plastic glove and then felt her use her other hand to spread my butt cheeks. It took about a minute (I assumed she was checking out the source of the poop streak) and then I felt her apply the lube to my butthole. She first slipped in one finger and pushed pretty deep. She told me she really didn't feel anthing, yet ! felt that my bowels were blocked with solid waste. I felt her remove her finger and then felt more lube and this time two fingers. She told me to relax as she pushed all the way in and finally encountered my blockage. I felt her moving her fingers around and then she pulled back as she extracted a goodly amount of poop. She applied more lube and went back in again. I was still relaxing the best I could when I felt a really back cramp take over. I had no choice but to push as the cramp hurt really bad and then it happened! I felt the nurse quickly pull her fingers out of my butthole which were followed by a continuous flow of my poop. I could feel myself pooping and pooping. I also heard the nurse mumble something as she grabbed for the trash can which she pushed under my butthole. In this bent over position I fully emptied myself before I knew what was happening. The next thing I felt, the nurse was wiping my butthole with several pieces of tissue, then she handed m! e several more tissues and allowed me to wipe myself even more. We both were standing with my poop between us on the floor and also in the trash can! I know the look on my face was one of total disbelief! The nurse told me not to feel bad. She told me it was her fault becuase of all the lube she had put inside my butthole and that I wasn't the first paient that had lost control of their bowels while being examined! As if it was nothing, she took a towel and cleaned up my poop on the floor, placed the towel in the poopy trash can and then tied the plastic bag to hide in view of my pooping accident. The smell in the exam room couldn't be hide, but other than that all was well. I thanked her for being so kind! She told me to watch what I ate and to try to have a daily bowel movement! So, my question is, have others ever lost control of the bowels while being examined?

Some office stories:
I used to work at a company which was a virtual "theater of the absurd". Best thing that happened to me all year was when I got laid off right after New Years this year.
For a while I had a manager who I swear was an escapee from a Dilbert cartoon. His name was Ron, but we knew him behind his back as "Ronbert". He was obsessed with keeping track of his employees' time to the last minute. We had all kinds of "tasks" and projects" to log our time to (never mind we were salary) and entering the weekly time record could be itself a daunting task. Well, "Ronbert" even went to the F&A people and asked them to create a task for using the bathroom! That was too much even for the anal nerds in F&A.They told him No, and then spread the story of his request around the company. "Ronbert" became the office laughingstock. But like all truly dedicated idiots he was oblivious to popular opinion and he fired off an E-Mail to the department asking that we sh! ould record all "abnormally long restroom breaks" to the Miscellaneous task!
The men's room at this company had some odd features. For one thing, it was locked (why do they do that in office buildings?), but any key-- your house key, a car key, etc., would open the door, thus defeating the purpose. Inside there were two stalls and two urinals. One stall was a handicapped stall, the other a normal one. The normal stall had a large gap on either side of the door and you could easily see in. Many guys didn't use it for that reason. Myself, I don't use handicapped stalls unless there are no others usable, so I went in the "door-gap" stall usually. It was interesting as people walked by, noticing that some of them would look in very blatantly (and sometiems start up a conversatiion on recognizing me) while others would do this very quick peak then purposefully look away. But just about everyone looked. And if the guys in the handicapped stall thought they were getting anonymity! , boy were they wrong! The wall it beside was made of a very reflective tile. And when you washed up in the sink across from the stalls you could look in the mirror and see a reflection of a reflection of the guy in the stall and his every action.

Later, the office moved to a new building. The bathrooms there had those stupid one-sheet TP dispensers. I had dealt with them in high school, where at least you could unwind the paper backwards. But these didn't allow for that, so you had to sit there and tear off sheet after sheet until you were convinced you had enough. One guy, Luke, took to bringing in a roll of TP from home, which sat proudly on his desk, and periodically you'd see Luke go marching off to the men's room, TP in hand. An uptight Lesbian manager complained about it, since she didn't care to know when Luke was going to take a dump, but that just resulted in laughter behind her back. Some other people started asking to borrow Luke's TP and he got annoyed, ! saying he didn't want to supply the whole office. At a department meeting we decided to invest in a package of TP and keep it in the file cube, but maintenance replaced the one-sheet dispensers with normal ones before the plan was implemented.
This men's room also had its hadicapped stall right in front of the main door where you walked in, and it didn't have a door on it because there wasn't space (probably it was a late addition after restrooms had to be modified for the handicapped; this was an older building). We had three (non-handicapped) guys on our floor who always took this stall! You'd walk in and find Patrick or Don or Mike sitting there with their drawers on the floor and usually smell a pretty fierce stink too because the stall wasn't ventilated like the others. Occasionally others would use it when the other stalls were full, including me, though as I say I don't use the handicapped ones otherwise. I never did get up the nerve to ask these three guys why they! liked dumping in the open. Probably kindred spirits though.

NE Ohio Dude
In the event of taking a major shit, which I define as having to crap an enormous amount of big, large, smelly poop as well as having to relieve a full bladder (those shits are the best), how many of you drop the first load of crap first, then pee? How many of you piss first, then poop the first load? Or how many of you relieve both at the same time? Just wondering.

Byrian: I can relate to the dream thing. I often dream about pooping experiences, especially watching or listening to someone.

Aleks: I agree with you on the sex in the public restroom issue. That gives gay people a bad name. I'm gay too and have been approached in public restrooms by persistent men wanting sex. It is such a shame. Fortunately for them I am not an aggressive person.

Jarod: Loved hearing about your adventures and I anticipate hearing more from you.

SeanC: Look forward to your stories also.

Fat Woman: Loved your stories too, although I am more interested in hearing about guys. One thing I've noticed is that, to me, it seems, the thinner guys are the ones who grunt the loudest.

Adam fromCanada
I had an interesting poop tonight. I was coming home from school on the subway known as "the TTC" and I kept getting these intestinal pains. I also had to let off some boomers. I got into the house and headed straight for the can. I sat down and the poop came out really fast and it was greasy. As it got towards the end, it started making
pllllllllllllllllllllllp noises and I discovered that the poop was loose. I have been making some huge poops the last few days until today. The poops have been 7-8 inches long and they are 4 inches wide with a C curve.

Well, I have moved out of my house in preparation for my divorce from my wife. I got home and decided to take a dump here at home. THe place I am renting is fairly new and they have those lousy 1.6 gallon toilets. I got it stopped up and mumbled a few obscenities. I do miss living in my house which is 13 years old and has the old 3 galon toilets.

It is time to repeal the federal toilet law that limits toilets to 1.6 gallons. I used 3.2 gallons to flush the toilet tonite after I took a dump plus a plunge job. If toilets weren't federally regulated, one flush, gone, end of story.

Thursday, December 09, 1999

What is the maximum amount of times you all have had to flush and plunge the toilet (at one time) to get rid of your poops forever?

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