Last night I was in a bar having a few drinks with my husband. Not long after we were there he went to use the mens room. He came back looking shocked. He said that he went in to find a woman in her early 30's crouched over a urinal pooing! Apparently all the stalls were empty. Now unlike me, my husband finds bodily functions a bit embarrassing - for a year after we were married he would turn on the tap to cover up the sound of his poos. So last night when he saw the woman pooing into the urinal, he was so embarrassed he went into the stall to pee. He then waited for the sound of her leaving before he came out of the stall. He said he glanced at the urinal and saw 2 large-ish poos but didn't seem to want to go into it further. About half an hour later he pointed out the woman while she was leaving with a group. She seemed very drunk which may explain her confusion. I was very tempted to go and poo in that men's urinal but if I got caught my husband would have killed me!

does anyone have any peeing stories?
the pooping stories are starting to get old

Fat Woman
Hi Chubby Girl! I hope your hemmorrhoids are better. I myself have never had them, but my buddy dumping patner Laura used to suffer form them before I knew her. Your technique of gripping your knees while you grunt is interesting. I for one find that gripping my buttcheeks and spreading them seems to work for me. I hope you will do us the honor of posting a toilet experience soon!

JEFF A.- I really enjoyed your story about Patty. She sounds like a woman who enjoyed her size and pooping. It also convinced me even more that there are many heavy women out there who have to strain alot more on the toilet as opposed to thin people. I was wondering if you still keep in touch with her?

I had an interesting experience yesterday. Laura had invited me to her house to watch a video and when I knocked on her door she called from inside "Let yourself in!" I went in and called "Laura?" After a brief silence I heard her say in a strained voice "I just sat down on the toile! t!" and her voice trailed off into a massive grunt. "UGGH!" Well, I have seen Laura on the toilet many times before but needless to say, I was excited as I entered the bathroom. This is what I saw:

As I mentioned in a previous post Laura is quite heavy, 20 lbs. lighter than me, but still a ???? woman with big thighs and ass. She was sittng with her fat legs spread on the toilet so that the fat on her thighs ????ed around the sides. Her hands were pressing on her fat belly as she strained. "Hi...." she panted when I came in and sat on the edge of the tub. She shifted her huge ass on the toilet and the seat creaked as she bore down. "How's it going" I asked.
"I think....ughhhh!....that I'll be here for....MMMM!...quite a while....OHHH!" As she grunted loudly I could hear the crackling sound and her face contorted with effort. "AH! UH!! MMMMPH!" It slowly eased out of her butt and fell with a mighty plop. She sighed with relief and leaned back, huffing and puffing! a bit. "Are you all right?" I asked. "Yes, (pant pant) but there's alot more (pant pant) coming down!" Without further ado, she suddenly leaned forward, her hands disappearing into the flabby rolls of her belly as the strain overtook her whole body. This time she grunted under her breath, making these "MMMM....MMMM" type sounds that I have heard many women make in public restrooms, but if anything, the grunting was more intense and more effortful. Her hands continued to knead her belly as she bore down. "MMMMM.....MMMMM..." She bounced alightly on the seat as she grunted "MMMM...MMMMM....!" And then we heard the crackling sound that never seemed to end as she panted and sweated and strained. But there was no plop for this one because the stool was so large. Laura gave a cry of relief and relaxed. She then wiped her ass about 4 times, grunting with the pain and I helped her to her feet because she was so weak from her staining. We both had a nice look at the stools before flus! hing the toilet.
Hope you enjoyed my post! More later!


I had this strange dream last night...I dreamed that i was at this CD/Casset tape store....i was in the old music section and then i went in to this video/book room and i bend down and i see bathroom stalls...there were these strange urinals in the stalls and it was high up so i tryed to jump up to reach this urinal(this was almost like a sink...but you pee in it). These urinals were made for tall people. Then i hear a guy come in to take a crap...i see him come out of the stall and i went in his stall to "see what he did" this guy said it was ok to come in there, i asked him. I said "Man What have you been eating to produce something like that"? He said Cinnomon. His shit was 12+(or bigger) and there were probably 2 or 3 12" logs. Strange dream.
Maybe i had this dream cause it might be a while till i have soild logs cause im on Amoxicillan...understand this stuff gives you loose bowels sometimes and messes your intestanal system up

To the unamed poster! : Amoxicillian has effected my bowels a bit....only a bit. Yesterday i had 3 small bowel movements and 2 the night before and they were all loose and runny. I haven't had to go today...don't know surprised i haven't had to go.

I enjoyed yesterday's posts. It sounds as if the holiday season is a good time to head to the local mall to share a pooping experience!

I had a roommate when I was a recent college grad that was the most regular guy I have ever met. Every morning, as soon as he got up, he would get the newspaper and head for the toilet. I think he felt like he should go whether he had an urge or not, because I always heard him grunting and straining to get things moving. The bathroom was right between the bedrooms and he usually didn't close the door completely, so the sound of him taking a dump was the first thing i heard upon waking. He would ususlly drop a few hard balls and would typically fart several times - sometimes quite loudly. His morning ritual was somewhat of a turn-on. He was about 6' tall, was fairly muscular and had dark hair. I would catch a glimpse of him occassionally as I was passing the bathroom, but never got up the nerve to make an excuse to go into th! e bathroom while he was there. I wanted to respect his privacy and maintain a good relationship as roommates.

I did see him take an explosive dump once when we were at the beach for the weekend. We were both smashed and as soon as we got back to the hotel room, I had to pee badly but he pushed me out of the way, pulled his khaki shorts and white briefs down below his kness, fell down onto the toilet and exploded. His initial load sounded like a very loud blast followed by sputtering sounds that seemed to last forever. I was so drunk, however, that I don't remember much else about the moment. I do remember finding his conditin terribly amusing, peeing in the shower and then passing out. Oh well.

Take care, everyone and thanks for the welcome, Pete.

A Pain in the Ass:
I had a weird experience last night. In the middle of the night I woke up with a hard, cramping pain just up inside my rectum. I'd never felt anything like that before. I got up and went to the bathroom and sat on the can. (My cat Hogan accompanied me. He regards all my bathroom activities, from shaving to shitting to bathing as opportunities for human-feline bonding). I sat there for a long time, the pain continuing and a degree of nausea coming on as well. Finally I poassed a couple of quite normal turds and everything was OK, pain gone. Anyone ever have anything like that happen?

Well, I see I forgot to put my name of one of my earlier posts! It's the one that starts addressing Traveller about Ohio roadside facilities.

Traveller (again): Last time I was in the physics building at the UoM (1994?) I noticed that they had put up a door on the formerly open stalls too. A friend of mine went to MSU and his dorm had half with doors and half without. He said the open ones were for peeing (no urinals in that bathroom). I did ask him if anyone ever sat in them and he admitted that some guys (not him) did during "rush hour" in the morning when the others were occupied.

The gay thing in bathrooms has, unfortuantely, been going on for a long time. You'd think that today with gays semi-accepted, there wouldn't be a need for it. By the way, I happen to be gay myself (yes, another one!) but I can't stand the anonymous cruising culture. Yuck!!! Not only does it spread disease but, when conducted in places like public restrooms, it simply stirs up mor! e homophobia. I really wish the gay community, instead of rallying around guys who are busted for this, would let them suffer the full consequences of their actions-- or better, maybe, get them some counselling. Yes, there are str8 men who cruise for women (for prostitutes, etc) but this is usually done where it doesn't impose on other people.
When I was 18 I had a horrible experience with one of these cruisers on what was, I think, the worst day of my life. I was away on a camping trip when my brother committed suicide, and I had to drive home twelve hours. I stopped to use the facilities in a fairly open reststop shitter and in came this middle-aged guy who asked me if I wanted to share some fellatio with him (the terminology was a lot cruder than that, but, hey, gotta keep up standards here!) I declined (rather crudely too). The jerk stood right there and masturbated in front of me! Almost made a gay basher of me! Nowadays should something like that happen again I would! almost certainly have my cell phone (yes, I'm one of those people too) and I WOULD call the cops right from the toilet!

Coming tomorrow: Some office toilet stories worthy of Dilbert.


I had similar experiences in my childhood. When I was 7 or 8 my dad and I would take showers together and I was allowed to pee. We even washed each other sometimes (my family is very liberal).

JEFF A: I only just managed to get back, and check your long letter on the previous page. Thank you so much for taking the time to reminisce about making that film, and provide more info about the things you saw. As you say, there were one or two positive aspects, though the environment was simply not a humane one, and I can sympathise with what you felt so much. Prison is a terrible place, I guess it's supposed to be, but... My heart goes out to those women in every way, especially the percentage who were wrongly convicted and are being punished for nothing. "The system isn't perfect" is an old excuse... Again, thank you for speaking of this at length, it really does help to handle the situation to know more. And you're a brave guy, and a good heart, and that means a lot! My best, PV

Wednesday, December 08, 1999

I really enjoyed Buzzy's post about his coffee-induced shit at the mall. I too much prefer a dump when the adjacent stalls are occupied. Unfortunately most men seem to be very silent, and it is only rarely that I get treated to a nice noisy evacuation in the stall next door. Early morning is definitely the best time to visit a public toilet if you want company. I usually stop at one on the way to work which has 3 stalls. I always go in the center one, so that if anyone else comes in they have to go next door to mine. Unfortunately the stalls have solid walls going right down to the floor, so that the sound is deadened and you can't see anyone's feet. So sometimes I wait till I get to work and visit a toilet used by the students. Again I try to pick a busy one with a lot of stalls. But students don't seem to do their business before about 10 a.m., and this, or lunchtime, are the best times if you want to listen in to the activities in other stalls. I have become a lot less inhi! bited about this recently, and now I don't worry about the noises I make, not just farting, but grunting. So I make sure that anyone shitting next to me gets something to listen to!

On another matter, I mentioned recently Lewin's book Merde. In it there is a chapter on arse-wiping which was very good. It discusses what alternatives to paper that there are, and also mentions that somewhere in the States there is a Museum of Toilet Paper. Does anyone know where it is, and has anyone ever visited it?

On the matter of hemorrhoids, I used to suffer from them slightly. Most of the time it was OK, but just occasionally they would bleed and color the water in the toilet red, and leave bloody skidmarks in my pants. Since we have adopted a healthier diet at home, with lots of fiber, fruit and vegetables, I have had no further problems from bleeding hemorrhoids. There is the additional bonus that I now always shit twice rather than once per day, which gives me more oppo! rtunities to visit toilet facilities away from home.

Reading the old posts, I've seen some horrendous constipation stories. I feel really sorry for anyone who has this problem. Not being able to take a healthy dump would certainly ruin my day! Fortunately for me I almost never get bound up inside. The occasional system slow down can be taken care of with fruit and perhaps a long bike ride. My one bad constipation experience came from drugs-- codeine, specifically. Normally I don't like narcotic pain medication, since I don't enjoy that sort of buzz, but when I was 19 I injured my eyes, resulting in blindness for a week, and, for a couple of days, the most excruciating agony I've ever been in. I lived off codeine, like a junkie eager for his next fix. I needed two weeeks before my bowels got back to normal.
At the other extreme, I don't have a lot of trouble from diarrhea either. Maybe once a month I do get a good rush-to-the-can "power dump" clean out, but I don't consider that the runs as long as it doesn't keep up the whol! e day like that. Very few foods affect me adversely. A night of beer drinking can lead to a pretty shitty day-after. Burger King onion rings also give mne the runs (because of the pureed onions in them? Normal onions are no problem for me). They also give me gas so fetid I'm surprised it doesn't melt my underwear. Even my cats, who don't mind human intestinal odors, will not keep me company at those times. Once Sam (my old cat) had just settled down on my lap purring when I loosed one of these toxic monsters. And Sam immediately got up and left the room. My other "shitty" food is some (but not all) alfredo sauces. Don't know what the difference is between them. One time in college I had had fettucine alfredo for dinner and the next day I had a calc exam. And man oh man did I ever have to go bad by the end of that exam! I even had cramps from it. I was on the can for the better part of an hour. A friend of mine in the class was going to go to lunch with me, but I had to tell hi! m to just go on ahead (he came in the men's room to see what was keeping me) since I didn't dare leave the toilet!

TORIE, I don't think you have to write to "Ask Beth." Your question probably wouldn't make it into print anyway. The first (and only) girl who asked me to watch her (I'm a guy) invited me in with her, just like that. I accepted and got to see her do a good BM. I did the same for her later. That's what I think you should do with Stacey. Sometime when you're hanging out together at your house or hers and you have to go, just say something like, "Let's keep talking. C'mon in with me while I go." That leaves it up to her whether to accept or decline. Just ask in a matter-of-fact way, like it's no big deal (which it isn't). If you're close friends, I can't imagine that she'd think you're weird, especially after your camp experiences. And she might just say yes. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

ALEKS, that was one fine comic scene you described at the camp. Good for you for riding it out. I think I would have given up and come back later. I guess I'm not as ! big on doorless stalls as you are, although I got used to that in the Navy. Most ships' toilet stalls have very short partitions and no doors. Check this out - fresh, desalinated water is a precious item at sea, so the toilets flush with salt water. At certain times and places in the oceans, there are lots of luminescent organisms and they put on a sparkling show for you when you flush. It's like a meteor shower in miniature, right there in the bowl or urinal. As for the missing stall doors on campus, I think that some places, including universities, are removing stall doors, sometimes every other one if it's a long row of johns, to discourage gay activities. If you like doorless stalls just for taking a dump, it works out well for you. That's cool, but, as I say, I like a bit of privacy when I'm in public.

I am writing this from a short business trip in L.A. I lucked out big time! I am with Barry, the senior partner who I talked about in my last post. By the way, this guy is around 45. We have adjoining rooms and last night when we arrived we opened the adjoining doors and he made us cocktails. He proceeded to get drunk and pass out on one of my beds. I fell asleep on the other. At about 5:30am I woke up hearing Barry coming to his feet, all he had on were his underwear briefs. He took a few huge steps into the bathroom and without closing the door I saw him slide down his underwear. My bed faced the bathroom and with the door open I had a perfect view of his large hairy ass and there was unmistakably a turd sticking out of his crack a fraction of an inch. He quickly sat down and exploded loudly and it sounded like a whole slew of turds jettisoned into the toilet water in 5 or 6 distinct splashes. I heard him say “Oh Man” again, which he says everytime he t! akes a shit. This time he said it about three times in a row. The a heard some grunting effort and the start of a crackle, then it stoped. He groaned and heaved himself forward a little bit, slamming his feet against the bathroom tile. I heard a more crackling and some loud explosive fart sputtering, and then I saw him lift himself a little and shake his ass to the left and the right a few times and a big fat oval log broke off and hit the water. He slammed back onto the toilet with a gasp and started more fart sputtering along with a brief flow of liquid shit. He then makes this loud hooting sound that echoes throughout the bathroom and finally turns my way from inside the bathroom. We make eye contact and he says, “Now that was really somethin’ huh, talk about going to town…” He starts laughing while he starts wiping right in front of me. He gets up and washes his hands. As he comes back into the room he looks at me and smiles, then says “That felt good!” I was s! ilent throughout this whole thing because I was barely able to keep myself from blowing underneath the covers. However, I did while he was showering.

I was recently on amoxicillian (I think that's what it was) for a staph infection, although that's not really what I had. It didn't affect my bowels at all, although it may yours.

Although I now live in Ohio, I grew up in Michigan, but many of my road trips have been across the state and I do remember there used to be quite a few of the old outhouses, even on the interstates, long after Michigan had modernized all but one of its freeway reststops (more about that lone exception later). For years Ohio lavished money on its Turnpike (which you have to pay to use) while neglecting its other freeways. Other than the US-24 place I mentioned earlier, I recall having to go in one of these old “dump stations” on Rte 2 and on I-90 east of Cleveland. I did see a toilet stool somewhat like you described which had no seat. Maybe that’s why it looked so odd to you, since the seat was missing? The outhouses that are left on the back roads (I often travel these highways to avoid the Turnpike fees-- it’s a Michigan thing) have these free standing stools for toilets, but they all have seats. In fact that seems to be the toilet design in most public out! houses I’ve seen, such as those at camping grounds etc.

On another matter, I’ve noticed a number of posts about open stalls in JC Penney stores. Well, today I went to the mall at lunch (Tis the season!), felt Nature’s summons and decided to visit the local Penney’s to check it out. And yep-- no doors. However, I did have the place to myself. (Most people at the mall probably go to the restroom in the food court, which does have doors, although it’s usually crowded and messy.) I wonder if this is a corporate policy of Penney’s? If so the board meeting that debated it must have been a real hoot! Guys, maybe we should start checking out the JC Penney’s stores whenever we visit the local mall and see if this really does hold true everywhere. (The one I was in is in Cuyahoga Falls Ohio-- I doubt that Ryan of Penney’s and the other guys who have mentioned it have all visited this same store!)

Jeff A.
Hi all,

NICOLA: I read your post and found nothing wrong with it. You took a nasty scolding for nothing, and trust me, here in the U.S., you wouldn't be hauled off to jail either.
Everyone's entitled to their own opinion, but I think that you're a decent person, and love reading your stories.
There's no sense in looking for evil where there is none. Leave that to the bone-up-the-ass puritans. If you tell a child not to look, that's the first thing they want to do. There's a natural curiosity in children that makes them seek things that they are not allowed to. That also lives within all of us. For instance, if we were to say to a child, "People do this with the door closed, but if you want to look, you'll see it's no big deal." Once they see the mystery, they'll usually want to move on to some new adventure in life. In short, I really admire the UK posters here who have stories of growing up watching mums, aunts, sisters, cousins and whatever. I admire ! them for their honesty. Most everyone here has that same honesty. I guess I admire y'all too! Wanna talk warped? I'll probably be scarred for life after having seen Santa Claus taking a dump in the mens room yesterday.

HIKER_UK: I loved your story! I read it three times. I can't wait for part 2!!!

TONY (SCOTLAND): Congratulations on your relationship, I think it's fantastic. It sounds loving and exciting. Yes, it's true that sharing a potty with someone you care about is definitely wonderful. I find it erotic,and absolutely love it!! I had a great experience lately myself. I'll tell it another time.

TRAVELLER: Thanks for what you said. As men, strengthening our "feminine" atributes is a very intriguing thought. I feel that I've been doing that for quite awhile now. True, we all have male and female hormones, that can set off little alarm clocks inside of us, but a more natural approach would be mutual willingness to understand each other. ! It's hard because the battle of the sexes has been fun, no doubt, but it's also provided a major stumbling block in the true interaction of men and women. End of speech.

I love you all.

Public Toilet Hater
On a long flight recently, there was another demonstration of what a nasty public toilet can cause. Several hours into the flight, a young girl went to use the bathroom. She had to wait a minute, and obviously needed to go in a hurry. Her turn finally came, and she almost immediately came back out of the bathroom with a horrified look on her face. She whispered something to her mother, and it sounded like the toilet was too nasty to use. The poor girl was straining and straining to hold it. When we landed, she got off the plane with a sweater tied around her waist. I heard some people snickering about the girl that pooped her pants.

To Torie: Cool my cousins name is Victoria but we all call her Vita (her middle name is Anita, so we combined the 2 since she doesn't like the name Victoria for some reason). I'm 13, almost 14 and I am very small for my age (5 foot 2, 90 lbs.) so I do not poop too much, just so ya know

-LINE :)

Is anyone into projectile pooping. You know,letting the feeling build up, especially with a soft poop coming on. You wait until you are nearly ready to explode, then you push out with all your might. It usually results in some abstract art on the back wall of the cubicle (if you are standing or squatting) or a giant skidmark on the back of the bowl. It is the sort of poop that takes about one second to expel. It often leaves me weak at the knees, it feels so good.

Tuesday, December 07, 1999

I have been interested in women pooping for a long time and have fantasized alot about watching and smelling her poop and fart I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on how I could quench this desire that I have had for as long as I can remember. Please someone respond.

Great posts everyone!

I had to have a dreaded root canal last week and my dentist put me on an antibiotic (500mg of Amoxicillin). The way I understand it, antibiotics kill bad bacteria. But antibiotics also kill the good bacteria in the intestine. That can cause stomach cramps and diarrhea. Usually for me, I don't have that problem. This time, however, something strange happened. This past weekend, I begin to have stomach cramps and felt like I was going to have a bad attack of diarrhea - the kind that normally gives me goose bumps right before I have to run to the bathroom. I would run to the bathroom, but only a few dribbles would come out. Just think of the feeling you get right before a diarrhea attack, but then imagine nothing much coming out. That was my experience. It was really strange and frustrating. Yesterday, I was at the mall and felt a wave of a diarrhea coming on. I don't normally use mall restrooms, but this time, I felt desperate, so I f! ound a relatively clean stall, went in, and sat down. After pushing for a few minutes, nothing happened. Then, some guy wearing sandals came into the next stall and started straining and grunting. Someone recently posted about watching toes curl when someone is straining, so I leaned forward and watched carefully for this. Unfortunately, this guy did not give me such a show. But I did enjoy listening to him grunt. I thought maybe it would help me go, but it didn't. Anyway, this morning at work, I felt like I was going to have diarrhea for sure, so I went to the restroom. But again, nothing. So I sat there for a while and pushed and pushed, desperately waiting for a rush a diarrhea to come out. Just as I was about to give up, I felt a huge, solid turd coming out of me. It felt so good to go. In fact, I felt so much better I wanted to go outside and run around the parking lot, but of course, I didn't. Just went back to work. Oh well. Talk to you all later.

After leaving the Swiss mountain hut at 3200 metres (see my previous post), we hiked to another at 2694m (8838 ft). The toilet facilities were a bit less primitive. There was a stone outhouse with two toilets, each with a wooden bench with a hole in it. Underneath, there was a small stream in a culvert that washed everything away so it was nice and sweet smelling.

After a night in the "Matrazenlager" (a dormitory with a large communal mattress), I got up early in the morning to visit the outhouse. This really was a "loo with a view". It had a fine view of the Matterhorn and also a different type of view that was associated with a different type of horn!

The timber partition between the two toilets had suffered from an attack of "alpine woodworm". There was a large hole but I kept well away from it as looking through it would have been far too obvious. At this point, a French speaking Swiss woman in her 20s came into the toilet next to me. I noticed that near! the back wall just above seat level there was a crack between the boards of the partition.

This crack was ideally located for a wonderful back view of her crack, as she stood there bending forwards, with her jeans and panties round her knees. A brown blob of soft poop started to appear from between her buttocks. It grew larger then fell with a "splat" sound down the hole and into the culvert below. Her aim was perfect. By looking down the hole in my toilet, I could see it down in the culvert, gradually being washed away by the trickling stream.

That was my best toilet view while hiking in Switzerland. Next time, I'll tell you about Austria.

Adrain(England) - Understand your question about me not wiping after doing my daily poops. I used to wipe all the time, but as I said, it took a long time and even after I would do my best at wiping, I would still end up with brown streaks in my white panties. Lucky for me, my poops are usually pretty firm, so its not like I have a runny mess left behind! As for the washing of my dirty panties - that's no problem for me! My husband Bob does all of our laundry and has no problem attending to my mess. I ask him about this so I could answer you fully! He said he sorts out all of my panties. The ones with large, thicker poop streaks, he picks it off the best he can. Then he uses WISK to pre-treat the remaining streaks. He lets them soak over night and then he puts in a wash load of of just my panties. According to Bob, most times his efforts are rewarded with good results. But to make sure, he inspects each of my panties as he pulls them out of the washer. Those that d! idn't get all of the poop streak out, he applies more WISK, and then includes them with the next load! Hope this answers your question! The bottom line is I enjoy not having to wipe and my husand enjoys getting out the streaks!

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