Here's a story about my least private bathroom experience.
When I was 20 years old I went on a camping weekend to a state park with some friends of my brother's, older people with kids. It was family campground, real "civilized", and pretty dull for the 20 year old party animal I was back then. (I like back woods and even outright wilderness for camping trips). Anyway, the first morning there I went to take a dump in the men's room, where there were three doorless stalls. The first was already occupied by a guy maybe abvout 30 years old. I took the second. A minute later in came a number of young teenage guys. Most of them went to pee but one joined us in the stalls. The others found this hysterical and they came over to tease him-- "Hey check it out! Kent's taking a shit!" One of the gang even went to fetch more of the friend group and pretty soon we had eight teenagers there, including two girls, watching Kent-- and the other two of us-- on the toilet, teasing the kid, m! aking farting noises, laughing etc. Then a swarm of little children burst into the bathroom. Some went to the shower stalls, but a bunch of them came to the toilets and announced they were playing hide-n-seek and intended to hide with us. And then some kid's mother showed up, shooing the kids right out again-- she's there in full view of us bitching at the brats and said, "Come on! Let these men poop in peace!"
Finally the kids were gone, Kent and his teenage fan club were gone and I said to the other guy, "Well, that was certainly different!" And he said, "If I'd known it was going to be party in here I'd have just dropped my pants behind my tent!" And we both laughed about it.

Hello. On Sun 12/5I drank some ebsom salt and water
to clean myself out. After three hrs it hit me. I had
the shits. I sat on the toilet with my feet up on the
bottom of a small waste basket to be in squatting possition.
It felt reall good, but I still have the shits today Mon the 7 th all runny. Hopefully the dinner I ate tonite will harden things up a little tomarrow

Mike CA
(Susan STL) That's cool! I, like you, don't
wipe after I poop either. I also wear white
cotton underwear (BVD's). Sometimes I
try to stand up before that last little piece
falls off, just to make things a little more
messey. Skidmarks rule ! Take care

Hi it's Torie again. "S," I always read when I poop at home; I can let all the poop out in about 5 minutes but I like to read so I spend about 15 or 20 minutes in the bathroom.

I'm very jealous of all the people who have "dumping partners." My best friend is Stacey. I have mentioned her before. I'm not gay (though if two men and two women want to get kinky that's cool) but I do love her. She is the closest person to me outside of my family; in some ways, she and me are even closer, sharing alot of our secrets and stuff.

We did go to the bathroom in front of each other at camp, though there wasn't a choice since the toilet was semi-exposed. We could have had privacy if we wanted. Stacey and me have also peed and pooped next to each other (in seperate stalls) many times.

I would love to ask her if it's okay if she'd let me watch her go to the bathroom, either when she's at my house or I'm at hers. I'd also like her to watch me pee and poop. Li! ke I said she's my best and closest friend in the whole world and we are very close. I'm scared that she would think that I'm weird if I ask her about that.

I'm really excited and scared about this and I'm even thinking of writing to "Ask Beth." She's like an Ann Landers for teenagers. Since many of you are so open about going in front of each other could you please give me some tips about how to ask her. Thank you Love Torie

Today is a day to remember. The first time since school I have seen a lady pee in public. I work for a High street bank in North London, not a nice part of town. It was about 6.30pm and I was left in the branch with a builder when he noticed a lady at the front door and gave me a shout thinking she was trying to get into the bank although we were close. When I got to the door I could see he bare bottom sticking out from her trousers, a fat arse. That is when I noticed she was leaning against the door of the bank peeing. She was about 30ish and drunk, not uncommon for this part of London. Her aim was not very goosd and she was pissing all down the back of her pants. That is when she noticed me, she couldn't stop the free following piss, she pulled her pants up and walk away, pissing her self leaving a trail of puiss 20yards down the road. Any one else got a sory like this?

Anne (supply teacher)
Nicola. I agree but it was more down to luck than judgement.

Tony. I'm not fat and my jobbies are no thicker than average. Bear in mind I'm a three to four times a week person.

I won't be posting anymore this year as life's getting very busy. I'm packing in work and the end of term. If I post thereafter it will be as Anne (housewife).

Regards to all!

I used to go out with a nurse some years ago who used to work long shifts and not get chance to go to the loo. By the time she got home she often used to be desperate to go usually for a pee but sometimes a poo! She used to enjoy me watching her relieve herself & it was some sight too with her uniform still on, just hitched up in desperation.
Any other nurses out there that can relate to this and enjoy the sensations??

ALEKS reports that Ohio has closed many of its backroads rest areas. Before that state modernized its interstate highways rest stops with flush toilets, they had pit latrines with a crapper the likes of which I'd seen before nor since. It was a porcelain device about calf-high with an oval opening at the top that was slightly sloped, a bit higher in the back than in the front. It was in a stall with a low door and obviously meant for shitting. This was before I learned about squat plate toilets, the kind you often see in southern Europe and other places. Looking back, I wonder if Ohio hadn't installed these things backwards. Seems to me it would be a lot more comfortable and natural to squat over it if the higher part were in front. That way, you could more easily rest the butt cheeks on it, though I'm not sure I'd have wanted to, for cleanliness reasons. Of course, you could always face the wall with your arse towards the stall door. Once a woman travelling companion! commented on it, "You should have seen the position I had to assume to get relief!" I never used one of these, sorry for the missed opportunity, nor did I ever see others using them. Has anyone else come across this type of device? If so, how did you use it?

CHUBBY GIRL, welcome! A suggestion for your constipation: try drinking a large glass of water when you get up and several glasses throughout the day. Then, If you like cereal for breakfast, eat a high-fiber variety. With it, or instead, have a good helping of fresh fruit, your favorite. If you're a chocolate hound, try cutting back a bit. Generally, make a good effort to eat a balanced diet. A bit more exercise may help as well, even just a brisk walk every day. I've told others to try this and after a few weeks most reported good results with easier movements. That solved the hemorrhoid problem for most of them, too. Others here are better qualified than I on nutrition and may also have suggestions.! Wishing you easier motions.

KEVIN L, your experience with the Hispanic maid doesn't surprise me. In my years in South America I found that while Hispanics, like other peoples, respect the privacy of the elimintation act, at the same time they aren't at all uptight about it. They take it for the natural part of life that it is. That's probably why there are so many unisex restrooms in places like Ecuador and Peru. And I've posted here before about remote places, such as small villages without water and sewer facilities, where people of all ages and both genders often accompany one another to the local dumping spot and catch up on local gossip as they go. Part of this, it seems, is from indigenous (Amerindian) culture, and part from Roman traditions. I've read that the Romans had public crappers without stalls or doors where one could be entertained by jugglers and acrobats whilst shitting.

PATTY, if you feel comfortable with it, please tell us about yo! ur experience with Justin. You're among friends here who understand your interest. Maybe we can suggest something you can do to help him him feel more at ease in the future.

JEFF A., seems we have lots of similar sensibilities in many areas. You took the words out of my mouth (again), this time about women being "much more spiritually and emotionally tuned in." At the risk of getting badly misinterpreted here, I think the next step in our social development is for guys to discover and strengthen more of their feminine attributes - compassion, empathy, etc. - even while women seize opportunities to show their innate abilities as leaders and thinkers and bring their feminine qualities to these tasks, so as to create a balance now sorely lacking. To bring all of this back around to this forum, the closer we get to that, the more comfortable I think we'll be with unisex restrooms. (Nevermind that some countries with unisex facilities are still terribly macho. That, ! too, will change.) Take care, all.

Good stories,all-esp anne (the supply teacher)Boy,i would have loved to have been there to witness that huge dump!You must have felt great while doing that!
Got up yesterday a.m.and went to the mall to do some christmas shopping early before it got too crowded,but it was still crowded at 9 am when i got there anyway.So i went about looking for stuff to buy and i stopped by a starbucks and had some coffee.Now i knew what the coffe would do,but i was looking foreward to going in the men's room to poo because i knew i wouln't be alone and i could enjoy the experience.After about 15-20 min,the coffee was doing it's thing of giving me cramps and filling up my rectum.By the way-TO IAN-How do you hold it in for 2 days,When i gotta go,i can't hold it past an hour or so.There's been times when i'm trying to hold it to go and buddy poo with some woman friends of mine,but i sometime can't and have to blow it before i can see them-a drag.Anyway,i'm walking in the mall,looking for! the men's room and i by now really gotta go.I find it and go in and there are 4 stalls and 3 are full and i go in to the middle one and as i'm cleaning off the seat i hear some farting and loose poops.I sit down and try to wait for one of the other guys to fart and let it go.Then the guy in the stall to my left started to really take a wicked one and it went on and on.So i let go with a loud pre-poop fart followed by some soft morning coffee induced stools.Once the poo started to come out,i stopped pushing and just let it come out on it's owm.When i have coffee,my stomach goes into these spasms and all i have to do is relax my anus and the poop just flows out with little or no pushing.I don't drink coffee very often,but when i do,look out mr.toilet.I looked in the bowl and saw a long sausage wrapped around the bowl and towards the end of the sausage,it was like shredded wheat and than a big pile of mush towards the middle of the bowl.It was a good load.Then i sat there listen! ing to others pooing what sounded like the same kind of poop that i just let out.I guess wew all went to starbucks that a.m.!Then i had to poo again and let out a small fart followed by part 2 of my morning evacuation which was very soft and gassy.It felt great and as i'm going,the guy in the next stall is doing what sounds like long logs with gas in the middle of it and then it sounded like it got loose with a big fart at the end of it.We both groaned in relief at almost the same time.It was really cool sitting there pooing in the middle of all this.tehen i wiped my anus( and it was a messy one) and left.This time of year,i enjoy going to crowded malls to poop along with everyone else.Anyone else do this? I'm sure i'll do it again over the next few weeks.Wish i could sneak into the ladies room,but i don't think i'll do that! but this is a cool experience.I enjoy it-why?who knows! I'd love to hear other stories like this(esp from the ladies!)But anyone-tell 'em!BYE

I'm glad to see there are other guys out there who like the open stall arrangement in men's rooms. Privacy while dumping wasn't a big part of my upbringing. My dad, my brother and I all left the door open at home (unless we had company). My mom did shut the door, and was fairly modest in general, but she never complained about us, she must have figured it was a guy thing. My middle school and my high school also had open stalls. My best friend in high school was pretty bashful and wouldn't dump in school. In an emergency he'd go down to the porta-can on the athletic field, or even in the woods behind school. The first time we went in a bathroom together at school when I had to dump (and him to pee), he was totally embarrassed about me sitting there in the open! Oddly enough, this guy had no inhibitions about talking in detail about his shit experiences, he just had scruples about doing it openly.
At the U of M nearly all the restrooms had doors. However in the physics bui! lding (I was a physics major) there was one open stall and two doored ones. At this time in my life I didn't want people thinking I was weird so I only used the open stall when the others were occupied or else there was no TP in them (both happened fairly often). I once commented to an acquaintance about the doorless stall and why it was there. He said nonchalantly that some people liked shitting in the open, because they were claustophobic or something.

sean C. That person probably peed in between the seat and the bowl as i have done, but only at home and i never know that happens until I put my panys back on and the are wet in back.

Great To Have you back Torie! I did something near exactly what you talk about having over Thanksgiving like 10 Really soft and smelly Turds over the night, Damn Roughage, LOL!

Ryan, it's great that you finally got to take a dump in a doorless stall. It was good that no one came in your first time. Would you have been uncomfortable if someone had walked in and seen you while you were pushing? My advice is just to carry on shitting and don't worry. We're all guys, we all shit, so it's no big deal if someone sees you! Have you had any good school dumps recently?
Ian, what a fantastic buddy-dump, especially Cory's. Seeing a slightly-built guy drop a huge log is a great sight. You're a lucky man.
See ya. Daniel


To: Concerned Mom....Now we know why your son takes so long to shit.

To: Ryan....Thats cool that u took a dump in a doorless stall for the first time. I never have done it. Wish i could. I could never do it the way you were....i would be afraid some male family members would walk in on me. wouldn't you? I might be able to do what you did if i were will all females....all you say is im going to take a walk and actully go to a bathroom away from your family(ex. another floor). Would you do this at school(if your school has door less stalls)?

To: Mike....Cool story about your friend pooping out side, right in front of you. It's cool that you poop and pee outside together. You guys swim nude, cool!!

Here is something that might turn into a intresting story for me....Im sick and on an antibiotic. This started 4 or 5 days ago. I had like a swollen gland or something...went to the doctor today, finally. The Doctor said "You have Tonsilitus".! school or work for 3 days. She put me on an antibiotic. It is called amoxil(amoxicillan?) and im wondering how it is going to effect my bowels? I probably will get loose(consistansy of pee...all liquid) shit. I went to night after i took the first dose of the medicine....i already had to go it was loose and watery. Im not sure if it was from the medicine or not. Thats all for now. I'll Keep you posted on my conditions.

Pete (US)
Ian - I really enjoyed reading about your three-way buddy dump with Alan and Cory! I was hoping for you that Alan would show up and not disappoint you (and us readers). Let us know what happens at your place. Since you wrote in an old post that your partner would not let you hear or see him crapping, I assume that your next meeting with Alan and Cory will be when your partner is not around.

Jarod – I also enjoyed reading your experience in your offices' public bathroom. Just reading it really excited me, too. You didn't mention how old the senior partner was, but I assume that he is older than you. Your story gives an exciting new meaning to the phrase "old fart".

Sean C – Welcome as a poster to this site. Great story! Poor guy! I look forward to more stories. You wrote that you have this thing about doing your business on breaks of meetings when everyone heads to the bathroom at the same time. I assume that this is because you know the people in the! meeting. I agree. For me, I find it more exciting if I DON'T know the guy in the next stall. When he is a stranger, I can listen and look at his pants, and shoes, and fanaticize what he is like.

Dump Buddy (US) - I haven seen any posts from you lately? Are you there? You are so good with words, you should post more often!

Buzzy – I like your posts, too. I am also a major bicyclist, as it seems you are. I actually live in California and don't even own a car. I discovered that cycling has many advantages over driving. On a long bicycle tour that included crossing Nevada on Hwy 50 – "The Loneliest Road in America", the road is so straight and the traffic so light, whenever I had to take a wiz, I would just stop my bicycle, put one foot down for balance, look ahead and look in my mirror for cars, then just let it rip from the saddle, then continue cycling. Now taking a dump out there was a different story - no trees – and I like SOME privacy. I finall! y found a dry streambed that was deep enough so I could drop my big load without passing cars looking on.

Tony (Scotland UK) – Yes, I have often observed the difference that females go to the toilet in pairs and men do not. I could not imaging a man inviting another guy to join him in a trip to the toilet, the way women so often do.

I had to go to the washroom one day and was in a public ladys restroom when i decided that ti would be interesting to listen to the other women come in while i was there. it was not too busy so i just sat and waited when all of a sudden a group of women came in laughing and having ag great time so ti seeemd. i heard them go into different stalls and since i was in a middle one i was in a good spot to hear. one woman was so in need of peeing that her torrent was loud and long, very heavy. then i heard a loud fart come out of her and wondered what it would be like to have to endure this type of thing, being that toilet to either a male or a female.

Monday, December 06, 1999

have been very open minded about defecation, nudity, etc since childhood having very open minded parents, and my friend, Anna is similarly liberal. I CERTAINLY WOULD NEVER CORRUPT ANY MINOR. If his mother had taken him out of the toilet fair enough, I didnt mind him being present, (or Anna for that matter), while I performed my natural functions. Had I been visiting a household where more private attitudes prevailed I would honour their customs and would have ensured the door was bolted, (incidentally there was no bolt on the door, many people with kids remove the bolt to stop the children locking themselves in the loo by accident or for naughtiness). I agree however that some Americans are paranoid these days about nudity, natural functions, etc. I assume this is a backlash against the liberal attitudes of the 1960s and 70s. Didnt they try to jail some Swiss kid when he assisted his young sister to go to the toilet so she didnt mess or wet herself???? That is finding evil were none exists and to me the authorities who think that way are the sickos!

Anne, (the supply teacher), glad that you used the toilet this time. I feel that the kids would be more upset if their teacher filled her panties than if she did a big pan clogging jobbie in the girls toilet.

Im playing hockey today so I have to be off now. Ill post later or tomorrow about any interesting number twos I or any of the other girls do.

Patty, I'm sure a lot of us would like to hear what it was like when you boyfriend Justin let you watch him. Would you consider describing what happened?

Who all bring something to read with them while having a bowel movement I do but very rearly and if I'm just into the material

I remember when I was 5-6 years old my dad and I would get in a bathroom stall and pee in it at the same time. I also remember at age 5-6 dad would shower me and we would both pee in the shower.

concerned mom
hello again
the other day i walked in on my son in the bathroom by accident. To my surprise he was not masturbating. He was reading the sports page. He was pretty embarassed and I felt pretty bad.

Susan-STL. I was intrigued to read about your practice of not wiping. It's the sort of thing you occasionally imagine people doing but not seriously. Isn't it a bit unhygenic? Also, what a bout all the laundry it must cause.

I had a wild experience in my offices’ public bathroom the other day. I work in a law firm and I was heading down the hall toward the bathroom when I saw one of the senior partners enter ahead of me first. His name was Barry, he was about 6’6” 250lbs. He had a macho reputation in the firm and was notorious for really going for it when he took a dump. We each entered separate stalls, he was focused on getting his ass on that seat so he didn’t even bother to take notice of me. He fumbled with his belt quickly and at the same time he blasted out an incredibly loud fart that rang and echoed throughout the whole bathroom. He got his pants down and sat down heavily with a big grunt. Immediately a very dinstinct crackling sound began, and then continued, and continued, and continued, until suddenly he thrust the rest of this mega-log out with a gaseous explosion. He made this kind of growling, strangled grunt and three more balls plopped out really quickly in a row making lou! d splashing sounds. There was some more very vocal groaning and grunting sounds and then a whole bunch of farty explosions, the last one just ending with this long powerful fart changing up and down in tone but continuing for about 15 seconds. Then he said two words really loud, “OH MAN.” Then he started sighing and I heard a few more softer plops and then a slightly longer log that he had to keep working on getting out until I heard him pinch it off hard with a groaning sound like “guh”. He sat there for a few seconds more and then quickly pulled off a few sheets of toilet paper, wiped once, flushed once and walked out to the sink where he quickly washed his hands. I laso heard him laughing, and he had also managed to permeate the entire bathroom with the smell of his shit. I’ve never experienced hearing someone that uninhibited before and it really excited me.

Two weeks ago, at work we had a Friday before Thanksgiving party. Everybody who was was everybody cooked and brought in. I made collard greens. So did another girl. We took home food, plus we were still eating and working through the afternoon and evening. Anyway, I brought Norma and Shannon to the house. Saturday morning we slept late. Shannon was stirring around in her sleeping bag. She ate too much. She asked me to walk her down the hallway as she undid her pj bottoms. Shannon lifted up the seat lid, lowered her light blue pj bottoms, with no panties. She sat and evacuated a stream of thick, dark brown liquid and green fiber remains. Then she farted for about five seconds and released again more brown liquid and two 7 inch green turds. She shook her head in disbelief as she looked between her legs as her pants were at her ankles. Then, Norma walked in and we patted Shannon on the head. We sat on the bathtub edge and kept her company.

Anne,9 the supply teacher) good to see that you did that massive motion in the toilet and didnt have a huge accident in your panties. With such a big load I doubt that even a pair of the thick cotton interlock knickers (briefs) worn by many women and girls when I was a kid and teenager with proper elastic threaded through the waist and leg openings could have contained the mass of poo and you would have had the humiliation of it leaking out. As I have said before, in your position I would have done the other motion when you did have an accident in the Girls Toilet and if it clogged the pan by not flushing away then so what. You dont say if this big motion got stuck. In length you passed a total of 38 inches, thats over 3 feet of poo so as the adult colon is about 7 foot or so long you must have had a full rectum and it was backed up the whole of the decending colon, so that's one hell of a lot of shit. I know the feamle rectum is wider than the males and can expand more but I! didnt think it could accomodate all that amount. Perhaps some medical type could clarify? certainly Id love to follow you into the toilet after you had a mega dump like that! as a matter of interest are you a ???? woman. 6 jobbies in total, that is certainly what I call "A GOOD MOTION!"

Chubby Girl
Hi This is my first time posting. I have really enjoyed what fat girl had to say about having to strain more when you are heavy. I am overweight and when i sit on the potty my cheeks also hang over. I also have trouble with constipation. I almost always have to work really hard to poop. I have to grip my knees and lean forward and really strain. It seems like I am grunting and groaning forever before that hard, dry poop finally comes out. The worst part of it is that all of the straining has given me hemorrhoids. It is awful and I become embarrassed when i have them and walk and sit funny. Does anyone else suffer like this? Thanks

Hi. Sorry I haven’t posted in over a month. My computer, I should say the family’s computer died and we had to get a new one, so I haven’t been on line for anything. But, now I’m back J. I’m a 14 year old girl, for those who have recently joined.

A big shout to my friend Fred_LimpBizkit. I read a couple of your posts about your girl friend. That’s so cool; I’d like to read more about you and your friends. I get as turned on by reading and hearing about boys pooping as you do about girls.

Line, so "Line" is short for Caroline? My name is short for Victoria. I am not "Vicky" since my aunt is also Victoria but goes by the nickname "Vicky." So everyone calls me "Torie." I know that has nothing to do with the bathroom, but I'd thought I'd tell you.

I had wicked bad stomach pains on the night after Thanksgiving. I went number two three times overnight and they were all very soft and smelly. I had a little diarrhea a couple of days ago but i! t’s really nothing to write about. Other than that I have been peeing and pooping pretty normaly, at school, at home, and at my friend's house. I can "go" pretty much anywhere I need to.

Hi again to everyone, and I hope to be writing more soon. Love, Torie

My responses to Fri, 12/3 postings.

A question for Patty, where is the bathroom and beach at when you ran through and saw many HS guys using the can ?

First for Harry-Pacific NW-USA, I saw the same thing in my Bible about Elijah mocking the Baal worshippers. Other versions like King James mentions that Baal is in deep thought instead of sitting on the can. It is an affirmation that God has a sense of humor. As for Levitcus, it is also mentioned that BM's are to be done outside of the camp as well. Leviticus has different rules about how people are to conduct themselves and hygeine.

For Aleks and his story of a great dump on a road trip. It reminds me when I was on a trip from Colorado to Indiana and I had to stop in Wichita to take care of personal business. On the way down in I-135, I had a feeling and rumbles in my stomach that I had to take a massive dump and real soon. I stopped in the unusal gas station in Moundridge KS. There was a his and her! s private bathrooms and I was in there for 20 minutes. It was a good diahrea attack. When I was done, no one was waiting since the bathroom stunk pretty good.

For Dude in response to his response to me and the middle urinal. I was kind of pee shy at one time. Also, I like many Americans consider spatial distance between us also important. Americans like to be arms length from each other at minimum when engaging in conversations. In other cultures, people talk litterally in each other's faces.

In relation to Patty talking about the running through the mens room at the beach which reminds me of a being at River Contry at Disney World when I was in 6th grade. River Country was the water park there. When I was there, I had to take a massive dump and I went into the bathroom and there was quite a few guys using the shitters. There were quite a few kids taking shits as well even though it was well known that most kids prefer a private bathroom especially grade sch! ool/jr high age.

Hey folks, I'm back from my trip to Fort Watyne and enjoying the old posts still! This is a real cool site and I think the moderator(s) deserves a round of cyber-applause. By the way, that incredibly long post of mine recently was really three separate posts run together. As for whether or not we have a "weird" interest, No, I don't think we do, although some of us may have a quirky preferrence or two, like mine for open stalls. But it seems that every friendship I've had in my life, including those with women and those with dump-bashful guys has included one or more toilet conversations, about accidents and close-calls, unusual facilities, problematic foods, odd things people do in public bathrooms-- the exact topic of most of the postings here. So I think interest in and curiosity about bathroom activities is really quite normal.

Now for my return dump on the road today. Of course I went to the same roadside outhouse (where else-- there is no where for a very long d! istance, not even any gas stations). After letting loose so much yesterday today's event was pretty boring in and of itself, but I did have a talkative dumpmate there. A trucker arrived simultaneously with me and he was suffering serious loose bowels. Somewhat to my surprise he took the open toilet, so I had to shit in the poor excuse for a stall. As he let go he said, "Wow! I thought I wasn't gonna make it!" I laughed and said I knew very well what that was like. He then told me that he hyperactive bowels and because of his job he ends up shitting himself about once a month. A few years ago it wasn't so bad but then the state of Ohio closed and dismantled many of its back-road public toilets, and there simply aren't many alternatives for truckers in a rush case. Road shoulders are often too narrow to allow for pulling the rig over without creating a traffic hazzard. And many companies are too cheap to pay for their trucks to use the turnpike (which has nice service plazas eve! ry 30 miles), so guys like him suffer a lot of messes these days. He said that the US 24 route is one of his favorites since there's still a shithouse on it. I asked him then why he hadn't opted for the "private" stall, but he laughed and said he actually hated being too closed in when he was dumping. He had shit in open shitters all through school, in the military and even at his trucking terminal, so it was normal for him. I told him I liked the open kind too and if I'd gotten there first it would have been my choice. By then I was finished so I wiped up, wished the guy good luck and set out for home.

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