Hi guys! Got some excellent news. I took my first dump in a doorless stall. Let me tell you the whole story. Me and my family were going to Jasper, Alabama this weekend because my sister was supposed to have a baby. I had to kind of pee about 30 minutes into the trip and we still had a good 6 hours ahead of us. But I managed to hold it all the way down. Even when I had a chance to go. We stopped at Windey's and by this time I had to go. But I held it some more. Anyway we still had about 3 or 4 hours still ahead but I managed to hold it pretty good. We finally got to the hospital and I waited 2 more hours. I finally said that I needed to use the bathroom. Me my mom and sister looked for a bathroom. We thought we might have to travel to the first floor but we found a restroom near the elevator. They waited by the elevator while I went to the restroom area. Not knowing they had doorless stalls at this hospital, I walked in the mens room. It was a one urinal/one stall bathroom wit! h 2 sinks. No pee odor either. I thought "Cool, I'll just sit on the toilet and pee". I went to the stall (which BTW was doorless) and pulled my pants down to my ankles and sat. I had to pee really bad but didn't have to poop. I peed really hard and enjoyed myself in the doorless stall. I finished and got up. I pulled my pants up, washed my hands and left. I was thinking "Hey, we'll be back tomorrow. Maybe I'll have something to dump out then". So I thought about how cool it was to actually sit down with my pants down to my ankles exposing my privates to anyone that would happen to walk in. Unfortunately no one did. I wouldn't want some doctor to walk in though. I'm only 14 and a 40 year old doctor come in would not be any kind of turn on. Anyway I slept on it all night. I woke up the next morning and was ready to head out the door. We left about 9:30am and went to McDonald's for breakfast after checking out of our hotel we stayed in. After breakfast we went shopping for awhil! e. All the excitment about pooping in the doorless stall was getting me excited. That made we have cramps and feelings to fart. My back started hurting because I was standing up to long and my feet were tired too. Me and my dad went back to the van and waited about 5 minutes and finally my 11 year old sister, my 23 year old sister, and my mom finally came out. I had to pee by this time. I thought I might as well hold it instead of going pee at the hotel. We got in the waiting room. And I was looking at a menu we got for things to order from the country club. I kind of acted like I didn't know where the bathrooms were and made sure and said "The bathrooms are right down the hallway and to my right". My mom said yes and I pretended I didn't like public restrooms (even though I love them.) I walked in the mens room and this time it smelled like old pee. I went into the doorless stall and saw some dirty toilet paper but didn't really look for any turds. I didn't want to take too l! ong because I didn't want my family thinking I was taking a dump. So I pulled my pants down to my ankles and quickly peed and then I leaned forward and farted. I grunted some and pushed out some little balls of poop. I then pushed and grunted some more and more balls came out. I gave one last push and grunt and pushed a couple of balls out. I grabbed some TP and wiped. It wasn't that messy at all since it was a dry dump. It took about 1 minute to do all that since I didn't take my time really. Now if it was just me by myself in the waiting room and everyone else was gone I would have took my time and when I got back I would have said I just left. It was tons of fun even though no kids or other teens walked in. I did see a few teens on that floor but I don't think they went into the mens room. But once again I loved that feeling of dumping in a completely doorless stall. Exposing anything below the waiste. It was a wonderful feeling. I feel a little better about doorless stalls! than I did before. Happy dumping all!

Sean C
As many of you, I have been enjoying the site for a while and have finally posted. I was in meetings all day recently, and after during one of the breaks, I really had to take a dump (I normally go twice a day and had held on all morning and part of the afternoon). I have this thing about doing my business on breaks of meetings when everyone heads to the bathroom at the same time. I don't think I have ever seen anyone do anthing other than pee, and I don't really have any desire to cut loose in front of my boss.

Anyway, I really had to go, so I waited until the break was almost over and tried to do my thing as quickly as possible so I would not be late. As soon as I sat down, another guy came in and took the stall next to mine. The stalls are very narrow and the partitions are kind of high, so you can see the person's feet and their pants and underwear if they pull them down very far. This guy was in a hurry and dropped his slacks and green silk boxers quickl! y. He immediately farted loudly several times and then I heard four splashes and one ker-plooomp followed by a sigh of relief. He then started peeing forceably, and you could tell the pee was hitting the bowl fairly hih near the rim by the sounds it was making. As I am wiping up, I noticed a stream heading towards my feet from his stall - he was peeing out of the bowl! Unfortunately, somewhat of a puddle had formed under his feet, and since his pants were at his ankles, the back of them were soaked. I felt bad for the guy, but it was really too late for me to say anything, so I wiped and left. He was not anyone in my meeting, so I didn't get to see how the guy dealt with it. I would probably try to sneak out if I couldn't get it dry quickly. Anyone else ever have something similar happen?

when you gotta go you gotta go
What is the big deal? When you gotta go you gotta go. If I am out somewhere and there is no public restroom I refuse to poop or pee my pants. A bush, back of building, side of the road, works for me. As a matter of fact relieving yourself in the great outdoors can be very refreshing. The relief you feel with that bit of danger of being caught can be a big turn on.

Sunday, December 05, 1999

Jeff A.
Hi all, great stories lately!

PATTY: I'm glad you got your wish too! Good for you, go get em! It's very refreshing to hear a woman say that she enjoys watching men on the toilet.

KEVIN L: Outstanding hotel room story! I had that same thing happen to me in a hotel in New Hampshire. It had to be a real fun experience for you. I loved it when it happened to me.

TRAVELER: No problem! Hey I thoroughly enjoyed, and agreed with your post on the other forum. I'll answer you in there in greater detail when I get the time.

FOR EVERYONE: Believe it or not, I've never seen an Ally McBeal show, but have had lots of unisex bathroom experiences that are absolutely awesome! There were two bars that I would go to strictly for their restrooms. Women are not shy after they've had a few drinks, and will come in and poop and pee right in front of a man no problem.

PV: Thanks for understanding what I was saying about my film project. I enjoy! very much the act of defecation and the things we all post here, but not at the expense of imprisoned,or helpless people. It has to be consensual for me to enjoy it.
Yes, the experience was very trying. On the upswing though: the women seemed to be at home with the male staff. A few of them spoke highly of them too, with smiles. Some of the male guards have nicknames; pleasant ones. The prison that I visited, really does strive for rehabilitation, and that was nice to find out. The women are treated as well as can be expected.
It was amazing how many young and extremely attractive girls are behind bars. What the hell are they doing in there?! I love femnists, but I still enjoy old fashioned courtesies such as opening car doors, or initiating the "ladies first" policy. Chivalry, would basically be my middle name, and I don't want to lose that aspect of my masculinity. It's unfortunate, that the men in my life would never understand my closeness to women, ! other than nailing them in the sack. I'd never be able to relate these thoughts to them. (Except for one guy who's really cool.). That's why I enjoy women so much, because they're so much more spiritually and emotionally tuned in. I find gentlemanly chivalry to be quite romantic, and I don't mean it to be insulting. I have female friends who are femnists, (nice ones, not angry men haters), who will allow me these pleasures.
I can understand your anger over the sentencing of women today. Male domination is completely unacceptable to me, because no one human should ever control another. I personally have suffered physical beatings and sexual abuse at the hands of a woman as a boy, and that was impossible to live with. Women in some U.S. prisons suffer exactly the same and are degraded to a point that they become living vegetables.
How I held it together was by forming a friendship with the women, even though they were hard to get close to. As a free-worlder, I ! felt tremendous frustration, because everywhere I went, a door was locked, and we had to wait for a key, or an officer to buzz us through. I had to go through ridiculous, but necessary searches in order to enter the prison population. If I stepped out of the room, or went to my locker to get something, I had to go through the entire search procedure again. The sincere look of panic in the eyes of the women prisoners when they saw me with a camera in my hand was unforgettable. I learned to walk carrying it pointed down to the floor to reassure them that I wasn't secretly filming their activities. I saw a woman coming out of solitary, escorted by a male officer. She was wearing a jumpsuit, and was in wrist cuffs, chained at the waist, and short chain ankle cuffs. She had to slide her feet in order to walk. It occurred to me, that in order for her to use the toilet, she'd have to expose her upper half as well, having to take everything down. Solitary has open cells with ! the toilet by the door. Actually, all the cells are that way. It has to be one of the most degrading experiences ever. Imagine being a woman, or a man for that matter, spending the first three days of one's life in a place like that. In addition to your thought, leaving the prison as a free man, and leaving those women there was tough I'll admit. It was tough, because these are friends that I'm not allowed to visit. I can't send them gifts at Christmas time. they're not allowe to receive them from anyone but immediate family. But a lot of men have a hard time in prison as well, some even harder if you can imagine that. On the average, male prisoners prefer female guards, because they are nicer and will listen to requests, and treat the men with respect.
Researching this subject was very difficult because it pissed me off all the time, especially the lack of resource material. There's a lot of sweeping under carpets going on. It's very simple: No man should ever ! be allowed employment in a woman's prison without a trustworthy female guard by his side to report anything inappropriate.
Men should not be allowed access to showers, toilets, or gyno exams like they are now. Men have absolutely no business being in any of those environments. What's a woman gonna do? start a riot from an exam table?!! Male guards in a women's prison should be placed in the yard, rec rooms, cafeteria, and other general population areas. Unfortunately, I can understand the need for male guards to patrol the housing units as well, providing that there's no leering going on. I understand the necessity of men, due to their strength and size, but there were some pretty damned big women officers too, some that I'd never mess with, with visible musculature! Anyway, sorry for my long response to your thoughts. I just hate oppression of any kind. My apologies one and all, for taking up so much forum space with this post.

Two o'clock Saturday finally came. I drove to the beach and waited at the public restroom for my dump buddy, Alan, to show up. He did in a few minutes and brought a friend along. We all went in the restroom and proceeded to begin our experience. We decided to make Cory, the friend Alan brought, go first. Cory is a short, thin guy, at most 30" in the waist weighting not more than 150#. He was really excited about dumping in front of us. He squatted backwards on the toilet, we greased his butthole and he started to open up. We could see the head of the turd emerging. It was huge. It was the fattest turd I have ever seen and it was not even completely expelled yet. Cory said, "I shit huge turds, this one really hurts". He panted and pushed. We massaged his abdomen. He looked as if he was giving birth. The product of his labors was about 4" in circumference and about 10" long. It appeared rounded on the ends and oblong. The turd was yellow and hard as a brick. I couldn't believe i! t. Such a big turd from such a little guy. He looked so proud. Next I stepped up to the bowl. I lubed my bung and produced two fat, brown, clay-like logs 2" in cicumference by about a foot long each. The load I had saved for two days slid out easily. Alan then dropeed his load from his muscular butt. He looked like a god delivering a present. His ass spat out hard, greenish-brown knotty chunks in a pile like a machine gun. I counted 29 in all about 2" around each. Some looked like balls but all were irregular in shape. We all, of course, once wiped each other's asses as Alan and I did the last time. This time we brought baby wipes, K-Y lube to ease the pain of passing our loads, and gloves as I feared I might have a log stuck in me and need a finger to pull it out. It was once again an incredibly hot experience. It is so fascinating to see how a man's body looks as he dumps his bowels. He appears helpless and engrossed in his labor. We all planned another buddy dump together. ! This time we will meet at my house. Who knows where that might lead. The moderator will not allow me discuss that information. If anyone else has any exciting buddy dump stories, please share!

squeeze guy
To Patty,
Do you like seeing guys pee or just dump? I really get off having a female watch me pee. Actually I can't pee sometimes if I'm being watched because I get too excited.

Women cleaning ladies seem to have a feast watching guys pee and just say "Oh excuse me", while giggling and taking it all in..

Six years ago when I was eight, my Dad got promoted and transferred to Tennessee. We moved into this neighborhood of huge houses with only two three houses in an area. Our house had a huge backyard, that backed up to the backyard of another family with a son my age, and his older sister. The cool thing is that they had a pool. I soon met Jared, and we became friends. Jared's family allowed their pool to be bathing suit optional. So it wasn't long before I began swimming without clothes. One day, Jared jumped out of the pool and ran to a corner of the backyard and pooped. I was surprised and asked if he did that often. He said yes, in fact that his parents perferred him or his sister to use the yard, instead of running through the house wet. Soon it became practice that summer that we swim, and play in the back yard naked, pooped and peed wherever we were. In fact it was not unususual for Jared to show up at my house naked, in the morning to see if I wanted to go s! wimming. Needless to say, that still goes on today during the warmer months. I still will go over his house naked as well. Also, we still poop and pee outside. His mom makes us sit on towels when we come inside, if we don't get dressed because, Jared and I have left a few streak marks of poop on her furniture.

Anne (supply teacher)
Yesterday morning (Wednesday) I was taking a class and about half an hour before lunch I felt the urge to poo coming on. It didn't feel to bad at first and I thought there'd be no problem. After about ten minutes or so I started letting off and couldn't stop myself. There were the inevitable giggles and questions but I did my best to deflect attention from the situation. I got really desperate and being 'toilet teased' by my pupils, albeit seven year old ones, didn't help.

Eventually lunchtime came (not a second too soon) and I dismissed the class. I hurried to the Staff Toilet and, luckily,it was unoccupied. I just managed to get seated and comfortable in the nick of time. It was one of the biggest jobbies I've ever done - two eight inchers and four smaller six inchers. After about ten minutes I'd finished and it felt really good.

I'd not had a motion since Sunday lunchtime (not unusual for me) so perhaps it's not surprising that I was ready to go.!

School dinner tasted really good on an empty system. I had vegetarian pasta bake. Sausages were the alternative but for some reason I didn't fancy them. I wonder why.

Harry--Pacific Northwest U.S.A.
To the person who mentioned the topic of shit being mentioned in the Bible, I do know of a couple of places, of which one is in Leviticus, if I remember correctly, about the proper procedure of digging a hole before relieving one's self, the first mention of "cat sanitation" recorded...Also, if you were to read the passage about the prophet Elijah challenging the priests of Baal over a sacrifice, in the "Living Bible", Elijah mocks them saying that Baal can't hear them as he is out sitting on the toilet...

If I can find the references, I will post them here...

A girl interested in pee
someone who has posted here recently and is shy about doing so again (David):
Hi, I would LOVE to hear the other stories you have about holding in your pee and having to go really badly....I love to do so myself, as I love the feeling when I can finally sit on the toilet and relax and let it all out
however, I have noticed like you that I usually can't do the same thing twice in a row.

Has anyone else noticed that women often go into a toilet together when at a pub or resturant , a party or sometimes even at home? I wonder if they buddy dump together as this is the perfect opportunity. No one thinks twice about women sharing a cubicle (stall) but if men did this they would be thought of as "queers". Men may be able to stand and pee together at a urinal without comment, (assuming they dont mind doing so as many men now prefer to use a cubicle with a locked door to pee as well- this webpage passim- but sharing a stall would be taboo. I have even known adult sisters, mothers and daughters accompany each other to the toilet when one or both are needing a motion and this seems to be accepted yet rarely have I found adult men whether brothers or father and son do so particularly for number twos. Have any other readers observed this difference?

I had a pleasent surprise this morning. I felt the urgent need to do a motion when I got up and the feel of it w! ith gripeing pains and gurgling in my lower abdomen was that it was going to be loose. Going to the toilet I pulled down my knickers and waited for a load of horrible watery mush to come out of my arse. Instead I issued several loud very smelly farts and the gurgling gripeing sensation then abated. I sat there for a few minutes and felt the fecal mass slide down into my rectum then slowly ooze out. It was a soft smooth but formed motion which slid quietly into the pan as a long fat jobbie of some 12 inches long and curved like a big "toffee" (light) brown sausage. It floated in the pan and boy did it stink! It was a bit sticky and I needed 4 moist wipes to clean my bumhole afterwards when one or two usually suffice. That was 4 hours ago and I havent had the need to do any more number twos and the gripeing and gurgling has stopped although I have been farting lots of deadly evil gas. I wonder what's caused this as I havent been eating anything spicy or strongly flavoured and! I dont feel sick or anything. Has anyone else done a motion like this?

Jeff A, there's something about watching a woman, especially one you have affection for, doing a nice big solid motion, listening to her straining and going "OH! AH! NN!" as you rub her ???? and encourage her to "do a nice big one" then hearing it crackle as it slides out, even seeing it as it grows in length then the "KUR-SPLOONK!" as the fat jobbie drops into the pan. I always think, "that came out of my girlfriend" as we both have a good look at her big fat turd lying in the pan. I then carefully wipe her bum for her before she pulls up her knickers, as I consider that a most personal service. (we both always wash our hands well afterwards of course), then I give her a cuddle and we often do something else together outside the scope of this page.

On the Ally Mc Beal toilet, I hope this is the way things are going in office and works toilets. Some places already have unisex loos, ! even some pubs and clubs for younger people as the oldies dont like this innovation. Most that I have heard of however dont have urinals for the men, (for obvious reasons), at least in the UK, but cubicles, (stalls) for all which is absolutely great as far as my friend George is concerned as he always uses a cubicle to pee. I imagine Ally (Callista Flockhart) being so skinny would only do thin jobbies no more than an inch fat but I would like to see what the pretty blonde singer would pass, and what would readers think she ought to sing as she sits there doing a big number two?

Best wishes and seasonal greetings to all, even Limp Bizzkit!

Linda: What's happened to you huney? We're all holding
our breaths, bearing down and straining in sympathy with
you, did your Thanksgiving constipation come out all right
or what?-- JW


thank you for not seeing me as rude.. I am not.. yes, I had many "accidents" as my parents didn't let me go.....

It was all my father, and Sarah, I am not trying to imitate you....

I wish that I could help, in anyway possible.....


DAVID: I can completely agree with your observations about the stress "holding it" causes on the body. For a long time I found myself needing to urinate during the night, and if I didn't get up around 4 or 5am I would be very desperate indeed by the time I was up and around. I can say that I have experienced cramps of the pelvic floor muscles that are very painful, and on mornings like those I would find my urination to be a tiny dribble for the most part, a long, slow expelling as the muscles slowly relaxed, and rather painfully too. I would always have to urinate again a few minutes later, usually more easily, to complete the emptying. To hold the bowels unnaturally for long periods over and over, poor Sarah is in danger of developing haemharoids, which is something awful, and her parents should be blasted by a bolt from on high for inflicting something so wicked on their loved one.
JEFF A: I haven't posted regarding your documentary project at the women's prison so far,! as I couldn't find the words. But I'd like to tell you that you moved me to tears, and I'll never forget the scenario you described. I have become something of a feminist lately, scratch that, a lot of a feminist, ready to drive the tank when the amazon army finally goes to war against the oppressors. 58 years for self defense? I can see it now, a male judge, a male prosecution, a jury featuring eleven men. It's a no-win situation. No privacy again for the rest of her poor life. I could weep for that woman at any moment, and there is neither justice in the world nor a god of love in some mythical heaven while that kind of horror can happen. I don't mean to sound off, nor make anyone angry for those comments, but your report galvanized thoughts and feelings in me, and ... what can I say? How you held it together through those sessions, knowing you could walk out, and that one day your job would be done and you would have to leave those people in a living hell. Well, you're a s! tronger person than me, pal, you must be. In thought, and with rather deep feelings, PV

LINE (female)
It has come to my attention that you guys think I am male, but I am a girl. Whenever I am on the Internet people assume that I am a guy. Why is this? And by the way, LINE is short for Caroline, my real name.

-LINE (female)

Bear: Glad to see another unionsuit fan on board. I started wearing one-piecers when I was in high school. They were a fad item for a couple of years among the alternative/punk set at my school. This was early 80s (yes, I'm dating myself) and I guess we were ahead of the fashion curve since a few years later unionsuits became a staple item of Grunge apparel. One thing I like about them is the fact that you can sit on an open shitter or squat outdoors and still feel perfectly modest about it since you're not "over-exposed". While I was in college a friend of mine complained about not having any long johns so I bought him a unionsuit for Christmas. He liked it (they are very comfortable underwear; I recommend them to anyone who spends a lot of time outdoors in fall and winter) but he complained that whenever he had to take a dump he had to get all the way undressed. I told him "Hey, don't you know that's what the back flap is there for?" and I assured him that the opening was p! lenty big enough and there was no chance for accidents. But he said he just couldn't bring himself to shit with his underwear still on!

On another front, I've been reading the old posts and I've really enjoyed the "buddy dump" stories. I*'ve never had the experience of dumping simultaneously with a friend, although I've gone piss while a friend dumped and visa versa. But once I had the odd experience of being asked to go along to the men's room to provide moral support for a very bashful friend in an emergency.
There's a bar, classic student dive, by the University of Michigan campus which has an extremely exposed arrangement for its toilets. You walk in the men's room and on the left there are four shitters separated by low cinderblock walls and no doors. The urinals are beyond them, and the sinks across from them. So anyone dumping in that bathroom is in full public display. The bar was hangout for frats and the hockey team and of course these guys would love to! tease and harrass anyone they found shitting there. One time at the end of classes some friends and I went to this bar for its "End of the Term $1 pitcher special happy hour". The $1 pitcher featured was Milwaukee's Best, AKA The Beast, which is the nastiest, cheapest swill brewed in the Western Hemisphere. One of my friends, Lee, had a real sensitive system and he often got the runs while he drank-- not the next morning, but the same night. So after a couple hours of real serious college kid guzzling Lee starts looking alarmed and says "Oh, oh! I'm going to have the shits, and no way can I use the toilets here!" But leaving was also out of the question since by then there was a line of people waiting to get in the bar and he wouldn't be able to come back for the rest of the night we had planned. He held it for a surprisingly long time, letting really rancid farts and everyone at the table started to hassle him about him and say, "Dude, just go take a dump!" Finally he said t! o me, "Alex, I need someone to come with me if I'm gonna shit here. It won't bother me as much if I have someone to talk to, and you can keep the jerks from hassling me in there." This was the strangest request I ever had, but I said OK, and I needed to piss anyway, so off we went to the men's room. Had to wait our turn in line, all the while Lee was cramping so bad I thought he was going to lose it, but finally he got on the shitter and I pissed in the stall next to him. He made so much noise I'm surprised they didn't hear him out in the bar! And the stink was atrocious. But I lingered in front of the stall and carried on a conversation with him as if nothing unusual was going on. A few guys would make comments like, "All right! Taking a huge dump, dude!" but otherwise they left him alone. But we did get some really weird looks. A couple years ago I ran into Lee and his wife and when he introduced me he told her, "Alex is the guy I told you about who helped me take crap at t! hat bar when I had the runs." What a strange claim to notoriety!

Some old school stories:

As I read the old posts I notice that there are a lot of "accidents in school" stories. I never had that happen or even came close. But then I was raised to be unihibited about using the toilet and to always go when the need arose. It sounds like a lot of kids may have been more bashful than that and as a result had something happen a lot more embarrassing than being seen by classmates while on the can.
I remember in 7th grade gym class the guy whose locker was next to mine always had the worst stains in his underwear. Not skid marks-- no, the whole seat of his underwear was brown. He must have messed himself daily! Occasionally someone else would walk by with their undies in similar condition. One kid once was being teased about it, but he just said "Hey, so I crapped in my pants. Everyone does that!" That struck me as hysterically funny because I sure didn't!
In last period once this nerdy kid asked to use the bathroom. But it was o! nly ten minutes before the bell, and we had a mean substitute who wouldn't let him go. He really couldn't wait and in the last few minutes of class he sat there going, "Man oh man, the poop's coming out! It's coming out right in my pants!" At the time I thought he joking since I couldn't imagine announcing something like that if it was really happening. But maybe he was.
In science class there was a trouble-maker kid who always asked for a bathroom pass early into the hour. The teacher would give him one, no problem. But then he got caught smoking as well as crapping in the boy's room, and he wasn't allowed his class breaks. For a couple of weeks he'd joke about how bad he had to go, what it was going to be like when he got to the can, etc. He also let a lot of farts. Then one day he had an emergency and it wasn't a joke. He begged and pleaded with the teacher, but the teacher couldn't let him go because the "no break" rule for him was made by the principle. The kid just s! at there (at the desk in front of me) obviously in a lot of agony and desperation for a half hour. Then he lost it, with an enormous noise and a bad stink. Everybody was staring at him open mouthed, and he turned beet red from embarrassment. He had to leave school to go home. Next day he announced, "I learned my lesson! I'm gonna crap after lunch from now on!"

Hey folks, I had an excellent roadtrip experience today. Had to go to Fort Wayne for business, as I do once or twice a month (I'm posting via my laptop now in the motel). I like to dump during a long drive and today was one of the best all around rest stop visits I've had in years! Here's the details, since I know I'm among those who appreciate the finer points of body functions.
Incredibly, I had not dumped since Tuesday-- and I'm normally a twice-a-day guy. So I knew something serious would happen. Didn't have to go at all before I left, although I could feel the fullness farther up inside. Now halfway between Toledo and Fort Wayne there's a good old fashioned outhouse facility on rte. 24. Believe it or not I like outhouses (anyone else?), and this one is pretty social in its design. So that was where I definitely wanted to drop the load. However the urge started up about 50 miles from the target, and this highway has a total lack of alternatives until you're almost to t! he outhouse. Because I usually go as soon as I feel the need I don't last well when a dump needs to happen. I never have the "hold it so long I don't have to go" experience. Instead I reach the desperation phase pretty quickly. So by thrity miles I was squirming in the car, singing to the radio to take my mind off it, and muttering things like, "Gotta shit NOW!" Worse, by ten miles left I ran into road construction, a traffic back up and people who thought they could go no faster then 20 mph. Well, the last few miles I was bent right over the steering wheel muttering "Just a few miles to go! Come on, I can hold it!"
Glad to say, I made it! And was it ever worth it. I had to hobble into the outhouse, which has the follwoing design: two urinals on one wall, and the toilets on the other. One toilet is in a kind of a stall, but a useless one since the wall is so low you see right over it as you walk in. The other toilet is in the open. The stall was occupied by a UPS delivery ! guy, so I took the open one (which I would have done anyway). Got situated and started the action. Despite my extreme need it took some work to get it going. I had two very large turds (I assume at least; one draw back of outhouses is you can't look afterwards) then things got progressively softer and looser. I was on the toilet at least twenty minutes, the last portion of the time just sitting there and waiting for another wave of liquid stuff to empty-- I was cleaned right out and felt ten pounds lighter by the time I was done! Meanwhile I had a pleasant chat with the other guy. He said he dumps at that place often, since whenever his route takes him down that way he stops there for lunch and then has a crap. We shared a couple of desperation stories (since mine was pretty recent), we farted in tandem a few times, and we agreed that shitting is one of life's best little pleasures. After he left, the caretaker for the facility showed up to do cleaning (they're pretty good abo! ut that, do the place isn't too rancid) and he saw me sitting there and laughed and said, "Looks like the weekend rush is already started!" I told him, Yeah, it sure had been a rush for me. While he busied himself risning the urinals and cleaning the other toilet we talked about the place and he told me that eventually the highway will be widened and the outhouse replaced with a modern bathroom. Oh well, hopefully not for a few years yet.
Finally I wiped and it took ten attempts (and I still have skids!). The caretaker joked, "I guess that one really will need more paper when you're done."
So that's it. And my bowels still feel relaxed and relieved. Normally I wouldn't enjoy the prior desperation, but this time it was well worth it.

Has any guy ever had a cleaning lady enter into the men's room while they were peeing in a urinal or in a stall? It's happened to me at least 5 times lately and is, err quite weird. On one occaision she (mid 20s) entered into the toilet while I was doing in my job and said "oh sorry" and promptly left looking quite embarrased.

JEFF A., sorry, I it didn't occur to me at the time that giving the name of your documentary could compromise your identity. Sure, I understand perfectly. I'd like to see it, though, so I'll be on the lookout for it.

Nothing much to report. I went to a meeting at a public high school last night. On the way to the auditorium I passed a women's room with its door was propped open and the first stalls in full view. Just as I was about to pass, there was a flush and a tall, adult woman came walking out quickly. I immediately asked her if she'd remembered to wash her hands. (No, just joking!) I've been in that building before during the school day and have seen that the restroom doors were left open, but it seems unusual to me that adults would leave them in that position while using the facilities. It made me want to strike up a conversation with someone that uninhibited, but I resisted. I mean, "Excuse me, but do you leave the door open at home, too?" isn't exa! ctly the easiest opener.

ADRIAN, I think some of those talk shows have hit the nadir of bad taste, but TV will surely find a way to be even more crass. I'd never thought about the participants having accidents, but if they did, you can be sure the producers would cut it, lest our sensibilities be offended. Throwing insults and chairs - that's OK. I know it puzzles the rest of the world. We Ammies love our blood and guts, but heaven forbid we should see any bodily functions on the screen. That's changing, thanks to some mainstream films and TV series, true, but only slowly.

Hi guys! I'm holding back on emptying my bowels so that I can have a huge buddy dump tomorrow. I'll let everyone know how it comes out! I wish everyone else would share some buddy dump stories.

Nicola: Well fancy corrupting a five year old boy, by letting him see your big bum and enourmous turds. He is probably marked for life! If you were in the USA it wouldnt surprise me if you could be arrested for doing that.
I remember an incident with a young woman teacher, probably about 20, when I was six. She was really pretty and definitely my favourite. One afternoon, just after lunch I was in the playground with friends when we turned to see her opening the toilet window. We chuckled amongst ourselves because someone pointed out she was letting the smell out after a poo. She seemed to be a little embarrassed and glared at me. That afternoon she was not pleased and found an excuse to hit me (teachers could do that then). I got the impression I was being punished for seeing her in the toilet. Actually I would probably have preferred to have seen her on the toilet like that young lad Nicola wrote about. It was probably that day that I realised that pretty young women act! ually do smelly shits on occasions! Some guys still dont believe that.

I'm a young (20) woman who likes watching guys on the toilet. Its not something I ever thought about until a couple of years ago when I was in h.s. A bunch of us were at the beach and my boyfriend at the time dared me to walk through the guys bathroom. I posted my experience at this website a few months ago, but basically what happened was that I put on an old baseball hat and sweatshirt and kind of walked quickly from one end to the other hoping no one would notice, which they didn't. But I got quite an eyeful. The toilets were totally open - no doors - all occupied by guys, most of who were around my age, with a couple of guys standing around waiting. I even recognized one kid from one of my classes, bending over to wipe himself. It sounds funny to say , but I never imagined guys my age going to the bathroom, you know? Plus, I didn't know guys bathrooms didn't have doors and I was really shocked. I sort of got mad at my b.f. at first for not telling me , but part of me could! n't stop thinking about what I saw. Something about seeing these guys being so vulnerable and uncomfortable sitting out in the open like that just stayed with me. Since then I've wanted to watch a guy my age dump -- and it finally happened yesterday with my new boyfriend, Justin. He was pretty uncomfortable about it, so I don't know if it will ever happen again. For a while I felt guilty about enjoying watching him, but now I'm glad I got my wish.

To Tony (Scotland): Yes of course you are right about the large dumps that some of us in Britain tend to produce around Christmas and New Year. To me it is another facet of the season to be enjoyed, but I suppose that it means extra work for others - people who have to unblock drains and toilets, or who work in sewage treatment plants. I have to take issue with you about brussels sprouts though. I love them and I can't get enough of them. They certainly don't upset my stomach - I think I have a cast iron digestive tract)- but they do cause a few smells in the wind department!

Adam from Canada
I had a real good poop tonight. For last few hours I was getting the farts and they were smelly. After a while I felt this urge to poop, so I went into the batthroom and sat on the can. The poop came out right away and as it came out, it made pooping and thhhhhh sounds. I took a look at it and it was something. The poop was 7 inches long and the width was something to take note of. It was about 4 inches. There was a small chunk of poop on top of the big log. the smell wasn't that strong.

After you people take a poop, do you ever feel a little piece of poop hanging out of your butts? I always experiance that and I have to wiggle around for it to fall out.

(To Moderator: I know you don't usually feature book reviews, but here is a title of great interest to all of us toilet fans)....

I've just been reading a book of great potential interest to devotees of The Toilet. It's called <I>MERDE: Excursions in Scientific, Cultural, and Sociohistorical Coprology </I>By Ralph A. Lewin. I'm sorry to say that it is very disappointing. The author does not go into much detail about all those topics that are so close to our interests. Although the whole book is about shit and shitting, much of it is about animals and how to recognized them from their turds. Even when the author gets on to interesting topics like toilet design (sitting versus squatting and so on), he has little so say that most of us here do not already know. There is far more information available on most of the topics in the book on the World Wide Web than in Dr Lewin's little book, which by trying to be of broad general interest, fails to be of us! e to those of us who are interested in shit. So what incentive is there for the general population to buy the book?

Kevin L
I was on vacation last week at a nice island resort with my wife. We were at the pool and beach everyday drinking and eating. As usual while traveling I usually get plugged up. After the third day I finally got the urge to possibly dump. I went back up the room after lunch, telling my wife I needed time out of the sun, she does not share in my toilet fasination. Anyway, I got to the room and the houskeeper was a the room next door so I thought I had plenty of time to work this stuborn dump out. I know it would be large and dry. I went in the bathroom and closed the door and pulled my bathing down below my knees. I could feel the tip of the monster starting to slowly inch out, the antisipation of relief was the only thing on my mind. Suddenly I heard a loud noise right outside the bathroom. I thought it must me the maid. I had not heard her knock because of the fan and the ocean noise with the balcony door open. I froze with this large turd stuck sticking 1/4 out of my rear. I ! had not locked the bathroom door because I was alone. A couple seconds later the door bursts wide open. The Hispanic maid in her late thirties or early forties. Froze and got a full view of me on the toilet with a turd stuck in my rear. It looked like she was in more shock than me and she would put a load in her panties. She quickly apologized and closed the door. She was right outside the bathroom door and said "mister I will be back in 10 minutes when you are finished". I said to her that it was ok and to stay and clean and I would be out in 5 minutes. She said ok and I could hear her taking the sheets off the bed. My first turd hit the water with a load splash followed by a couple of soft normal ones. I know the maid had to hear them hit the water. Then she called to me again "mister do you have enough paper" there was about a 1/4 roll which was plenty but I told her I could use some. The toilet was far enough from the door where she would have to come in the bathroom and h! and me the roll which she did very casually as if it was an everyday accurance seeing a strange man taking a dump. Maybe she was enjoying it as much as I was? I then finished up and washed my hands and came out. She was just getting ready to vaccum the floor and she stopped to make small talk with me. She gave me advice on reasturants and sights to see on the island. There were no more bathroom expierences on the rest of the trip but she did get a big tip when we left.
See you Kevin L

Hi all! Just a few follow-up comments:

REDNECK: Only a thought, but WHY would "middle urinals" be installed if they weren't meant to be used?! I still don't "get" the problem with pissing in close visual and physical proximity to another guy...unless "unexamined homophobia" underpins the anxiety. Pee-shyness I can understand. But you don't indicate being physically pee-shy and therefore needing to use a stall. Just an "annoyance" at having someone take the middle urinal. There's nothing immoral or illegal about using a "middle urinal". Some guys are more relaxed than others. Those users you mention are probably just very relaxed, non-shamed and non-uptight about their male equipment. I always take the middle urinal IF it's the only one available. No problem. Stand as tight as you please...but cut other guys some slack to stand wherever they feel at ease. At least they ain't pissing in the sink...which I HAVE observed many times in some stadium heads!

TONY: Ni! ce posting and great advice about testicular cancer self-examination. And you're right...I always "knead" my nuts shortly after waking up...not with masturbatory intent either. I happen to have large ones, and the blood pools up in them. This "kneading" or "artificial pumping" action clears and circulates the blood. I feel much more comfortable afterwards. I suspect most men feel the same way. Guyz, we gotta learn to CELEBRATE our equipment and not be bamboozled by the shame/guilt/fear complexes laid on us by an increasingly paranoid and sexually uptight "civilization"...which is anything but "civilized" by my own norms! Cheers and Happy Holiday Season to all! (BTW, where does Santa "go" while on his rounds?!)

Has anyone ever experienced an accident due to sudden fright? I've heard that when people panic they can just up and wet and soil themselves and not even know it until later. I've never been that scared I guess, although a couple of times I've had "nervous diarrhea". But my only true fright shock came from a bad auto accident I was in and it happened too fast for me to even feel much fear, and I tend to keep a level head anyway when stuff goes bad. I wonder if the "insta-mess" reaction is some sort of old biological defense mechanism intended either to "lighten the load" for flight or distract predators with a nice large smelly pile.
Speaking of auto accidents my first job out of college was an accident researcher for an on going USDOT study. Among other things we were assigned two (usually serious) collisions a week to investigate in great detail, including taking very precise damage measurements from the wrecked vehicles and interviewing those involved (or their survivor! s-- yeah, that was not fun!) One time I had an accident to do involving a 19 year old who missed a curve and wrecked up against a tree. The car was totaled, though he was basically unharmed (Public Service Announcement: wear you seat belts folks!) It was winter and I had a cold the day I did the car and as I was sitting in the front seat of it at the junk yard taking down notes and observations I could smell something sort of foul. At first I thought maybe it was just old, rotten food-- we found that a lot. Then I looked in the back seat. Now when tow truck guys clean up at an accident scene they usually sweep the debries into the wrecked car itself to get them off the road. Along with the usual managled car stuff and gravel I spied this pair of thermal underwear that had been massively shat in! Later I talked to the guy who was driving (he had been drunk driving I should mention) and I wasn't going to bring up his messy undies because of course I needed his cooperation. But h! e told me about himself: "Man, I went off the road and cracked that tree and next thing you know I'm just sitting there having total diarrhea in my pants and I couldn't even try to hold it! My ass muscles were paralyzed! Finally I got out and I didn't want to go to jail with a load running down me so I stripped off my drawers and tossed them under the car." So I told him that the clean-up guys had thrown them back in his car and I'd seen the results and he got a good laugh out of it!

Hi all! I'll try this again since my last attempt at posting never made it!!!!!!!
Several days ago, someone posted and ask if there were others that didn't wipe after doing their poops? Well, I am one of those people. Several people have posted sharing their experiences with totally shitting their underware either on purpose or by accident! Well for me, having a total accident in my panties is just too messy! So I compromise by doing my poop in the toilet and then not wiping at all. I save time from not having to wipe and wipe and wipe, yet also enjoy the feeling of my wet poop messing my white panties. At the end of each day, I again get to see the poop streeks in my panties, which is like getting to enjoy my previous poop all over again!

Sweet Audrina
Usually between first and second period at school I go to the bathroom and pee and then I brush my hair and stuff in the stall. If I don't do that I feel icky during my next class, like I didn't brush my teeth or something.

Adrian, are you talking about the Jerry Springer show?


In a bathroom in the temporary library at a university I live near, there are notices above each urinal and in each stall. "PLEASE FLUSH", help keep the restrooms clean.

I asked the janitor if the women also had the problem of people not flushing. She said it was the men. For about the last two months a few men were not flushing. I sak if they were 4 years old. She laughed.

Friday, December 03, 1999

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