Jeff A.
Hi all, sorry I'm so late in responding to people who've asked me questions, but I've been very busy.

STEPH: Thanks for understanding. I knew you would. I have to admit, I didn't know of Lori Berenson, but I'd have to say that it's a typical story. Sick, but typical. As human beings how are we ever supposed to evolve into the new year 00? I would be happy to discuss this topic next door on the RR forum. I get discouraged at the RR forum because there dosen't seem to be much traffic.

TRAVELLER: You hit it right on the head of what I was talking about with incarceration. It's like they're saying "We got the space, let's fill it." The documentary actually aired on television before you asked its title. By giving its title though, I feel that I would be losing my anonymity because I would be immediately recognizable to some. In this uptight world that we live in, that bit of privacy is still important unfortunately. I hope you understand.

FAT WOMAN: (that name is so cute, I love it!) You asked about Patty. I only mentioned her once here and that was on old posts page 71. Patty was a woman who really enjoyed being watched while taking a crap, and loved to watch as well. She would let me in whenever she went, unless she had diarhea. Of course, I wouldn't want to come in then anyway. What I liked best about her was how her butt would spread out on the seat, and how she could crap so many turds in a row. She would sit pidgeon toed, and concentrate heavily on it, and could easily drop 10-12 poops before her first flush, and she was always good for at least 2 flushes. One of my favorite memories was the first time she ever came over to my place and crapped in front of me there. We'd been drinking, and I brought her a drink while she was on the toilet. I wasn't quite sure if I was ready to open the door or not, but I heard her say thru the door, "You can come in y'know." and that was that! She grunted hard when I came in, and she was wearing a long black dress which was hiked up around her waist with a mess of panties and hose stretched around her fat thighs. It was glorious! She strained and squeezed out a real big, crackly, slow one right when I came in, and dropped a bunch of loose stuff too. She grunted really hard, and did a lot of "uunnnh's" while she squeezed out more fat, crackly sausages. I stayed in there for about 10 minutes with her until she wiped. She did a huge one the next morning too while she was reading the Sunday paper. It stunk like hell too. She crackled for about a good 30 seconds and kept going "rrnnnn" in between until the huge thing fell into the water and about 8 or 9 more plopped on top of it.
One time, she completely clogged a toilet at a fast food place with a huge pile of turds (which I didn't see, only heard about) and was secretly grinning at me over her hamburger when people were coming out whispering and snickering about it. One of the guys had to close off the restroom and went in with a plunger. She just winked at me and whispered "That was me."

I've also seen other heavy women taking a poop too. All were beautiful. One was really shy, but had to go really bad, and wasn't sure how she felt about going in front of me. Her name was Sherry, and I met her at a dance club. I asked her if I could stay when she did it, and she said yes. She got really embarrassed when she farted, and then couldn't control the poop, and it came out like crazy. After she saw that I wasn't grossed out, she was ok with it, and she let me in again at other times.
She said it was going to be a "stubborn dump" and leaned forward for the duration. I took out a brush, and started brushing her long hair while she sat and crapped. We both loved it. It didn't smell very bad at for a long one.

Anyway, thanks for listening!

Did anybody else catch Ally McBeal last nite?

Another scene in the toilet. Where some of the best scenes take place.
Ally, to unnamed extra (?)"Get out!" (We're having a private conference in here)
Extra (I have to use the toilet - unspoken - you could see in her eyes)
Ally "Hold It!!"

Cracked me up. LOL.

"Did any of you guys ever have pissing wars when you were kids?" I there any boy (or former boy) who DIDN'T? The best sport was in the gang showers at the YMCA (when nude swimming was still mandatory). The trick was to "douse" another boy with your pee stream before he noticed he was being pissed on...and then "duel" with him if he retaliated! I've never seen 9-10 y.o. boys having so much "naughty" fun in a group! I'm afraid those innocent joys are just another casualty of the extreme privacy-obsession and body-uptightness that are being drilled into kids these days. Then again, the LaCrosse and Soccer teams at our University always begin their post-game showers in the gym with a gigantic "piss together" which everyone shoots his stream into the general direction of the middle of the room, with much collective whooping and hollaring! So maybe some of the simple pleasures of bygone days have survived. Maybe boys will always be boys at heart!

SQUEEZE: Wha! t's to feel "shame" about? If you got a nice one, flaunt it! If you don't got a nice one, make the best of what you DO got! Your weenie ain't gonna fall off if somebody happens to see it, ya know. If you're really paranoid, use a stall. That's what they're provided for. But my recommendation is: if you're not biologically pee-shy, just relax and enjoy the event, and the company. Peeing is supposed to be a sensual and pleasurable experience...not an ordeal of "shame" or "guilt". (BTW, I trust you've seen "The Urinal Game" elsewhere on the net. I think it's stupid and a bit insulting...but you might find it funny. Search for it by name. You'll find it. It's available at a zillion sites.)

For Squeeze asking about urinal habits. I usually go in far enough to where no one else can see my "hardware". Also when I go to take a piss, dpending on the number of urinals, I like to have an empty urinal between me and the next person at minimum and I kind of have a peeve when someone takes the middle urinal with a total of 3 like at work. I got this program a while back froma guy t work wich is a game on urinal etique which is kind of funny. He e-mailed it to me after I peeved about someone using the middle urinal.

Now, on to my favorite topic, dumping. Last nite, I went to Colorado College to hang out at the Union Building. While I was there, I had to take a dump. I went into the bathroom and to the stall which I usually use and it was shy on TP. I went to a different stall which had plenty of TP so I proceeded to take my seat. I heard someone else come into the bathoom and I saw the feet in the stall next to mine and I warned the guy to check the lack of TP. H! e was appreciative and changed stalls. We both dumped and also chatted about shitting like comments about one of lifes simple pleasures is taking a dump.

someone who has posted here recently and is shy about doing so again (David)
Sarah(LI)....I had a feeling you might miss what Sarah meant by her
statement, and I see you in fact have. There was someone who posted
here in between Sarah's first post and her second one, who claimed to
be Sarah (putting her name down as Sarah, so we would all think it was
the same person who is the real Sarah). This person seems to have
made a mockery of Sarah's situation by giving us details about it which
were not true (and were in fact more outrageous than Sarah's real situation,
not that it isn't already outrageous!), so when Sarah wrote her real second
post, and told us that that second post "of hers" was in fact fake, the
moderator removed it. So she wasn't referring to your post, but rather
to that of the other person pretending to be her, which because it was
removed, you may have completely missed. Reading back at your post,
wow, I'm glad you got out of your situation. We all hope the other Sarah
will get o! ut of hers, too, and SOON!

To the person who posted below just below "LINE"....your logic about
accidents being the body's self-defense mechanism against the
unhealthyness of waste buildup is very powerful. I totally agree with
you, and it proves that what Sarah's parents are doing to her is wrong.
I therorize, from personal experiences, that there would be a second
cause for accidents, in the case of people who are forced to hold it
over and over again....and I get the feeling either of the Sarahs on here
would unfortunately be able to tell us from personal experience whether
I am right: The muscles used in bladder control (and possibly those
used in bowel control, but I have no way to verify it) do fatigue. After
holding it for an uncomfortably long time, the muscles involved in doing
so may be strained, but if not strained, at least tired, and will therefore
not be capable of repeating the performance immediately! . Last time I
posted here, I mentioned making myself wait for what ended up being
around 9 hours after I had first felt the need, while I stayed up all night
working on my computer. (I was not drinking anything, to be sure!)
Three hours after that experiment, I was suddenly overcome with an
urge to pee, and got to a toilet within a couple minutes, and it turned out
I only had a small amount in me....yet because of what I had done earlier,
I'm sure there was no way I could have held it more than a few
minutes more, and had I done so, I would have been in pain. And this
is only one such anecdote...I have several others I could share along
the same lines, and not all of them situations that happened to me on
purpose...and I'm sure we all could relate to what I am talking about. It
must be just awful to try extra-hard to please your parents by containing
yourself unnaturally for a long period of time, and then be asked torepeat the same procedure--and find yourself physically unable to do
so. I know I'm going to treat my kids better than that (assuming someday
I marry and have kids).


For some unfathomable reason they have broadcast a really outrageous American talk show on British TV for some time now.

Most of the participants are really weird and, in some cases, dysfunctional. Often they get worked up and over excited. To date none of them have wet themselves on the set - which I think is a miracle. I don't want to offend our American friends but this doesn't cease to amaze me. Perhaps one day one of the participants will have a very public (unedited) accident. Who knows?

On the Testicular Cancer issue. Not strictly the scope of this webpage but very important.

Most men trend to scratch their balls every morning when they get up out of bed. Its a man thing. Why not make this part of the checking procedure, feel your testicles then or when you have your daily shower, bath or wash. That way you will get into the habit of self examination as any wise woman does with her breasts.

Nice to read that Nicola was in bonnie Scotland. Hope you enjoyed it and liked using what we call a "cludge" our word for the toilet. Loved your story about your hostess Anna and her lid watching you give a virtuoso performance and its good to know that she is so open about natural functions, especially as most Italian people are quite religious. Anyway, jolly good luck to her.

I cant remember a teacher filling her knickers or wetting herself in class although several pupils of both genders, myself included, had accidents in our underpants at Pr! imary School. I do rememember one teacher, quite a pretty woman, farting then saying , "Do the sums on page 13 of your book, Im just going to the toilet" She was away for 10 minutes and one of the lads said, "She's doing a big jobbie!" Even at that age ,seven, this gave me a buzz just to think about it, and I sat there imagining her sitting o the pan with her skirt hitched up and her knickers at her knees passing a big fat turd. She did look a big red in the face when she came back into the classroom. Another teacher did once turn pale and clasp her ???? in front of the class then quickly head for the staff toilet and was out for 20 minutes or so. When she came back in she didnt look too good and it was no surprise that she went home at lunchtime and the headmistress took us for that afternoon and the next two days. I assume this teacher had a dose of the runs but I dont know for certain if she shit her panties or made it to the toilet in time.

On the Thankgiving fea! st and consequent large motions, we dont have that holiday in the UK but Xmas and New Year are our binges when we Brits eat a lot more. This does result in really large motions for many of us and I recall this from my childhood that myself and others would often do lovely big panbusters, "YULE LOGS" in the days afterwards as all the turkey, roast potatoes, stuffing etc makes its way through the intestines. Dont eat the Brussel Sprouts though, these, (like small cabbages to US readers), are vile tasting and can make some people have the shits, so like myself, dont have any or just leave them uneaten on the plate.

In answer to Billy, there is one passge in one of the books of Samuel, where King Saul needs a crap, gets off his horse and enters a cave. It just so happens that it is the cave where his hated enemy David is hiding with his men. Instead of overcoming hime, David lets him do his business and then goes up and tells him he's been watching, but lets him go free. At least that's the story as far as I can remember it.

Got up this a.m. and went to the toilet to pee and i'm standing there peeing and just at the end of my peeing,i felt something leak out my anus and it felt wet,so i went to sit on the bowl although i didn't feel like i had to BM.When i sat down,i went to get some toilet paper to clean off my butt and then i figured i would see if there was anything in my rectum,so i pushed and all of a sudden, all this watery poop came out and then i started to get cramps and i stopped peeing out my butt and then i felt my anus swell out and this big turd oozed out my anus along with gas coming out at the same time.At the end of the turd after it was just about out,i farted loudly for about 3-5 seconds.This was so weird for me.It was like pooing in reverse.Usually it's the other way around when i fart first and pass a long poo and then it's sometimes gets softer and loose at the end.This was strange-Has anyone else had this happen to them?I can count the times this has happed to me in my whole! life and it's not much,but it still felt good,esp when the long poo was coming out with all the gas.What a relief!BYE

To Jon

I am also from Toronto. To complete the Starbucks story, I may add that he is suing the coffee shop for 1.5 million $ and would plan to donate 1/3 of the money to his wife who, as a result of the mishap, could not enjoy his services for three months.

This isn't really a very interesting story, but since there's so much talk about teachers and toilets on here lately, I thought I'd mention it. My dad was a primary school teacher, teaching 9 and 10 year-olds, for 18 years or so, and I dimly recall him once mentioning at tea one night that he had suddenly come down with a stomach bug during the afternoon class, and urgently needed to use the toilet. He didn't do it in his pants or anything like that, he just told the class to keep working, and said he'd be back in a minute, without saying where he was going. It just struck me as interesting at the time, since my parents were never big on talking about bodily functions.

Joe K
To Jane: The guy never flushed the toilet, at least while I was in there (you can imagine the smell). Also, if he didnīt flush, he surely clogged the toilet.

To Ian: I loved your buddy-dumping story. Looking forward to read about your next buddy-dumping on Saturday.

To Rick: You must have felt really bad man (the time you had the runs). Hopefully, I rarely suffer diarrhea.

To Sandra: Didnīt you students make a comment or something when you pooed in class?

RyanC (formerly Ryan)
Linda, where are you, you haven't posted in a while.

Adam from Canada
It has been a long time since I wrote, but I feel this is something to write about. I will not be returning to my summer job next year, because I have to concentrate on my own field (computers). The significance of this is that the place I worked at was a theme park in Toronto and the workers are between 16-24 in age. When I worked there the past few summers, I made it a point of hanging around the change room and watch people go in and out of the cans to do their thing. The most memorable moment from this summer was the time I took poop and this kid used the stall next to me. He went in and sat down and started unloading like I have never heard. When I was done, I waited for the kid to get out and checked to see the damage...the can was alittle dirty and it stunk.

There is something about observing teens in the can. I don't know what it is. Maybe it is the time or what they are really doing.

This is going to be the story of my one totally disastrous accident. I've had several minor accidents when suffering from stomach "flu" where liquid stuff suddenly leaked out, but this is only the time I was ever away from home and lost control of a whole huge load.
When I was in college ten years ago I was driving home from a wedding in New York state. It was March, it was cold, and there was lake effect snow coming off Lake Erie so I couldn't drive very fast. The highway was called, ominously, Rte #2. I had eaten and drunk a lot the night before and of course I got the feeling that a major ten megaton power dump was on the way. This was a desolate stretch of highway. No gas stations or anything like that. And out in the open too (farmland) so no bushes either. I kept holding it and it got so painful I was doubled up over the steering wheel. Finally I saw a sign for a rest stop, which turned out to be an outhouse. And just as I was pulling in I saw this fat trucker going ! inside. I sure couldn't wait so I went inside myself, hoping he was just peeing or that there'd be more than one shitter. Of course not: the place had one toilet, one urinal and the truck driver was sitting down. I asked him how long he would be, and he apologized saying he usually took really long dumps. I stood right there waiting and waiting and the mass inside me kept surging up against my butt. After about ten minutes I said, "Dude, I'm about to shit my pants here!" He suggested I use the ladies' toilet. But a car of women had just shown up so that was out. Finally the urge got a little less so I went back to my car, thinking I'd drive up the road and find somehwere else-- maybe just a back road with no traffic. But after a mile the urge came back stronger than ever, and I was afraid I'd wreck the car so I turned back to the outhouse. The other guy was leaving as I pulled up and I rushed inside and undid my pants. I was wearing my one-piece long johns as I've mentioned be! fore I do in winter and before I could open the back flap everything just blew out of me, running all down my legs. There was no TP and no water there so I couldn't clean up and more people were arriving so I pulled up my pants and got out of there. It was still two hours home and I had a second attack as well; this time I just let go since I was already a mess. Glad I didn't get pulled over, because the car really stank bad. And the cleanup was a miserable experience. A couple of days later a friend got in my car, sniffed, and asked if I had farted since it still reeked in the car.

Thanks for the post, Aleks. I'm a big unionsuit fan myself; if my body's warm it's easier to grunt out a big one thru that back flap. I'm a big fan of cowboy lore and poetry and enjoy contemplating those guys just squatting down, pulling that flap open and dumping in full view of each other on that flat open grassland. To say it fostered companionship is probably a huge understatement. I'm all for tradition!

Wednesday, December 01, 1999

Well, this is probably way off-topic -- but it's important!

Testicular cancer has an extremely high cure rate, especially in early stages. So there's no reason to delay getting yourself checked if you detect any abnormality in a testicle. In my case, one was smaller and harder than the other. One that's bigger and knobby can also be an indication of trouble.

The type of cancer I had is 99.5% cureable if caught early. They removed the plumbing on one side. It was a simple and relatively painless process. And, as a friend of mine (who also had TC) says, "You're carrying a spare." There are no permanent effects from losing one testicle.

If you have any indication of a problem, get it checked out immediately!!

While visiting family in another state last weekend, my brother and I took a side trip. On the way, we stopped for a pee at a small town gas station, just off the highway. It was one of those tiny, combination convenience store and gas station places. It had one unisex restroom outside, which saw a steady line of users. Ahead of me in the queue and next to go in was a couple in their early 30's, I'd say. I expected them to use the restroom one at a time, but no, they went in together. How cool is that?, I thought. They must have both had to go, otherwise why would they have gone in together? (Well, I mean there was a waiting line outside.) After about three minutes they emerged and I took my turn. The room was clean (cleanliness is the luck of the draw in such places) and had a lavatory sink, a toilet with an elongated, open-front seat, and then a wall hung urinal, all against one wall. There was no evidence of anyone having taken a dump, so I imagined them side-by-side, he standing at the urinal, she seated on the john, both having a good pee in each other's company, maybe after holding it on the road for a while.

ELECTRA, the U.S. Thanksgiving meal can be elaborate, and too many Americans tend to overeat anyway. As for the results, I can only speak for myself. I did not make a gluttonous pig of myself, but I did enjoy a good dinner in the company of family. On Friday, I had a somewhat urgent and really satisisfying motion, laying down a curled, snaking log of about 18". The above mentioned trip took us past the sewage treatment plant of a large city (ca. 1 million). Judging from the aroma, many others had certainly enjoyed their meals, too.

Does anyone here have any more stories about teachers farting in class or excusing themselves to have a movement? I've never had the pleasure. Please tell me the stories.

To Sqweeze,

All of the guys in the office where I work all hug the urinals, so no one will look over their shoulder. Personally, my penis shrinks up when I am really nervous, like befor an important meeting and I also end up almost having a leak in my pants.

To Joe K.

Yes, what happened to that man in the bathroom happened to me several years back when I lived in my one bed room, one bath condo. I don't know what the hell I at but late that night at about 11:30, I woke up with the worst case of diarrhea I can ever remember. Just like your toilet buddy in the store, I was shitting nonstop until I finally passed out. All that I remember is falling and hitting my head on the hard marble floor. When I awakened, there was a good puddle of blood on the floor and some poop as well. I was so groggy I tried to clean the mess up as good as I could, and I finally went back to sleep. I am just glad I was able to wake up because I was home alone that night.

I've been debating about whether or not to submit this but I figured what the heck!

I had an interesting Internet experience this weekend some of you might be interested in. I have a friend who's researching cam sites because she interested in starting one of her own. She's been sending me all sorts of links to check out as she discovers new sites.

I'm sure I can't provide the address here, but as I was checking one of them out, I noticed a guy with a toilet in the background. I went for broke and asked if I could see him sit on it, and much to my surprise, he did. He walked over, pulled down his pants (all the way down), sat a for a minute and then wiped for effect. Said he had no problelm with the request. I thanked him, told him he was very cool, we chatted for a bit and I took off. But it was great! Even told me to stop by when he needed to use it and he give me a full show.

Drew... what's going on? Things good at the library? Nick? Ju! st thinking about you!


Electra: It was embarrasing to have my Mom's boss talking to me while I was on the toilet, especially will all that poop smell. That was the first time I met her, and she was already talking to me as if she knew me my whole life, partly because she had heard so much about me and my sisters from Mom. At least there was a good outcome, as I was able to land a job that summer. My husband Gary mentioned one time last summer that he was in the men's room having a BM when one of the summer interns came in and banged on the stall asking him a ridiculous question like "Do you have a minute? I have a problem and can't figure it out." Gary said he would help him once he came back into the office, but that intern was lucky he wasn't terminated on the spot.

Joe K.: The major runs that guy in the department store had sounded similar to one of the major runs I had a few weeks ago and posted a couple of weeks ago. I descibed the series of BMs that I had as a result of drinking this special herbal tea. The session I had in the late afternoon was especially bad, one of the worst I ever had. I let go massive wave after wave of poop, although mine were a bit more mushy rather than liquid, and it lasted a good 20 minutes, though there were pauses here and there, and I flushed several times between each wave. How many times did he flush the toilet, if he actually did? I flush the toilet once I think there is a huge load, so as to minimize the smell and avoid clogging the toilet. I sometimes can't do anything about the smell, but I have not yet clogged the toilet as a result of a massive dump.

Hi, I'm back. I'm sorry I've been skipping so long, but I've been really busy with school, flight school, and numerous other things, such as avoiding any female relationships and trying to set my 10 year old brother with his crush. LOL Recently though, my dad had me go onto this certain medicine to see if it would make my motions more solid, but it had the reverse effect, and now that I'm off the medicine, I'm back to my usual semi-solid motion, but it's a little more solid than usual in this case.

I'm sad now though, because I notice that some old posters have moved on to other things, and left me behind to wonder where they went, but we seem to have some new posters that have some pretty interesting stories, such as Vanessa's most recent story, and Sandra, and some others. I hope there are some other good stories coming up, and I'm now off to scroll through the many pages of postings I missed.

Happy motions to all! Dave-NY

I am from Canada in Toronto Ontario, and I found a news article on the second page of the Globe and Mail today. The story was a man is suing Starbucks Coffee for poor toilet maintenance causing bodily harm(no kidding!). He supposedly sat down and went to the toilet, and as he needed to wipe, and the toilet paper was behind him he turned around to get some tp. As he was turned around, the toilet seat shifted and he crushed his penis. He is now suing because he is now impotant because of this!! If you want to read the story it is on the second page of the November 30 Globe and Mail.

To Aleks: Welcome to the forum. It sounds like you have some great stories. Please share! To Buzzy and Chris: I will keep you posted. I hope next Saturday will be as hot as last Saturday. I am going to try to save up a huge dump to share with that hot stud. As for wiping another guy's ass, I thought it was hot. Try to get one of your friends to allow you to assist him when he is sick. It's the best feelng of closeness next to sex. Try it with your girlfriend. Just try it. You'll be turned on. Joe K: Great stories, I love to hear a guy unload a massive pile of explosive shit. Keep the stories coming!

To the other Sarah
I wasn't meaning to ridicule you, I was just saying how I escaped, and was trying to help you. And I never said or implied that you were lying. I believe you. I am not trying to be rude, I jut don't want people to think that I am mean or anything. I can't help it if my name is Sarah, too, And I put Sarah(LI) so people know the difference between us. I really am lactose intolorant. Sorry, but I can't help it.

Tuesday, November 30, 1999

Did any of you guys ever have pissing wars when you were kids? e.g. 2 people standing on each side of the can and peeing making an X

Does anyone know about testicular cancer?

I'm new here, but I've been enjoying the stories. And I'm glad the really disgusting stuff isn't allowed. Fun's fun, but I don't need a gross-out contest!
Like a lot of guys here I like using public toilets since I enjoy the "community" aspect of it. Our men's room at work is huge (it's the only men's bathroom on the whole floor) with ten stalls, and usually several of them occupied by some pretty noisy guys. And it's actually cleaner than my bathroom at home (That's because I have two cats whose litter box is in my bathroom anbd although I clean it out very regularly the felines always scatter the litter and sometimes the cat poo all over.)
We had "open" stalls at my high school which I thought was kind of neat, especially because some guys (me included) were totally OK with it, they'd just sit there dumping and talking to their friends, while other guys would be totally embarrassed about it, especially because they could only bring themselves to dump there when they ! had the runs and everyone would know what their problem was.
Not too many open shitters like that now, which I regret.
I take a lot of road trips and I've experienced quite a variation of roadway facilities. On the back highways they even have some very communal outhouses still. In the winter I usually wear unionsuit long underwear, with the flap seat in back which allows for easy dumping. I've been sitting on open shitters in these long johns with my pants down and sometimes guys will look twice to figure out how I'm doing my job, and I've even been asked, "Hey, is there a trap door in those long johns?" One guy even asked to see how it worked afterwards!
I had my healthy Thanksgiving dump Friday while traveling three hours home from friend's where I had eaten. Usually I go fairly quickly (three minutes or so) but this time it just went on and on. I was using an unheated roadside vault shitter (one that they keep surprisingly clean and odor free) and I had a whole! gang of other guys coming in to piss while I was sitting there freezing my butt off but otherwise having a very satisfying job. Finally one guy had to crap (badly) also and since there was only one toilet stool I finished up and got out of there even though I wasn't quite done and had to stop again just up the highway.
No, I wasn't being excessively altruistic. I've been on the other side of that situation and I know how miserable it is and what can happen when someone hogs the can!
Anyway, I'll visit again with more stories from my scatological past.

Vanessa--OopsIjustshitmy pants
OK. So I joke about shitting in my pants all the time. I collect others stories about shitting in their pants(I have several). I am borderline obsessed with shitting in my pants. But I had no recent experience with it. I felt incomplete. My roommate and I talk all the time about how one day we're just going to let it go. Well, tonight my prayers were answered, and it wasn't exactly the dream I hoped for. I was on my way home from lunch with some family. I was headed for my father's house that he shares with his girlfriend about twenty minutes down the road. After stopping for gas I started to get that know. But, being an adult, I felt I could control the need until I reached my father's house. Unfortunately about five minutes later, past any store, restaurant or gas station, I knew I could not control it anymore. A tiny bit of shit escaped my bowels. After this scare I tightened the muscles only to find a bit more escaping. It was becoming unbear! ably painful to keep anymore in. I still had 15 minutes left to travel. I actually released all control and let it fall right out. I filled my pants while driving. Five minutes later I added a bit more. I was now sitting in a huge pile of my own stool. It was runny and sticky. I knew I couldn't go to my father's like this. He and his girlfriend had guests. I had to drive an extra 20 minutes to my mother's house. I walked in the door, laughed and admitted, "I just shit my pants in the car," as I ran to the bathroom. I climbed in the shower fully clothed and stripped down under the water. Mom brought me clean undies and some sweats. I rinsed everything, including myself, and threw the clothes in the wash. Mom and her husband got a big kick out of the details of the story(They're just as weird as me). And I immediately called my roommate to relay the story. And I now fully understand this unique and hilarious experience.

Hi All. Sarah, I wont repeat all the wise advice from others here. JUST GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE! I know it might be difficult at 17 but you can legally leave home. I would also consider going to the Child Welfare Authorities, especially if you have younger siblings who also suffer this abuse, but it is a hard thing to grass up your parents. I cannot understand your reluctance to use the toilet at college. No toilet paper? Do what I and others do, take your own, buy a packet of kleenex etc. Embarrased? WHY? Teachers, lecturers, other pupils do the toilet, even the Queen of England has to have a wee-wee and a motion. Id be a lot more embarrased if I shit my knickers at college or school, and incidentally I still cant understand Anne (the supply teacher) prefering to shit her panties when she needed a motion rather than use the Girls toilet at school and risk her turd getting stuck. Big Deal! It wouldnt have stopped me and I often have done one which clogged the bog as we say h! ere in the UK. Anyway, Sarah, if this is what religion, (albeit an extreme version) does, Im glad I just dont have it. My mum is from Ulster and has told me the hatred engendered by organised religion in that country. Good luck Sarah. In brief, consenting adults can do what they like to themselves in the name of religion or whatever but have no right to inflict this on their kids!

I was on a short holiday visiting some friends in Scotland, (just think in the same country as George, Moira, Tony and others but of course I would never have known them). Anyway, I had the chance to have a few days with Anna a Scots-Italian friend of mine and her husband Julio and 5 year old son Carlo. On the second day there I needed a motion. As I said "Excuse me, Im just going to the toilet" Carlo asked quite openly "Nicola, are you needing a wee wee or a jobbie". This didn't bother me and I answered "A jobbie". Anna said , "Carlo, that's naughty! You shouldn't ask Nicola personal thing! s like that" Unabashed the kid replied "Mummy you ask me what Im needing when I go to the toilet" Anna laughed and said, "Im your mum, mummy's can ask kids about such things".

I went to the toilet and had just got my skirt hitched up and was about to pull my knickers (white with pink floral patterned briefs) down when the door opened and Carlo came in. I thought he needed the toilet and as kids often leave it to the very last minute I would have held on and let him go first but he said, with total innocence, "Mummy lets me come in with her when she does the toilet" Now this doesnt bother me, since I was a kid I have been quite at ease with my brother, other kids , school mates etc accompanying me to the toilet when I do a motion, and my own mother was equally open about such matters, so I told him to stay if he wanted and proceeded to pull my panties down to my knees and sit on the pan. At that Anna came in to the toilet all red faced and apologetic telling me that s! he DID let the kid come into the toilet with her as, like many Italians, she wasn't prudish about such things but didnt expect me to let him watch me on the toilet pan. I said that I too was open about this as she knew and they both may as well stay. I had already started to do my wee wee which was hissing and tinkling into the pan and could feel the big turd pushing against my sphincter, (having the turtles head to use the common term), so I gave an "OH! NN! and slowly out slid a long, fat well formed jobbie of about 14 inches long. As they have an old style toilet pan it plunged into the water with a really good "KUR-SPLOOMP!". I wiped my bum and as I pulled up my knickers all three of us had a good look at my motion, a big fat mid brown log with a rounded end. "I bet you feel better getting rid of that Nicola?" Anna remarked, while Carlo giggled and said "Nicola's jobbie is bigger than one of your's mummy" Of course it stuck in the pan to the great amusement of the kid and! it took 4 flushes before it finally went away. The following day Carlo was at school and I did another equally big motion in the Ladies Toilet at a shopping mall, and just left it stuck in the pan and the next day I came back home. Its good that other people such as Anna have open, non prudish attitudes towards their bodies and natural functions. Have any other readers had younger siblings, nieces, nephews, friend's kids,pupils, walk in on them when they have been doing a number two?

Further to Anne (supply teacher) and her story, when I was at Primary (Grade) School about the age of 9 I remember a trainee teacher who would have been a girl of about 19 or 20 was taking our class and as she was drawing on the board she farted quite loudly. The kids of course laughed and she blushed. A few minutes later she farted again with similar laughter from the kids but then she gave another fart but there was the crackling sound and she went "OH NO!" and I now realise she was ! doing a motion in her knickers. She stopped writing on the board and stood with her legs apart and all red in the face. She felt up under her skirt with her hand no doubt feeling the bulge in the seat of her panties then she sent one of the girls to get our regular teacher. Nothing leaked out onto the floor Im glad to say so it must have been a reasonably solid motion. Some of the kids had worked out what had happened and started to snigger but even at that age I felt very sorry for her. Our class teacher arrived and I heard the trainee whisper to her but picked up the words " big accident in my panties". Our real teacher was very kind and told us to get out our reading books and that Miss Wilson was feeling sick with a ???? upset. The poor girl was in tears as she trudged out to the female teachers toilet to clean herself up and she was off for the rest of that day. No doubt she had left it too late and should have gone to the toilet in the break before the lesson but maybe ! her nerves got to her. This incident was the talk of the playground of course with the kids saying "Miss Wilson did a big jobbie in her knickers". She did return to teach at our school for a few days but the following week another Trainee Teacher replaced her and we were told that Miss Wilson had gone to another school to finish her training. The second teacher, an older woman , didnt have any accidents in her panties. Has any reader had such an accident in front of a class of kids or have stores about a teacher being taken short like this?

Went to a Giant football game yestrerday in NJ and never realized how many men stand several inches behind the urinal depending upon the size of their penis's. Some(like me) crowd the urinal so close so no one lurks above. Some guys have no shame. Anyone else notice this urinal phenomenon??

ANNE (SUPPLY TEACHER) - Just to let you know that about 12 years ago I was a substitute teacher in a junior high school. While talking to the class I needed to poo and could feel poo coming out of my bottom so I pooed in my panties without missing a beat. I farted while I was doing it so I'm sure the students had an idea as to what I was doing. I don't recall it smelling too bad. After class I went to the bathroom and tipped a fat, solid 8 inch poo from my panties into the toilet. I've also pooed in my panties while shopping in the supermarket. In fact if I need to poo I'll poo anywhere at any time and I don't even think of finding a toilet unless there's one close by. At my current job I do use the ladies room - I always go there for a lunchtime poo leaving the stall door open so I can chat to my coworkers. In the summer I don't wear panties so I must be careful about dropping poos on the floor. I do, but I try not to let people see. Regulars to this site probably remember my! posts about pooing in a park and a parking lot.

Hey,some great stories about post turkey pooping-esp.from the ladies!JANE,ALTHEA,VICKY-keep the great stories coming,i really enjoy them-I'm sure i'm not alone in saying that!To IAN-Interesting story about seeing that guy in the outhouse on the beach.I'm a straight guy,but i think i would enjoy seeing somthing like that myself,but i don't think i could wipe another guy's butt,but i would possibly enjoy watching a guy do a good BM in front of me-Keep us posted IAN on the next meeting.
Benn pooing 2-3 times a day since turkey day and every one of them has been a good healthy one.A little on the soft side,but quite a bit and some nice pre-poop gas too.Great stories all!BYE

Been away for a week, and it's always good to get back home and check out a whole seven days' worth of posts on this forum. I see that someone, in reply to Sarah's problem (saw her original post the day I left, but decided not to reply as I thought it was probably a hoax. Sorry, I'm pretty convinced you're genuine now, Sarah, but everything I would have said has been said by others already.), raised the interesting issue of toilet references in the Bible. I'm no religious nutter, but I did read an interesting chapter of a book on this subject once, and I recall that the traditional English translation of toilet references was "to cover one's feet". Like a lot of other weird Bible euphemisms, this has been replaced in modern editions with the phrase "to relieve oneself", although one American edition describes a character as "going to the bathroom"!!

I can't, however, remember where the handful of mentions of lavatorial issues occur in the Good Book. I'm pretty sure on! e was in the book of Judges, but I don't own a Bible, so I can't look it up. Could anyone provide us with a list? I'm sure it would make interesting reading!

Joe K
About 3 years ago, I once went to take a dump at a local department store. I went to the menīs room, took a stall, and just then, a guy entered the stall next to me. He dropped his pants and exploded. What followed, is the worst diarrhea Iīve ever witnessed. The thing is that this guy shitted like a horse (nonstop). After his first explosion, he had another attack of semiliquid shit, and farts, which seemed to continue forever. He didnīt pause. Wave after wave after wave of diarrhea flowed out of him. He couldnīt stop, and it appeared he would stay there shitting eternally, as the room filled with a poop smell. Hearing this guy was so stimulating, and relaxing that I also shitted badly. After I finished crapping, I stayed in the can smoking, while the guy continued shitting and farting endlessly. I finally decided to wipe my shitty ass and went out of the stall. As I was washing my hands he continued with his diarrhea explosions followed by waves of poop and farts. Also, we ha! d produced such a smell, that the place smelt like a shithouse. I would not want to be the next guy to enter in there. By the time I went out of the bathroom, 20 minutes had passed and the guy remained shitting with no end in sight. I wonder how long did the guy stay in there, but what really amazed me, was the guyīs ability to store shit. He shitted more than a cow! (if he continued shitting at the rate he was, I thing the toilet would start draining), and also, I donīt understand how he didnīt dehydratate. With liquid diarrhea for 20 minutes, you can loose an important amount of fluids and it can be dangerous. Has someone experienced something similar?
Well, I have to go. More posts coming soon.

I have been a lurker for a very long time. I see that with all of that hanksgiving food people would have to poop more. Eating large meals doesn't seem to affect my pooping habits. My turds are usually soft and come out on the fast side. I have awful smelling gas before i go to the toilet. Usually when it smells exceptionally bad it means I am going to have diarreah or close to it. Those familiar cramps also accompany the gas. Does this happen to anyone else?

Hey Ian. Boy was that some buddy dumping story with the guy in the beach toilet. You lucky man. Looking forward to hearing about next SaTURDay's session.

Andrew P

In the November after Jayne's 14th birthday in the June, Dad sent me down to Uncle John's on an errand, and upon my arrival, I could hear heated exchanges taking place between Jayne and her Mum. Jayne was now becoming very grown up, although she was still very tiny, a fraction of an inch over 5ft tall. Having turned 18, myself, in the May, I was 6ft 2in, and had been since the summer after my 14th birthday. However, I now weighed over 30 pounds more than I did at 14, and was no longer the complete beanpole that I had been 4 years earlier.

As I walked into the house ( the family never bothered waiting for a door-knock to be answered ), Jayne was virtually in tears, and her Mum said to me "Oh thank God its you, you're about the only one she listens to round here. Will you just try to talk some sense into her, I've had enough" ! At this point, Jayne turned and rushed off in complete floods of tears.

I found out from Aunty that the argum! ent was because Jayne had been asked to baby sit for a family friend the next night who lived 8 miles away. She had become upset when her Mum had said "no", because she didn't have time to take her. To cut a long conversation short, I finished up volunteering to take her, to stay with her, and to bring her back again. I then asked if I could break the good news to Jayne, and having been given an affirmative answer, I went in search of her.

This time climbing those old stairs brought a real buzz of excitement to me, as I could clearly hear her tinkling on the toilet, in between sobs and sniffing. As I got to the top, the tinkling was loud enough for me to tell that the bathroom door was definitely open !

The devil in me said "Go on ! Peep ! Its her fault for not shutting the door!", but my compassionate side said "this girl is very upset at the moment, even if you are about to change all that. Peep, and she might never speak to you again". Her friendship was ! far more important to me than that. So I contented myself with my imagination once again. The toilet flushed, and a few seconds later, I heard her footsteps leaving the bathroom. I felt good not invading her visual privacy !

I came round the corner as she pulled the bathroom door shut behind herself. Still in tears, she asked "Were you waiting long round there ?". So I said a minute or two and explained that I had remembered what she'd said a couple of years ago about leaving the door open when she was weeing, and seeing as I could hear her weeing..... She gave me a big hug, and then pulled my head down towards her and gave me a very snotty kiss, her nose running from all her tears ! This made us both laugh when I complained. But the tears flowed again when I told her how her big cousin was coming to the rescue, and that Cinderella would be going to the ball... well baby-sitting anyway !

She said she didn't deserve such a wonderful cousin as me. On the con! trary Jayne, it was I who didn't deserve you.

The next night became the worst night of my life at the time, or so it seemed. But it also became a real turning point in our "toilet relationship". All to be revealed in the next episode !

Monday, November 29, 1999

Sarah, what religion are your parents?


I know its been said many times already, but your posts were just heartbreaking. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE get help from the people at school and child welfare authorities. What your parents are doing to you is child abuse pure and simple. They may love you, but restricting your toilet use and then punishing you for accidents is not love, its just cruelty. They may have certain religious beliefs that they follow, but they have no right to impose them on you. Its unnatural to hold in your bodily wastes when you get the urge to go. It can easily lead to bladder infections and bowel diseases such as constipation and inflamed bowel. Your body knows when it has to eliminate waste and it gives you the signal to do so. To stay healthy, you need to go to the bathroom as soon as possible when you get these signals. Waiting only casues health problems and if you are waiting so long that you're having accidents in your pants, you taking a serious health risk.! Eventually your body gets so stuffed with urine or feces that it just forces it out and you can't control it. Thats what happens when you have accidents in your pants. Its your body's natural defense mechanism to get rid of the waste, but to get to that point when someone your age can't control it anymore, your body is overloaded with waste and is in stress. Your parents have a right to endanger their own health but not yours.

You know, people in jails serving life sentences for heinous crimes have toilets right there in their cells. Its considered barbaric to deny even them the right to relieve themselves when those natural urges call. But here you are a 17 year old girl who has done nothing wrong and you are being denied this simple necessity of life. That shoudln't seem fair to your because it isn't fair. Denying you use of the toilet is child abuse pure and simple and to then punish you for going in your pants only compounds this CRIME. PLEASE PL! EASE PLEASE get help. YOU HAVE DONE NOTHING TO DESERVE THIS KIND OF ABUSIVE TREATMENT.

Shy Min
In response to Renee-Anne's question about celebrities having an accident whilst on stage, I once read that "teenage heart-throb" John Barrowman refused to drink from anything other than sealed cartons before going on stage. The reason for this was that pranksters had laced his drink with laxatives - which took effect as he sang before a live audience!

Although the article was accompanied by a photoograph, I have to admit that I have no idea who John Barrowman is (although presumably he is well-known enough to be considered a celebrity by some!).

I wonder whether he made it off the stage in time? Judging from his resultant paranoia, I guess that he probably didn't and did it in his pants. I wonder how his reputation as a heart-throb was enhanced by those who saw his 'performance'?

Does anyone do a self testicle examination?

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