Anne (supply teacher)
Swined. To satisfy your curiosity. There was an occasion a few weeks ago when I needed to go have a motion at school but, for various reasons, didn't get to use the staff toilet. I got pretty desperate and I did some farts in class but managed to hang on until afternoon lessons were over. Unfortunately a colleague was hogging the staff toilet and I didn't like to use the Girls Toilet for fear of blocking it. I left the premises feeling very desperate and had an accident on the way home. I've already posted about it some detail but I probably didn't describe myself a supply teacher so you wouldn't associate me with it.

I've never actually s**t myself in class. My pupils are more likely to have accidents than I am. I've learnt from experience that you can't lie to kids. If I fart I don't draw attention to it but if one of them asks if I need to go to the loo I'm honest about it - without making a big deal of it. Hope that satisfies you.

Any one out there got any storys about accidents when you were a child. Or have you ever tried using a childs potty when caught short for a number 1 or 2?

Am I to understand that at "Thanksgiving" the whole American nation eats a massive meal and then proceeds to block toilets all over the land? It must be a boom time for the plumbers! I don't think we have anything that quite compares with that over here, other than perhaps Christmas.

Jane: I really hate it when someone tries to hold a conversation with me while I am on the loo at work. If I am in there for a poo I want some privacy. It has happened to me and I find it difficult to talk business while I am "doing my business", but also you have no idea who might be listening. Another good reason is that if I am making a stink, I would rather remain anonymous! I always switch off my mobile phone when I go to the loo at work for the same reason, although I have actually used the phone while on the loo at home, and even on the train. Some trains have signs about using phones in the carriages so perhaps the loo is the best place!
Sounds like it was a worthwhile convers! ation for you though Jane, despite the smells and skidmarks!

Hey guys, Ryan from JC Penney's here. I had to work from 6:30 am till 10 pm on Friday after Thanksgiving. I never remember the toilets being as busy as they were that entire day. From the time the employees started to arrive at 6:30 until closing, it was constant. I myself had 2 large b.m's during the day. Usually, the cleaning lady checks the mens room during the day to restock it, and mop the floors, after she checks to see if anybody is in there, but because it was so busy, they only had men cleaning the mens room all day, they couldnt keep up, even re-stocking the toilet tissue. The porters were simply handing rolls of toilet tissue to men while they were sitting on the toilets, because they couldnt get to the toilets when not in use. Both times I used the toilets, the seats were actually HOT !!! from non-stop use. They still havent replaced any of the doors, as promised over a year ago, but, damn, after Thanksgiving dinner, I didn''t care who was waiting in f! ront of me to use the toilet. It really felt good. Talk about a healthy dump !! Well guys, I will be busy till Christmas, so I will see you when I see you. HAPPY HOLIDAYS to ALL !!!! (Ryan)

I sure am glad I found this web site. I just Want to say thank You girls for sharing your poop stories. Hopefully one day, I will be able to watch a girl in real life have a good poop. well bye for now

For Redneck, Let me know where you plan to do some traveling next summer and I can let you know about hostels in that area, if I have stayed in them, and rate their bathrooms. Iíve been to a number of US hostels.

Linda: This one's for you. I was in 7th grade, just turned 12. I was in this real strict parochial school. The only liberal rule was go to the bathroom: no questions asked. I felt pressure building up in me after lunch. I thought a fart would do it. But, it was more than that. I squirmed and squirmed quietly, until I could take no more. Quietly, I left the classroom for the girls room down one flight of stairs. I took a stall, closed the door, lifted my green jumper, white slip and pulled my pink panties to my knees and sat. What a relief. Then the pain. I pressed out two 9 inchers, 2 inches in diameter, dark brown. I was in no hurry to get up. I had to catch my breath. When it was over after 15 minutes, I opened my legs to wipe. I used to to do it that way. I stood up to fix my clothes. When I came out an older girl told me to flush. I did. I just was afraid of the noise in that cement and glass building. Soon after, I would make #2 at school when the need arose with no trep! idation. By ninth grade, I was back in public school with doorless stalls, talking with my friends and shitting at the same time.

Renee-Anne. I don't know about performers/actors having real accidents - unscheduled ones that is. I expect they do happen sometimes.

Many years ago there was a series on TV here 'called play for today'. I will remember a particular play called 'Billy's Story'. There was one scene where Billy and his elder sister went into their parents bedroom early one morning to ask if there was any breakfast cereal available (in fact there was none). Their father reacted by swearing at them and turning over under the duvet. I well remember thinking how he looked as though he needed to do a wee big style. Hardly surprising since he'd allegedly spent the previous evening downing beer in a club. Probably had a headache as well. The actor who played his part was obviously doing a very good impression of a guy who wanted to wee. Either that or he wanted to wee in reality. There was nothing further in the story to indicate that he wet himself but I'd like to think that he pro! bably did - as a kind of 'sub text' or 'sub plot'.

The story had a happy ending and I guess that's really what mattered.

Are there any farther son #2 stories


The path of the pee when standing is an observation that I myself have made once or twice. I have noticed that, at the beach, women can pee standing without fear of detection. Whereas I, a male, notice a foreward arc by my pee, whether I am wearing a suit (normal beach) or no suit (clothing optional beach).

Generally men stand in water waist deep. A lot of women, on the other hand, stand in ankle deep water for a minute or so. Pretty obvious when you think about it. But it's hard to get close enough to tell for sure.

Sunday, November 28, 1999


Well I still haven't had to poop after eating a big thanksgiving dinner. I last went on Tuesday and today is early saturday. Im kinda feeling an urge, but its not real strong now, maybe i'll have to go later

Oh, Linda I haven't been through that much. I mean it's not like I'm hurting all the time. I'm fine, the only difference between me and you is you can walk, and I can't, other than that I'm no different. Anyway, I would love to hear all of your stories. You are great at telling them even though you are so young.

Ryan (8th grade and from Missouri),
are you still out there? Did you take a good shit after Thanksgiving? And have you been able to get near your friends while they took a dump at school? Hope so, and that they're cool about it. See ya, Daniel

One time in high school my friend Carrie, who was on the tennis team, asked me to help her warm up for a big match the next day. She said she wanted to get some extra practice but none of her teammates were available that afternoon. I was not a very good player, but Carrie said she just needed someone to hit the ball to. We played for about an hour, then I had to go to my Mom's office to pick up something for my Mom since she was on travel that week. I still had on a t-shirt and white tennis skirt but didn't have time to change and went directly to the office. I said hello to my Mom's boss, picked up the package, and left. I had an urge to poop and decided I couldn't wait until I got home. I was (at the time) a bit inhibited about using public restrooms to do a #2 but thought it was OK this time, so I went into the ladies room.

I laid the package on the floor, lifted up my skirt and lowered my panties, and sat down. I started to push out a long, soft turd that! had a moist slimy feel to it. It was long and thick, but it seemed to slip out very quickly and easily. It dropped into the toilet without making much of a splash. I proceeded to drop a succession of such turds, one right after the other, each of which was probably about nine inches long and a half-inch thick. I must have dropped about a dozen total. I was tempted to get up and look at what I just did. I could certainly smell it. I heard the door open and someone come in. Suddenly, I heard a woman come in and say, "Jane, is that you?" I recognized the voice as my Mom's boss. I said in a weak voice, "Yes." She went into the stall next to mine and started to talk to me and asked how I was. She then asked what plans I had for the summer. I mentioned I was going to prepare for the SATs and was hoping to get a job to save money for college. She mentioned that the daughter of another manager in the office was spending the summer in France as an exchange student and th! at the manager might need a replacement and asked if I was interested. I said I was, and she said she would talk to the manager. She only had to pee, and she was soon done. After she washed her hand, she said she was sorry to bother me but said she would talk to the manager about setting up an interview. She said goodbye and left.

While we were talking, I was dropping more turds, and the smell was strong enough to fill the room. My Mom's boss didn't say anything about it, though. After she left, I flushed the toilet and was relieved I didn't clog it. I managed to drop six more pieces before I was done. I started to wipe, and had used about six wads of TP, but I could feel my butt was not yet clean. It took another six wads of TP before I could no longer see any stains on the TP. I got up and flushed the toilet, and I could see a little skidmark on the bottom of the bowl. I'm sure that was mine. Believe it or not, the manager contacted me for an interview a! nd decided to hire me. Little did I know that that poop session was only a preview of coming attractions that summer.

Well, I tried to post on here last night, but just as I was finishing what I
was going to say, Netscape, which, at least in the Linux version 4.6 has
a HUGE memory leak, causing it to use up all available computer memory
in a hurry whenever you try to type something long into a form
submission box, [it] crashed, and I lost what I was saying.

But it turns out that was a good thing, because my response was going
to be somewhat geared to the counterfit "Sarah" mentioned today by the
real Sarah, which a few of us saw on here before the moderator wisely
deleted that forgery in response to the real Sarah's latest post.

If what Althea said is right, then some of the stuff I said in my first post
on here doesn't really make sense, if college in the UK is like high school
in the US.--high schools here are pretty awful toilet-wise, too. Mine
had a usually usable, but often mostly filthy restroom, and I went to one
of "the be! st" public high schools in southern California. And certainly,
unlike university, high school is <i>not</i> a place that inherently
gives a measure of freedom.

Sarah, I'm glad you are being able to take some steps towards
solving your situation completely, and making life more enjoyable when
you're not at home.

That forged post claiming to be from you which wasn't <i>did</i> give me
an idea: something you could think about and see if it would work.
Perhaps you could, if you really feel this way, and at some time when you
are really in need of a toilet (to strengthen your resolve), actually tell your
parents that you do not plan to live according to all of their rules all of
your life, that although you appreciate and love them for most of what they
have taught you, when you become independant, you're not going to follow
these restrictions on bathroom usage, that you are almost an adult anywa! y,
and if they'd just step aside and let you use the bathroom, you'd be much
happier. And tell them it's causing you suffering. Like I said, I don't know
your parents, so I don't know if it would work, but I suspect it would, as long
as they are real people, and not actually abusive in their intentions. They
might be religiously disappointed in you, but if they love you, they would
probably continue to be accepting of you even if you are not just like
them in this area of life. And if you tell them you love them, and continue
to follow their guidance in other areas of life, they may respect you for it,
and change their mind.

We are, of course, curious to know more general details about your
situation; it's not something most of us on here have encountered
before: perhaps you could share your parents' rules with us: how often
do they permit you to use the bathroom? and how well do they cope with
thier own rules? ! Accessing the Internet at school, you probably won't
get this until Monday...I hope you've had a good weekend...and good


It's not like I care, but I have noticed in reading this site, a lot of
people's posts get exclamation points inserted into them in places
(or perhaps moved around, I'm not sure), often into the middle of a word
... it happened to my previous post, for example. And I'm curious where
these come from!?

Hey everyone, I stayed up all night on the night before Thanksgiving!
writing a computer program (so last night when I went to bed I had
been up for 40 was strange how I lasted so long without sleep);
anyway, around 4 am, I began to need to pee, but I didn't want to,
because I didn't want to chance disturbing my parents' sleep...anyway,
come 8 a.m or so, I was making progress on the computer program, and
needing to go much more seriously, but I decided I would! challenge
myself by waiting until I got the first version of the program working to
my satisfaction before allowing myself that took me 'till shortly
after noon--over 13 hours after I had last peed; I had the
advantage of my own private room where my computer is located, which
I was in through all those hours (or I would not have performed this little
experiment), and you can imagine I was not keeping still or resisting
holding myself that entire time; and even so, the last hour was a struggle.
(I had it described in a bit more detail last night, but for another purpose
;-) oh well)

Hope everyone is doing well, love to most of you, David

FAT WOMAN - so you'd like to poo in front of a man. Well I'm a guy who would be happy to watch you, preferably outdoors in a woods somewhere. So if you're ever anywhere near London (England) on vacation.... Do you have any good outdoor poo stories? If so, please post them here or if they are too hot, mail them to me.

Anyway, back to hiking in Europe. I have never found any French 'hole in the floor' type toilets in Switzerland but it can still be quite an interesting country toilet-wise. Some public or semi-public toilets have stalls shared between men and women. I like to lurk in a stall, keeping an eye on feet under the partition until a woman uses the next stall. To avoid arousing suspicion, I have found a way to make realistic sound effects. Roll up some balls of TP, soak them in water and squash them. Then grunt and drop one into the bowl from time to time and it sounds very realsitic!

In the Alps, there are mountain 'huts' for hikers and climbers. Some! of these have rather basic toilet facilities, particularly the high huts where there is little or no water supply.

I once stayed at a Swiss mountain hut at 3200 metres (10,500 ft) which had an outhouse with two pit toilets. There weren't many women staying there but one of them was a qualified Swiss mountain guide who had just come back from a climbing tour. I assume she didn't drop her salopettes and do a poop while roped together with a party of male climbers, so she must have been holding on to it and had got a bit consitpated. I heard her in the stall next to me going "UH, UH", loudly, almost crying out. Then I heard "Ploop, ploop, ploop" as three turds shot out in quick succession. It sounded like they were very hard and she had taken something to lubricate them.

Anne (Supply Teacher)- Tell us some stories of what experiences you have had when you need to have a real bad bowel movement in the middle of a lesson. Also, what do you do when you need to fart? Ever fart in class by accident? I have always wondered what teachers do in such times.

Poop Loggy Logg
I have to respond to the horrible advice that Althea and Kate gave to Jack, the guy with the 16-year-old daughter who spends 20 minutes on the commode every day.

First of all, 20 minutes does not seem like an excessive amount of time to be in the bathroom. And as for the grunting and straining, well, we all grunt a little when we poop, even if it's diarrhea. Maybe she just wants a little privacy -- anyway, what are you doing, listening with a glass up against the door?

Now to the advice: People do not need to be "cleaned out" or "cleansed" unless they have a functional disease of the bowel. Kate, what exactly qualifies you to give medical advice? Why do you feel that the girl should be punished by inducing violent cramps? And forced enemas?! That is totally barbaric and I expect I am not the only poster to this board who will disagree with your recommendation. This new-age idea that somehow the bowels contain "toxins" that need to be "purged" is silly ! pseudoscience. The bowels function perfectly well in the vast majority of people, as their function has been perfected over hundreds of millions of years of natural selection.

Althea -- magnesium citrate is a very powerful osmotic laxative. Again, it is only necessary when there is a prolonged period without defecation.

Overall, I think a 16-year-old girl is old enough to know if something is wrong with her. If she really isn't pooping, she'll have abdominal pain and loss of appetite. Then she'll ask for help. For now, I would just let her be.

I saw quite a site today while I was shopping in the mall. On the day after Thanksgiving, I knew all the shoppers would be spending money and shitting all that turkey intake out. I went in the men's room at JC Penny and saw both toilets nearly overflowing with piles of turd. One of the toilets actually had a log sticking straight up from the bowl. I chose to use the other one since there was no mess on the seat. I laid out a foot long long and another 6 incher on top of the pile that was already there. There was no use to try to flush. The can was obviously plugged. Public Toilet hater would have shit in his pants. I figure when you gotta go, you gotta go and what a charge to shit on top of anpther man's load.

Hope you all had a great thanksgiving-Mine was pleasent as i stuffed my face.I see some good stories about post-turkey poos,Well, i've got one-Fri a.m.i got up early and decided to go to the gym to work off some of the food.So i got to the gym and as i was getting into my workout clothes,i could hear what was going on in the bathroom right next to my locker.There was some serious pooing going on with guys grunting and farting,but i didn't have to go yet-i knew it would be just a matter of time before i would have to dump too,i could feel it starting to build up in my stomach and with the sound of these guys letting it go,it was almost an inspiration,but i decided to go upstairs and start my workout routine.After about 20-25 min while i was on the treadmill,i started to get the feeling of a big poop as my stomach cramped and i could feel my rectum start to fill.So i get a copy of rolling stone and went downstairs to the toilets.There are 4 stalls and they were all full and ther! e were 3 guys in front of me waiting to go and we're standing there waiting and hearing some serious pooing and this one guy says to me"Boy,do i gotta go bad,i hpoe someone gets done soon"and i said"me too with all the food i've ate and from what i'm hearing it's making me want to go even worse!"He laughed and then he was just ahead of me and a stall opened up and he said"time to get rid of some turkey"and laughed and went into the stall and i could hear him hurriedly wipe the bowl and sit down and as he was sitting i could hear gas escaping from his butt.just then the stall to the left of him opened up and i went in and cleaned off the toilet and i could hear all kinds of grunting and farting and shitting going on in each stall.So i just sat down and sat there enjoying the sounds around me.The guy in the stall next to me was really unlaoding with lots of gas and loose stools and he sounded like he was having a great time with it all.So i waited till i really had to push and i! waited till this guy started another round of gas then i knew that he was going to poop some more and i relaxed my swollen anus and did this tight sounding 5-8 second fart followed by this tremendous amount of soft turds,It just kept coming and coming and i was grunting and groaning with relief and this guy is still pooping along with me.Then i took a breather and looked in the bowl and saw just a curled up sausage all around the bowl.It was some load!Then the guy next to me wiped and left and then right away someone else came in and sat down and explode in the bowl and then i felt like i had to go again and i farted a wet one and a bunch of mush came out quickly into the bowl.I really was enjoying this and i tried to poop when i heard other guys letting go.I did a few more loads along with everyone else there and then sat there reading while my bowels emptied.Then i did one long fart and got off and clened my swolled asshole.No one was dressed,so all we had to do was go out ! around the corner and into the shower.Then i showered off and went back upstairs to finish my routine.Boy,did i have a great workout after that!Then i finished up and came downstairs to get cleaned up and i felt like i had to go more.So i went into the toilet and sat down and farted loud and passed a bunch of mush and watery stools.I felt like i was peeing out my anus.It seemed like everyone was in the stalls for quite a long time pooping like crazy-I only wished i could have gone into the ladies room to enjoy i'm sure some great pooping.I showered and got dressed and left.It was a great way to start the day!THat's my post turkey poo.Let me hear some more stories from all,Love to hear them!BYE

Hi Jasmine! What can I say, you know, boys will be boys. But I love ya, you go girl!

Wow, I alsmost missed Thanksgiving, or should I say, Thanksgiving dinner. I only have two family members living near me and they were both out-a town for the hiliday, so My God Mother had invited me over to her place for dinner. Everything was set and I left home early to make other stops and I finally arrived at her place at about 5:00 p.m. Upone arrival I noticed the street was dark and the light in the house were out. She lived of the beaten path in a wooded area and the wind was blowing adding to the errieness. I rang the bell and knocked on the door for several minutes but no answer. At that point, my heart began beating real fast and I thaught oh crap, Im outta luck to day. Just as I was walking back to my car, I got a wicked urge to pee. I scooted in the bushes and just as I had unzipped my fly, I noticed a piece of paper on the gound in front of me. I paused for a second and ! notice some writting on it, so I picked it up. It was a note that had apparently been on the front of their door and had blown off. I read it and it said "our power went out, so we went over Chris's place" They had the address on there as well. As it turned out, Chris was a close cousin and he turned out to be really cool. I just think that if I had not decided to take a leak on my God Mothers bushes, I would have had no Thanksgiving at all. I have not pooped out my thanksgiving food yet but because of my health, I have to really watch my blood presure, so I don't eat nearly as much as I used to when I was in college. Of course, I have been sort of constipated as of late. I think it is because of my worry about the upcomming Y2K and the impact it will have on my business, etc. Hope all hade a good Thanksgiving and have a happy upcoming holiday!


My observation tells me smoking makes a his/hers feces smell bad. The swallowed tar probably causes the bad odor.

I have heard probably over 100 bad things about smoking however if you can survive a pre mature death; you are more likely to spend your emphasemic old age free of Altsheimers disease.

Do any of you guys ever wonder if celebrities ever have or almost have accidents on stage or when theyre making a movie? I always wonder if singers like the Backstreet Boys or 98 Degrees or actors like David Boreanaz or David Duchovny ever almost went to the bathroom in their pants. The singers would probably have alot better chance since they are on stage for hours and probably wouldnt want to leave the stage because the fans would be upset but the actors would probably be able to say "Hold on a minute" to the camera people "I have to go to the bathroom". I wonder what the fans would do if they were watching a BSB concert or something and one of them stopped singing and crossed his legs and moaned and said "I shit/peed my pants"? Some of them would probably stop liking them but others would feel bad.
Do any of you watch "Angel"? That new show kind of like Buffy the Vampire Slayer? Well on the one that just passed Angel turns human for awhile and stuffs his face wi! th food since he never ate normal food for about 200 or more years. Since vampires dont go to the bathroom Im surprised he didnt have to go to the bathroom alot?
I think there should be more shows with people going to the bathroom since that is real life. Maybe they do but we never see it? On shows when people get held hostage for weeks...they should put fake poo and pee on the floor or something to make it look like the person went!
On X-Files one time I cant remember what happened exactly but some doctor needed stool samples from Mulder, Scully and some other guy and the guy got all pissed and said "Im not dumping my cargo for nobody!" or something and Mulder just said "Does anyone have the morning sports page?" since he obviously didnt have to go then but the doctor needed it!

My family is a very liberal one. In our house, when nobody is visiting, we have an optional open-door policy with the bathrooms and when we are changing our clothes. Hence, I have seen my two brothers in the shower.
However, that is not the point of this story. The point is this:
I have noticed that when men and boys pee in the shower, it is easy to detect when looking at them, because the penis points more or less forward. But when a girl (such as me) or a woman pees in the shower, it is much harder to see. The pee hole faces down and the pee looks like shower water.
It's great to be a girl! I can pee in public showers all the time when the sign clearly says you can't. Nobody notices it.

Saturday, November 27, 1999

Do any of you whistle a tune while taking a pee?

Linda-By getting worse do you mean harder to hold it? The best advice I can give you, is if you really, really have to go, it's better in your pants then inside your body causing you pain. Think about it.--Ryan

Dear All,

Thank you all so much for your concern. Iím sorry I havenít been able to post over the last few days but Iíve been real busy at college so I couldnít get to a computer.

The Sarah that posted previously whoís writing only went half way across the page was NOT me. It was someone else. To that Sarah, please do not ridicule me, Iím being serious and I donít need you interfering.

Iím not going to run away.

I did, however, speak to one of my teachers with the advise of the other people in the forum Ė thank you so much, it gave me the courage. She was horrified.

She said she would get some kind of Child support agency involved. She didnít tell me the name but she said it would be best instead of her doing it herself.

I havenít heard anything since but I expect something is happening.

In the meantime, however, I told one of my friends, Sophie, and I stop off at her house on the way home if I need to use the toile! t. It still doesnít help when Iím at home though.

I donít think now though that my parentís religion has got anything to do with it. It just makes them more adamant. They are just like it. I love them both though Ė donít get me wrong.

I just feel so guilty for getting all these other people involved.

I shall post soon with what happens.

I love you all,


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