Hey everyone, I hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving day, mine was pretty good itself, the family was all up and it was relativly stressful, but I loved it. My big Thanksgiving bathroom experience, or one of them, perhaps I will get another one today, came yesterday, on Thanksgiving night. I had not gone for a couple of days, and I was usually a one to two day person. Anyways I was home and tidying the place up after I got back from my mom's house when I felt a full "thanksgiving" feeling. It wasn't a gassy feeling, or a upset stomach feeling, just a feeling I get when I know I have a BIG poop coming soon. I stoped my busying around and went into the bathroom. I sat down on my standard type of toilet and picked up a magazine. The first indication that it was going to be big was the pre poop gas, it was only a little but loud sputter, and I knew right away I was going to have a big load. I sat and read and pressed for a few minutes and exposed a tip, only a inch or two long and it stoped, I bubbled a fart out at this time also. I pushed a little harder and it began to move again, slow and steady, it creapt along at a normal pace for what seemed like a minute and then the big one fell, this much alone would have impressed me normaly, but I pushed some more and another long steady poop came oozing out, then another although this one was shorter. After pooping steadky for about five to eight minutes I got up and turned to look in the bowl to see what monsterous forms had emerged from me. There were two big 8-10 inch by 2 inch terds were the two big ones and another 4-6 inch by two inch terd along behind them, they were kind of curled around in the bowl semi-floating. I had to flush about three times to get it all to go down and wiped about twice, it was a pretty clean and well formed poop, it smelled rather healthy too, I just wish that when I have to go like that someone could be there to see it, I was rather proud of my big renderment, I will be interested in hearing other Thanksgiving, or post Thanksgiving stories.

I was talking with my old friend Laura about the time her divorced mother took the two of us (we were about 11) to the family "house" in the country. The "house" was pretty ramshackle and the first thing I was told was that there was no bathroom or toilet! Well, there was in a fashion. Laura's mother showed me the "toilet" that her ex-husband had made. It was outside with a roof, but exposed to the elements and all and sundry. The "toilet" itself was a panel of wood with a large hole in it mounted to the wall. A pit had been dug in the ground under the "toilet." Laura's mother said that she understood if I was shy and that if I told then I was using the toilet, nobody would pass by. Whenever I had to pee or poo I would do it very quickly, although hearing my poos fall with a thud into the pit was rather fun! The next day, Laura and I went out exploring the woods and the river. After 5 minutes I'd realized I'd left my hat in the house so I went back to get it. As I clambered up! the grassy slope to the house I looked between the branches and saw Laura's mother come out and she went over to the toilet. She had a magazine and was smoking a cigarette. She lifted up her dress (no panties) and sat on the makeshift toilet. I guess she figured the kids would be away for a bit so she could use the toilet in peace. The cheeks of her bottom went through the hole of the toilet. Then I saw a poo appear from her cheeks. When it was about 6 inches long, it fell into the pit - you could hear the slapping sound onto wet leaves and soil. Then I saw 2 more poos come out of her bottom followed by peeing. She sat there reading her magazine and smoking for about 10 minutes without pooing. Then she wiped her bottom, threw the toilet paper in the pit and then went back in the house. I didn't get my hat - instead I ran to Laura and told her I'd seen her mother pooing. Laura didn't seem to care but I'd never seen such a thing!

I hope y'all had a good Thanksgiving. I did. I went to my cousin's for the day. When I got home, I had to take a good massive dump and I took it at home. There was no place to "share" it tonite.

Last Sun nite, I was at the mall and I had to take a dump and when I got to the bathroom, there was 2 people in front of me. A occupant who was a little kid and a teenager. The kid in the stall was making grunting noises and talking to himself and when he got finished and got out, he acted goofy. The teen went in next and I was chatting with him while he was waiting his turn. The bathroom was a little noisy so I was unable to hear farting or any other noises such as crackling. He finished and I went in and we continued to BS. When I walked in the stall, I can smell what he did and saw shit streaks in the john which indicated that he took a massive dump.

For Pete(USA), thanks for the info on a couple of the hostels. If I can pull it off, I would like to take a month o! ff from work and do some traveling next summer and visit some different hostels and indulge in some outdoor activities since my divorce will be either finished or in process. I also seen some info on some hostels along the Apalachian Trail which are not in the hostel web pages.

Well, I look forward to other info about hostels and need to call it a nite.


This is for Jack and anyone else with a similar problem.

Your daughter needs a thorough cleansing of her stomach and intestines. I run a colon lininc in California, and here is my professional recomnedation:

1. Start with a large doze of purgative. I recomend castor oil, simply because the nasty taste and possibly violent cramps will convince your daughter to listen to you in the future.

2. Two large enemas (tap water) the next morning, nothing to eat the whole day, enema before bed.

3. Next three days: enema in the morning, liquid diet all day, enema before bed.

That should do it. If your daughter refuses, she will have certain health problems in the near future.

Andrew P

Running away always seems like a good idea at first. Just think, you'll be able to go to the toilet whenever the need arises. Or will you ?

Living on the streets will be just as bad, in another sense, as what you have experienced now. Do you fancy having to poo on a path, or hiding in some park somewhere to do it, risking someone seeing you, or worse ? Public toilets at night time are very risky, even if you could actually find one open then.

Please don't run away, UNLESS you are able to stay with a relative who would be sympathetic to your problems, or a good friend.

Awww JW, if I could I'd give you a big smoochie and a hug. i know you would try to help me and well not just sit there and watch so that's why I'd probabaly let you in..actaully you and Steph I would cause well you know the pain and suffering I go through. but most of all JW, I'd love to help you. heh but if we buddy pooped I dobt no plumber could fix the potty when we flushed those monsters down. hee hee. Oh but what a story post it would be if we did share out thinking time. Oh wlel.. a girl can dream. FW I'm a sweet girl (Okay not all the time)so I'll just call you FW. sandra.. that's always seen where I live.. especially at the psrking lot to the flea market. Sometimes I sit with my cousins in the car as we wait for my uncle to come and we that lots. Hee hee. Oh please all pray for me.. it's happening... the thanksgiving constipation.. I have so much food in me it will build up for days then.. oh I don't even want to think about it.Althea could you tell us about that time you finally pooped in the potty at school in 7th grade. i'd love to hear from someone who finally did go. Andrew P aw shucks.. maybe next time? i hope so..this is getting good, hee hee. Okay and Ryan.. my it seems you have been through a lot too. I feel sorry for you. but yes i have tried all of that. my teachers have caught on to my sneaking off to the nurse's office thing and won't let me go unless I'm bleed or such. trust me there are lots more stories I have yet to put here.. so wlel let me know if you wanna hear then. Whew.. man that's all for now. My ???? hurts and I'm hopping for the mother of all poops. I think i will go and pull my pampies(panties) down and try. Wish me luck.

The Crank
So, concerned mum, you are worried what your son does in the loo for 20 mins? Well, I for one, read comics in there, that takes up 20 mins, considering how long each chapter i. You know comic books, once you start, you can't stop. Or, if by any chance, some freak here wants you to believe that he was masturbating, okay. Fair enough. Masturbation is actually healthy for a growing teen boy you know. Actually, boys (I don't know about girls) masturbate even when they were five. That's true! A doctor told me that. Or maybe, he just loves to stay in the toilet, like I do, as it provides me with the upmost privacy. Just ignore it, however be ready to break the door if he stays in for maybe 6 hrs or something. Just a warning.

Sandra: Your parents are wierd. Try talking to them, if that fails, which usually does, rebel. Serious!

Sarah, do not run away. Your parents behaviour is inexcusable but you are likely to find yourself in a much worse situation if you leave. Do call Childline and talk it through with them.

to Ian - man that was one hot story!!! I only wish something like that could happen to me. Perhaps i should visit public outhouses like that more on the future!!!!!!
like to hear about you next meeting

The turkey
I would like to take this opportunity, to wish all of the people on this site, living in the U.S., a happy post-Thanksigiving shitter-day (the day, two days after Thanksgiving in most people, when they sh** out the wastes from their Thanksgiving dinners.) Especially all the attractive-ladies, who ate more than their fair-share, this Thanksgiving, and will produce enough sh**, deposited in the bowl on 11/27/99, to prove it.

The turkey

Friday, November 26, 1999

I remember walking down a street one evening in New York's East Village about 11 years ago. I was approaching 2 Hispanic women crouched down by a wall. They were talking loudly in Spanish and were gesticulating and laughing. It looked like they had lost something and were crouched down looking for it. However, as I got closer I could see that one of the women had her skirt hiked up and there was about 4 or 5 inches of fat, pale poo coming out of her bottom! The other woman wasn't pooing or peeing, she was simply squatting to talk to her friend. I watched them from a doorway for about 5 minutes and the poo simply wouldn't drop from the woman's bottom! Then the pooing woman took some toilet paper and scooped the poo from her bottom and threw on the floor. She pulled up her panties, adjusted her skirt and the 2 women walked away. I bet she had some fierce skid marks in those panties!

Sarah, running away may seem like a good alternative right now and with a life without a john it isnt unthinkable, I myself have ran away 3 times, never really prepared for what was to come, I know someone over the net cant change your mind, so I wont try to, just make sure you have absolutely everything planned out for as long as you are gone, and consider how searious you are about it and for ho long, just think and plan some more, and good luck

Hello and Happy Thanksgiving to all

As a maitainane man in NYC my job is to clean the ladies
bathrooms in a large department store that will remain
unamed. Black Friday after the store closes is unreal.
The ladies that have used the bathrooms all day long.
Skid marks on the bowel , sanitary napkins on the floor
etc. I think that some of this is do to the meals that
are eaten on thanksgiving. I can just fantazise about these
ladies coming in and dropping their jeans farting and pissing
Any we seem to get alot of southern babes that come in with
their daughters who were partaking in the Macys Parade
So ladies I will be cleaning up your big fart dump messes
So happy farting and pooping in the BIG APPLE

There is a misunderstanding. College in the U.K. is the equivalent of high school in the United States. I commend you guys for ganging up in Sarah's corner. Sara, look for help. Ask a school counselor, go to a priest, go to the child welfare authorities. Meanwhile, find a toilet at school where you can be discreet. Take your buy a cheap roll of toilet paper and keep in your book bag. Stop off on your way to and from classes at a public store, library, fast food store, or gas station. I used to carry toilet paper with my books when the city had no toilet paper to give us. Sometimes, I would break into an abandoned girls room where I could be alone.
As for JACK, when I was your daughter's age I was apprehensive about my bowel movements. I could count the number of times I made #2 at school until my mid-teen years. When I was in 7th grade, one day I could not wait any longer. So, I went to the girls room and sat on the toilet. When my session was over, I was afraid to flush.! The noise could be hear thru the school. When I came out of the stall, an eighth grade girl reminded me to flush.
Being a teen girl doesn't come easy.

JACK: I forgot to tell you. Your kid needs to be flushed out with a laxative or purgative monthly. Buy citrate of magnesia or boil a half gallon of senna pod tea and give her. But not on a school night. Do it on Friday or the day before a holiday and have a bargain package of toilet paper. She will be sitting on the toilet like it's going out of style. She will be better for it after 24 or 48 hours. I would repeat this at the beginning for a month of weekends. Then take the junk food out of her diet and get her into running, biking and other physical activities. Make her walk and not dependent on the family car.

Does anyone have any Thanksgiving toilet disaster stories. That should be quite amusing. Post them.

I must say I'm deeply disturbed to hear what your parents are doing to you, Sarah. I've never heard of a religion that prevents one from using the toilet or using it at certain times only. It's almost impossible to control when and how often you need the bathroom. I really would consider confiding in a teacher or close friend about this. No one should be forced to endure this form of torture.

My heart goes out to you and will be praying for you this Thanksgiving.

I'd also like to wish everyone on this site a Very Happy Thanksgiving.


Hello everybody,
Yesterday I did a poo in my pants when I was watching a film with my brother. We were watching a film, Notting Hill, it was a really good film, I was ready for bed and so I was wearing a t-shirt and my pants, about half way through the film I knew I needed a toilet, my poo was forcing its way out, I was laying on the floor in front of the tv and my older brother was sat on the sofa. A few minutes later my poo started comming out into my pants so I squeezed my bum together and some broke off into my pants and I managed to keep the rest in but after about 5 mins it started comming out again and I did the whole lot in my pants, the light was off luckily as otherwise my brother would have noticed a bulge in my pants, at the end of the film I got up quickly and dashed to the loo and emptied the contents of my pants into the toilet and flushed it away, and then went back into the lounge, my brother had turned the lights on now as the film had finished. ! He asked me to get the video out of the machine and as I did he noticed a brown stain on my pants and pointed it out to me, he said, what have you done to your pants so I said I don't know I probably didn't wipe my bum properly or somthing, he said i ought to change them because if mum say me wearing them she probably wouldn't be impressed. He said that he never gets stains that big from not wiping properly which is true as I have seen the stains in his pants from where he leaves them when he takes them off.

Does anyone have any poop stories to tell that relate to Thanksgiving?

I have only one toilet story to share. While using the Urinals at a motorway services, A younge boy aged 3-4 entered with his father. The Boy wished to use a toilet which his father wouldn't allow. The Father proceeded to pull down the boys Paints and lift him up so he could reach the urinal to pee. With this the little boy made a small fart and shit over his father trousers as he was standing behind him, holding him up. This made me laugh.

Hi guys! Sparky- Alex, Jodi, Eric, and I have not posted as often because we are at (different) schools. We are home for the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday (falls on the third Thursday in November; the day after is, for most schools and many places of business, what in the U.K. is known as a "Bank Holiday.") I can't speak for Jodi, but I'm sure Alex and Eric will be posting before we go back to school at the end of the weekend.

Sarah, what can I say that hasn't already been said? Your parents' religion obviously thinks that going to the bathroom is somehow a *dirty* and *evil* act that needs to be controlled. That is not natural and borders on abuse.

Concerned Mom, perhaps your son is masturbating and/or takes a long time to go to the bathroom. Jack, your daughter perhaps has a problem with irregularity (as I sometimes do).
To both, I would let your children be, unless *they* approach you about this..

Jeff A., you are a remark! able person! Although I have never been inside a prison, as a visitor or otherwise, I've read that the conditions are quite abhorrent. It is unfortunate that a large percentage of women are incarcerated due to self-defense in domestic violence (not only for beating/stabbing/murdering husbands or boyfriends, but also in lesbian partnerships). I recently read an article about domestic violence among male partners. The synopsis was that gay men incarcerated for defending themselves against their abusive partner suffer because of the *stigma*, in many quarters, of being a gay person, plus the strain of being imprisioned for counter-attacking a person he thought he could love and trust. I am a calm and non-violent person, but if any future boyfriend or husband raised his hand to me, the first time would be the LAST! Since I am already on this subject, have you heard of Lori Berenson? She is an American in her late 20s serving a life sentence in Peru for allegedly aiding the! "terrorist" Shining Path guerillas. Berenson is, at last report, on the brink of death due to lack of medical care and abuse at the hands of the military police and prison staff. We can discuss this further on "Race Relations."

As I wrote earlier, I will be spending a lot of time over the weekend with Alex, Eric, Jodi, and others, and I'm sure we'll have some toilet tales to tell :).

Happy Thanksgiving (to U.S. readers), and peace to everyone. Love, Steph, xoxo [that means "hugs and kisses" :) ]

chief jay
As to the person asking bout pissing and talking on the phone, yeah I've done it a couple times but tried to keep it quiet. Once I talked to my brother with a cordless when my bladder told me it was time. So still talking I proceeded to drain the lizard loudly, putting phone close to mouth so as not to make it obvious. He figured out though and thought it was gross. I told him at least I wasn't doing the other thing while talking.

The other time I was on hold with #&$^ing customer service from my laptop company, trying to get the MFs to get my part in. I was on for nearly an hour and had to I did, but most of the time I was on hold so it don't really count.


Linda: Your message to me the other day really made me feel good, I'm honored
to know that other than your cousin you'd let me watch while you struggled in your
"thinking position". Why am I so honored? Actually I'd like to do more than
just watch, I'd like to be there for you if you were having a hard time of it.
My mom used to put vaseline on her finger and push it up into my bottom. That
always made stuff slip out easier if I was having trouble. Its also nice to
have someone hold you and rock you back and forth while you're struggling with
a really hard poop. I know you've had enemas before and you probably hated
them, but sometimes they really are neccessary. It can be a real relief to
get out a long overdue poop and if the person helping you is really kind and
gentle its not really all that bad. I'd love to help you when your really neede
d it.
Cindy: Something you wrote in a post the other day struck a familar cor! d with
me. You said you took the funnies to the bathroom with you but when it came
time to grunt and strain you put the paper aside so you could consentrate. I
never understood how people could read on the toilet and poop at the same
time. I WORK at pooping and I have to consentrate on pushing and straining or
it don't get done. I find having a book in my lap just gets in the way when I
push on my thights or pull on the seat to try and force stuff out.
FW: I agree with Linda, I don't think anyone should be called a name just
because their matoblisim is a little over active, God knows I'm not gift to
humanity as far as my body goes. As for your question about overweight people
straining ans grunting to move their bowels, I think there might be a reasonable
explaination. When you bear down to move you bowels you're also squeezing a lot
of fat cells as well as you're bowels, this may not be an efficient way to have
a B! M so you may have to do more work to produce the same effect as a skinner
person would.-- JW.

Blue Flame
Some might remeber me from before once or twice...I've sunk back and become a silent lurker for some time since then. I must say I enjoy the posts I see, a regular pleasure each day. However, I had to come out of the blue and speak up after hearing Sarahs post. I cannot even fathom the idea of trying to control another persons bathroom habits. Your parents are WAY out of line here. They might as well be telling you when and where to breathe. When a person has to go...they go. It's simple as that. Forcing you to hold it is no good for your body....and an accident is embarassing. No person has the right to make you do that. I see Andrew P leaving advice for a help line. I hope you find that number and call it. Similar lines exist here in Ontario (Canada) and I've heard of great success. My heart goes out to you. Good luck.

Andrew P

Several occasions after I first heard Jayne go to the toilet, the next most exciting episode happened the summer after she had turned 12. I'd been helping Dad and Uncle John collect in the straw bales, when they decided to send me on a five minute walk to the farm house to get a bottle of water to drink.

On entering the house, I called out for Jayne, and heard nothing. So I went hunting, and eventually found myself climbing the old staircase. At the top of the stairs, when you turned right, you were facing the long bathroom, which was a further five paces to reach. Before that, immediately on the right was Jayne's room, backing onto both the bathroom and the staircase.

As I got to the top of the stairs, my heart began racing, wondering where I would find her. I imagined her sitting on the toilet with the door wide open, thinking there was no one in the house. Unfortunately, the landing was very creaky, and having stepped on one such! board, I heard Jayne call out "Who's there ?" from inside the bathroom. Realising I had probably frightened her, I quickly told her it was me, to which she said, "Oh, hello Andrew. I'll be with you in a minute. I'm just on the toilet", followed by the familiar rattle of the toilet roll holder.

O.k, so I'd obviously missed the main event, and the door had not been open wide, but it was very exciting to observe that it had been left ajar about four inches, and I imagined myself casually strolling up, and peeping round it, and seeing Jayne sitting there wiping herself ! My day dreaming was abruptly interrupted by the flushing of the toilet, and she emerged with a big smile, holding her nose saying "Sorry ! After stretching up to give me a kiss ( I was now 6ft 2in, and she a very petite 4ft 10" ), she smiled again and taking hold of my hand to lead me back down stairs, she said "That was lucky. When I have a poo, I always push the door shut, to keep the smell in. If I'! d been having a wee, you'd have caught me out sat on the loo !".

No Jayne, for me that was decidedly unlucky !

( Sorry LINDA, nothing seen yet !! )

David W
Sarah, it sounds like your parents have got a problem and they are using religion as an excuse for their behavior. I'm a Christian and it just burns me up when hypocrites use religion for their own gain. I can't believe your college doesn't have toilet paper. I would go to the administration building. You can bet your ass their toilets will be clean and have toilet paper.

Ryan (Formerly Ryan)
Linda- As far as solutions for not being able to go at school, poor girl, I used to have the same problem when I was younger, I'm 15 now. The best advice I can give you is to just relax and try and forget where you are, or try and go before school. But you are better at holding it than i was, I used to have at least 3 or 4 accidents in one school year. By the way, I am in a wheelchair part time, and the rest of the time I walk with crutches. The reason is because I have what is called CP, my brain has trouble sending the message to my legs to get them to work. I have been reading your posts since you posted here, You've been through alot on here. I hope we can be cyber buds--Ryan

Ladies do you prefer to use the enema bag or the fleet enema? What is your favorite position for taking a enema?

I had the buddy dump experience of my life yesterday evening. I was visiting some friends at the beach who are down for the holidays. When I left their house, I stoped by one of the public beach access areas because I needed a dump badly and didn't want to do it at their house before I left for the forty-five minute drive home. There were only two other cars at the access area. I parked the car, got out and went toward the restroom building, which is only a small wooden frame building with a tiny men's and women's toilet. I went inside the dimly lit men's room, locked the door and proceeded to the toilet. Sitting on the toilet, staring at me with strangest expression was another guy. He was muscular and hairy. It was a turn-on just to see him sitting there exposing the most vulnerable aspect of his masculinity. I immediately said, "I'm sorry, guy, I needed to take a dump bad and didn't know this crapper was occupied". He said, "Too bad there is not another toilet, I was just a! bout to drop my load and it's always nice to have someone to talk with while I take a big shit". I thought to myself, here's my chance for a real buddy dump. I said to the stud, "yeah, when I was in school I used to like to watch my friends shit and then they would watch me, crazy huh?" He replied, "Hell no, I'd love for you to watch me shit and then I could watch you do it". I said, "Oh yeah..." With that, he got off the toilet, grabbed a newspaper from the trash can and spread it out in front of the toilet. He sat down on the toilet again, but backwards this time so that his ass hung over the front. He reached into a backpack he had hanging on a hook by the toilet and took out some lotion and greased his asshole. He grinned and said, "makes my big logs come out without pain". He grunted, his asshole opened up to a shiny dome and expelled a mighty load of thick turd rope. It was a pile. There were four logs about ten inches long each and about three inches in circumference. I! was in awe. I have done some loads, but this guy won the prize1 The stink was intoxicating. He smiled and said, "That pile has been growing in my bowels for four days, I come here to shit because it so relaxing to hear the ocean waves crash and it excites me if another guy happens to walk in on me doing it like you did". He told me he had only done this a couple of times. He asked me to wipe his asshole for him and I gladly grabbed some toilet paper and obliged. He was actually clean after the dump because his turd was dry and firm. After I cleaned him up, he said, "it's your turn". I took my position on the toilet, he greased my hole up and said "Let me see you drop your present right on top of mine". I grunted and did just that letting out only two logs about 6 inches long and about two and half inches in circumference. He said, "Look man, look at that pile of stinky manturd!" Do you believe we did that? He wiped my asshole and we both put our clothes back on. We joked abou! t what do with the pile of shit on the newspaper. There was the tought to throw it on the beach. That was too much. We decided to leave it right in the trash can so that every guy who came in would see it. We thanked each other for the experience and made a date to do it again next Saturday evening at the same place. It was really exciting to buddy dump! Any one else have any stories like this?

Jay (of Jay & Paige)
Happy Thanksgiving to all on this board...what a cohesive group!

First, I have two questions I'd like you to answer. I'll put my choices at the end of this post. Number one is:
Where is the best and only place you can wet fart with impunity? The second one is: Where is the very best place to dry fart with impunity?

One thing good about this site is revealing things you may not have ever told anyone. Like remembering back to a few Thanksgivings ago when we were at my brother's house and in the presence of his worst-people-in-the-world inlaws. Paige and I had had our fill of them and instead of indulging in appetizers, we went into the guest bathroom and had wonderful sex on the floor next to the toilet (get it?--there's the tie-in with this board!).

I hope this is actually posted since my response to "concerned mom" about her apparently masturbating son never appeared.

OK, first answer: In the shower!
Second answer: On an airp! lane! Everybody knows you can rip the loudest farts there and even the person sitting next to you can't tell. Of course, if you're nearly vegetarian like me, no smell will be apparent!

Have a nice holiday...and Bridget--nice to see you posting here again. Wouldn't you love to have a poster of around a hundred people of all ages and sexes showing face shots of them straining and grunting?

Thursday, November 25, 1999

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