You crack me up!!!! And that's no pun intended. :-D

I don't remember saying that I am more interested in peeing than pooping, however. I do remember saying that I don't generally have poops that are that interesting...and I believe that you told me that it may have something to do with my diet. But while I'm on the subject, last week, I had some runny poop and I have no idea what caused that but I sure hate it when that happens. It seems that I had to wipe a million times to get clean! And generally, I don't poop that much (maybe just twice a week, or so) because I do not eat much at all. I'm very petite and that tends to run in my family, but I also believe that it is because I generally only eat about two meals a day and one of those meals is usually a very small portion. So perhaps when I get older and may have more of an appetite, I will produce more interesting poops. As for now, you guys just gotta settle for the boring ones that I! may describe here occasionally. ;-)

Fat Woman
Greetings, all.
LINDA- Thanks for your politeness in wanting to call me FW. You can call me anything you want, but please be assured that I chose this name for myself and will not be in the least offended if people refer to me as such.
SARAH- I second Tony's comments in that I have never heard of a religion that dictates when you can visit the toilet and i would ask you if your parents ever have accidents. What exactly is the religious reasoning behind such a practice? Also I assume you go to school. How can they control you when you go to the bathroom there?
JEFF A.- Thank you for your kind words. It's good to know that there are men out there who appreciate a fat woman on the toilet. One of my big fantasies is to poo in front of a man which i have never done, but I need to be careful. I live in San Francisco, and there are lots of psycho men, and my fantasy is not worth the risk of danger. I would love to hear some of your stories of Patty and other ???? women o! n the toilet. Sounds like you've had some great experiences! Did they spend alot of time on the toilet and were they embarassed to be watched?

I acknowledge the fact that thin people grunt and strain if they are constipated or have hard stools, and this has nothing to do with size. Maybe i should clarify what I meant. It has been my experience that fat women (as I have never heard men) grunt and strain REGARDLESS of the size or hardness of their stools. As I said before, even when my stools are soft, I MUST always bear down and grunt. It never comes out effortlessly (excluding diarrhea). My ???? friend Laura, who I have watched many times, also spends a great amount of time grunting on the toilet. My mother, and my 2 sisters who are also ????, they also have effortful movements. I never talked about this with them, but growing up I would hear them straining audibly on the toilet, so this leads me to believe that fat people have more difficulty. Take care!

Any of you guys pee and talk on the phone at the same time?

Andrew P

I should have known that the moderators would remove that telephone number, no doubt for perfectly valid reasons. Unfortunately, they won't realise how costly it is to extract numbers from telephone operator services in this country (UK). It is free if you call from a public phone box, but if you are able to look in a copy of your local yellow pages, just inside the cover is a new contents section for local information. The number for ChildLine is in the section "Helplines". It's in a red box entitled "Help in a hurry", "Children and Young People". Thats where I found the number for you that was erased from my last post. I hope you've been able to get it anyway, but I couldn't just leave the matter to rest.

I did say how concerned people on this site would be to hear of your problem. Not everyone reads everyday, but I see you have already got alternative advice from Althea, Fred_LimpBizket, Adrian (England) and Tony (Scotland). Perhaps even LINE has som! ething up his sleeve if you are able to tell him which religion your family follows. I'm sure there will be others with more advice over the next day or two as well. Now you've found us, you can talk to us all, anytime.

I really hope you can find a solution to your problem.

Love, Andrew P

SARAH: I must echo the thoughts and advice of our fellow correspondents here. The situation in which you are forced to live is unnatural and cruel, and constiutes a religious perversion that the State will act upon. I urge you to consider contacting the welfare authorities, and bringing to their attention your parents' restrictive attitudes. There are many religious edicts that govern how life is lived, they are, after all, all the power a religion ever has: but in the modern world the power of the church is not what it used to be, and the state has a hand in anything that involves kids. Don't let yourself be degraded and humiliated in this way, please, please act! Concernedly, PV

Sarah (lactose intolorant)

to: Sarah (the abused)

I was once abused a lot, in... just as sick of a way as your parents...

I joined the military to escape....

It ain't easy, but GO!!!!!!!

You will realize just how horrible your life once was, especially if you find boot camp fun (it's not that bad)

Besides, I have never had so much fun, and best of all...


I am free!!!!!!!!!

from: Sarah (from now on until further notice known as Sarah[LI] )

CancerChild's Cousin Zac
Concerned Mom- i am 20 but 3 years ago i was 17. Are you sure he's just going to the bathroom or doing something else?

Linda- Hey what's up?

J.W.- Where are ya man?

Anyways peoples nothing really to tell ya about. Oh i know does anyone pee into a bag when you are in the car and won't reach a bathroom for a while? I do this often because where we live there's a stretch of desert that lasts 20 minutes. I usually keep a bag handy.

Nothing else to report other than i have been constipated 2 weeks and have no solution. Any things that would work?

Peace Out

Sarah - I really don't know what to say, I'm shocked speechless, not to mention horrified. I don't know what religion your parents are, but NOTHING gives them the right to dictate wehn you can and cannot use the bathroom. That, in my mind, borders on child abuse. (Sorry to use the word child, but legally you still are, at least in the UK). You really need to speak to someone about this, such as a teacher. This intolerable situation can not, and must not, be allowed to continue. Excuse me for getting on my high horse, but this is something I feel very strongly about.

Right, I need to get of my soap box now. I notice there are a lot of new people here since I last posted, so hello to everyone. I don't have much time to post just now, I changed jobs in the middle of August and I'm working all the hours of the day and night.

Where are Steph, Alex and co? I haven't seen their names recently?.

Gotta go, speak to you all alter.

Geez Cindy.. man that was some poop. I feel your pain. Hee hee. Okay well Andrew P, XOXO means hugs and kisses.. to all of you. Aw man i guess I'll have to wait. heh but for your sake I hope you did get to see more... actually hee hee I would have liked to have been your cousin too, what fun we would have had. Anyway Um Ryan yes i have... but NVERE on purpose.I have had pee accidents cuase of those stupid pantyhose!! Grrr... but yes when i was maller I did have a few poop accidents as well as pee. But funny you should mention it.. I pooped in my undies today. Sigh. But my cousin was cool abotu it and well no my family knows. Well i had to poop and I held it too long.. my cousin tripeed and lost his keys in the bushes.. he tried to look but it was poking out... and came out even more.. my pampies (panties) were already messed up and I was dying for a poop. My cousin finally opened the door but I couldn't hold it or move. My cousin saw my tears and he knew. he said go ah! ead and let it come if you have to. He was pulling my pantyhose down as i grunted and strained it out in my pampies(panties). Well enough to hold me off till i got to the potty. My cousin took care of the rest and left me alone in the ptty to do my thing. I'm okay.. still feel kinda down but it's not my fault i HAVE tried to poop at school but my tushie will not open up and the poop wil not come out!! What should I do? And let me tell's getting worse.

Been too busy to post lately,but have been reading-some nice ones from the ladies!My pooing lately has been uneventful til this a.m.Last nite i had chef-boy-r-d overstuffed ravioli,hadn't had that in years.I was in kind of a rush and ate it on the run.Well, i woke up at about 3 am and had some serious cramps and i got up and went to sit on the toilet.I didn't feel the pressure in my rectum,but the cramps were pretty intense,so i sat there and every time a cramp came,i pushed my anus out,but nothing was happening.It was getting frustrating.Then i pushed and out came these hard balls and they caused a lot of splashback and then i felt my rectum fill up big time and i pushed and this soft turd snaked out slowly and was in the water while still coming out my open anus and then it sped up and my anus exploded with this reddish-brown mush along with a bunch of farts and boy,did that feel great and i continued to fill up the bowl with all this mush.then took a breather and looked in ! the bowl.It must have been the sauce in the ravioli,cause it was almost red mush in the toilet.Then i had to go some more-did a bunch of skinny long turds with some more gas and then pushed out some mucus and i was done.Had to jump in the shower to clean off.Had splashback all over my butt.
Someone asked about seeing how far one's anus "domed" out.I've seen my own thru the mirror at times and depending on how bad i had to go and how big the poo was.Sometimes,if i had i loose or soft BM i would just relax my anus and you could see it open up from the inside out and the poo would just slide out with little "doming"At other times especially after a big long poop My asshole would be wide open and really pushed out.I saw a few girls when they pooed and this one girl i was with when she pooed,her anus pushed out so far that it looked like she had no crack-It mut have domed out an inch and a half or more.It was wild to see.Then this nurse friend of mine would go huge piles of! poop and then her anus would pop out and look like it was hanging out of her ass.I think she had some hemmoroid trouble,but it was cool to watch.She could also on command open her anus wide and you could look almost up her butt,i don't know how she did that-Can anyone else do this? That girl sure was fun!Happy turkey to all and i'm looking foreward to all the thanksgiving day after poos.I know i'll do a big one fri a.m.BYE

Some Girl
hey this is a really cool website, i cant believe so many people are devoted to this subject.

Nicola: Thanks for the wonderful descriptions of your different styles of turds. I love the "naval shell" comparison! I know just what you mean about women generally being able to pass thicker turds. I was quite amazed when I first saw one left by my wife. Much thicker and more solid than anything I could ever manage. I still get to see them from time to time, when they dont flush. I think she gets quite a pleasure from a big shit, she sometimes mentions it when we are being intimate, so there is possibly a sexual connection.

Dear Sarah,

My heart goes out to you. I have never posted on this site before, although I've been watching it for probably a couple years now; but I have this huge urge to "help the oppressed", to quote, I think, the Bible, which I tend to live by: I'm also very religious, but, well, obviously not in the particular religion your parents are...interestingly, by the way, the Bible does address in some places matters of interest to people on this site (what else could you expect of the book written by our creator (well, that's what I believe anyway)); but I get way off topic.

[Actually, as I paste this into my web-browser, it occurs to me that there's a small chance that "Sarah" is a fabrication, not a real person, etc...something someone put up on the forum just to get a reaction. This thought crosses my mind because your situation just seems so impossible; I almost can't conceive of it. But if I make a fool of myself, so be it; I'd rather do that than fail to help and comfort a real person, like I really do believe you are.]

I read your post, and immediately, I knew I had to respond. I started shaking physically to think of it (well, I'm also cold and it's way past my bedtime, but...) just to read your post made me hurt emotionally, sensing your physical pain. Your post is not the first time I have heard of religious regulation of elimination functions: my religion is very serious in studying the Bible and Biblical history, and so I have heard that in the time of Christ, and I don't know for how long before, or how long after, there was a sect of the Jews called the "Essenes", who were a very strict community. Among other things, they did not permit themselves or anyone they had control over to eliminate on the Sabbath day--our Saturday; it was considered unholy.; at least, that is what I remember being told; I have not found, yet, any documentation on the details, etc, whether they were permitted to pee during that 24-hour-period but not poop, or rather were not even permitted to urinate durin! g that day of the week (and the day was from sunset to the next sunset, by the way), I do not know. But even that sounds slightly civilized compared to what your parents are doing to you!!!--at least in my best estimation the Essenes of 2000 years ago only had to endure this for one day a week, and I would be wiling to bet they knew how to prepare for it!! It sounds to me like you have to live in perpetual torture, every day of the week, and especially the days you go to college. Ugh. Like I said, my masculine instinct is (and its especially strong that you are a girl, and one younger than I am (I'm 21)), I feel like rescuing you. But, this being a more or less anonymous Internet forum, all we can offer is what we can write:

Have you thought of: buying your own toilet paper, to use at college, and carrying it with you? Perhaps even finding somewhere to store it at school so your parents don't find out... I don't know what toilet conditions are like at college; where I went to University, I was usually able to find a bathroom that was clean enough to use, even if not perfectly stocked. As far as getting laughed at if you do use the bathroom there...could you go out of your way to find an out of the way location, where no one will know...? Again, I don't know what your college is like in layout or quality. But you might consider looking for bathrooms in teachers' buildings, you know where they have their know, you can pretend to be going to a teachers' office, and really go to visit one of their restrooms? Not being a girl, I'm somewhat lacking in this knowledge: but, would extra measures of feminine sanitary pads or underwear help you to be able to "go to the restroom without goi! ng to the restroom" least to pee...? well, that doesn't help for needing a bowel movement necessarily, and if you are like me, those are harder to hold in than having to pee, even having to pee quite badly, and of course, somewhat harder to conceal if you do "lose it", but maybe those are not your biggest worry?... Perhaps taking just one respected faculty member at school into your confidence would help: he/she could provide you with whatever you want that you cannot buy for some reason, or access to better facilities during school hours. Or the same with a classmate, if you have any good friends, especially if your college has on-campus housing and you have a friend who does not live at home. ( might even try bathrooms in dormitories if your campus has on-campus or near-campus dorms, especially if you have friends that live there.)

As I'm sure you're starting to discover, college can be quite a liberating place...for once, your parents aren't tagging along with your every step (at least, I hope they aren't)...when I went to University, I took gymnastics classes, against my mother's wishes; she couldn't do anything about it. And you now have Internet access, and are writing to us from there...--it's a time in life, in my experience, when your parents start to not be able to exert as much control over you, simply because you go somewhere that allows you to make adult decisions and take adult actions without them knowing about it, and you ARE becoming an adult, so really, it's not such a bad thing to make decisions on your own: I say this, struggling with these kinds of concepts, at least in a philosophical way, myself, so I know what it is like to be in opposition to your parents while still trying to honor them, albeit on less physically painful matters. I, personally, in any of my small problems, have! usually been able to take the approach of doing things without my parents finding out, whenever their desires have been too stifling.

So, you ask "What should I do?" had thought of two options, carrying on the way you've been living so far, which is accepting your parents' constant scorn, rebuke, and by some definitions, physical abuse for your "shortcomings", or trying extra hard to hold it in, thereby pleasing your parents more often but increasing your discomfort almost unbearably. I think there are other options, like the things I wrote above, and like other people have said: I personally am afraid of doing like one person suggested, calling a child help line, which would likely end up putting an outside authority between your parents and you, and I would guess that you are, too--but really, if nothing like what I'm suggesting would work; if your parents are really so controlling or your environment so unfriendly that you couldn't possibly get away with anything, then I'd definitely say, talk to someone who can help more directly than we can!

Well, I'm sure glad you've found this website. You must have been looking for it, given your personal situation. I'm sure I can speak for most everyone here when I say, we're here for you. Well, I know I am. Your post was short and poigniant, but it told a lot. Maybe next time you write, you could tell us a bit more about yourself and what it is like. Has this problem been harder for you in college, or has it always been hard, and you have been enduring this for many years?

I know, like, nobody says this, but really: I'll be praying for you.


Some comments to individuals, then something for all...

SARAH, while you're deciding whether or not to take this problem with your parents to social services, something else occurs to me. You could be having healthy motions at the college, except, you say, there's never any paper and people get laughed at if they go there. The first problem is easy to solve: carry some paper in backpack or purse. About the second - is the teasing really that bad, or are you perhaps exaggerating it in your mind because of the situation at home? I think it might just be other students' way of being more open and friendly, based on something that's so common to us all. (It's been said that the only two moments when we are all exactly alike are birth and when we're on the loo.) Isn't there at least one decent ladies' room at the college that affords users some privacy? I hope you'll find it and start using it regularly so that your body can function more normally, at least on day! s when college is in session. Just say to yourself, "Let them laugh. I'm as regal as QEII when I'm pooing on the loo!" As for your parents' practices, I try hard to respect the belief systems of others, but what sort of religion is this, in the name of God? The Designer of our incredible bodies could never have intended such a practice. Revealed religion, I believe, has always been intended to help us progress as humans, but we often manage to twist it into is something very strange, as Tony says. Good luck, and please let us know how you're doing with this. You have lots of supportive friends here.

JACK, maybe diet is your daughter's biggest problem. Is she eating enough fibrous foods, e.g., fruits and vegetables? A lot of teenagers neglect that. Another help might be a high fiber breakfast cereal. That's probably the meal most neglected by many teens. Also, she may not be drinking enough liquids, especiially water. Of course, the problem could be mor! e serious that just diet, but I'd suspect that first. Maybe you can help her by having a talk about the health benefits of fiber. I once helped a college student that way after she confided to me about a severe problem with constipation and hemmorhoids. One we started talking , she didn't find it so hard to open up, even though I'm a guy. A few weeks later she told me that she was now having "really easy movements" and thanked me for the advice.

JEFF A., what's the name of your documentary? It sounds like an eye-opener. There are comments here at times times about films with toilet scenes, e.g., "Canned Heat," set in a women's prison. But your work and comments remind us how degrading we can be to each other. Rehabilitation? Nah, it's come down to the easy fix: "Lock 'em away!"

Here in the U.S., Thursday, 11/25, is Thanksgiving, our national harvest festival. Lot's of us will be getting together with family and eating a bit too much. The results o! f that should make for some good stories here. Be you from the U.S. or elswhere, a Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Why do people expect to shit only once per day? The Sitting on the Toilet survey has revealed that there is an enormous variation from person to person in defecation frequency. I used only to do my business once per day, but for the last two years, with an improvement in my diet to include much more fruit and salad, I do my number two at least twice per day. Oddly enough, if I don't get the message before breakfast, and do it after breakfast, I still get the message again later in the day, usually during the afternoon. At first I used to think that all I needed was to fart, but now I always go to the toilet if I feel like farting in the afternoon, and nearly always produce quite a lot of solid material....
Fat Woman: Struggling to shit is nothing to do with the size of your arse, it's all to do with diet and the consistency of your turds.

Anne (supply teacher)
Sarah. You must discuss your problem with a tutor or another responsible adult that you trust and can confide in. This is very important.

Cindy. Like you I enjoy a good poop on Sundays - usually late morning, sometime between eleven thirty and one. I usually take a good magazine with me and I always make a point of being unhurried. It's as relaxing as taking a good soak in bubble bath. I always make sure I'm well ready for it though. There's no point in going before you're ready - it spoils the enjoyment. Of course the best bit is getting hubby to cook the Sunday roast while I'm in there. It makes a change not to have to do the cooking myself and I'm always nicely hungry when I get to the table. You don't have to be a genius to figure out why!

Iím in NY City now and I do have one good airport story. I changed planes at OíHare Airport in Chicago. I didnít have to take a dump, but as I did have some gas, I decided to sit down in a stall, since itís easier to crank out those farts on the ol pot. I had been to OíHare several times before, but I forgot that they have those hi-tech ass gasket dispensers! Now these crappers are the opposite of the primitive Turkish toilets that have been so eloquently described lately.

The ass gaskets at OíHare are not just flat pieces of paper. They are paper tubes of a very strong paper that fit all around the toilet seat (top, sides, and bottom) and the new one AUTOMATICALLY comes out of a dispenser behind the right back of the toilet seat as the old one goes into a container behind the left back of the toilet seat. It is continuous and the mechanism is activated when you put your hand in front of a sensor on the wall behind the toilet. A digital read-out displayed the number of ass gaskets left in the thing. I hope you can all visualize this. Iím doing my best, but you may have to make a trip to OíHare Airport to see it for yourself. Has anyone else seen this type of automatic high-tech ass gasket dispenser? These are made by a company called Sani-Seat.

I didnít have much time in the menís room because I did not want to miss my next flight and I did not hear any good action. Also, the stall dividers started very low to the floor so even if a barefoot, healthy, athletic college guy were next door grunting out a HUGE log that he had hung onto for more than a week, it would be hard to see those tight curled toes clench the floor as he strained, grunted, farted, and got red-faced as his whole body tensed in urgency as he desperately strained and pushed so he could get relief so he wouldnít have to cram himself into one of those tiny airplane toilets and risk filling it to overflowing with his massive load.

To Redneck: Yes there are some hostels outside of cities with communal bathrooms. I just spent two nights in one in Littleton MA (30 miles west of Boston). Unfortunately whenever I used the menís room, there was on one else in the stall. It has two toilets back to back, each in its own enclosure, but with space under the door so even though you could not see anything, the sounds would be audible. The shower was in another room and there was no vent fan, so there would be nothing to mask the sounds from the other toilet. In No. CA, there is a hostel at Pt. Reyes National Seashore with 2 or 3 toilets and shower curtains instead of doors. Also, out of San Jose, CA there is the Sanborn park hostel in Saratoga with 2 or 3 toilets, each with its own stall.

To NC: What a small world! I also had the experience of visiting Alcatraz prison and staying overnight in a cell as a tourist. I also noticed the exposed toilets but did not have to make use of them in the middle of the night. Not! many groups get to spend the night at Alcatraz so this is really a bizarre coincidence.


Wednesday, November 24, 1999

To Fat woman. (Gee I really hate calling you that.. sorry but my cousin taught me respect so i'll clal you FW okay?0 Anyway um well being um.. big doesn't have anyhting to do with straining and grunting when you poop. I'm very thin and lean but man even though I poop liek twice a day i have to strain till the point that my head about expodes. I grunt and starin and man.. and when i AM constipated it's worse.. I do sometimes let it out on it's own but man I can stay in the bathroom for like an hour waiting for it to move on it's own and the feeling man. Well that my opinion.

Fat Woman: That was an impressive story about your pooping in front of your friend. I cannot imagine having my butt cheeks hanging over the seat, I am pretty slim, but since I am pretty young (15) I may someday have a bigger butt. I do have to strain and grunt a lot to get my poo out.

Yesterday was a grunter. I love Sunday poos though. The day is so laid back, that I can take my time and read while I poo. But as it usually happens, I have to concentrate eventually. I sat down yesterday with a book I am reading for school, I peed and kept reading. After about 15 pages or so, the poo was really knocking at the inside of my anus. Sometimes I giggle to myself as I think about a conversation with my log. "Let me out" it says, "just a minute, I need to finish this chapter" I respond. That is what was goiong on in my head, but this poo felt pretty powerful, so I sat the book down and started straining, gently at first, then all out grunting and straining. I felt! my anus open up and the log start out, "oh shit" I said, I kept straining, my toes and legs were shaking as I pushed as hard as I could, that made the poo log start to pick up speed, and it started shooting out of my little anus. It felt in pretty quietly, without any splash. Then I farted a few times, and pushed out several marbles. It is strange, after doing a big one like that, the marbles sometimes do not want to come out, so I have to rock back and forth to get them to fall. Finally I wiped, and saw the log, it was about a foot long, smooth, and pretty thick. The marbles were all laying around it, about 8 of them.


To Alex M, you're right, there aren't very many public 'WC a la Turque' left in France but if you need to use one and there's nothing else available.... That reminds me of a summer hiking trip in the French Alps a couple of years ago on the Tour du Mont Blanc (TMB) trail above Chamonix. IMHO, this has some of the finest mountain views in Europe but where the TMB crosses the road about 20 km North of Chamonix, I came across a fine view of a different kind. There is a visitor centre where the toilettes are the traditional French 'hole in the floor' type and have gaps under the doors. As I bent down to tie my boot lace, I couldn't help noticing a woman using the 'WC a la Turque' facing the 'wrong way', that is away from the door instead of towards it. I saw a rear view of her slim and pretty butt as she was crouching down and weeing! Then an English couple came in and the woman went into a stall. She said, "Oh yuk, my favourite! You have to half undress to use one of these". There was much swishing of clothes and I assume she was removing her jeans and panties completely before putting her shoes back on to stand on the foot plates and squat. No chance of a view however as her partner was standing guard outside. Well that's the last of the stories about France, next time it's Switzerland.

JACK: That's a valid and important matter about your 16-year old daughter. If she is experiencing difficulty in opening her bowels she risks a number of problems later in life, and possibly not very far on. Obviously, haemarhoids are the foremost amongst them, though rectal prolapse I believe can attend situations of significant straining, and hernias are relatively common, or at least worsened by excessive straining. Her resistance to the thought of either a laxative or an enema is likely a matter of embarressment, certainly a gentle laxative to ease matters should not be a cause for concern, though in my own experience youngsters can sometimes be so private with regard to their toileting that they can let themselves get into a serious state that was easily avoidable. This compares with other youngsters and teens who are entirely open with their toilet habits, so much so that their parents have expressed concern at this board about their liberal attitude. If your daughter's c! onstipation seems fairly persistent, and if she experiences ???? ache as well, I would certainly suggest you again try having a serious but of course kind word with her. At the very least, if she would put a little vaseline into her anus before she begins it might make it easier for her. Perhaps addressing to her the possible long-term consequences of difficult bowel actions might convince her that a little embarressment is actually easily overcome, that she is doing the best thing for herself, and easier motions will probably be their own reward. And if all else fails, a discussion with the family doctor might make the situation more clear for her -- before the doctor's services are required in a perhaps more serious way. Laxatives are of course a temporary solution, but the gentler types of suppositories might be ideal for her, or perhaps a warm water enema once a week would keep her clear. I hope she's well, and that you can help her avoid problems. If she's simply enjoyin! g "doing a big one" there might be no problem, but if she's backing up trouble, it's better handled sooner than later. Best wishes, PV

Sara, I am horrified your parents torture you preventing the basic human rights of using the toilet. You are 17. Graduate from school and leave your home. Join the military or find a job. When I was your age that was unthinkable. Tell your guidance counselor. Maybe there is a private toilet in the nurse's office or use the toilet at a transport terminal or a store on your way to and from school. I'm appalled.

To Sarah: What religion are your parents?

Andrew P
Hello people. Have just got back from London on my motorbike. It took about 3 hours, and I'm freezing ! So I thought I'd warm myself up by reading the latest posts, and enjoying what people have to say.

Unfortunately, I've been left very cold by Sarah's post.

Its so hard to know what to say to you. To openly defy your obsessively religious parents is obviously not an option you can or are willing to take. Clearly, it can not be healthy for you to suffer in the way you are made to.

I'm not qualified to advise you, but all I can think of is to call a professional help service. Believe me when I say that the best in your case is likely to be ChildLine. You are not too old at 17, it is a 24 hour service, and its completely free. So you could make the call from a phone box or at the house of a trusted friend, and it can take as long as is necessary because it won't cost a penny. The telephone number in the UK is very simple, Sorry, but we cannot verify phone numbers, especially in foreign countries contact your telephone operator.( Moderator, please, this is not advertising. It is a serious, and dedicated telephone helpline for desperate children and young people in the UK )

Having asked the good people on this site for their help, it would be wonderful to hear from you again, letting us know what happens. People here are very concerning, and will worry about you and your awful predicament.

HEH, LINDA !! Theres plenty more cousin stories to come, cousin Jayne ones anyway ! And yes, I would have liked to be your cousin, when I was the age I was then, 14+ !! Great pee story by the way. You ask if I've seen more than her shoes ? Well......... Sorry, I promised Tony (Scotland) not to make my posts too long. So you'll have to keep reading the rest of my cousin stories to find out !! P.S. Does XOXO mean anything ? P.P.S. Next cousin story will be in two days. I'm away from home tomorrow.

Bye everyone, and good luck SARAH.

Love, Andrew P.

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