Hello again folks.

My story begins this past Sunday at the football stadium up in my suite area. After halftime, I went to use 1 of the 2 sigle private bathrooms in my little section. A little girl about 7 years old had run into the one to the left and a Hispanic cleaning lady had entered the one to the right. (Don't you public toilet hatters love it, your own cleaning lady to clean your bathroom before you use it!) 8 minutes went by and both the cleaning lady and the little girl were still in the bathrooms. I stood in the middle to wait for one of them to come out. After another minute, the little cleaning lady came out, made no eye contact as she walked by me standing at the door. As I entered, closing the door and locking it behind me, I noticed how clean it was in there. I mean, there were fresh napkin towelets, and soap put out, and the place smelled as if it had been sprayed with some of that pine air freshener. As I walked up to the bowl to flip my thing out to wee, something down in there caught my eye. I slowly looked down and there it was, a large, freshly laid, mushy, greenish brown turd curled up about 10 inches long by 2.5 inches wide sitting in a stew of yellow juice. After examining it for a few minutes I though, man that's a rush! I then tried to flush it down rather than peeing on top of it but the flush lever was broke. I then took the lid off of the tank and just simply reattached the flapper valve, and flushed her away. While I proceeded to do my business and put my eye drops in, A man started knocking hard on the door and saying "Amy are you in there". As I finished and opened the door, I could see the embarasement on his face. "Ohh uhh, sorry", he said. I then said, "sir, she might be in the other bathroom over there. Sure enough, a few seconds later, the door opened and the little girl emerged, and the two of them went back to their seats. I'll bet that little girl's jobbie was bigger than that cleaning lady's. Oh yea, and the home team won!

Jasmine!, oh Jasmine! Welcome back, I missed you. I would love to take you to a football game with me, you would love it up in my suite. Jasmine, you mentioned that you are not very interested in pooing as much as you are in peeing. Well, I think that more guys are interested in a woman's poop than pee because pee is uninteresting, all piss looks the same. All poop looks different and smells different. I guess it's like the old sayin' goes, watching a women's poop come out is like opening a box of cracker jack, you never know what the surprise will look like.
Talk to ya soon.


Just a minute here, let me understand this, your saying the marble goes into your urethra? I don't think so as that actual tiny opening couldn't take in even a thin pencil. So that leaves the vagina, but thats NOT where your pee comes from so perhaps you could help my confusion and be more specific. I for one seem to have a GREAT bladder cause I can hold my pee for great lengths, but of course I too have my limits, usually induced from the bladder pain, but now and then a bout of urgancy will strike so bad my only resort's my finger pushing very hard directly on the urethral opening which a few times was already wet from leaking pee.

Sarah, that would really suck, would'nt it be better to disobey by using the restroom than to disobey going in your panties? Just a thought... Or, go out with friends and do it at a mall or something...

Someone asked if anyone had any bathroom stories to tell when flying on an airplane???

I do a lot of traveling and have had the pleasure of dropping some really big loads in high-flying toilets! I have never clogged an airplane toilet like Nicola has, but many times left lots of poop-streaks in the bowl for other passengers to see. Newer airplane toilets flush without water, so this happens very easily. I guess it is assumed that the pee from other passengers will rinse the bowl clean, this must be to save water. I have two other stories to relate. Several years ago, I was on a flight and there was a mother with her two children in the row in front of me. Of course the kids were noisy brats (as usual), but soon the boy in the middle seat fell asleep and the mother who was seated at the aisle soon followed. I was in the aisle seat directly behind the sleeping mother, but I could see and hear the little girl playing with a coloring book and! looking out the window. At last I could read my book in peace! About half an hour later the girl started crying and eventually wailed loud enough to wake up her mother and anyone else who may have been sleeping on that flight. Her mother jumped from her seat picked up the girl (who was soaked) and headed for the lavatory. It was then I noticed liquid dripping from where the seat cushion meets the seat back onto the carpet behind the seat where the little girl was sitting. Luckily the window seat in my aisle was empty or someone would have had their shoes and socks soaked!!
Another time I was on a flight and witnessed what I believe to be the filthiest toilet I have seen yet. I opened the door to one of the lavatories and gagged from the stench inside. Someone had lost control of their digestive system and left diarrhea all over the toilet seat, wall panels and floor. The sink, counter and mirror were covered with vomit. Filthy tissues and toilet paper were strewn everywhe! re. What kind of person would walk away from a mess like this? I was retching to the point I thought I was going to puke. I shut the door and informed one of the attendants. She didn't even open the door to look, but just locked the door from the outside and wrote Not in service on a piece of paper and taped it to the door. Thankfully the other lavatory was spotless.

Fat Woman: That was an impressive story about your pooping in front of your friend. I cannot imagine having my butt cheeks hanging over the seat, I am pretty slim, but since I am pretty young (15) I may someday have a bigger butt. I do have to strain and grunt a lot to get my poo out.

Yesterday was a grunter. I love Sunday poos though. The day is so laid back, that I can take my time and read while I poo. But as it usually happens, I have to concentrate eventually. I sat down yesterday with a book I am reading for school, I peed and kept reading. After about 15 pages or so, the poo was really knocking at the inside of my anus. Sometimes I giggle to myself as I think about a conversation with my log. "Let me out" it says, "just a minute, I need to finish this chapter" I respond. That is what was goiong on in my head, but this poo felt pretty powerful, so I sat the book down and started straining, gently at first, then all out grunting and straining. I felt! my anus open up and the log start out, "oh shit" I said, I kept straining, my toes and legs were shaking as I pushed as hard as I could, that made the poo log start to pick up speed, and it started shooting out of my little anus. It felt in pretty quietly, without any splash. Then I farted a few times, and pushed out several marbles. It is strange, after doing a big one like that, the marbles sometimes do not want to come out, so I have to rock back and forth to get them to fall. Finally I wiped, and saw the log, it was about a foot long, smooth, and pretty thick. The marbles were all laying around it, about 8 of them.


Sarah. I was very concerned to see your post. Your parents shouldn't try to restrict access to the bathroom and I'm alarmed to read that they do. You should be able to go when and where you choose - within reason. I.m sure your Mum and Dad love you very much, but they've got a funny way of showing it.

Have you discussed the problem with any of your teachers or a student counsellor? I suggest you do. You clearly need help with this one.

You say you're 17. This means you'll soon be 18 and legally an adult. As an adult you will be perfectly entitiled to go to the toilet when and where you want. In the meantime though, it's important that you get help.

Rose, the big jobbie eventually did go away but I had to throw a couple of buckets of water down the pan to get it to shift. This isnt a big deal to me, it happens quite a lot.

Sarah, I am, like many people who post here, very anti organised religions, having had a bit too much of it as a kid. I believe in God but reject all creeds and faiths as man made and instruments of repression and control. You have just proved this for me.

I know of no ordinary religion or sect which stipulates when a person should go to the toilet for either excretory function. Islam does forbid urination and defecation facing Mecca, which is fair enough I suppose, its their sacred city after all, but that's about it. Now not only to tell you when you can shit but scold you if you cant hold it in and have an accident, that's cruel. In your shoes Id shop the control freak bastards, (your parents) to the Child Welfare Authorities, as this seems like a form of abuse to me. Im sure they w! ould be very interested at the Social Services Department!!!!!! There is a legal precedent, Jehovahs Witness parents tried to stop their child having a blood transfusion during an operation. The court overruled them and gave temporary custody to the surgeon who of course authorised the transfusion. Otherwise as you are 17, you can legaly leave home and let these two sad nutters control themselves in the name of their religion to their hearts content. Its your call, but that is a way out, if a rather powerful one. As we approach the new Millennium its a pity we cant adopt the famous line from John Lennon's Imagine, "imagine there's no heaven, NO RELIGION TOO!"

Jeff A.
BRIDGETTE: How happy I was to hear from you. I always enjoyed talking to you, and have really, really, really missed you! One thing that a man really admires, is a woman who acknowledges his efforts. You remembered everything I ever did here! I'm impressed! Please don't be such a stranger, because I love you!
Even if you have nothing new to report, you can always comment on something else. If it's true that absence makes the heart grow fonder, then mine couldn't grow any larger!
ALEX: Always good to hear from you. I miss your posts, as you used to be more of a regular here, but the fact that you don't post as often is actually a good thing. That means that you're busy taking care of your life; and that is a very good thing.
NICOLA: Wow!!! You just answered a ton of questions that I've had since I was probably 12 years old, and that is this: Why do women do such huge jobbies?! Your explanation made perfect sense, and it seems right. There must be s! omething to do with the differences in male/female architecture. And for yourself, if what you described as being average for your daily offerings, then I'm doubly impressed. One 12 incher and a 6-8 incher, 2 Ĺ inches thick?! Woo-wee! Please forgive my self indulgence here, but I would LOVE to be roll of toilet paper on the wall to see those!!!
FAT WOMAN: just your name alone makes me smile all over with a great excitement! Nothing is more sexy to me, than a heavy or ???? woman. The woman that I said I'd mention named Patty, wore a size 24 in jeans, american. She wore 3x in tops, or blouses, and was just a complete beauty queen!!!! She was warm and cuddly, had a great smile, always smelled really good like fresh soap, and sweet perfume, walked like a model, and just looked fantastic. The way you described yourself as spreading out on the toilet seat, well she did the same thing.
To answer your question though, I've known and had potty experiences with many ot! her heavy women, being attracted to them the way that I am, and they've all grunted quite a bit. They also have a very stong smell, which I find to be quite appealing as well. Call me crazy, but that smell is the whipped cream on the sundae. But on the other side of that coin, really thin, or athletic, or "centerfold" type bodies, which I've also been in the bathroom with, also have trouble sometimes. They can also stink to high heaven too. The girl named "Kyra" that I had mentioned a lot in old posts, she smelled just like overly rotten garbage whenever she went. It was a real struggle to stay in there whenever she had to poop. In fact, afterward, she would always make mention, and be proud of how bad she stunk. She'd say "It don't exactly smell like roses in here." and she was right. I would be willing to bet that you are quite attractive on the potty. You've already given a few details, enough of which that I would find you to be quite a pretty woman in the bathroom! , and worthy of a good wholesome peek. I also used to date a college track runner, who had probably a 5% body fat, was about 5 foot 9 and weighed about 100 pounds. She was skinny as a rail! Whenever I had the privilege of seeing her poop, she 'd grunt like she was giving birth, showing all teeth and gums in the process. When she'd get up, she'd inspect her crap: One turd about 4 inches long, and Ĺ inch in diameter, no smell or anything. She thought that this was a big load for her. So go figure.

CONCERNED MOM: If your son really goes twice a day, then good for him. I go three or four times a day. One big morning one, and 2 or 3 smaller ones later in the day. But, on the "touchy" subject, if he really is masturbating, then that's good; don't worry, be happy!!! The more he masturbates, the less chance you have of being a grandma! You don't have to mention it to him, but don't do anything to stop it. It's damned healthy. If every world leader would masturbate ! instead of trying to start a war somewhere, imagine how happy we all would be. The slogans could be "Make wank, not war." Even if they did give their penises a serious whack instead of using air strikes, afterward they'd more than likely say, "Well....I was pissed, but now,..I'm not so sure. Let's just forget it."

Finally, on the subject of jailhouse toilets. I've never been in a jail in my life until I spent two months in a women's prison shooting a documentary. Believe me, in the U.S., prison is no place for a woman. My heart goes out to them. In fact, after my first day of shooting, I bawled my eyes out. I produced, wrote and directed this program and what it did to me was give me the biggest wake up call of my life. I haven't cried that hard since I was a kid. You wanna talk toilets? Women have absolutely NO privacy. They're watched constantly, and not just on the toilet. When I shot this film, I was in the main housing block. The cells are open, and! I constantly heard toilets flushing. The women are used to an audience, male or female. I did not look, not even once, though I could have. I swore to myself that I would never invade or humiliate them any more than what they put up with in their everyday lives behind bars. In the research of this project, I studied about American women behind bars. What I uncovered from a hearty six months of digging made me want to vomit. Torture, humiliation, rape, degredation, and the very worst of all: Threats of taking away visitation from their children. If this is rehab, then I want no part of it. For men it's no holiday either, but a woman will get twice, or three times a sentence than a man will for the same crime. If anyone can tell me the justice in that, I'd love to hear it. Anyway, I'd read some of the posts here about that, especially the one about prisoners retaliating by throwing their turds at the guards. Trust me, in my home state, if that ever happened, prisoner! s would regeret the day they were born.
Sorry for being so preachy, but I'm still getting this experience out of my head. And that's just the least of what U.S. women go through behind bars. One of my interview subjects broke down and cried in front of me, (off camera) because she was serving a 58 year sentence for killing a man who would beat the living shit out her on a nightly basis. One night she panicked and shot him. She's in her fifties. She will never see the outside again.
The nice thing about all of this, is the letters I've recieved from female prisoners, thanking me for the film.
For that alone, I feel like I've done something with my life, and can now exit at any time.

Oh well, enough of that. I love you all. Happy holidays, and for those of us who don't post very often, and especially to Julian who's no longer with us, I propose a simple toast "To absent friendsÖ"

Onights: I can think of two reasons why someone may flush a urinal before they pee. First, it is not unusual to feel a very fine mist or actual small drops of pee and water being propelled out of the urinal. It is easy to feel this especially when wearing short pants or short sleeve shirts. I know that sounds disgusting, but its true. This is the reason I flush before I pee. Second, some people are pee shy and the sound of the running water helps them begin to pee.

Linda-I was wondering if you have had any accidents other than the ones you have already mentioned, Or any times where you went in your pants on purpose?

To Fat woman. (Gee I really hate calling you that.. sorry but my cousin taught me respect so i'll clal you FW okay?0 Anyway um well being um.. big doesn't have anyhting to do with straining and grunting when you poop. I'm very thin and lean but man even though I poop liek twice a day i have to strain till the point that my head about expodes. I grunt and starin and man.. and when i AM constipated it's worse.. I do sometimes let it out on it's own but man I can stay in the bathroom for like an hour waiting for it to move on it's own and the feeling man. Well that my opinion.

Monday, November 22, 1999

Karen. If drinking certain substances such as coffee and orange juice has such a strong diuretic effect on you that they cause a problem or you have difficulty restraining yourself, perhaps you ought to consider avoiding them. Apart from anything else, surely it can't be worth the embarrassment? The diruetic effects of tea and coffee are well documented. Drinking too much of either will probably leave you dehydrated. Competent authority has suggested that we should drink more clear water than we generally do, less tea and coffee. I much prefer tea and coffee to clear water as I'm sure you do, but it isn't what's best for us. Do you find decaffeinated coffee makes any difference?

Anne (I don't know which one you are). I'd counsel against using that marble. You'd be better off drinking something other than coffee or, better still, going to the toilet as soon as you've had your coffee. Regular trips to the toilet can save a lot of embarrassment.


I tried the marble thing and it worked!

Concerned mom, teenage boys like myself have to poop quite abit, and it take a while sometimes because a teenagers diet does not consist of very heathy food.
I have seen many teen boys take dumps at school, and they do take a long time. They also release large amounts of poop. the fact is that teen poop alot because they eat alot

Andrew P. Heh so seemed to have lots of fun so just seeing a girls shoes on the potty. heh. Did you eve see more than just her shoes? And No I don't mean like her socks or feet. But don't worry hey I like to watch both boys and girls too and I have kinda stooped that low. (No offense I mean it toward me0 Anyway heh you probably would have loved being my cousin as I trust him to see me on the potty since I was potty trained years ago. Anyway i'd love to hear if you have any more cousin stories or maybe you actully watching more than her shoes. Me I haven't still been able to poop at school my tushie just won't open up. Well not true.. when Jenny went with me last week a bit came out.. it was like a huge hard egg.. and it went KAPLOP!!! in the potty. Whew. I still had LOTS to do but it took lots of pressure off of me so i was able to hold it till i got home where I pulled down my pampies(panties) and sat down as i told my cousin about my day. (It came out by itself but I was dyi! ng as it came out sooooooooooooo slowly, spikey peice by spikey peice) Put man 6 KASPLASHES later I felt like I was in heaven. (There also came out a tiny one that went plip that made me giggle) Anyway Jenny has been able to go poop at school now as I go with her and play cherleader. We hug after she feels lot better. I hope to someday do a whole poop in the potty. Oh well. Okay weel people say there isn't enou peeing stories.. I'm a sweet girl so here goes. Me I almost had a pee accident last night and it was all do to my dumb silly ways. Well last night I had lots of ???? pink lemonade (Hey my auntie rarely makes stuff like that so when she does you have to take as much as you can.)Anyway well I went to bed ( Should have sat down for a pee then but I didn't ahve to) ANyway in the middle of the night I woke up with a HUGe cramp it was my bladder about to bust. Okay I'll admit it I'm a big chicken okay I'm still scared of the dark but geez I'm only 8 years old =ř BLEH!!! Anyw! ay my cousin usually leaves the light on in the bathroom for be but for some reason he did and well I was too sweet to wake him. I tossed and turned in pain and uncomfiness. Then finally when i thought my poor cousin's room was about to become the new pacific ocean there was a huge bright light. My cousin wasn't even in the bed he was in the bathroom with the door shut (That's why I didn't see the light very well) After that i said outof the way as i waddled like a penguin to the bathroom and nearly knocked my cousin over as i pulled my pampies (panties) down and sat.GUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU
hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Whew. (Yup I peed for like two mintues. Anyway my cousin watched with his jaw open. 'Had to go bad did we? I nodded then got so! me paper and cleaned my front. I pulled up my pampies adn went back to bed. In the morning I had to pee again. Man from now on I'll take it easy on the lemonade. So I hope you people who asked for more pee stories are happy now. (Talk about suffering to make people happy)

Fat Woman
Really glad I found this site and that there are other people who are turned on by toilet experiences. I can agree with what some people said about the scat sites--really gross!! I mean, to each his own, but I must say that the actual texture, sight and smell of poo doesn't do much for me. I enjoy having a good movement, but I love watching and listening to others too, and for me the excitement comes from the intimacy of a private act, watching the person grunting and straining- this above everything else! And of course seeing someone's bare ass bearing down on the toilet.
Most of my "observations" have been in public bathrooms, listening to women in adjacent stalls. Usually, they only pee, which is disappointing, but I have been lucky occasionally and have heard women quietly straining as they poo. Usually I will start grunting next to them even if I'm not pooping in the hope that they will loosen up and grunt louder. Sometimes this has worked. Most times it doesn't. Mo! st women seem to be pretty inhibited about pooping in public. In fact, I only have 1 friend who I guess you could call my dump buddy. We discovered our mutual interest by accident and about once a week we get together for poop sessions. I'll call her Laura, she has shoulderlength black hair and brown eyes and is heavy like me, although I outweigh her by about 20 lbs.

We have never followed our poop sessions with anything else, I mean to say we do not have a lesbian relationship. We are satisfied at this point to keep it at a buddy dumping level. Laura has been a good friend of mine for about a year and very soon into our friendship she invited me to her cottage by the beach for a weekend. On Saturday morning, she announced she wanted to take a bath, and I said I would stay in the den and watch T.V. She left then and as I heard the water running, I felt a sensation in my belly and ass, a sure sign. We had eaten a large breakfast and my biggest poos are always in the ! late morning.

I wasn't quite sure what to do, since Laura was sure to soak for a while in the tub, but I knew I could not wait. A cramp hit me and I grunted. I had to go to the toilet now! I went down the hallway and knocked at the bathroom door. I could hear Laura swishing in the tub. "Uhhh...Laura?" "What's wrong?" "I'm really sorry, but I need to use the toilet urgently."

There was a silence. Then "Do you want me to get out of the tub? Because I don't mind you in here if YOU don't mind." My heart raced with excitement. Could this really be happening? "Uh, no, I don't mind, but I have to poo, and it might smell", I said through the door. "It's all right, come in!" I opened the door and saw Laura engulfed in bath bubbles. "Sorry," I said sheepishly. "It's Ok, really!" she smiled. So I went to the toilet opposite the tub, pulled down my jeans and underwear and sat down heavily.

Before I could begin straining, Laura said "Do you want me to close t! he bath curtain to give you privacy?" "If you feel uncomfortable, you can close it, but i don't care....Mmmmm...Ugghh!" I couldn't talk anymore as I began grunting. Laura laughed. "Sorry, I don't think I've ever seen an adult poop ever since I was little and my mom would set me on her lap as she pooped!" "Oh yeah?..." I said in a strained voice. "I think I'll be in here for quite some time....UGGGHH! MMMM!" Laura stared at me but she wasn't laughing anymore. "You've got a really big butt," she said, watching it as the muscles bore down. I was breathing heavily. My stools were obvoiusly big and hard. I had been sitting rather primly on the toilet with my hands folded, but I soon realized I would have to part my buttcheeks with my hands and then grip them as I grunted if I wanted anything to come out.

"I know it's big" I muttered breathlessly. "I mean, you can even see the sides of it hanging over the bowl!" she said, fascinated. "Look Laura, I'm having a really difficu! lt time. I'm gonna have to grip my butt while i strain. So if you want to close the curtain...MMMMM...." my hands kneaded the dough of my buttcheeks and I started grunting really hard. "UGGHHH! EHHH! MMMMM!NNNN..." "No, I want to watch. I'm enjoying this."

Our eyes locked and we coninued staring at each other as i strained, gripping my butt as it jiggled on the seat. "Come on, you've got to grunt harder!" Laura encouraged me. My fingers practically disappeared in the fat of my buttcheeks as I gripped and strained...gripped and strained..."MMMMM! URGHHHH! OHHHH! Uh..." Slowly, my first stool eased its way down my back passage. With more hard grunting it oozed out with a mighty plop. "UH!" I sat back to recover, panting.

"Is that all?" Laura asked and i thought I heard disappointment in her voice. As if on cue, another cramp attacked me and I leaned forward suddenly, hands on my buttcheeks again as the next stool made its slow progress to my opening. "Mmmmm...! .mmmmmm...." This stool was not as hard and I only had to grunt softly as I bore down. "Mmmmmm.....Mmmmmm....!" "You sound like my mom when she took me on her lap when you grunt like that!" I couldn't answer her. My face contorted as I grunted out the last stool, "MMMMM! OHHHH! OHHH!! UGGHH!" It slid out and plopped onto the first. "OH!" I sat there awhile, resting, then wiped, stood up and flushed. I opened a window and then told Laura I'd see her in the den. Since that day, we have buddy dumped many times, but we never talk about it afterwards, indeed we only talk about it when it happens, or when i call her to ask her to sleep over. When we want to buddy dump we usually have to sleep at each other's houses, this gives us more time to find an opportunity to poo. I think we are both embarrassed by the whole thing, but we really enjoy it, and I don't think it hurts anyone. What does everyone else think?

Andrew P

I was in no hurry to try and persuade Jayne to let me go into the bathroom with her. We had become too friendly with one another for me to make any kind of suggestion that could spoil our friendship, and although I would very much liked to have done, I was gratefully contented to simply make the most of my blessings and to try and listen what she did on those odd occasions where I was afforded the luxury of her needing to go to the toilet, and more importantly, where I was in a position to be able to listen without fear of detection ! These were rare, as there would always be some family around somewhere.

After seeing her shoes at home in the summer, the next occasion that I remember was the following Christmas, when I'd gone with her to her room. She announced in the same cute way I had come to love, with a ffffffffffff sound, followed by holding herself between the legs with her hand, that she had to go. Her bedroom backed onto the bathroom,! so I was able to put my ear to the wall, and try and listen. Unfortunately, the walls were quite thick in this old farmhouse, and I would probably have heard more by standing outside the bathroom door. But then "outside" risked possible discovery, and I was a wuss !

On this occasion, through the wall, I heard the toilet seat clatter as she accidently dropped it while lowering it, after one of the more inconsiderate males of the family had been the last to go, and left the seat up. I could make out distinct tinkling on the famous high toilet where I had first seen Sarah have a wee, before it faded away. Then there was a long silence when I heard nothing at all. I began to feel excited at the thought that I might be about to hear her have a poo for the first time, and really made my ear hurt by pressing too hard against the wall ! But I heard no more, and after more than two minutes, I heard the toilet roll holder rattling, as it was fixed to the wall that I was up! against. When I heard it for a second time, then I knew for certain ! She had made a poo as well, even though I had been denied the sound effects by a silly thick wall !

Dump Buddy (US). I love reading your posts. You are so descriptive and graphic. We are both on the same wavelength.
Keep those stories coming!


I assume that you were using one of those slow flushing toilets that are sooooooooo weak at swirling things around with enough force, yet they have that loud gurgle at the end of the flush? Those toilets are quite annoying and they seem to be the most popular kind at gas stations and places like that.

Tony (Scotland):

You said you'd get your poop to go down my question is...How did that turn out? Did you finally get it to go down?

Jack, at the age of 16 your daughter is old enough to make her own decisions concerning her body and its functions, (see the long correspondence regarding Mellisa and her mother and the laxatives for opinions on this). Leave the girl alone to do her own thing. She is aware of enemas and laxatives being available to her if she feels she needs them. Over the time I have used this webpage I have read too many cases of parents, (usually Americans) who are obsessed with their teenaged kids bowel habits. Cut her some slack! Its only if she is hogging the toilet and stopping others using it when they need that you have cause to complain.

Sandra, Jill, Fat Woman. Well that's the size of poos I pass. I am 13 stone, 5 ft 4 tall, so a bit on the ???? side, though being active a lot of the tissue is muscle not flabby fat. I would think that its the solidity of the turds not the fatness of the person doing them that requires all the grunting and straining. I sometimes do a solid ! but very easy smooth motion, especially if I pass it in the early morning say 6 or 7 am, when it slides out as a smooth easy sausage, still very long and fat but the sort of jobbie that just oozes out by itself into the pan with only a little bit of effort, if any, to get it started. If I do my motion later on after lunch, say 1.00pm as is the most usual time for me to defecate, then its firmer and more knobbly and usually shaped like a naval shell, and then takes an bit more effort to pass.

Andre, my husband watched when I did a really big one outdoors on a walk recently and he confirms that my ring first seemed to dome then turned brown as he was then looking at the fat blunt end of the turd. As I slowly pushed it out he could see that my arsehole was fully dilated around it. I have also noticed this when watching him doing a nice big one. I agree that it would be more effort to fake a movie than a still Scat photo but with modern digital movie cameras etc and compu! ter graphics packages it would not be impossible. I still maintain that what I have seen on many of those sites looks authentic to me. My only dislike is the "messy" and the really wako way out associated practices shown on the more extreme of these. Still, each to their own. The beauty of the WWW is that you dont HAVE to see things you dont like you have to actively seek them out unlike broadcast television where it comes straight onto your screen beofre you can do anything to stop it. Besides the Internet has various censor programs (Cyberhound, Net Nanny) to prevent minors or others accessing such material.

Public Toilet hater, the toilet would have to be really gross before I would deliberately shit my knickers rather than use it, that is it would have to have shit all over the seat, the floor wet with piss etc and Im glad to say I havent seen many that bad. Still, its your call. I dont think you would like UK public toilets very much then, Ass Gaskets are virtual! ly unknown here except in some expensive American owned Hotels and very posh resturants. I can't help but smile at you with your disinfectant etc and hope you are never very desparate to pass a very urgent motion as it would all have come out in your underpants while you sanitised the toilet prior to use.

Concerned Mom, even with a wife, men still masturbate, my husband does when Im not there and he feels the need, so having a girlfriend wont stop this perfectly natural practice.

Yes, I have done a panbuster on an airplane and it stuck. The flap type contraption at the bottom jammed as my jobbie was a very fat hard lump, ( I had been rather constipated). I just left it as I always do. Later when I went for a wee wee that toilet was locked with an OUT OF ORDER sign but there are plenty of others on a 747. I suppose some stewardess had to get rid of my big torpedo when the plane landed.

You put a marble in you pee-hole. I can't believe it would fit. Does it hurt, how far do you push it in, how do you get it out? How big of a marble?

I was thnking about the posts concerning Youth Hostels and whether they have communal or private bathrooms. I am thinking of doing a road trip around the US next summer and I am curios which hostels has communal bathrooms. As a bonus, I am curious of which ones have stalls without doors. I know that Pete(US) mentioned that the hostels in large cities have communal bathrooms but I am curious of hostels outside of cities that also have communal bathrooms. I am not big on cities and love the country much better.

I know that youth hostels attracts college students since they don't have the money to stay in posh places when traveling. I prefer hostels over hotels when I travel anyway since there s very little contact with people in hotels and hostels pride themselves on interpersonal contact.

Hi there again,
I am just sending this post before I have to go to bed as I have school tommorow.
On friday I was running late getting ready for school and I was just going to the toilet when my mum said that if I didn't go straight away I would miss the bus, and was just starting to poo and I stopped pulled up my pants and trousers and ran out to the bus, I had done some poo but there was still more to come but I thought I would be ok until I got home.
After lunch at school I could feel that i needed to poo again but didn't want to at school so i was holding it in. Near the end of my 1st afternoon class i was starting to fidgit as it was almost touching cloth and my teacher asked me if i was ok to which I said yes. Then about 5 mins later I couldn't hold it anymore and I did this poo in my pants that smelt a little bit but nothing to much, a few people round me made some remarks abouts who had farted.
At the end of class we were al! l leaving and the teacher stopped and when everybody had gone she said are you sure everything it ok and I said yes and off I went although I think she suspected something. I then went on to my last class of the day which is games, in the changing rooms i was careful not to let people see my pants and after school i go to football club so I don't have to change again. When I got home I changed my shorts in my room so no body saw my pants and this morning i put on a cleam pair.

This guy in the restaurant I work in calls the toilet
"the pisser" or "the crapper"..

Hi, my name is Sarah. Iím a 17 year old female and live in the UK. Iíve just discovered this site and have a big question to ask.

I asked this question a couple of days back but it didnít get put in.

My mum and dad are very religious. They only believe in going to the toilet at certain times. They have enforced this on me and it is horrible, I really hate it. I have set times when I am allowed to use the toilet.

If I soil my pants I get told of and often spanked. I try not to but it is really hard sometimes. I am not allowed to hold my vagina to keep my pee pee in as they say it is dirty so it makes it even harder to hold it in.

I am often soling my pants as I find it hard to hang on until my toilet time. I donít go at college as there is never any toilet paper and everyone gets laughed at if they do.

I need to go now but I canít. Iím at college writing this as we havenít got access to the internet at home.

What should! I do? Should I carry on going in my pants and getting told off and spanked or hold it in and get really bad stomach cramps?

Is there anyone here who flushes a urinal before they take a pee in it? I never understood that. At work there's a whole bunch of people who flush the urinal before they pee. I've had situations where I finish up, flush, and then the guy behind me in line (even though he just saw me flush) will flush again. What's the point of flushing a second time? I'm of the opinion that this is a waste of water so this kind of bugs me. I was just curious to know if any of you out there do this and if so, why?

Thanks, Onights

I was at Barnes and Nobles (again) tonight and noticed a funny book in the humor section called, "I love him but, . . ." by Merry Bloch Jones. It's a collection of annoying habits, traits, etc about men from viewpoint of three women. Anyway, the book has a section called, "Privy Problems," and contains several funny accounts of men and their bathroom quirks, including BM habits. Just thought I would mention it in case anyone is interested in such humor. It really was funny. While I was at Barnes and Nobles, I went into the restroom to pee. Some guy was in the stall really struggling to go. After each grunt, he would mumble something under his breath. I could not understand what he was saying most of the time. However, as I was washing my hands, I heard him take a deep breath, grunt, and then clearly say, "come on, get out of me!"

Sunday, November 21, 1999

Nicola - your poos seem huge! I only pass a 12 incher once in a blue moon - I normally poo 6-8 inchers, although I did manage a 14 incher a few months ago. What a struggle that was! What my poos lack in length, they gain in girth. Yesterday's lunchtime poo was a classic. I could tell by the heaviness in my lower abdomen that I was going to do fat, heavy poos, so when I went in the stall, I took off my panty hose and panties so I could sit with my legs spread really wide. I leaned forward and let out a loud, booming fart. Then came the poo. It came out slowly making a crackling noise - it felt huge. After a few minutes it shot into the water making a thunderous "ker-sploosh." I then did 3 poos which seemed much narrower and fell smoothly from my bottom. When I looked in the bowl, there was a poo about 9 inches long and as thick as my wrist! I also saw 3 smaller poos, about 6 inches long and half the thickness of the bigger poo. After my poo I went into the hallway. As I was wal! king along, I did another thunderous fart like the one I did before I pooed. Everyone looked round - some giggled. I smiled and went over to my office.

does anyone have any bathroom stories to tell when flying on an airplane???

I had the experience of visiting Alcatraz prison once, and staying overnight in a cell there. As a tourist thank heavens.

For those of you that don't know, Alcatraz is a former Federal prison that is now a musuem. It was closed many years ago, one reason because there is no natural (fresh) water supply on Alcatraz island. The island is in the middle of San Francisco bay (salt water).

Anyway, there is NO running water in the prison building, so the toilets in the cells do not flush and cannot be used. They have public toilets outside the main building, recently added, for the tourists.

The cell toilet there is a two foot high half oval masonry platform sticking out of the back wall of the cell. It has a square front, side, and bottom so there was no chance of hiding anything under it I guess. No seat, just an ass-sized rim over the bowl.

Anyway, I woke up in the middle of the night and did not feel like going outside to pee, so I drop! ped trou there, sat down, and peed into the bowl. Obviously I wasn't about to poop there as there would have been no chance of flushing. I did take a bit of bottled water (everybody brings their own bottled water for drinking) and pour it into the bowl so to sorta flush.

That masonry rim was pretty cold, otherwise not too unpleasant.

In most of the cells the bed is placed against the side wall in front of the toilet. That gives some privacy, as anybody looking in would only see somebody from the waist up. But it would be pretty obvious what they were doing. I bet the smell would make it pretty obvious too.

When I was there nobody was walking around. Obviously that was different when the prison was active, here would have been guards walking around. I enjoyed perfect privacy, I doubt the inmates had that though.

To George: I think your pretty oriental had pooped herself. Taking the position you describe pulls your cheeks apart preventing poop from being squeezed out of her panties.

Singapore reminds me of something: A couple of years ago we had a business meeting over there. One day after the meetings a (female) colleague of mine and I decided to hike all the way to the cable car station that takes you to Sentosa. We had had a couple of drinks at the end-of-the-business-day reception.
After some kilometers (we were on the road under the highway next to the container harbour) I felt I had to pee. Between there and WT Center there is no place to go and shortly later I started to get desperate. I was desperate to the point my colleague noticed something was wrong and when she inquired about what was wrong I told her I had to pee to the extend I couldn't walk anymore. I said: I really have to go, I am going to squat here in the ditch. She answerred: I would not do that. You k! now this country has some very tough laws and if you get cought doing that you may end up with a problem that goes way beyond getting a fine. So, I asked her what to do. She said: Well, you are wearing a short skirt and I don't think they can punish you for heaving an accident. I would not even dare to spread my legs, even that may be considered obscene.

I did not want to do that, I had not wet myself since I was a child. Anyway, a little later I had no options anymore other than either squatting or wetting myself. I stopped standing with my legs nicely together and decided to let go. Very strange but, despite the fact I was bursting, it was like some system in my body decided not all conditions to pee were met and refused to let go. I had to relax totally, even close my eyes and let my thoughts totally float away to be able to let go. Then it started coming. I felt the hot pee spread throughout the crotch of my panties, find its way running down my legs and, while so! me pee went into my left shoe, the rest formed a large puddle on the ground.

I have to admit it felt fantastic! I am not a wetter like some people on this forum, but ever know and then I wet myself on purpose.
Like a while ago I made it home being desperate. Instead of going on the toilet, which I pass going to the shower, I went into the shower, waited another 5 minutes or so squirming around and then peed through my panties.

Fat Woman
I would like to ask a question and to hear everyone's opinion on this. Is it true that fat people grunt harder and generally have a more difficult time on the toilet? I personally am a ???? woman, size 22 jeans American and would like to share my bowel habits. I would not say that I am frequently constipated, but when I go to the toilet for a movement, even if the poo is soft, it takes a great deal of grunting, straining, gripping my butt (which by the way is huge and flabby and completely covers the seat, even spilling over the sides),etc. Seeing that other ???? people on this site (Nicola and her mom for example)have effortful bowel movements I was wondering if there was a connection. Maybe because we carry all this weight around, it's not as easy to bear down on the toilet as it is for thin people, because we tire more easily? At least, that's the case for me. I remember my roomate in college, she was tall, thin, flat chested, a Gwyneth Paltrow type, and she would spend ! maximum 5 minutes on the toilet and I never so much as heard a grunt or even a quiet "nnnnn" straining sound (I used to listen outside the door). So I would love to hear everyone's opinion on this theory and any stories you have relating to fat or thin people's bowel habits. Happy pooping!


I can relate to your post about having to go to the toilet very badly and accidentaly peeing- it happened to me several times. But here is my solution. Whenever I drink coffee, I put a marble in my pee hole, and just in case of an accident, it holds it in.

Lisa- it's nice to know somebody does the same thing as me.

My other thing that I do is this-
If I need to pee (and I'm in the shower), I get out, and sit on the toilet facing backwards. That is great, for some reason.


I had an unusual bathroom experience today. I mop a store for an hour each week day. When I finished this morning I went in to take a dump. I looked at the water; it was a bit yellow so I flushed then dumped.

When the and dumping and peeing were done the toilet was still running. After the flush only the paper and maybe a little poop went down. So I washed and stalled then flushed again.

After the second flush a turd was still left and the tank was for ever filling. So I steped out of bathroom used a pail that was in the restroom and filled the pail using the tap for filling the mop bucket.

After this I proceeded to fill the tank; then flushed the toilet. The turd went down this time.

Hey Nicola! I had one of those dumps this week where it touches the bottom of the pan. It has happened before but it is only an occasional thing with me. It gave me a slightly weird feeling until I realised what was happening, and then I lifted my bum off the seat until the poo was all out. It was very smelly because there was so much poo sticking up out of the water.

concerned mom
hi again
thank you all for your responses. You all seemed to have the same idea. So you guys are probably right. The thing is is that he has a steady girlfriend so would that still be what he is doing? Who knows.

My sioxteen year old daughter spend over 20 minutes in the bathroom. I can hear her straing to poop. I tryed to talk to her but she says she doesa not want a laxative or enema.

Andrew: Sadly, I didn't actually see her pee, I just saw the end result. It would have made a big impression on me, too, I assure you. However, as is, the only story in it is what I said first time round. Like I said, dull schooldays.

To Donnie - did you ever used a diaper (as an adult)? I did - I am a bedwetter. Your idea of the poor women using cloth diaper is unrealistic. Unless you wear a really bulky diaper and a good rubber pants, you would leak quite a lot. So these women would have to get changed anyhow - so it is easier just to wait. But I can imagine them having an occasional accident - it happens to all of us.

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