Andrew P

Although senior school was a complete void in my toilet life as described in my last post, on the home front, life remained interesting. Around two years after Uncle had split up with Aunty, and Sarah ( & Emma ) had gone to live with their mum, he found a new lady in his life, and just a year later, soon after my 14th birthday, he married her. She had been married before, and had a daughter. And so I came to inherit a new girl cousin, Jayne, who was 10 on the day they got married.

The wedding day was the first time I clapped eyes on her, and she was a stunning little girl, acting as bridesmaid for her mum, with beautiful brown eyes, and hair a radiant sunshine-red. We never really got introduced properly until a week later when mum had invited Uncle John and his new family to Sunday tea. When they arrived, Jayne was painfully shy, hiding behind her mother, but from that day onwards a circle of events were to turn my relationship with Jayne ! to one of an even closer nature than I share with Sarah. I'd got some games out to entertain her, and she was prompted by her less than patient mother to "leave me alone will you, and go and play those games that your new cousin has got out for you".

Aunty's prompting led to Jayne and I forming a bond that is still as strong and as close as ever, even though she now lives away and has married a wonderful gentleman, called Ken.

I took Jayne's hand, and led her into the room where we kept all our toys. She settled on Mousetrap, and after that game, we sat and talked about all sorts of things. Eventually she began fidgeting, and I asked her outright "you need to wee, don't you ?". She turned very scarlett at the directness of this question, but answered with a nod of her head. This was then followed by her drawing in her breath between her top teeth and her bottom lip, making a fffffffffff sound, and another visible sign that I grew to love, as she kind of clamped her hand between her legs. Fearing she was about to have an accident, I said "come on, I'll show you where it is", and led her upstairs. "its through that door, there", I said, and then added "I'll wait here at the top of the stairs for you".

Jayne went through the door, shutting and locking it behind her, and I settled on the staircase, at just the spot I knew allowed me about two inches view below the toilet door, at the end of the landing. I watched excitedly as I saw her little shoes turn round, facing the door, and after some noises of clothes rustling, I saw them both lift upwards out of view, as she sat on the toilet, before they quickly came into view again as she settled. The wee came out immediately, gushing on the inside of the toilet bowl, and intermitently tinkling directly onto the water below. It lasted at least a minute, so she must have been desperate to go. And all the time I could see those shoes, delicately carressing the bathroom carpet, as the! y gently swung backwards and forwards.

I had a lovely new girl cousin, and I'd already seen her shoes go to the toilet !

Sweet Audrina
Last night i was in a resteraunt and my sister and I went into the restroom. An old lady entered a stall and there was tons of farting sounds! I started laughing so hard and when the lady came out I left and started laughing more

On all the talk about Scat sites, I only wish there had been PCs, Internet and such websites and of course one like this page, when I was in my teens in the 1960s. I agree with Nicola that many men get a buzz out of seeing women doing large solid motions. That's the only bit of Scat sights I like, as with others here I totally abhor the messy and other to me disgusting actions shown on some of the more extreme Scat pages. Some however just show the woman doing her (solid) motion into a toilet or potty or onto the ground and this to me is acceptable, and as Nicola says, some may be fakes but many are definitely authentic and are real whoppers. My mum often did ones that big. BTW I have seen many jobbies over the years done by both genders and agree that women by and large do fatter turds than men.

Astro Creep, the only people I know who put toilet paper down the toilet pan before doing a number two are spoil sports who want to prevent others hearing the "PLOP!" and "KERSPLOONK! sounds as they do their motion. It's a practice I dislike and have only done it myself on the thankfully few occasions I get diarrhea, as I find the sounds of this a total turn off both to myself and probably others do too. If however as is usual I do a nice big solid jobbie then I am happy to let anyone else within earshot hear the "KUR-SPLOONK!" as it drops into the pan, and if it sticks and wont flush away I am just as happy for them to see it too.

Concerned Mom, Harry and others have the answer to this, he is probably masturbating, so unless you or others are desperate to use the toilet then let him be. Harry is correct that passing a large soild turd often stimulates the prostate gland so in both senses he is just "doing what comes naturaly" . also having a bolt, (usually) the toilet is somewhere he can do such things and not be disturbed as he could be if someone walked into his bedroom. I used to "relieve ALL my physical needs" excretory and "others" in the toilet when I was a teenager.

Nicola, I envy you the buddy dump you had with your mum, how I wish I could have had such an experience with mine but different religious backgrounds, (my parents are Roman Catholics), an earlier generation , the 1950s and 60s when I grew up unlike the liberated 1970s and 1980s in your case, and of course it is less unusual for the same gender to share a toilet. All I was ever able to do was to "indirect Buddy Dump" with my mum by doing my motion on top of hers after she had been to the toilet and her's had been a big one which hadn't flushed away.

Public Toilet Hater, I had a similar nasty experience with an aggressive Homosexual in a public toilet when he accosted me peeing at a urinal and wouldnt go away when I rebuffed his verbal advances. When he actually touched me I simply punched him to the ground. There were no witnesses, no police action, and I have no idea what happened to him thereafter, I left him soaking in the slab urinal. In Britain there is the "Portsmouth Defence" that a man if accosted physically by a homosexual can use "reasonable force" to protect himself. I am not anti homosexual, let's be honest there are enough people who would attack the interests of those who post here as "queer" or "bent". I work with quite a few gays who do not bother straight men and am friendly with a Lesbian Couple who sometimes post here, and have another mate who while hetrosexual is a very convincing Transvestite who often drives to other towns and changes "en femme" and has never been discovered. Since then, if in d! oubt, I copy my friend George and use a cubicle in a public toilet with the door bolted if I dont like the look of the other blokes in there. I dont however have your hatred for Public Toilets. Sure, I dont use those with a floor wet with piss and with shit all over the seat, but most these days are reasonably clean, especially in Shopping malls, Hypermarts etc, Some are a bit seedy especially in car parks and other local authority facilites without an attendant, but these of course are the ones were I am more likely to see a big jobbie unflushed in the pan. While I always wash my hands etc after urination or defecation I have not, as far as I am aware, ever caught any illness from using a public toilet.

Andrew P. Im glad you werent offended by my slight criticism of the "scene setting" part of your story, believe me it was good. A touch of the Steinbeck. It's just that there isnt a lot of room on a webpage like this. If there was ever a page for longer stories about defecation then this would be the way to go. I certainly could write a very long descriptive prose about incidents in my childhood and teens, going into great detail about what the other person was wearing, the lead up to the main event, the decor in the house etc, what I was doing beforehand, at the time, and of course after they had done their motion. Perhaps the Moderator, if bandwidth permits, may have a competition for longer stories on the defecation topic. There was a brief attempt by some readers to have Toilet Poetry. I wrote one myself, see old posts, a composite inspired by some real toilet incidents in my teens, giving a vivid description of my listening at the door then seeing the jobbies she had pas! sed afterwards. I look forward to reading more of your stories, but getting to the heart of the matter a little quicker. I will post more stories about various women I have seen doing a motion including my fiancee, in the future.

This morning, I have a day's leave, I did what I call a "slo-mo" that is a motion which takes its own good time to come out. I wasnt constipated, but as I had eaten a very large lunch the previous day and a reasonable supper I knew I would need a big one. I went into the toilet and sat on the pan with my navy blue speedo slip style briefs pulled down to me knees. I peed then sat and let the big turd slide down into my rectum. My ring opened with a slight stab of pain, it WAS a fat one, but it was very reluctant to come out. I went "OO! AH! and bore down but it hardly shifted. As I didnt have to go to work I just sat there and waited, following the advice in my mum's "womens health" book which says not to strain if passing a large solid stool but to let it come out slowly by itself to avoid piles or anal fissure. Slowly, surely it started to move, oozing out of my dilated ring. After the first few hard knobbly inches it got smooth but still firm and came out just as slowly und! er its own steam with me hardly prssing at all. This motion was doing itself with me feeling just like a bystander, but it was a very pleasent feeling as it passed out of me. With the usual crackling it slid out and looking between my legs I could see the great long fat brown log pointing down into the pan Eventually it started to taper but coming out so slowly and being so long it didnt make a loud sound but just dropped silently into the pan with a "flip" when I got off the pan and looked it was standing upright like a pinacle, a big brown tower and was about 14 inches long and 2 and 1/2 thick for most of its length. I sure felt great after passing it. Its still stuck in the pan as I write this but I will get it to flush away eventually.

Public Toilet Hater,

I have never flushed a public toilet with my foot before. It's just never really concerned me. Could it be that guys are messier than girls in the restroom? I believe so. :-P

I'd like to see more pee posts here...

I have one to share with you to get you started

I was at school the other day and I felt a slight urge to pee at morning break but I thought I was imagining it at first because I never need to go then...

So I didnt go but the urge in my bladder more and more until lunch, when I decided I should go.

However, at lunch I was busy talking to my friends and forgot to go. At the end of lunch, when I got into the classroom I was getting quite desperate to go and pee but the teachers dont let us go out straight after we ghave had a break-they say we should suffer because we didnt go in break.

So I suffered through that class, and because the srtict teachers at my school hate you being late to class, hurried off to next class.

In this class this boy I have a crush on was there so I was too embarrassed to go so I held it in.

THEN, to make matters worse I had to run to the tra! in station to catch a train and I risked it coming out right then and there

It takes an hour and a half on the train to get home and there were no seats so I had to stand with my legs crossed tightly

A bout an hour into the trip the first squirt came out. From then on they kept coming until a couple of stops before mine when I decided I had to go then and there so I jumped off the train and, still squirting, ran to the toilet on that station and relieved myself. Luckily it did not run down my legs, btu I was very embarrassed!!

I'd like to see more pee posts here...

I have one to share with you to get you started

I was at school the other day and I felt a slight urge to pee at morning break but I thought I was imagining it at first because I never need to go then...

So I didnt go but the urge in my bladder more and more until lunch, when I decided I should go.

However, at lunch I was busy talking to my friends and forgot to go. At the end of lunch, when I got into the classroom I was getting quite desperate to go and pee but the teachers dont let us go out straight after we ghave had a break-they say we should suffer because we didnt go in break.

So I suffered through that class, and because the srtict teachers at my school hate you being late to class, hurried off to next class.

In this class this boy I have a crush on was there so I was too embarrassed to go so I held it in.

THEN, to make matters worse I had to run to the tra! in station to catch a train and I risked it coming out right then and there

It takes an hour and a half on the train to get home and there were no seats so I had to stand with my legs crossed tightly

A bout an hour into the trip the first squirt came out. From then on they kept coming until a couple of stops before mine when I decided I had to go then and there so I jumped off the train and, still squirting, ran to the toilet on that station and relieved myself. Luckily it did not run down my legs, btu I was very embarrassed!!

To Nicola and The Crank on the subject of fake turds:
In adult site pictures (not in movies, there you can't really cheat - at least not by just sticking it in and then taking a picture!) you can sometimes see that a monster log is being expelled, but the person's anus is not "pouting" out. I take this as a proof of faking. From real life watching as well as from my own survey of picture and movie material I know that passing a really fat one will always make the anus stretch outward, sometimes so far - with the pelvic floor descending simultaneously - that the person straining and pushing doesn't even seem to have a butt crack at all. Many contributors to this site who have posted about visual impressions have told us about the "doming out" effect before the tip of the turd makes its appearance, and then of the stretching outward when a "pan buster" is well under way.
Question: Who can post about the most protruding anus he or she ever watched?
Goof pees and poops! to you all, Andre
(who hasn't posted for a long time but reads everything).

Public Toilet Hater
To AstroCreep: I always throw tons of toilet paper into a public toilet if I use it. That prevents the poop from causing splashes. I don't want water from a public toilet to hit my butt. Putting in a load of TP provides a soft landing for turds, and thus prevents the splash.

So, to sit on a public toilet, here is what I do. I search for the cleanest one I can find. If I can't find a clean one, then I won't use it anyway. Assuming I find one, I flush it three times. Next, I wipe off the entire seat. Then I lay down a triple layer of the butt gaskets. Next, I put several feet of toilet paper in the commode, to prevent splashes. Then I carefully sit on the butt gaskets and dump. When I get home, I immediately take a shower and use a strong disinfectant soap to clean up my legs and butt. I also use a sanitizer like Purell.

To Jon (England): You said "who cares if the toilets are dirty, if you are desperate." I certainly do! I would much rather! poop out in the open, or poop in my pants, than to sit in someone else's excrement. Sitting in another person's poop is the last thing that I would do. I have proudly dropped my pants beside the road in front of spectators, and pooped like a donkey, to avoid using public toilets that were dirty. I have also pooped my pants in public on several occasions. This does not embarrass me at all. I don't care who watches me poop. Anything is better than sitting in someone else's turds. If I were desperate, I would simply poop my pants.

Public toilets ought to be stocked with free cans of Lysol so that you can clean up the commode enough to use it. Of course, any public toilet without butt gaskets is totally unacceptable, and I won't use it.

Saturday, November 20, 1999


The other day i was working and after my shift ended i decided to take a sandwich and an appitizer home with me as i was hungry. I go to bed and wake up at 3:00am and 4:30 am and had to poop. then i felt nassusa a bit but never threw up. At first it was hard then all this soft poop came out then it was diahareha.

To Jon(England): Good story, i liked it!!

To Concerned Mom: I agree with Harry,Paul nz,Jerkyboy,George andJean Claude that your 17 year old son is in there masturbating. Im 18 and I admit that sometimes while sitting on the toilet shitting, i masturbate...i do it any way(if it's not on the toilet).

Of course! How could I have neglected to suggest the young man might be masturbating, as if I myself at 17 didn't do so almost every time I had a second of privacy! Where was my brain? Oh well. I assure everyone it was a brain fart(!) and not some mock prudishness. Goodnight.

O please, you let it all out in your panties and no one in the car smelled it!

I love doing that too. Standing is actually my favorite position in which to pee. One time when I was laying down in the tub peeing it shot so far up and foward that I wound up tasting it.


hey, Nonny,

try boot camp. I did it... It will cure in an instant any fear of showering, changing, or, yes, even dumping next to other people of the same sex.

We were not often allowed to talk. Except in the toilets. So most of us even looked forward to the "after lunch" dump, so we could chat wih our next-door stall mates. Although sadly now I have reverted back to being shy again.

I don't know, but something they fed us in boot camp made us crap up to four or five times a day. Maybe it was all the activity..... or something they put in the food..... but everyone had the same results...


COUSIN.... thanks for your support and nice to know that somebody shares the same fate as me...

Soon after drinking coffee or orange juice I have to pee really bad even though I don't feel too full. If I squeeze my legs together really tight I can hold it like that for a few minutes, but then it starts to squirt out when I dash to find a bathroom so I have to push my finger in my vagina to hold it in but thats very embarrising sometimes but I guess its better then peeing my panties like I did the other day when I tried to hold it from outside my jeans cause the bathroom was just down the hall. It wouldn't stop and by the time I was in the stall all the pee was running down to my knees. I dropped my jeans as fast as I could with the pee still shooting through my panties I just sat down and let the last few seconds of it flow through them, then I took them off and flushed them down so from now on I'll always stick my hand under my clothing and hold the pee with my finger no matter what. Does anyone else have to hold it like that?

Anyone ever toss a big handfull of TP in the bowel before you take a dump so that the log will stay above the water? do it in a public bathroom of course, so that everyone can enjoy it..

Good morning, people. When I checked over my last post I was mortified to discover spelling errors. A small thing but one of my pet peeves. That morning I was in a great hurry to get on my roof and sweep leaves and clean gutters before my house got completely buried; had to cross town for a job afterwards so was a tad preoccupied. To the concerned Mom: I remember being a teeager and the huge changes it wrought physically: growing 8" taller in one year among other things, eating like a horse, etc., etc. I was lucky in that I started long-distance running at the age of 13. that kind of sustained exercise probably ironed out a lot of stuff metabolically. Your gut will push things on thru when it's used to running 4-12 miles a day. Just turned 38 & no longer push myself quite that way but working out still regulates my system pretty good. This topic and Dump Buddy's story reminded me of a friend's experience. When he was 17 he got out of the shower, dried off and sat down on t! he pot. To his motification a large hard log got stuck halfway out his anus. He pushed and grunted and strained to no avail and finally to his great mortification he had to call his dad in to assist him in removing the stubborn stool. For a young guy on the verge of manhood it was a disconcerting experience, to say the least. A regular toes-curling, red-faced ordeal, as Dump Buddy might say. Bye for now.

Mike (UK) Yes I DO pass big jobbies that length from time to time. Usually my motions consist of a big turd of about 12 inches long or so and a shorter one say between 6 to 8 inches in length, the big one starting at 2 1/2 inches thick and knobbly to begin with and tapering down to 2 inches fat, the second two inches thick. However, if I dont have motion for a day or two then I will usually pass some hard "goose eggs" first then a really big one up to 16 inches long some times, then usually a softer but still cohesive properly formed smooth sausage comes out say 6 or 7 inches long. If my jobbie is a really long one then depending on what type of toilet pan I am sitting on I may have to stand up slightly to let it all come out easily as the start touches the bottom of the pan. If I use an old style toilet pan as in many older public toilet then this problem doesnt arise as these pans can accomodate bigger turds than modern ones and can flush these panbusters away after two flus! hes at most, the newer smaller pans with weaker flushes havent a hope. Given the period when these older toilets were made I wonder, did people in Victorian and Edwardian times do bigger motions? As they used laxatives a lot in those days whether they needed them or not I am surprised at this, but then again not everyone would have been so silly and they did eat a lot more, no faddy slimming crazes or silly diets in those days. Unlike Traveller I HAVE measured my turds with a measuring tape out of curiosity, washing my hands well afterwards of course. I have studied anatomy and physiology as part of my Physical Education Qualifications and having an interest in the bowels and their product, I read up more about the mechanics of defecation, the way digestion works, the action of medicines such as laxatives and their opposites, anti diarrheals. By the way I havent been to the West Country recently.

To the Crank. Yes I can see how it is possible to fake a really massive ! motion for a Scat Movie by stuffing some brown substance into the rectum, possibly a thick brown paste with an enema syringe or pump then have the woman pass it like a normal motion. I have however see what appear to be very well formed knobbly jobbies similar in size to my own and these also are similar to ones I have seen passed by other people, found stuck in toilet pans in public toilets etc, so I think they are authentic. I agree that it would be possible to fabricate a solid turd out of brown plasticine (modelling putty) or even real clay if it comes to that and with photograpic tricks make it look as is this was being passed, with a still photo merely insert the end into the rectum and it would look as if it was being passed. Sounds a very uncomfortable idea to me but each to their own. My husband did say that once then they were kids at primary {grade} school he took some brown plasticine as a joke and moulded it into an eight inch fat turd shape and left it under on! e of the girl's chairs. Of course the teacher at first thought it was real and that the girl had done it. She wasnt amused when the caretaker came and took it away then later told her it was only plasticine and someone was playing a joke. They got a lecture about being vulgar and dirty and lost their play privileges that week. I do wonder how the caretaker discovered that it wasnt a real turd, did he pick it up and smell it? Anyway, while some are fake turds I think a quite a few of the big solid jobbies shown on scat sites are genuine judging from those I have myself passed and seen. One thing is certain, given the great number of these websites it proves than many people, mostly men I assume, are really turned on by seeing women passing large normal turds. (Let's forget the other weird sicko stuff also shown). This also re-awakes the debate about women and girls doing bigger jobbies than men and boys. I subscribe to this theory as the female rectum is wider and seems to b! e able to expand to a greater extent and accomodate more feces than the male, possibly due to there being harder structures such as the root of the penis etc and a narrower pelvis in a man. A woman's structures are higher up in her abdomen and move out of the way easier although in the later stages of pregnancy the gravid uterus often presses on the rectum and bladder causing both constipation and urinary leakage. My sister in law who had a baby earlier this year was constipated quite a bit in the closing stages of her pregnancy and also dribbled her knickers from time to time. (BTW She does some really beauties, Ill post about her some time)

Concerned Mom. DONT WORRY! Many people have two motions each day, a softer one in the morning after breakfast and a fimer one later in the day. (My dad does for example). As to the time he spends in there, dont enquire too closely. I wont spell it out as the Moderator may object but there are other things people, especially teen! aged boys, do in the toilet apart from piss and shit. Anyway, at 17 year son is nearly adult so should be left to himself as regards his toilet activities unless he is preventing other family members from using the toilet when they need.

Traveller, dont knock it, if you are doing such big whoppers good luck. Many who write here would love to pass them this big!

Coprologist, a strange logic, sure if the amount you passed in total was formed into one solid turd it would be a big one but unfortunately it was loose. Taking this to its reductio as absurdum a load of diarrhea would be a big solid jobbie if it had the water absorbed and had formed into a normal turd. If you want to do big solid jobbies you will have to reduce the fruit and fibre in your diet.

I had a real power dump yesterday. I used the toilet in the dressing rooms after a field hockey game and this was an old style pan. The jobbie was a very fat one and came out slowly. When it was almost! out it stuck in my rectum for a few moments and I had to give a good push and bear down with a loud "OO! OH! NN!" KUR-SPULL-LOOMP!" It shot into the pan like a depth charge. One of the othet girls in the team was doing a wee wee in the next cubcile and gasped, "Bloody hell Nicky, did your head fall into the pan?" I got up and looked and it was a strange shape as it had a bulge at the end which had made it stick in my arsehole rather than slide out.

About 3 years ago when we were 16 and skiving off school, me and my mate Andy were playing football in the park and both needed a dump. There were some public toilets fairly nearby (dirty ones, but who cares when you're really desperate?), but the men's only had one cubicle and he beat me to it. He was still in there after a couple of minutes, by which time I could feel a shit starting to poke its head out of my anus. He wouldn't unlock the door to let me in, so I climbed over the wall of the cubicle, sat on his legs, and did an enormous crap which just missed his boxers.

I think I was as shocked as him by what I did, but we both remained on the toilet (with me sitting on his legs) until we'd wiped ourselves (not each other) clean. We also put used paper on the floor and left the toilet unflushed, so it didn't spoil the magnificent view of our huge logs (mine was over 15in and the larger one of his was nearly as big). Some might call what we did "buddy dumping", but I! can assure you it wasn't planned! We hardly spoke to each other while it was going on and haven't talked about it since, probably because we're too embarrassed. Although I'm definitely not gay and I'm sure Andy's not either (we both had girlfriends at the time and I'm still happily going out with the same girl), I'd love to have another buddy dump with him. I'm not sure how to bring up the subject though in case he's dead against the idea and it ruins our friendship. Any advice?

I missed the recent post asking whether it's better to have "traveler's diarrhea" or "traveler's constipation." How could I call myself "Traveler" and not answer that one? I've had both, and, like Harry, I far prefer constipation. It's usually possible to find fresh fruit or other fibrous foods just about anywhere in this world, and that's how I like to correct the problem. Or, if not, it corrects itself when I get home and return to my regular diet. But diarrhea while your traveling - a true bummer, to say the least! That awful, unpredictable urgency is bad enough anytime but worse when you're in an unfamiliar place and don't know where to find a toilet. Then there's the problem of being in a place where the public or semi-public facilities are dirty or there's no paper. And I'm not thinking of just the so-called 'third world,' either. You come across such places in the 'developed' countries, too, as Naldo discovered in the fabric shop, of all places. Just as I don'! t like to use laxatives at all, like a lot of others here, I don't normally like anti-motility (anti-diarrhea) drugs, either, but somethimes they can be a blessing. If you plan to travel to a place where diet might upset your lower GI, do take along a supply of Immodium or some other anti-diarrheal.

When I lived in Ecuador for a few years, I was constantly bothered by amoebas, no matter how many precautions I took with foods. When the incidents came, it was diarrhea city. It happened so often at one point that the doctor asked me if I wash my hands after using the toilet! The only enjoyable part, when it wasn't so bad that I couldn't leave the house, was using one of the several male/female public facilities in the town. It was just fun to be able to unload a big, mushy, stinky one in the presence of other users of both genders.

Welcome, Grunt. Let us hear more from you.

Sarah and Cousin, yes, it can happen. I know a few people who were not born LI, but became LI sometime in their twenties. Try avoiding dairy foods for some time and see if it helps.

I had a bit of a pee emergency today - I was very thirsty when I woke up, and drank lots of water before going to school, where I had to see someone in a formal sort of meeting. The meeting went on longer than I expected, and in the end I couldn't stand it and had to excuse myself. I said, "I'm sorry but I really need to pee." then I ran out as fast as I could with my bursting bladder, dashed into the nearest toilet cubicle, slammed the door and pulled down my jeans and panties. I started going even before I hit the seat, and continued for a pretty long time. Then I wiped, stood up, washed my hands and went back.

The Conductor
To concerned Mom (I feel like Ann Landers or something):

Ummm, I usually have a bowel movement twice a day. I think that's a good thing. Tells me everything is workin' just fine. I also eat primarily fruits, vegetables and whole wheat. Tons 'O Fiber.

There is something else going on in your case, I suspect, having been your son's age only 30 years ago. He is probably masturbating--also like a healthy teen. Try to cut him some slack as long as he's healthy and not complaining. And maybe try not to start the stopwatch next time he goes into the "Library."

Concerned Mom>> To answer your question, it could be normal for him to take his own time while passing a bowel movement...I know from personal experience that there were times when I was in my teen years, I'm 37 now, that I would take a leisurely dump on occasion. Also, since you said he is in his teen years, there is also a good probability that he could be masturbating while sitting on the toilet as well. I will say that I have done so many a time when I was in my teen years as well. For a lot of guys, a full rectum will cause them to get an erection while passing a log being the prostate gland is up against the rectum, it can get stimulated by the action of the bowels and thus that result. That is only a guess on my part, but I wouldn't worry about it...

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